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Like an equation Part 2

Shin's gaze fell on the girl who was busy and concentrating on her test. Now that he thought about it, he saw her transfer papers. Shin wondered if Yuhi knew about that. 'A young genius girl.' Not only is she gifted and talented in the art department. But she is highly intelligent too.

"Hey," Yuhi whispered.


"Sneak in a university paper. Don't you carry those around with you?"

Shin blinked when he heard those words. 'So he knew about that after all?' He supposes this would be the best time to test her. Shin quickly made his mind up and opened a drawer out. He pulled out a random paper and walked over.

"Ibuki, do this extra test."

"Ah? Geez," Sumire sighed as she accepted the paper. Shin watched as she scanned it and paused. "You want me to do this?"

"Uh, yeah," Shin replied awkwardly.


Shin walked back over to his seat. 'Did she notice?' Maybe he should have checked which paper he gave her. Shin shook his head, 'no use overthinking it.'


An hour later - Second Floor Meeting Room

He was in a meeting.

Shin always disliked these things a great deal. Rather than call these things a meeting, it's just where his coworkers gather and label which children they find problematic, right?

The black-haired older teacher had somehow dragged him away and brought him here. Shusei nudges him, causing him to sigh. Geez, he was listening. The black-haired older man shook his head. Before Shin could question what was going on, he held up a sheet of paper so only he could see it.

('If your that bored, just look outside.)

Outside? His gaze fell on the window, only to spot a certain brown hair girl alongside a girl with snowy white hair chatting away.

Hayami Momo, huh? This is the first time he saw the girl smile like that. Once again, the source is Ibuki, eh? Hayami Momo is one student in his class that makes him worry. She is always alone and eating by herself outside.

That person is quite something. He quietly chuckled to himself.

In the end, Sumire will remain that kind of person, even if many people reprimand her for it. She will never once waver or let it get to her. She really is an amazing person.

Two hours later - Physics prep room -

Having two hours full of meetings can get to a person. School ends in two hours, and he didn't have any more classes to teach. Going home, yeah, going home should be an option. But he was in the middle of grading those papers when that man dragged him off. Guess he should finish them before he goes anywhere. It will become a real hassle later on after all.

Shin opened the door to his office only to find it was half-open. Shin stared at the doorknob, puzzled? Did he leave it open?

Shin made his way inside only to spot a certain brown hair girl sat down on the ground reading a book. "Ibuki, what are you doing?" Shin questioned.

The girl seemed rather flustered. "I'm not curious about the books or anything."

Shin sighed. 'So it was like that.'

Gee, she doesn't have to go to such lengths to hide it. He walked over. "Since you're here, I have a few questions. You're not interested in me like all the other girls and the research materials here. Why are you here?"


He took this opportunity to snatch the books from the girl's hands. Shin scanned the cover; she is interested, huh? His lips curve into a smile. Won't things be more interesting from now on?

"Greiners book, huh?" Shin mumbled.

Sumire doesn't respond to him and merely focused on trying to get the book back from him. Shin used his height to his advantage; he keeps lifting it higher, away from the girl's reach. Wow, what a height difference. Then again, people say he is unusually tall. This is fun.

"You told me you weren't interested."

The brown-haired girl pulled a face. It was then when he noticed the brief look of sadness in her eyes and sighs. He handed it back to her.

"If you want it. Just say so, don't be stubborn."

"Thank you," Sumire mumbled quietly.

Ibuki positioned herself back on the ground where she was reading earlier. He sighed, well he supposed it's okay. It's not like anybody will come in here either. Shin made his way over to his desk and immediately got to work on marking the papers. After a while, he ends up with the girl's paper.

"Ibuki, you took another test?" Shin mumbled. This wasn't the test he gave her. Did one of the other teachers set it?

"Yeah. I did it this morning."

Meaning she wasn't in class this morning for a reason, huh? Did they give her the same test? Or a different one? Shin informed the other teachers.

Shin turned to the sheet, and his eyes widened. She's doing it on purpose. The more he marked, he saw it. Her answers start of rather clever then she brushes it off with vague and petty wording.

He put the pen down. "Ibuki, you know...the reason its called a test is to test everything you know on the matter."

"Of course, I know that." Sumire looked puzzled at his words. Does he have to spell it out to her?

"Then what do you call this?" He said lifting the paper up. "You can't fool me if you can read a book like that and recognize equations as difficult as those, then you're not of this level. Getting a seventy-five isn't right."

Or rather a seventy-five? She is hiding it too much.

"Oh, isn't that the average in this school?"

"The average is sixty-five for general studies here but--" Shin trailed off.

Sumire closed the book and stood up. "Oh, is that right? Then excuse me for a minute."

She took the test from his hands and watched as she added vague explanations to some of the answers worth five marks. Oi oi!

Shin snatched the pen from the girl's hands and grabbed her arm. "What are you doing?"

"You told me the average is different. So I'm changing it."

What? She is doing this on purpose. The blue-haired teacher crumples the test. "You're crazy. You can't be serious." He muttered and crouched down to the ground.

"Says the one who just destroyed my test. Guess it can't be helped." Sumire crouched down. "Nakara-sensei, have you ever read Shakespeare Hamlet before?"

"The story of tragedies, right? What about it?"

The brown hair girl closed her eyes and then opened them again. She placed her hand on his face, causing his eyes to widen. "Everything happens for a reason."

Shin heard that the girl liked tragedy books. But this is the first time he witnessed it.

"Nakara-sensei, even a matter like this that sounds stupid, has a reason for it."

"I can't understand that," Shin said.

A chuckle escaped the girl's lips. "I thought as much. But that's how things are supposed to be. Sensei you'll understand it too one day." With those words she stood up and with the book in her hands. "I will borrow this."

Once he was left alone, silence loomed across the room as the orange rays of light hit every direction. He who remained in the same position let's out a massive sigh. Damm, even now she is still someone entirely out of his reach.

She really is different, unlike the rest of them.

Like an equation Part 3

For the next two days, he hears many amazing stories regarding the girl. One of them was her brute strength. Though Sumire most likely had no intention of showing everybody. But it seems like more girls are calling out to her. After such repeated visits, naturally, she could no longer hold back. Shin marched down the halls; he was on his way to see her.

He heard that Sumire spent a lot of time in Yuhi's studio. Due to his exceptional grades and talent, the school set aside a space for Yuhi. A small building at the back of the art building. It did not take him long before he reached the place. The door was slightly open, so Shin peeked inside. Sumire and Yuhi sat side by side in front of an easel; they seemed to discuss the painting. Considering how Sumire was the one holding the brush, Shin assumed it was her painting.

"Sum-" his sentence fell short when something unexpected happened. The two were discussing the painting, so Shin did not expect the next part. Yuhi covered his mouth with Sumire's in just seconds.

His eyes widened when he saw this scene. What on earth is going on here? Why is Yuhi kissing her?

For a moment, Shin could only stand by the door and awkwardly watch. He knew he should have looked away. But his brain was still trying to process the current situation.

"I think you're getting used to me kissing you," Yuhi mumbled against the girl's lips.

Shin, however, noticed something amiss. The girl's gaze seemed lifeless. Yuhi traced his thumb there. "Did it hurt?"

