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        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 43&44



   Drake bumped into Javier on his way to Carl's office and Landon bowed.

  Javier who gave him a icy look just ignored him and went in.

"That arrogant bastard." Drake muttered.

"Have you set the bug?" Javier whispered to Landon.

"Yea, in their offices, I am getting the records" Landon replied.

"Great, they won't know what hit them" Javier muttered and went into his office.

  He picked his phone to call Alice but he was having a second thought, it was all because of that bitch.

He sighed and threw the phone on the table.

 Soon his secretary came in, Kim.

"Good morning sir" Kim greeted and he nodded rubbing his forehead.

"Here are the sales plans you asked me to put together"  she said handing him a document and he took it from her.

  She stood as he looked into it, he frowned immediately.

"Who got into the sales account?" Javier asked and she bowed her head shaking.

"It, is Director Drake, that was how he gave it to me" Kim stuttered and Javier shut his tightly feeling anger in his limbs already.

"Go tell the members we are having a meeting right now!" Javier snapped standing with the document and Kim bowed before rushing out.

 He looked so scary presently.

 He walked out of the office angrily heading to the board room.
  He met the board members including Matt, Carl and Drake.

"Why did you suddenly requested a meeting?" Matt asked as Javier walked non smiling to the podium.

"Something happened, and it must   be taken care of" Javier said coldly staring at Drake.

 Matt nodded.

"Why did you suddenly call an emergency meeting ordering everyone around like you are the chairman?" Drake fired.

"Well I am the heir, and that makes me have the right to stop the frauds and embezzlement happening" Javier said looking into his eyes.

 "embezzlement? In my company?" Matt asked and Javier nodded.

  He pushed the document to Matt and he looked into it, his eyes widened immediately.

"Someone took 20 million won from the sales account!?" Matt gasped and Drake moved uncomfortably.

"Who is responsible for these!" Matt snapped looking angry and Drake swallowed while Javier smirked.

"Well, why don't you ask your eldest son, Director Drake?" Javier muttered.



馃懃how could he do that!

  Matt gaze fell on Drake disappointedly.

"I didn't do that!" Drake defended.

 Carl rubbed his forehead disappointedly.

"Then who did it? We are only 4 who has rights to these account" Javier attacked.

"Dad, I really didn't take the money!" Drake yelled.

"Shut up! Just fucking shut up! Am grateful i didn't make you the heir to my company or my company would have gone bankrupt!".

 Javier took the document as Drake looked down on his feet.

"You are suspended from the company and any of it activities for two weeks!" Matt said and stood.

"But dad, it not fair!"

"Don't call me that, that is final!" Matt said with Finality and walked out of the board room.

  Javier also walked out not before Drake gave him a dangerous killer look.

 The board members also stared at him and shook their head before walking out.

"What have you done?" Carl asked angrily and Drake sighed

"Please don't also take their side" Drake murmured.

"Why will I, you are my son I should take your side" Carl said and Drake frowned.

"What do you mean by that?" Drake asked and Carl smiled.

"You will know when the time comes, I will go talk to Matt" Carl walked out and Drake frowns deepened.

"Why is he suddenly acting strange" Drake muttered.
  Carl walked into Matt's office slowly to see him going through some files impatiently.

"What do you want?" Matt cold voice asked .

"I, you can't just give Drake 2 weeks suspension, he is your son" Carl said and Matt looked up looking into his eyes.

 He suddenly felt like snapping his neck off, is he pretending or what?.

"Really? Anyways I won't inculcate any act that will put my company at risk, so he should do what he is asked to" 

"of course you can't do that! First you didn't give him his rightful place as the heir! And now these!" Carl snapped , Matt found himself smiling.

"What right? I think we should end these topic, I don't want my mood to be more spoiled" Matt said facing the documents he was walking on again.

  Carl boiled slowly and stormed out of the office.

 Matt looked up after the office door closed and he sighed.

"Why did Rosie have to bring these to us," he was tired of keeping it in, maybe it will be right to open up.
   Javier stood from his chair putting on his suit when his beeped, Landon also walked in.

  He took his phone and swiped it opened, he saw an address and scoffed.

"That bitch" he muttered.

"You don't have to go you know that right" Landon said folding his arms on each other.

"But I have to, she isn't stopping if I don't"

"Don't you think Alice will be more mad if she finds out you went out with Wendy?" 

"I know she will, but she won't find out right? Unless you tell her" Javier said and faced him

"Seriously I have a bad feelings about these, what if it is a set up?" Landon asked worriedly and Javier sighed.

"I will be fine" he said touching Landon shoulder and walked out of the office while Landon followed behind with his bag.

"You guys can go in the other car, I will drive alone"  Javier smiled and went into the car.

  Landon sighed and shrugged before getting into the car with Nick.

 he hopes Javier doesn't regret these.

"Should we follow him behind?" Nick suggested, Landon watched as Javier drove out and shook his head.

"Anyio,(no), Kaja (let's go)" Landon said and Nick nodded starting the car and Also drove out of the company.
R.R Restaurants...

Wendy sat awaiting Javier , she tapped her fingers gently on the table, she knew he was going to show up.

  She stared at the powdery substance in her purse and smirked, if she can't have Javier , then she is not sure if anyone will have him, she is really going to ruin them for real these time.

  Soon she heard footsteps and she smiled when she saw it was Javier.

"I knew you would come" Wendy said smiling, Javier didn't reply and just sat.

"Why don't we talk about what brought us here?" Javier said coldly regretting why he came, he would have just sorted things out with Alice and let her know about these.

"That was harsh, anyways what would you love to have?" Wendy asked with a purr.

   he stared at her for a moment before taking off his suits.

"I am not hungry," Javier murmured and she rolled her eyes secretly.

"You can't just sit there without anything right?" She said and he sighed.

"A glass of wine is okay" he said making her smirked.

  She turned over the cup and poured some wine inside, he watched her every move slowly to be sure she was not up to something.

 She stretched the wine to him and he took it, he drank from the cup and Wendy smirked, she rubbed the drugs in the cup already.

  She drank hers too and face him.

"So, I promise to stop interacting in your lives again" Wendy started.

"I hope so, thanks for saving Me, I really appreciate, but I hope you stop all these crazy attitude of yours" Javier said seriously, he felt his eyes closing slightly and he forced it opened.

"Of course, I will, but that doesn't make me to stop loving you" Wendy said slowly.

 Javier tilted his head slowly and drank again, he started feeling his limbs weakening.

"Am leaving" he said 

"So soon, we are not even done" Wendy said knowing the drugs was having a great effect on him already.

"Bye" he said and stood but sat back weakly.

"Shit!" He cursed and Wendy smirked.

"What have you done?" Javier asked shakily and weakly.

"You think I will just let you leave just like that?" Wendy asked and he shut his eyes tightly.

  He suddenly regretted it, he shouldn't have come here, he should have listened to Landon.

"Well, you are mine for tonight" she said laughing and he felt him self going more limb.

  Alice paced around the sitting room thinking of where Javier could be, she checked the time and frowned.

9:30pm, and Javier comes back before 8pm, 

"Where the hell could he be?" She muttered dialing his number again for the tenth time but he still wasn't picking.

    she sighed and collapse on the cushion and shut her eyes, 

"Or was it because we had problem?" She muttered and dialed his number again, where could he be?.

   she didn't know when her eye lid started closing slowly.


  Javier groaned stretching his body slightly, his limbs was weak and sour.

  He stretched his hands to touch Alice but he couldn't feel her on the bed, he frowned and stood.

"Honey?" he called rubbing his eyes, he looked around the room he was and frowned.

  where the hell is he? He thought and he stood from the bed, he suddenly thought about it, these looks like an hotel room.

  He suddenly started thinking of what happened last night and he shook his head shakily.

"No, no it never happened right? It didn't happen, " He scratched his head to recall everything that happened.

  Wendy drugged him , and then...she took him here, he looked Down on himself and found out he was naked.

"no! These can't be! Fuck!" He yelled putting on his clothes.

  He took his wristwatch and checked the time, it was 9:15 am, he was late for work.

"My phone!" What has he done, how can he even face Alice after all these, what will he tell her? He fucked up and he wanted killing himself so badly, he messed up.

  He searched for his phone but couldn't find it, he ran out of the room in a rush and bumped into one of the workers.

"Sorry" Javier muttered and suddenly stopped.

 he doesn't the direction.

"How do I get outside?" Javier asked the man

"You can take the elevator to the last floor" the man replied pointing at an elevator door.

"Thank you" he said and rushed towards the elevator.
  He rushed out and saw his car parked outside, he clothes were really ruffled.

He opened his car door and rushed in, he checked for his phone and he saw it on the passenger seat, he opened it, he saw 48 miss calls from Alice and 20 from Landon.

  that bitch, he was really going to kill her.

  Well he brought these upon himself, if he hadn't meet Wendy these wouldn't have happened.

  He hit his forehead on his wheel angrily and frustratedly.

  What he wanted knowing was why Wendy left, he would have killed her if he woke up beside her and then go to jail for it.

  His phone rang again and he picked it these time, it was Landon.

*where the hell are you!* Landon yelled.

"Am on my way now" Javier replied starting the car.

*there is a problem, you need to hurry back to the house now!* Landon said and ended the call.

  Alice laughed for the hundredth time as she replayed the video Wendy sent her, though she was crying at the same.

"Alice you really have to stop these" Landon said trying to take the phone from her but she pushed him away.

"Just shut up! Shut up! Fuck!" She yelled as more tears ran Down her eyes, she rushed upstairs immediately and started packing her clothes.

   She had woke up with the message from Wendy, she couldn't believe Javier could betray, could do these to her.

  She loved him, gave her body to him, and what did he repay her with, cheating on her, he fucking cheated on her without even thinking.

  Her intuitions were not wrong since 2 days ago when Wendy went to the company.

More tears ran down her cheeks as she sat on the crying loudly, she felt so heartbroken, no word can describe how she felt right now.

  She continue packing her things.
  Javier ran inside the sitting room to meet Landon pacing

"What the hell happened?" Javier asked and Landon stared at him disappointedly.

"What have you Done?" Landon asked and Javier eyes twinkled.

"What do you mean by What have I done?" Javier asked and Landon looked at him unbelievably.

"You mean you don't know what I am talking about?" 

"Shit!" Javier cursed and ran upstairs, he was set up, 

"Alice!" he yelled rushing into their room he met her closing her bag and his heart skipped, 

"Babe, please don't do these" he begged shakily as she dragged her things but he grabbed her hands tightly making her face him, her face was red with tears and swollen.

"Let go of me!" She yelled shrugging out his grip but he still held her tightly.

"I am sorry, I swear I didn't know it will happen like these" Javier begged and she laughed sadly.

"Really? I saw how you enjoyed fucking, well you tasted the virgin and noticed I wasn't good so you went with something nicer, it shouldn't be a surprise" Alice said painfully and he shook his head.

"That was not it, honey, I swear I never did it on purpose, she....she said she will let us be if we had dinner and...."

"And you went? You fell into her trap right? Are you that stupid and foolish! Why couldn't you share it with me! Why did you have to do everything on your own!" She yelled as tears rushed out of her eyes again.

"You know what, I am done with what ever we had together" Alice said and forced herself away from him.

 He knelt down holding her legs immediately, 

"I never wanted you to feel bothered that was why I never told you, am sorry" He begged his eyes getting red, tears was trying to come out but he held himself.

"Why don't you just go to her and say all these, I don't care any longer, we are Done!" She snapped And brushed past him with her bags.

  He stood rushing after her as she walked downstairs.

"Please forgive me, please" Javier begged but she didn't answer she stopped at the Sitting room and saw Landon.

"You Also knew about him seeing Wendy right?" She asked slowly and Landon sighed before nodding his head.

"Am sorry, I tried stopping him" Landon said calmly.

She turned facing  Javier who was on his knees again.

"You know what I hate you! Don't even dare to come after me!" She yelled hatefully at his face and his head started spinning.

"Where would you go?" He asked calmly.

