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Episode 11&12




  Alice walked down the stairs slowly already dressed in her running outfits, she was putting on a track trousers and a thick hoodie.

   She perceived food aroma as she got down the stairs, maybe Wendy is down already, she decided to walk out of the house.

"Alice!" She heard Wendy called and she paused and turned.

"Hey" Alice whispered and Wendy walked towards her with a bottle water putting on a smile.

"You should need these right" Wendy said passing the water to her , Alice stared at the bottle water and stared back at Wendy.

"Common I can't poison you okay just have it, this is for yelling at you yesterday, I was not just in my right senses last night" Wendy said smiling and Alice cleared her throats before smiling back.

"But you weren't  supposed to yell at me in that manner, I was scared that i did something wrong" Alice said taking the bottle water from her.

*of course you should be scared, you have done more than something wrong* Wendy said with in glaring at Alice.

"Hey are you there?" Alice asked waving her hands at Wendy's face.

"Ooh yea! Just thinking, do not be long before you get back" Wendy faked a smile and patted Alice parked pony tail hair.

  Alice nodded.

"Hey guys!" Javier said rushing downstairs.

The two girls stared at him with their mouth opened and he frowned staring at the two of them.

"What?" He asked and Alice cleared her throats first before looking away from him nervously.

"Umm Morning Javier, are you also running?" Wendy asked rushing to him with another bottle water.

"Yes I am,  it is just like my life, thanks for the water" Javier smiled taking the water from her and she blushed, she touched his cheeks and hugged him.

*why does she keeps doing these* Javier thoughts .

  Alice stared at the scene and turned to leave the house .

"hey Alice I thought you are also running, wait let us go together, please get off me" He whispered uncomfortably and slightly pushed her aside rushing after Alice who who ran out already.

"Why her?" Wendy muttered, she suddenly touched her pounding heart and smiled, Javier is hers and hers alone.
   Alice ran out of the house quickly with the bottle water in her hands, she bent down breathing loudly and holding her chest.

"Gosh, why am I so nervous of him, arrgghh!" she almost yelled , she breathed heavily and stood staring back at the house.

 "Hey Alice!" She heard Javier called  and watched as he ran out of the house,

"Am dead" Alice almost cried and started running.

She missed her steps and almost fell but a hand held her tightly.

"Be careful" She heard Pete voice said and she breathed out in relief he was the one and not Javier.

"Ooh Thanks, hi" She said nervously standing on her feet.

 Pete smiled at her, soon Javier joined them and Pete stared at him in confusion.

"What is he doing here?" Pete asked Alice and she glared at Javier.

"I don't know" 

"Seriously? Why are you running Away from me?" Javier asked Staring at her , his eyes suddenly fell on the hands Pete was still holding and his eyes twinkled.

"Me? Run away from you? You must be crazy" Alice scoffed.

"Let's run together" Javier said and Pete glared at him .

"No you can't" Pete suddenly said, Javier frowned and fixed his gaze on him.

"Excuse me?" 

"Yes you can't, Alice we should leave" Pete said and grabbed Alice hands more tightly and wanted to run with her but Javier held her right more tightly and Alice was now in their middle with the two men glaring at each other seriously.

"Let go of her, you are not Alice" Javier said coldly, Alice was so confused and didn't even know what to do at that moment.

"She doesn't want to" Pete said seriously.

"You don't speak for her , she speaks for herself" 

"Hey..hey guys just stop it!" Alice yelled and took her hands off their holds.

"What is wrong with you two?" She snapped, Javier looked away from Pete and faced Alice.

"He started it" Pete accused.

"are you seriously putting the blame on me?" Javier pointed and Alice sighed rubbing her forehead.

"Am off, you guys can do what ever you like, I don't care" she said and started jogging.

   Javier made to jog after her but Pete held him arm stopping him and Javier glared at Pete hands on his.

"Let go of my arm" Javier said .

"do you like her?" Pete asked , Javier laughed slapping Pete hands away.

"In your dreams" Javier snorted and rushed off 

  Pete sighed and started running after them.

  Javier frowned remembering Pete questions, he must be crazy to ask him such question, he look forward and saw Alice running at a safe distance, he sighed and kept running.

    They ran past The bus station and he paused immediately he sighted a telephone booth and he smirked, great, all he had to do is finding a was of contacting Landon, but he can't do it when Pete and Alice are here, he will come check It tomorrow.

  Javier looked away from the booth and kept running.
Hours later

  "Am tired!" Pete groaned sitting on the floor, they were back to the house.

  Javier rolled his eyes and walked inside Alice apartment, 

"I knew you never had the strength to run, I just wonder why you would want to run" Alice muttered and he smiled staring at her sweaty face.

"I just want to try it with you, that's all"

"Dull" She scoffed opening her water bottle and drank the last gulp.

  "Am in" she said and turned to walk in.

"Alice?" Pete called and she stopped walking to face him.


"The dinner I ask of you?" 

"Hmm, I haven't made up my mind, but something in me is telling Me to tell you no" Alice winked and he stood immediately.

"you can't do that!" Pete groaned and she shrugged.

"See ya" Alice said and ran in.

"Now she is unbelievable" Pete said sadly and also walk into his own apartment.


Many crying voices can be heard as  The coffin of Javier Smith was been laid into 6 feet's, Rosie screams were heard and Matt tried his best to hold his wife so tightly.

"last word for him" the priest said, shareholders from the companies, Friends, workers were dressed in black as they threw different flowers into the grave.

  Matt couldn't hold on to his wife again when he felt his own tears coming out slowly, Drake slowly walked to Rosie and hugged her tightly.

"it okay mom" Drake whispered staring at the Grave, he led Rosie to the Grave , Rosie fell on her knees and wept uncontrollably.

"My son! Come back please, come back!" She cried , Drake became angered and bittered, He knew no one would care if he were to be in these position.

 He dropped his flowers 

*I wish you good luck in Hell brother!* Drake thought 

  Rosie also dropped her flowers and Drake led her back to the group.

  Matt walked to the Grave also and dropped his flowers , though with heavy heart, he smiled sadly and turned away from the Grave.

  Carl Watched as everything went on with a smirk, finally it is done.

  Landon wasn't moved at all because he knew that body wasn't his Boss and best friend body, he knows Javier too well that if he sees his pieced body he will know he is the one.

"Boss I have information" Nick One of the bodyguard said behind Landon and he turned immediately.

"Follow me" Landon whispered looking around before walking away from the crowd, Nick quietly walked after him to avoid suspicions.

"What did you find?" Landon asked Immediately they got to a lonely side.

"I think Uncle Carl and Drake are responsible for The Boss Disappearance, that body there isn't his" Nick said and Landon balled his fist his eyes turning red.

"What else?"

"That body is one of their boys, they think the Boss is dead"

"Nick, these information should just be between us for now, no one must find out about these! And keep on watching their movements , I will help in searching for the boss also, okay!" Landon said sternly.

"Yes " Nick said with a nod.

"you can leave first" Landon said and Nick bowed before walking away.

 Landon sighed and shut his eyes, how can they be these wicked, he thought and also left the scene.

  The family were all quiet, except for the Sniffing and sobbing of Rosie which could be heard.

"Drake why don't you take your mother to her room?" Carl asked , Drake nodded and led his mom from the sitting room leaving the two men alone.

"Am sorry for the lost" Carl said feigning sadness, Matt shook his head slowly and chuckled, he has these feeling within him that something was not right, he is not a weak man,never.

"Thanks" Matt muttered slowly.

"It really hurt to lost my Nephew, I couldn't even sleep last night, it was such a pain"

"Everyone has to feel that pain of course, even the pain of revenge!" Matt said his voice changing and his eyes glinting as he stared at his brother.

 Carl swallowed immediately, have Matt found out?

"Revenge?" Carl asked quietly.

"Yes , I see it will be needful sooner or later" 

"Oh , yea of course, so about the company, what are you going to do about the shareholders?" Carl asked and Matt stood clearing his throats.

"I just had my son burial today, I don't think it is a good time to start talking about any company, have a nice day if you don't mind" Matt said and walked upstairs.

 Carl balled his fist angrily, who the hell does he think he is, Drake was right when he said Matt was stubborn, and he Carl will show Matt how stubborn a person can be.

  Alice sat at the sitting room operating her phone when Wendy sat beside her and she raised her head up.

