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Washing the walls- Part 2

Madeline continued to stay in Calhoun's embrace, and it soothed her troubled mind. Even though the demons and the fallen angels who were after her ability were now dead, she didn't know why but there was a feeling in her mind as if it wasn't over. Was it because Paschar and the other angel named Michael had appeared to take her away from this place? But then they had agreed not to take her to Heaven after listening to Calhoun and Vladimir's words. 

"Did the physician come to the castle?" questioned Madeline. Everything had moved so quickly in haste that Madeline continued to feel the jitter in her nerves. 

Calhoun hummed in response, "Yes. The guards called three physicians from the nearest village and town. Most of the people have already been checked and are in the process of being treated." 

"Lucy too?" she asked, pulling away from him and taking a step back so that she could meet his eyes without having to crane her neck up. 

"Her too. Paschar checked her before I came to get you from the mountain. You did good, Madeline," Calhoun praised her, and the little remark was enough to bring a faint smile on her lips. "But you were also bad in trying to heal people. Not once, but twice." There was a stern look in his eyes, and Madeline's eyes lowered. 

She knew she would get to hear about this from Calhoun once they would be alone. "I wanted to help."

"I know, my sweet rose, but at the cost of your own life?" asked Calhoun. Lucy was a dear sister of his, and Raphael was someone he could count upon when his own relatives couldn't offer that kind of help. And as much as they were important, Madeline was the breath to his soul. If something happened to her, he would have torn both Heaven and Hell apart until he would reunite with her again. 

He then said, "It might be wrong of me to say, but Paschar and the others are waiting for you to enter Heaven. Dark angel or not, they would happily receive you. And you put yourself in such risks," he tsked in the end. 

Calhoun placed his finger below Madeline's chin, raising her face closer to him so that he could inspect. He then leaned forward to lick the blood that had smeared across her lips. Madeline felt his warm coarse tongue lap on her skin, making her tremble before he pulled away. 

With the chaotic night that fell in the Hawthrone castle, the guests who had overstayed in the castle had started to pack their bags and put in the carriage so that they could leave. Some had already left, and there were barely two or three guests who had not started to pack their trunks. The sounds of the carriage could be heard as if they were leaving the castle. The guests who were leaving had already met Calhoun, when Madeline was in Beth's room. Some of them now made their way to where Calhoun and Madeline stood, bowing their heads to offer their greetings. 

Seeing them leave at the end of the corridor, Calhoun said, "If you look at the brighter side, there will be fewer people to worry about, and only people who matter have stayed behind."

"They always do," whispered Madeline. Her mama always used to tell it was always the difficult times that showed who stuck in life. 

When one of the servants was walking past them in the corridor, Calhoun questioned, "Are the maids attending Lady Monique?" 

The servant bowed his head, "Yes, my King. Three maids are right now assisting Lady Monique. Would you want me to send a few more?" 

"No, that will be fine. Have the servants clean the front part of the castle first. They can finish the rest later," ordered Calhoun. 

With the attack that took place last night, it was apparent that the High House members were going to arrive. 

Madeline saw the servant leave when Calhoun dismissed him.

Only a few members were left in the main seating of the High House as Lilith, Luther, Weasley were now dead, and Reginald, that was Paschar had left the High House without a word. She wondered how the Head of the High House was doing. Calhoun was making sure to reduce the blow of the death's in the castle, but then they were not all guests as it was mixed with intruders who had broken in at the time of night. 

"I am going to see Monique. You can go to the room and rest," Calhoun offered Madeline. He was a vampire. Therefore the lack of sleep didn't matter to him. But Madeline had been hiding her yawns just so that she could stay around him, which he found it to be sweet and it warmed his heart. 

Madeline shook her head, "I will come with you." 

Calhoun didn't refuse, and instead, his hand found her hand, interlocking the fingers, they made their way to where his relative was in the guest room. 

When they arrived at the door, the maid who stood outside pushed the doors open, and Madeline caught sight of Lady Monique who sat upright on the bed with her back leaning against the bed's headboard. 

There were two maids who stood on the left and one on the right side of the bed, holding a wet towel in her hand. "It is good to see that both of you are doing well," said Lady Monique, seeing the couple enter the room.

"How are you doing?" Calhoun inquired the vampiress. 

"Never better. It was quite some night yesterday. The last time I saw things run out of control was when my step-brother and his wife died. But I believe that barely scratched the surface compared to what happened in here. Did all the damn intruders die?" asked Lady Monique. 

"All killed and sent to Hell," replied Calhoun.

The vampiress nodded her head, a sigh escaping her lips. With the blanket placed until the vampiress' chest, Madeline wondered if she had injured her leg. But then when Monique raised her right arm, she noticed the bandage around Monique's forearm. It was as if the length of the vampiress' hand had shortened because, after her forearm, the other part was missing. 

Madeline's eyes widened, "Your hand…" she whispered with a shock-filled voice. 

The older vampiress looked down at her arm, "It was Greville's boy. I knew he despised me because he knew I had an eye on him. It was something unfortunate." It must have happened before Samuel had met Lucy. 

Calhoun looked less shocked as it seemed that news about the lady's arm had already reached his ears. "There's a physician who lives in the village of Maycott. He came from the land of Warrings, and he is excellent in creating body parts things from metals."

"Lucky me," remarked the woman without being upset over her hand that was missing from her body. "How are you both doing? I heard from Theodore that both you and Lady Madeline were not here. Everything well?" 

Calhoun offered his aunt a small smile, "For now, yes. There won't be any more attacks from the demons or other creatures." 

"That's good to hear. How is your sister, Lady Madeline?" asked the woman to Madeline. 

"She's resting right now. She has been exhausted," replied Madeline. 

 "We'll let you rest too," said Calhoun and Lady Monique offered him and Madeline a smile, nodding in agreement to see the couple step out of the room. 

As they walked farther away from the lady's room, Madeline questioned, "Will her hand be okay?" 

"Hm, the physician I spoke about, will provide her with a fake hand that she can use once he operates on her arm. The people in land of Warrings are mostly subjected to animals biting them, and it is one way to replace the original hand," Calhoun answered her question. 

Madeline had never heard about something like this, and it was brand new to her. 

Last night, most of the guests had hidden in their rooms, avoiding the fight. A few had tried to escape, at least that is what she and Calhoun believed, but those guests were unsuccessful because their bodies were found outside the castle. Hours passed in Hawthrone's castle, and Madeline took a walk by herself as Calhoun had other matters to attend to. 

