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Episode 21&22

"Hey Pete wait!" Zoe yelled running after him and he sighed stopping.

"What is it?" Pete asked and she smiled holding her chest as she stopped in front of him.

"Why are you running away? Am I a ghost?"  Zoe asked and tilted his head one side, he still doesn't get why he is so uncomfortable towards her.

"Get to work" Pete said coldly and turned to leave.

"Stop trying to act Cold, it doesn't look like you" Zoe mocked and grabbed his hands, he went stiff for a moment and stopped looking at her hands on his.

"Let go" Pete ordered and she rolled her eyes.

"No, common we should leave" Zoe said stubbornly and pulled him along with her.

   Pete shut his eyes slowly, he allowed a woman control him, and he is even speechless again.

"God Why?" Pete whispered as he let her pulled him away.

   Alice watched as Wendy walked out and sighed, she turned and saw Pete staring at her.

"Is there something going on?" Pete asked, Alice touched her bag and made to walk out but he held her back.

"You can share it with me , you know that"

"Alice!" Zoe called rushing to them and Pete made a frustrated face and turned away from them.

"Hey Zoe, what up" Alice smiled, 

"Am good, where do you live?" Zoe asked 
"Bijarim, are you heading the same way?"

"Of course! I stay with my kid brother who is in college, I think fate brought us together, what do you think Pete?" Zoe asked staring at him and he cleared his throats.

"Alice , am off" Pete said in her ears and made to leave but Zoe threw her hands around his neck playfully.

"I got ya man" Zoe laughed.

"Please don't do these again, get off me!" Pete groaned trying to pull away, but she was kind of strong.

 Alice just watched the drama with a smile

  Zoe pulled Pete with her outside the Restaurant and Alice followed behind, Pete was yelling for Zoe to stop but she wasn't bulging.
   Soon they were standing in front of their houses and Zoe pouted sadly 

"I will have to leave you guys here" Zoe muttered , Pete just glared at her with a tired look.

"You leave across?" Alice asked her.

"Yea, see ya tomorrow, good night Alice and You too Pete" Zoe winked and touched Pete face which he moved away quickly.

"Good night" Alice said and Zoe crossed the street to her apartment.

 Pete breathed out in relieve and started fanning his face with his hands.

"Alice am doomed" Pete said and she laughed.

"Seems you guys already got along on her first day" Alice said And his eyes widened.

"What! Along? In your dreams, I just hope I never come across her tomorrow or I might pass out" 

"You are funny" Alice bursted out laughing.

"Am not, I am damn serious, so you were saying something these morning" Pete said getting serious and Alice smile faded.

"When you are in love with some one how do you feel?" Alice asked and he stared at her confusedly.

"Are you just asking about love?" Pete asked unbelievably.

"I can just leave if you can't answer me" Alice threatened and he held her hands immediately.

"No I will, actually you feel like you have no control over yourself again, you will always Want to become selfish, you feel like you are been soaked in water when you are with someone you love" Pete replied, actually all he was talking about was her.

  Alice mouth opened and didn't know what to say, these was exactly how she always felt around Javier, could it be that she was in love with him already?.

"Really?" Alice asked.

"Yea, who is these about?" Pete asked and she smiled.

"a cousin of mine, she has a friend which they are well close, my cousin has been doing things with these guy who seems to be showing the same affection, but her friend opened up that she loves the guy. my cousin don't want to hurt her friend but the guys keeps coming close to her and she didn't know she was falling slowly for him, these started causing a ruckus between the two friends, what can you say about that?" Alice spoke out all at once that Pete was starting to suspect.

"Is these really about your cousin?" Pete asked and Alice eye ball shook.

"Of course, we talked last night and she wanted an advice" Alice lied and Pete smiled.

"OK. tell your cousin that the heart can't be controlled, if her friend is in love with a guy who is in love with your cousin, then that friend doesn't have that right to get angry, and your cousin shouldn't hurt herself" Pete replied.

  Alice smiled and hugged him immediately, his body went stiffed and he swallowed getting all sweaty.

  Alice broke off from him still holding his hands.

"Thanks Pete, you just saved me from that girl" Alice said and Pete broke into a nervous smile.

  Alice suddenly felt someone pulled her away from Pete and she gasped , she turned and saw Javier glaring at Pete and holding her arms.

"Javier?" Alice called slowly looking all perked up and her face became red.

"What are you still doing out by these time?" Javier asked coldly still not taking his eyes away from Pete who glared back at him.

"I..I.. I was just about to go in," Alice muttered licking her lips.

"Get in"

"Wait, you can't just barge out and control me as you want, I am not a kid okay!" Alice snapped taking her hands from Javier and he stared at her, His eyes was red .

 She glared at him and walked away from them.

   Pete stared after Alice and in his heart he came to a conclusion, Alice was talking about herself.

"What are you doing with her?" Javier asked and Pete stared at him coldly.

"It Is none of your business, and she is my friend I have every right to be with her!" Pete snapped and Javier ruffled his hair, he doesn't know why he is mad right now, maybe seeing Alice getting all touchy with Pete got him mad.

"You are really crazy" Pete muttered.

"I like her okay, so stop getting all cozy with her" Javier said and Pete hands went cold immediately.

"But you said you don't like her"

"I know, maybe I was not decided, but truth be told, I like Alice , so just stop" Javier said in a husk voice and walked into the house..

 Pete eyes shook and he smiled sadly before also walking in, he has to hear from Alice first.
   Alice barged into her room angrily, 

"Who does he thinks he is uhh, to command me!" Alice fired sitting on her bed angrily.

  Few minutes later she heard a knock on the door and she stood to open it, she met Javier staring at her and she rolled her eyes going out of the room.

"Why are you hear?" Alice asked sternly and Javier sighed.

"I am sorry, I am sorry for pushing you that hard" Javier apologized.

"it okay, am good" Alice said and stared at her face.

"About yesterday are you still mad at me?" 

"You know , I..."

"Javier! Here you are!" Wendy called walking towards them and Alice rolled her eyes looking away.

"I need your help Javier" Wendy said smiling at him and he sighed.

"What do you want?" He asked calmly.

"In the kitchen, I want to pick something from the cabinet and my hands is not getting there , can you get it for me?" Wendy asked slowly.

 "Sure" Javier said and stared at Alice who fumed silently.

  Alice glared at them and Wendy gave her dangerous look, Alice sighed and walked back into her room.

  Wendy drew Javier with her.

Alice was feeling uncomfortable and decided to follow them.
"What are you getting from the cabinet?" Javier asked when they got to the kitchen.

"Banana flavor, it up there" Wendy giggled and Javier looked up, he placed his hands on the cabinet and brought out what she needed.

  Soon she hugged him from behind before he could turn and he shut his eyes turning to pull her away.

"Stop doing weird things" Javier groaned pushing her away gently and she rolled her eyes biting her lips seductively.

  "This is it" Javier said and dropped it on the sink before walking out.

   Wendy watched as he went out, she doesn't actually need the flavor, she sighted Alice in the living room and screamed holding her legs.

  Javier turned and rush towards her in alarm.

"What Is it? Are you okay?" Javier asked touching her arm and she groaned more like she was in pains.

"My legs, i was about walking when it went sprained" Wendy hissed slowly and he carried her up in a bridal style.

  He placed her on the couch in the living room and started massaging her legs slowly.

"Should get an ice bag?" he asked, Wendy stared at Alice who was standing by the stair case and smirked.

"No, I think your hands are doing the magic" Wendy moaned biting her lips, Javier became uncomfortable with her movements.

  Wendy suddenly pushed his hands off and climbed his legs, she slammed her lips eagerly on his and his eyes widened.

  Wendy kissed him hungrily and Javier heard footsteps rushing upstairs.

"What the fuck!" He snapped pulling away from Wendy who was still trying to forcefully kiss him.

"I love you please!" Wendy whimpered still trying to kiss him.

"I don't want to hurt you, so get away from me!" Javier growled getting angry.