"Hey what up" Alice said and faced her phone again.

"Am good, busy with phone uuh?"  Wendy asked turning on the TV.

"Yea, I don't actually know what to do" Alice shrugged.

  Alice suddenly looked up when she remembered Javier not coming downstairs for Dinner, she wanted asking Wendy but she kept quiet and look away.

"Javier refused coming down since when you all came back from jogging in the morning, did something happen?" Wendy asked , Alice feigned an unconcerned look immediately.

"I don't know , it's none of my business anyways" Alice said and Wendy smiled though slightly balling her fist.

  Alice yawned immediately and stood, 

"I am feeling sleepy, good night" Alice said and started walking up the stairs.

"Good night" Wendy muttered after her.

"Did something happen during the jogging?" Wendy mumbled and focused on the TV.
  Alice stood at the front of Javier's door and knocked quietly on the door.

  Though she didn't know what drew her there but she followed her heart.

  The door opened revealing Javier and she swallowed, he sighed when he saw she was the one and was about shutting the door but she held it with her hands.

"What is it?" Javier asked coldly.

"Why were you not down since in the morning?" Alice asked, Javier raised his brows questioningly at her and bent his head one side.

"Why do you even care anyways?" Javier asked , she scoffed and crossed her hands over her chest.

"I don't care, am just scared you won't end up dying in these house because you didn't eat, if not my friend and I might be seen as murders and then locked behind bars" Alice said with her fingers in demonstration.

"Seriously? That is why you came here? Good night" Javier said and shut the door on her face.

  Alice twisted her lips and rolled her eyes.

"Why is he overreacting? Was he expecting me to beg him to eat? Kiss your ass Javier!" She snapped and walked to her room.
  Javier sighed after shutting the door on her face, 

"Kiss your ass Javier!" He heard her said from outside and ruffled his hair.

"What was I expecting anyways, was I expecting a hug from a lion?"  Javier muttered and collapse back on the bed, she is mean.

  He was just thinking about everything , his uncle and brother, he still has to get the story fixed, he is so desperate to speak with Landon so badly and wished he could expose himself so badly, but he might get into danger.

"Javier?" He heard a female voice called with a knock and he immediately knew that it was Wendy.

  He stood and went to open the door, he saw her with paper bag in her hands and grape juice.

"Hi" Wendy smiled stretching the bag to him.

"What is these?" He asked taking it from her.

"Sandwich , I was thinking maybe it will hold you up for tonight" Wendy said and he chuckled.

"Thanks" he said, she nodded.

"Good night" he said and was about shutting the door but she shocked him by kissing his cheeks.  He opened his mouth to say something but she ran off immediately.

"What the..." He muttered and finally shut the door.

   Alice walked out of her room dressed in just shorts and hoodie revealing her shape, she brushed her hair backward behind her ears.

   She heard Javier's door opened and she turned immediately, he came out but paused when he found her staring at him.

"Did I wear something wrong?" Javier asked looking down at the clothes he was putting on.

  Alice just rolled her eyes and started making her way down the stair case.

  Javier smiled and rushed after her  immediately.

"Hey wait up!" Javier called and she stopped walking to face him.

"What?" Alice asked 

  Javier eyes landed on her hips down to her legs and felt the veins in his forehead stood out, she looked so fucking hot and sexy.

"Do you go to church?" Javier asked and she scoffed.

"Church? In your dreams" Alice said and continued down the stairs .

"I Also don't go, so don't stress it Lioness" Javier said and she stopped walking immediately.

"what did you just say?" She asked and he smirked knowing he just got her.

"Lioness! Isn't that what you are?" 

"Javier, can you come close?" Alice requested and he frowned.

"Come close to you? For what?"

"Just come" she said and he sighed taking few steps towards her even when he knew she was up to something.

"Roooaaarrrrr!" Alice Yelled at his face and he stiffened, she scoffed and walked away leaving him in total bewilderment.

"What...what did she just do just now?" Javier asked his eyes still wide.

"Well you called me a lioness, so I decided to act like one" Alice said from downstairs and Javier sat on the stair case immediately.

"she just fixed me on my place" Javier groaned hitting the case with his foots in frustration...

Episode 13&14

  After breakfast the duo sat at the sitting room and Javier was the only one watching movies, Alice and Wendy were busy with their phones.

  Soon news came up...

*weather forecasters made it known that there is going to be  snow fall tonight at Seoul ,please try not to stay out late* Alice looked up immediately.

"Wow, snow" Alice muttered and Javier stared at her.

"Lioness do you love snow?" Javier asked.

"Do you want me to show you how Lioness I can be again?" Alice bickered, Javier pressed his lips together and faced the TV.

  Alice scoffed and looked into her phone.

  Wendy looked up immediately, 

"We will be needing woods to get ready for tonight freezing" Wendy said.

"I will fetch woods" Alice volunteered.

"I will go with you" Javier said and she eyed him.


 Wendy swallowed immediately 

"I will go with Javier" Wendy said and Alice stared at her.

"I said I will fetch the wood right?" 

"Fine we will all go, go change into something warm" Wendy said and Alice stood taking the stairs.

  Wendy went to sit beside Javier on the cushion.

"Hey," Wendy said with a smile.

"What up, can I ask a question?" Javier asked facing her.

"Sure, "

"What Does Alice Loves doing?" He whispered , Wendy stood immediately.

"I don't know , you can ask her yourself" She muttered and walked back to her seat.

   Javier sighed and faced the TV, he didn't actually know why asked that. he twisted his lips and rubbed his nose fondly.

  Wendy chewed her inner lips repeatedly balling her fist, why would he ask her such question.

  Soon Alice rushed downstairs.

"Am ready" Alice said , Javier stood and before Alice could walked towards her Wendy rushed to him and linked her arms in his and frowned.

"Let's go' Wendy winked and gave Alice a side glance.

  Alice raised her brows staring at the linked hands and suddenly felt a strange feelings inside her, she shrugged and followed them outside the house.

 "grrrrrrggghhhhh!" Alice Alarm rang loudly and she groaned hitting the alarm on the head angrily.

"Just shut up!" She groaned yawning and stretching her self, she came down from the bed naked with her ruffled hair and marched to the bathroom to do her business.
 "I hate Mondays" Alice mumbled as she walked out of her room after she was done with dressing, she turned to Javier's door and rolled her eyes before walking downstairs.

 She met Wendy already preparing breakfast and she sat Down.

"Good morning" Alice greeted, but she didn't get any replies from Wendy.

  Alice stared at her questioningly.

"I have something to say to you" Wendy said facing the dishes she was arranging.

"what is that?" Alice asked.

"I think I am in love" Wendy said with a slight smile and Alice face brighten.

"Oh my God! Really! With who? Why didn't you tell me? Are you guys dating already?" Alice asked all at once and Wendy finally looked at her waiting eyes.

"It is Javier" Wendy said and Alice eyes widened and her lips parted in shock.

"what!" Alice almost yelled.

"See you at work" Wendy winked and picked her bag before matching out of the house leaving Alice In shock.

"In love with Javier?" Alice whispered still in shock and somehow disappointment.

  Why was she disappointed? Not that she liked him but she felt somehow.

"Are you not leaving?" She heard Javier voice said as he walked towards dinning.

  She cleared her throats and stood up immediately picking her bag.

"Am leaving" she mumbled and made to leave but he grasped her arm and she stared at his face immediately.

"Can you be nice? Even if it is just once?" Javier said , Alice eyes fell on his lips, she wonder how it would feel like on hers, his jaws was a die hard for, she suddenly want to touch his face and know how It would feel like.

  She was lost at that moment but suddenly recalled what Wendy told her and she broke out of her dream land immediately and stared into his dark eyes.

"Nice? In your dreams" Alice said and tried releasing her hands from his hold but he held her more tightly.

"I love how daring you can be lioness, one of these days I might make a mistake" Javier said and touched her hair before walking past her.

   Alice stood in confusion, why is everyone just leaving her flustered.

"Hey! What do you mean by making a mistake one of these days?" Alice asked and Javier sat.

"you are late" Javier said and she balled her fist before storming out of the house.

"He is so annoying!" Alice muttered pissed off.
  Javier watched as she walked out and smiled, he was right when he said he might make a mistake one of these days, she is really hard to resist, her body, her tempting lips, everything about her is just so tempting.