"Far, far away from you! Far from seeing that disgusting face of yours!" She fired and finally walked out.

  Javier slumped to the floor immediately, immediately she walked out, it felt like his life left him , it felt like she took part of his heart along, his body, and everything.

"No..Alice please" he whispered still not believing these was happening....
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 41&42


"We...Wendy!?" Javier called in surprise and Matt and Wendy turned to him as he still stood by the door.

"Ooh, honey, you are here" Wendy giggled nervously.

 Javier gritted his teeth and matched towards them.

"What are you doing here?" Javier rasped stopping in front of them.

"You are here, you never told me you had such a beautiful girl friend" Matt said and Wendy laughed slowly before standing.

She walked towards him and was about hugging him but he pushed her away.

"Watch what you do! If you really know what is good for you, leave!" Javier warned.

  Wendy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"I think we shouldn't do these in front of him" Wendy whispered nudging at Matt who was watching them quietly.

  Javier also stared at him and sighed, 

"I will be back Dad" Javier said and grabbed Wendy's hand.

"I will come greet some other time Mr Smith" Wendy said and Javier dragged her out of the office.

"What is with them?" Matt muttered watching them.
  Javier pushed Wendy into his office and shut the door, she held her hurting wrist and glared at him.

"What was that for?" Wendy fired 

"I should be asking you the fuck same thing! What the hell did you think you are doing!?" Javier snapped obviously angry and she moved closer to him.

"Is these how to threat some one who saved your life? If I hadn't saved you wouldn't have met Alice?" 

"But I did right? I did met her and there is nothing changing that fact"

"But I love you, why can't you just see me, I am beautiful, curvy and everything" Wendy said twirling for him to see her.

  Javier rubbed his forehead slowly and chuckled.

"But you are missing one thing" Javier said and she frowned.

"Tell me, what am I missing?"

"What you are missing is that you are not Alice, no matter what you do Wendy, I can never look at you talk less of loving you, am saying these for the second time" Javier said coldly and she felt her eyes heated.

"Really? Is that so?" Wendy muttered staring into his eyes and He nodded.

  Wendy swallowed


"excuse me sir, Chairman Smith sends for you" a voice said from outside.

"Okay, I will be right there" Javier answered and glared at Wendy before rushing out of the office.

  Wendy shook her eyes slowly and sat on his table looking round his office.

"he is really luxurious" She muttered.

  Soon she heard a phone vibration on the table and turned, that wasn't her phone.

  She saw it was Javier's call and took his phone, she stared at the ID slowly, my Queen, she scoffed when it hit her that it was Alice and a plan suddenly hit her.

 Wendy smirked and picked the call.

"Yobseyio? (Hello?)" Wendy said and she heard silence.

*Javier?*  Alice voice rang out quietly.

"ooh , it you Alice! Long time no see bestie" Wendy said.

*Wendy? What are you doing with Javier's phone?* Alice rasped and Wendy laughed.

"What do you think am doing? I have always told you that Javier is mine from beginning, no matter what happens he will always be mine"

*what the fuck are you saying! Where is Javier!*

"Well, we just had a good fuck now, and he is worshipping me saying am more good than you, and Damn his father was nice, have he ever introduced you to his Dad? Oh my Bad , I guess it a no, you claim to be his girlfriend but you don't even know his company, so pitiful" Wendy mocked.

*you are lying right, just fuck off!* Alice yelled and ended the call.

 Wendy smirked and dropped the phone,

" I guess these will toss her off" Wendy said and took his phone again deleting the recent call of Alice.

She dropped the phone immediately when The door opened and Javier came in.

"You should leave now" Javier said and she rolled her eyes coming down from the table.

"I saved you, is these how you should treat me?"

"Fine I get it that you saved my life, thanks to you for that, it shouldn't be more than that" he said frustratedly.

 "repay me" she said bluntly.


"Yes repay the Favor I did, by having dinner with me tomorrow night" 

"neo michyeoss-eo? (Are you crazy?)" Javier asked and she smiled.

"Do I look like I am crazy to you? Dine with me if you are really grateful"

"What makes you think I would even have dinner with you?"

"I will stop getting into your life and Alice's, I will let you both be" Wendy said with a smirk.

"Wait, you mean you won't get into the way with me for just the dinner?" Javier asked and she nodded.

"Yes, I know how much you love her, I am sorry for causing chaos with my best friend over you, if these will really be our last involvement I want to have something to think on" Wendy said calmly and Javier shook his eyes.

"OK, you really sound suspicious right now" Javier said doubtly and she hit his chest before walking past him.

"I will send you the address" She said and walked out of the office shutting the door behind her.

  Javier sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Gosh, how did I ever get involved with her" Javier groaned and collapse on his cushion.

He suddenly of Alice and covered his face, he is doing these for them, because it seems Wendy wouldn't stop anytime soon.

   Alice threw her phone on the bed after ending the call.

"What hell is happening? Am I dreaming?" Alice muttered and hit her cheeks thrice but hissed in pains.

"Aiish, Apayo (it hurts)" Alice groaned.

  She wasn't dreaming, Wendy was really in the company with Javier, how? And how was she able to Get hold of his phone?. 

Something is fishy, her heart was beating and she scratched her nose, should she call again? No , she will wait for him to come back and explain what the hell is happening, why Wendy was with him.

 Zoe walked out of the restaurants briskly when her phone started ringing and she brought it out from her bag.

 It was Dreg.

"What does he want?" She mumbled and picked the Call.

*Noona!* Dreg called and she rolled her eyes.

"What is it?" She asked flinging her hair backwards.

*I don't know if you will love to here these but Stanley is here* he said and her frown deepened.

"Busu suriya? (What are you saying?)" Zoe fired and she heard him sighed.

*he insisted on seeing you*

"tell that bastard to leave immediately!" She yelled and ended the call.

"Piiimmmmmm!" She heard a car horn which almost hit her and her eyes widened in fear, before she could react some one already draw her hands from the road and she gasped as her face landed on his chest.

  Then...then... Wait , that cologne, she slowly looked up and met Pete worried eyes on her.

"Keomchiana? (Are you okay?)" Pete asked slowly and coldly.

  She cleared her throats and moved away from him.

"Yea, am okay, thanks" Zoe said awkwardly and started walking again.

Pete sighed And followed her.

"Hey, can we talk please?" Pete requested walking by her side.

"No thanks" she said quickly.

"Common, we can't Keep acting these way" Pete said and she sighed stopping.

"Then we should just stop talking to each other. we should avoid each other" she said shocking him

"Avoid each other?, do you hate me that much?" Pete scoffed and she rubbed her temple.

"Of course not, I don't hate you, I just can't Stand facing you, bye Pete" she said and stopped a cab.

  Pete moved forward but stop when she entered the cab and he punched his fist into the air.

  why did things have to go complicated, not that he couldn't avoid her too, he can right? He could avoid her , won't be easy.

"Not that I have a thing for her, so why Am I even bothered" Pete scoffed and also stopped a cab to go home, he missed Alice so much, at least they would have walked home together.

  Javier walked into the mansion along side Landon.

"I think I will leave you now" Landon said before he could enter and Javier just nodded tiredly before walking in.

  He met the sitting room empty and made his way straight to the bed room.

  he saw Alice standing and pacing and he forced a smile walking towards her.

"Honey am home" Javier said and she turned for him to see her non smiling face.

  He hugged her but she didn't retaliate.

"Ooh. you are back" Alice said waiting for an explanation but she didn't Get any.

"Yea I am, I am so tired from work today, I really need some rest" he said briskly and rushed to the bathroom.

 Alice boiled slowly and shook her head, he really wouldn't tell her anything? her body was shaking already from the thoughts of what Wendy told her.

  Soon the door opened and he came out wiping his body.

"Did something happen at the company today?" Alice asked and she saw him stuttered at first.

"Oh, something? Of course not, nothing happened" he said nervously and she nodded her her head almost in tears.

 She didn't want to believe Wendy but him lying to her was making her doubt him.

"Really? Okay, good night" she whispered and went to lay on the bed, she heard him breathed out.

  She covered herself with the duvet and her heart pounded.

  Javier sighed , what is wrong with her? He thought as he watched her cover herself. he doesn't want to put her in an uncomfortable situation by letting her know what Wendy had caused in the company.

  He put on his pyjamas and went to lay on the bed with her, he wrapped his hands around her waist but she moved away from him shocking him.

"Alice?" He called flustered.

"Just let me be, I need a good sleep please" she said coarsely.

"Did I do something wrong? Have I offended you?" He asked and she turned to face him.

"You Shouldn't be asking me that!" She snapped and turned back.

 He sighed and closed his eyes turning too, everything just seem really awkward between them.

"How could he pretend he doesn't know what I am talking about" Alice sniffed , her face was red and flushed.

"Good night" he whispered but she didn't answer.

    Javier opened his eye lid slowly and stretched from the bed, he frowned when he didn't see Alice beside him.

 He thought about last night and sighed, did she find out about Wendy or what?

  he stood from the bed and saw her coming from the bathroom, she just ignored him and walked to her closet.

"Alice what is all these? Why have you been acting weird since last night?" Javier questioned and she faced him with her non smiling face.

"It still shocks the hell out of me that you pretend you don't know what is going on in my mind right now! If you can't figure out your offence then just fucking let me be!" She yelled and he swallowed.

"Did...did you find out about Wendy coming to the Company yesterday?" He asked slowly and she smiled sadly.

"I think my intuitions were right after all" she said dragging her clothes and matched out of the room.

"Alice wait! What are you talking about, what intuitions?" He asked rushing after her.

"Why couldn't you tell me, huh, tell me! Why?"

"Honey please, we can talk about these amicably please" Javier pleaded and she glared at him.

"There is nothing to talk about Amicably" She said and went to one of the guests rooms to get ready.

  Javier ran his fingers into his hair frustratedly, he didn't mean to do that, he sighed and walked back to the room to get ready for work.
  Alice sat slowly picking on her food, Mari who was watching her all these while frowned.

"Umm, madam, why aren't you eating?" Mari asked and Alice rested her palm on her cheeks looking up.

"It nothing, am good" Alice smiled slowly.

"Did something happen?"

"no, no am good really" 

"Oh okay," they heard footsteps and saw Javier walking towards the dinning.

"Thanks for the food" Alice murmured to Mari and stood.

"You can just continue eating , I will leave if I am making you uncomfortable" Javier said and Mari bowed her head slowly.

 Alice sat back looking away from him.

  Javier bite his inner cheeks and went outside the house, he met Landon and the rest standing besides one of his cars.

"morning" Landon said opening the car door for him and Javier entered without replying him.

"Did something happen?" Landon asked seeing how cold Javier looked.


"Was It about Wendy?" 

"Yea, she got to find out" Javier said checking his wrist watch.

"Then why is she taking it far?"

"I didn't tell her about it, and only God knows what Wendy must have told her, I need to meet that bitch and clear off these mess" Javier gritted his teeth and Landon hit his shoulders slightly.

"And I am hungry, order something for me to eat at the office" Javier muttered touching his stomach.

"OK, done" Landon replied bringing out his phone...
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 47&48




  Matt took off his suits slowly when Rosie came into the room and he turned.

"Welcome honey" Rosie said touching his arm but he only nodded.

"Can we talk?" Matt asked dropping his suits.

"What is it? Did something happened?" 

"No, it is about Drake, he is not my son right now?" Matt asked and Rosie stiffened, her eye ball shook slightly.

"What are you talking about?" Rosie asked shaking her head and Matt balled his fist slightly.

"Common, it enough for keeping all the lies and deceit for 29 years! Just fucking tell me the truth!" Matt yelled and she moved backward in fears.

"Honey I..I.." She stammered her eyes watering already, Matt was looking all angry and flushed, his veins were throbbing.

 Just then the door opened revealing a teary Drake and they both looked shocked.

"What do you mean by saying am not your son?" Drake asked shakily, Rosie tears was pouring already.

"I am sorry" Rosie sniffed crying.

"What do you mean you are sorry! Fucking explain what I am hearing!" Drake yelled, Matt slowly rubbed his forehead and went towards Drake slowly.