The castle had turned back to its normal state and the walls that were broken and damaged, men had already arrived to fix it. Halting her footsteps, she walked towards the railings. She noticed the long path from where she stood that led up to the large castle's gates. 

It felt like it was only two days ago that she had held on to the front of her dress, running towards the gates. And now that she thought about it, a faint smile appeared on her lips. Things had changed so much.

Bringing her hand in front of her, she opened her hand and stared at the plain emptiness before a snowflake appeared out of nowhere to settle there. She played with it by letting it twirl, and she moved it up and down. At the same time, she felt her chest turn restless. 

It made Madeline wonder how long it would take for the uneasiness to leave her body and feel all better. Just as the snowflake was about to settle back on the palm of her hand, her eyes fell on the creature that stood on the castle ground, which was not too far away from where she was. 
Washing the walls- Part 3

The snowflake that was going to settle on Madeline's hand suddenly turned to dust, withering away with the wind that blew near her. The tension that had left her mind returned, and she could feel the slight headache reappear. 

She had been glad to see all the Salvette Mortems leave the castle as people who had to die were gone, and there wasn't going to be any more bloodshed as the people who had come after her had all died. Then why was there still one creature hanging around in the castle? She felt goosebumps appear on her skin, and when she continued to look at it, the creature disappeared. 

Madeline looked back and forth, trying to see where the lone Salvette Mortem had disappeared to. She hadn't even got the chance to see which one of the Salvette Mortem it was. Did it carry an axe? Or was it standing empty-handed? Or worse, was it standing with its bloody hands? 

Unable to stand still, Madeline quickly started to first walk before she ran, trying to see if the creature was still hanging in the castle, but the castle was too big to cover in a short time. While she was walking in the corridor, she heard a slow sound of the metal being dragged behind her. 

Gulping, Madeline's head snapped around to see the creature of the death standing not too far away from her. Servants were walking past her, and for a second, they stopped to see what the Queen was looking at, but they found nothing but space. 

The stag-like creature didn't do anything but stand there, staring at her, and Madeline noticed the axe that it carried along with it, which was bloody. If only she knew who was going to die next. Not fearing it, she started to walk towards it. 

And when she took three steps towards it, the creature disappeared and at the same moment, Calhoun appeared with Helena and Dimitri around one of the corners of the corridor. 

"There will be re-election to fill the empty positions that were left by some of the High House members' death and disappearance. But that will be held after the meeting with the fellow Kings and the people who work for the High House," informed Helena, standing there and talking to the King of Devon. "You should know that even though some of them are dead, there are still people who are ready to influence others and point their fingers at your rule, against you." 

"Wouldn't it be easier to kill all of them?" questioned Calhoun in a nonchalant tone. 

Helena's lips set itself in a thin line, and she gave Calhoun a look, "We cannot go killing people, my King. Of course, I will cover the deeds that happened in here, but I doubt the word about the existence of demons and angels would be kept a secret for long to the public."

"I don't see why it should be a secret," responded Calhoun. "When the existence of vampires was first revealed to the humans, most of the reactions were screams of horror but they accepted it later. You'll be letting them know there's good and bad. The demons and the angels."

Helena noticed how Calhoun had shifted the order of the words, but she didn't care much about it as she was a demon herself. 

Calhoun continued, "Given it will be chaotic for a while, but people will at least know what they are living with," he raised one of his eyebrows. 

"This will need discussions, and it can be done once the position of the main High House members is filled. The meeting is in two days," Helena let him know, her expression grim as she could still smell the hint of blood wafting in the air. 

The woman then saw Madeline standing on the other side of the corridor, and she bowed. Madeline bowed back. 

"I will get the reports about the deserted town," said Dimitri and the two High House members left the corridor to walk straight so that they could leave the entrance of the castle, while Calhoun walked to where Madeline stood. 

"Did it go well?" she asked him. Calhoun had told her that he would be informing Helena on what had happened so that she could help them if they would ever need it in the future. 

"Some of the matters are still under discussion, but for now we don't have to worry about the High House. At least not with the people who are now dead. Reginald or Michael are not joining back," remarked Calhoun. He stared at her face and asked, "You looked like you had seen a ghost. You okay?" he raised his hand to brush it against her cheek. 

Madeline's eyes wavered from his gaze, "Does Vladimir know every Salvette Mortem?" 

"Maybe. Did you see one now?" he questioned, a frown coming to settle on his forehead when she nodded. But if one was taking the devil's help, the devil would ask something in return.

"Do you remember the one that came for you?" asked Madeline, and he nodded. "Do you think someone will try to kill you...like the angels?" 

"I don't think they are so stupid to start a war between Hell and Heaven. But then you never know," remarked Calhoun. "If one does come for me, I will always resurrect back, my sweet love. I won't die that easily." Madeline had not gone dark angelic on him, and she hoped that that day would never come in the future. 

"I don't think the Salvette Mortem was taking a walk in the castle," said Madeline, and this brought a smile on Calhoun's lips. 

"Well, we do have lovely architecture and gardens. Maybe it got lost in the maze. Or it just decided to stick around and enjoy the view," joked Calhoun and Madeline smiled. "But regardless of it, I will check with Vladimir to see what that creature of death is doing here." 

"What time do you think he will be here?" asked Madeline. Vladimir had mentioned about meeting with some of the guests in Hell, and she didn't have to guess too hard on who his supposed guests would be. She wondered how that was going. 
Welcome to pain- Part 1

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In the underground world, fire blazed at the top of tall pillars that stood around a black tower, where one could hear the screams of demons and other souls from all the sides. Even though there was fire burning in some parts of Hell, no smoke appeared in the air. 

The walls of the tower were wide, and one of the demons whose oily hair was combed to the side, made his way through the halls. Odin carried a couple of rolled scrolls in his arms and his body swayed back and forth. As he walked through the other halls, lower demons who were working at the sides serving their Master. 

The demons weren't human-like in appearance, but instead, they had horns on their head, and their body looked deformed compared to the people of the living world. They snickered looking at the servant demon because he hadn't changed his appearance from the living world. 

"Do you think Master is going to throw him in the dungeon?" asked one of the lower demons who was carrying a bucket of coals in his hands. 

Another demon who was holding the other side of the large bucket snickered looking at Odin's retreating figure from there, "It might be any time soon because of the number of mistakes he has committed. I heard that he even plotted to kill someone. No wonder he is in his lower demeaning form of a human. Disgusting creatures," spat the demon.