"I'm..okay," Sumire mumbled. "Yuhi, I'm thirsty. I will get us some drinks."

Yuhi nodded. "Alright."

Shin stepped aside, but it was far too late. Sumire saw him; she did not say a word. But Shin could not miss the expression on her face before he could say a word she already disappeared behind the double doors. Shin sighed and awkwardly entered the room.

The moment he entered, he saw a room filled with paintings, sculptures, and large pieces. Paintbrushes scattered everywhere, alongside different types and shades of paper. It was a breathtaking sight. This was the first time Shin came here.

Yuhi glanced over at him and sighed. "Did you need something?"

"Not from you, but from the girl who just left the room." Shin looked away. "What were you doing? You two aren't --"

"Yeah, I know. But when we were painting together just now, she looked very sad again. It probably wasn't the wisest choice on my part. But I don't know what else I can do when she looks like that." Yuhi ran his hand through his hair. "This is difficult for me too. I want Sumire to learn to love again. I want to show her that this world can be beautiful even without Tsueno Mamoru. But as it currently stands, just getting her to smile is difficult."

Difficult? Shin raised his eyebrows at that comment. He recalled Sumire's expression three days back. Is Yuhi stupid? A hard time making her smile? Sure other people could say that, but Yuhi? Sumire only smiles around him. This big dofus, Shin, wanted to lecture him. But he knew it was not his place to do so.

"She will come back, right?" Shin swiftly changed the topic.


"I will wait then."

"Since you are here, anyway. I will ask you this, do you like Sumire?" Yuhi asked.


Yuhi lit his cigarette, and ash's smoke appeared in the air. "I mean, your expression gave it away then."

"It did?"

"Well, whatever it is, just don't get in my way."

Shin didn't reply to that, or rather he felt beads of sweat appear on his face. Yuhi has been on his best behavior lately. So this caught him off guard a little.

When he first met Terashima Yuhi, to be exact when he first saw him with Ibuki Sumire. Perhaps a part of him knew already that he lost. It was different. Different than when she was Atsuro, completely different. It was the first time he saw her gaze sparkle that for another person. Her eyes filled with not only affection but something much more.

Terashima Yuhi was an odd guy; he surpassed the definition of odd. Although his impression towards the man varied, there is one word that he can use to describe him. That word is 'free.'

Someone who lived such a harsh life should not even be close to that word. Yet in his and Sumire's eyes, he was always free. Someone who would fly off into the distance sky if given that chance.

"I won't do that to you," Shin mumbled.

"Hmm?" Yuhi seemed surprised by his reply.

"Ibuki is yours. I always knew she liked you, but she kept it from you. Those feelings of admiration she has towards you were love. But I don't think she realized it." Shin trailed off. "Even now, she doesn't understand."

"Can you say that for sure? Look what Mamoru's death did to her. Don't even mention her liking me right now." Yuhi said bitterly. "The reason why Im telling you to stay away from her is because I know you can't handle it."

"Handle it?"

"That girl is very lonely; only those who have experienced the same pain or gone through hardships will understand her." Yuhi scanned him up and down. "Unfortunately, your hardship is nothing in contrast to others."

Shin felt his cheeks burn up in shame. This is humiliating, does Yuhi have to be so cruel? Shin already knew the answer. He was grateful when Sumire chose that moment to reappear. She came back with a bag in her hands. She looked between them and sighed. She did not say a word and walked to the other side of the room. He watched as Yuhi quickly went over.

Yuhi pulled her into his arms. "Are you still angry?"

"No." Sumire shook her head. "I'm sorry, Yuhi. I know you mean well, I do know that. I'm the weird one."

'I should leave.' Shin thought. 'If I stay here, he might end up getting jealous.' Shichiro stood up and walked towards the other door. He informed the two that he was going, but they didn't notice him. He quickly walked out of the building. Shin glanced back, though, and saw Yuhi cup Sumire's cheeks. He was wiping her tears away and mumbling 'sorry' repeatedly.

It seems like something will happen between these two. If it's like this, then he shouldn't intervene. He understands that. Sumire and Yuhi need one another. Before Sumire came to Tokyo, Yuhi was very unstable.

He was cold-hearted and seldom came to class. Sure he skipped when she came here. But he didn't skip for the usual reason. He didn't skip to get away from others, but to help Sumire.

Shin learned that Yuhi was the one who encouraged Sumire to attend class too. It would be wrong of him to intervene when they have a good influence on each other. The only problem is the mission his leader gave him. By leader, he is referring to the center of his male idol group Emma.

The man called Kusaji Atsuro. Right now his friend is abroad, but in two-three months, he will come here. When that happens, whatever peace between Yuhi and Sumire will disappear. His friend told him that if Sumire came to Tokyo, he had to report it.
Like an equation Part 4

Sumire has been in Tokyo for quite some time now, and yet Shin did not report it. One of the main reasons was his new friendship with Terashima Yuhi. Now that Terashima has become his friend too, Shin was having a hard time deciding what to do.

Atsuro should come first, but — his gaze fell on his phone. Thirty missed calls from Atsuro. Shin felt guilty, and so he did not answer his phone. He can't keep it up forever, though.


Physics Prep room

When he thought about Ibuki Sumire, he recalled what his friends said when he defended her.

'You're enamored, aren't you?'

It was an incident that happened a long time ago. Back when he was still involved in the delinquent world. An incident that led to Ibuki Sumire saving him. He didn't have much luck back then. He got dragged into the underground world and became a gang leader. That incident, however, was ridiculous; he ended up getting caught up with the Yakuza of all people.

The one who saved him back then was Ibuki Sumire.

After he got back that day, it happened too quickly. Shohei thought it was Ibuki who hurt him and made a huge deal out of it. However, the passing by Kirishima saw it differently and understood what had gone on. The next day and the following ones afterwards, the news spread like wildfire.

Many people who wanted revenge on Sumire believed that it would be their chance now. Indeed hearing that the Yakuza are after her translates to people that eventually she will die in their hands. Those people saw it as an opportunity to get to her before that happens.

At one point, Shin, too, thought to bring her down. But that all changed after she saved him. No, perhaps a long time before his opinion already changed. 'I won't let them lay a finger on her.' he said those words, despite being covered in injuries and could barely move. He stuck to those words to the very end.

To the point, it convinced the stubborn ginger head who misunderstood the situation. But that's when Shohei said it those words. His friend told him that she enamored him could only mean one thing.

There are many synonyms for it. To be in love with, infatuated with, besotted with, smitten with, love-struck by, captivated by, charmed by, enchanted by, fascinated by, bewitched by. Shin paused when he thought it through. He could continue this forever.

A list of words appeared in his head, entranced enraptured, keen on, taken with, head over heels for, under the spell of, consumed with desire for the other individual. In simpler terms, he was in love with her.

Shin considered the possibility, and even now, he was still thinking about the reason. One thing he could confirm was he couldn't brush it off as having another meaning. The other meaning being 'Admiration'. If he said it was that, then those two would have stopped bugging him about it.

Still, now that he has met her again. Shin doesn't understand whether he admired or respected her. If it's love, Shin will back down quickly. He would be fighting a losing battle.