   He turned his head and sighted something on the table and he frowned, her phone.

"how could she even think of forgetting her phone, what a woman" Javier muttered and ate his last food before getting up.

   He took her phone and fixed It in his pocket, he needs a face cap and nose mask or he might be recognized as the late Javier Smith, he is so popular and sometimes wonder how Alice and Wendy couldn't even know about him.

  He Is heading to her work, from there he is going to make his calls.

   Javier came down from the cab after paying and then stared at the big restaurants in front of him. Hi 3G on +2348025337930 to be added to story group room for more stories.
  He Nodded his before walking into the Restaurant , he didn't even know where to start from.

   He immediately sighted Alice serving a customer .

πŸ‘₯isn't that Javier smith?

πŸ‘₯but he was buried two days ago

πŸ‘₯am I seeing things?

πŸ‘₯Javier Smith?

  He started hearing whispering and he frowned, how was he recognized with a face cap and nose mask.

  He touched his face and noticed his nose masks wasn't on again and his eyes widened.

"What the hell!" He gasped.

  That was When Alice looked up and her eyes widened immediately.

"What is he doing here?" Alice muttered and Started hearing whispers, Javier rushed out of the Restaurant and Alice rushed after him.

"Javier!" she called , Javier stopped walking and faced her.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alice asked and noticed how restless he was.

"I..I you forgot your phone" Javier said brought out the phone stretching it to her, she gasped and her eyes lightened taking the phone from him.

"Oh my, you are so sweet thanks" Alice said happily and his eyes widened.

"Did you just call me sweet or was I hallucinating?" Javier asked in shock and she stopped smiling immediately.

"Yes you were hallucinating, and how did you even know this is the restaurant I work?"

"Well common knowledge and Wendy mentioned it before" Javier said and She swallowed thinking of Wendy words these morning again.

"Is there a possibility that you and Wendy are dating?" Alice asked and Javier stared at her like she was crazy.

"i can't believe you were allowed to drink even while working" Javier shook his head and she opened her mouth slowly.

"Are you trying to insult me?" 

"And why are you spewing rubbish, go back to work, you know our bickering never ends, see you" Javier said with a wink and she felt her heart fluttered.

"whatever!" She yelled after him as he walked away.

  She sighed and walk back fixing her phone in her back pocket, she smiled immediately, he is cool.

"What is Javier doing here?" Wendy asked standing in front if her.

"Ooh, he brought my phone, I think I forgot it" Alice said with a smile, Wendy rolled her eyes and walked away.

  Alice raised her brows and sighed.

"Hey" Pete said standing beside her by the counter table.


"What was that weirdo doing here?" Pete asked.

"Weirdo?" Alice eyed him.

"I meant Javier"

"Go back to work" Alice said with a smirk and walked away from him.

  She needs to use the rest room.

  Alice got to the rest room was about to open the door when she heard whispering sounds and she paused.

πŸ‘₯Did you see Javier smith?

πŸ‘₯I was also shocked , I thought he was buried two days ago?

πŸ‘₯common girls stop spewing nonsense, he Is dead and buried already.

πŸ‘₯but I am sure he is the one, he is the same person on the news!

πŸ‘₯i really cried when I saw the news about his death, The heir to one of the biggest Industry in Korean, Smith's Enterprise.

πŸ‘₯Aigoo, it is such a pain.

πŸ‘₯but I am sure he is the one"

πŸ‘₯am off you can keep imagining things.

  The voice said and Alice quickly opened the door, the three women in the restroom turned to her and she bowed before rushing into one of the toilets.

"Javier Smith?" Alice whispered, what the hell are they talking about?

  She brought out her phone immediately and searched Javier Smith.

  The name came out and what she saw made her eyes widened and her phone dropped in shock.

"Ja..Javier?" Alice stammered in shock.

"He is Javier Smith?" she asked no one in particular and picked her phone from the floor and went through his pictures to be sure but Javier was what she was seeing.

"  latest news of Javier Smith, he was involved in a car accident and found dead one week ago, he was buried two days ago, Rest in Peace Javier smith" Alice read and shook her head.

  Was she seeing things or what? She is confused as hell! What the hell Is happening here? How can he be buried when he is alive? Or does he know about these?.

   She remembered the women gossiping and breathed out, she would she could see him now and have him explain what was happening if he recalled his memories, because it seems he does, why would he rush out when people were staring and gossiping about him.

  So many things to know about, this is unbelievable, she remembered his words when he saved her from falling.

*you will take back your words when you find out who i am* 

"Oh no" she said and stood eased herself before walking out of the toilet and washed her hands.

"Javier, Javier really has his memories!" She said and rushed out.
  Javier walked into the Telephone booth and fixed some coins before dialing his home number.

  He placed the telephone on his ears as it rang , soon the call was picked and he kept quiet.

*hello?..* he heard a voice and he immediately knew that it was Landon.

*Landon?* Javier called and he heard silence immediately.

*Ja..Javier! Is that you?* Landon whispered.

*yes, it me, we can't talk on phone or we will be traced* 

*neither can we see, spies are everywhere, I think speaking on burner phone is the best and you are using one right now* 

*are you not shocked that I am alive?* Javier asked.

*of course not, I am not shocked, I knew the body buried was not yours* Landon replied.

*What! I was buried already?* 

*yes, I think we should see, no one must hear our conversation*

*come to Bijarim bus station, there is a quiet coffee shop there, and come with cash and phone , I will need it, am waiting, please do not dress in suit, come in disguise, bye!* Javier said and ended the call.

"damn it!" He groaned and walked into coffee shop, he wore his face cap and nose mask to avoid been seen.

  Buried? This is more tougher than  he thought.

  He walked towards a lonely seat and sat, 

"Iced Americano please!" Javier said to the attendance.
  Landon walked into the coffee shop with a little bag in his hands, he was putting on a casual outfit with face cap.

  He sighted Javier sitting at a safe distance and he walked towards his table.

"How did you know it was me?" Javier asked as Landon sat opposite him.

"I know you even if your body will be pieces I will arrange it" Landon said and Javier chuckled , Landon dropped the bag on the table.

"The money and phone. and other things you might need" he said.

Javier took the bag pushed it to his side.

"are you sure you were not followed?" 

"Have you forgotten I am more careful than any body else?"

"Don't feel yourself, we should discuss what we came here for so you can go back to the mansion" Javier whispered.

"How did you end up here?" Landon asked.

"On my way from Dad's mansion, I was ambushed by some guys beside Bijarim, I managed to escape them and ran into the woods, but they were much and ran after me so madly, you know I tripped and fell, I would have fought them off but they were holding scary things, the leader would have shot me to dead but the other suggested I was beaten to death, they beat me up thinking I was dead so they left me, I have a gift for the one who suggested I should be beaten and that is a easy death if I set my eyes on them" Javier explained and Landon sighed hitting his fingers on the table.

"How were you saved?"

"a woman saved me and took me in, I some how met a lioness," Javier chuckled.

"A Lioness? Are you crazy?" 

"Of course, you wouldn't want to try her, wait, after those men left me thinking I was dead, I heard something like *his brother and uncle would be happy to hear about these* tell me what the hell do they mean?" Javier said anxiously .

"Yes , they were responsible, Drake and your uncle wanted you dead and I know it is for the company" Landon said and Javier body shook.

  He never wanted his imagination to he true, it might be his uncle but not Drake, they always picked on each other but they Also had good memories, his eyes were turning red and his veins were coming out from his balled fist.

"Javier, I know how you must feel but I already suspected these from the moment Drake walked in and announced you dead, you should be ready to face them , Your mother isn't in a good shape, same as your Dad, and I know your dad is sensing something is off, you know he is very predictive" Landon said slowly.

 Javier chuckled even in anger.

"The body that was buried was one of their boys, since Drake announced you dead, they had to prove it" Landon continued

"You know, uncle Carl have always showered me love not knowing it was all lies and pretence, but each day I seat and think of the last words of the bandits , and I imagined they were truly behind all these, I owe them a gruesome death" Javier said dangerously.

  Landon smiled and touched his shoulder, 

"When you are ready, we will face them together, be fast on your decision so things can come back in place okay" Landon said and Javier nodded.

  He had always looked up to Landon as his elder brother, Landon was 17 and he was 10 when he started been his body guard, and till now, Landon was the closest person to him On earth...
  Alice first left the work place after work, she wanted speaking so badly with Javier, a lot of things were in her head to asked.

