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Episode 31&32

"Arrgghhhhhhh!" Zoe screamed loudly and Pete jerked up immediately.

 Pete also opened his eyes and moved back in shock when he saw Zoe naked.

"How did we end up naked?" Pete asked, waiting for the next thing she was going to say.

  Zoe heart started beating fast, her throats bobbled up and down when she looked in between her legs, blood stains, her eyes widened immediately.

"No..no.. It didn't happen right? We didn't do anything last night right?" Zoe said shakily in fears , Pete also blinked trying to remember what happened the night before.

 They walked into his apartment and then....

"Holy shit!" Pete rasped and stood up from the floor, he looked around and her panties and bra with cloths were resting on the floor.

 Zoe also got what happened , she bursted into tears immediately.

"We did it right? We had sex right?" Zoe sniffed crying loudly and Pete ruffled his hair, he picked his shorts and wore it.

"Look am so sorry okay, I am so fucking sorry, we were both drunk" Pete pleaded, these was a mess up.

"You mean i lost my virginity these way, why did these have to happen!" Zoe screamed and stood angrily picking her clothes.

"I am sorry, we can just forget it happened" Pete said and she faced him immediately, her teary eyes held anger and he moved backwards.

"is it that easy for you to say? To forget what happened just like that?" Zoe asked quietly but dangerously and he shook his eyes.

"We are adults right?" 

"How dare you!" Zoe yells and threw her clothes at him, she moved closer and slapped him hard on the face.

"Do you think it is easy to forget that I lost my virginity these way? What do you take me for? A slut? Or what! Are you that heartless? Do you even have a sister?" Zoe asked painfully.

    Pete jaw moved and he touched his cheeks, what have he done?.

"It was just a mistake, stop taking these far!" Pete snapped and she laughed shabbily.

"Just a mistake? You called my pride just? my boyfriend fucking broke up with me because of these and I ended up loosing it to you! You bastard! Cold blooded animal!" She yelled at his face and started putting Her clothes on crying at the same time.

   Pete became speechless as guilt filled him, he moved closer to her.

"I..I am sorry, I never meant that" Pete said touching her arm but she flung it off.

"No you shouldn't be sorry," she said and picked her bag, she stormed towards the door and turned again.

"I wish you rot in hell!" She snarled and walked out.

 Pete collapse on the chair and scattered his hair frustration.

"How could I be so stupid!" Pete mumbled angry at himself, he regretted ever getting drunk the night before.

 Alice snuggled more into the thick arms holding her but she frowned when she founded no one beside her, she used her hands to touched The place Javier slept but it was empty.

  She opened her eyes slightly until it was was clear, but Javier wasn't there.

"Where is he?" Alice mumbled  and sat up the bed, she rubbed her eyes and looked around.

"Javier?" Alice called but no response.

  She picked one of his shirts and put it on, it was longer for her as it reached her thighs, her hair was ruffled and scattered.

  She walked out of the room and shut the door, her eyes almost popped out at the beauty she was seeing, she didn't notice them last night.

  She kept walking around when she saw a guard walking towards her and she stopped, he was putting on a cold look, his eyes lingered on her body and she frowned.

"Why are you staring at me in that manner?" Alice questioned.

"Who are you?" He asked and that made Alice almost laughed.

"You must be so daft to ask me such question, where is Javier? I need to talk to him" Alice asked.

  The guard stare at her and was about to talk when Nick showed up.

"You can leave Josh" Nick said and the guard glared at Alice coldly which sent a wave down her spine before walking away.

"who the hell is he?" Alice asked and Nick smiled.

"He is one of the guards , sorry for his manner Madam" Nick said bowing and Alice almost coughed, 

"Madam?" Alice stuttered.

"Yes, that is what the Boss asked us to Address you, he said I should take you to his training room after you have woken up" Nick said and she nodded.

  though she was still finding it uncomfortable.

"Alright," she said and he started walking while she followed him behind.
"Hit it harder!" Landon yelled as Javier punched the punching bag repeatedly.

"Don't slack off!" Landon commanded, Javier was sweating , he was shirtless, just in shorts, his forehead formed beads of sweat which ran down his face.

 His dark hair were down his face and his muscled body was a view to never forget.

"Fuck am worn out!" Javier muttered and stopped punching, he fixed his hands on his waist.

"You have grown weaker" Landon said facing him.

"Yea, maybe that was because I haven't done these in a while" Javier said going to pick a bottle of water from the floor and opened it drinking from it.

"Are you that happy seeing her?" Landon asked with a smirk , Javier already knew that mischievous look on his face.

"Of course why won't I be, I am glad that Alice is with me and I can watch over her even if I know Uncle Carl and Drake might use her against me" Javier said and Landon fixed his fingers on his chin.

"Yea you got a point there, they might use her as your weakness, why don't you stop seeing her to prevent these?"

"That is because there is another bastard out here wanting to harm her, and I won't bear it if anything happens to her" Javier groaned.

"Ken? What Is their relationship?" Landon asked and Javier faced him.

"That should be me and my lover's business, best friend" Javier winked.

"Whatever, are we to make a move first? On your uncle?"

"no, we wait, then gather evidence to put them in their right places forever" Javier smirked , just then door opened and Javier drank from the water again. Hi 3G on +2348025337930 to be added to story group room for more stories.
"Umm, Javier?" Landon called uneasily as he looked at the door.

"What?" Javier asked following his looks to the door and he poured the water out of his mouth immediately.

  His eyes turned red and he suddenly felt Possessive.

"What the hell are you wearing!?" Javier snapped moving towards her with his training towel and wrapped it around her Waist.

  Nick also stare at her and Javier glared at him.

"what the hell are you staring at? Leave!" Javier snapped and Nick rushed out immediately.

  "What is the big deal in what I am wearing?" Alice asked staring at Javier's Flaring nose.

  He turned to Landon who was looking speechless.

"Can you excuse us?" Javier said and Landon nodded before also walking out.

  Alice tilted her neck waiting for explanation.

"You can't wear these around" Javier said he was looking pissed.

"Why can't I wear these? It is one of your shirts"

"I know it is, but it is too short and exposing, I can't have another man stare at what is mine" Javier said Jealousy obvious in his voice and Alice smirked wrapping her hands around his sweaty neck and rubbed her body on his.

"Is my man getting jealous right now?" Alice asked and he groaned planting a kiss on her lips.

"of course I am jealous, I don't want those guards of mine staring at you in such a manner" he said rubbing her waist.

"Awwn that Is so sweet of you, umm Javier?" Alice called and he looked at her face.

"I think it Is high time you found any other name to call me" Javier said and she chuckled.

"OK Honey, how about that?" She asked and he nodded.

"That sounds better, so you wanna say something" 

"Yeah, I want to go back"Alice suddenly said and he frowned.

"Go back to where?" Javier asked and she sighed.

"Go back to Bijarim, I mean I can't stay here with you" 

"You can't stay here with me? Don't you love me? Don't you like my home? I could get into my other mansion if you want, don't you like the maids? Don't you....."

"Honey it is not that" Alice cut him off and he shook his eyes.

"Yea, I do love you so much,and I Also love your home, but I don't feel myself here, I want to...."

"You are going nowhere" Javier said quietly moving away from her and she blinked her eyes.

"boraguyo? (What did you say?)" Alice asked.

"I said you aren't going anywhere"

"Why? Can't I leave? Are you going to keep me here for your own sake?" Alice fired 

"Look here baby, I am doing these not for me but for you, you aren't safe out there, that bastard of a Ken must out there, and I can't let you keep staying with Wendy, I have a feeling you aren't safe with her too, just try and understand, okay!"   Javier said with finality and picked his shirt and wore it.

"she can't hurt me, I know that " Alice challenged.