Shin sighed as he recalled the events of earlier that day. 'Yuhi is so straight forward to the point it's harsh.' But Shin couldn't refute his words. His thoughts broke off when he spotted a certain brunette hair girl standing before him.

"Is there something you need?" Shin asked uncomfortably. He wants her to leave quickly.

Sumire pulled out a book from her bag. "Thank you for letting me borrow it. I enjoyed it."

That's right... Yuhi told him not to get involved romantically. But there is nothing wrong with him getting involved in the physics side.

"I see I'm glad to hear it. You know there are plenty of research materials here. You can't bring it with you, but you can come here and read."

Sumire looked reluctant, but she slowly nodded her head. "Okay."

That was quick.

But then again, he supposed she can use this place to hide out from the people who are always chasing her. They would never think to come here. Students need to knock before entry too. She ought to be safer here than anywhere else.

Sumire suddenly bent down. "Anyhow, where is that book you just mentioned?"

Sumire tried to remain calm, but he could not miss the excitement in her eyes. That was fast, indeed. She is surprisingly honest when it comes to this stuff. She is fast to jump at any opportunity people give her.

It seems like she has a real interest in Physics, but how does he get her to take it seriously...? Shin did not know why he was so focused on this. But he wanted to do something for her.

His thoughts broke when he remembered the events that happened at the shoot. This isn't the time for him to be doing this.

He should concentrate and think of how to solve that problem with that director. Otherwise, leader will chew him out on the matter. That guy is scary when he's mad too.

"Fufu. I think I found it." Sumire holds up a rather large paperback, "Is this the one?"

Shin recognized the title and nodded.

"It's long, though. I doubt you mind it?"

Sumire nodded. "Yup! I'll be looking forward to this."

Her violet orbs glimmering exactly like jewels, that innocent look on her face with her cheeks puffing up and the hint of red that shows up whenever she gets in close contact with someone. This person Shin wants to see more of it. More and more of those expressions. Even if it is against that person's will.

Like an equation, like a formula, this 'Interest'' Love' is ...complex.

But exactly like an equation, he can't pull away from her. Still, he recalled the expression on Yuhi's face. 'I won't do anything.' It would be wrong for him to intervene.
I think I might like you

Nakara Shin falling in love with Sumire wasn't unexpected. Yuhi knew she would eventually end up attracting more guys than necessary with that straightforward personality of hers. Still, he leaned against the wall and sighed.

'She does not understand what kind of ability she has to attract others.' One day that will cause her problems, but for now, he can protect her.


Sunday XX February 2015

A bright painting that illuminates and warms the heart, and yet at the same time, it's so very sorrowful.

The type of person who would create such a painting, the kind of colors that person would use for their next piece. It was something Yuhi always wanted to know, the type of person who would create it. Did that kind of person experience the same deep feelings when he/she created the painting?

He doesn't understand why they have classes at the weekend. He lets out a deep sigh, then again, even if he says that. Only the gifted and talented individuals from each class from each year are around. It's something that can't be helped, and yet Yuhi at least wished she was here.

When he woke up earlier, a heavy female scent surrounded him. Yuhi knew who it belonged to, considering how he was with Sumire the whole of last night, it could only be her. As for what happened, though, it was already a blur in his mind. Man, this sucks.

Yuhi walked over to this antler only to find a freshman hovering over his works, at least that would have been fine for him if the guy wasn't kissing the portrait of Sumire.

"Oi. What are you doing?"

Yuhi didn't know how to react. It's not uncommon for this kind of thing to happen. But this was the first time he had ever encountered someone who would directly challenge him. The guy turned around, startled, and yet remained composed.

"Oh my, it seems as though you caught me Forgive me, but I was only admiring this beauty."

His eyes twitched, annoyed at the guy's words, oi does this guy know what he is saying?

"Surely since you drew it in such detail, such a person must exist. I came to inquire about that."

This guy knows nothing from the looks of it. Just as he was about to explain, though, Sumire appears in the doorway.

"Yuhi, I was wondering if you have some—" Sumire was cut off when the guy grabbed hold of her hands.

"Wait; what? Who are you?" Sumire said, puzzled. She seemed disgusted, and Yuhi sighed in relief.

"Ah, my angel, I've finally found you. Indeed you're exactly like the rumors say. A beauty."

"Uh…thanks, but?" Sumire said, puzzled. She looked at their interwinded hands with a dark gaze in her eyes.

"No, no, this is where it all begins."

The guy reached over and was about to kiss the girl. Buy Yuhi reached over and pulled the brunette towards him. A dangerous look in his eyes.

Yuhi snapped. "Your a first-year student from the looks of it, so it makes sense you wouldn't know. But hands of my woman."

'Saying this, Sumire will be upset later.' But if he did nothing, Yuhi knew this gut would continue messing with her. To his surprise, the girl suddenly leaned into his hold.

"I'm Yuhi's."

She didn't tell him, 'I love you.' But admitting that she belongs to him is just as bad. 'Damn her, what is she trying to do?' The guy frowned, but he didn't say anymore. He quickly scurried out of atler.

"So uhh," Sumire trailed off awkwardly.

Gee…how annoying; he nuzzled his face on her neck.

"Y—Yuhi? As expected, your mad, aren't you?"

Yuhi deeply sighed. "I'm not mad, just jealous," he mutters ever so quietly. It was the first time he ever admitted it to her; the words sounded so foreign in his lips. Yet just then, he couldn't take his anger.

Her middle school male friends are already an issue; now, he has to worry about her guard squad. Tsk.. " Even so, I do still want to stay like this. I thought I would die of stress, not seeing you."

Sumire glanced over at him then. "Die. But we were only apart for half a day at most?"

"At most half a day? You know that's—" he paused in mid-sentence, realizing what he was just about to stay. Yuhi felt his face color turn bright red. "Don't talk nonsense."

Yuhi saw the girl's expression, indeed, to see a similar shade of red on her face.

"I—I see...."


In the end, the two of them sat down; the brunette positioned herself on his lap. Sumire didn't agree at first, but he persuaded her.

Yuhi buried his face in her neck and inhaled her scent; it seems to feel just right when she's in his arms. He doesn't want to let her go anywhere. But he knew that was impossible.

When those people come here, the time he has with her is limited.

If he could remain this way here like this for a bit longer, then — "What did you need from me?" Yuhi wondered.

"That is...as expected without Yuhi...no color comes to mind...I haven't been able to finish the painting I'm sorry.."

His eyes went wide, she —she thought the same thing as him. Ah ha, really, of course, it's that way. "You're not the only one. As expected without you, I can't do anything. We should paint together."

Even though it's still a duo piece, the director instructed them to do two separate paintings. To showcase both their talents — and yet, Yuhi discovered that he couldn't do such a thing.

Sumire pulled away and smiled at him. "That's not possible."


"I think I might like you."

At that comment, his eyes went wide; this was the first time she said such words to him. Though they've been together for a while now, he was the only one who said such words. Yuhi understood why that was, but a part of him probably wanted to hear it.

"You think?" Yuhi said weakly.

Sumire laughed. "I think." She repeated, she shyly covered her mouth with her sleeve. "Yuhi..".