  He touched his shoulders but Drake shrugged it off.

"You need to calm Down, common we should head to the sitting room" Matt muttered and stared at the Crying Rosie in disappointment and anger.

 He walked out first, Drake glared at Rosie before following him behind.

 Rosie collapse on the floor crying out loudly.

"what have I done!" She cried hiccuping.
  Matt, Rosie and Drake sat on different couches staring at each other, their eyes were mainly on Rosie as she picked her fingers nervously.

"Start explaining, how did it happen?" Matt asked and she sniffed slowly.

"First of all who is my real father!?" Drake asked Impatiently.

  Rosie stared at Matt in shame and then back at Drake, Matt was fuming and wished he could do something to her at that moment.


"It is your uncle, Carl" Matt cut Rosie off to the shock of both Drake and Rosie.

  Rosie eyes widened in more fears.

"What! What do you mean! What are you saying!?" Drake yelled unbelievably.

"How did you know?" Rosie asked Shakily.

"That is because I have been observing everything, do you think I am that dumb?"

"Mom, is he right? Is he saying the truth? Is uncle Carl really my biological father?" 

"Yes, he is , it wasn't my fault, he took advantages of my drunken state 29 years ago, I never did it intentionally, the night My parents announced our arranged marriage, I had gone out to drink out my depression, Carl saw me drunk on the way home and insisted to take me home, that was how it happened" Rosie ended it in critical tears.

  Matt threw his head back clenching his teeth in anger, he stood angrily pointing his fingers at her 

"And you kept these from me for 29 good fucking years! What the hell!" He yelled and she knelt down.

"I am sorry, I am just scared, I am sorry" she pleaded.

"Did you even know how I knew about these? When Drake was 5, he was sick and needed blood transplant, mine didn't match with his, the next thing was seeing Carl in the doctor's office, I really can't believe these right now" He cursed wishing he could lay his eyes on Carl and punch the life out of him.

"now I Get it, now I Get the reason why you made Javier the heir not me, now I know why you treated me so differently" Drake said softly also standing, his eyes were red, like tears was gonna come out soon..

"Hey hey, I didn't treat you differently because you were not my son, you just don't do the right thing" Matt cautioned.

"Am out of here" Drake said walking out of the house angrily already in tears.

  Rosie cried more loudly and painfully, Matt just glared at her on the floor and walked upstairs in anger, he was sure he wouldn't be able to control himself if he sets his eyes on Carl the next day.

   Drake pushed Carl's door roughly and went inside to meet him smoking, Drake eyes was red and filled tears.

"What brings you here?" Carl asked smoking slowly and Drake walked straight to him, he held his shirt and punched him on his nose.

"The fuck! What is the meaning of these!?" Carl yelled, Drake was breathing heavily.

"So this is it, the purpose of you wanting me to take over the company at all cost, Trying to kill Javier and calling me your son , all these, it was because you are my father!?" Drake yelled at his face and Carl sighed wiping his bloody nose standing up.

"And you dare to hit your father!?" Carl snapped , Drake moved back slowly and ruffled his hair before turning and then facing Carl again.

"Why did you keep these from me all these years! Why!?" 

"Am sorry, I just did it for you, I wanted you to take your rightful place"

"But it is not worth doing  because I am not suppose to be in the position of the heir" Drake said sitting weakly.

  Carl sighed and rubbed his shoulders slightly ,

"Look at me son" Carl ordered and Drake looked up.

"I won't be fighting so hard for you if you really are not the rightful heir, you are the first son of these family, that makes it rightfully your place" Carl encouraged and Drake balled his fist nodding .

"So what is our plan?" Drake asked as a strong spirit from nowhere entered him.

"Since you now know that Matt is not your father, why don't we wipe them off?" Carl whispered and Drake folded his lips tightly.

"What about mom?" 

"Nothing will happen to her, and then what you have always wished for will be yours again" Carl said and Drake smirked.

"Then I am ready Dad" Drake said with a evil smirk and Carl him twice on his shoulder.

"Consider it done!" Carl said wickedly.

    Alice shrugged moving from the bed uncomfortably , She heard a rumble and she opened her eyes. slowly.

"I am hungry" she muttered sitting from the bed, she remembered last night she refused eating anything.

  no one needs to tell her to eat these morning, she hurried from the bed and walked towards the door , she opened it and saw Hani just about to knock on the door 

"Mom, " Alice called and Hani stared at her scattered hair and dark circled eyes.

"Oh, you look terrible, go wash up, breakfast is ready" Hani said staring at her and Alice shook her head.

"I don't think I will survive it if I don't eat right now,  Kaja (let go)" Alice said walking ahead of  Hani who just smiled slightly.

"I hope you didn't cry again last night, he doesn't deserve it" Hani said and she chuckled .

"Common mom, I ain't crying any longer, I will try to get over him" Alice said with a smile.

"I hope so"

 Alice had told them everything that happened and they looked so angry, but her dad won't take the blame .

"Honey stop feeding her with all that, He isn't. actually to be blame" Logan said from the dinning and Alice giggled walking towards him.

"Good morning dad" Alice greeted hugging and kissing his cheeks .

"Morning, hope you slept well?" Logan asked arranging the table.

"Sure I did"

"I am not feeding her with anything , I am right, that was so heartbreaking" Hani scoffed.

"I would have done the same for the woman I loved, but won't fall for her trap"

"Dad" Alice purred sitting.

"Yes, You never cared to listen to him fully, that was the mistake you did, you should have listened to him, the thing is you can never forget him, so stop punishing your self and go make things right" Logan said seriously and Alice suddenly found herself going sober.

"Now you just hit it" Hani said quietly and Logan chuckled.

"That is why you love me so much" Logan winked.

  Alice thought about what her dad said and sighed, she just gave Wendy a space to hurt her, a space to separate her and the man she loves so much, the man she couldn't stop thinking about all the night, she sighed and threw her head backwards this is so frustrating.


    Javier came downstairs already dressed in his tuxedo looking handsome as usual and hot, but there was one thing missing, that was his smile, as coldness covered him up.

  He met Landon at the end of the staircase.

"Morning" Landon said and Javier only nodded.

"Morning" Javier replied coldly  and Landon sighed.

"How are you feeling? I mean your hands?" Landon asked staring at Javier's bandaged hands.

"It is better"

"breakfast is ready" 

"Am not hungry, we should just head to the company" Javier said going out.

"Don't let these eat you, you can't kill yourself okay, I promise to help you find her" Landon assured as they got into the car.
 Javier just ignored him looking out of the window as the car droved out.

"There is something going around in the company" Landon started and Javier stared at him.

"What is the news?" 

"Drake isn't your biological Brother"

"What!" Javier yelled and he nodded.

"It is all over, Vice chairman Carl is his Biological father" 

"Shit! I need to see dad" Javier cursed, what the hell, Carl own Drake? How?..


   After Javier got into the company he went straight to Matt's office, he met Matt brewing coffee from the machine .

"Dad, what is it am hearing?" Javier asked and Matt turned.

"What are you hearing?" Matt asked sipping from the mug.

"What is it about Drake? is he truly not my Blood brother?" Javier asked and Matt nodded .

"Yea, that was how it is"

"So you mean mom cheated on you with Uncle Carl?".

"No she never cheated, instead he took advantage of her and am mad because she kept it from me for the year long" Matt said hurtfully and Javier sighed rubbing his forehead.

"I...I don't actually know what you say , just try to sort things out , Am off" Javier said and Matt nodded his head.

  Matt stared at Javier bruised hands and frowned, he was about asking when Javier walked out and he sighed.

"I wonder what must have happened to him"

  Javier walked out of the office and walked close to Carl's office to speak with him when he stopped on his track at what he was hearing inside.

*get ready to attack him tomorrow on his way back, make sure the two doesn't survive it*

   Javier swallowed slowly and rushed to his office, he called Landon who rushed in.

"what happened, why do you sound worried on the phone?" Landon asked shutting the door.

"They plan on attacking tomorrow, and it is two of us, what the hell are we going to do?" Javier asked, his face was red and boiling.

"I will get Nick to get all the recordings, I will go to the cops with it today, we are Also ending It tomorrow, can you get Drake to come for the board meeting tomorrow, we can end everything tomorrow". Landon said and Javier nodded sitting still in deep thoughts.

"What if they hurt dad?"

"They won't , he said tomorrow evening , don't worry, just be calm okay" Landon assured And walked out of the office.

"Fuck! Drake and Carl, you both will really suffer in jail" Javier growled angrily.

    Ken rubbed Wendy foot slowly and Wendy stared him.

"Why. do you look so worried?" Wendy asked and he shrugged.

"I am thinking of a way to get Alice, where do you think she will be?" Ken asked and Wendy shrugged.

"Her parents of course,Jeju Island, that Is where she will be" Wendy replied and Ken smirked.

"It won't be easy trying to go to her, why don't you lure her?" Ken suggested and Wendy bursted out laughing .

"Luring her? In what way?"

"You are her best friend,"

"Were, not are, I mean what makes you think she will still want to listen to me after what I have Done"

"We wait and let it slip from her mind, then you use her weakness" he suggested and she giggled nodding her head thoughtfully.

"You are really thoughtful"

Ken smirked, Alice will soon be his, he will take her out of the country and then end these betraying cheat, he thought staring at Wendy stylishly.

        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 45&46



  Javier slowly stood from the floor red eyed and Landon sighed.

"I warned you about these! You should have just told her about it or even let us followed you!" Landon snapped.

 Javier couldn't say anything , he was speechless and his head was blanked, he staggered outside immediately and Landon frowned.

"Where the hell are you going to!?" Landon asked following him.

"Just don't follow me!" He sniffed getting into his car and Nick rushed to him.

"Boss you can't drive in these condition"

"Fucking leave me alone!" He yelled and Nick moved back in fears.

 He started the car and drove with speed out of the compound.

"Now what is he up to, let get into the other car" Landon said and they both rushed into the car also driving after Javier.
  Javier Drove to Alice apartment blinded with anger, he is surely going to kill Wendy unless he was stopped.

 He parked at the front of the apartment and came out of the car, soon he ran to the door and tried pushing it opened but it was locked.

"Shit! Wendy get the fuck out here!" He yelled hitting on the door with fury.

 He got tired of his bleeding hands and used his legs to kick repeatedly on the door, he did it countless times and slumped to the floor sitting and staring at the streets like his life had ended.

 His eyes were red and tears slowly found it way down, what he hasn't done in years, his dark hair scattered and sticky, his bears itching because he hasn't shaved that morning and his hands were bleeding.

"Holy Christ! Javier! What have you done to your hands!" Landon cursed rushing to him, Javier threw his head backwards and shut his eyes.

"Just leave me alone" He mumbled not looking at Landon.

"Seriously? You caused these yourself, common she is not around, we should get your hands treated or it is gonna get infected"

"I want to sit here and wait for that bitch"

"Do you think she is gonna come back after what she has done? Common we should get you treated first then you can come back" Landon persuaded and carried him up slowly.

 He led him to the car and opened it for him.

"You can drive alone Nick, I will drive him home" Landon called to Nick.


  Javier opened his eyes and wiped his tears slowly, he promised to love her yet he broke her, he wanted her back, he wanted her beside him again, it will be hard to live his life daily with out her again.

  Landon saw how miserable he was and sighed before starting the car.

"I will find her for you" Landon assured and Javier chuckled sadly.

"Find her? will she come back?" Javier asked slowly.

"That will depend on you after finding her" 

 Javier sighed and rested his head on the rear glass.

"Am sorry, am sorry Alice" He whispered shakily.

    Wendy laughed as she drank slowly from the wine glass.

"You really did a good job" Ken said with a smirk and she shrugged.

"Of course, your drugs were so effective thanks to you" Wendy chuckled and he licked his lips.

"I guess they must have separated after seeing the video"

"Yea, Alice hates cheaters, so what is our next move?" Wendy asked.

"Get Alice for myself, that is my next plan" he said and Wendy smirked.