"Why? Am I not beautiful? Tell me am I not?" Wendy said and took her hands into his clothes, he groaned and pushed her off forcefully and her butts landed On the floor.

"I warned you to stay away!" Javier fired and walked away, he remembered he heard footsteps upstairs and his eyes widened, wait could it be that Alice saw them?.

"Fuck!" He cursed and rushed upstairs.

  Wendy watched as he walked away and stood angrily from the floor, she is not going to back off, she Is never going to, she is going clear Alice out, maybe after that, Javier will look at her.
"Alice!" Javier yelled hitting on her door but she locked it from inside.

"Go away" Alice sniffed from inside and he was breathing.

"Please just open the door and hear me out" Javier said and the door opened immediately revealing tearing Alice, she had been crying.

"Alice.." he whispered and got into the room shutting the door, he hugged her immediately, Alice bursted out crying on his arms immediately, he rubbed her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Am sorry" he whispered silently and she pulled away from him staring at him with puffy eyes.

"Did you Also kiss her because you felt she wanted it?" Alice asked staring into his eyes and he stared at her unbelievably.

"Why are you saying these? I didn't kiss her, she did!" Javier defended.

"Why are you even defending yourself? Why am I crying? It Is not bad for you to kiss her, you can also fuck her for all I care" Alice fired and he shut his eyes tightly before opening them.

"Alice stop getting things wrong" 

"am i? I remembered you getting all cozy with Pete because we were together, don't I also have a right to get angry?" Alice snapped.

"Alice I..."

"Get out!" 

"Can we talk these out please"

"Just leave! My head is full!" Alice yelled and he raised his hands before walking out slowly.

"Good night" he whispered and shut the door.

  He rested his back on the door and his phone beeped, he brought his phone out and looked into it.

πŸ’¬The next board meeting for the announcement of the Heir is two days, you have to be there, you have to also come back preparedπŸ’¬

    From Landon, he sighed and pocket the phone before walking into his room.

"seems I caused a great havoc between the friends" Javier muttered taking off his clothes.

   Alice came downstairs slowly , her eyes was red and puffy, even when she used foundation and mascara to hide the darkness of her eyes.

    She didn't Want to come across Javier so she came out earlier.

  She met Wendy also walking out of the house and she sighed .

"Did you love the show last night?" Wendy asked with a smirked.

  Alice intended not to say anything to her, she pushed past her and walked out of the house.

  She sighed and looked up to see Pete staring at her in an awkward way.

  She rolled her eyes and walked towards him.

"Morning" Pete greeted as they both made their way to the bus station together.

"Hi" Alice muttered, Pete became worried at how horrible she looked.

"Are you okay?" Pete asked worriedly.

"Yes am good"

"Alice?" Pete called as he stopped walking and faced her , she also stopped walking.

"It's you right? The cousin you were talking about, that is you right?" Pete asked looking Into her wandering red eyes.

   Alice blinked nervously and looked away from his eyes.

"Yes, I am the one" Alice muttered and he shut his eyes in pain.

"You are in love with Javier? And Wendy is hating you because of that?" Pete asked 

"yea, I don't even know what to do, I am so confused, hurting my best friend or hurting myself, I am confused" Alice sniffed slowly.

 Pete smiled and placed his hands on her shoulder.

"Follow your heart Alice, don't be weak, this is the time you need to be strong, and it seems Javier also loves you" Pete said, though he was not happy but he can't lie to her.

 Alice eyes widened immediately.

"You think so?" Alice asked Fastly.

"Yes, I found out last night, He was jealous, and he said it himself, so don't do mistakes trying to please your friend" Pete said and she blinked back her tears.

   She has been hurting him all these while not knowing she was also hurting herself.

  A car stopped by their side and Alice and Pete turned to look at the  Red sport car, the door opened and a guy walked up to them.

"my boss would love to see you" He said and Pete stared at Alice who also stare back at him.

"your boss? I think you stopped the wrong person" Alice said.

"Of course not, he stopped the right person" Ken said coming out of the car and Alice eyes widened.

 She staggered backwards as she felt her hands shaking, Pete was fast in holding her but someone else took her away from Pete and held her waist to himself.

  Alice looked up and found Javier glaring at Ken angrily, although he was putting on a face cap.

"Who are you?" Javier asked with a deep voice.

  Ken laughed and stared at Javier hands on Alice waist, she was shaking and all she seeks for was comfort.

 Pete just stood in confusion watching the scene in front of him.

"Who the hell do you think you are to ask me who I am, I am Her lover, didn't she tell you?" Ken fired and Alice stare at him slowly.

"I am not your lover, I hate you" Alice sniffed and tears rolled down her eyes, Javier immediately understood what was happening, he is the bastard he couldn't wait to meet.

"Here" Javier said handing Alice to Pete and Pete held her closely.

  Javier walked close to Ken look at his feet, though Javier Is taller and broader.

"You are the bastard right?" Javier asked slowly looking up, the guy with Ken rushed towards them but Ken raised his hands to stop him.

"Did she tell you about me already? She must love me a lot, she is even weak and down because of me, I really imprinted myself in her" Ken smirked.

  His words angered Javier and he punched his face angrily which sent him flying to his car.

"you bastard!" Javier growled.

"Boss!" The guy rushed to Ken and carried him up, Ken lips was bursted and he wiped his bloody mouth.

"You dare to hit me? Do you know who I am?" Ken asked dangerously, Javier also took his hands to His face cap but stopped.

  What if Ken was working for his uncle and Drake.

"If you also know who I am , you wouldn't try to pull these stunts, fucking stay away from her or I cut off your balls" Javier growled.

  Ken chuckled still touching his lips,

"You will regret ever crossing me, and you Sugar plum, I will come back for you" Ken smirked at The Shivering Alice and went into his car.

 The other guy also rushed to the driver seat and the car zoomed off.

  Javier sighed and balled his fist slowly, he turned and walked towards Pete and Alice.

"Are you okay?" Javier asked Touching her arms and she nodded rushing into his arms

"Yes I am fine" Alice muttered wrapping her hands around his waist. he hugged her back and kissed her hair.

"It okay, I will protect you"

"Can someone explain what just happened right now?" Pete said hurtfully watching them.

"I will, we should leave before we Get late" Alice said pulling away from Javier but he held her back.

"Stop been weak when around him okay! You can fight him off your head" Javier said looking into her eyes.

  Alice nodded her head immediately and he smiled fixing her hair behind her ears.

"Till you Get back" Javier said smiling.

"OK bye" Alice said 

"Pete we should leave, we are late" Alice said to Pete and Pete glanced at Javier before walking away with Alice.

  Javier sighed, he doesn't know how to break the news of him leaving today to her, he just don't want to hurt her.

Episode 23&24

  Javier walked back into the house, he took out his phone to text Landon.

 πŸ’¬ Find about Ken, I don't actually know his real name but if you find anything send me picturesπŸ’¬

   He sighed after the message was sent, Ken seems like a dangerous person to him and he is scared, he felt like the bastard is going to hurt Alice.

  He came across Wendy who was also going out and he walked passed her but she stopped him.

"Don't tell me you are angry about last night?"  Wendy asked looking into his eyes and he took off his face cap staring at her face clearly.

"Are you having hatred towards your friend because of me?" Javier asked coldly and she rolled her eyes.

"Hatred? Did she tell you that?" Wendy scoffed.

"Of course not, because it is clear, I don't love you, and I can never love you, what ever you have for me should die and don't make it destroy you and the good relationship you have with Alice!" Javier said sternly.

  Wendy folded her hands together in anger staring at him.

"So are you saying am the bad person here? Is it bad that I fell in love with you?"

"that is not love, this is obsession!"

"But I do love you, am a good person, you can't choose her over me, I saved you from the woods! Can't you use that as an appreciation?" Wendy said and he became quiet.

"I know I really owe you a lot, I really appreciate you saving me, but it still can't work , I can't love you" Javier said quietly and walked upstairs.

  Wendy stomped her feet's on the floor angrily, she will do everything to have him, and she meant it.