  She had made sure she avoided Pete and Wendy so they wouldn't see her and waste her time.

  Alice rushed upstairs after she got home and knocked on Javier door repeatedly, the door opened and Javier showed up looking moody, his eyes was red and he was shirtless.

  Alice pushed past him and he shut the door facing her.

"Why are you here?" Javier asked coldly.

"Javier Smith?" Alice called staring at his face for reaction and he went pale totally, shock written all over his face...

Episode 15&16

"Ooh you look shocked, that means you have your memories, what I don't get is why you had to lie about loosing your memories" Alice said crossing her arm and Javier sighed and went to sat on the bed.

  "I really can't believe you found out these way" Javier muttered, Alice sat beside him still staring at him.

"Yes, I am Javier Smith, and the heir to Smith's Enterprise, I Was actually wondering why you guys never knew me from the start"

"That is because we are too busy to even stare at the TV, so give me an answer" Alice snapped.

"OK , this is how it started..."
"What!" Alice yelled and Javier sighed, the feeling of Anger, betrayal and sadness filled him again as he explained everything to Alice.

"How could they!? Humans are so wicked, your blood brother and uncle, this is so shocking!" Alice almost yelled in pity, she felt for him, she wished she could share how he is feeling right now. Hi 3G on +2348025337930 to be added to story group room for more stories.
"Yea and I can't wait to go back and face them" Javier said.

"Why don't you show up, your mom according to what you Said Landon had said she is not in a good shape" Alice said.

"She has to be strong for me, I need to go fully prepared and Landon wants to watch their movements first" 

"Am so sorry" Alice said sadly, Javier smiled and looked up at her face, even in the smile , Alice could see terror in those eyes, it must be hard to take it in, knowing your own blood brother and uncle is after your life.

"You can't tell anyone these" Javier said and Alice opened her eyes.

"But Wendy, why can't you tell her?"

"We can't, I Don't know who , I actually don't know why I am telling you these but please keep it for me" Javier pleaded holding her hands and she stared into his eyes.

"Fine I won't, and I promise to fight these fight with you" Alice said , Javier smiled and she hugged him immediately.

  His body went rigid and she patted his back slowly.

"I think I need to go to church one of these days" Javier muttered , Alice was about to disengage but he hugged her back holding her tightly to himself.

"Stay a little" Javier whispered savoring the softness of her skin and the sweet scent of her shampoo.

"Isn't these okay?" Alice grumbled, her heart was pounding immensely and going away is what she needs to do now.

"Javier?" She called, Javier slowly released her but not completely, he was staring into her face.

"I want to make a mistake" Javier whispered and she frowned.

"What do you mean by making a  mistake?" Alice asked in confusion.

   Javier slowly brought his lips down on hers and her eyes dilated immediately, Javier is just about to kiss her, 

"Javier? What do you th...." And that was it, Javier landed his lips on hers before she could complete her sentence and her eyes widened completely.

  Javier kissed her slowly knowing the feeling of her soft lips, these was what he had been wishing for, kissing her lips, and it feels good doing it right now.

   Javier grabbed her waist and pressed her closer to himself, Alice who was still shocked finally closed her eye lids and enjoy the feelings of his mouth eating hers, she couldn't believe she got to kiss him.

  She placed her fingers on his chest and kissed him back, twirling their lips together in ecstasy.

"Alice!" They heard Wendy's voice and Alice was the first person to push away.

  She jumped from the bed immediately , her lips swollen from the kiss , Javier also stood and Alice stared at his face, his eyes still held those dreaming arousal, his lips went more red and she wished he could devour her more.

"I..I am sorry" Javier said as she looked away from him and rushed towards the door.

"Good night" Alice said uncomfortably and rushed out of the room, she heard footsteps from the staircase and she rushed into her room immediately.

  She closed the door and collapse on the bed covering herself up, Javier just kissed her, and she went easy with it.

"how do I face him tomorrow!?" She groaned hitting her bed, soon the door opened and Wendy walked in.

  Alice pretended she was Asleep immediately.

"Are you sleeping already?" Wendy asked , Alice didn't answer , soon she heard the door shut and she knew Wendy went out.

  She opened her eyes and turned towards the door.

    Alice touched her moist lips and didn't know if she should be happy, angry or sad that she just kissed the guy her best friend is in love with.

  But she can't help it, she can't help but to think crazily about him, should she just pretend it never happened? Yes that would be great, pretending the kissing never happened.
    Javier watched as Alice rushed out and he ruffled his hair collapsing On the bed.

  How did he end up kissing her with out getting kicked,he couldn't help himself, he couldn't even resist her especially when she was been kind to him.

  He brought out the phone Landon had brought for him and opened it, he smiled immediately .

"He set everything already" Javier mumbled.

  He suddenly wished he has Alice number, he would have start texting her , he will get it the next day, but he just hopes she wouldn't act weird the next day.
  Alice smiled shyly as Javier carried her to the bed, she couldn't believe she was doing these with him.

"You are beautiful" Javier said and started undressing her, she became naked beneath him and he smirked down on her nipples, he took her dark nipple into his mouth and played with it with his teeth's.

"Arrgghg!..." Alice moaned , she was feeling herself getting wet down there, she twirled Her body more as Javier sucked vigorously on her both nipples.

"Just do it! Do it please!" She begged, Javier stopped sucking her nipples and parted her legs, soon he fixed his dick in between her opening and her throats went dried.

"I love you Alice" Javier said staring into her eyes.

"And I love you so much Javier" Alice replied, he bent over and kissed her lips, soon he entered her and she screamed his name.

"Javier!.." Alice yelled and stood from her bed immediately, she was sweating madly and was breathing hard

"Grrgghhhhgg!" Her alarm rang and she hit it with her legs these time.

"Shut up!!!!" She screamed, she felt something sticky in between her legs and she touched it, her eyes widened immediately.

"Oh no, it can't be!" Alice almost cried , she just had a wet dream, and about Javier, she covered her face and whimpered slightly.

"Why did he have to kiss me last night" Alice whine and threw the bed covers off her body.

  Thanks to him she slept off in her clothes, she yawned and rushed to the bathroom to wash off.
   Alice sat eating with Wendy so quietly and Wendy continued to stare at her, Alice was in deep thoughts that she only picked on her food.

"Why have you been picking on your food?" Wendy asked breaking her out of her thoughts and she looked up immediately.

"What, me?" Alice asked her eyes dilating, they soon heard footsteps and Wendy smiled arranging her dressings, Javier was coming downstairs.

  Alice sighed and promised to act like nothing happened.

 "morning" Javier muttered and sat beside Alice, Alice faced her food and ate quietly.

"Hope you slept well Javier?" Wendy asked serving him and he nodded, he turned to Alice who pretended he wasn't there and he sighed, these was what he has been afraid of.

"Alice?" Javier called touching her and she jerked up immediately staring at him.

"Ooh Javier! Good morning! Hope you slept well!?" Alice asked all at once and Wendy stared at her suspiciously.

  Javier looked like he was having a hard time holding his laugh.

"Did you just ask me all that?" Javier asked and she rolled her eyes facing her food, *how could he act  like nothing happened last night?* Alice thought and glared at him.

"No, I was not actually talking to you" Alice mumbled.

  Wendy glared at Alice angrily and her hands tightened on the dish she was holding, she dropped it on the table and served Javier.

  her eyes caught the phone in his hands and she frowned.

"You got a phone?" Wendy asked and he stared at the hands quickly.

  He suddenly thought of what to tell her and Alice stared at him, their eyes met.

"Alice got it for me last night, right Alice?" Javier said and Alice stumbled immediately.

"What! Me?..." Javier gave her a pleading eye and she breathed in.

"Of course I did. I noticed he was going to need one so that was why" Alice said quietly and gave Javier a evil glare, Javier just made her lie.

"Ooh" Wendy uttered with her voice soaked in jealousy, Wendy heart beat breaks and she picked her bag.

"Am off" Wendy said and left the dinning.

"Why didn't she wait for me?" Alice muttered , she noticed she was alone with Javier and suddenly looked up.

"Do you want to run away again?" Javier said his eyes twinkling and she closed her eyes , her heart was starting to pound aggressively.

"I don't know what you are talking about" Alice said and he chuckled quietly.

"The kiss last night I..."