"Stop thinking stupidly, and what made you think she can't hurt you, she can kill you to have her way!" Javier yelled at her face.

"She is my best friend.."

"And Drake is my blood brother while Carl is my uncle, and they are after my life, what makes you think Wendy can't harm you? Tell me what?" Javier attacked and she became quiet.


"end of these topic, breakfast should be ready" Javier said kissing her lips and walked out of the training room.

 Alice bite her inner lips angrily as she watched as he left.

"Does he have to make my talks useless!" She groaned and also walked out.

   she walked back to the room and looked around it, so these will be her home? She sighed when she heard water rushing from the bathroom.

  She sat and searched for her phone, she frowned and checked around but couldn't find it.

"Looking for these?" Javier said coming out from the bathroom in towel, he was looking wet, he was pointing at the dressing table and she rushed there to pick her phone.

"Thanks" she mumbled with a frown still fixed on her face.

"What am I going to be wearing then?" She asked and he nudged his head towards the closet.

  She walked towards the closet and pushed the door opened, her mouth dropped opened immediately in shock.

"What is these!" she almost yelled at the dazzling decent clothes in the closet, bags , shoes, footwear's, many of them that she had never had before, new designers.

"Do you love it?" Javier asked behind her and she could close her mouth.

"is all these for me?" Alice asked facing him and he nodded.

"Yea, they are all for you, I got the maids to get them earlier for you before you woke up" Javier said and she jumped On him hugging him tightly.

"Thanks so much, but this is too much for a person" Alice almost wept and he rubbed her back slowly.

"This is nothing, there are many more things I wanna do for you" Javier winked  and she came down from his body looking around.

"Gosh these feels like a nightmare" Alice murmured and he smiled walking to his own closet, to pick out some clothes.

"Go bath and come down for breakfast, you must be hungry" Javier said and she rolled her eyes.

"common am not" Alice waved and suddenly her stomach made some funny sounds and she held her stomach in embarrassment staring at him.

"That was not me" Alice groaned and he chuckled.

"Guess I was right after all" He said and put on his clothes.

"Meet me downstairs" He said and walked out of the room.

  She hit her stomach after he was out,.

"Why would you do that!" She scolded her stomach before walking to the bathroom to bath.
  Alice walked down the stairs after she was done dressing, she just put on sweatshirt and baggy pants, seems Javier knows her styles and she was sure he wouldn't get something tight for her.

"Over here!" Javier said waving at her from the dinning room and she walked towards him without smiling.

   she stared at the table and she was almost knocked off by the rich foods arranged on the table.

"Wow..." She muttered as she could feel her mouth watered.

"You love it?" Javier asked as he watched how amazed she was.

"yea sure, you won't just stop amazing me!" Alice said sitting opposite him and he suddenly felt proud of himself.

"am glad that I could Amaze you" Javier said.

"Umm, Baby I had a thought , you are free to visit Bijarim, but you can't sleep there" Javier pointed and she broke into a wide smile.

"I love you so much" she giggled and he smiled, he missed her smiles so greatly.

"I love you too, Nick will go with you" Javier said and she nodded happily, she picked her cutleries.

  Javier was so happy to see her free.

   Zoe rolled on her bed for the hundredth time, she just couldn't get the fact that she was messed up out of her head, she regretted getting drunk, she regretted following Pete to the house.

  And now, all he could see it was just a mistake, and they were adults, he wasn't even sober.

"that bastard" Zoe sniffed , her stomach rumbled and she held it tightly.

  she refused going out of her room ever since she was back from Pete's.

"Noona! Noona!" She heard Dreg called from outside her door, her junior brother.

"What?" She murmured.

"What happened? Why did you lock yourself in since you came back these  morning?" Dreg asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Just go away" Zoe whispered sadly.

"Am off to my friend's, I left the food in the microwave, make sure you are out before I am back or i'll break these door!" Dreg threatened and then she heard his footsteps fading as he walked away.

  Zoe sighed and covered her face with the Duvet.

"I am a fool!" Zoe groaned , she hates herself real bad.

 Wendy sipped from her coffee mug when the door bell rang and she walked towards the door, she opened it and Came face in face with Pete.

  She frowned slightly immediately.

"Hey" Pete said and she rolled her eyes sipping from the Coffee.

"Hi, what do you want?" Wendy asked and Pete looked in.

"I want to See Alice" Pete replied and she scoffed, 

"Alice? And does it looks like she is here?"

"What do you mean?" Pete asked with a frown.

"She didn't come back last night as I wished for her to disappear, and I hope she doesn't come back!" Wendy snarled.

"She never came back last night?" Pete asked.

"Yes she never did, and I hope she wouldn't come back again!" With that she shut the door on his face and Pete brought out his phone.

"What the hell" he muttered.
  Wendy smirked with the thinking of Alice gone forever, she hopes she never comes back again.

  The door bell rang again and she rushed opening it with anger these Time thinking it was still Pete.

"I said she is not h...." She stopped when she saw a cold looking man staring back at her , his dark eyes boring into hers.

"who..who are you?" Wendy stuttered and the man smirked.

"I am Ken Walton" He said and Her eyes widened , she moved backward immediately,

"Ken?" She gasped remembering what Alice told her.

"Yes Ken" he said and went in with her shutting the door...

Episode 33&34


   Wendy sat staring at Ken who was sitting opposite her, though she was kind of scared judging from what Alice told her about him.

"She did told you about me right?" Ken asked and her eyes twinkled

"What are you talking about?" Wendy asked pretending not to know what he meant.

"Common stop pretending, you are her best friend" Ken said with a smirk.

"Fine, yea she did, what are you doing here? What do you want?" Wendy asked almost in a yell.

"Do not yell at me!" Ken growled and she moved back on her seats.

"What do you want?" Wendy asked quietly.

"I want Alice, she lives here right? Where Is she?" 

"Alice didn't come back home last night ," Wendy said and Ken nosed flared.

"What do you mean she didn't come back! What the hell happened to my Girl!" Ken snapped and Wendy swallowed.

"I also don't know"

"Hmm, okay , I will find her, here" Ken stretched his contact card towards her and she took it from him.

"What is these for?" Wendy asked.

"Give me a call when ever you find her or she is back,  I love her so much and I want to get married to her" Ken said and Wendy took her lips in nodding her head slowly.

"Have a nice day , Miss Wendy" Ken stood and left the room.

  Wendy breathed out in relief, he Almost got her scared.

  She stared at the contact, she doesn't need it actually, because she was Alice won't be coming back.

  Wendy decided to go throw her waste bins outside the house, she walked of the house and threw it in the waste can beside the house, she saw Pete making a call and she paused when she heard Alice's name.

*I was worried something happened! Where are you?*

*Javier's place? How?*

*oh okay I'll be waiting* she heard Pete said and smiled before going in.

  Alice is at Javier's home, these got her really mad and she threw the dirt angrily inside the can before matching into the house.

  Alice at Javier's place? No Alice can't have her man! Javier is hers.

"That bitch! She is really a snitch!" Wendy yelled and ruffled her hair Angrily, what will she do? Yes she will find Javier's home.

  Her eyes caught on Ken Card on the cushion and she picked it smirking at it.

"Great, I am glad I didn't throw you" Wendy muttered and and rushed out of the house again, she stopped her cab immediately.
Alice dropped her phone after speaking with Pete, she smiled when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist and she snuggled into the person.

"Honey!" Alice giggled, Javier sniffed in her skin and he chuckled.

"You smell so fucking good sweetheart" Javier muttered and she turned hugging him.


"Who was that?" He asked staring at her phone.

"Ooh, that was Pete. he was really worried,I think I should go and Change and leave already" Alice muttered stepping away from him.