"I knew that Master would always return. The others are so much in trouble who had thought that Master died," cackled the first demon and they continued to carry the bucket of coals so that it could be fed to the offenders. "Do you think Master will consider taking me as his assistant? I would be of so much use than that useless Odin." Thinking about the servant, the demons snickered again.

In the meantime, Odin continued to walk, unaffected by the words of the demons as no matter how much they were considered to be efficient, he was still the most loyal servant his Master relied on. 

Vladimir's servant vampire made his way to the Grand Hall where his Master now sat on the throne, that rightfully belonged to him as this world was ruled by none other than the devil himself. 

"There you are, Odin. I thought I would be seeing you once I would go back to the living world to meet my grandson. Did you bring in all the names?" questioned Vladimir, who sat with his legs placed one over another with his back leaned against the stone throne. The devil rubbed his chin when his eyes fell on the scrolls that his loyal servant carried in his arms. 

To greet his Master, Odin went to bow down, but this only resulted in some scrolls falling on the ground. Vladimir rolled his eyes. The ever clumsy servant of his. 

Odin quickly picked up the scrolls and took two steps forward towards Vladimir, "Master, all the names are in here. I made sure to add even the ones who had indirectly tried to offend Lady Constance or Master Calhoun. Another list is being prepared who has offended Lady Madeline."

"How thoughtful of you, Odin," hummed Vladimir in praise for his servant and Odin beamed with the small compliment. 

Odin had always worked hard for Vladimir. He had been serving Vladimir even before the devil had turned to who he was today. Though the servant's intention had always been pure towards Vladimir, to please the devil with his work and receive compliments, Odin didn't know why, but things always went in the wrong direction. He brought catastrophe with him. 

"Why don't we have the first important guest from the list? I can barely wait to break and torture people," said Vladimir bringing his hand forward to check his nails that he often made sure to keep them as sharp as possible so that he could tear people with his own hands without having to rely on weapons. The joy of tearing people was incomparable compared to killing them within a second. "Since I have woken up from my sleep, I feel very unlike myself, Odin." 

Odin, who had pulled one of the scrolls, he looked at his Master. "Would you like to take a bath in the acid, milord?" 

"Maybe once I am done with the imbecile fools," murmured Vladimir. "Now, bring that insect whom you didn't find earlier, and instead mistook my grandson to be the offender."

Odin wondered if it was a jab for his mistake, not that he minded. It was much better than the last time when his Master had left him in the boiling iron for hours for his mistake. Thinking about it brought sweat on his forehead, and he unconsciously wiped his forehead using his hand. 

"Yes, Master," obliged Odin, bowing his head again, he turned to look at the demon who was responsible for bringing the souls in and out from the locked prison of Hell that was dark and murkier in appearance where the demon guards who had the stag-like face tortured the sinners. "Bring the Sinner!" 

Suddenly in less than two seconds, a person appeared in front of Vladimir who wore nothing but skimpy underwear. The person appeared to be in his late forties, and his body appeared to be tortured with dark lines because of the whipping. 

The person had dark red eyes, and hunched back. It was the previous King of Devon, Laurence Hawthrone, the man who had sullied his pure daughter, Constance. Vladimir wondered what his daughter had seen in this scum. He also concluded that his grandson had inherited his genes and not from this low-life. 

The previous King of Devon looked broken, and he nowhere looked like the person he once used to be. Finding a man sitting on the throne with clothes, who looked like he belonged to the human world, Laurence folded his hands and quickly pleaded, 

"Please help me! Save me from this place!" 
Welcome to pain- Part 2

As the previous King pleaded with the stranger who was sitting on the throne, with a look on his face that said he had control over this place, Vladimir in return stared at Laurence who seemed nothing but a weakling. 

"What is your name?" questioned Vladimir. 

Laurence looked startled and slightly confused at the question. Not because he was surprised that someone was asking what his name was, but because he didn't remember what his name was. He tried hard to remember it, but he couldn't. Even an hour of torture in Hell felt like years, and the previous King of Devon had spent around two decades here that felt like eternity, where he had forgotten his name.

Vladimir rolled his eyes again. Only a weakling would forget such a simple thing. "Forget it. Your name is Useless. Do you know why you are here? Away from being punished?"

The man shook his head. Even a man who was of strong mind and body always broke down eventually when he stepped into the prison of Hell, where there was no escape. 

Vladimir didn't have to touch the man to know his history as he had already heard enough from Odin about how the man was. His eyes narrowed for the things this useless man had done to his daughter. 

"Let's hope you still remember some things. It wouldn't be enjoyable if you don't remember at least a few of it," remarked Vladimir before he stood up from his seat and made his way down the three steps of his throne. Compared to Vladimir, the previous King looked smaller in height, and the devil stood tall. 

Bringing his hand forward, Vladimir placed his index finger on the low-life's forehead, and the previous memories came flooding in Laurence's mind, the life he once had and lived. The things he did and how proud he was of his position while abusing others for his interest. Laurence's back that was hunched slowly started to straighten before it took on the stature of the person who he once was before being dragged to Hell by the Salvette Mortem. 

He also remembered the way he had died, and suddenly anger started to fill up in his body. His very own son had killed him! His hand moved up to his chest, and he felt the hollowness of his chest where Calhoun had dug his fingers into his chest to grab his heart and pull it out from his chest. 

"How does it feel?" questioned Vladimir, circling Useless as he stared at the person. 

The previous King of Devon misunderstood the situation and came to believe that this stranger who had returned his pride and taken him away from torture was a friend. Also, coming to believe that the stranger would help him to get out of this Hell. "What are you doing here in Hell, Useless?" 

"I am the King of Devon! A Hawthrone by blood!" raged Laurence. Forgetting that the stranger in front of him was the one, to bring back his memories as if they took place yesterday. He glared at the stranger with disrespect in his eyes.

A smirk appeared on Vladimir's lips. Glad to hear that the King's memories had returned. It would be useless to harm a person if that person didn't even remember what he did and who he was. Vladimir would keep bringing back the King's memories, and he would crush them in a way that would make the King wish that his eyes had not fallen on his dear daughter. 

"You mean the previous King," Vladimir corrected the prideful King. "You are a dead person now, did you forget how you died?" 

"How can I?" the King's eyes lit up in anger. 

Laurence had trusted that bastard son of his, but who knew that his very own son would backstab him. He had been considerate towards the boy by letting him inside the castle after the woman's death, giving the boy a place to learn and thrive. And what did he do? Bite the hand that was feeding him!