"Please don't say anything!" Alice yelled and stood in a rush but she tripped and he grabbed her hands making her seat on his legs instead and she gasped her hands splaying on his chest.

"I didn't regret it" Javier voice came out teasingly and seductively that she found herself staring at his lips , Javier also kept looking at her face , soon he was stretching her phone to her and she blinked.

"Your phone" Javier said thickly and she took It from him standing up immediately.

"What was that?" Alice asked fixing her phone in her bag.

"i just saved you from falling and I got your number" Javier said and she sighed rolling her eyes before walking out.

  Javier smiled tapping his hands on the table, why is she been uncomfortable towards him since when he kissed her last night.

  He shrugged and took his phone from the table and got into his texting app.

πŸ’¬make sure you get to work safely and text me back okayπŸ’¬ Javier Typed and sent it to her.

  His smile widened and he started Eating.

  Commotions was going in the conference as the shareholders argue among themselves, the door opened and everywhere turned silence as Matt, Carl and Drake walked into the room with bodyguards.

"President Smith" the shareholders greeted as they all bow, and he acknowledged them with a nod before taking his seat at the head of the room, Carl sat at the first right chair and Drake Sat at the left.

"Since I am here the meeting may proceed" Matt said , Carl stared at some of the shareholders and smirked.

"We are really sorry for the lost of your son and heir President Smith"  Shareholder Kim said and Matt sighed staring at him.

"Thanks Director Kim"

", so that is the main reason you should choose your next heir"  Director Baek said and Drake stared at Carl, Carl smirked at him and he looked away.

"An heir?" Matt repeated and stared at Drake, he can't leave his company in Drake hold.

"Yes and Heir, and I think it is better because you have Vice chairman Drake" Director Kim said, Drake smiled immediately.

"Well, there is something I am sorting, if not Drake can't be my heir, but if I am done with sorting things , then maybe he could be" Matt said staring at Drake and Drake frowned balling his fist.

 Carl also balled his fist glaring at Matt angrily, there different comments and disagreements in the hall.

"But why can't he be a heir?" Director James asked.

   Matt stood and they stood immediately.

"This is the end of the meeting, I can give you the answer on our next meeting, Thank you" Matt faked a smile and walked outside the room.

 Drake stood angrily and rushed after his father, Carl Just stood and sighed, he doesn't want to give Matt a choice in killing him but now he just did.
"Dad! Dad!" Drake called as they entered Matt's office, Matt turned to him taking of his coat and stood fixing his hands in his pocket.

"What were you saying out there?" Drake demanded angrily , Matt chuckled, even in his fifties he still looks so deadly handsome.

"What did I say out there?" Matt asked.

"Dad why are you been hard on me? I am the eldest son, even when Javier was still alive I am the rightful heir, why him!?" Drake yelled at his face.

  Matt moved closer to him and tapped his chest lightly.

"That is the question you should ask yourself, why him?, why are you so adamant on becoming the heir when you could easily get your own company?" Matt asked and Drake sighed ruffling his heir.

"Dad, I have tried my best to be a good son to you and everyone around me, I promise to handle the company rightly" 

  Matt smiled and went to brew a coffee, he walked back to Drake with the Coffee mug in his hands and shook it.

"That body wasn't Javier's right?" Matt asked sipping from the coffee and Drake body went stiff immediately.

"Why are you suddenly quiet? Ooh Chakanma, (ooh wait a second), do you have a hand in his disappearance?" Matt slowly asked again and Drake forehead started sweating.

"why do you think I can kill my brother! Javier have always been my favorite , how can you say I have a hand in these!" Drake yelled, Matt sat on the cushion in the office and dropped his legs on each other staring at Drake.

"Be careful Drake, if I found out you have a hand in these YOU  ARE DOOMED!"  Matt said his eyes changing from calm to dangerous.

"You are saying nonsense! I will come back when you have sobered up!" Drake snapped and stormed out of the office.

  Matt sighed and dropped the mug joining his fingers together, why can't he just balance the equation, why? He ruffled his hair and balanced his head on the cushion.
   "Uncle" Drake called as he got into his uncle's office.

"Yes boy" Carl replied, he was looking out from his window so his back was on Drake.

"Dad is getting suspicious" Drake said in panic, Carl chuckled and faced Drake .

"I knew he would get suspicious, your father is not dumb neither is he slow witted" Carl said.

"Dad said I will be doomed if he found out that I am involved in Javier's Disappearance, that gave me goose bumps" Drake whispered and sat on the cushion.

"I will handle it don't worry, and do not act on any suspicions okay!"

"Yes uncle" Drake replied.

"And don't worry, you will take over from your Father, he will have no choice than to give it to you since Javier is gone" Carl said tapping his shoulders.

"Thanks uncle" Drake smiled , Carl nodded and walked back to his office seats.

  Alice read the message Javier had sent her as she dressed up into her uniform and sighed thinking of what to type, she sighed again and started typing.

πŸ’¬yes I got to work safely , thanksπŸ’¬ she sent it and someone immediately grabbed her phone from her and she gasped.

"Who are you texting?" Blair asked looking into her phone and she took it from her.

"Don't you have respect for someone's privacy?" Alice fired, Blair rolled her eyes .

"I wonder why you are so blunt" Blair scoffed and walked towards her own locker.

"Why did you get Javier a phone without telling me?" Wendy asked standing in front of Alice and Alice mouth went dried immediately not knowing what to say.

"I.." *gosh I am really going to kill you Javier for putting me in such a situation* Alice whispered inside.

"I got it because I felt he might really need it" Alice lied with a nervous laugh.

  Wendy stared at her in a weird way that she felt naked immediately.

"Was that why you left first last night?"
"Ooh yea,you are correct" Alice bluffed.

"Don't do anything stupid, remember what I told you, that I love him, so watch your lane" Wendy said slowly dangerously and walked past her hitting her shoulders at the process.

  Alice eyes shook repeatedly and she slowly slumped on the floor, why is everything so complicated, her best friend in love with a guy who kissed her last night. *Javier you shouldn't have kiss me* Alice thought and packed her hair in a pony tail...

Episode 17&18


   Alice served the last customer and went to stand beside the counter tiredly, today has been really hectic for her.

"Hey" Pete said standing beside her and she turned to him with a smile.

"What up?" Alice asked and brought out her phone.

"Am good, you looked off today, are you okay?" Pete asked.

"Yea, am really good" 

  Alice checked her texting app and got into it, a message from Javier.

πŸ’¬Are you still thinking about last night?πŸ’¬ Alice twisted her lips and kept her phone in her pockets.

  Why did her heart suddenly beat mentioning last night, the kiss was great, not that it was her first, it wasn't, but she couldn't help it either.

"I think you got a customer" Pete said and she nodded taking a menu before walking towards the table.

  Pete sighed as he watched her left, he doesn't know why she is so hard, that even loving her was a regret to him.

"You can go for her you know" Wendy said standing beside him as they watched her together.

"Why would I go for her?" Pete asked and she smiled.

"I know you like her, why don't you just confess, seems she loves you too" Wendy said and Pete stared at her like she was crazy.

"I think you are crazy" Pete muttered and walked away from the counter.

  Wendy rolled her eyes and stared at the table Alice was, she wished she could push her into Han river right now, she has to take action and that is hitting on Javier to make him fall in love with her at all cost.
   Alice stood waiting for the man who was focused on his newspaper.

"Excuse me sir, I have been standing here for the past 3 minutes, what do you want?"  Alice said getting impatient.

  The man sighed and dropped the newspaper revealing his face, Alice staggered backward immediately and almost fell.

"k..Ken?" She stammered, Ken also has the surprise look on his face.

"Alice? What a world?" Ken said with a smirk and Alice body started shaking with fears, All the memories came rushing back at her.

"What are you doing here?" Alice stuttered shakily, Ken sat up staring at her with that lustful eyes of 7 years ago, he was more matured now.

"Isn't these fate? I think we were really made to be together" Ken said and hatred filled her heart immediately.

"go to hell you bastard!" She spat and turned.

"Since I found you, you are mine" Ken said and she rushed to the restroom immediately.

   She shut the restroom door and collapse to the floor slowly, tears ran Down her cheeks slowly and she coughed repeatedly, why did he have to show up , why?

  Alice stood from the floor and walked to The water closets to pour water on her face.