 He kissed her slowly , snuggling on her lips softly.

"Alright baby, go dress up, meet me at the study before you leave" Javier said.


"And when you are back, maybe tomorrow Landon will show you around, or the maid" 

 Her eyes lightened and he smiled arranging her hair.

"Now go dress up" Javier said and led her upstairs 

"Thanks baby" Alice giggled.
  Josh stood beside the stair case staring as Javier and Alice played lovey dovey upstairs with a frown.

"Josh?" Nick called from behind and he went startled for a second.

"What The hell! You got me scared!" Josh said and Nick stared at him suspiciously.

"Scared? Why would you Be scared?" Nick asked and Josh sighed.

"Nothing, I was wondering who that Lady was"

"That is the boss Girlfriend, weren't you at the mansion last night?" Nick asked, Josh adjusted his clothes slowly.

"Of course I was at the mansion, I was kind of sick so I slept early, see you around" Josh said quickly and rushed off, Nick immediately knew He was lying.

 Nick tilted his head as he watched Josh walked off and he started following him.

 He bumped into Landon on his way and Landon held him from tripping.

"Nick? Where are you going to?" Landon asked, Nick looked at the way Josh passed but couldn't find him again, he sighed and faced Landon.

"Can I have a word with you?" Nick said looking around and Landon nodded.

"to the training room" Landon mumbled quietly and they both walked to the Training room upstairs.

  Nick shut the door and Faced Landon .

"what is it?" Landon asked, Nick looked kind of restless.

"I think there Is a spy among the guards" Nick said and Landon raised his brows.

"A spy?"

"Yes, I am actually having suspicions on Josh, I was trailing him when you bumped into me and I lost him" Nick said and Landon jaw hardened.

"You mean he is the spy in the house?" Landon asked slowly.

"Am not actually sure, but he was acting strange"

"Keep a close look on him, I will go inform Javier" Landon said and hit Nick shoulder lightly before walking out of the room.

  Nick sighed and also walked out of the training room.
Josh walked to the back of the mansion and looked around for anybody but didn't find none, he brought out his phone and texted someone.

πŸ’¬Boss, Javier has a girlfriend, and they seem to be very closeπŸ’¬ Josh sent, in few minutes he saw another message.

πŸ’¬8pm, tonightπŸ’¬

   The person replied and he dropped his phone inside his pocket before walking away from the spot he was.

  He hates Javier with Passion, and thinking of what Javier did to his Mom will be something he will never forget. 

  He balled his fist, thinking of these as a great motivation to join hands in destroying him.
  Javier sat on the chair in the study working on his system when Landon walked into the study.

"Hey" Javier said not looking up from the system.

"what are you doing?" Landon asked sitting on the chair opposite him.

"Attending to some office stuffs, what up?" Javier asked finally looking up.

"Nothing strong actually"

"I will want you to stop following me as body guard, I want you to have your own job you know, why don't we open a company for you?" Javier suggested and Landon chuckled.

"I never complained about serving you" 

"It makes me feel guilty and uncomfortable, you have been my guard for 16 years, and I want you to get married, you are 33 already"

  Landon just kept smiling and rubbed his forehead.

"can we talk about all these after we fight off your enemies?" 

"Fine, but I still have it in mind" Javier winked.

"So, Nick met me" Landon started and Javier moved his system aside.

"What is it?" Javier asked curiously.

"there seems to be a spy in the mansion" 

  Javier chuckled shaking his head.

"you are not surprised?" Landon asked at how normal Javier looked.

"Of course not, I suspected it anyways, who are you suspecting?"

"Josh, Nick said he was acting strange, so I asked him to keep an eye on Josh" Landon said.

"Carl and Drake are trying real hard, funny" Javier laughed.

"Stop laughing , it is getting annoying, just make sure you are careful with whatever you are doing now, and be at alert" Landon cautioned and Javier went serious.


"Honey" Alice called walking into the study , She stared at Landon and bowed her head slightly.

"Hi" Landon said standing .

"You must be Landon right?"Alice asked going to Javier who pulled her on his legs.

"Yes, I will excuse you guys" Landon said and walked towards the door.

"I haven't forgiven you for kidnapping me!" Alice yelled after him and he chuckled closing the door beside him after he walked out.

"Are you ready?" Javier asked staring at her simple outfits.

"Yes," Alice said and he squeezed her ass slightly, she purred and he smirked.

"I love it when you do that"  Javier smirked and she bent her head to his lips, they claimed each other's lips and kissed slowly, Alice rested her fingers on his chest and released her self into the kiss.

  Javier devoured her mouth hungrily and the slow warm kissed turned into a fast and rough kiss.

  She moaned into his mouth as Javier chewed on her lips, soon she parted her lips from his and rested her forehead on his.

"That was nice" Alice whispered and he smiled.

"Now, let go" Javier said and made her stood from his legs before also standing.

  He removed the memory flash from the system  and kept it in his pocket before leading her out of the study room.

  They both walked  out to the compound, and he called Nick.

"Boss" Nick bowed.

"Take her to Bijarim, make sure to protect her" Javier said and Nick nodded going to get a car ready.

"Baby, don't stay long okay" Javier said and Alice hugged him slowly.

"I won't," Alice said and he kissed her forehead.

"I love you"

"I love you more"

"be careful and don't leave Nick sight okay?" Javier cautioned.

"Stop talking like I might disappear" Alice mumbled and walked towards Nick who was standing beside a Black Jeep.

  Javier smiled as he watched her got into the car, 

"She is something else" he muttered and tucked his hands into his pocket  before walking back inside after he had made sure the car Drove out.

 Wendy came out of the Cab after paying the driver, she stared at the big mansion in front of her and then back at the card.

"Bingo" she muttered and knocked on the gate slowly, the gate opened revealing a rough looking man with tattoos all over his body, he was holding an armed gun.

"Who are you?" The thick voice asked and the smell of alcohol and cigarette hit her nose as she felt like puking.

"I am here to see Ken" She said and showed him the card, he took it from her and stared at It before looking at her again.

"Come in" He said and opened it widely enough for her to enter.

 She looked around the compound , it was full of boys and all eyes fell on her, she wasn't scared but she was nervous.

"Follow me" the man said and she followed him inside the mansion, she wondered why almost all the guys in here are scattered with Tattoos and they are all huge.

  They entered the sitting room, they met Ken smoking heavily and drinking at the same Time, she coughed loudly covering her nose.

"Boss someone wants to see you" the man said bowing, Ken looked up and his eyes was red and dark..

"You can leave"  Ken said to the guard and he bowed again before walking out.

  Wendy rubbed her palms nervously on each other.

"You are here, I suspected you would come" Ken said staring at her body with lust and she felt some kind of thing prickled on her skin.

 She sat on one of the cushions and stared at him.

"Yes I am here, and I found her" Wendy said and Ken dropped the cigarette in the ash pan and faced her.

"where is she?" Ken asked impatiently and she sighed.

"I will tell you , only if you promise to take her away, far away," Wendy said her tune changing.

"I promise" Ken said with out thinking.

"She is at Javier's smith Mansion" Wendy said and his hands shooked.

"you mean the heir?" 

"Yes, he kidnapped her, wouldn't it be best if you take her back, I want Javier for myself" 

"You are greedy you know that, anyways , what do you actually want?" Ken asked.

"I want her away from him, and the location to Javier Smith's home" Wendy said slowly.

"It will be done, but I need something in return" Ken smirked standing and walking close to her, she didn't move.

"What is that? I thought I gave you what you needed already?" 

"You did, I asked for one thing And you asked for two, so make it equal" he said his hand touching her collarbone and she moved backwards.

"What do you want?" Wendy asked shakily.

"Let me fuck you" He whispered, his eyes darkening and she swallowed...
   Alice came down from the car before Nick could open the door for her.

