✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 166 - 170 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




Heaven went back to her room to perfect her plan, and everyone joined her again to help. 

"Do you have any idea for a plan, Ilyas?" Gina asked, turning to Ilyas, who had been quiet the whole time. 

"I don't plan my fights," he said simply. 

"Of course not," she sighed. 

"But…" he continued, turning to Heaven. "If you want to end the war quickly without many deaths and waste of resources, the attack should be in full force and with a specific aim." 

"It shouldn't be an attack to distract or to lead to something else. It should be an attack to destroy," Zarin added, and him and Ilyas nodded in agreement. 

The whole dynamic between the men was weird and interesting to watch, but it gave Heaven an idea. She looked at her map. She would have to redo some parts of her plan for it to turn out the way she wanted it to. It wasn't easy, and it took her until the evening to put her vision on paper. Once she was satisfied, it was time to see if everyone else would feel the same. 

Zarin was the first to take a look at her plan and Heaven found it so strange to see him so seriously while studying the paper in his hand. "I believe it to be a good plan." He said.

Heaven smiled at him. 

Gina had been sketching with her, so she knew the plan. The next one to look at it was Ilyas. He took a quick look. "I don't know much about planning a war but it looks good to me," he said. 

Now it was time for Zamiel's to turn to look at it. He didn't need to study it too long before he spoke. "It's a good plan. Now you have to think of how to represent it and answer all the questions that may come your way. You also have to think of all kinds of criticism that your plan might receive and what to do about it." 

"Bloody men," Gina muttered, then realized that there were three men in the room. "I mean no offense. I just... nevermind." She sank back in her seat. 

"I know. I am ready," Heaven said without hesitance. She would not back down now when she spent so much time planning. 

"Yes. You should make all those men speechless." Gina added. 

She had been angry for her, watching her having to work harder because she was a woman. Now it looked like she wanted to kill all men. 

Heaven thanked everyone for their time and help, and then quickly went to see General Kian, who also spent most of his day planning. 

"Come in," he said when he saw her standing at the door. "Are you overexerting yourself?" 

"I am getting enough sleep. Thank you for your worry." 

He was leaning against the table and reached his hand out, seeing her holding the map. Heaven placed the map in his hand. 

He turned around, opened the map, and placed it on the table. Heaven went to stand next to him to explain how she thought. While she explained, she felt as though he watched her instead of the map. 

"It is a good plan. I am impressed." He said, but Heaven wasn't sure if he even paid attention to what she was saying. 

"Is it really good? I can change if there is anything wrong." She told him. 

He shook his head. "I love the attack with force and from behind." 

Heaven was glad he paid attention, but she still wanted to be clear with him. "Well, then shall I prepare for presenting my idea tomorrow?" 

He nodded with a smile. 

"Thank you for giving me an opportunity." 

"You deserve it," he said. 

Heaven smiled, not knowing how to tell him without it sounding sudden or weird. 

"And hopefully when we come back, I'll get married." She grimaced after speaking. That did sound sudden and not related to the current conversation at all. 

General Kian's eyes widened in surprise. "I thought you wanted to rule." 

"I do. But if being a woman doesn't stop me, then being married shouldn't either. In fact, having a husband who supports my decision to rule might be a good influence on other men." 

"Did you find such a man?" He asked. 

"I did," she said. 

He smiled, but there was a sadness behind his smile. "Congratulations Your Highness. I am happy for you." 

"Thank you." 

"You should probably go rest. You have a big day tomorrow," he said. 

"Yes, I should go." She said, suddenly feeling awkward. 

She hated this. Hopefully, things would remain good between her and General Kian. 

As for getting married, she thought it was time to do so. If she was going to break one norm, then she might as well break all. Besides, she wanted a life with Zamiel no matter what. He was her true happiness. 

She looked at her empty room and her empty bed. She didn't want to come to an empty room and sleep alone in a bed anymore. She wanted to miss coming back to her room and feel warmth whenever she walked inside. Being without her family and Zamiel had made her realize that what made her the most happy was being with the people she loved and she wanted to be happy. She wanted Zamiel to be happy. 