  She suddenly felt weak and sick by his sight, he sure still made her weak, she walked out of the restroom and went to the dressing Room to change into her normal outfits , she will give excuse to madam Cassy.
  After changing into her normal outfits she walked towards madam Cassy's office and knocked before going in.

"Good afternoon madam Cassy" Alice greeted standing and Madam Cassy looked up.

"Alice, you don't look good, are you okay?" Madam Cassy asked and she shook her head slowly.

"Anyio, (no), that Is why i came seeking permission to leave before my time, I feel sick" Alice said and she smiled.

"Of course, you can leave, just Get yourself treated okay?"

"Yes ma, Gamsahabnida (thank you)" Alice said and bowed.

"It no problem., you can leave" Madam Cassy said and she left the office immediately.

 On her way out she bumped into Wendy and they almost fell.

"Why can't you just watch where you are going?!" Wendy snapped, Alice sighed and rubbed her forehead.

"Sorry, I was tired and sick, I am leaving for home" Alice said slowly and Wendy stared at her.

"Boraguyo? ( what did you say?)" Wendy fired immediately.

"Am going home, bye" Alice said and Wendy draw her back and Alice frowned.

"What is these?" Alice asked, why was Wendy suddenly man handling her.

"It nothing, you can leave" Wendy said freeing her, Alice glanced at her one more time before walking away from her.

  Wendy balled her fist as she watched Alice left.

"Seems the two best friends are into some deep shit" Tina said walking towards Wendy with Blair.

  Wendy glared at them immediately.

"Oh am scared, how did you stare at your bestfriend in such a way" Blair asked 

"Just mind your business!" Wendy fired and walked past them almost knocking them off.

"That bitch!" The Tina snarled glaring after Wendy.
  Ken watched as Alice rushed off and smirked, finally he found her, he stood immediately and picked his things before walking out of the Restaurants.

   He is really glad he still has a great effects on her, he Is going to ask his boys to keep a watch on her for now , he is going to get married to her at all cost.

   Alice pushed the door opened weakly and walked into the sitting room, she saw Javier coming from the kitchen direction and quickly hasten her steps.

"Hey you are back," Javier said , he was holding a mug and she sighed facing him and he frowned seeing how pale her face was.

   Javier rushed towards her immediately dropping the mug on the dinning table.

"Are you okay? You look so pale!" Javier said worriedly touching her face and she swallowed just staring at his worried face, she suddenly found herself smiling.

"Yea am kinda sick" Alice muttered, he took her bag from her and held her hands but she took her hands away.

"Is it Migraines? Or Fever?"

"None, I just happen to...forget it, I need rest"  Alice said quietly not believing she almost spilled herself.

  Javier sighed and watched as she walked upstairs 

"What could be wrong with her?" He mumbled and went back to pick the mug, he walked back to his own room and brought out his phone 

πŸ’¬Are you sure you are okay? Am worriedπŸ’¬ Javier typed and sent it to her. few minutes later his phone beeped and he checked it.

πŸ’¬yea, something happened, but I will be fineπŸ’¬ he smiled and laid on his bed .

  His phone beeped again and he rushed to open it thinking it was Alice but it was Landon.

πŸ’¬Your Dad refused to make Drake the heir at the board meeting today, I think he is sensing something already, and I suspect there is a big reason why he didn't make Drake the heir from the beginning, delete after readingπŸ’¬

  Javier sighed balling his fist, 

"He is really desperate uh" Javier grinned and laid his head on his duvet pillow.

    Alice woke up with a banging headache and groaned sitting up, she rubbed her forehead tiredly and stood from the bed.

"Gosh my head" Alice murmured, she put on a hoodie and track trousers before making her away out of the room.

  She need pills to take, she walked to the kitchen and pull out drugs packs from the cupboard.

  She swallowed two pills before drinking water.

   She sighed and walked back to the sitting room bringing out her phone, she saw Javier text and smiled.

"Why does he sound cool" Alice mocked .

"Are you talking about me?" Javier said coming behind her and she gasped keeping her phone immediately.

"Gosh you scared me!" Alice exclaimed and he winked.

"I am bored, why don't we go out for a drink" Javier asked and she stared at his face.

"What about your face, won't people recognize you?" Alice asked and he brought out a face cap to Wear.

"How about these?" Javier asked and she nodded.

"Bills on me" Javier said proudly.

"Whatever!" Alice said and they both walked out together.

 "should we take a cab?" Javier asked her.

"No, I think walking would help me relieve somethings" Alice replied and wished she could tell him about Ken.

"You have any drink and chicken place in mind?" 

"Sure". they continued walking quietly Down the street without speaking to any one.

  Alice sighted a toy Pawn catch by the side of the road and her eyes lightened immediately.

  Javier noticed her staring with admiration and grabbed her hands.

"Come we could grabbed one" Javier said and draw her towards the box.

"I have always wish to get a toy from that box but I always end up failing" Alice said happily.  Javier smiled they stopped at the box and Javier grabbed hold of the button.

"Which one do you want?" He asked, Alice looked into the boxes and pointed at pink and white Teddy.

"That one" she said, Javier positioned himself well and the pawn got hold of the Teddy, it started coming up but it fell and Alice groaned.

"Let me give it another try" Javier said and did the same thing, luckily he was able to bring it out and Alice screamed jumping on him happily.

 Javier was surprised at first but later held her waist to keep her from falling.

"Are you that happy?" Javier asked and she came down from his body.

"Of course,!" Alice giggled taking the Teddy from him.

"Am Glad I did what made you happy in a while" Javier said smiling and they continued walking while Alice cuddled the Teddy to her chest.

"What name do you think I should give to her?" Alice staring at the Teddy.

"I don't know, it yours to decided"

"What about Cutie Lucky" 

"why cutie Lucky?" Javier asked her.

"Because it is a cute Teddy which luckily came out" Alice replied.

  Javier stared at Alice smiling face and he suddenly felt like kissing her again, seeing her happy gave him a profound joy that always want to see her happy forever.

"I think the name is okay" Javier said, he noticed her hair was packed in ponytail and he stopped her from walking then took the hair band off and her hair came tumbling down her shoulder.

  Alice found herself staring at him and he also returned her gaze, the tension was building and Javier looked away clearing his throats.

"I think you look better these way" Javier said and kept walking leaving her behind.

  Alice already felt her cheeks heat up and she blushed furiously, she touched her cheeks and ran after him.

"Why don't we go into that shop?" Javier pointed at the beside them.

"Sure, it is closer to the house" Alice said awkwardly.

  They both walked into the shop and they sat across each other.

  An attendance came to them immediately.

"Please what can I get for you?" The lady asked.

"Crunchy and spicy chicken, with beer" Alice said and Javier stared at her immediately .

"What! You can't take beer, please soju instead" Javier said and Alice pouted her mouth.

"should the chicken be for two servings?"

"No, just one then 2 bottles of Soju" Javier replied.

  The lady bowed and walked away.

"You are such a kill joy, I intended to drink and forget my worries" Alice murmured.

"I don't want you to display like the other day, thanks" Javier said and she scoffed, she stared at Cutie Lucky.

"We should forgive him right" Alice murmured to the Teddy and kept it by the side of the table.

  Soon their orders was brought and Alice licked her lips immediately.

"These chicken looks so...oh my God!" She groaned and grabbed the wings immediately and started eating.

  Javier just laughed quietly watching her.

"I noticed you love food a lot" Javier mocked and she rolled her eyes.

"You are missing for not eating" Alice said and continued munching, Javier laughed and opened the soju bottles.

  He poured some in her cup and poured on his, she took hers and they clicked it together before drinking.

"Gosh! These goes so well!" Alice moaned shutting her eyes, Javier just watched her with Admiration, he didn't know she could be these free.

"I am not used to eating where there are people" Javier said looking  around .

"Then don't you eat in big restaurants?" Alice asked drinking again from her soju.

"I do, but I always book  the whole restaurants so there won't be anybody in while am eating, I also have my restaurants too" Javier shrugged and the chicken in her mouth fell immediately.

"What! You mean you do book a big restaurants just for when you want to eat?" Alice asked unbelievably and he shrugged .

"You must be fucking rich" Alice muttered and continue eating.

"Sorry for the inconvenience" Alice said bowing slightly and he laughed.

"Common it nothing, I feel really free and happy with you" Javier said and her ears turned red immediately.