"I will kill him! I will break every bone in his body and feed it to those damn wolves of his. I gave him shelter, and he killed me," glared Laurence. 

Vladimir, who had been circling the man like a hawk, stopped walking and he clicked his tongue, "Tch, how awful that must be. How did he kill you?" 

The souls who entered the haven of Hell belonged to Vladimir. He could see the memories and deeds that passed through their mind, and he could read their past by his mere touch on them, but it was more enjoyable listening to people cry and scream in frustration. 

Calhoun, his grandson, had done an excellent job by killing this man, taking his time to let the previous King know who his killer was. As expected from his kin, thought Vladimir to himself. Calhoun had all those qualities he would have wished for in his grandchild. Cunning, manipulative, a person who killed others without a thought and had every other quality that he possessed. 

"I will kill him right now! I need to get out of here!" said Laurence, looking back and forth to see where he was. When he looked up, the ceiling was too high as if it reached the sky's darkness that looked like a black abyss. 

Vladimir snapped his fingers, and a sudden pain struck Laurence, making him fall on his knees, "Argh!" groaned the man. 

"So, Useless, you plan to kill him?" questioned Vladimir with a calm voice. 

"W-what are you doing?" asked Laurence, who was in pain. 

"Paying back for your kindness, of course. Don't you like it?" the devil's head tilted to the side as he looked down upon the insect that he wanted to squash, but the fear that wafted from the King was enough to have him on his toes. 

Odin had moved to one side of the wall so that he could enjoy the view better as his Master punished the ungrateful vampire who was the cause of Lady Constance's death. 

"Make it stop! Stop it!" shouted Laurence. 
Welcome to pain- Part 3

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Vladimir snapped his fingers and the pain slowly subsided, and Laurence heaved for air. 

"I am all in when it comes to hurting and killing people, but you. Useless fucking piece of shit who I would more than happily slice you with the butcher's knife that you get in the living world. How dare you think that I will let you off that easily?" Vladimir's eyes darkened, while his voice turned cold. 

"What have I done to you?!" Laurence demanded. He raised his head to look at Vladimir with his face contorted in agony as he felt a sudden shock of a bolt of thunder hit his body. 

Vladimir took a threatening step towards the useless man. "You stole my beautiful daughter from me. You killed her, and now you ask me what you did to me?" the Devil ran his tongue around the front of his teeth, and said, "You don't remember which one, do you?" Vladimir sneered before he raised his leg to kick Laurence below his jaw, sending the vampire to fall on the ground. 

Laurence fell on his back, groaning in pain as he felt the pain spread from his mouth to his entire face. As he tried to get up, he touched his mouth to see blood, and he huffed. Not knowing who this stranger was, who had kicked him, Laurence tried to apologise as he wanted to get out of this place,

"Look, I don't know what I did in the past, but I am very regretful for the sins I have committed."

Vladimir nodded his head, stepping towards the low life again, this time he used his hands to punch Laurence straight at his nose and they heard the bone crack. 

"Fuck!" cursed Laurence. 

"Yes, you should have thought about it before you fucked up her life," responded Vladimir, and he pulled the useless insect by his shoulder before dropping another punch, this time across Laurence's jaw. 

"How dare you use and throw her as if she was nothing?" demanded Vladimir, and he plummeted his fist straight into Laurence's face. "My daughter Constance," glared the Devil at the low life who staggered away from him. 

The previous King's eyes widened at the name of the woman whom he had bedded. 

There were various versions of why the angel fell from Heaven, telling how he was consumed by greed of power and was a heartless person, a devil who showed no mercy to any being, but it was not wholly true. Like any other creature who had the ability to feel, the Devil had fallen for a woman and had a daughter. The woman had died, but he had continued to protect his daughter. Keeping the child away from any ill eyes or harm from the people who could get back at him. 

Since he had turned from angel to a devil, and to live in the living world, he had turned to a vampire, where his body expected him to take rest and recharge itself so that it wouldn't break the vampire's existence in him. Who knew that his curious daughter would fall in a trap that was placed by this filthy creature. 

"Y-your daughter?" asked Laurence with wide eyes. 

Vladimir's facial expression turned passive with not a single emotion coming to pass through it. And though he looked like he was not bothered, he brought his hand up to snap his fingers. Suddenly a coil of hot burning iron wound itself around Laurence, and Vladimir heard the man scream and shout. 


His screams filled the Grand Hall. The demons who were walking near the Grand Hall didn't care as it seemed like their Master was having fun. 


"Did you stop when my daughter begged you to not kick her out of the castle?" Vladimir's words were still calm, and he looked at the black walls, where one of the torches holding fire burned brightly like his ire. 

The useless vampire, who was screaming, for a moment his eyes flashed through the time he had spent his time with the woman named Constance. Somewhere in the back of his head, he could hear her pleading voice. 

"Guards! Throw this woman right this instant!" ordered Laurence's mother. 

Tears streamed through Constance's eyes. She shook her head, unable to form words as she was shocked with the sudden change of behaviour from the people around her. 

"Please, don't send me out from here," Constance begged Laurence's mother and then looked at Laurence, where he stood away from her with his hands crossed against his chest. "I don't know what I did to upset you, but please forgive me!" she pleaded, looking back and forth between him and then his family members. Big drops of tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably.

His mother sighed as if she was tired of hearing Constance's whining voice since they had broken the news about her not to stay in the castle anymore. 

"Did you forget the difference between you and us? You are not fit to stand next to my son and you can't have a future with him," said his mother, raising her eyebrows at Constance. "We belong to the royal family of vampires. He's the King, and you, you are no one but a poor girl. Did you really think that I would let a girl like you marry him?"

Next to his mother, his sister Rosamund snickered. "Dreaming is good, but you should only dream about what you are capable of," commented Rosamund, supporting her mother's words. 

"Sister Rosamund," Constance beseeched. 

She approached the vampiress, but Rosamund turned her head away. She then went to the King's mother, bending down she caught the Queen's legs. 

"Please, don't send me away from here. I love Laurence. I will do everything I can and will keep him happy," pleaded Constance. 

"What part of my words did you not understand and decided to ignore it? My son has chosen his Queen, who will bring great affluence to this land. You were just his passing amusement. Don't think that my son loves you," and when Constance didn't let go of the older vampiresses legs, the woman kicked Constance. As they were at the top of the stairs, Constance rolled down and fell on the hard ground. "Now leave this place, unless you want to be punished for crossing your limits! Guards drag her out of here!"
The lost coins

Note: Author is sick at the moment. Sneezing and blowing nose with a slight heavyness in head. I usually have the habit of over working myself because my anxiety starts acting up and I try to keep my mind as occupied as possible. Hence the more chapters today. 