Right now, she felt like she was in the middle of nowhere. She was happy, yet worried. She was home yet not. She was in danger or not. Many things had been holding her back, but she had enough. Now she was going to live her life the way she wanted to. 

Changing into her nightgown, she teleported to Zamiel's home. He was already in bed and since he didn't turn around; she guessed he was sleeping. Carefully, she went around the bed to the other side and lay down next to him. 

She watched his face in the dim light and couldn't help but reach for him. She removed the hair from his face and tucked it behind his ear. 

Yes, this is how she wanted to spend her nights. Sleep next to this man and just look at his face. That alone brought her enough joy.

To her surprise, Zamiel opened his eyes, and his silver gaze met hers. She had been right. His eyes were glowing more than usual, and he just stared at her without speaking.

"Zamiel." She placed her hand on his cheek. "After I come back from war, let's get married."


Zamiel's eyes widened in surprise. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wasn't sure whether to be happy or worried. What made her suddenly want to get married?

"Is that what you truly want?" He asked. 

"Yes," she said without hesitance. 

"What about becoming a ruler?" 

"I will become a better ruler with you by my side." She smiled. 

Zamiel didn't know what to say. He knew they would get married eventually, but he thought that he would have to wait. He was patient but at the same time there was nothing he wanted more than to be known as her husband and live with her. 

"Don't you want that?" She asked when he didn't speak. 

He took her hand. "There is nothing I want more. I live for you." 

She smiled at him, that so heartmelting smile of hers. He wanted to see her smile and make her happy every day. 

"I want to give you something more to live for," she said. "A family. A child. Our child." 

A Child? 

His heart skipped a beat every time he thought of having a child. He had to admit that he was scared, even though he did have a strong desire to once again feel the joy of holding his own flesh and blood. There was nothing more special than a moment like that. 

Heaven noticed his worry. "You don't want children?" 

"I do." 

"But you are scared?" she said. 

"I am. I want to protect you and my child this time. Our child." 

Heaven caressed his cheek and smiled. "You don't have to worry. What is meant to happen will always happen. I know you will do your best and that is all that matters." 

Zamiel knew he couldn't be afraid forever. He had to let go of his fear and enjoy having a life and a family with Heaven. 

"You deserve everything good in this world. I want to give you all that I can," she continued. 

Zamiel felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in his chest. He always felt like this was a dream and he would wake up soon, but it wasn't. This was real, and he was blessed to this woman. His woman. His heaven. 

"I love you." He said and leaned in to kiss her. 

She tasted like everything sweet and warm and smelled like spring and flowers. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her soft body against his. She welcomed his touch and awakened his senses. 

He had already been itching for her all day. It was mostly his gums that itched, and this time it wasn't just to bite her for pleasure. It was like he had an urge to renew the mark despite it still being there. It was the painful itching that made you unable to think of anything else. The urge to renew the mark was no fun. 

Shifting swiftly, he placed her beneath him and continued to place kisses down her jaw and neck. Heaven leaned her head back and arched against him. Zamiel's gums ached from his fangs growing as he adorned her neck with kisses. He nipped at where the mark was placed, and his fangs grazed her skin. 

Heaven writhed beneath him and buried her fingers in his hair. He didn't know whose heartbeat or heavy breathing he was hearing, but it suddenly became clear to his ears. He could feel the pulse at her neck against his lips. Avoiding the vein on her neck, he sank his fangs right where the previous mark was. 

Heaven whimpered and grasped him harder. Zamiel felt the itching in his gums gradually ease and pleasure taking its place. He was lost in the heat of the moment, ignoring the concerning sounds he was hearing in the background. And the taste of her blood. It was different. He flicked his tongue over the wound and tasted the blood once again. 

It couldn't be? 

But many things started to fall into place. Heaven's tiredness, his sudden urge to bite her again and now the taste of her blood. 