"I am at my destination already" Alice said with a smile and Nick nodded bowing his head.

  Alice stared at her Apartment with Pete's and sighed, she was going to miss here.

"You can wait for me at the car" Alice said and walked towards Pete Apartment.

  He complained about him wanting to talk to her earlier and she was so worried.

 She pressed the door bell twice before he opened the door, his eyes lightened when he saw her and she smiled.

"Alice!" Pete called hugging her .

"You are choking me!" Alice groaned pushing away from him and he chuckled leading her inside.

 He went to the freezer and brought a juice for her.

"You have freshened up just today" Pete mocked and she blushed.

"Blame that on Javier" she giggled.

"Am glad you guys are good" Pete said with a smile and sat opposite her.

He watched her drank from the juice and he sighed.

"So what up, you said you urgently needed to speak to me , Is everything alright?" Alice asked him and he scratched his head nervously.

"I fucked up Alice" Pete muttered and Alice frowned staring at him.

"What are you talking about?" 

"I..damn, how do I say these" he muttered looking down on his fingers.

 That made Alice more curious and she dropped the juice.

"Talk to me Pete" Alice assured.

"I..last night, actually when Zoe and I were drunk, we came to my apartment, and... And..." He broke off nervously.

"And what?" Alice asked anxiously.

"We both made a mistake, we , we did have sex last night" Pete finally said and Alice eyes widened.

"Bo! (What!) neo museun tteus-iya! (What do you mean!)" Alice asked still trying to Get what he Was saying, maybe he was kidding.

"I mean it Alice, we both had sex , we fucked"

"O Andwae (oh no)," Alice muttered seeing how serious he was.

"Do you know the messed up part, she was a virgin when we made such terrible mistake, and I fucked up by telling her hurtful words these morning, I feel like I am doomed Alice, what do I do?" Pete Asked in confusion and Alice sighed touching her chin quietly.

"You shouldn't have said anything hurtful to her, It is not easy loosing one's virginity in that way, you should apologize to her" Alice said feeling for Zoe already, she will call her when she gets home.

"I don't even think she will listen to me, she looked so angry and ....gosh I messed up" Pete groaned throwing his head Backwards.

"It okay, just apologize and try not to say any hurtful word to her again, anyways Javier and I are officially dating," Alice said with a smile and he smiled back.


"Am hungry" Alice groaned and stood from his cushion.

"You won't stop eating, I wonder how your body is still intact After eating much" Pete said leading her to the kitchen.

"Power of jogging" Alice giggled and they both laughed.

Episode 35&36



   Wendy walked into the house tiredly, she limped towards the cushion and collapse on it, she sniffed , her nose and face were all red.

She stared at the card in her hands as it shook.

  She thought of the Way Ken had used her earlier and she bursted into tears, she started these, so she isn't going backward.

   Josh stood facing Carl with his head bowed, Josh was also beside him.

"So tell me, what do you mean by Javier having a girlfriend?" Carl asked.

"Yes boss, and they are presently staying together, they seem pretty close" Josh replied and Carl breathed out rubbing his chin slowly, he smirked discreetly and chuckled.

"Why do I sense everything is going as planned, killing two birds with a stone" Carl laughed .

"Keep watching and telling me every of their moves okay?" Carl said to Josh 

"Yes boss,"

"now you can go back so you won't be suspected"

"OK Jilja  Boss,(Good night)" Josh said with a bow and walked out.

 Stone followed him behind.

 Carl laughed after they were gone, this was going to be easy than he thought.

  Stone returned and bowed.

"Stone, request Javier to have Dinner with me tomorrow" Carl said.

"Okay Boss" Stone bowed.

   Carl tilted his head and stood to retire to his room.

   Javier stretched slowly from the bed as the sun rays hit his eyes, he rubbed his eyes slowly and sat up.

   He turned to his right and saw Alice snoring like a baby, she must be really tired from last night, making out and her outings.

  He smiled , he loved these woman, he fucking love these woman beside him and he promises to do everything to keep her safe.

 He bent his head down her face and kissed her passionately , even in her sleep she moved and groaned fluttering her eyes opened.

  She smiled on Javier's Lips.

  Javier broke the kiss when he noticed she woke up.

"Do you have to wake me up with that?" Alice murmured also sitting up and Javier chuckled carrying her on his legs.

"Because I couldn't help but be tempted"

"The tour, why don't you show me around yourself?" Alice asked drawing some imaginary lines on his chest and he shivered.

"I will be busy ,I have presentations tomorrow and I need to send it to dad today, Landon will do that okay?" Javier said and she pouted resting her head on his chest, her hair falling on him.

"De(OK)" she muttered slowly.

 " Okay I should go bath so we can go Down for dinner, then you can go for your tour" He said and she nodded her head.

  He stood first dropping her on the bed before making his way to the bathroom, she watched his amazing godly body and wished he could make love to her, He believes he doesn't want to take things too fast, but she doesn't think she could hold it any longer.
  After Break fast Landon walked towards them ,

"Hi" Alice waved with a smile.

"Hey, Hey buddy, your great uncle wants to have dinner with you tonight, what do you say about that?" Landon said wiggly his brows with a smile and Javier rolled his eyes.

"is he trying to poison me to end it all at once or what?" Javier said with a frown.

"We can't tell for sure, but you have to go so nothing would be suspected"

"I will go with you, any food served for us will be from the place as his" Alice suggested and they both faced her.

"yes that was a wise one, what about taking your wine along and just pretend to Want to give it to him, am sure he wouldn't suspect a thing" Landon said and they nodded.

"i think that will be okay to avoid any problems, Landon why don't you show her around, I need to Get to work"  Javier said and pecked Her cheeks.


"alright see you soon love" Javier said walking upstairs.

"you too" Alice said after him, her face was red, she was blushing.

  Landon cleared his throats and Alice faced him.

"Where do we start from madam Alice?" Landon said casually and she frowned.

"Madam? Common stop that, Alice Is okay" Alice said with a smile and he chuckled.

"Sorry for that, should we start from out side the garden then the pool?" He asked walking out while she followed him behind and her eyes widened.

"Really? there is a pool in these house?" She asked in surprise joining the same lane with him as they walked together.

"Sure, you will love it" Landon said leading her to the other side of the house, she marveled at the beauty of the mansion.

"So tell me, tell me about Javier" Alice said and he rubbed his nose slowly.

"You should know your man" 

"Yea, I don't actually know everything about it him, you have been with him for long so am sure you will know more, please!.." Alice pleaded with a puppy look and he laughed slowly.

"You look kind of corny right now, anyways he Is cool and one of the most strongest men I have ever known, he is wise, smart and intelligent, he is kind of cold and playful, and one more thing, hardworking" Landon broke off when they got to a flower garden and she bowed wowing at the beautiful flowers.

"I know all that," Alice said with a proud smile on her face as she plucked one of the roses in the field.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Alice asked and he choked immediately.

"girlfriend!?" He gasped and she frowned looking up at him.

"Yes , girlfriend do you?" 

"No, of course not, I have no time for that" he scoffed and she stood giving him one of the flowers she removed.

"Here, a gift for telling me about your boss" Alice winked and he smiled.

"So now, let me take you to the pool area , you will love it" Landon said and they both walked until they got to the pool and the flower which Alice was holding fell off her hands 

"Is...is these really a pool? Or a fountain?" She asked staring at the water pouring from the rock at the end of the pool...no fountain.

  Landon fixed his hands behind his back as he stared at the running water.

"Yea it is a fountain but also a pool, because these place is designed like one" he pointed at the tiled floor and she bent running her hands into the fresh water.

"The water feel refreshing!" Alice giggled as the water hit her skin, before Landon knew it she jumped into the water happily and his eyes widened.