   Javier sat on the bed and started picking out things that he would need from the wardrobe before Landon calls.

 His phone beeped and he opened it.

πŸ’¬I will come pick you up by 6pm, wait at the Cafe we met last timeπŸ’¬

  Javier read the message and dropped his phone.

"I will come back for you Alice, I will" Javier muttered rubbing his face fondly.

  Pete and Alice walked into the restaurants together and Met Zoe smiling face.

"Good morning guys!" Zoe greeted and hugged Alice.

"Morning Zoe, how are you doing?" Alice asked breaking the hug.

"Am good, you don't look good, did something happen? Was it that Bitch of a Wendy?" Zoe asked and Pete scoffed.

"Alice we will talk later" Pete muttered and walked away leaving them.

"stop calling her that!" Alice scolded and Zoe rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe she is fighting over a friend who cares less about her" Zoe muttered slowly but Alice heard It.

"You said what?" 

"umm nothing," Zoe lied and Alice sighed.

"Zoe, if you see a woman with the man you love getting all touchy with him, what is that uncomfortable feeling in your heart?" Alice asked and Zoe fixed her fingers on her lips.

"Jealous, you are jealous" Zoe grinned.

"Tell me about him, common I thought we were friends" Zoe pleaded.

"No, we just met, bye" Alice said heading to the dressing room but Zoe held her hands walking beside her.

  Alice groaned frustratedly.

"Common! Tell me about it!" Zoe purred like a baby and Alice faced her slowly when they got to the dressing room.

"Zoe how old are you?" Alice asked changing.

"I am 23, and my younger brother is 20"

"I never asked for your brother's age" Alice murmured.

"but you don't seriously look okay, is something bothering you?" Zoe asked looking serious and Alice sighed.

"Am good seriously" Alice said faking a smile.

"Hmm okay, I won't disturb you about it, see ya around" Zoe winked and walked out of the dressing room.

  Alice sighed and rested her back on the locker.

"She is really trying real hard" Alice muttered and she suddenly thought of Javier.

  She smiled and touched her chest, she wished he was by her side, she really missed their bickering.

  She sighed and swiftly walked out of the dressing room.
 "I can help you with that" Zoe said to Pete as he picked a menu and she grabbed it with him.

  Pete stared at her hands on the same Menu with him and look back at her.

"Let go of the Menu" Pete said, Zoe didn't look intimidated ,instead she stared at him in the eyes.

"No I won't Pete, common let's be friends" Zoe pouted her lips and he frowned 

"Why are you always getting in my way huh!?" 

"Because I want us to be friends, think about it buddy" Zoe winked and touched his hair before walking away from him and he stared after her as she walked.

"First was my chest, second my face, and now my hair, What Audacity!"Pete almost yelled breathing heavily.

  He wiped his nose and took the menu away, even if God wants to punish him for his sin, it should not be sending Zoe to his life.

  Ken kicked the things in his room in anger, he touched his bleeding lips and laughed out like a psycho.

"Boss, here" his second hand man Mico said handing some pills and water to him.

  Ken took the drugs from him and threw them in his mouth swallowing it before drinking water.

  Instead of giving the glass cup back to Mico, he threw it on the wall which made it broke into pieces on the floor.

"Arrghhh!" He yelled ruffling his hair angrily.

"Just be calm, we can go after him if you want" Mico suggested.

"No, I want my Alice! Get where she leaves for me!" Ken yelled , his face was red as a result from anger.

"OK boss" Mico Bowed and walked out of the room.

   Ken searched his wardrobe and brought out some drugs , he started swallowing each fastly.

"Wait for me Alice, wait for me!" He groaned laughing out loud.


   Landon put on his normal wears and called Nick aside.

"Is the car ready?" Landon whispered to Nick so no one would hear them.

"Yes, and I already booked the hotel, here is the key" Nick said giving the key to Landon.

  Landon took it from him and fixed it in his pocket.

"I will be back" he said and Nick nodded.

    Landon got into the car in the compound and drove out of the mansion, he stopped at a place where there is another parked car by the road.

  He got out of the White car and got into the Black Jeep that was parked to avoid been traced.

  He then texted Nick.

πŸ’¬you can come pick the carπŸ’¬ Landon sighed and started riding to Bijarim.
   Javier checked his watch as he waited for Landon to arrive, he was holding a small backpack, wearing a face cap and nose mask.

  Soon a black tinted jeep stopped by his side and the door opened.

"Get in!" Landon said from the driver seat, Javier quickly got into the car with him and shut the car door.

"Hi" Javier muttered.

  Landon started the ride and drove off.

"You don't look well, what is the problem?" Landon asked facing the road.

"It's nothing, where are we going to?" Javier asked staring at him.

"at a hotel, don't worry, it isn't one of yours" Landon assured and he sighed nodding.

"So did you Get any news on the Ken?"

  Landon stretched his phone to Javier who took it from him.

"Is that the guy you are asking about?" Landon asked focusing.

 Javier looked at the pictures showing him and he nodded.

"yes it him" Javier replied.

"That is Ken Walton, 29, a drug dealer, he has several drug cases on him but he has his ways of escaping all the cases"  Landon explained and Javier balled his fist angrily.

"That bastard" Javier growled angrily.

"Why did you ask about him?"

"Never mind" Javier said going quiet.

 Landon nodded and the remaining of the ride became quiet.


   Landon stopped the car in front of the hotel, it was really huge , Landon brought out the key to the room and number from his pocket and stretched it to him.

"here, this is the key, and room number, I will come pick you up tomorrow, you should be ready before 7AM , your suit and shoe is inside the room" Landon said as Javier took the key and paper from him.

"Tomorrow" Javier said opening the car door.

"Avoid been seen these night please" Landon pleaded.

"Alright, Good night" Javier walking out of the car.

   Landon smiled and as he watched him walked into the hotel.
   Javier successfully got into his hotel room  and locked the door, he threw his backpack on the cushion in room before walking towards the window to look at the city.

  He tucked his fingers into his trouser pocket, his face looked so dangerously scary at the moment.

 Tomorrow was the day, he is going to make Drake and Uncle Carl reap where they sow.

  He thought about Alice and wondered and how she will be faring right now, he brought out his phone and entered their messages.

  He contemplated whether to text her or not, he suddenly started typing.

πŸ’¬am sorry Alice, for leaving without letting you know, I just don't want to see you hurt or worried about me, i have things to take care of at the company ,am sorryπŸ’¬ he sighed after sending the message.

  He threw his phone on the bed and took off his shoes and clothes before walking into the bathroom.
  Alice and Pete stood in front of her apartment, Zoe already left.

"So, about what you wanted telling me these morning , who was that man?" Pete said staring at her, his fingers were in his pocket.

  Alice smiled shortly and stared at her fingers.

"when I was 17, My dad brought Ken in  introducing him as his friend's son, it started when he started making advances towards me, then one night Mum and Dad was absent, he tried all he could, naked me and slapped me repeatedly just to make his way with me" Alice paused and smiled sadly.

"Did he succeed?" Pete asked anxiously.

"No, I fought my way away from him, thanks to my pepper spray and Table knife, I was able to inflict a scar on his thigh, just as He did to me emotionally" Alice said and Pete smiled touching her hair.

"You are really one hell of a strong girl Alice" 

"I know,"

"What about Wendy? What are you going to do about her? Aren't you scared she might hurt you?"  Pete asked worriedly .

"Common I will be fine, and I don't care about her any more" Alice said ,just then her phone beeped and she swiped it opened.

  A message from Javier? She entered it immediately.

πŸ’¬am sorry Alice, for leaving without letting you know, I just don't want to see you hurt or worried about me, i have things to take care of at the company ,am sorryπŸ’¬ 

  Alice eyes watered immediately, her heart started racing and her eyes burned as she went stiffed.

"No, It can't be, Javier.." She whispered.

"Alice? What is wrong?"  Pete asked.

  Alice looked up and his eyes met her teary eyes.

"Javier..he ...no it can't be" Alice cried and turned running into her apartment.