"What is wrong?" Heaven asked when he pulled away abruptly. 

Zamiel leaned down and placed his ear near her belly. He listened. 

"What are you doing?" Heaven asked. 

He could hear his own and Heaven's heartbeat at first, but after a while, he heard an additional heartbeat. It was a faint sound and was only heard once in a while. Like the resting heartbeat of an ancient demon, it was very slow. 

Zamiel looked up at Heaven, realizing what he just found out. He still had a hard time believing it. He was speechless. His mind stopped to function, and there was complete silence inside his head. He had thought that he would have to wait a long time before he was blessed with a child again. This seemed like a dream. 

Heaven sat up, looking worried. "Zamiel? What is it?" she asked carefully, as if afraid of knowing the answer. 



"You are pregnant." 

Heaven blinked a few times in disbelief. "But…" she put a hand on her stomach. "I don't feel anything. I would know," she said. 

Zamiel guessed that because Heaven was part demon, the baby was mostly demon and that was why the heartbeat was so slow. Even he wouldn't have been able to tell a heart that beats only once in a while. 

"It is early to tell, and it is your first time." He told her. 

Heaven was quiet for a long moment. He knew that just like him, she would need some time for everything to sink in. 

"I am pregnant," she said with her hand still on her stomach. 

"Yes," Zamiel nodded. 

He knew she wouldn't be happy about it. She had her goals and dreams to accomplish. He wanted to be happy, but he was so conflicted. 

"I am pregnant," she repeated. 

Zamiel became unsure of her reaction. Was she…

"I am pregnant." Her face lit up, and she smiled.

She was happy? 

Zamiel felt relief wash over him. He could finally breathe and be happy about the news. 

"Oh Zamiel." She wrapped her arms around him, and he hugged her back.

He couldn't help the tears that filled his eyes. He was going to have a child. It all felt surreal. The happiness he felt was overwhelming until he felt her stiffen. She drew back, and there was a frown between her eyebrows. 

He sensed her worry and fear. "How can I tell my parents?" she said, her cheeks flushing a bright red. 

"Heaven. They. Know." He told her. 

Her parents knew how this worked. They weren't fools to think that they as mates spent time together without touching each other. 

Heaven's whole face burned. "Oh," was all she managed to say.

Zamiel took her hands. "It is nothing to be ashamed of."

She took a deep breath and nodded. He could tell that she was dreading to tell them. Then suddenly she looked up with eyes wide. 

"The war? I won't be able to become a general or rule now."

"Why? Because you are pregnant?" He asked. 

She looked at him, confused, as if he should know why. 

"The things that make you a woman shouldn't be a weakness or a hindrance. You can do the things you want to do all while embracing everything that makes you a woman." He told her. 

"You think so?" 

"I know so. I know you can do anything you set your mind to."

Heaven nodded looking determined.



Irene was slowly getting used to spending time in the water kingdoms. She was still fascinated by many things and she had gotten to know a few people. All of them nice and welcoming. There was a particular water demon, Dorota, whom she had become friends with. She had never had female friends before, so this feeling was new to her. 

Dorota was almost two hundred years old and a beautiful lady, inside and out. Her green hair was wavy and her eyes changed color, like every other water demon. She was elegant, smart and funny and already after their first meeting they got along really well. 

Dorota showed her around the kingdom and introduced her to more people. Seeing all the women being friends and their children and grandchildren being friends made her feel envious and realize what she missed in life. 

She was married off at a young age, separated from her family to be with a man who didn't care much for her. Then she met Lothaire, who fed her lies and isolated her even more. He never introduced her to other people, except for Roshan and Enoch, and he never took her places where she could meet people. She wished that she had taken that step herself, but her main focus had been to get her son back. And being both witch and demon, she didn't know who to befriend. Who would accept her? Where would she go? She felt like she belonged nowhere. 

The only safe place for her to be was with Lothaire, and she hadn't been unhappy about it because she didn't know anything better. 