"Alice!" He yelled when he saw she still wore her clothes.

"Oh my God! This is the best feeling of water ever! The fountain is the best!" She yelled swimming around and Landon sighed rubbing his forehead.

"Do I have to do these?" He mumbled as he watched her played inside the water happily.

 He sat on the floor beside the pool as he watched her.

"Alice can you come out now?"

"No! ".

"You are wearing clothes!" He yelled so she could hear him because of the running water.

"Fine! Am coming!" She yelled back and swam back to the shore and he breathed out in relieve as she came out of the water.

"I pray Javier doesn't kill me when he sees that you swam in your clothes, you are going to be cold" Javier scolded as she squeezed the wetness of her dress.

"Common he is not going to do that, and I am also a strong girl you know" She winked and they both walked away from the fountain not after promising to come back to it.

"Javier's Fountain is more bigger than his parent's own, even if he doesn't own the company he is fucking rich because he worked more hard for it" Landon said as they entered the house. 
"His parents sounds nice, I will love to meet that jerk of his Uncle and Drake" She said squeezing her nose and He laughed.

"You will of course see his uncle today" Landon cajoled and she nodded.

  They got to the front of Javier's room and she turned facing him.

"Thanks for today" she said shaking from the cold and he sighed.

"Please don't be sick or am dead" Landon joked and she nodded with a laugh before rushing in.

  She went to the bathroom and took off the wet clothing's before washing her self off in the shower.

  After bathing she cleaned herself dry before putting on a baggy gown, she sat on the bed and started operating her phone , she decided to text Javier.

πŸ’¬hey still busy? I had funπŸ’¬ she smiled staring at the message, her phone beeped and his message entered.

πŸ’¬yea still busy, I will come for you soon, I miss you, and am glad you had funπŸ’¬ Alice giggled and threw her back on the bed.

  She suddenly remembered Zoe, she promised to call her.

  She dialed her number and Zoe picked after how many rings.

*Hello?* Alice heard Zoe muffled voice 

*Zoe, it Alice* Alice said looking at the ceiling and she heard a ruffling voice Like Zoe sat up.

*Alice? Is that really you?* Zoe asked.

*yea it me, How have you been?*

*terrible* Zoe muttered and Alice smiled.

*I heard about what happened, am sorry about it* Alice said and she heard Zoe kept quiet.

*how..how did you know know?* Zoe stammered


*Ooh* Zoe muttered

*Am sorry about that* Alice said slowly.

*i am not angry at him anyways, I am just a little bit mad at myself*

*OK, you guys won't be seeing me more often again,*

*but why?*

*for some reasons , but I promise to visit once in a while*  Alice said and Zoe sighed.

*I got to go now, bye!* Zoe send and ended the calls.

  Alice sighed and threw her phone on the bed, she needs to Get some sleep.

   Matt sat in the sitting room going through the files Javier had sent him earlier when Drake walked in.

"Dad" Drake called but he didn't look up, instead he was focused.

"Yea, you are here" Matt said deeply and Drake sighed, he is trying to act the good son right now.

"Yes Dad, wanted to spend some time with you and mom" Drake faked a smile and he nodded.

"I haven't seen your team's Work" Matt said looking up and Drake frowned.


"Are you okay? I asked for a new prop design launch to be sent to me to go through before designing , where is yours? Your brother already sent his!" Matt snapped and Drake Adams happened bobbed up and down.

 He doesn't know whether to feel angry or not, he folded his mouth.

"it skipped me dad, I thought doing it tomorrow will help" 

"Tomorrow? Is these how you would run the company and made it crumbled if I had made you hair? Can't you take Javier for examples, he is fast and hardworking, all you do is relaxed" Matt said and Drake balled his fist angrily.

"Is these all about Javier! Huh,tell me!, when will I ever get treated as your eldest son, you took my rights and gave it to Javier, is These fair!" Drake yelled angrily.

  Matt dropped the system on the cushion and Faced Drake properly.

"It would have been fair if you have been doing the right thing" 

"Honey it is okay!" Rosie voice was heard as she walked towards them and Drake stood, Matt looked between mother and son and rubbed his forehead.

"It will be okay if he does the right thing!" Matt yelled as what happened over 29 years ago came rushing to his head and he grabbed his system and left the sitting room angrily.

"What have you done!' Rosie scolded Drake as Matt walked upstairs.

"Mom, why am I always getting compared with Javier, tell me , why? Am I not his son?" Drake asked his eyes red.

  Rosie blinked her eyes slowly and touched his shoulders.

"Of course you are. you are not just doing the right thing, tomorrow is your design presentation at the board meeting and you haven't even submitted yours" Rosie said and he sighed.

"I am off" Drake muttered quietly and left Rosie standing confused. all her thoughts and fears of years ago came flowing down into her.

  did Matt found out already? Oh no, she matched upstairs to their room immediately.
  Drake came out of the house when he heard his phone beeped, he brought his phone out and frowned at Carl's message.

πŸ’¬come over , emergencyπŸ’¬ Drake sighed and went into his car and started it before riding out of the mansion.
  Rosie pushed the bedroom door opened and Met Matt taking off his shirt.

"Honey" Rosie called crossing her hands to stare at him.


"Is there something you aren't telling me?" Rosie asked slowly looking at his expression and he looked up.

"What is it? Why the question? Is there something?" Matt asked and Rosie shook her head immediately, her heart was thumping loudly in her chest.

"Nothing, I'll just come back later" she said nervously and turned to leave but Matt's voice stopped her.

"Are you sure you don't have anything to say to me also?" Matt asked coldly and she swallowed.

"Yea, I don't" Rosie said and rushed out.

  Matt sighed throwing his head backward.

"When will she tell me on her own" he groaned and walked into the bathroom.

   Drake walked into Carl's sitting room angrily, he collapse on the seat and Carl stare at him with a frown.

"What is it? Why do you look off?" Carl asked.

"Dad pissed me off, all he knows and focuses on is always Javier" Drake muttered ,he needs a drink.

 He walked towards the bar and pulled out a Vodka , he poured on the glasses and gave one to Carl.

"You have to calm Down Drake, don't destroy our plans and just be cool" Carl said sipping from the alcohol.

"But I only made a mistake of not sending him my presentation, why is he making it a big deal?" Drake mumbled.

"You mean you haven't done your presentation and sent it to him?" Carl almost yelled and Drake stared at him.

"Yes why?"

"Aigoo! How do you even expect him to hand over the company to you if you keep acting these way, you have to be extra attentive and hardworking now, you both are supposed to do your presentation tomorrow and now he Is the only person doing it, what do you think the boards members will say?!" Carl snapped and Drake rolled his eyes.

"Not that it matters anymore" 

"Drake you have to be serious if you really want to become the heir" 

"Of course I am serious, Javier really needs to be out as soon as possible, so why did you call me here?" Drake asked drinking.

"Javier got a girlfriend and they are living together"  Carl said and Drake frowned.

"A girlfriend?"

"Yea, they seem very close, don't you think that will make it easy for us to strike?" Carl smirked and Drake smirked widened.

"Wow, I will love to know who the Mamacita is" Drake said with a wicked grin.

"Javier will be having dinner with me today, I will start destroying him from today," 

"hmm. Javier" Drake said quietly.

"let see how he escapes today" Carl said wickedly and smiled...

Epsisode 37&38



  Alice brushed her hair slowly slowly as she watched her reflection from the mirror, she really looks stunning in the gold outfits she was putting on.

  She heard footsteps and she turned to see Javier arranging his suit, she smiled when he walked closer and she stood twirling in front of him.

"You really look so stunning tonight baby" Javier said holding her waist and she giggled.