She suddenly leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek, causing his eyes to widen even more. "To reach you and stay by your side. I accepted the director's offer. I understand that he probably holds a form of dislike against me, and that's understandable. By accepting this challenge, I could more or less understand why he did it to taunt me. To isolate me. Either way, it's because I am fond of you that I can do this. It's lonely now, but be patient; because of that, you should paint your world."

Honestly, it's because she does stuff like this.

Yuhi pulled away from her. "Sassy." He said as he pushed her towards the door. "Alright, I get it. I'll leave you alone until later on."


"But it will only be until then only until this ends. Because my frustration will be at its peak."

At that comment, he noticed the pained smile on her face. Yuhi pulled her back into his arms. "Sorry." Yuhi apologized. "Too straight forward of me." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Do you want to have lunch together?"

Sumire nodded. "That's why I came here. Are you still working?"

"I need a break.

At that comment, Sumire beamed happily. "Then, let's go out and eat. The weather is nice."
I adore you


Clock Tower

Yuhi brushed his fingers across her lips and removed the piece of food. Sumire laughed. "Uhh, okay. Thank you, Yuhi."

'She looks so cute.' Yuhi looked away from her. Is he becoming mushy? People called him a cold hearted man before. But these days he doesn't frown as much, and he even smiles. Why does he keep staring at her too? Sumire is cute but there are so many other girls who look better. Then again, those other girls only throw themselves at him without getting to know him.

Sumire is better than. Even though he told her he loved her, she won't sway. 'She is loyal, huh?' Yuhi wondered what Sumire would do if she knew what kind of person he truly is. He isn't a good person.

"Did you come to Tokyo for me?" Yuhi mumbled.

The girl stopped eating, a pained smile appeared on her face.

"Something of the sort. If I directly said it, people would say I am favourites and that would be no good. However, indeed perhaps there is a terrible seed of desire involved that dragged me here."

At that comment his eyes widened. It's not like he didn't understand. A part of him already noticed it a long time ago. 'I wouldn't be so bold and confess if that weren't the case.' When Yuhi realized that there was something strange about Ibuki Sumire's feelings toward him. 'I went for it.'

He went for it, knowing that he might stand a chance.

"Do you like me Sumire?"

Yuhi figures he should just ask and get it done with. He has to ask because if he doesn't then all of his thoughts will explode.

"I do like you."

Hold on a second is she----he saw the girls expression and sighs as he pulled the brunette into his arms. "Not that sort of like. Not the like you have for everyone else."

"I see, your planning a confrontation."

"You can hardly blame me."

"That's true. But I'm sorry, this is how it has to be.. "

He knew, he knew that she was going to say that. No matter how close they have become with each other.

At the end between them it will always be like this.

"Believe me when I say I adore you from the bottom my heart." Sumire gently caressed his cheeks and brushed their forehead together. "I know you like me a lot. But, I'm having a hard time Yuhi. Sometimes I want you to treat me terribly."

Yuhi didn't say anything back. 'What could I say?' Right now, he can't do anything for her - that is the painful truth.


Library - 1:30pm

After they finished eating, the two of them had the same idea and headed to the library. They both sat back to back and were reading. Since it was already late for them to head back to class, they ended up skipping.

"Are you planning on anything in particular?" Sumire asked.

He raised her eyebrow at her question. He was only half paying attention, since he was now reading too. "Hm?"

"The April Festival."

Oh, she must have heard about it already. At the mention of it though he sighs recalling how annoying Akatsuki was being on the matter. "Not really, I'd probably just start painting whatever comes to mind." Yuhi mumbled.

He never bothered so much with the school festival pieces. Yuhi would usually just take a look around his current surroundings and pick a random theme from that. It was during the actual tournaments where he became serious. "

"How carefree.

She is one to talk there. Skipping class when she only just came here.

"Aren't you bothered about not being serious?" Sumire suddenly asked.

"That's a difficult question to answer. However, I suppose if I actually get inspired anytime soon I'll be serious," Yuhi admitted. However that in itself is easier said then done.

Even when it came to music it was like that. He discovered that it took him awhile to gain inspiration to compose his pieces. Even when it came, for some reason he felt as though something was missing. Something was… Yuhi paused in mid thought.

No he knew exactly what it was. The reason why he started composing music in the first place. The reason why he entered the music industry and began to take it seriously was because of her. Though he didn't know about the art thing until much recently.

Sumire's painting he already saw plenty since she transfered and yet she has yet to see any of his. Yuhi wanted to confirm it properly, with his own two eyes. That she was the person who drew that painting.

The winner of the middle school art competition.

When he received the results about coming in second place, he questioned it. After all Yuhi had been sceptical of the judging panel and didn't think they were professional enough. But he was wrong. When he went to the exhibit that day and saw the painting that won first place. He instantly understood that his perspectives had been wrong.

The judging panel was professional, it was him who was being too cocky. The person who won first place, the one who inspired him to change his ways. Yuhi wanted to meet that person. But when he searched for a name on the painting he couldn't find one.

What kind of person forgets to put their own name? Clumsy. That's the first impression this person gave him. When he confirmed their gender and age, he was beginning to form a sort of vague image. Yet he still wanted to know more details. The black hair boy didn't want to ask the administration office, he knew if he did then it would have been much easier.

But that meant asking those bastard-- the judges again. He already knew what would happen if he showed himself in front of them after the competition. ' It's a real shame isn't it?'. They'd start spouting words of pity and sympathy that they didn't mean at all. He didn't want that.

But later Yuhi realized that maybe he should have just swallowed his pride and asked. Since his investigation got no where. Even though he was still at the main HQ then. He couldn't find the source at all.

Yuhi thought that the person would enter a competition again and waited. He waited for a long time. But much to his dismay no such paintings like that one showed up again. Eventually he found a clue in the most unexpected form, from a certain male idol group. Though they had been around for quite awhile he hadn't paid much attention to them.

Later on though when he stumbled upon them due to Akatsuki, he realised the connection. During the time period that mysterious girl won the competition, Nanairo feather debuted. Seven colours. Although there was only six then, he could see it. The same feeling from that painting.

The next step then would have been searching for a girl that's close to all of them. Yet he didn't need to do anything like that since he saw the broadcast. Sumire. Yuhi had been really surprised then but realised that if that's the case then he wanted to make sure. That's why he kept showing himself in front of her.

It was then after he left, after he left he realised that he truly didn't look properly. He had gotten rather busy and didn't have much time to look anymore, so he momentarily forgot it. Until he saw the announcement of Nanairo feathers ' center' member and saw the performance. It all came rushing back to him, that feeling of confirming who that person was.

Yuhi already knew. Perhaps even before all the pieces came together, he already knew who it was.
Everything has changed

Tokyo Main Streets - 4:45 pm

Yuhi glanced over at the girl he was walking with. The days seem to go by so quickly, ever since she appeared in his life again. Before she came, every day was so slow and seemed to drag on endlessly. But now? Now everything has changed.

"Yuhi? Why are you looking at me?" Sumire questioned.

"Give me some." He pointed to the ice cream in her hands.

Sumire laughed. "Okay." She looked at the cone and him for a few minutes before she extended it toward him.