Now she saw a community with families. People who have known each other since childhood, grew up together, spend time together sharing their happiness and worries. It was a beautiful thing to witness. 

How come she never had a friend? She surrounded herself with plants and animals instead, when she wasn't with her family. She had no other purpose or hobby besides being a mother and a grandmother. What was her identity?

What did she like or dislike? What were her goals and dreams? 

Talking to Euphorion made her realize that everything she did or said was always about her family. She knew what everyone liked to eat or do, or what they wanted to be, but she didn't know those things about herself. When she used to be alone, she would always think about her son, and when she got her son, she would always think about Lothaire. She never took time to just think about herself. 

"You know… every time I ask you a question, the reply has to be something about your family." He told her one day. 

"What is wrong with that?" she asked defensively. 

He shook his head with a slight smile. "Nothing. I just want to know about you." 

She was a grandmother. If she aged normally, that would show. What life did she have left to live and this man wouldn't have been looking at her if she looked like her true age. But then again, at his age, he would have been dead a very long time ago. 

"There is nothing much to know about me," she said, noticing that sometimes he was interested in her and other times not. 

It was consistent, so she thought maybe he was like that as a person. She hoped so, at least because she wasn't interested in him. 

Another demon, an ancient one at that she didn't want to get involved with. She didn't need any man in her life. Euphorion was a good company, and she wanted it to remain that way until she got back home. 

"I know nothing about having a family or being part of it. But loving yourself is part of being happy." He told her. 

He mostly joked around and made her laugh, but whenever he said something serious, it stuck with her. Spending time with him made her find joy and herself. She took time to reflect and find happiness within herself. 

Tonight she sat with him again in his roofless parlour. Because it was colder under the ocean, he made a fireplace and put on fire just for her and then they chatted about everything. Irene felt strangely comfortable with him, despite fighting it. She didn't want to trust someone again and get her heart broken. Making friends here made her both happy and worried. 

But there was something about Euphorion that was so sincere. She could tell he spoke his mind. There was no filter between his mouth and brain. Whatever came to mind left his mouth. It was both funny and comforting. 

They could sit and talk all night. Time with him passed by quickly. Irene couldn't remember just sitting and talking for hours with Lothaire or him, making her laugh so much. 

Yes, they would have intense, passionate nights. He would give her anything she asked for, he would look out for her and protect her, but she couldn't remember just talking to him for hours about anything, or going on an adventure with him. They could have easily traveled around the world, but he didn't even show her the whole of Decresh. 

Meanwhile, she was here she went on a tour around the ocean and visited every corner of the water kingdom. 

She really hated making this comparison because she didn't want to think of Lothaire, but it became part of her reflection. To her, Lothaire became everything because he came at a vulnerable time in her life where no one showed her love or care except for him. She only had worse people to compare him to, so in her eyes he became the good one. 

Now her days of being stupid and vulnerable came to an end. She felt more confident in herself than ever. Now it was time for her to go back home. 

Euphorion had already told her he was only keeping her for safety's sake, but believed there wasn't much to worry about. If she wanted to go home, he thought she could. 

Sometimes it looked like he was sad to send her away, and sometimes it felt like he just wanted to get rid of her. Again the confusingly contrasting emotions. 

Getting to know herself during her stay in the water kingdom made her recognize the emotions in his eyes. It was like her own. She recognized the fear in his fascinating eyes, and she guessed that's why he distanced himself from her sometimes. 

Everyone seemed to be close in the water kingdom, but he liked to be alone. You would think someone who has lived as long as him would have a family and many friends by now, but he didn't. He was alone, but unlike her he didn't seem lonely, and he taught her to like her own company. 

"I think it is time for me to go back home." She told him.


Euphorion's days became suddenly busy. He was surprised by how much the company of one person could change one's daily life. He found himself not only thinking about himself, but about someone else as well. 

Every time he would eat, he would stop and remember that he had a guest who also needed food. Whenever he went out, he didn't just leave. He went to tell Irene that he would be gone for a while, so she would know. If he bought something, he would also think of buying something for her. Otherwise, he felt strange.