"Alice wait!" Pete yelled rushing after her.

"Javier!" Alice yelled rushing into his room, but it looked empty.

"No you can't leave me, you should have told me!" Alice cried as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Alice!" She heard Pete voice and she rushed back down stairs running around the kitchen and living room like an insane person.

"Javier! Javier!" She yelled in tears..

 Pete draw her hands and held her shoulders holding her in place.

"What happened?" Pete asked staring at Her teary face.

"He left, He left without even saying a good bye" Alice sniffed and started hiccupping, Pete sighed and hugged her slowly.

  Alice poured her Tears on his shirts.

"It okay"

"he should have said a good bye, even if he doesn't feel what I feel, he should respect what happened between us" Alice cried bitterly.

  Soon the door opened and Wendy walked in looking enraged.

"What did I just hear you say?" Wendy fired walking towards them.

 Alice stepped away from Pete and faced Wendy.

"Isn't these what you wanted? For him to leave right?" Wendy fired at her again, Alice wiped her eyes and glared at Wendy angrily.

"Will you just stop been a fool for once! What the hell is wrong with you! I thought we were friends!" Alice fired back.

"Girls stop these !" Pete said holding Alice away from Wendy but she pushed his hands off.

"let go of me!" Alice yelled.

"You betrayal! You fucked him already right?" Wendy asked and Alice laughed.

"Are you jealous he didn't do the same with you? You know I thought you were going to change but I think Zoe was right, what is the point caring for a bitch who doesn't do the same!" Alice sniggered and Wendy balled her fist.

"I brought Javier! And that makes him mine!"

 These angered Alice and she slapped her hard on the face, Wendy held her face in shock , Pete stood in between them immediately.

"Am done trying to please you Wendy, if you don't want peace so shall it be!" Alice snapped and Wendy rushed to her immediately and started pulling Alice hair.

  Alice grabbed her hands and took them off her hair, she was about pouncing on Wendy when Pete forcefully carried her out of the house.

"Leave me alone let me pounce on that bitch!" Alice yelled.

"Will you stop it! And Get back to your senses!" Pete yelled at her and she became calmed immediately.

" Stay here!" Pete ordered and walked back into the house to meet an enraged Wendy.

"Why did you take her away! I wanted killing her!" Wendy yelled angrily, her left side was red from the slap Alice gave her.

"Just fucking shut it! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Making an enemy out of your best friend because of a man who doesn't even love you?!" Pete yelled at her face and she swallowed.

"You are taking her side right? because She is closer to you?" Wendy asked almost angrily.

"I am taking her side because you are the fool here! Javier can never look at you, don't you get it? You are only destroying yourself!"

"And who are you to tell me that! Javier loves me, because I saved him! I know you love Alice, why are you pretending to help her!" Wendy snapped and he rubbed his forehead tiredly.

"That is because I can't force her into loving me, her heart chooses who she wants, why can't you just stop all these and come over it" Pete said softly.

  Wendy glared at him.

"No , I am not giving up!" She screamed and rushed upstairs.

  Pete sighed and rubbed his forehead tiredly.

"This is really serious" Pete muttered and turned to leave,but stopped when he saw Alice phone on the floor, he picked it slowly and stared at the screen which was slightly cracked.

  He walked out with the phone and met Alice hitting one of her legs on the floor.

"Hey" Pete called,and she turned, although he looked worn out.

"I need to get back in" Alice said.

"I don't think you can sleep in that house, Wendy is really desperate" Pete said handing her phone to her and she took it from him.

"Don't worry , I will be fine" Alice said and walked past him into the House.

  Pete sighed and walked towards his own apartment.
  Alice walked into her room and Locked the door, she rested her back on the door and closed her eyes.

  She walked to her bed and picked Lucky Cutie from where she had kept It.

"What should I do Lucky? Javier left without a good bye, with out even letting me confess my love, and now Wendy and I are enemies, what should I do?" Alice sniffed with tears coming down her eyes.

  She hugged the Teddy which reminded her of Javier so much.
  She wished she could find him, and go to him, she wiped her tears and lay down with lucky cuddled in her hands.

"Good night Lucky" Alice whispered and dosed off.

Episode 27&28


  Drake stormed into Carl's office and shut the door behind himself.

  Carl looked up from his system and frowned at Drake who sat opposite him.

"Why did you come into my office in such manners?" Carl snapped and Drake rolled his eyes .

"Uncle we need to discuss, you saw what happened yourself, Javier is back!" Drake snarled and Carl sighed.

"Do you think I have also not been thinking?"

"You should think, I thought you said your boys killed him, so why is he out there, all fine and alive?" Drake asked furiously.

  Carl balled his fist On the table as he stared at the raging Drake.

"Am sure they did, but what I don't get is how come he is alive, i am Also mad right now!" Carl yelled at him and Drake calmed.

"Yelling at each other is not the best solution here, the only solution is to tackle these," Carl said calmly.

"So what do you think we should do?" Drake asked .

"We should think of a way to end him, he can't take over the company, it rightfully belongs to you" 

"Uncle can I ask you a question?" Drake asked and Carl urged him to go on.

"Why are you helping me? Why are you so adamant on killing Javier when you can actually kill me and let him take over" Drake asked and Carl eyes held emotions immediately. 
"when the time comes you will know, all I know is you are the rightful hair" Carl said and Drake sighed.

 "just avoid acting suspicious" 

"But he looks different now, his aura is different , and when I saw him staring at me for a second I have the feelings he found out but I was wrong, I don't think so" Drake said remembering Javier's stares at the office.

"it okay boy, he shouldn't scare you , okay?" Carl assured.

"Yes uncle"
    Javier walked out of his office after he was done wrapping things up.

 He met Landon and Nick waiting outside already.

"What about Dad?" Javier asked Landon as they started walking towards the Elevator.

"He left already, you have to see your mom" Landon replied, and he pressed the Elevator button so they could all get in.

"Nick is my room ready?" Javier asked staring at Nick.

"Yes Boss, we cleaned up every single thing in the room" Nick replied.

"Great" Javier muttered and stared at his watch.

*ding!* the elevator stopped and the door opened.

 They all walked out of the Elevator and staffs Bowed their head when they saw Javier.

  Javier kept his head up straight , they heard footsteps and he turned, he stopped walking when he saw it was Carl.

 He grinded his teeth as Carl walked towards him with his body guards.

  Landon noticed how tensed and angry Javier looked and touched His sides.

  The three bowed immediately Carl stopped in front of them.

"Uncle..." Javier said faking a smile as he stared at Carl.

"Javier! I am glad to see you" Carl said with a smile.

"I am happy to see you too uncle,"

"How have you been? I am glad you are okay, how about a drink tonight?" 

"Ooh I wish I could do that, but I need to be with mom tonight" Javier said slowly and he immediately saw something like relieve in Carl eyes.

"OK, there is always a next time right?" Carl said 

"yes uncle, Jilja (good night)" Javier said bowing and Carl nodded his head with a smile.

  Javier turned and left Landon and Nick also bowed before leaving with Javier.

  Carl boiled slowly as he watched them left, he turned to one of his body guard and gesture for him to come forward.

"Summon Stone at the mansion right now!" Carl said and the Guard nodded with a bow.

  Javier walked out of the car and Faced Landon.

"You guys can wait" Javier said he nodded.

  Javier walked into the house and met his mom Rosie yelling at the maids.

"that mustn't break! Be careful with  The food, my son will soon be here be fast!" Rosie snapped , the maids  became really fast and Javier chuckled immediately.

It is nice seeing her again.

"mom?" Javier called walking towards the dinning, Rosie turned and her eyes shone happily, she rushed and jumped on him happily , Javier caught his mom in a bridal style who started sputtering kisses on his face including his lips.

"My son! It is really you! You are back!". Rosie cried happily and he smiled dropping her carefully but she wouldn't let him go.

"I missed you mom" 

"I miss you more, seeing you will make me live longer" Rosie said wiping her tears.

πŸ‘₯it is really Javier..