Yuhi bent down and ate some. Sumire clearly didn't expect this since he saw her cheeks turn red. "Uhh…."

His lips curve to a smile. "Something wrong?"


No huh? But she is blushing. Indeed the bright red color stood out to him.

Right now, Sumire only loves Tsueno Mamoru. But before she met Mamoru, Yuhi was sure that Sumire was in love with him. Then again, he could be overthinking it. Sumire never said those words to him, and she even turned him down before. Yet it was only because Tsueno showed up. If she did not meet him, then maybe something would have happened already.

"Do you need more?" Sumire suddenly asked.

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah." He bent down again and this time brought his lips closer to her fingertips. He licked away the stray drops of ice cream. "Sweet."


"Says the one turning red."

"Ahhh, I don't understand you," Sumire exclaimed. "Why are you like this?"

"Because I like you."

It's true he does not expect anything from the girl now. But who said he would not confess to her whenever he got the chance to? Besides, lately, it seems like Sumire is getting too comfortable around him. He wants to remind her, so she stops getting so close. To his surprise, Sumire did not get embarrassed and simply walked a few steps ahead of him.

He needs to be careful there too. I can be bold, but do not push it. Right now, Sumire's emotions are like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment.

"Hey," Yuhi called out.


"I need a few supplies, could you come with me?"

"You ran out already."

"I need a few colors," Yuhi mumbled. "You know when you use certain colors more than others?"

"Ah, I understand that. I think I need things too."

"Then come along."

Sumire nodded. "Okay." she agreed before adding. "Yuhi, you always bring me with you."

He raised his eyebrows at that comment. "You don't want me to invite you?"

"No." She shook her head. "I like it, but I wonder if it is fine. I mean you're very popular."

"So are you." Yuhi shot back. The two of them wore the usual disguise items, hat, glasses and a mask. Sumire insisted that she did not need one. But Yuhi did not want to take the chance. What if somebody recognizes her?

He does not mind people seeing him around Sumire. It would relieve him more if he could do that. But he is taking into account her feelings. He grabbed hold of her hand. "Don't worry. I am here beside you."

"Then I guess I have to rely on you."

"You know I'm quite dependable."

"Is that so? I seem to hear other rumours. People say you are very lazy, so they would rather do the tasks themselves than ask you."

Yuhi clicked his tongue, annoyed. How could they say something like that about him? How does he impress her now?

Sumire laughed. "But you know, when we are together, I can rely on you. When I was sick recently, you cooked and cleaned for me."

'I only do that for you.'

But well, he supposes there was no need to tell her that part. Let Sumire's impression of him improve. "Are you cold?" Yuhi asked.

"A little."

Yuhi lets go of her hand for a moment and removes his scarf. He wrapped it around her neck. "Be careful; you get sick easily."

"Yuhi, isn't this the scarf I bought you?"


Yuhi looked away awkwardly. Why did he wear that scarf now of all times? Then again, that's the only one he has. So it is not like he has much of a choice. What does he tell her though? The more Yuhi wracked his head for an answer, the more puzzled he became. He did not realize that the expression on Sumire's face had changed. It was not until she stopped walking.

"Sumire?" He called out concerned.

"Say Yuhi, you asked me to talk to you about ru, remember?"

"I did," Yuhi admitted.

Why is she bringing that up now? Unless…

Yuhi sighed. "My bad, seriously. Tell me if I overdo it, it's true that I kept this scarf because of my feelings. But don't feel awkward. I mean… I don't expect anything from you now, Sumire. I am happy with what we have now."

It sounds stupid and foolish. But Yuhi genuinely felt this was better. If they were dating officially, it would cause more problems. Certainly, more people would talk, and many people would criticize her. In terms of status, Sumire would be richer than him. So normally people would not have a problem with it, and yet because the other person is Sumire, people will talk.

They criticized her heavily for dating somebody who isn't a celebrity, and many people are jealous of her as an idol. The main reason for this is Sumire's senpai, Takashi Yumi. The number one idol that people respect the most, a legendary figure in the music industry.

"Yuhi, look." Sumire tugged on his sleeve.

He glanced over at the direction she pointed at and saw several foods stands. His sweat fell, were they not talking about something serious? Then again, he should be glad that she casually changed the topic like that. A deep sigh crossed his lips. "Don't overeat."

"Do you prefer slim girls?"


"What is your type Yuhi?"

She is asking something so ridiculous again. Type? Well, since she is that curious. He should just tell her. A type, huh?
I want to freely walk hand in hand with her


Yuhi never thought of it before, but if he had to say. "My type is a tall girl maybe around five feet seven and five feet eight, I won't go lower. You see, I'm thinking of this practically. Kissing and sex become a pain if the height difference is too much. I would hurt my neck and back." He trailed off. "I'm not fussy about body types or even intelligence and skill. When it comes to my sexual preference though, I don't mind inexperienced girls but experienced ones are better."

'Now that I think about it.. All the girls he dated so far have experience.' It was a coincidence, he wasn't picky despite what those rumors say.

Sumire looked down at the ground. "I see, that isn't me though."

He raised his eyebrow at this comment. Does she want it to be her? Well, he can't be too sure about that. He has never done it with her so who knows about her drive? Yuhi noticed her curious gaze on him still and awkwardly ran his free hand through his hair. It felt awkward explaining all of this to her, but since she is the one asking.

"My ex girlfriend was like that. I don't have a proper type. It's just the girls I have dated so far happen to be like that." Yuhi explained.

He genuinely does not want to mention that woman in front of Sumire. It would be bad if she learned about the reason for the break up.

If Sumire learned that he broke up with that woman because of her, would she get mad? Back then he confessed to her before he broke up with that woman. Maybe it was a good thing Sumire rejected him, otherwise he would end up with two girlfriends.

"Your ex?" Sumire repeated. "How many girls have you dated?"

"In high school, three- five." Yuhi admitted.

At that comment Sumire backed away from him, she looked horrified. "Yuhi, how many people did you date within a year and a bit? I thought you said to me that you don't fool around."

Since it has come to this. I should be honest with her.

Yuhi took a deep breath. "I lied. I did fool around."

Sumire blinked before she burst into laughter. "I already knew that silly."


"I know the name of two of your exes too."

Wait what? Yuhi looked at the girl dumbfounded. Why does she know? Is she pretending?

"Amano Touko from the art department and Miyazawa Makino from the music department. Both of them were famous in their third years. The first one got transferred to a school abroad on a scholarship due to the results of winning a tournament. The last one randomly dropped out of school at the end of last year. She was a good vocalist and had.."

'She knows.' For a moment Yuhi thought she was joking. A troubled expression appeared on his face. "If you researched then you should know right?"

"I do." Sumire looked away. "Is the sex drive thing that important?"

'I can't believe she even asked that.' Then again, Yuhi already knew from the start. Ibuki Sumire isn't innocent, she went through so much after the death of her parents. 'That's the one thing I can relate to her.' The death of his parents? Yuhi didn't even know if they were dead, but they abandoned and left him in a forest of all places.

"Not important." Yuhi admitted. "I honestly don't have a preference since I've never really been interested in anyone but you."

Sumire laughed. "I see." Her gaze softened. "I don't think I have a type either."