"Really? Thanks honey, you look more hotter and Handsome in those suits" Alice said licking his chin and he shivered.

"What do you think you are tryna do?" Javier groaned scrapping his fingers on her.

"Doing nothing much bad you know,  common let's not get late" Alice winked and moved Away from him picking her purse.

"That is unfair" Javier muttered , he couldn't believe she left him hanging.

"Nothing in the world is fair honey, we should leave" Alice linked her hands with his and he sighs before leading  her out of the mansion

  They met Landon by the car already waiting, he was holding packaged bag which consist their drink.

"Are you guys ready?" Landon asked opening the car door for them both and they nodded.

"All ready" Alice smiled as he shut the door.

 Landon and Nick went to the front seat and Nick started the car.

  Javier took his hands to Alice thighs and rubbed it slowly while she stiffened.

"What the heck!" She whispers and he only rolled his eyes.

"You did that to me too don't forget about that"

"can you guys not argue please" Landon said turning Javier cleared his throats.

"We are good" he said and Landon nodded facing his front.

 Alice scowled at Javier and looked out of the window.

  The car door was opened for Alice and Javier and they stepped out slowly and majestically, Javier held the packaged bag while he held Alice hands.

 They met Carl with some guys standing on the entrance and Carl broke into a smile, Javier also forced himself to smile back.

"My Nephew!" Carl said when they got to him and he hugged Javier slowly.


 Alice rolled her eyes *what a snitch* she thought glaring at Carl but suddenly smiled when Carl faced her.

"Ooh, Javier who is these pretty Lady beside you?" Carl asked his eyes running on Alice

"My girlfriend Alice, Alice meet my uncle, Carl" Javier introduced and Alice bowed her head slowly.

"Annyeong Samchon, (Hi uncle)" Alice said politely and Carl raised her up by the shoulder.

"Nice to meet you Alice, I have been waiting, common before the dinner gets cold" Carl said and held Alice hands as the two made their way in.

  Javier followed them behind, he looked around at the boys , they are really much.

 He stopped looking to avoid suspicious and they finally got to the dinning.

"Seat, seat" Carl said showing the seats,  Javier and Alice sat on the same line while Carl sat at the head of the dinning.

"Serve" Carl said staring at his maids and they rushed towards the table, Alice stood immediately and Carl stared at her.

"What is it Alice?"  Carl asked as she walked towards the maids.

"You guys can leave, I will do the serving" Alice said politely to them and they shook their head.

"No, have your seat Alice and let the maids do their work" Carl said kind of desperately.

  Javier understood immediately what was going on and he shook his head smiling.

"Don't worry uncle, she will do it" Javier said with a smile and Carl slowly balled his fists.

"I will do it" Alice said as politely as ever.

 She shared a glance with Javier and he winked at her, Alice dished out the food accordingly while Carl sat uncomfortably, these was not the plan.

"Bring the drink!" Carl said to the maids, he knew they wouldn't escape these.

"Uncle, I bought us a rich wine, you are gonna love it, it Is a new model" Javier said bringing out the wine as Alice sat beside him and Carl already felt himself boiling inside.

"Ooh thanks, I will drink that later, they should bring the drink I prepared for us" Carl chuckled.

"I would love to have a taste of that honey, uncle Carl if you don't mind" Alice said staring at the wine and Javier shrugged before popping the wine opened. Hi 3G on +2348025337930 to be added to story group room for more stories.
  Carl just swallowed repeatedly as he stared at them almost angrily, Javier poured the drinks in their glasses .

 Alice touched Javier's leg stifling her laugh at the look on Carl's face.

"Uncle are you okay?" Javier asked and He nodded.

"Let eat" Carl said as he dug into his food and the two lovers stared at each other before eating.

"OK, bye uncle!" Javier said bowing his head same goes with Alice.

"I wish you we have another dinner maybe some other times with Alice, bye" Carl said and they smiled before getting into the car Landon opened for them.

  Carl watched their car drive out of the gate coldly, the veins on his forehead popped out, Stone rushed towards him immediately.

"Boss?" Stone called after making Sure their car was gone so Javier wouldn't recognize him.

"What Is it!?" Carl yelled and Stone moved back slowly.

"How was the dinner?" Stone asked but the looks on Carl's face immediately gave him the answers, it didn't go well.

  Carl just glared at him and then matched inside the house , what really happened earlier? How did they escape his trap? Or could it be that Javier knew and he was pretending?

"No it not possible, Javier doesn't know" He muttered as he walked towards his room.
  Alice finally bursted into laughter inside the car and Javier chuckled.

"How did it go?" Landon asked .

"It went really well" Javier replied watching his laughing girlfriend.

"Gosh, you have to see the look on his face, just like his life was pulled out of his body" Alice said in laughter and Landon smiled while Nick chuckled softly from the driver's seats.

"It seems you guys had it tough on him" Landon said.

"Of course, am sure he poisoned the food and drink he wanted giving us, he looks so fucking frustrated" Javier said .

"you should be careful now, any little mistake can end our plans, okay?" 

"sure" Javier replied and Alice dropped her head on his shoulders,

"Feeling sleepy already?" Javier asked her as she yawned and she nodded wiping her eyes.

"Yes. " she muttered and he smiled resting her head perfectly on his shoulders.

  Javier slowly dropped Alice on the bed, she was asleep, he smiled and moved her hair from her face, she purred and slightly opened her eyes.

"We are home already?" Alice asked opening her eyes more widely.

"Yes, you are awake, are you sure you slept?" Javier mocked taking off his suit, Alice also stood and took off her gown leaving her only in panties and he licked his tongue slowly.

 He felt his dick jerked and he groaned slightly.

"Fuck, I will go take my shower" Javier said weirdly and rushed into the bathroom.

  Alice smirked and went naked totally, she walked to the front of the bathroom door waiting for Javier to come out.

  She heard his groaning sounds from the bathroom and wondered what he was doing for him to make such sounds, she heard water runnings , after few moments the water stopped and the door opened revealing Javier wet from head to toes.

  He was just having a towel on him and his bulging chest was also surprisingly looking delicious.

 Her eyes dilated to his middle legs where she saw his bulging erections. 
"Alice" He whispered staring at her naked body , he just jerked in the bathroom just thinking about her, now seeing her naked was more of something else to him.

 She walked more closer to him and her fingers went to his towel, she wanted pulling it but he grasped her hands.

"you wouldn't want to do these Alice" he said dangerously his eyes getting Dark.

"I want you , I want you so damn much Javier, make love to me" Alice said and he smirked, just what he had been waiting to hear.

 He released her hands and she loosed his towel making if fall to the floor.

  They stared at each other slowly and before she knew it, he was kissing her, she kissed him back wrapping her hands around his neck.

  Kissing sounds filled the room and their hard breathings and moanings, Javier carried her up and her legs were around his waist, Alice gasped when she felt his hard erected dick on her stomach.

   She pushed more Into him as they savored each other with tongues, Javier carried her towards the King sized bed and dropped her on it.

   Alice held his head so he won't be able to break the kiss, Javier climbed her and squeezed her boobs.

  Alice moaned breaking the kiss, 

"Oh!" She moaned when be squeezed rubbing Her nipples.

  Javier took his mouth to her nape and sucked on it dropping Hickeys on her, she shivered her moans filling the room .

  Javier kissed her neck down to her chest, he kissed her round boobs and looked into her helpless eyes before covering his hot tongue on her nipple and her brain almost went gaga.

"Javier!" She cried shaking on the bed, she gripped the bed sheets tightly twisting her body.

   Javier groaned sucking her while playing with the other nipple, Alice felt like she was in heaven, she tugged his hair when he covered her second nipples.

"Oh honey...damn it!" She moaned getting wet down there already.