πŸ‘₯he is alive,

πŸ‘₯am happy to see him again..

  The maids gossiped and Rosie glared at them immediately.

"Will you all keep quiet!" Rosie snapped, Javier touched Rosie hand slowly.

"common, let's go and eat" Rosie giggled childishly and draw him with her, she sat him down and gave him a napkin.

   Javier almost laughed at how his mom acted, she is acting like his girlfriend right now.

  the maids rushed to serve him but Rosie stopped them.

"Don't worry, I will serve my son" Rosie said and Javier laughed slightly.

"You are here" they Matt's voice from the stairs and they both turned.

"Dad.." Javier called and wanted standing but Rosie sat him back.

"Don't stress your self!" Rosie snapped , Matt rolled his eyes and sat at the head of the table.

"When did you Get in?" Matt asked.

"Not long ago" Javier replied.

  Rosie was done serving him and she sat , Matt frowned and stared at her.

"Won't you serve mine too?" Matt asked, Rosie scoffed not taking her eyes from Javier.

"The maids can do that, today is all about my boy" Rosie winked and Javier smiled, he stared eating immediately.

"This is unbelievable" Matt muttered as the maids served him.

"Please let my son eat," Rosie said and stood to stand close to Javier.

  She started rubbing his hair like a baby and he whined.

"Mom!..." Javier whined with food in his mouth.

"just eat okay, we have alot to talk about" Rosie said, Matt just watched them with a smile.

   Alice walked into the house slowly, she walked straight to the fridge and brought out a cup of Noodles, her eyes caught with the Jjanjangnyeom and picked Radish in the freezer and her eyes itched, he wasn't even calling her.

  She dropped the noodles immediately to stopped thinking about him, she just took milkshake and turned to leave but Met Wendy glaring at her.

   Alice sighed, she was not ready for any fights tonight, she made to walk pass Wendy but she blocked her and Alice stared at her face.

"what is it?" Alice asked.

"Javier is the heir to a big company,you knew about it right?" Wendy asked.

 Alice gave her an uncaring look.

"Yes , is there a problem with that?"  

"Why do you always have to have and know everything?" Wendy yelled at her.

"That is because it Is me" Alice replied.

"Do you think he will even think of you again? Am sure he must he flirting with some rich girl right now," Wendy smirked.

  Alice eye balls shook but she kept up a straight face .

"And do you think that bothers me? If you don't have anything better to say, good night" Alice said calmly and walked past her .

  Wendy fumed watching as Alice left angrily.

"When will I Get Done with her" Wendy mumbled angrily and went to pick a drink from the freezer.
   Alice rested her back on the door  after she got to her room.

 She threw her bag angrily on the floor as the tears she had been holding fell.

  Maybe Wendy was right, he must be flaunting with some rich girls now, maybe she was forgotten to the extend he wasn't even calling her.

Her phone rang and she took her bag from the floor, she pulled her phone out from the bag and stared at the screen.

  It was an unknown number, she picked it and raised it to her ears.

* Hello?* Alice said , but the background was silent, she wasn't hearing anything and she frowned.

*hello?* Alice said again, but still yet , silence, the call ended and she scoffed throwing her phone on the bed.

 she wiped her eyes and walked to the bathroom.

   Javier ended the call and dropped his phone on the bed.

At least he got to hear Alice voice and she is okay.

   He decided to call her with another number.

  He walked downstairs to get a drink, he missed his home so much, but it felt like it was empty even when Alice hasn't been here before.

 He went to his drink bar and brought out a bottle of champagne, he took a glass from the stands and poured some wine inside before raising to his mouth and sipped slightly.

  He smiled thinking of when they went out to drink together.

 He heard footsteps and looked up to see Landon.

"Why are you drinking Alone?" Landon asked pouring himself some wine and Javier sighed.

"Landon i think I am going crazy" Javier said staring at Landon and Landon frowned.

"Crazy? But the person sitting before me is very well okay" Landon said.

  Javier ruffled his hair.

"I am crazy emotionally, I am in love Landon, I am fucking in love!" Javier almost yelled and Landon dropped his glass staring at Javier in surprise.

"Wait..what!?" Landon said unbelievably.

"That was Why i said you have gone crazy, madam Rosie would be very happy to hear that her son has finally fallen" 

"This Is not a joke" Javier scolded and Landon breathed out.

"Ok...OK.. Who is she?" Landon asked.

  Javier broke into a smile as all he could imagine was Alice beautiful face.

"My Lioness, Alice,"

"The lioness you mentioned at the coffee shop?" 

"Yea, her friend was the one who saved me, at first she was cruel, so I found her interesting, but I later noticed she was the most sweetest and kindest person ever, we kissed twice, but I did a mistake.." Javier said and drank the whole content before facing Landon who was listening attentively to him.

"What was your mistake?" Landon asked.

"Bye leaving her without a good bye, by not telling her how I felt before leaving" Javier smiled sadly.

"That is a lot, but you left for a reason, she might understand if you explain things to her"

"But I felt I hurt her a lot, I can't imagine seeing her looking at me with anger"

"The Javier I know is a very strong man, why don't you proof that man you are" Landon said and he faced Landon.


"Tell her how you feel, go back to her" 

"Go back to Bijarim?"

"Yea, but I can help you" Landon said with a smirk.

   Javier mind became filled with what Landon was up to.

  He shrugged and poured himself another drink.

"Your wish" Javier muttered.

    Carl kicked Stone's leg and he groaned falling hard on the floor.

"How can you be so useless!" Carl yelled angrily.

  The other boys shifted so Carl wouldn't include them in his anger.

    Stone bowed his head slowly.

"But we made sure he was dead" Stone said slowly.

"What nonsense are you saying! The Bastard you claimed you killed is out there! He is fucking out there!" Carl yelled and rubbed his nose angrily.

"You know what! I regretted ever hiring you! You are useless! Just leave my sight! Right now!" Carl yelled and Stone sprinted up immediately.

 He bowed and rushed out of the sitting room , the remaining guards also rushed out.

  Carl kicked the cushion angrily.

"Damn you! Damn you Javier!" He snarled breathing heavily.


  Alice got into the dressing room and Met Zoe looking all down,  she became worried , Zoe has never been in such a mood before.

  She walked towards her and touched her shoulder.

  Zoe faced her immediately and smiled when she saw Alice.

"Good morning" Zoe greeted .

"Morning, what's wrong? You look down today, that Is so unusual of you" Alice said and Zoe shrugged.

"Ooh, I never knew it was that obvious" Zoe said.

"Of course it is. so tell me , what's wrong?"

"my boyfriend broke up," Zoe said sadly,

"Why? What happened?" Alice asked shaking her eyes.

"I refused having sex with him, that is funny" Zoe laughed even in her sadness.

"Common stop thinking already, he  doesn't deserve you, no man would break up with the woman he loves because of sex" Alice mouthed.

  Zoe smiled and hugged her closely.

"Thanks Alice," Zoe sniffed and Alice patted her back.

"Common its nothing, just get back to work okay"
"What is wrong with Zoe?, she looks off" Pete asked Alice as he watched Zoe serving the customers, he suddenly missed her bickering.

"she will be fine" Alice sighed.

"What about you? Are you fine?" Pete asked facing her and she took her lips into her mouth slowly.

"Fine? I don't think so, because whenever I want to stop thinking about him, I always ended up thinking more of him and falling deeply In love as the Day goes by" Alice said smiling slightly.

  Pete bite his lips slowly, he needs a drink tonight, he needs to totally forget about her.

"tomorrow is weekend, are you going for a run?" Pete asked.

"Sure, I am"  Alice replied and He rubbed her hair slightly.

"You will be fine" Pete said and she smiled lightly...

Episode 25&26



   Javier came out of the hotel looking all hot and handsome in his dark suits, his hair was gelled backwards and his dark and silky hair shone.

  The hotel Attendance all opened their mouth in shock On seeing Javier.

πŸ‘₯Javier Smith?

πŸ‘₯He is alive?

πŸ‘₯this is not possible!