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The young girl who fell on the stairs looked up from the ground, her eyes searching for the man whom she loved and had given her heart to him, trusting it would never break, but life was not made of roses. What Constance didn't know was that since she had stepped out of the Belmount mountain, away from the shadow of her father, she had exposed herself to evil people. 

Now with eyes that were filled with tears, Constance blinked her eyes as they had turned blurry. She saw Laurence spare her an emotionless look from the top of the stairs, where he stood. 

"There's nothing left for her in here. Let's get inside as there are other things that we need to do than waste our time on this poor girl," said the older vampiress, placing her hand on her son's shoulder. 

"Please Laurence," Constance sobbed, knowing he could hear her, but he turned deaf to her plea and blind to the tears that she shed from her eyes. Laurence turned his body to have his back facing her and he then walked back inside the castle, while the guards who were ordered came and stood next to the girl. They caught hold of her hands, dragging her out of there while Constance was unable to do anything. She begged, but none heard her. 

Constance was dragged until the end of the Hawthrone's castle gates and then pushed out of it before the large gates were pulled to close on her face. 

"Please, let me talk to him for a minute. That is all I ask for," begged Constance. The things that belonged to her and also the things that were showered upon her as gifts were all taken away from her, leaving her standing alone and with empty hands. 

The guards glared at the human girl. It was one thing when she stayed next to the King and the King was interested in her, keeping her close to his side, but then there was the side where King wanted to do nothing with this girl anymore. One of the guards who was standing inside used his metal rod to hit it against the gates, and Constance took three steps away from the gate, startled. 

"Leave now. The gates are closed to you from now on, and none of the royal family members wants to do anything with you," the guard spoke in a gruff voice. "Move away from here."

Another guard who stood there watching the lady, who once used to smile, was now crying. The guard had seen many people pass in and out of the castle gates, but this lady was one of the few people who spared a glance at him and offered him a kind smile when she was in the carriage. 

When Constance started to walk after a couple of seconds more, the second guard called her, "Wait!" 

The first guard raised his eyebrows and asked, "What are you doing, Rudy?"

The other guard stepped out of the gates, and he went near the young girl. 

Constance, who was ready to leave with a heavy heart, stopped her feet and saw one of the guards step out and walk towards her. He fished something in his pocket and stretched his hand. When she looked down, it was two coins: one silver and one nickel. 

She shook her head. 

"Take it. If you keep walking from here, you will find the village on your left. You will need this once you reach the village," the guard had only so much on him, and there was nothing more he could give to repay her kindness. 

Constance's eyes filled up with tears again. She didn't know what to do, and with shaky hands, she took the coins from the guard, "Thank you," she whispered, and the guard nodded his head. When he went back on the other side of the gates, the other guard warned,

"If the King or the mother Queen hears about this, they won't be happy. We are not supposed to help or do anything to this girl. You're going to end up in trouble, of course, I will be the one to tell on you," the guard smirked. 

The one who had offered Constance his two saved coins stared at the girl who had started to walk, and she disappeared from their sight. The girl walked from the castle to the next village for two hours and then reached the village. The Hawthrone's family had decided to throw her out of the castle before she could even eat anything, and it had left her with an empty stomach.

Constance didn't understand what happened and on her way, she tried to recollect if she had done anything wrong, but she couldn't identify any mistake from her side. She had believed Laurence loved her and they would live together forever. Did he not love her anymore? It was only a week ago he was speaking about marrying her, how did things turn sour so quickly?

When she reached the village, she looked for a place to eat, but to her bad luck, she only met one of the relatives of the King who was in the village. Before she could even step into the inn, the King's cousin saw her and said, 

"I heard what happened, Lady Constance," the cousin looked up and down at the girl, "You poor thing, how about I take you to my home, and we can see if we can speak to the King to persuade him?"

Constance, who was naive and hopeful again, she nodded her head. "Let me go and have some food before it quickly." 

"Sure," the man internally smiled looking down at her and the condition she was in. When Constance stepped inside, she went back out again as she had dropped the silver coin from her hand somewhere. The carriage of the King's cousin stood outside, and she heard someone ask, "Will the King take her back?"

The King's cousin chuckled, "Do you think I am crazy to get on his bad side? Laurence and my aunt have already decided the girl who he would be marrying, and it is not this girl."

Constance's eyebrows furrowed, and she didn't let the two men know that she was standing behind the carriage, "What do you plan then?" asked the other man.

"To take her to my private mansion, of course. I would love to experience what Laurence saw in her that made him not to look at the other women for this whole year. Men like us can only crave the fruit that the King eats, but now that the fruit is reachable, I would like to have a taste of it myself," laughed the King's cousin.

Constance's eyes widened, and she covered her mouth so that no sound of her voice or sob could come out from her mouth. Terrified at the vile thoughts, she didn't wait to search for the silver coin and started to walk without waiting for the food either. And as expected, after a while, when the King's cousin went inside the inn looking for her, the girl was long gone, and he cursed his luck.
More than an eye- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Promenade of Stolen Children by Adamn Taylor 


In the underground world, screams of the man could be heard echoing through the passages which was near to the Grand Hall as Laurence Hawthrone was being tortured by Vladimir. 


Laurence screamed in pain when he felt the hot iron rings tighten around his body. It felt worse than the pain he had been feeling until now. And it was because Vladimir had given Laurence a break he needed from the torture so that his body remembered what the absence of pain felt like before he would start to inflict the pain again. 

"Rings any bell?" questioned Vladimir. "These are specialized iron rings. Perfectly hot, which will compress your soul and body, and as much as you wait for death to arrive to stop the agony, that is never going to happen. How does that thought feel right now?" Vladimir stared at Laurence, listening to the music that came from the vampire's mouth. 

"I am sorry!" Laurence apologized Vladimir. "I never knew she would go through such pain. If I knew it I would have prevented it!" 

"Hm?" Vladimir stopped walking and looked into Laurence's eyes. He snapped his fingers, and the iron rings released the vampire before disappearing in thin air. "You didn't know she went through pain or what your family put her through?" 