  Javier left her boobs and kissed his way Down her stomach slowly, she wriggled her body holding the sheets more tighter.

  She stiffened when he teased her clitoris , her hair was sprawled on the pillow.

"Jav..Javier!" She whimpered when he covered his mouth completely on her mound and he was eating her sweetly, 

 The pleasure was so much that she had to cover her legs but he grabbed it more widely opened and she buckled her hips against him.

"Argh, fuck!" She cried as she felt her stomach churning and she vibrated on him and screamed loudly. 

 Her juices poured more on Javier mouth and he licked every inch of it , he was getting more harder and it hurts like hell.

  He fixed his forefinger into her hole and she gasped raising her waist, it seems the pleasure was killing her, his mouth and fingers In her honey pot.

 He parted her pussy lips opened and dug his tongue. Alice felt her head spinning , she grabbed his hairs her body shaking.

"Am about to cum again!" She cried as his finger and tongue went in and out of her pussy.

  Javier increased his pace and she felt the knot loosening in her stomach again, she screamed as she came loosed and Javier finally carried his head up.

 His hair was ruffled and on his face, his mouth was wet with her juices

 And her face was read

"You are so fucking sweet and horny for me" Javier whispered rubbing his hard huge cock, she swallowed nervously watching the huge dick In between her legs.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you" Javier whispered as he placed himself on her entry and she gribbed the duvet tightly.

"Please be careful" She whispered back in fears  and he nodded with a smile.

   Javier slowly guided his dick into her pussy and she hissed throwing her head backward.

 She curled her toes tightly as the pain hit her, 

"Arrghhh!" She screamed when he was fully inside and he groaned throwing his head backward, the pleasure was fucking much, 

"Javier!..." Alice cried trying to push him off but he gripped her hands and placed it forcefully over her head.

"Shh!" He murmured breathing heavily, he pulled out of her again, and slammed back into her , her screamed went louder when she felt her hymen tearing, tears from the unknown came rushing down her eyes.

  Javier started thrusting into her slowly at first but later increased his paced, he let go of Alice hands and held her hips tightly as he went more deeply into her.

 Alice moans and cries filled the room so as their slapping skin.

"Ooh, hmm!"


"Yes! Fuck! Fuck!" She yelled 

  He rubbed her clit with his thumbs and she screamed as she felt herself coming so hard.

"Yes!, ooh! Javier!"

"I love you so much Alice!" Javier groaned pounding earnestly into her.

   she could feel him hitting her womb, 

"Fuck am about to cum" He said and slammed hard into her thrice before exploding his seed inside her.

  Alice felt the warmness and hotness of his cum inside her, she breathed slowly.

"I love you" She whispered when he rolled off her and pulled her on him.

"I love you too Sugar pie" he whispered And he started hearing her snoring.

 He kissed her forehead as the sleep slowly elude him.

   Alice groaned from her sleep when she heard the door opened,

"Javier?" She called slowly rubbing her eyes.

 She tried sitting up but pains hit her in between her legs and she hissed throwing her head backwards.

"Good morning ma'am" She heard a female voice and she looked up to see a young maid, she should be a teenager.

"Morning" Alice muttered feelings the pains in between her legs severe.

"Are you okay madam? I brought breakfast for you as ordered" She said with a Smile.

  Alice rolled her eyes as all she could think of was the pains she was feeling in between her legs.

 she covered her naked breast slowly.

"Where is Javier?" She asked staring at the covered food tray on the table.

"He went to work already" the maid replied and Alice sighed.

"Is there any pain reliever pills?" She asked and the Lady smirked naughtily.

"Yes ma'am, I will go get some" she said and rushed out.

  Alice sighed and laid back Down on the bed, thinking about the night before only made her filled with embarrassed.

 Her screaming, moaning and everything came back to her memory and her cheeks reddened.

 Soon the maid came back with the pills and water,

"here" she said stretching it to Alice who collected it and drank It in a gulp.

"Thanks ,your name?" Alice asked.

"Mari" Mari said and she nodded.

"Bring the food over here"

  Mari went to bring the food placing it on the bed stand table and Alice started eating while Mari watched her.

"You can leave, if I am done I will let you know" Alice said uncomfortably, Mari bowed and rushed out.

 Alice sighed and continued eating ...

Episode 39&40



    The board members were all seated as  the Projector  light was on display.

"So Director Javier and Drake, time for your presentations on the new prop designs" Matt said and Drake moved uncomfortably on his seat as Javier smiled before standing with his system.

  Javier walked to the front of the board room and dropped his system on the table, he set everything and his work on display.

"Now, This is....." 
"Gamshabnida (thank you)" Javier ended his presentation and the board members all went into clapping except Drake who looked angry and jealous at the proud look Javier was getting from Matt and the others.

"Well done Job Javier" Matt said with a proud smile. Javier bowed and made his way back to his seat.

"He would really make a good CEO, he is smart" Director Baek commented still clapping.

"I think these will bring more Investors and contracts with other companies" Matt said.

  Carl Snorted and Stared at Drake who was boiling.

"So, Director Drake , your turn" Matt said and everyone eyes turned to him, he frowned slightly and stared at Matt.

"But, Dad..."

"President,or Chairman, no formality in work" Matt cut him off and he swallowed.

"Fine, President Smith, I told you I didn't do mine" Drake complained and the boarders started murmuring.

"Even after telling you last afternoon? Was the night not enough to gather yours?" Matt scolded.

 Javier smiled discreetly , Drake forehead was frowned as he looked Down on the table.

  Carl sighed and looked away from him.

"I am so disappointed, that's is the end of the Meeting" Matt said and stood, the board members Also stood as he walked out of the office with his guards.

  The Board was so noisy , Drake walked towards Javier who sat regally on the chair as he watched Drake moved towards him.

"Are you now happy?" Drake asked angrily and Javier chuckled standing with his system.

"What are you talking about?" Javier asked unknowingly and Drake balled his fist.

  Carl seeing what was happening rushed towards Drake and pulled his hands.

"Drake stop It!"Carl said sternly but quietly.

"You haven't won Javier, don't make a pride out of what you did cause It will be actually stupid if you do!" Drake cut in and dragged his arms from Carl before storming out of the room.

  Javier tilted his head slightly and walked stared at Carl before Also walking out.
Javier knocked on Matt's office door quietly.

"Come in" he heard Matt said and he pushed the door opened and walked in before shutting it.

"Dad" Javier said with a smile and Matt looked up from his system.

"Hey" Matt said standing , Javier sat on the cushion as he watched his dad walked towards him.

"what of mom?" Javier asked him and Matt shook his head slowly before sitting opposite him.

"Things doesn't seem right Javier, your mom is hiding something from Me, anyways that is between us" Matt said and Javier nodded his head in understanding.


"And I am proud of you today, "

"Thanks Dad"

"where is your life safer? Remember I said I wanted meeting with her" Matt requested and Javier scratched his head slowly.

"Dad , I just can't see her again" Javier lied, Matt raised his brows.

"What do you mean you can't see her again?"

"Dad let's forget about her please, anyways I have a girlfriend Dad,  and I would love you to know her" Javier broke into a deep smile thinking of Alice, last night was a blow for them.

  He loves her so fucking much and he will keep cherishing her.

"Really?!" Matt gasped his eyes lightening up happily.

  Javier nodded.

"You are a man son!"

"You will love her" Javier winked and Matt smiled. finally a step to him having the company without any issues or complications.
  Carl paced around his Glass view from outside in his office.

 He turned and face Drake angrily, he bite his inner lips and rushed to his slapping him on his face.

  Drake hissed and held his face painfully.

"Fuck! Uncle what was that for!?" Drake snarled almost angrily.