"You don't?"

She shook her head. "I don't." Sumire turned to the stall. "Let me treat you."

"Huh, I'm fine."

"Nope, I have to slowly repay my debt."

Yuhi didn't get a chance to refuse since Sumire was already lining up. A deep sigh crossed his lips. It's not like he doesn't understand what she is trying to say. For people like them falling in love is dangerous. But they still end up falling in love, they end up feeling emotions they shouldn't.

'I like her, one day I will take her back from you.' When Yuhi recalled the words he said to Tsueno a year ago, he couldn't help but sigh. Yuhi didn't think things would change so drastically like this. That person, why did he die and leave Sumire alone?

Isn't it fine this way? There is nothing wrong with their current relationship. Yuhi tried to convince himself but it did him no good. It is no good like this. The more time he spends with her, the more Yuhi realizes that he wants to be with her. He wants to freely walk hand in hand with her.

Damn these crazy thoughts of his. But Yuhi understood, it isn't that easy. He underestimated the love Sumire has for Tsueno Mamoru. Underestimate? It was more like he was too confident about Sumire liking him.

His thoughts broke off when somebody passed him a crepe. "Here." Sumire said as she sat beside him.

"Weren't you getting something else?"

"I'm extra hungry."

Yuhi saw the contents of the small paper bag which she placed between them. There were various hot food in small containers. Is she cold? Yuhi picked up the meat bun and bit into it. His gaze kept flickering onto Sumire who was happily eating her crepe. "You're eating more now." He muttered.

When she first came here huh? Only a short amount of time has passed since Sumire came to Tokyo but for him it felt like she was always here beside him.

Sumire sighed. "Did I worry you that much?"

"Well," Yuhi paused and thought his words through. "You worried me but is that not normal? Anyone would worry if they see somebody barely eating and sleeping."

Since she is better now, it should be fine to bring her to that place, no?


K Bar

The place he brought Sumire to was the last place he thought to bring her. 'Then again when she first came here. I found her in that place.' A normal bar, that's what it looks like on the surface.

But the reality of this place? The bar is a mere front, this is a place where those bestowed with power come to. By power, yes he means those with supernatural like powers. Yuhi sighed as he glanced over at the girl sat on the couch, she sat there patiently without asking questions. But Yuhi could not miss how she looked around the room with such interest. Why do her eyes sparkle so brightly whenever she is interested in anything? Yuhi did not understand her at all. Since they came in, his men seemed very cautious, none of them knew what to do. Naturally they were all curious, but nobody said anything. He did come here holding hands with her.
An old legend


When Sumire finally fell asleep, he turned to his companion who seemed very amused. A deep sigh passed Yuhi's lips. Finally he said, "So, where is he?"

"Last I heard he was abroad investigating. But he should be back soon." One of his companions called Jae entered the room the moment Sumire fell asleep.

"I know that much." Yuhi mumbled. The person he was inquiring about was the owner of this bar, Hamano Atushi. "But almost half a year has passed now, he should be here."

Jae nodded. "I have to agree with you there, but do not worry. He should be--"

Right at that moment somebody walked into the room. The sound of the bell rang. Yuhi glanced up and saw a man who just entered.

He sighed. "Atushi." This person walking over is none other than Hamano Atushi, the bars owner and also... Yuhi watched as Atushi walked over to the girl fast asleep on the couch.

'Another rival for her.' At least that was the situation before. He heard that things had changed now.

"So you brought her here?"

"Just today, I wanted to test her a bit."

"Did she pass?"


Atushi replaced Sumire's blanket with a new one and said. "I think it would be too much to say now, with her current state."

"Did you confirm it?"

"I felt that Mamoru's death was suspicious but until you gave me that lead, I didn't think it was serious."

"Mamoru was suck, but even that was artificial."

"That someone will chose Sumire one day." Jae spoke up. "So you want her to join us?"

"It's safer here." Yuhi mumbled.

"Isn't she the rumoured demon Princess? Is it okay for her to stay with us?"

The demon Princess huh? Yuhi found that nickname stupid. She may have monstrous strength but this is too much. That girl deserves to live a normal life just like all the others. She deserves to walk a path of light.

"What did you find out?" Atushi's lips curve to a smile. "I'm surprised your not asking that."

Yuhi sighed. "Is there any need to ask. My theory is right. I can guess who is behind his death. The problem is..." His gaze fell on Sumire. "Does she show any signs of that yet?"

Atushi shook his head. "Not that I know off. She was normal in school but I always felt something was off. It felt like she was suppressing something. Mamoru was the one suppressing that something for her."

"You're not wrong there. I think she is getting nightmares because of her powers."

"The burden of the strong huh?" Atushi mumbled. "Aren't you helping her suppress it?"

"For now." Yuhi agreed. "My powers are more on the destructive rather than healing side. There is a stronger chance of her remembering something around me."

Or rather, Yuhi recalled how she was the other night. 'It seems like Sumire is starting to remember already.' Yuhi however wasn't going to tell Atushi that. It would be bad if Atushi thinks it's too dangerous for him to stay with Sumire.

Even now it remained a mystery to him. Why do powers exist in this day and age? It isn't just powers but craving for blood like a vampire would.

"I know what you are thinking King, but nobody has an actual explanation for it." Atushi said.

"Isn't it something to do with a old legend?" Jae brought up.

Yuhi raised his eyebrows at that comment. "Huh, legend?"

Jae nodded. "They say the first songstress came in contact with strange town and went missing. She woke up and lived there for awhile. She knew she was different from all the people who lived there but she treated them like family. Lena-san fell in love with of the village people. They had children and lived there for a few years."

"Then at most it should run in their family." Yuhi intercepted.

Atushi shook his head and joined in. "No, it actually makes sense. The village people aside, that man was an outsider too. He came from an old European traditional family. It seems like his parents dumped him in the forest."

Yuhi flinched at that and sighed. It seems like his parents have a strange habit of dumping g kids in forests.

"Medieval England, that was a time for those kind of people."

Yuhi frowned. "For a random conversation, this theory actually makes more sense."

At that comment Atushi strolled over to the bar and went over to the bottles. "Care for a drink?"


Jae chuckled. "Too much information for you."

"More like you two didn't discuss this before I came, right?"

Atushi quickly made him a drink and placed the cup in front of him. Yuhi gratefully takes it and took a huge sip. However it tasted bitter than usual. Yuhi frowned. "This is expired."

"Is that so? I haven't checked on the drinks here in awhile."

'That's a lie, Atushi did that deliberately.' Yuhi knew better than to say anything though.

"Hey you two, the little Princess looks unusually red." Jae suddenly said.

"She is sick." Yuhi admitted. "Let her rest."

"Uh-huh." Jae trailed off. "But her face looks flushed."

At that comment Atushi left the bar counter and returned to where Sumire was. He watched as Atushi brushed his hands across the forehead. Yuhi frowned when he saw that. 'Didn't Atushi touch her far too easily?' Yuhi immediately left his seat and grabbed Atushi's arm.

"H--hey now."

"Don't touch her." Yuhi mumbled. It was only three words and yet the anger in his voice is evident.

Atushi sighed. "Sumire already rejected me before."

"You confessed?"