  People screams was heard and his pictures were been taken, he didn't mind any of those and walked out of the hotel to meet Landon and Nick coming out of the car.

"Welcome back Boss" Nick said with a bow.

  Javier nodded and faced Landon.

"Are you ready?" Landon asked him.

"Yea, we should leave" Javier said and Landon touched his shoulders .

"Be strong" Landon said with a smile and went into the car, Javier also got into the car with him.

  Nick went to the driver seat and started the car.

  Nick stopped the car at the main parking lots and securities rushed towards their car thinking it was a worker.

   Landon got out of the car first and went to the other side to open the car door for Javier, Javier legs stepped on the floor first , and then his head followed as he fully came out of the car.

    The securities mouth dropped opened in shock and their eyes widened, most of them guns dropped on the floor.

 Nick also came out and the three started walking into the main entrance of the company, Javier walked majestically with a hard expression on his face.

  Screams were heard as he walked in , and it caused commotions, some Staffs passed out immediately they set their eyes on Javier.

  Javier chuckled silently and they got to the elevator, Landon pressed the button and they all entered.

"Good luck!" Landon whispered touching his shoulders and he nodded touching his wristwatch.

"But you can't say anything about them trying to kill you at the board so it won't bring a bad name to the company" Landon adviced.

" I wasn't planning to do that anyways, it is family matters" Javier replied 

"Great then"

   Drake walked into Carl office to meet him arranging his suits.

"Good morning uncle" Drake greeted walking towards him.

"morning, are you ready to be called the heir of Smith's enterprise?" Carl asked with a smirk.

  Drake smiled and nodded.

"What if he doesn't make me one, you know how much I am obsessed with these position" Drake said and Carl placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Trust Me, you will be the heir, now let's go for the meeting"  Carl said and walked passed Drake.

  Drake smiled and Also walked out of the office.


   Matt sat on the head chair same as the others, he looked really worried but no one knows why.

"The meeting starts now.." Director Baek announced and everywhere became silent.

"Actually we are here today to appoint the new heir of SMITH'S enterprise, before that does anyone have anything to say?" Matt asked looking around, his eyes met with Carl's and Carl Gave him a cold look which he returned.

     Nobody answered and everyone began looking at themselves.

   Matt sighed and balled his fist slowly.

"OK, the new heir of The Smith's enterprise is...."

"President Smith! President smith!.." A body guard ran in Immediately, he was breathing heavily and the Directors all turned to the bodyguard at once.

"Why would you enter a board meeting room?" Drake snapped at the body guard who bowed his head immediately.

"General Director is here, he is alive, I saw him with my own eyes!" The guard panted and Matt stared at him in confusion.

  The directors started murmuring while Carl and Drake shared an uncomfortable look with each other.

"What are you saying?" Drake asked immediately.

"What he is saying is that I am back!" The door opened revealing Javier, he stood with Authority with Nick and Landon by his sides.

  Matt eyes almost pulled put immediately, Drake and Carl stood from their chair in shock, the board members also stood in shock , leaving only Matt sitting.

"Javier?" Matt called in shock.

  Javier bowed and walked up to where his father was.

"Dad" Javier said and Matt stood up immediately, he touched his face to be sure he was the one in his front.

"Javier are you really the one?" Matt asked in a shaking voice.

"I am the one Dad" Javier said and opened his wrist where there was a birth mark and everyone gasped including Drake and Carl.

πŸ‘₯it is really him.

πŸ‘₯how is these possible?

πŸ‘₯Javier is Alive?

  the board room became noisy, Carl eyes couldn't stop staring in shock and Drake hands was shaking.

"It is really you! It is you!" Matt said and hugged him tightly, Javier hugged him back and relax his head on his father's shoulder.

"I am back dad, I am back to take my place" Javier muttered, Matt broke the hug and faced the members with Javier.

  Javier stared at Drake who couldn't stop shaking and he smirked and glared at him at the same Time, He also stared at Carl and walked towards him.

"Uncle" Javier said with a smile and bowed at him.

  Carl was startled and finally got himself back.

"Javier , how did it happen? You were buried!" Carl said unbelievably.

"I can't die uncle..." Javier said slowly and walked back to where his father was standing not before sharing a glance with Drake.

"Welcome general Director" the board members all chorused at the same time.

"Thank you, I am glad I am able to stand before you again, thanks" Javier said with a smile.

"So since the heir Is back, I guess things should go back to Normal, My heir Is back!" Matt said happily.

"The meeting ends" The secretary announces and everyone stood up.

  Javier stared at Matt and they smiled at each other.

  The news was everywhere, pictures of Javier was seen On news , TV and phones.

πŸ‘₯what the heir is Alive?

πŸ‘₯i thought he was buried?

πŸ‘₯who was the body buried then?

  Murmurings and whispers was heard in the restaurant.

  Alice was busy taking a straw berry silently, she was standing with Pete who looked worried at her silent behaviors.

"What are they talking about?" Pete asked staring at the customers and staffs who were all focused on their phones.

"Oh my God! Alice! Have you seen the news?" Zoe yelled rushing towards them and Pete sighed.

"What news?" Alice muttered still not looking up from her strawberry.

"A shocking miracle happened, a shocking one!" Zoe giggled happily.

"Just say it Already and stop keeping us in suspense". Pete scolded.

" I wasn't talking to you before, Here!" Zoe said and raised her phone to their faces.

"The Heir to Smith Enterprise who was dead and buried about a week ago is back , he is alive!" Zoe screamed and Alice turned to her immediately.

  She missed him, she missed him so much, not able to bump into him these morning hurts a lot.

  Pete saw the picture and it kinda look familiar, He took Zoe phone from her hands and read the article before viewing the picture.

* the Smith's enterprise Heir Javier Smith is Alive*

  Pete eyes widened immediately and he stood straight going into the pictures and zoomed them to be sure of who he was seeing.

"Jav..Javier?!" Pete almost yelled In shock, Zoe stared at him confusedly and Alice didn't look surprised.

"Alice? It's Javier! It him!" Pete yelled and stared at her. he noticed she didn't look surprised and he frowned.

"Did you know about these?" Pete asked and she stare at him.

"Yea I knew, " Alice mumbled and dropped the straw berry, she sniffed and walked towards the Restroom.

"Do you know him?" Zoe asked Pete whose mouth was still opened from shock.

  Zoe took her phone from him immediately and he stare at her.

"Yea, I know him real well, how is these even possible?" 

 "what Is wrong with Alice?" Zoe asked worriedly.

  Pete didn't answer her instead he was in deep thoughts, Zoe rolled her eyes and walked away from his side.

  Pete mind suddenly went to when he gave his shoes to Javier...

*i can even buy these entire building if not for my condition*  he remembered Javier words and he shut his eyes.

  So he was talking with someone these big all these while, that means he never lost his memories, Alice knew about it.

  That was when everything happening started arranging itself in his head.

"Fuck!" Pete muttered and went back to work.
  Alice pushed the Rest room door opened and rushed to the sink, she held it tight and bursted into tears, she cried slowly as she thought about Javier.

  She brought out her phone and checked the news, truly he was there, he was looking all rich and handsome, powerful and dark Aura around him.

 Alice sniffed and smiled sadly.

"Would he even think about me again? He looks okay " she muttered staring at the pictures.

"Am I crazy? He can't come back to an ordinary girl like me" Alice said and dropped her phone back in her pocket before bursting into another tears.

  She turned on the water and washed her face, she misses him, she missed him so much.
  Wendy frowned when she heard the murmurings, she just finished serving her last customer, she saw Blair and Tina looking into their phones and she walked towards them.

"What are you guys staring at?" Wendy asked and they looked up at her, They looked at each other in surprise.

"Did you just ask us something?" Tina asked surprised.

"Just don't worry" Wendy scoffed and moved away from them bringing out her own phone.

"She is strange" Blair muttered and focused her phone.

  Wendy got into the news and she frowned at what she was seeing.

* The Heir to Smith's Enterprise Javier smith is Alive and back* Wendy read and her heart started racing in her chest.