  Few minutes later Alice was done eating the chickens, she was left with her drink, though she was kind off feeling off.

"Ken is back" Alice said soberly , Javier frowned immediately.

"Ken? Who is Ken?" He asked and she smiled gulping a cup of drink before staring at him.

"The bastard who attempt raping me when I was 17" Alice sniffed and Javier found himself balling his fist, he remembered her mentioning Ken when she was drunk with Wendy.

"How? Where does he lives?" Javier asked and she smiled sadly.

"I don't know, I don't want to even see him ever again, but he came into the restaurant today and I fell so damn sick immediately, at the same time I felt like killing him" Alice mumbled.

  Javier became speechless and wished he could find the bastard who imprinted a bad memory in her.

"But I don't know why I felt weak when I saw him, I was supposed to hit him right? Hate him right? But why was I weak in front of him!" Alice snapped and she suddenly looked like she was about to cry.

"You were so young Alice"

"Wow you called me by my name, I love it, " Alice giggled, he immediately knew she was halfway drunk, if he let her continue drinking she is going to be real drunk.

 He stood immediately and placed some cash On the table.

He grabbed hold of Cutie lucky and went to raise Alice up.

"But I don't want to leave now,  let's drink some more" Alice whined, he grabbed hold of her waist and led her outside the shop.

"I am feeling tipsy"  Alice murmured.

"That's because you are half way drunk, you are really a light drinker" Javier scoffed leading her down the road.

  soon some guys stopped at their front and Javier frowned staring at them questioningly.

  They were 5 in numbers ,

"Excuse me"  Javier said and wanted passing them with Alice but they blocked his way again.

"Who are you guys? What do you want?" He asked and one of the came out limping holding his manhood.

"We came for her, just leave her for us and leave" The limping one said and Alice looked up, her eyes widened immediately she saw the man.

"Do you remember me?" The man asked and Alice eyes cleared immediately, the guy she had hit in the bus when he touched her ass.

"Javier am doomed" Alice muttered almost crying.

"Who are they?" Javier asked her and she pointed the limping man.

"I made him like these after he harassed me in the bus" Alice said and he sighed.

"Hold Lucky" he said and handed Lucky to her, she took it from him but held his arms immediately.

"Instead of you fighting, why don't we have fun tonight" Alice grinned and Javier frowned not knowing what she meant.

"I can take them down" 

"No, Run!!!" Alice yelled and started running, Javier who didn't know what to do ran after her.

"Follow them!" The man yelled and the guys started running after Javier and Alice.

"I thought you were drunk" Javier yelled as they both ran down the streets, he was shocked how she was fast even In her state.

"when you see a war, all you have to do is run, I think my eyes is clear" Alice yelled back and they laughed as they kept running.

"Catch them!"


Episode 19&20


"Catch them!" The guys yelled as they kept running after them.

  Alice saw a bin corner and pulled Javier to the corner with her.

  The guys ran past them immediately and They started breathing heavily and laughing at the same time.

"That was hilarious" Javier laughed , Alice held her fast breathing chest with Lucky in her hands.

"I can't believe I ran so fast" Alice said facing him.

"Did you really hit that guy like that?" Javier asked unbelievably and she tilted her neck boldly.

"Of course I did. Who is he to touch my ass" Alice muttered and he smiled touching her ruffled hair.

   Soon they were staring at each other and Alice eyes became wider.

"Have I told you how wide your eyes are?" Javier asked as his fingers ran across her face and she took in a sharp intake of breaths.

   She became dumb staring at his face cap covered face, she slowly took her hands to his face cap and took it off, his short hair fell on his forehead making him look hot and more handsome.

  She took her fingers to his lip and Javier grabbed her hands, he pushed her to the wall and crashed his lips On hers, they started kissing so hard and fast, Alice released her hold on cutie lucky and it fell on the floor.

   She wrapped her hands around his neck drawing him more closer to her body, they ate each others lips hungry , Javier grabbed her legs and carried her up wrapping her legs around his waist as they kissed so fiercely.

  He plunged his tongue into her waiting mouth and she moaned rubbing her body on his seductively.

  Javier grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze, Alice whimpered into his mouth running her fingers inside his ruffled hair.

  He pressed her More to the wall and took of his hands to her boobs to give her a squeeze, she gasped and parted her lips from his immediately.

  They were both breathing heavily and her lips were plump as hell, Javier looked really aroused and she swallowed.

  She pushed away from him coming down from his body immediately.

"We should leave" Alice rasped rushing away from him and he sighed, he made to leave but his eyes caught Cutie lucky laying on the floor and he picked.

"Hey Alice wait up!" Javier called rushing after her but she kept walking fast.

 She can't believe she let these happened for the second time, what about Wendy? Will these cause an issue for them.

"Alice!" Javier called catching up with her and he grabbed her hands drawing her to him.

"Why are you always running away from me? " Javier asked staring into her rolling eyes.

"We can't keep doing these Javier, we don't even know what we want" Alice said and he closed his eyes  licking his lips slowly.

"You mean kissing you is out of point? I thought we both wanted it"

  Alice stared at him unbelievably and opened her mouth to talk but no word came out, her eyes watered and she smiled.

"You mean you kissed me because you felt I wanted it?" Alice asked and he stared at her with an untold feeling.

  He became speechless immediately, he just chose a wrong  choice of words.

"Hey that Is not what I mean, I..."

"Am off" Alice said and took the Teddy from him and started walking away.

  Javier ruffled his hair and walked after her, why did he made their moments so useless, he hate himself for that.

  Alice didn't know why she felt angry but she just couldn't help but be hurt by his words, he kissed her twice and he took it that she wanted it.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" She muttered and bite her lower lips angrily.

  Not that she had any deep feelings for him right? So why was she mad, Alice you have gone crazy.

  Few minutes later they stopped at the front of their apartment and before she could walk in Javier draw her back and hugged her tightly.

"Am sorry" Javier whispered on her hair, she swallowed and pushed away from him.

"There Is no need to be sorry , anyways thanks for today, I really had fun" Alice said faking a smile and pushed her way in.

  Javier held his waist and watched her went in, he suddenly felt like punching himself, there is no doubt he likes her but he doesn't want to push things too far.  He sighed and also walked in.
  Alice walked into the house and met Wendy coming down the stairs with a frown on her forehead.

"Hey" Alice muttered 

"Where have you been? Where Is Javier?" Wendy asked and Alice sighed staring at the Teddy in her hands.

"He will come in soon, we went out for a drink"

"And he got you that?" Wendy asked with Jealousy and Alice stared at her pushing past her.

"Hey you can't leave just like that!" Wendy yelled after her , Alice just rolled her eyes and walked into her room.

 She shut the door and rested her back on the door, she touched her Chest and closed her eyes slowly.

"Why am I feeling guilty" Alice muttered and dropped Cutie Lucky on the bed.

  She was glad he got her a companion, she kissed Her and walked to the bathroom.
  Wendy balled her fist and Alice Walked past her.

"It should better not be what I am thinking about" Wendy said , she was about to leave when she saw Javier walking in and she smiled immediately rushing to him.

"Javier, you are back" Wendy said happily touching his cheeks.

"Yes I am, good night" he muttered and walked past her.

"Why are they both acting weird, Alice really has explanation to make" Wendy said and walked towards Alice room.

  She knocked on the door when she got there, she didn't Get any response. she pushed the door opened and met Alice coming out from the bathroom.

  Wendy glared at her immediately.

"What is it?" Alice asked cleaning her hair.

"What happened between you guys, are you now in love with him too?" Wendy asked going close to Her and Alice chuckled.

"Seems you have gone crazy" Alice said.

 Wendy laughed dangerously.

"Don't think I am a fool Alice, don't even think of making any moves because he is mine, do you get me!" Wendy snapped at her and Alice stared at her unbelievably.

"Are you really Wendy?" Alice asked and Wendy sent her hair flying back.

"Yes I am, he hugs you every time when he always push me away, you even both went out for a drink, don't you think you are betraying me?" Wendy asked

"Betray you? How?"

"I fucking told you I love him, why are you still hitting on him!?"

"Why don't you go ask him yourself , if you love him go for him and stop pouring your frustration on me!" Alice fired getting angry already.

"I have always know you are a backstabber, I am watching you , don't even go close to him because I brought him here" Wendy said dangerously and walked out of the room slamming her door roughly and loudly.