"Of course and now I have closure, I can be friends with her."

That annoys him a bit. It makes it seem like Sumire is close with this guy. Then again, he was separated from her for a year. She must have made memories with this person, and so many other people.

"She has a bad fever since earlier." Yuhi muttered.

"Sumire likes the cold and has a bad habit of wearing thin clothes."

"I gave her my scarf."

"You should have given her your coat." Atushi shook his head. "I suppose it can't be helped, your a nice guy but ---"

"Oi quit it." Yuhi didn't bother debating any further and turned to the girl.

Yuhi frowned as he watched Sumire toss and turn. She wore a uncomfortable and distressed expression on her face. Is she having a nightmare again? Yuhi walked over to the couch and the moment he did, she reached over and grabbed his hand. Huh? He confirmed that she was sleeping and sighed. She must have sensed him in her sleep, what a foolish girl. But then again, he is one to talk when it comes to doing foolish things.

He didn't hesitate and picked her up.

"Wai—wait King, you can't possibly be thinking of taking her to your room?" Jae exclaimed.

"Hah?" Yuhi snapped. "Where else would she go?"

Jae beamed happily. "Funny you should ask."
Living together?


Jae brought him to one of the rooms on the second floor. Yuhi looked around at the room and sighed. "When did you prepare this?"

"Now King, don't you remember? We prepared this room for her, since you thought she would come here any day."

Now that he thought about it, something like that happened.

"Is it clean?" he questioned.

At that comment Jae sweat fell and he turned to the door with Sumire in his hands.

"Clean it up first." Yuhi mumbled and walked out of the room with Sumire in his arms.

Its not like his room is that bad. But he understood where the others came from. The moment he stepped into the room, a heavy scent filled the air. Maybe he ought to quit smoking so much. Yuhi carefully laid Sumire down and joined her on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He noticed whenever she stayed over at his place, Sumire could sleep peacefully. This is why he kept asking her to stay over.

He doesn't do anything more than hug her. Well maybe he gives her a morning kiss or two, but the walls won't talk. Besides it's not like he is the type to take advantage of someone just because they are weak. If it were anybody else though, he wouldn't have the patience to deal with them.


Sumire opened her eyes and felt a pair of warm arms around her. It belonged to none other than Terashima Yuhi. Her gaze softened when she saw how tightly he was holding her. 'This warmth, I have never felt something like this before.' She snuggled up to him, so very comfortable. What is this? When was the last time she felt at ease? Sumire didn't understand it very well. When she is with this person, she feels peaceful and so content. It feels like all her worries will fade away, exactly like a flame.

"King is like a huge lion, would you not say so?" a familiar voice said.

"You're here." Sumire mumbled.

Atushi nodded. "Sorry I'm late. I went abroad to investigate but it seems I can't do anything about it." He trailed off. "I didn't say anything to Yuhi yet."

Sumire shook her head. "Its okay, I didn't want to say until I was sure anyway."

"Do you understand what is happening?"

"Not at all, but then again I do believe in the supernatural. Everything happens for a reason."


Sumire glanced over at Yuhi who was fast asleep beside her. "I am very grateful."

"Is he treating you well?"

"Yes, I'm happy. For the first time in so long I can say this."

Atushi reached over and patted her hair. "That's good. I'm sure that person would be relieved too."

Sumire sighed when she heard that comment. "Do you have to remind me of him? Are you that cruel?"

"Sorry, sorry." Atushi laughed. "I understand that Yuhi is the most important person to you right now."

"It's more like he is the only person." Sumire mumbled. Yuhi is the only person she would make this exception for.

"So he is that important, huh?" Atushi seemed amused. "I was thinking it isn't like you to get so emotional Sumire."

Sumire laughed awkwardly. "I guess he is influencing me already."

"What cheesy stuff are you saying, brat." A familiar gruff voice said.

Her cheeks burned red when she saw Yuhi awake. Sumire laughed. "You heard me?"

Yuhi yawned and sat up. He pulled her into his arms. "I heard every word. I have been wracking my head and thinking about what I can do for you. But it seems like just me standing by your side is enough. I'm not Tsueno and I never will be, but is it okay for us to always be together?"

Her gaze softened. "For the first time I can hear your real feelings." She trailed off. "I would like that a lot Yuhi."

"Then it's decided, live with me."

Wait what? What did he just suggest there? Live with him?!!

Sumire could only look at him with wide eyes. But Yuhi did not let her refuse.


Two days later

Her gaze fell on the building in front of her. Yuhi mainly stayed in the school dorms but he also has his own place. Living together? Sumire wanted to refuse. Sure she has stayed over a few times already but that was different. Yuhi grabbed her bag and led her inside.

"I'm still fixing up your room, so for now—"

"Wait." Sumire interjected. "This is a bit too much." She genuinely cares for him but this felt very strange to her. They aren't dating, why do they have to live together?

"Look, I understand what you're thinking. But Sumire you can't live by yourself. You don't eat or sleep when your alone. You will die if you continue that way."

"I.." She looked down at her feet. "It isn't that bad."

That was a lie, Sumire knew how bad the state of her body is. Ever since Mamorus death, she has had a lack of appetite. Falling asleep? Sumire did not want to sleep knowing she would wake up to another day without Mamoru. It became a habit of hers to call him whenever she woke up.

If she doesn't sleep, the day will never end.

Mamoru didn't die, the day never changed.

It was her way of escaping from the truth. The first night she slept, Sumire woke up scared and so very frightened. She broke that chain and after two weeks of not sleeping finally slept. She woke up to a world without him. It was painful and ever since that time she had a hard time breathing. Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi grabbed her luggage.

He briefly brushed her forehead against hers. "You seem to have a bit of a fever, just lay down and rest. I will unpack for you."

Sumire wanted to refuse but she knew she could not do so during this situation. She nodded and awkwardly walked over to the bed. Yuhi's room smelt like him. The smell of cigarettes and tobacco filled the entire room. But Sumire did not dislike it,


10:30pm - Park

It was difficult for her to fall asleep. For the first time since she came here, she couldn't sleep very well. Sumire felt very restless. She understood the reason why. 'From now on, I would stay right by Yuhi's side.' Her thoughts became unsettled at the thought of sleeping beside him every single day. It felt stupid, why is she so self conscious? Was that even the right word? Sumire tried to escape but Yuhi ended up following her.

To her surprise he didn't lecture her, instead he joined her.

In the end the two of them stopped by the usual park and sat beside the huge tree. It was still in full bloom, a rare sight for the winter. 'Fresh cherry blossoms.' Sumire suspected there was something mysterious about this tree.

"By the way if I resembled him, what do you think would happen?"

"Alright, you over there. Stop trying to imagine it. Rather, come over here."

"Pfft, if you want me to sit closer just say so."

"Yuhi-san, I'll have you know I'm not in the mood for jokes." she trails off when he shifts closer to her and kisses a strand of her brunette locks. "Or anything affectionate either."

"I know Sumire." Yuhi said softly.

Sumire couldn't miss the tender expression on his face. 'Making that type of face should be cheating.' Then again,

Why does he know? It isn't fair sometimes. They have not met in a year and yet Yuhi knows everything about her. He knows everything that has happened in the time they didn't meet.