"how about getting that young man into my pussy" She purred dropping the glass and took her fingers to his belt loosening it slowly.

 He groaned and threw his head back.

"i guess you fell in love with the young man already" Ken chuckled .

 she brought out his cock and took him into her mouth, he hissed and grabbed her hair.

"Fuck! Wendy, your mouth feels so good!"

   She continue sucking him for minutes until he pulled her up forcefully and raised her gown, he pulled her panties and she climbed his legs.

 She sank on his cock slowly and she moaned.

"Ooh Ken!" She cried as he rode into her wet pussy.
  Alice sat at the bus station tiredly, she had walked all the way from Javier's Mansion to these place.

   she dropped her boxes and bags, she is confused, she doesn't know where to Go, the only place she can go to now is her parents, at Jeju island.

  She wiped her unending tears and saw the way people were staring at her.

 She checked for her phone and frowned when she couldn't find it.

"My phone" she muttered and checked her pockets, that was when she realised she is still on Pajamas, no wonder people were staring at her.

  She shut her eyes frustratedly.

"Damn you Javier!" She cursed.

 But she can't go back to his house,she can't.

The next bus arrived and she stood dragging her bags with her.

    The passenger stared at her while some people laughed, but she didn't care.

  She sat beside an elderly woman.

"Why do a young pretty woman look so miserable?" The elderly woman asked.

"Am fine" Alice faked her smile, her hair was scattered, and her face was red.

  Javier really did a good job in turning her into these way.

   Alice stood in front in front of her parents house and breathed out softly before pressing the door bell.

  Soon the door opened and mom's face showed.

"Al..Alice?" Hani her mom called in surprise, her eyes ran all over Alice and she frowned.

"What the hell is these?" Her mom asked and tears started started forming in her eyes again.

"Mom" she whispered 

"Honey,I just heard you calling Alice, is she here?". she heard her dad's Voice Logan , Hani was speechless as she stared at her daughter and suddenly felt like crying.

  Logan stood behind his wife and paused when his eyes landed on Alice, he looks so shocked.

"Abeoji (Father)" Alice cried and dropped her bags running into her fathers hands.

  She hugged him tightly finally running her tears on his clothes.

"Shh, it okay" Logan whispered rubbing her hair.

  Hani sighed and went to carry her bags and took it inside.

Logan locked the door and Led Alice who was still clinging to him.

  The both sat with Alice head rested on his shoulder like a baby.

   soon Hani came back downstairs.

"I have arranged your room" Hani said sitting and Alice nodded.

"What happened? How the hell did you travel all the way from Seoul to Jeju on Pajamas?" Hani asked and Logan looked at her.

"This is not time for questions, take her to her room and make her freshen up, after eating we can talk" Logan said making Hani sighed.

"You won't really stop spoiling her"

"Love, now go freshen up and eat so we can talk okay?" Logan said softly rubbing Alice hair and she nodded standing.

"Gamshabnida Abeoji (thank you Father)" Alice said slowly and Logan nodded.

  She walked upstairs and Hani also stood.

"I wonder what must have happened to her" Logan muttered as he watched them left.

  After Landon was done fixing Javier's wound his phone rang and he picked it.

*Yobseyio (hello)

*he won't be able to make it to the office today

*he is okay, just a little bit sick* Landon said and stared at Javier.

*De (yes)

*Anyeonghi Gaseyo (bye)* he said and ended the call.

  Javier stared at him questioningly.

"Who was that?" Javier asked and Landon shrugged.

"Who else, the Chairman" Landon said arranging the things he had used.

"What did he say?" 

"He was worried why you weren't at the office" Landon shrugged and Javier nodded standing.

"Am going to my room"  Javier said walking upstairs.

"Take some rest" Landon said.

  Javier walked into his room and shut the door.

 He suddenly looked around and sighed, he won't be seeing her in these room any longer, but he is not going to give up.

  He brought out his phone and dialed her number.

 He frowned when he heard a phone vibration

  He turned and saw the phone on the bed, he picked it and he immediately realised it was Alice phone.

"Damn it! How do I get to her now! Fuck!" He cursed and threw both phones on the bed.

 This is annoying, so fucking annoying, he doesn't even know her where about.

 His mind suddenly went to Pete and his eyes widened, maybe Pete might be of Help.

  He stood and went to the bathroom to wash off first.

   Javier came out of his car and walked straight into the restaurants, many people turned to his side immediately they saw him while some gasped.

馃懃it is Javier Smith.

馃懃he looks hot,

馃懃he is handsome.

  Pete who just finished serving his own customer frowned when he heard the whispers, he turned and surprisingly he saw Javier. he was walking towards him.

  Javier stopped in front of him immediately.

"What are you doing here?" Pete asked , Javier wasn't smiling and he looks so colder than before.

"We need to talk" Javier said and Pete looked around, eyes were on them.

  He sighed and dropped his menu and tray.

"We should find somewhere to talk then" he said and Javier nodded.
Pete and Javier were sitting face to face each other in a coffee shop, they had coffee in front of them.

  Pete watched and Javier stared at his coffee, he looked so pale and he had dark circles under his eyes, his eyes ran to Javier bandaged hands and he looked up at Javier again, he knew something was wrong.

"You wanted talking to me" Pete said sipping from his coffee and Javier looked up.

"Yea, Alice and I are over" Javier said quietly and Pete frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"She ended things between us" Javier chuckled slowly.

"You mean you guys broke up? How? Why?" Pete asked and he shrugged.

"Wendy, I made a mess by falling into her trap, She drugged me last night and we fucked, and Alice knew about it" 

"Holy Christ! Did she drug you in your house or what? I don't get these"

"No, I went out for dinner to clear her off, I never knew she had her own motives" Javier said and Pete laughed.

"now I see how dumb you are! How can you be alone with someone who is so desperate and obsessed about you, what the fuck!" Pete scoffed and Javier dropped his head down in shame and disappointment.

"I know, I thought not letting Alice know is the best"

"what a thought, so what actually brought you here?" Pete asked.

"You might know her where about, please tell me" Javier pleaded.

"Even if I did, I would never tell you, I am off, I am busy as you can see" Pete said standing and Javier stood with him immediately.

"Please, I really need her back, I can't live with out her please" Javier pleaded.

"Did you know the implication of what you did? What if you got Wendy pregnant? just forget it, I don't know where she is, we haven't spoke since when she came here" Pete said and walked out of the shop.

 Javier sat back weakly and scattered his hair.

"What have I done" he sniffed rubbing his nose, he regretted everything, he is sorry.

  Javier slowly stood and walked out of the shop, he will keep looking for her, he won't stop disturbing Pete because it seems he was his only hope.

   He opened his car and got in.

"Are you done boss?" Nick asked and he nodded.

"Take me home" Javier muttered and he nodded starting the car.
  Pete stood beside the counter worriedly

"How could he be so stupid" Pete muttered, Javier looked so unkept and pitiful.

  Soon his phone rang and he checked his ID, it was an unknown number.

He picked it and brought it close to his ears.

*Pete?* he heard Alice voice and he widened his eyes.

*Alice , is that you? Where are you!?* Pete asked Rushing.

*why asking where I am? Javier came to see you?" Alice asked and his closed his eyes.

*yea, Am sorry for what he did*

*why are you sorry? Am fine seriously*

*so where are you?* Pete asked and she sighed.

*at my parents, and you can't tell him or am gonna break your balls!" She threatened and he heard the seriousness in her voice.

  He cringed immediately.

*fine fine, I won't, pinky fingers* he said raising his little finger like she was seeing him.

*good, I just didn't want you to be worried, bye* she ended the call and he breathed out in relief.

"At least she is fine" he muttered.
 He kept his phone back in his pocket and looked around for his eyes to meet with Zoe's, she looked away first and he sighed.

   Alice dropped her mom's phone and laid back on the bed, she have not gone out of the room since she freshen up because she doesn't know where to start her story.

  She hopes Pete doesn't reveal her whereabout to Javier, she doesn't want to see him, because seeing him will hurt her more than she can ever imagine.

 But one part of her heart keeps telling her she is lying , she still wants him back but it hurts, having the man she loves fucking another woman, it does a lot. She tried hard not to cry but it wasn't working...
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 49&50




    Matt walked out of his office with his guards when Javier rushed to him and he stopped with a frown with the worried look on Javier's face.

"Dad" Javier called and Matt tilted his head.

"What is it?" Matt asked and Javier bowed his head slowly.

"Umm, please can you let Drake resume from tomorrow?" Javier pleaded and Matt frowned.

"Resume? Why?"

"Nothing, don't you think It will be harsh still suspending him after finding out you aren't his father? I am worried for him" Javier begged changing his tone and Matt sighed.

"Fine, I will give him a notice" Matt said and Javier smiled bowing again 

"Thank You Dad" Javier said and Matt nodded .

"Am off" Matt muttered and walked away leaving Javier who breathed out in relief.

  Javier sighed and walked towards his car, his phone rang and he saw It was Landon.

*hey* Javier called getting into the car.

*am afraid you have to ride yourself, Nick and I Will meet you back at the Mansion* he heard Landon said and he nodded like he was there.

*okay, I am leaving already* Javier said and hung up, he sighed finally getting into the car, They will really be doomed by tomorrow.
  Matt walked towards his car when he saw Carl also walking towards his parking lot.

"Carl?" Matt called walking towards him, Carl turned and smiled.

"guess you finally found out Drake wasn't your son" Carl said and Matt scoffed looking sideways.

"You have always known me not to be dumb Carl, what made you think I haven't found out all these years?"

"Wow, guess you are really smart, well since you know he Is your son am sure you know how I ended up fucking your wife before you" Carl smirked, Matt didn't know when he raised his fist and punched him hard on his face.


"Mr Smith!". the guards yelled holding them.

"fucking let go of me! I should treat these bastard a lesson, how dare you!" Matt yelled his veins popping out of his forehead, he looks so dangerously angry at the moment.

  Carl chuckled touching his bruised cheeks.

"You should ask her that not me, she enjoyed it and begged me for years not to let you know about Drake, well am glad he now knows and he is the rightful owner of Smith's enterprise!" Carl snarled getting Matt more angry.

"And what right does he have? You bastard! You took advantage of my wife's drunken state and you don't even feel remorseful, you ingrate!" Matt growled.

  His PA held his arm drawing him backwards.

"sir the staffs are watching, you can't do these outside or it will go out to the news and you know what that means" his PA whispered and Matt glared at Carl once more before matching towards his car angrily.

"Boss are you okay?" Stone asked Carl , Carl smirked wiped off immediately as it was consumed with anger.

"Make sure you do the Work brutally" Carl growled and Stone bowed.

"Okay boss"

   Javier walked into the study with Landon behind him in a rush.

"Where are the proofs?" Javier asked and Landon locked the door before placing a system on The table.

"There Is both a voice record and video record, here" Landon said and played the video, the videos of Drake and Carl plots came up the screen and Javier rubbed his cheeks thoughtfully.

"Great, " he muttered.

"How many copies did you make?" Javier asked.

"About 10, I already gave one to the cops and we have 9" Landon replied.

"That was very wise of you"

"Did you get Chairman Smith to let Drake into the company?" Landon asked and Javier nodded 

"Of course" he replied focusing on the video.

"Those bastards" Javier growled angrily.

"Don't worry, it will be over soon" Landon assured 

"I just can't wait for that" 


   All the boarders were seated including Carl and Matt, the door pushed opened and Drake walked in, everyone began to murmur immediately.

馃懃Why is he here?

馃懃i thought he was on suspension.

"I let him resume" Matt said loudly and everyone went quiet.

  Drake rolled his eyes and shared a glance with Carl who nodded at him and he went to seat on his normal seat.

  They heard footsteps and saw Javier walking in with Landon and a system on his Hand.

  Javier bowed at the directors before sitting while Landon stood beside him.

"Since Everyone is complete meeting begins" Matt said and everyone sat properly, the other directors spoke about their incomes and sales and everyone paid attention to their talks.

  After they were done Javier stood and went to connect his system with the projector which Landon help him with.