   Alice sighed and sat on her dressing table chair, she rubbed her throbbing forehead.

"What just happened?" Alice muttered, she can't believe Wendy came in here to pull a fight over a man.

  "this is getting more crazier than I thought" Alice muttered and picked her phone, she felt like texting him but she is mad at him, and she doesn't Want to pull a stunt with her best friend over a man.

  She stood and walked to her bed taking off her towel.

  She carried Cutie lucky and hugged her to herself.

"What should I do lucky? Am confused" Alice groaned shutting her eyes slowly.

  After Alice was dressed for work she walked out of her room and met Javier also coming out of his room, they stared at each other for some seconds and she suddenly wished she could talk to him.

  She sighed and Walked downstairs slowly.

"Alice" Javier called rushing after her but she kept walking with out turning.

"What ?" She asked coldly when she got to the end of the stair case.

"Good morning" Javier said slowly.

"Morning" she replied and turned to leave But Wendy showed up immediately, she eyed Alice and hugged Javier closely.

"Good morning handsome" Wendy purred softly rubbing her body on his.

  Alice felt a pang in her and she smiled and stared at Javier once more before walking out of the house.

"Morning" Javier said pulling away from her.

"Hope you slept well, I was really worried you were sick last night?" Wendy asked.

"Am good" he said coldly and walked back to his room, why is Alice giving him cold shoulders, but he apologized to her last night, he sighed and brought out his phone.
  Alice walked almost angrily out of the house, she felt like hitting something, what just happened? She never get uncomfortable with Wendy hugging Javier before, why now.

  Alice shut her eyes and opened it but saw Pete standing in front of her.

"Someone looks like a lioness ready to devour someone these morning" Pete said with a smile and Alice scoffed and continued walking.

"I wish I could" Alice mumbled and stopped walking immediately, she faced him and he also stopped walking.

"Are you a relationship expert?" Alice asked and he frowned.

"Why did you asked?" Pete asked surprised and she scratched her head slowly.

"why don't we talk about It later" Alice said awkwardly and kept walking.

"Okay, are we taking the bus or a cab?" Pete asked .

"Bus, bills on you" Alice winked and he smiled.

"Of course! What are friends for" Pete said and they both laughed.

  "Guys gather up!" Madam Cassy said staring at the workers as they all gathered, a slender beautiful lady was standing beside her with a smile.

"You have a new worker now, why don't you introduce yourself " Madam Cassy said to the lady.

"I am Zoe, nice to meet you guys" Zoe said happily staring at the workers Batch on their breast.

"More like Zoo" Blair mocked and Zoe rolled her eyes.

"you should have looked at your name before insulting, yours is more like a riffraff" Zoe fired and Alice smiled .

"it okay girls, I hope you guys get along" Madam Cassy said and walked away.

  Zoe eyes landed on Pete's and she tilted her head staring at him unbelievably.

"Wow , he Is hot" Zoe muttered 

  Wendy just rolled her eyes and walked away.

"Seems she is hitting on Pete" Blair whispered to Tina , Tina glared at Zoe and walked towards her.

"Hey you Zoo" Tina called and Zoe faced her immediately.

"Just stop calling me Zoo okay, I am Zoe!" Zoe fired.

"Seems the Newbie has liver"

"Am not a newbie, I can make you a newbie right now, so just fuck off, am not kind" Zoe snapped and pushed past Tina.

  She stared at Pete who was talking to Alice and she winked at him, she walked towards them immediately.

"Hey guys" Zoe said with a smile, Pete just stared at her unbelievably, she just winked at him.

"Hi Zoe, you are welcome"  Alice smiled at her .

"are you guys dating?" Zoe asked and Alice laughed.

"Of course not, just friends" Alice chuckled, Pete scoffed and tilted his head.

"alright, I hope we get along, because it seems we will" Zoe smiled at Alice.

"See you around Pete" Zoe said and touched his chest before walking away.

 Alice bursted out laughing immediately at how speechless Pete was.

"Did a girl just made Pete speechless?" Alice mocked and Pete sighed.

"Is she a mermaid or something? She is crazy" Pete muttered, he touched his chest she had touched and wiped it off.

"Seems she fell already, why does it look like you guys might end up together?"

"You are not helping matter" Pete muttered and walked away, Alice covered her mouth still laughing.

  Her mind suddenly went to Javier and she sighed bringing out her phone when she heard it beeped.

πŸ’¬how are you feeling?πŸ’¬ from Javier, she sighed and dropped her phone back inside her pocket.

  How can he ask how she is feeling, what a weirdo.

   She walked back to her post immediately.
  Zoe walked towards Wendy who was standing beside counter and smiled at her.

"Hi" Zoe said , Wendy looked up and stared at her rudely.

"Hey don't be rude, am just been friendly" Zoe chuckled, Wendy rolled her eyes.

"What do you Want?" Wendy asked 

"can you show me to the dressing room?" Zoe asked.

"Why? Do I look like your assistant?"

"don't give me that crap, I am just trying to be nice" Zoe scoffed.

 Just then Alice walked towards them and Zoe smiled immediately.

"Hey Alice"

"What is happening here?" Alice asked staring at Wendy who rolled her eyes at Her.

"I was just asking her the way to the dressing room and she Is been rude" Zoe said eyeing Wendy.

"It is that way" Alice said with a smile pointing towards the dressing room Direction and Zoe held her hands.

"You know what I love you! You are so nice, you are beautiful and I wonder if you are a mermaid!" Zoe giggled and Alice chuckled taking her hands away.

"it nothing "

"It is that hard for some people to show direction, I wonder how they work, you are so curvy , please can I get your ointment?" Zoe asked , Alice just stared at the new girl, she Is a total talkative.

  Wendy stared at them in anger and Jealousy and walked towards the restroom.

  Alice stared as she walked away sadly.

"I don't use ointments, it is natural" Alice said and Zoe eyes widened.

"Really? Oh my God!"

"Yes, I will see you later, I have to do something" Alice said and Rushed off after Wendy.

"I love you!" Zoe yelled after her and smiled.
Wendy walked inside the restroom and poured water On her face angrily.

  She hates Alice real much, she gets the praises and Love, even in their college days, 

"I hate you Alice" Wendy groaned angrily.

 The door opened and Alice walked in immediately.

"Wendy?" Alice called touching her but Wendy slapped her hands away and stare at her in hatred.

"What do you want?" Wendy snapped.

"Will you stop all these madness! Why were you rude to the new lady?" Alice fired and Wendy laughed before facing her.

"Are you happy getting praises from someone just as usual, uuh tell me!" 

"are you now getting Jealous of me? I thought you are more than these, you are nice to everyone when am not , you are kind and sweet, where are you?" Alice asked seriously.

"that me is long dead since when I notice you were hitting on Javier" Wendy replied coldly.

"And I am telling you am not, why don't you make him love you and stop all these madness"

"Really? i already started doing that, and i hope you get ready for it" Wendy said dangerously and pushed passed her walking out of the restroom.

  Alice relaxed her back  on the closet and breathed out loudly, why Is these happening? did she really like Javier? Would she be able to take it with Wendy getting close to Javier?.

   She doesn't want to hurt her best friend neither does she want her best friend getting close to a man she have started falling For.

  She heard the door opened and Zoe walked in looking mad.

"Why are you deceiving yourself with her?" Zoe asked seriously And Alice frowned staring at her.

"What are you talking about?" Alice asked and she sighed touching her hair.

"You know sometimes, we have to be selfish, that Is what makes us happy, don't think of making her happy and hurting yourself" Zoe said and Alice swallowed, Zoe didn't hear their conversation right?.

"You didn't listen to our conversation right?" Alice asked And Zoe broke into a smile immediately.

"Of course not! A spirit just led me here to tell you these, see you around, but listen to my advice okay" Zoe bowed and rushed out.

  Alice almost laughed,

"She is really crazy, am glad she didn't listen to us then" Alice muttered and washed her face before walking out.

   Zoe watched as Alice walked out, she didn't really go out, she stood outside watching her,

"She looks strong on the outside but is really weak inside" Zoe muttered, she heard their conversation and wished she could rush in and pull Wendy's hair.

  She saw Pete walking and her eyes widened.

"Hey Pete!" She yelled and Pete who saw her started walking fast.

"Oh no" he muttered increasing his pace...