  She stare at the pictures and she was shocked to see Javier pictures.

"What is these?" Wendy muttered unbelievably , she stared closely more at the picture and that was Javier staring more clearly at her.

"Javier? He is really the one! He is the heir to that big company!" Wendy gasped in shock.

  So they had a rich man living under them all these while, why does she suddenly felt like Alice knew about these.

   Javier is so damn rich, these just made her fall more for him, and she is going to have him. She started going through his Biograph's.

PRESIDENT SMITH was boldly written at the name glass On the table.

  Matt was sitting across Javier on the cushion In the office.

"Do you need coffee?" Javier asked going to brew coffee.

"Yes, I think that would be good for our discussion" Matt replied with a smile, seeing Javier again is like a dream come true to him.

  Javier came back with two mugs and stretched one to Matt which he collected and sipped from it .

"How is mom faring?" Javier asked sitting.

"She is not coping since when she heard of your death, but am sure she must be planning to run here, the news is everywhere" Matt said and Javier chuckled.

"I missed her so much also,"

"So tell me what happened? Did you know about the body been buried in your place?" Matt asked and Javier sighed dropping his mug on the table.

He remembered Landon words..


 "what will I tell dad if he ask of the body or what happened?, I feel like It isn't right telling him all these yet" Javier said pacing in his office.

 Landon sat on the cushion.

"He can't know yet, he will be in danger if he founds out now, because he would want to go after Carl, and no one knows what Carl and Drake are planning next when they see you are alive" Landon said and Javier sighed facing him.

"What do you think?" 

"That is the best option, to avoid blood shedding, we should know how to tackle them and hand them to the police before everything Get out of hands" Landon replied.

"so...what about Dad? What will I tell him?" Javier asked confused.

"Tell him they are bandits, you don't know what they want, and how about acting ignorant of what your uncle and Drake did?" Landon suggested.

"What! You mean I should act like i don't know they are after my life? What if that gives them more courage!?" Javier snarled unbelievably.

"Make them look like a fool! Okay" 

"Gosh this Is hard, so what is our plan to bringing them down?" Javier asked.

"OK, this is it...."


"On my way back from the mansion, these set of bandits attacked me, they thought I was dead so they left me, these lady took me in and saved me" Javier said cutting the story short.

  Matt relaxed his back on the cushion 

"You mean you were attacked and a lady saved you, you were alive all these week, why didn't you come back? Why now?" Matt asked carefully.

  Javier bite his lips , he wonders how come his dad isn't a man to be easily deceived.

"Well, I was unconscious," Javier lied, Matt stared into his eyes and shrugged.

"Who is these lady who saved you? I want to meet her" 

  Javier licked his lips slowly and smiled at his father, he can't let that happen.

"OK Dad , soon" Javier said and Matt smiled .

"What about the body?" Javier asked slowly and Matt sighed.

"I am also confused, we still don't know about the body, why do i have these weird feelings of suspicions?"

"all is good now that I am back Dad" 

"Am really glad you are back son" Matt said happily.

"Same here dad"
   Javier walked back to his office and collapse on his chair, he adjusted his tie, he missed these office so much, He enjoyed every conversation with his father.

  He suddenly wished Alice was there with him, he took his phone and read their texts.

"She read it but didn't reply, did I hurt her?" Javier muttered and rubbed his forehead.

"I missed you" Javier whispered.

 Just then the door opened and Drake walked in.

  Javier stared at him as he sat opposite him, the two men said nothing but to stare at each other.

"Am glad you are back and alive" Drake said finally breaking the silence.

  Javier smirked and started twirling his chair.

"I wasn't expecting you to be happy, isn't that what you wanted, for me to be dead?" Javier said with a smile and Drake fidgeted.

  did he found out already.

"What do you mean?" Drake asked quickly.

  Javier smiled and took a pen from the table and started hitting it slightly on it.

"I meant even when we are very close, we do pick On each other,right hyung?" Javier said and Drake breathed out in relief.

"Ooh that, I missed our bickering , I missed you also, am glad you are back" Drake said faking a smile as he stood from the chair.

"Thanks hyung, I really missed it a lot, and I hope we end well" Javier winked and Drake became uncomfortable.

 He smiled and walked out of the office immediately.

"Why is he acting weird?" Drake muttered as he shut the door.

   Javier Face became cold immediately Drake Left, the pen in his hands started vibrating until it broke.

"I wish it was you I just broke Drake, I will bring you both down, I will make you beg for mercy!" Javier growled dangerously...

Episode 29&30


(Not edited, please ignore errors)

   Alice and Zoe stood outside the Restaurant waiting for Pete to show up.

"Why don't we just leave?" Alice muttered and Zoe sighed.

"We can't leave him" Zoe said.

"How are you feeling now? Are you over him?" Alice asked her.

"Not really, it is not that easy you know that" Zoe muttered and Alice patted her shoulder.

  Wendy came out of the Restaurant with her bag held tightly.

  Wendy stopped when she sighted  Alice and she cat walked towards them.

   Alice turned around when she saw Wendy coming and Zoe rolled her eyes.

  Wendy stopped in front of them and Alice stared at her.

"What is it again?" Alice asked nonchalantly.

"So this is your new best friend now?" Wendy said glaring Zoe who glared back at her.

"And what the hell is your business? Since you let your stupidity take over you and loose a good friend I think it is good for me to take over!" Zoe fired , Wendy opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out.

  Wendy glared at Alice then back at Zoe before walking away angrily.

"You didn't have to go far" Alice mumbled.

"Stop acting dumb Alice, I mean what the hell is wrong with her!" Zoe snapped, All her pains she had been feeling since in the morning included in her voice.

"Hey guys! You guys must be waiting" Pete said rushing to meet them and Zoe looked away from Alice breathing heavily.

  Pete noticed the tension and frowned facing Alice.

"What is wrong?" Pete asked.

"It nothing, we should leave" Alice muttered and started walking, Zoe followed her behind then Pete.

  The tension in the air was so disturbing.

"Hey why have you been dull since in the morning?" Pete asked Zoe.

"Nothing, who is up for a drink?" Zoe asked staring at the two.

"Am out, not in the mood" Alice said, thinking of Drinking only brings back the memories of Javier to her.

"I am in" Pete said, he really need to drink so badly.

  "Alright, why don't we just go now" Zoe said and Alice Faced them.

"Am off then" Alice said with a smile and walked away leaving the two.

"I guess it is just two the of us" Pete shrugged.

  Alice walked slowly on the lonely road, she regretted not joining Zoe and Pete for a drink, maybe it was a bad idea after all, because she needed to clear her head.

   Soon she heard a car screeches and stopped by her side, she ignored the car and kept moving on.

  A man came out of The car in a dark suit.

  "excuse me" the thick voice said and she stopped walking, she stared at the man with a frown.

  Suddenly she became scared, what if it is Ken? She moved back slowly.

"Who are you?" Alice asked and the man brought out his hands.

"I mean no harm okay, can you just follow me?" The man said.

"Just like that? How can I even trust you? I don't know you!" Alice said in fears.

"Common don't make these hard" The man said and grabbed hold of Alice hands and she started screaming.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!" She yelled but the man was so much Powerful, he forced her into the car and she screamed more loudly. 
"Somebody help!" She screamed, he locked the car door and went to the driver's seat.

"Just stop yelling, I won't hurt you"

"You just kidnapped me! And you are telling me these? Like seriously? Somebody help!" She screamed more louder and he growled before starting the car.

  He brought out his phone and dialed a number. 

* boss I have her with me now* he said ended the call.

  Alice heart almost pulled out immediately, it's Ken.  tears started pouring out her eyes.

"Am sorry for offending you please don't take me to him please" Alice begged, the man became silent and refused talking to her.

  Javier stood by His Window with a smile on his Face,  he was happy and at The same time scared of seeing Alice again.

  He watched as the car rode Inside the compound and He ran out to the compound immediately.

  The car door opened and Landon came out first before going to the back seat, he opened the door and Alice rushed out still screaming.