"Why are you using a projector, we just came to talk today" Carl interrupted 

"It is really important I use the projector so everyone can see these" Javier replied with a smile and Matt nodded his head slowly.

"Okay, so what is your presentation about?" Matt asked and Javier took the remote fixing eye contacts with Carl and Drake and they suddenly felt uneasy.

"Well, my presentation is to openly reveal some two accomplice who had no work but to hunt people to get what is not theirs" Javier said and Everyone frowned.

"What does that have to do with our meeting?" Drake attacked and Javier shrugged walking close to him.

"Well it has to do with these brother or should I say step brother" Javier said slowly 

"Javier, what Is all these?" Matt asked getting confused already.

"Well, I want everyone here to know the evil plans and misdeed of some people in our midst, well I wasn't just ambushed about a month ago, some guys were sent to kill me, and I eventually survived It, that body buried was Also murdered by the same set of people, and now they are after my life again and that of my dad!" Javier said furiously and murmurings filled everywhere.

"What are you talking about?" Matt asked getting hypertensive and Drake eyes got red instantly staring at Carl who also looked drained.

  His face was paled and he stood but Javier Rushed to him and carefully pushed him back to the Chair.

"Why don't you relax uncle, don't you think your reason for all these is clear, that is because Drake is your son, and you decided to kill my dad and I to take over" Javier said loudly and everyone gasped.

"What!" Matt yelled and Drake shook his head, they were bursted, this was not how they planned it.

"What are you talking about! Have you gone mad? Don't forget you are talking to your uncle right now!" Carl snapped and Javier sighed throwing his head backwards.

"Does that not explain why you invited me to your mansion to poison my girlfriend...sorry my ex... I mean my girlfriend and I ?"

"Don't talk about my dad in that manner! He would never do such, we should leave dad, this sucks!" Drake said standing but Javier shrugged his shoulders.

"you can leave, but no where to escape" Javier smirked, Drake found himself slumping back to his seats, his hands were shaking, and Carl was sweating on the forehead.

"Javier if you are really saying nonsense stop it already" Matt said still not wanting to believe all he was hearing. Hi 3G on +2348025337930 to be added to story group room for more stories.
"I am not saying nonsense dad, you guys should watch these" Javier urged and pressed the control, Drake and Carl came up the screen and their voice was the next thing heard,

  The videos kept playing and Matt shut his eyes in both anger and disappointment, Drake watched unbelievably same as Carl.

" Did you Get these videos?" Carl stammered shakily,

"I took after my dad" Javier winked and Drake almost fell on.

馃懃i can't believe these

馃懃Drake and his father really planned Javier's death?

馃懃now they are planning to kill chairman Smith and the heir again?

  Different murmurings kept filling the hall and Matt hit his hands on the table angrily stopping the noise.

"Carl, What have I ever done to you to think  of killing me?, we are blood!" Matt asked calmly, 

  Carl scoffed and glared at him.

"blood? Did you just said blood, at first you acted like you never wanted the company and made me had hope of been the CEO, instead you stab me at the back!" Carl snarled and Matt shook his head unbelievably.

"Dad wanted me to take over at all cost, and I am your elder, so what do you mean By the company was supposed to be yours!" Matt fired .

"But I had a son first, he is the rightful owner not your bastard son!"

"Don't you dare call me a bastard again, I never included in your stupid misery and greedy attitude!" Javier attacked Carl and Drake stood.

  The directors were speechless while Some were making videos already.

"Don't talk to my dad in that way" Drake warned.

"Or what are you gonna do? Send some boys to my dad and I tonight so we can die? And you can take over the company?" Javier faced him.

"Shut up!" Drake yelled 

"Drake, even when I knew you were not my son, I still treated you like mine, and you could be lamed to fall into Carl works? I am so disappointed in you" Matt said still not believing his ears.

"You never treated me like your son, Carl did, Javier was always your precious and favorite son!"

"That was because you are a nuisance, You should call the cops Javier, I am sick of these!" Matt yelled just then the door pushed opened and the cops rushed in, with reporters , Carl boys were Also brought in handcuffed and his eyes widened.

"You are under arrest Carl smith and Drake smith for the attempted murder of Javier Smith and Matt Smith, and also for the murder of Kum huiyi" A detective said as the cops rushed towards them.

 Drake struggled .

"Dad, tell them to stop! These was not the plan!" Drake yelled struggling, Carl dropped his head down in shame.

"I am sorry"

"You have no right to say anything or It will be used against you in the court of law" The detective ordered again and they kept quiet as they were led outside, Reporters followed them asking questions as all they did was bow their head.

"Abeoji (father)" Javier called touching his father tensed shoulder. 

"Is these how today would have been my death day?" Matt asked still in shock, Some reporters walked towards them but Landon and other guards didn't let them.

"We should leave here dad, Reporters are terrorizing" Javier said raising Matt slowly and they walked out of the Board room successfully with the help of the guards.

 "Javier stay with the president, I will take care of the cops" Landon said and Javier nodded.

"Just go with him, I will be fine, I will just head home" Matt said and Javier nodded .

"I will see you later then" Javier muttered and went after Landon.

 Matt sighed as his bodyguards led him towards the car.

馃懃chairman Smith! What do you have to say about the bad that almost befell you?

馃懃is Drake Smith really not your biological son?

 "Move move!' The guards yelled and Matt was successfully in his car, he threw his head backwards in worry and unsettle ness , everything was like a joke to him.
  The cops led Drake and Carl among the crowds towards the Van ,

馃懃Carl Smith , why would you want to kill your nephew and brother?

馃懃tell us about it

馃懃is it truth you did all of it for the company?

馃懃you are evil!

馃懃you both deserve death!

 Crowds and Reporters kept yelling, Their suits and hair was ruffled, Drake looked like he was about to cry while Carl just looked quiet, it was hard for anyone to know what was going on in his mind.
  Javier rushed after Landon when Landon phone ranged, he checked the ID and saw it was Nick.

*hey Nick!* Landon called still walking into the crowd

*you guys have to head back to the mansion I think Josh is up to something* Nick said from the background.

*we will be right there* Landon said and sighed, 

"Shit!" He cursed.

"What  happened?" Javier asked catching up with him.

"Damn you! You were supposed to be with the Chairman" Landon said .

"Well he refused and he Also has his bodyguards,"

"Josh is up to something, we need to get back to the mansion right now" Landon said and he walked towards the cops car with Javier.

"Detective Hung, can you proceed with them to the station, we will meet you guys on the way " Landon said to the detective.

"okay, move!" He ordered the vans and they started moving.

 Landon and Javier rushed into their own car and Landon drove off on speed, 

"What is that bastard up to?" Javier muttered .

"He has always been a suspect" Landon replied.

  Josh saw the news on his phone and panicked, what the heck, how did they got caught.

  Nick who had rushed back to make sure Josh was not up to anything sighted Josh holding a pocket knife and he frowned, like he was set to kill someone, he brought out his phone and called Landon immediately, after he ended the call he followed Josh who walked upstairs slowly but he spoked out.

"Josh what do you think you are doing?" Nick asked and Josh missed his step immediately as he turned unconsciously.

"What the hell! I nothing" he answered hiding the Pocket knife behind him and Nick smiled ,.

"You know I have always suspected  you from The beginning but I guess my instincts were not wrong" Nick said and Josh scared eyes turned into a dark icy one.

"Well am glad you found out I am a spy, " Josh said wickedly walking downstairs and Nick moved backwards slowly.

"But you did spy on the wrong person, the person you spy for is gone so what are you gonna do?" 

" I don't spy for any fucking body! I just helped Carl thinking he will make my work easier but it seems he failed so I am gonna accomplish my mission myself, and no one is gonna stop me" Josh said dangerously.

"Josh!" Landon yelled rushing in with Javier and Josh brought out his gun immediately when Landon also pointed his at him.

"You betrayer!" Javier growled and Josh bursted out laughing.

"What me? Betrayer? my mission here is to kill you to pay for what you did to my mom!" Josh said and Javier frowned.

"Your mom? Are you crazy?" Javier asked and Josh laughed shortly.

"Crazy? My mom fucking worked in these mansion as your maid! You sent her out of the mansion and she ended up getting hit by a car which led to her death!" Josh yelled angrily and Javier frowns deepened 

"You must be really crazy. what the hell are you talking about? Who is your mom?" 

"Amanda, do you remember her?"

  Javier thought deeply 

"Javier, the woman who tried to poison you 2 years ago and she was caught doing it" Landon said and Javier memory flashed immediately.

"Ooh!ohh! Amanda was your mother? Oh sorry about her death but how does her death have to do with me for you to kill me?" Javier asked and these only got Josh more angered ..

"if you hadn't sent her out she would have still been alive till now"

"Then I would have been dead!"

"Enough of the talking, just give up already Josh" Nick said slowly bringing out his gun.

"I won't , you must die Javier!" Josh yelled and was about to shoot but Landon was faster and shot him directly on his Chest and the gun fell of his hand as he slowly fell on the floor.

  Javier watched with horror as Josh groaned in pains before slowly shutting his eyes.

  Nick rushed towards him and touched his neck, blood was pouring from his chest.

"He is gone" Nick Said and Landon sighed keeping his gone 

"That is it" Landon said, Javier breathed out in relief and rubbed his hair.

"get someone to clean here!" Javier ordered rushing out of the mansion.

  "I thought he was a man" Landon muttered and Nick smiled slowly...
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 53&54 (Semi final)

    Alice squinted her eyes opened slowly, she suddenly felt headache as she finally opened her eyes.

  She rubbed her forehead and  that was when she realised water was splashed on her, her eyes widened when she remembered she was kidnapped and she stood from the bed immediately.

"You are finally awake" She heard a female voice and she turned to see Wendy sitting On the couch beside the bed and Alice felt a rush of anger in her.

"You bitch! How could you do these to me!" Alice yelled and Wendy chuckled.

"I did nothing to you, you came here on your own will"

"Even after everything you did to me, you still have the guts to do these?" Alice fired.

  Wendy chuckled slightly and stood walking close to Alice.

"Remember when I told you how much I hated you, why didn't you think of that before coming to me?" Wendy smirked devilishly and  Alice slapped her immediately.

"You shouldn't have Done these" Wendy cursed and slapped her back which sent Alice flying across the bed and she yelled immediately.

"I wish I could kill you right now!" Wendy spite hatefully.

"why Don't you just do it!" Alice snarled daring her and Wendy brought out her gun aiming it at her.

  someone opened The door and they both turned towards it.

  Ken walked and Alice eyes widened.

"Ke..Ken?" Alice stammered.

"What are you trying to do?" Ken growled at Wendy and she rolled her eyes fixing the gun back in her pocket.

"Nothing, just trying to threaten her to stay in place" Wendy said glaring at Alice who was still shocked and more scared to see Ken together with Wendy.

" did you guys know each other?" Alice asked quietly and Ken smirked moving close to her on the bed.

"It is coincidence, I know you must know how betraying your friend Is" Ken said rubbing her hair and she moved away from him immediately.

"I am not any damn betraying! The bitch here is the betrayer who took Javier from me!" Wendy snapped and Ken turned from Alice and advanced slowly towards Wendy.

"How dare you call my woman a bitch?" Ken snarled and Wendy rolled her eyes.

"That is because she is, am out of here!" Wendy fired and was about walking out but Ken draw her hands back and her back landed on his body.

"Stop getting angry honey" He whispered in her ears and she shivered.

"Don't tell me you wanna do it here?" Wendy asked, she felt his tongue on her ears and his hands ran up her throat slowly.

"Of course not"

  Alice just watched them with disdain. just then Ken twisted Wendy neck giving a loud crack and Alice gasped.

  Wendy dead body dropped to the floor and Alice screamed loudly, she continue screaming until the urge to throw up came and she quickly vomited on the floor.

"Stop been a cry baby!" Ken growled , Tears was rushing out of her eyes as she wiped her eyes.

"Let me go please, just let me go" Alice begged in tears , Ken stared at Wendy dead body and sighed.