Laurence gasped for air, his body twisted in pain, and he could not keep his gaze on Vladimir. "I swear to God! I was only doin-"

"Oh, hush now. If you loved God, both of us know you wouldn't be here right now, but in Heaven. But seeing how you have been living as one of the precious guests in my abode, I believe you have been extremely naughty, or should I say a fucker who needs to be fucked?" questioned Vladimir. 

Laurence shook his head in desperation. He knelt on his knees, pressing his forehead against the ground. "I never meant to hurt her! It was never my intention!" In the past, he and his other family members had come to believe that Constance had no actual family, and because of her poor background, she couldn't have a future with him. He was the King who had to rule Devon, and he had to use the benefits by marrying a woman of high standing stature. "I loved-"

"Do you want me to castrate you?" threatened Vladimir, his eyes flaring up to have Laurence close his mouth. "If you haven't learned yet, this is Hell, and I am the Devil who runs this place. Speak lies by using Constance's name and I will rip that tongue of yours and feed it to yourself."

The previous King quickly closed his mouth when he felt the stranger who claimed himself to be the Devil place his shoe on top of his head. He knew this was Hell, but he didn't know that the Devil truly existed. And even though he was not alive as he was in the living world, Laurence was still scared. 

Vladimir put a little more pressure on Laurence's head. He then laughed, "I will take the repayment for every single tear that was shed from Constance's eyes because of you. For the pain you have caused her and the never-ending suffering and humiliations she went through," but Vladimir didn't put more pressure, and he took away his leg from Useless's head. 

Laurence felt shivers run down his body. He had gone through pain in Hell, but this mental torture that the Devil was inflicting in his mind, he felt every drop of fear fall into him. 

"Odin!" Vladimir called his servant, and the servant quickly made his way to where his Master was while keeping at least ten steps distance between each other so that he didn't enter the torture zone. 

"Yes, Master," Odin bowed his head, ready to be of Vladimir's use. 

"Bring the next sinners in line. I am sure it would be quite a party to have all of them together and make them meet each other," Vladimir hummed. And Odin quickly nodded his head. 

Odin signalled the guard who had a stag-like face, and on Odin's hand gesture, three more people arrived at the spot. Vladimir looked at the sinners, his eyes calm and collected while the other three looked like they were gasping for air and looking around the place to see where they were right now. 

"Welcome my fellow Sinners," Vladimir had a smile on his face. Hell worked in a way where, the more souls collected in this place, the stronger it turned. The three people who had appeared were Laurence's parents Morganna and Alan Hawthrone. The third one was young, and Vladimir looked at the young man. "And who is this that we have today? Looks like a fresh soul." 

Odin quickly moved to the side where he could see the third person who had appeared, and he said, "Master, this is Master Calhoun's cousin brother. Markus Wilmot."

Vladimir continued to stare at the young man who had a pretty face, said, "And what are his sins?"

Odin scratched the back of his neck as he didn't have all the details. "He harmed Master Calhoun and tried to poison him by using the girl named Elizabeth, who is Lady Madeline's sister." 

"The wolf girl? I guess I will need to withhold her antidote then," hummed Vladimir.

 "Laurence?!" Morganna asked, surprised on seeing her son. 

"Mother?" came the surprised tone of Laurence, "Father is here too," his eyes then widened as they were brought in here for the same reason he had been summoned. "It's so good to see you both-"

"Oh, shut up!" Morganna rolled her eyes at her son.

She hadn't expected to see her son here, and it felt like eons had passed since she had last seen him. At the same time, she didn't forget how Laurence had ordered people to put her in the dungeon, and his bastard son had killed her!

More than an eye- Part 2

Laurence wanted to ask his mother for her forgiveness the moment Calhoun had pushed his hand through his chest and killed him. "I am so sorry mother. I should have listened to you. I should have-"

"Ah ah ah!" sang Vladimir. "Careful now with your family reunion. You wouldn't want to upset me, would you?" he reminded Laurence, and the vampire closed his mouth immediately. 

Now that the older vampiress was away from the torture cell room and was brought to a better place, she believed she had finished her term of punishment. She looked down upon the stranger who stood in front of her. 

"And who are you?" asked Morganna, pride and sneer in her voice. 

Vladimir's lips broadened, and he said, "I am your host and will be taking care of you." 

Morganna didn't know what was going on, but she glared at the stranger who stood in front of her. Even during the time of her death, she had not shied away and held her head high in pride. She didn't know what exactly was going on, but she did have a fair idea that the place she had been delivered to was called Hell. 

"I don't need a host. I want to go back to my world. Right now," demanded Morganna, glaring at Vladimir. 

Vladimir chuckled at the insolent fool, "If you were pretty, I would have considered your words, but did you look at yourself? You old hag." The Devil's eyes turned from red to pitch black. "Let me remind you who I am as it seems like your mind has caught rust over the years." 

Instead of taking a step towards Morganna, he took a step towards the older vampiress' husband who was still going through tremors of pain in his body. "I heard that you touched my daughter when she was still in the castle." And Vladimir placed his hand on Alan's shoulder, where steam started to appear.

"I never touched any woman except my wife," Alan trembled as he had overheard from his punisher about the Devil returning. 

Vladimir cracked his neck left and right before straightening it, "Bastard," he glared at Alan. He turned around, his hands locking behind his back, and he said, "Castrate him." 

Laurence's father's eyes widened in fear, and he shook his head. Before Alan could tell anything, his private part fell on the ground and blood poured, while the man screamed his lungs out. 

"I know what you did. There's nothing you can hide from me," said Vladimir, who turned to see the man hurling on the ground. The other people had horror written on their face.

Vladimir had a dull expression on his face, and he closed his eyes, listening to the screams coming from the man, and he smiled. "Sounds so much better. Now only if my daughter was here to witness the revenge." 

But even Vladimir knew that his daughter had a good heart, who would wish no ill on anyone. If only she did something bad, if only there was at least one bad quality, he would have her here, instead of in Heaven. How strange, thought Vladimir to himself. The Devil's daughter was in Heaven. 

"What next part of you do you prefer that I damage?" he asked the screaming vampire. 

Morganna gulped in fear, seeing her husband bleed. Even for a vampire, it was too much of a pain. "What do you want from us?" asked Morganna. "We have been tortured for years!"

"Well, I wasn't here in those years to see you suffer. I am compensating over the lost years between us. A family get together. Isn't it wonderful?" 

Whoever this stranger was, he was a deranged man who belonged to Hell! Thought Morganna to herself. 

"We wish to go back to our lives. We have finished our term of punishment," she repeated herself and stood firm on the ground. 

Laurence had a fear-stricken look on his face. He turned to his mother and said, "He's Constance's father!"