"That was for your stupidity! did you know what you almost did out there!?" Carl fired 

"I wasn't trying to do anything," Drake groaned and Carl sighed going to sit on the Cushion while Drake followed him but didn't seat.

"you acted suspicious out there!"

"That wasn't anything, I just hate his guts and wish you can end him fast!" 

"And I said I will, be patient" Matt cautioned.

"Did you poison him last night?" Drake asked.

"I did , but his girlfriend and himself seems smart, they managed to Escape the foods and wine, I could have eaten the poison too if I hadn't chosen the non poisoned food" Carl said frustratedly and Drake furrowed his brows in thought.

"What do you mean?" Drake asked.

"Alice dished the same food for all of us, and they even brought their wine along,"

"Isn't that suspicious?" 

"Of course it is, If Javier knows we are after him, then why is he quiet?" Carl thought and sighed.

"Now he is the one who Is suspicious" Drake muttered and finally sat.

"We just have to keep fixing our eyes on him, everything will be over soon"  Carl assured and Drake nodded.

"I hope so"

"Pete is Alice fine?" Madam Cassie asked walking towards Pete whose gaze was fixed on Zoe as she served the customers.

  She looks so down and he was bothered and feeling guilty, he didn't even know Madam Cassie was behind him.

"Pete!" Madam Snapped and he tore his eyes immediately and gasped when he saw Madam Cassie glaring at him with d
fiery eyes.

"Ma...madam Cassie" He stammered forcing a smile.

"Are you dumb?" She asked.

"Am sorry I was absent minded were you talking to me?" Pete asked and she sighed closing her eyes.

"I said is Alice fine? She Is not at work neither is  Wendy are they alright?" 

"Yea sure, Alice won't be coming again for the main time, but I don't know of Wendy"

"Did Alice get another job already?" Madam Cassie asked.

"Of course no, she is out of town" Pete said returning his gaze to Zoe but he saw her leaving for the dressing room and he faced Madam Cassie again.

"Am sorry, please excuse me" he said with a bow and rushed towards Zoe direction.
  Zoe rested her back on the locker and shut her eyes tightly.

   Having to see Pete today was like a poison to her, his hurtful words that morning came back to her memory and she sighed.

"He was right" Zoe mumbled. they were Adults truly but that was her first night for fuck sake!

  She broke into tears and sniffed painfully, she heard the door opened and quickly wiped her tears.

  She cleared her throats and acted like she was checking for something in her locker.

"Zoe?" She heard her name and she froze, it is him, Pete, she suddenly had a bold look on and turned to face him fiercely.

"What are you doing here!?" She fired and Pete sighed walking close to her but she moved backwards.

"I am here to apologize, I didn't mean what I said, am sorry for everything" Pete pleaded sincerely and her eyes shook as tears gathered.

"You were right, we are adults and we should act like one" She said and made to walk past him but he draw her backwards and she struggled from him.

"Am sorry"

"I know you are, I am no longer angry at you, but it won't change the fact that I lost my virginity to a man who doesn't even give a damn about me" she said quietly and he became weak instantly.

"Zoe,..." He called quietly not knowing what to say.

  She smiled sadly and shook her head before walking past him again, he didn't stop her these time, he didn't hold her hands and she was glad he didn't , if not she would have loosed it and cried in front of him.

   Pete breathed out and what she said sank into his head, he knew it wasn't easy, but it wasn't his fault either , they were both drunk.

 He licked his lips slowly and Also walked out of the female dressing room.

   Wendy stared at herself from the mirror after she was done dressing, she has to activate her own plans today.

  She stared at the beautiful gown she had ordered earlier and put it on, a white short gown, red heels and red purse.

 Wendy did a little make up and smirked.

"Watch what hits you Alice" she smirked and picked her phone and purse before walking out of her room.

  she looks so damn hot in her outfits, she raised her shoulder proudly as she walked out of the house.

   Wendy succeeded in getting into the company.

   As she walked gracefully many eyes fell on her  and whispers filled everywhere.

  Some were making videos while some took photos of her.

  She intended walking Into the elevator but someone stopped her.

"Excuse me madam, who are you?" A Female voice asked and Wendy turned towards the table.

"I am Miss Wendy, Javier's  Girlfriend and Fiancee" Wendy said boldly, The lady raised her brow slowly.


"Are you deaf! Do I have to repeat myself!" Wendy snapped.

"You can't just....."

"What is happening here Kim?" They heard a male voice and they turned.

  Kim bowed her head immediately.

"President Smith!" Kim greeted and he nodded facing Wendy who stared at the photo copy of Javier right in front of her, just that Javier was younger.

  Matt and his subordinate stared at Wendy who was still lost.

"Anyeong! (Hi)" Wendy greeted bowing slowly and Matt nodded.

"Who are you?"Matt Asked and Wendy was lost of words at that moment.

"I..I am Javier's Girlfriend, and the one who saved him" Wendy said boldly, pictures were taken as gasped filled everywhere.

πŸ‘₯she is really Javier's girlfriend?

πŸ‘₯wow she look kind of hot

 Matt eyes lightened immediately.

"So you are the one, the one who saved my boy" 

"Aigesimida (yes sir)" Wendy smiled, she saw favour in front of him already.

"Follow me, follow me" Matt said With a smile and She bowed before Walking Away with him,not before glaring at Kim who still felt like she was dreaming.

"go get Javier for me" Matt whispered to one of his guard who  bowed before walking.

  They got to his office and Wendy was lost looking around it.

"You can have your seat Wendy" Matt said gesturing to the cushion as he also.

"thank you" she said sitting.

"What can I offer you?" 

"Keomchiana (am okay)" Wendy said dropping her purse.

"So you are his girlfriend which he just talked about these morning, He sure had eyes for good things" 

 Wendy became flattered and her cheeks reddened, though she was pained Javier talk to his dad about Alice, that will soon change now.

"So tell me , how did you safe Javier? I have been asking him to introduce you to him but he won't yield" Matt said and she smiled.

"Well, these was how it happened." Wendy started.

   Javier was just done photocopying some paper work when his thoughts went to Alice.

 He smiled and dropped the paper works bringing out his phone, he dialed number and she picked immediately.

"My Queen" Javier chuckled and he heard her smiled.

*How are you honey?* Alice asked from the background.

"Am fine Baby, I missed you so badly" Javier said lovingly as he sat on His chair.

*I miss you more, I am just bored been alone* Alice muttered.

"I will soon be back for you okay, I hope your legs ain't hurting anymore because I am going to fuck you real hard tonight" Javier said naughtily and he felt his dick jerked.

*you are really naughty , face your work honey, bye* 

"I love you"

*I love you more* she said and the call ended.

 He dropped his phone on the table and rubbed his red face, just thinking of fucking her tonight is enough to turn him on.

   The door opened and Landon walked in with a smirk.

  Javier frowned wondering why he had such expression on.

"Are you okay?" Javier asked him , Landon collapse on the seat opposite him.

"Sure I am, you never told Alice and i you had another girlfriend apart from her" Landon said picking his nails.

  Javier frowned slightly and raised his brows.

"What are you talking about?" He asked and Landon looked from his fingers facing him.

"It is all over the company that Director Javier now has a girlfriend and she is right here"

"What! Alice is here? I just spoke to her and she didn't mention anything about her been here, where is she?" Javier said happily standing and Landon scoffed.

"Not Alice, she is in your Dad's office" 

  "OK now am really confused" Javier said not getting what Landon is saying.

"President Smith requests to see you now" Landon said standing.

 He wasn't smiling any longer.

"oh ..oh okay" Javier said in confusion and rushed out of his office to Matt's Office.

  When he got to the door, he heard laughing voices and He gently pushed the door opened.

  Matt and Wendy who were discussing turned to face him and his eyes widened.