"so unfortunate I killed you earlier, come in guys!" He ordered and some guys rushed in.

"Take care of the body" Ken pointed at Wendy body on the floor.

"Okay boss" with that they lifted her body up and took her out of the room.

   Alice watched in horror as Wendy body was lifted out and she suddenly felt the urge to pee, 

"oops, am sorry I had to do that in your front honey, am really sorry" Ken said loosening his belt and her throat went dried.

"What...what are you doing?" She stammered in tears moving back.

"Shh, be calm, just what I couldn't complete years ago," he said and climbed the bed but Alice rushed away from the bed.

"Don't come close!" Alice yelled pointing at him trying to see if there was a means to escape.

"Don't make these hard honey, you can't Escape these time, you are in my territory not your parents territory" Ken said in a hush voice.

  Ken charged at her and she screamed as he grabbed her hair pushing her roughly on the bed , she struggled roughly giving Ken a hard time.

 He got frustrated and slapped her angrily on her face as she gasped holding her bruised cheeks.

"I said stop making these hard!" He yelled at her face and more tears ran down her eyes.

"Please, don't do these to me" Alice begged her lips shaking terribly.

"You are going to be my wife soon, stop making these hard for us" he said gently wiping her tears.

  He crashed his lips on hers kissing her hard and fast, Alice shut her mouth tight and swaying her head, he held her head in place and forcefully opened her mouth, she bite his lips and he hissed breaking the kiss.

 Blood rushed down his mouth and he spit it out, his eyes held great anger these time.

"You will regret doing these" he growled with that he tore her upper wear revealing her full cupped bra boobs and she screamed trying to push him away but it wasn't working.

  He draw her trouser zip down and  pulled it roughly, her panties came in view and covered her legs tightly, he blow her stomach and she screamed painfully when she felt a movement in her stomach.

  She became stiffed for a second and held her stomach, her body started shaking.

"Just stay!" he yelled and pulled out his dick, he shifted her panties and was about plunging into her when the door opened roughly and Mico Rushed in breathing heavily.

"What the fuck!" Ken yelled frustratingly.

"boss , there is a problem, you should see these yourself" Mico said and Ken growled and stood from Alice who lost her voice for some seconds.

"I will be back for you, don't leave the room!" He ordered and fixed his trousers before rushing out with Mico.

  The door went shut and Alice bursted into another round of tears, she cover her legs and zipped her trouser.

  Why did these have to happen to her. she saw a dead body, she saw Wendy dead, and now the bastard wanted raping her.

  Her body shook, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and she grasped it wincing painfully.

"My stomach" she cried getting down from the bed.

  She saw blood stain on her jeans and she touched It in a rush,

"What is these?" She asked I fears.

  She suddenly heard gunshots and she stiffened her body immediately, yells and gunshots Got louder and she stood up forgetting her stomach pains, she rushed towards the door and pushed it opened, there were no guards outside and she just followed where the sounds was coming from.
   Javier and the others parked few meters away from the abandoned building.

"I wonder who would make a building here" Landon muttered.

"We are wasting time here, we should head in" Landon said cracking the gun given to him.

"Guys surround the building the rest of you follow us" Hung said getting down from the car,

  Some cops rushed inside the bush discreetly, while Landon, Nick, Hung, Javier and other cops moved slowly towards the building.

 Javier sighted a cab car parked there and he immediately suggested this was the car used to kidnap Alice, there was no even plate number.

    They heard a whistling and they looked forward to see some guys charging towards them.

"Shit!" Javier cursed and they hide in trees as Gunshots starting filing everywhere.

"Shoot!" Hung yelled and the cops started shooting down the guys, Javier swallowed inwardly and peaked at them before shooting with them.

  Soon the guys were surrounded .

"Drop you guns!" Detective Hung yelled and the guys about 10 of them slowly dropped their guns , they raised their hands after that.

" I don't think Wendy is the only one involved in these" Landon said to Javier.

"I was just about saying that"

"We should go in, Handcuff them and take them to the Van" Hung ordered and the cops started handcuffing the guys.

  Javier, Landon, Nick, Hung and about 7 of the cops made their way towards the house, One of the use his leg to kick the door opened and they all aimed their gun.

"Look who we have here" Ken said walking downstairs with his gun aiming at them too, Mico and some other guys were behind him.

  Javier frowned slightly , just then it recorded in his head.

"You! Ken?" Javier questioned aiming his gun at him.

"Wow, we finally met again, I told you Alice is mine so why do you have to go through all these stress?" Ken questioned.

"Ken am sure you can't escape any law suit again after today" Hung said seriously and Ken faced him.

"What made you think so? Well I didn't do anything wrong, you guys barged into my home" Ken replied him.

"Bring her out! Where Is she?" Javier yelled and he shrugged still aiming at Javier.

 " Somewhere safe, where she wouldn't have to see you again for the rest of her life" Ken replied and Javier boiled angrily.

"You bastard! Bring her out right now!" Javier yelled ready to shoot.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!" They heard a scream and they all turned, Landon used the opportunity and shot some of the guys down same as Nick .

"You fools!" Alice yelled , the guy dragging her pushed her towards Ken and Ken wrapped his arm around her neck , her back facing him and she stared at Javier whose face was red and scared with tears in her eyes.

"Javier?" She called in tears, Javier eyes ran down her half naked boobs and the anger in him emanated.

"Alice," he said and got ready to shoot Ken.

"You came, you came for me" She cried and it made Javier shook.

  Ken pointed the gun on her head instead and Javier yelled.

"No ,no, don't do it. just don't hurt her please" Javier yelled and Ken tilted his head.

"Then drop your guns, or I blow her head off" Ken ordered and Alice shook her head.

"Don't do it, please don't!" Alice cried , Ken laughed licking his lips slowly.

"Fine, just let her go" Javier said.

"You wouldn't want to do it Javier" Landon said knowing Ken was trying to trick them.

"Let her go" he said slowly dropping His gun.

"No, Javier please no!" Alice yelled struggling.

   Even with her weak strength she gathered efforts and bite Ken arm so hard that he bleed and he released her neck.

  She ran towards Javier and Mico shot his gun at her and it went straight through her back.

"Nooooo!.." Javier yelled catching her into his hands.

  Her eyes widened in agony and Javier shook his head,

"No please, Alice don't go please, don't!" Javier begged and they were in their own world as the only thing they heard was a continuous gun shot.

  Alice tried to say something but blood spluttered out if her mouth and he shook her body as she convulsed.

"Please don't leave me, Jebal! (Please!)" He cried shaking her body.

  Alice took her hands slowly to his face and touched his cheeks, tears ran down her eyes as she slowly closed her eyes.

"I Lo..Lov..vee..." With that her eyes went closed and her hands dropped.

"Aliceeeeeeee!!!" Javier yelled in anger,pains and agony, 

"Javier get up!" Landon yelled as the shoot out was still going on.

"Save her please, she is not breathing again , safe her!" Javier cried shaking her.

"Please wake up, please , don't do these to me, don't you dare die!" Javier cried his tears dropping on her cheeks, he hugged her tightly to himself and threw his head backwards.

  Landon attacked Ken, Nick with Mico and Hung and the cops finished down the boys.

"Should I just kill him?" Landon yelled at Hung , Ken face was bruised so badly, and he was shot on the arm but he was adamant.

 Nick succeeded in killing Mico.

"Just give up, you are dead" Hung said and Ken laughed .

"You think I will just give up just like that? Never" he said and made to take his but Javier who was consumed with anger was fast in picking his own gun and shot him straight on the forehead.

  Ken fell slowly with his eyes wide opened.

"Javier?" Landon called shocked, Javier eyes was red with tears, his hands started shaking and the gun dropped from his hands.

  His cloth was smeared with Alice blood and he slumped on the floor in front of her body.

"I failed to save her" Javier said sadly.

  Landon sighed watching the scene, Nick walked towards Alice and bent touching her nape.

"She still has some pulse" Nick said and Javier faced him

"The Ambulance will soon be here" Hung said and Javier breathed out in a bit of relieve, but watching her half dead was something that was killing him.

"She will be fine" Landon assured patting his back and he sighed touching her cheeks.

  Soon they started hearing an ambulance sound and Hung rushed outside.

   They Nurses rushed in with a stretcher and Javier placed Alice On the stretcher as they pushed her out of the Building.

"You can leave with her, we will join you at the hospital after clearing the case with the criminals" Landon said and Javier nodded rushing out to join the nurses.

  He got into the van and watched as they placed an oxygen on her nose.

"Who are you to her?" The nurse asked.

"Her fianc茅e" Javier replied without thinking and she nodded, The door closed and the Van started moving.

  Javier grasped her hands watching her bruised face , she was covered from her neck to toe with a white clothe, 

"Am sorry" he whispered and took her almost cold hands to his lips kissing it slowly.

  At least he was glad he killed Ken himself...
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

Episode 51&52



   Rosie could not believed her eyes at what she saw on the TV, Carl and Drake was responsible for Javier's Disappearance?

  Just then the door opened and Matt walked in looking ruffled, Rosie rushed towards him immediately and touched his arms.

"Honey am glad you are fine!" Rosie whispered and hugged him tightly but he didn't hug her back.

"What really happened?" Rosie asked feeling hurt at Matt's Attitude to hugging her.

"Everything is fine now" he replied moving away from her and she bite her lips.

"Why can't you just forgive me, I thought we loved each other?" Rosie said her voice shaking.

"Yes we do, but lovers doesn't hide such secrets for years, you would have still kept me in the dark till i die if I hadn't figured everything out!" Matt snapped frustratedly.

"Am sorry, I am really sorry" Rosie cried and he sighed.

"Look I don't want to yell at you, what happened today is too much for me to bear, I need to settle my brain" he said quietly and matched upstairs.

  Rosie slumped On the seat and covered her face as more tears gushed out of her eyes, she couldn't believe her son could do these, Drake , no, she cried more loudly regretting everything...

  "Honey did you see the news?" Hani asked Logan who was coming from the stairs and he shrugged.

"Yea I did, these life is really unpredictable" Logan replied seating, they heard footsteps and they turned to see Alice in tears.

"Baby what is wrong?" Hani asked with a frown.

"Am happy he finally got his uncle and step brother apprehended, he would have been dead you know it" Alice said tearfully and their frowns increased.

"Wait, the man you told us about, is it Javier Smith?" Logan asked and Hani ears opened wanting to know the answers, Alice nodded slowly.

"Yes dad, it him" she replied and their eyes widened.

"What!" They both yelled at a time.

"Why are you both yelling? It is nothing" she scoffed and jogged back upstairs.

"You can't loose that man Alice!" Hani yelled after her making Logan chuckled.

"I thought someone said that he doesn't deserve forgiveness" Logan mocked.

"I was just kidding, I just felt for her then, common stop mocking me already!" Hani scoffed loudly.

  Logan smiled and focused on the TV.
   Alice went through her new phone as she watched the news with a deep smile on her face but tears was also running Down her eyes, at least he was finally able to bring down his uncle and Drake, she was also happy he wasn't.

  She wiped her tears slowly as she thought about him, she couldn't really get him off her head but it was eating her, but she couldn't also get over how Wendy fucked him in the video everything was just so confusing.

  She sighed loudly touched her forehead tiredly, she missed him so much.



      Cases of Drake and Carl went Down the news as they were forgotten after given 45 years each in prison, The company activities went on smoothly as before and everyone was happy about it .

  But there was something, Javier turned more colder and got more harsher to the staffs because of Alice absence, Landon tried to change him but he wouldn't bulge,  Javier kept going To Pete continuously for Alice location.

It really seems that he was going crazy.

  Pete and Zoe  kept avoiding each other, Zoe was madly in love with Pete but what could she do , Pete was Also falling for her without knowing it.


  Javier watched as Pete came down from the cab and he rushed to meet him.

"Hey!" Javier called and Pete groaned turning.

"Not again, just not again, I already told you that I don't know her whereabouts!" Pete muttered, Though he was feeling pity for Javier and he felt like these was not right.