Constance? Why did the name sound familiar? She then realized it was Calhoun's mother. Was this man the girl's father?

"Thank you, Laurence, for saving my breath. Odin take this one to the level four torture ground. With the right connection, getting a promotion is easy, isn't it," Vladimir looked down at Alan, and the guards arrived to pull the vampire away from the Grand Hall. 

"Where are you taking him?!" questioned Morganna. 

Vladimir smiled at the woman, "Would you prefer to take his place?" and the woman immediately closed her mouth. "That's what I thought. Now, as you are my first special guests, I would like to spend as much time as possible with you, and of course in the future to maintain good relationships. Especially you, woman." 

Morganna's eyes flared. Not once in her life had she ever been spoken down like this by any person! She had ruled and controlled the land of Devon through her son, without leaving the power, until her very own son had been tricked and she was framed for treason that she didn't expect to happen. 

"I was once the Queen of a land," Morganna stared at Vladimir. 

"My apologies," said Vladimir before correcting himself, "Especially you bitch." The woman's eyes widened. The screams of her husband had decreased and the Grand Hall turned quiet again. "Did you say you wanted to go back to the living world?"

Both the mother and son duo looked at Vladimir in suspicion. "We get to live there again?" 

"Don't stretch your luck. We are only visiting for a short time," said Vladimir.

His eyes fell on Markus and he waved his finger for Odin to take Markus away from there. He would take care of him later. "I have other people to see than spend my time with small shrimp-like this one."

Vladimir raised his hand before snapping his fingers. The three of them Vladimir, Morganna and Laurence disappeared from Hell, and they arrived at the village next to Carnival's village. Laurence was now fully clothed, but his clothes were that of a poor man, and so was Morganna's dress as if they came from the poorest family. 
More than an eye- Part 3

Morganna, the previous mother Queen of Devon, looked around to see people walking past them. She felt like life was breathed back into her as they were not in Hell anymore. It seemed like Constance's father was someone who had powers as he was able to bring them back here, and she wondered if asking for forgiveness would help in receiving pardon to all the sins they had committed. 

"Why did you bring us here?" asked Morganna. 

"To let you see how people don't remember you to be the Queen that you claimed to be. We are in the market place, yet you are nothing but ghosts," said Vladimir. His eyes looked around the place, and he could sense traces of his daughter still in here.

It was like a memory that had stayed behind, and Vladimir saw his young daughter holding a basket in her hand whilst she supported it on one side of her waist. As she walked, some people whispered something in each other's ears. A woman came behind her, pushing her and the basket fell on the ground. People around her laughed without offering their hand to help her to stand up. His eyes hardened seeing this, and when he closed his eyes and opened them again, the scene in front of his eyes changed back to the present. 

"Look here, who we have today! The previous King and the Queen mother have graced their presence," Vladimir spoke loud enough for people to start looking at them and a collective amount of gasps was heard. Many people's eyes had turned wide in shock, seeing Laurence and Morganna stand in the middle of the crowd that was forming in the marketplace. 

"That's not possible," whispered one of them.

"The previous King and the mother Queen have been dead for over two decades unless they went into hiding," said another commoner. 

"That is the previous King and the Queen!" said another woman in her late forties. "But it can't be!" 

"Look at their clothes? It is worse than what any man or woman can wear in here," came the hushed voices. 

Vladimir stepped behind Morganna and Laurence. He said, "Now Laurence. Why don't you reveal what you and your mother did to my daughter so that they are well versed with you. But before that!" the Devil clapped his hands and came to stand next to Morganna. "I need you to finish a small task." 

"What makes you think I would do it?" Morganna stared back at Vladimir, and when the Devil smiled, she felt pain ascend in her body. 

"Now…" said Vladimir, "Get on the ground and lick my shoes." He wanted to break the prideful vampiress and humiliate her. He smiled, seeing how appalled she looked by the idea of it.

A horrified look appeared on her face. 

"Do it," said Vladimir, "You saw what happened to your husband." 

Morganna gritted her teeth, feeling the public's eyes on her. Her eyes fell on her son Laurence, who was the apple of her eyes until he decided to turn his back against her, her words deaf in his ears. When the sharp pain passed through her body, it automatically pushed her body down so that she fell right at Vladimir's feet. 

It felt as if something strong was holding her shoulder, and she couldn't get up from her position. 

"This is a suitable time where you start speaking about your repentance, Useless. Make sure you don't lie, and I will see how I can lower your punishment, hmm?" stated Vladimir, the smile had fallen from his lips and his eyes narrowed in controlled rage. He turned to look at the previous King, who was staring at the crowd that had turned larger in the last few seconds. 

Laurence had seen his father being castrated right in front of him for misbehaving with Constance in the past, he didn't know what would happen if he refused the Devil. He regretted meeting the girl and bringing her to the castle. 

"That is King Laurence!" someone shouted from the crowd.

Laurence then opened his mouth, "I am the previous King of Devon, Laurence Hawthrone," he said to the people. "This is my mother, Morganna. We are here to confess how we have treated people with injustice. I would like to clear the woman's name today. Constance…"

"Shit doesn't even know the last name," Vladimir hissed, and this was enough to have chills run down Laurence's back. 

"Lazarus. Constance Lazarus. I will have your eyes skewered in the fire and feed it to my grandson's beloved wolves." 

Laurence gulped.

"Constance Lazarus, she should have been treated with more respect. She was a beautiful and kind woman, and I misused her kindness, taking advantage of her by persuading her to come to live in the castle before I ruined her," said Laurence and the people around them didn't whisper a word. What the vampire didn't know was that his words were only building the Devil's ire. "She used to live here, but I didn't come to meet her. She suffered because of me, and I did nothing to prevent it."

"But it wasn't just me, but also my mother who was greedy to have a daughter-in-law who would bring in wealth. I didn't mind having Constance next to me. I heard from my sister that my mother, the previous mother Queen of Devon, had sent men after Constance, to kill her after she was thrown out of the castle, but they had been unsuccessful as Constance had already left the village. My mother here was not satisfied, and she made sure Constance's life turned to Hell. She stole the money from Constance so that the girl would succumb to death. It wasn't I but her, who took the decision," said Laurence turning to face Vladimir. 

"And what are your mother's thoughts towards the people?" asked Vladimir. Laurence bit his tongue from saying anything, the Devil snapped his fingers to have the vampire reveal the truth. 