"Where am I? I can't be here! Take me out of here!" Alice yelled launching attack at Landon.

"Stop please!" Landon said, the guards gathered around them immediately trying to pull her away.

"Let her go!" They heard Javier's voice and they quickly let her go, they bowed their head immediately they saw him.

  Alice heart started beating fast and her eyes almost popped out of her socket as she turned to see Javier staring right at her with a cold look on his face.

   She staggered backward but held herself, was she dreaming or what, she rubbed her eyes repeatedly and her bag fell.

   Javier walked closer to her and stopped in front of her staring closely into her eyes.

"Javier?" Alice called not believing her eyes.

"Yes Alice, it me" Javier said breaking into a smile.

  Alice got herself back immediately, and the pains and anger she was having since when he was gone started rushing back to her by only seeing his face.

"You bastard!" She growled and she slapped him hard on his left cheeks.

 The guards gasped immediately , Landon rushed towards them but stopped at Javier hands gesture.

  She looked down as the stinginess of the slap got into him and he bite his inner lips.

"How could  you! How could you leave without a word!" Alice yelled and he sighed, he grabbed her hands and dragged with him into the sitting room.

"Let go of my hands!" Alice yelled taking her hands away from him as they got to the sitting room but he held her hands tightly with his two hands.

"Listen to me!" Javier snapped looking into her teary eyes, he was mad at himself.

"You can hit me, slap me, do anything I don't care, but just listen to me please!" Javier pleaded, his eyes getting red.

  Alice calmed down but her Chest was heaving up and down, she was staring into his eyes shakily with sniffs.

"What? What do you have to tell me? what stupid excuse do you have to give?" Alice said angrily.

"Am sorry"

"That is what you always say! You are always sorry! All I need is a fucking explanation!"

"I had to leave for the company two days ago,I needed to be there to take back my place" Javier said still holding her hands, she was more closer now.

"And... is that an excuse for you to leave without telling me? didn't I tell you that we are in these together? So what explanation do you have to give for leaving without saying anything to me?" Alice snapped and he sighed.

"I..I didn't want to hurt, I never wanted you to get mad at me or worried, I..I am sorry" Javier said calmly and more tears poured out of her eyes.

"You made me thought you abandoned me, because I am nobody and you are somebody, when I tried forgetting about you, you always come more to my mind" Alice said sadly and he released her hands and held her face in between his hands.

"Shh, you are somebody to me, and I have been dying to say these to you, I love you so much Alice, I just couldn't help myself, I love you so much" Javier whispered and she smiled her eyes shaking.

"You do? You love me?" Alice asked.

"yes I love you so much Alice, be mine, be my woman" Javier said and sniffed smiling .

"I love you too" she whispered and he clammed her lips with his, he kissed slowly and then broke the kiss.

"I missed you so much " Javier said resting his forehead on hers and she held his shirt and joined their lips forcefully these time, they Kissed fast and roughly.

  Their lips moving fast on each other, soon their tongue was joined, they were breathing so heavily and roughly.

   Javier took his hands to her backside and squeezed it, Alice moaned throwing her head backwards.

  Javier kissed her chin bringing his mouth lower and lower till they were placed in between her throats and she cried at the softness of his lips on her neck.

 Her hands vibrated on his Chest immediately, he sucked on her throats slowly leaving some hickeys in between her neck.

   she wrapped her hands around his neck and climbed his body , she held her and carried her upstairs to his room their lips still joined together.

  He locked his door and placed her on the bed, Alice took of his shirt revealing his sexy and manly body.

  his eyes were dark As he took of her blouse leaving her upper body naked.

  He kissed her collarbones which send sparks in her.

"Ooh! Javier!" she moaned when he took his mouth lower and kissed her breasts.

  He captured her nipple with his teeth and she gasped moving her body slightly.

"Ooh!" She cried shakily, 

  Javier did justice with her nipples one by one and she kept screaming and crying his name loudly.

   Javier stood from her and laid on the other side of the bed leaving her disappointed.

"that is all?" Alice asked with a frown And he touched her hair pulling her closer to him.

"I want to take things slowly my love" Javier said with a smile and she nodded.

"But one thing. I don't sleep with clothes on" Alice said and he swallowed, how would he survived her with her sexy rounded body naked on the bed with him.

"That is no issue" he said and she smiled standing from the bed to make her way to the bathroom.

   Javier smiled as he watched her, he missed her so much .

  Alice walked into the bathroom and her eyes almost popped out, this is bigger than her room.

 The bathroom is so fucking wide and beautiful, she was even scared to touch anything so it won't break.

"He is so fucking rich!" She exclaimed  looking around.

  His bathtub was like gold, his shower was different, she took off her remaining clothings and got under the shower.

 She turned it on and let the water hit her skin, she smiled remembering their make out.

    Javier was finally hers, her man, her lover, she blushed and giggled happily at the thoughts.

  Few minutes later she walked out of the bathroom and Met Javier on his system, he smiled when he saw her.

"Done?" Javier asked and she nodded excitedly.

"yea, common we have to talk" Alice said pulling him up.

  She took of the bathrobe and leaving herself naked.

  Javier suddenly felt his Adam Apple bubbled and he controlled himself immediately.

  He dropped the system and joined her.

"Tell me about the Company issue, your uncle and brother" Alice said and covered herself up.

  Javier cleared his throats before starting.

 "two more bottles of Soju!" Zoe yelled drunkenly and laughed at the same time.

 Pete was dead drunk, he tried counting the bottle On the table but everything was blurred.

  They just finished 6 bottles of Soju.

 The attendance walked towards them with the two bottles.

"Clark that bastard!" Zoe cried drinking and Pete chuckled.

"are you heartbroken?" Pete asked and she sniffed nodding her head.

"Yes, my boyfriend," Zoe murmured.

"I made a mistake by falling in love with my best friend , now she Is in love with someone else, I am so fucking heartbroken." Pete uttered drinking.

"Please we want to close now, can you leave?" An Attendance said walking to them.

"Oo oh..OK"  Zoe said and stood but Fell back on the chair.

"I am so drunk!" Pete groaned his head, his eyes not cleared.

"Common we should leave" 

Pete dropped some cash on the table .

 The two drunk people walked out of the bar staggering.

" I can't feel my legs!" Pete said falling down.

"Common get up!" Zoe snapped drunkenly and kicked him, he started faking a cry and Zoe groaned.

"He Is something else" 
  Pete and Zoe succeeded in getting to Pete's apartment, they shut the door and Zoe threw her bag on the floor.

"Do something bad to me" Zoe said soberly and held Pete's shirt.

"Should I hit you?" Pete asked.

"Something bad!" She snapped and Pete grabbed her closer and started kissing her roughly.

    he took his bag  off and it fell to the floor, Zoe started unbuttoning his shirt why he did the same taking off her clothes.

  Soon they were both naked and they fell on the floor, Pete widened her legs and dived into openings, Zoe screamed loudly in pains.

  Pete was hard as fuck, he thrust into her hole forcefully and she kept crying throwing her backwards, he face and body was red.

   Pete kept banging her repeatedly and each thrust hitting her painfully,  her blood was running down the floor as her hymen tore.

   Pete growled loudly giving her each thrust hardly.

  after fucking her for minutes his body vibrated and he emptied himself into her.

  He groaned and fell off her body.

  And before they knew it they started snoring.
   Zoe groaned opening her eyes slowly, she blinked repeatedly at the light and she opened her eyes completely.

She frowned when she noticed she wasn't in her room or house.

"Where Am I?" Zoe muttered and wanting to stand but the pains in between her legs hit her and she hissed laying back.

Why is she feeling pains in between her legs, that was when she realised she was naked ,

"What happened last night, and how the hell did I get here?" Zoe asked herself in particular , she looked around and paused when she felt a hand on her thighs.

  She was even sleeping on the floor, she turned to see A naked man Lying on the floor and her eyes widened..

"Arrrgghhhhhhh!" She screamed and Pete jerked up immediately...
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