"I am begging you, I can't move on just like that, please tell me where she is, am begging you!" Javier said pleadingly and Pete sighed rubbing his head.

"Fine! She is at her parents at Jeju island" Pete said and Javier eyes widened , how come he never thought of that.

"Jeju? Where is her house location" Javier said quickly.

"I will send you the address when I get into the restaurants" Pete said and Javier suddenly hugged him.

"Thank you so much! Thank you!" Javier said happily and kissed his cheeks.

"Fuck!" Pete grimaced pushing Javier off.

"I love you! I take that back" Javier winked and rushed into his car.

  Pete rolled his eyes as Javier rode away, he turned to leave but he bumped into Zoe and he grabbed her hands.

 He noticed she was pale and looked really sick.

"Sorry are you okay?" Pete asked but she slowly took her hands off him.

"Am fine" she said weakly and walked pass him.

 He wondered what was wrong with her. he just hope she is okay.
Javier dialed Landon's number and he picked it immediately.

*hey* Landon voice rang out.

*can you cover up for me at the office, am off to Jeju Island* Javier said riding .

*when did you even leave the house dude, what the fuck!* 


*what are you going to Jeju for?* Landon asked.

*I found her, I found her Landon, I finally found her!* he screamed happily.

*fine! Bring your woman home, bye* Landon said and ended the call.

  Javier breathed out in relief, finally, he is setting his eyes on her again after many weeks.

   Alice rushed into the toilet again and threw up for the third time that morning.

"what is wrong with me?" She asked washing her mouth.

  She walked out of the bathroom weakly and tiredly, she took her phone and walked downstairs she met her mom setting the dinning.

"Good morning mom" Alice greeted sitting weakly and Hani frowned seeing the pale look on her daughter's face.

"Morning, are you okay? You look really sick" Hani asked, Alice nodded slowly and she breathed out in relief but paused Again And looked at her body.

"Have you  been eating much recently?" Hani asked.

"Why are you asking her all that questions?" Logan asked joining them at the dinning.

"Nothing, just that she looks like she is pregnant" Hani said and Alice coughed immediately, Logan stared at Alice.

"What! Preg...pregnant?" Alice stuttered and Hani shrugged .

"Common mom, am not" Alice said shakily, she couldn't imagine it, pregnant ?

"Okay" Hani said but her instincts keeps telling her that Alice might be pregnant.

   Alice phone started ringing and she frowned at the unknown number.

"Who is that?" Logan asked And Alice shrugged.

"I don't know ," she replied and picked the call.

*Hello?* Alice said slowly.

*Al...Alice! I am dying, I am dying!* the female voice rang out and she frowned.

*who, is...* she paused immediately she recognized the voice.

*Wendy!?* Alice called and Logan and Hani stared at her immediately.

*yes it is me, I am dying, please save me, save me Alice!* the place suddenly went quiet and Alice eyes widened.

*Wendy! Wendy!*

*am sorry for everything , please forgive me, I am...I am dying....* with that the call ended and Alice stood immediately, she was breathing heavily.

"where are you going to?" Logan asked.

"Back to Seoul, Wendy needs me!" Alice said in fears, even if she hated Wendy she still thought about their friendship and doesn't want her to die, even after everything she had done.

"You will do no such thing! After what she did to you!" Hani snapped angrily and Alice shook her head.

"I will be back" Alice said and rushed out immediately.

"Alice!" Logan called also standing to go after her but she was gone already.

"what is wrong with her!" Hani yelled angrily, what if it was a set up.
  Alice rushed out of the house in a great rush, she fixed her phone in her pocket and a car stopped in front of her, It was a taxi.

"take me to Seoul please!" Alice said quickly and the nose masked driver nodded and started the car.

   Her eyes was getting red, she couldn't believe she is doing these, why is she so soft, she thought she was strong, how can she let Wendy crawled into her skin, even after everything.
  Javier came out of his car with a wide smile, he carried the rose flowers he got for Alice and walked towards the door, Pete sent the message on his way here.

    He touched his frontal hair and pressed the door bell, the door opened immediately.

"Alice you are ba..." Logan voice broke off when he saw Javier standing with a flower on his hands.

"Annyeong (hi)" Javier said bowing his head at the elderly man.

"Honey is she back?" Hani asked walking towards them and her eyes widened seeing Javier.

"who are you?" Logan asked staring At the flowers in his hands.

"Javier Smith, I am here for Alice" Javier said uncomfortably at the man cold looks.

"Oh my God! Her ex boyfriend! She just left for Seoul" Hani said with a smile and Javier frowned slightly.

" Seoul? For what?" 

"Well, Wendy called her about 45 to 40 minutes ago and now she is off to see Wendy" Logan explained and the spit in his tongue dried off immediately.

  The flower he was holding fell off his hands as his eyes widened.

"What! And you let her leave!" Javier yelled, that was when it became cleared to Logan and Hani.

"Damn it! This is certainly a set up! Do you have her new number?" Javier asked in a rush bringing out his phone.

"Sure yes, " Hani replied giving her phone to him and he took the number.

"I am coming with you" Logan said as Javier turned to leave.

"No, Alice won't forgive me if any of you get hurt, just stay here, I will get to you after I found her okay" Javier assured and they nodded .

 Javier rushed towards his car immediately.

"I had these hunch something was wrong" Hani sniffed as tears gathered her eyes.

"Don't worry she will be fine," Logan said hugging her.
  Javier got into his car and dialed Landon' number, it was taking time for him to pick , he dialed the number again and he picked it these time.

*what is it again?* Landon groaned from the background.

*it is Alice! Wendy called her and now She Is headed to Seoul right now!* Javier said starting the car.

*what! Wendy called her? What if it was a set up!?* Landon yelled.

*of course it seems like it is a set up, I need you to have Nick track her down!*

*I need her phone location*

*I will send her number right now, I am heading to the mansion, just make sure to get the location ready before I am back and alert the cops* 

*oh okay, just don't do anything stupid* Landon said and ended the car.

   Javier was sweating already, even if he wasn't sure, but the lingering feelings kept telling him that something was wrong.

  He sent the number to Landon and increased his speed on the car.

  He decided to call her, he dialed her number and it was ringing gratefully but she was picking up, he dialed continuously but she wasn't still picking and that Was when he finally did believed his instincts.
   Alice frowned at the direction the cab was taking her to, they have been riding for over 35 minutes now and the road doesn't look familiar.

"Sorry excuse me sir, I am heading to bijarim not here" Alice said loudly for him to hear but she got no answer.

"Excuse me?" Alice called again and the car speed increased that was when her heart start pounding aimlessly.

"Where are you taking me to!" She yelled crazily 

"just shut up or I'll blow your head off!" The driver snarled and she covered her mouth immediately, that was when it dawned on her, she was abducted.

  Oh no, Wendy tricked worked on her, why didn't she think about these, she didn't know when her tears started pouring as they drove through a bushy and lonely road.

"Let me Go please, I promise not to scream please" Alice begged in tears.

  She got no reply that was when she knew she was really doomed.

   they kept riding and then they suddenly stopped, she looked through the window and saw the bush and trees area they were in,

  The driver came out of the Car and walked to her side door, he opened it and grabbed her hands roughly, she sighed some rough looking guys with guns in their hands.

"Where am I! Take me out of here!" She yelled pulling forcefully away from him and her phone fell down.

  She kicked his balls and started running and they started running after her.

"Do not shoot or you are dead!" Someone yelled 

  someone was about shooting but instead another gunshot was heard and the guy dropped dead instantly.

"No one dare shoot at what is mine !" A voice rang out and she swallowed rapidly , she kept running but she didn't know where she was running to.

  She suddenly felt weak and her eyes started getting heavy.

" no not now please" she whispered as she heard footsteps running after her.

  Her eyes kept getting heavier and heavier and she stood still immediately, she slumped to the floor and the last thing she saw was darkness.

  Javier rode crazily into the mansion and met some cops in the compound, Detective Hung was also there.

   he rushed into the mansion and met Nick focused on a system while Landon was behind him.

"Did you get her location?" Javier asked in a rush and Landon shook his head negatively.

"not yet, The place she is the network Is off" Landon replied.

"I got It!" Nick announced and Javier rushed to join them.

" her location stops at Gangnam subway Trees" Nick replied and detective Hung Rushed towards them too.

"that is about An Hour ride" Hung said and they turned immediately.

"That is a way too long, what if they hurt her before we get there?" Javier asked worriedly, he wouldn't survive it If anything happens to her.

"Then stop talking, we should leave" Landon said and the rest nodded, 

"Wait guys, I might need a gun" Javier requested, Landon rolled his eyes and walked out.

"You will be give that In the car, let leave" Hung said and Javier nodded and followed them out, nothing must happen to her or he wasn't sure he might survive it.
        FROM THE WOODS馃搶

*Episode 55&56 (Final episode)**馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏馃拑馃徏


  It has been over an hour , Javier was sitting at the lobby in front of the operation room.

  His hands were shaking and he cover his face in a silent prayer, all he prays for is for Alice to come out safely.

    He heard footsteps and he turned to see Landon rushing towards him.

"Are they done?" Landon asked and Javier shook his head sadly.

  Landon pitied him, he looks so rough and emptied.

"She will be okay" Landon assured tapping his shoulders and he nodded slowly.

  Finally the doctor came out of the room, he kept a normal expression and that made Javier uncomfortable, he stood immediately.

"How is the operation? Is she okay?" Javier asked In a rush and doctor park sighed.

"Yea it was successful, we were able to take out the bullet without any harm, but the baby in her might not survive it" Park said and Javier frowned , he turned to Look at Landon who stared back at him.

"What do you mean by the baby in her? Is she pregnant?" Javier asked and Park nodded.

"Yes she is, and is at 50-50 of loosing the baby," 

"Shit" Javier muttered and rubbed his forehead, Alice is pregnant and with all the things she passed through she might loose their baby.

 That realization hit him and he wished it wouldn't be true, he wished their baby will be okay.

"Is there anything we can do to safe the baby?" Landon asked and Park sighed.

"She will have to watch what she eats and stop stressful things, after two months then be rest assured the baby is safe then" Park said and Javier eyes lightened.

"Then there is hope of keeping the baby safe, that shouldn't be a problem" Javier said with a smile.

 Park smiled

"I will leave now, the assistant doctors will soon be done cleaning her up, then after that they will move her to her ward" 

"Thank You doctor, thank you so much" Javier said and Park bowed before walking Away.

"gosh I can't believe she is pregnant and she went through all these" Javier muttered slowly .

"She is going to be fine with the baby okay?" Landon assured.

  Zoe went into the restroom and locked the door from the inside.

  She faced the mirror and raised her clothes staring at her stomach in red eyes, she slowly touched her abdomen and more tears gushed out of her eyes.

  she couldn't believe she is pregnant, pregnant for someone who doesn't love her, how was she going to face Dreg, how was she going to face her parents.

  Zoe let her tears poured freely, she hiccupped and left her shirt.
 After the strange morning sickness and vomiting, Zoe decided to go to the hospital as Dreg had adviced her.

   She had gone for a test at the hospital and was announced pregnant, she felt that was the end of her life, pregnant for Pete who doesn't even stare at her.

 She loves him so much and it hurts, she wasn't sure she could tell him about the baby, so she made a conclusion to go for abortion.

  She brought the Pregnancy test results and the Aborting form she collected from the hospital out of her bag, she stared at the papers and sighed fixing them back in her bag.

  She washed her face and wiped it thoroughly before walking out of the restroom.
  Pete stood outside the restaurants wanting to talk to Zoe, he couldn't take it in anymore, he was so worried about her, she looks so  sick.

  He also couldn't Get himself the few weeks, he finally saw her walking out and he braced himself.

  He saw her searching her bag as she walked closer to him and then she closed it.

  She looked up and gasped when she saw him.

"Pete?" Zoe called and he saw some fears in her eyes, she shook her eye ball and looked away from him.

"we need to talk" Pete said but she grasped her bag tightly.

"Umm, I don't think so, I need to get home" She said turning to leave but he held her hands and pulled her back.