"My mother believes that people are not equal to us, they are nothing but dirt and do not deserve to live, and even if they do, they should live under our rule. She levied taxes on the villagers and the townsmen so that people would die out of starvation and the barren land would turn to her use," said Laurence as if a pistol had been placed on the back of his head, where the trigger would be pulled any second if he didn't speak. 

Gasps erupted from the crowd, and they stared at Laurence and Morganna with their judgy eyes. 

"Laurence!" Morganna looked up at her worthless son, who was running his mouth without thinking. 

"It looks like the bad mother queen needs to be punished for her deeds," declared Vladimir, his eyes calm. The crowd that had formed looked at Laurence and Morganna with disgust in their eyes. Vladimir's voice then turned low only for Morganna to hear, "Now."

Morganna looked at the people and then back at Vladimir before she unwillingly bent down towards his shoe. Opening her mouth, she then licked the shoe that was covered in dirt. Most of the people raised their hands to cover their mouth, while some chuckled over the state of the vampiress. 
More than an eye- Part 4

"Are you happy now?" gritted Morganna as Vladimir had not just bent but broken her pride. 

"Not yet," replied Vladimir. "The same people whom you had manipulated in the past have now been manipulated against you. Let's see," and the Devil looked at the crowd, "Your rightful King Calhoun Hawthrone would be pleased to leave justice in your hands. I leave them at your mercy!"

"W-what?" Laurence asked, shocked, "Y-you said you would lower my punishment!" 

Vladimir offered the vampire a smile, "When you were born, your mother must have dropped you. Enjoy your time with them," and he started to leave from the place while leaving the two sinners with the crowd, who had turned wild in anger. Shouting and cursing the two of them before they picked up weapons and stones to beat them up. As Vladimir walked away, he could hear the mother and the son screaming and shouting for help, before it turned to painful cries. Their sins were so deep that they would return to Hell if they died in here, and he would keep another session until he was satisfied. 

Before Vladimir could leave the place, he caught sight of someone who seemed very fond of him. Not disappearing or detouring, the Devil continued to walk towards the blonde man with blue eyes. 

"What do you think you are doing?" asked the angel. 

"I didn't know we were meeting here, Michael," stated Vladimir, the maddening smile returned on his lips. 

Michael had a displeased look on his face, "This is not Hell that you involve yourself in things that don't concern you by using people." 

"And how do you know it isn't of my concern?" Vladimir raised a single eyebrow. "And it is quite rich coming from the person who kept a relationship with a demoness of this world before breaking it off."

Michael's eyes narrowed, "I did it not because I wanted to initiate a relationship with the woman. It was because I had to make sure that I got to the dark angel first." 

Vladimir rolled his eyes, "Of course, what is a few heartbreaks, isn't it? What are you doing here? I don't like being followed, and it makes me uncomfortable." 

The angel glared holes into Vladimir's back as the Devil had walked forward and then turned around. The commotion continued in the central market place where Vladimir had left Laurence and Morganna.

Seeing Vladimir ready to disappear from here, Michael said, "Wait! I have come here with a proposal, and you might find it to your liking." 

"And what is that?" 

"The offer is straightforward, but you need to agree to it. You don't understand the severity of what the dark angel is capable of-" 

"Yet you left her by herself until now. Is it because she received her wings back again, and you have confirmed things won't go according to what you all thought?" questioned Vladimir. 

Michael gritted his teeth. Every time the angel hoped that the Devil's heart would change that it would return to the way it was in the past. But every time they met, Lucifer's behaviour only worsened. Once upon a time, the Devil was his close confidant, but he had now turned to an eternal enemy. 

"Right now the dark angel is only sending people to Heaven and Hell, but the time is not too far when Madeline will kill your very own grandson. And she will send him to a place where nothing exists. He will completely disappear. Is that what you want?" asked Michael. "You should know that we angels do only things that will keep balance with the living and the immortal world."

Vladimir stared at Michael, "Speak directly instead of going in circles." 

Michael's eyes moved around the place to make sure no one was eavesdropping on their conversation, and he said, "Madeline's power will only increase as time goes. She is already near to surpassing her father's abilities. And given Paschar's wings and abilities have been reduced in the name of punishment, but it is still a lot in this world. I overheard about what that man said," he jerked his head towards the duo whom Vladimir had brought from Hell, who now was being attacked by the people.

"So you were following me. We need to find you a new hobby," Vladimir commented, amused.

The angel didn't heed to the Devil's distraction. Michael said, "What happened to your daughter was something that should not have happened. I can give you my word that she is safe in Heaven, but there are still traces of disturbance in her mind that comes from this land as if she is not in peace with herself." This caught Vladimir's attention. "I will give your daughter back to you. In a much better condition before she entered Heaven with all her memories intact about you and your grandson. In return, you will hand over the dark angel." 

A cunning smile appeared on Vladimir's face as he stared at Michael.

"What you mean to say is me getting on my grandson's bad side and give the girl to you. You and the others already know with me around, it's impossible to get to her, don't you?" smirked the Devil. 

"I heard Calhoun loved his mother dearly, and I am sure he would be more than happy to have her back too," stated Michael. "Constance was your blood, your daughter. Madeline is Paschar's daughter, and he might not have been able to be the right father, but it is only right to have her back where she truly belongs. She is not your blood, Lucifer." 

"Your offer is very tempting, but I will need time to think about it. Until then," and within a second, Vladimir disappeared, and Michael looked around the place, realizing the Devil had already left. 

Vladimir appeared in front of a mansion that was far away from the village he had visited. The mansion was an old one that looked broken and there were no fresh plants or flowers surrounding it as they had all dried up. He made his way through the gates, appearing in front of the door, and knocked on it. 

The door was half-opened by a maid, and she asked, "May I help you?" The maid had an apprehensive look on her face.

Vladimir put his best smile on his face, and he bowed his head, "I am Vladimir Lazarus and am here to meet Rosamund Wilmot."

The maid looked behind him to see no carriage or any other officials from the Hawthrone's palace. "She's-"

"I know she's here," the smile on Vladimir's lips was eerie, making the maid nervous. 

Since her mistress had been banished from entering the castle or meeting anyone related to the castle. They had no visitors. The King had taken away everything that belonged to the Wilmot's, leaving them in poverty. But Mrs. Wilmot had kept her treasures somewhere in a secret place and had brought this mansion in someone else's name while living in the mansion without anyone's knowledge. 

The maid opened the door, and Vladimir stepped in. "Please sit in the drawing room while I let Lady Rosamund know about your visit."