He and Ru must have planned all of that. After all, the only ones who knew about that meeting were the ones who took part. As well as Yuhi and her fiance, the later would never blab about such matters to anyone no matter who it is. However if it's Yuhi, he would tell Ru without hesitation.

Even now Sumire does not understand the relationship between those two very well. If one could call it a friendship at all.

For the two people who she fell in love with so deeply to be on such good terms. Sumire found it peculiar.

"Having overwhelming desires that will lead to making everyone miserable. Or restraining yourself so much that you suffer endlessly. For it to be either that or something else. It's scary isn't it? But there is something more frightening." Sumire trailed off as her gaze fell on the sky.

A pitch black sky and yet there was something beautiful about it.

"I'm conscious of one thing." She turned to him. "A terrible seed of desire exists inside me. No matter how indifferent I act, one day that desire will take over me."

Without Ru by her side she is a complete mess. However ever since she met Terashima Yuhi, that changed. She is slowly becoming normal again. Sumire felt conflicted.

"That must've mean that I've gotten old."

Right if she's starting to talk like master, then it simply means that she is older now.

Yuhi however didn't immediately reply.

"Why aren't you saying anything I wonder. .. Could it be, Yuhi really thinks that and that's why you didn't do anything more than kiss me yesterday?"

"No that's not...." Yuhi trailed off. "Wait, why do you know I kissed you?"

"I woke up with strange marks on my lips." Sumire trailed off. "You think I'm oblivious? Acting like a Knight during the day but your a beast during the night."

"Uhhh." Yuhi looked away awkwardly. "Well you know how things are now."

Sumire chuckled when she saw him look away. 'What a clumsy person.' She hesitantly extended her hand out and Yuhi immediately grabbed hold of it. "Did you realize something Yuhi?"

"I've realized many things since you came here."

Her gaze softened. "Then do you realize why I haven't run away yet?"


Yuhi used his free hand and ran it through his hair. "I don't understand you, you make things so difficult for me. But you know something? I think I'm getting used to how complicated things are."

'Is that a compliment or not?'

"You don't have to understand. I appreciate the thought."

The sentiments are enough. There are many people who claim they care about her. So many of them leave when it becomes too heavy for them. When it becomes a burden, they are quick to leave. Sumire never stops them from leaving. Is it because she doesn't care? That isn't it. She wants to stop them, she wants them to say.

But does she have the right to do that? If they stay with her, she can't promise them anything but endless amounts of pain. That's why it is better to let them go, even if she ends up alone.

Yet that person differs from all of them.

Ever since she arrived in Tokyo, she has been nothing but trouble. All she does is cause Yuhi problems. But even then he stays by her side, he does not abandon her. No matter how much she cries and breaks down, he stays right by her side. A truly foolish person, one day he will realize the mistake he made. Sumire tried to convince herself this, but it failed.


Yuhi told her to take a nap and so she did, before she knew it she quickly drifted of.

Waking up to Yuhi's gentle hands caressing her hair, she was tempted to go back to sleep. Sumire didn't because she hears him mumbling. 'Oh…' Sumire pretends to sleep, knowing that he couldn't say it out loud if she were awake, she wonders what he's going to say.

"If your sleeping it would be better for me. But if your awake, just listen and don't say anything." Yuhi mumbled. "You see you spoke to me about your age and wisdom the other day. I didn't reply right away. But that's because I wanted to think my answer through. Even if you became old and wrinkly, my feelings won't change."

Sumire's eyes widened when she heard his words.

"You're not old. Rather when I first saw you again. I thought I was looking at a goddess."

Sumire his deep thoughts, as she reached over and strokes his cheek gently with her palm, returning his tender smile with a bright one. "Your still just as handsome Yuhi."

It was clear that comment embarrassed him, since she could see the tint of pink in his cheeks. He really has learned to be more honest now. "Your awake I see."

"I feel wide awake now because you were saying such sweet things. Yuhi, you dummy. Are we going to continue our conversation like this?"

"Yeah, let's talk about the piece for the festival."

"No chat about work."

She brushes her fingers tenderly on his lips, tracing them gently. "Then, a terrible seed of desire. What is it to you?"

It seems like he was curious after all huh?

The brunette haired girl doesn't say anything for a few minutes. It looked like Yuhi was about to change the topic, yet she spoke up.

"I no longer want to dwell on the past and move on. I want to express everything I am feeling. But this feeling is born from a twisted desire. What can I do about it?" At that she could see his eyes go wide. "However, the rest is a secret."


Instead of going home, Yuhi suggested they go shopping. She is half tempted to wear a disguise.

This is the first time she's ever going out in public with Yuhi, previous times she had gone shopping he would simply give her money and say, 'It's so you can come back.' or she would sneak off when he's fast asleep. But then again, the nature of their relationship has changed now in contrast to then.

Is a hat enough? Maybe she should wear a wig or something. Others seeing her with Atushi is okay due to their respective profession. However Yuhi is another story, if anybody were to catch them together, it would look bad. She can imagine what the tabloids would say, 'caught cheating. ' The mere thought of it was enough to make her barf.

Even if they don't do anything touching wise in public. A single picture can easily be twisted and misinterpreted. That is how the media is. With the recent events, Sumire knew what kind of twisted story they would come up with too. But is she supposed to avoid men just because of that? It did not seem right to her.

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi placed his glasses on her, as well as his scarf. The scarf being too big for her, covered half her face. "Hmmm, looks okay. You can't see anything but your pretty eyes now, but I'm sure nobody can catch that sorta picture."

Oh, he was thinking about it. Her eyes went wide when he grabbed hold of his hand. "And the final touch."

"What are you doing?" Sumire questioned.

"If we act like a natural couple, you won't be suspected yeah?"

Well that's true.

It didn't take them long to reach the convenient store. The only good thing about Yuhi's area is, there seems to be stores of any kind in just a small district.

Still Sumire wants to ask him if this is truly okay. Is it fine for her to stand by his side? It felt like she was taking advantage of his good will.

"Hey, you like these right?" Yuhi pointed to one of the shelves.

"Ah yes."

Yuhi put several packets into the trolley and continued to look around. Sumire could not miss how he kept putting her favourite foods into the basket. He must be doing this deliberately. Or rather how come he knows what her favourite foods are? This isn't fair at all. If he does things like this, she will only like him more than she already does.

I like him? Yes maybe she did once upon a time. But after Mamoru appeared in her life, everything changed. She liked Yuhi a lot but she never thought it was possible for them to become a couple. He was somebody she respected and aspired to be like and somebody far from her reach. Even when they became friends with one another, Sumire thought the same.

Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi halted, causing her to stop walking. It led to her bumping into his back. "You keep spacing out. Is it that boring, shopping with me?"

"Uh no." Sumire frantically shook her head. "I was just thinking."


It's awkward getting caught like this. She cant possibly tell him what she just thought. Before Sumire could say a word, a flash of bright coloured hair went past her and clung to Yuhi.


"Hey Asami, shopping?"

"Right, right. I'm with Aika-chan, but she went of to get her prescription in the pharmacy. Yuhi-kun, it's rare to see you shopping."

"I'm here with someone."