"When are we going to stop acting these way! It is almost a month already!" Pete snapped at her and she chuckle slightly taking her hands from his.

"Yea it is, I love you Pete" she said in tears and his hands went cold instantly, when she saw he didn't answer she sniffed and Rushed to the road stopping a cab.

"Zoe! Wait!" Pete yelled trying to stop her but she already entered the car and it rode off.

  "Fuck! Why can't you just hear my answer!" Pete groaned ruffling his hair angrily.

  He turned to leave but his eyes caught a paper on the floor and he bent picking the paper from the floor.

   He frowned When he saw Zoe's name on the paper.

  He opened it and saw it was two papers, he read the first one and raised his brows,

"Pregnancy Test Results?" he asked as he read it, A three weeks pregnant , positive.

   He wiped his eyes and checked the name again to be sure of what he was seeing.

"Zoe is pregnant!?" He yelled and he swallowed, could it be what he is thinking? He took her virginity and they never used protection that night.

 He was sure she wasn't seeing anybody and she is three weeks gone, wait, could it be that the baby is his?.

 He opened the second paper and these triggered his feelings immediately, Abortion? She wants to abort his baby?

"Fuck!" He cursed angrily and stopped a cab.

  She should have just let him know about these, Does aborting their child solves any problem.

  He got into the Taxi.

"Bijarim" Pete said impatiently as his head was filled with what he saw, pregnant, and Aborting.

 He laughed out slowly and rubbed his red eyes. 

"She must be joking" he muttered.
    Zoe rushed into her room before Dreg could stop her, she bursted into another round of tears thinking of the fact that she was rejected.

 She confessed to him and she ended up getting rejected, she touched her stomach lightly and sighed.

"I think Abortion Is the right choice" Zoe said sadly and searched her bag for the result and Form, she frowned when she couldn't find it.

  she poured everything she had in her bag but she still couldn't Find the papers.

 She searched the floor but realised she was just getting into the room.

"Where is it!?" She muttered frustratedly and made her way towards the door.
  Pete rushed towards the house Zoe had pointed at him and Alice , she pressed the door bell, no reply, he pressed it again and the door opened revealing a young boy, he looks like Zoe so surely he is Zoe's brother.

"Who are you?" Dreg asked Pete who looks impatient 

"I am here for Zoe, where Is she?" Pete said rushing and Dreg frowned.

"Who are you to her?" 

"Look kid, there is no time for that, I need to see her now" Pete said his patient running out.

"I..I will go call her out"

"no just take me to her already please" Pete pleaded and walked in before Dreg could even usher him in.

"Hey you can't just barge in here" Dreg said and Pete stared into his eyes and Dreg shivered at the cold eyes.

"Take me to her now!" Pete commanded and he nodded .

"Follow me" Dreg said walking upstairs , And Pete went after him.

 They stopped In front of a floor after they got up the stairs.

"Noona..." Dreg broke off when the door opened before he could complete his sentence and Pete stared at Zoe in a hard way.

  Zoe went shocked immediately.

  Dreg seeing the scene slowly crept away from them.

"What are you doing here?" Zoe asked her eyes widening.

 Pete pushed her back into the room and went in with her before locking the door.

  He took his fingers to his pocket and brought out the papers.

  He opened it and splayed it before her eyes.

"What is these?" Pete asked staring at her and her mouth went dried instantly, her heart started beating.

"Pe...Pete , that is..."

"You are pregnant, am I responsible?" Pete asked and she bite her lips slowly before looking down on her feet's.

"Fucking answer the damn question!" He snapped and she shivered.

"Yes, " she finally replied and he sighed dropping the pregnancy results, then splaying the Abortion form.

"Look at these" he said and she looked up, she got more scared .

"Can you explain what Is these?" Pete asked and she licked her lips looking side ways.

"Look you can't come in here and want to control me, fine I am pregnant for you. but I can't keep a baby that the father doesn't even love me!" Zoe spoked out boldly.

  Pete chuckled slightly, his eyes red with anger he tore the paper into pieces and her eyes widened.

"What have you done!" She yelled staring at the paper on the floor.

"Did you tell me about the baby before deciding on aborting it?" Pete asked slowly.

"I..I I just feel you won't accept it, you won't even look at me, how will you accept the baby" She replied her eyes brimming again and he sighed.

  he held her two hands in his fingers and stared into her eyes.

"why did you Run off earlier without waiting for my reply?" He said and she sniffed.

"You were going to reject me anyways" 

  He bent his head and kissed her lips slowly to her amazement.

"No, I was also going to confess, but you beat me to it, I love you too" he said with a smile and she laughed making him frown.

"Are you kidding me right now? Are you saying these just because I said I am pregnant?" 

"I am been sincere, for the past weeks I didn't want to accept my feelings for you, but i finally did today, I love you so much Zoe, and these baby we are going to keep it, we will train it happily okay?" Pete assured and Zoe smiled in her tears.

 She wiped it and nodded.

"I love you too Pete" she said and he chuckled carrying her to the bed, he laid on her body and crashed his lips on hers.

  She wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him fast and sweetly, soon they were naked and he made love to her , not sex or fuck, he showed his love for her in a means she would never forget and in returns she gave him her moans.


   Javier sat beside Alice unmoving body sadly, he held her hands and stared at her bandage brushed face , he squeezed her hands slowly.

  She was been fed with omelets through drip to keep their baby safe.

"when will you wake up? Are you going to keep killing me these way? Just wake up please for our baby if not me" he sniffed as his dried eyes wanted producing more tears.

"Please," he whispered almost in tears.

"Baby?" He heard a croaked voice and he stared at her face as her eye lid shooked.

"Alice?" He called and pressed the alarm bell.

"Jav..Javier" she said and coughed finally opening her eyes.

"Water, I need water" she mumbled .

"Shh, I will give it to you" He said and quickly popped opened the bottle water Hani had brought with her when she came earlier.

  Javier poured it into a glass cup and raised her head slowly, he made her drank out of the water before dropping it.

  She coughed again and he rubbed her forehead.

"It okay, it okay, am glad you are fine" Javier said and tears ran down her cheeks as she held his hands in fears.

"He is dead right?" she asked in tears and he nodded.

"Yes, I killed him, I did it for you"  he replied, just then Doctor Park rushed in with his stethoscope.

"you are awake" Park said touching her fingers as he pressed it with a pen and she nodded slowly, he did Some other check ups and nodded satisfactorily.

"I guess you are all good, please don't stress her" He said to Javier who just finished speaking to Landon during the check ups.

"Yes," Javier said and Park walked out.

"Thank you so much for waking up for us" Javier said rubbing her hands.


"Our baby, you are a month pregnant" Javier said and she smiled slowly.

"How long have I been here?"

"A week, you have been unconscious for one week"

"Everything felt like yesterday" she said and her hands shooked when she remembered Wendy.

"what is it?" Javier asked noticing her discomfort.

"Ken killed Wendy right in front of me" She said turning her head.

  Javier sighed and squeezed her hands.

"Everything is over honey, forgive me for everything, I am sorry for everything" Javier said 

"I forgive you already, I love you"

"I love you you too" he said and kissed her dried lips shortly.

"I know my mouth smells like shit right now" Alice pouted and he laughed.

"Common, I don't care" he said and she smiled happily slowly taking her fingers to her stomach, she smiled and closed her eyes as sleep evoke her.



"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday happy birthday , happy birthday to you!"

"Hip hip hip!"

"Hurray!" Everyone Yelled and Alice close her face shyly in tears, 

"Oh my God" she whispered, these was the best surprise ever, she had woke up these morning and was asked to come downstairs but was shocked to be reminded about her birthday.

  Her families were all there, Her mom, Dad, Javier's parents, Zoe and Pete, Nick, Landon and his girlfriend Iris, etc...

"Thank you so much guys, this is the best surprise ever, how could I forget my birthday" Alice scolded herself and Javier walked towards her with a flower, he smiled and took her fingers rubbing it lovely.

"How should I punish you for forgetting these memorable day?" He asked quietly and Alice smiled shyly into his face.

"How about tonight?" She said for just the two of them to hear.

  Her cheeks went red and he chuckled, he touched her baby bump and she smiled more brightly, Their baby had successfully passed the stage of loss, and that was because Javier was the best man any woman could ever asked of.

 He had been supportive and caring.

He slowly knelt on one knee after she took the flowers from him, he took out a little box from his pocket and opened it.

  She gasped immediately covering her mouth slightly, everyone does not look surprised and she suddenly suspected they all knew about these.

  He took the diamond ring engraved with gold from the box and raised the ring.

"I don't actually know what to say or where to start from..." Javier started, she was crying already.

"Ever since you came into my life, you have been my happiness and source of joy, even after fucking you up and when you left , that was when I knew that I couldn't live with out you, when you were on that hospital bed the only thing I prayed for is if God was eventually going to take you away, he should take me instead and leave my woman and my baby, I love you so much Alice, please will you make me the happiest man on earth by been called Mrs Smith?" Javier said his eyes red and Alice tears was getting uncontrollable.

"Say yes! Say yes! Yes!" Zoe started yelling and Everyone joined her.

  Alice wiped her tears slowly and slapped his cheeks playfully.

"I have been waiting for these, and you are just doing it now? I should scold you but I guess we will do that tonight, Yes I will be MRS SMITH!" She yelled happily and Javier smiled and fixed the ring on her finger.

 Everyone clapped and Javier stood and Kissed her slowly, she let the flower she was holding fell and wrapped her hands around him.

"I love you so much" Javier said resting his forehead on her and she smiled.

   Zoe rushed towards them with Pete who was trying to hold her down.

"careful bestie!" Alice warned and she chuckled, they had become the best of friends anyone could wished for.

"Congratulations" Zoe said hugging her and their bumps was holding them from each other and Everyone laughed at them.

"Congrats man" Pete said with a smile shaking Javier.


"Oh my Son" Rosie said hugging him and hugged Alice too.

"Take care of my grand child okay?" Rosie said and Alice nodded slowly.

"My baby Is getting married soon" Logan said kissing her both cheeks.

"What about me?" Hani muttered and Alice sighed tiredly,.

"Honey I want to seat" Alice said and Javier rushed towards her.

"Not now, but I can hold you"

"What a lazy pregnant woman" Zoe scoffed and Pete pinched her cheeks.

"You are worst don't forget that" Pete said and she hit his shoulders 

"Do you have to say that out!" She snapped at him.

  Everyone gave their gifts to her, Landon walked towards Javier and hugged him.

"Congrats" he said.

"I am too tell you that, can't believe you finally got a girlfriend after much persuasion" Javier said ushering to Iris who was discussing with Alice and Zoe.

"I also can't believe it"

"Thank you for everything" Javier said sincerely 

"What are friends for, I am to thank you for the company you got for me" Landon said and Javier nodded.

"happiest birthday Noona!" Dreg yelled rushing in with his girlfriend and everyone turned to him.

"What are you doing here?" Zoe snarled at him but he ignored her and went to hug Alice slowly.

"Thanks Dreg"

"Careful with her please!" Javier yelled and everyone laughed.
"Now honey why don't you come see your birthday gift" Javier asked holding her hands and she smiled.

 He took her outside and everyone followed, they stopped in front of a latest white Ferrari car and Black BMW.

 She frowned staring at him questioningly but he replied her with car keys and everyone gasped no one expected these.

"What! For me?" She yelled crying already ..

"Yes honey, take it" he said opening her ringed fingers and placed the keys in them, she hugged him so tightly that could almost felt her stomach hurts.

"That is not all, hold on" he said just then Nick walked towards them with an ipad and gave it to Javier, 

Javier made her stood well before showing the phone to her, it was a building of a big mansion.

"This is yours," he said moving to the next picture and it was A mall in her Name, it was so big.

"And this mall is Also yours" he said but everyone was screaming and he looked up to see Alice fainting and was almost falling but he caught her.

"Alice!" He yelled and she opened her eyes.

"I love you" with that she fainted again.

And that was how they lived happily ever after...