It wasn't just all about him anymore. It felt like he had a duty to take care of someone else as well. 

Surprisingly, Irene got used to staying in the water kingdom quicker than he thought. She became friends with a few females and went out to spend time with them. She looked happier than when she first arrived, but he knew she still missed her family. 

Somehow, he wanted her to leave. Her presence affected him too much. He was getting used to having someone to spend his days with. He found himself looking forward to waking up every morning so he could see her face or hear her laughter, and when she wasn't there with him, he felt lonely. 

This was what he had been avoiding. He didn't want to need or want someone. He was fine by himself. Why was this happening to him? 

He had been in denial, but the connection was too strong. He knew she was the one. His mate. What an ironic thing? After all those years, the woman he takes from land to annoy the devil would turn out to be the one. 

Unable to contain himself, he laughed at his fate. And that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that she was originally a witch. She didn't feel the same pull for him as he felt for her. She wasn't bound to him. She could just walk away anytime, and he knew she would. 

Irene was still healing. She wasn't looking for love. She wasn't ready to give away her heart yet and get it broken. Was it not the same for him? He didn't want to deal with heartbreak, either, but now it was too late. 

He had already bonded with her. Not physically, but emotionally, and there was no way he could escape it. Unlike her. 

Tonight, as he sat with her, she was thinking of home. She thought it was time for her to go back. He knew it was only a matter of time before she decided to go back to where she belonged.

"I think it is time for me to go home." She said. 

He nodded. Maybe this was for the better. 

"You should at least sleep before leaving. You can leave tomorrow morning." 

He wanted to bite his own tongue and swallow it. What was he saying? He should let her leave as soon as possible. 

She nodded. "Yes, I could use some sleep."

That night after saying good night to her, Euphorion couldn't sleep. His heart felt hollow just thinking of her absence, and the next morning he didn't feel as excited to wake up. 

She, on the other hand, was eager to go back home. She already waited for him outside his room. Euphorion took a deep breath, gathering his strength to let her go. 

"You are going now?" He said. 

She nodded. "Yes." 

"I can escort you home." 

She shook her head with a smile. "No. I will be fine. You have already done a lot for me and I had a really good time here. Thank you for taking care of me while being here." 

Euphorion swallowed the lump in his throat. "I hope you arrive safely and stay happy with your family." 

After everything she went through, he wished happiness for her. She deserved it. 

He could tell that she healed a little while she was here, and he hoped she would continue in that direction. 

"I will. And I will miss being here." She said, looking around. Her eyes seemed to tear up. "You live in a beautiful place. The ocean has a unique breeze and colors that evoke joy and peace."

He realized that she wasn't just happy to go back home, but she was also sad to leave this place. She had made good memories here. 

"You are always welcome to visit again." He told her. 

He shouldn't have said that. He was causing himself more pain. 

She smiled. "I will. It won't be the last time we see each other."

He knew he shouldn't be happy hearing that, but he was. 


Things weren't going well for Lothaire. The possession was affecting him much more than he thought it would. He couldn't control his emotions and focus. He tried to distance himself from everyone else so they wouldn't notice the change in him. His daughters were already thinking of how to save themselves if he messed up, knowing very well that he wasn't in a stable state of mind. 

He agreed with them. Despite knowing that he wouldn't be able to find the water kingdoms, he still went under the ocean to look for Irene. But what would he do if he found her? He couldn't force her to stay with him. Zamiel knew that and probably waited for him to take away someone's free will again and lose his kingdom. 

Lothaire was losing sight of what was important to him. The only way to get Irene without risking his kingdom would be through manipulation, but now she knew his plans. 

When he didn't find a way out, he thought of revenge. What if he just killed them all and saved himself this agony? The only way to stop caring for her was to eliminate her. Eliminate the punishment sent to him. And if God sent another one, he would eliminate it as well. He refused to be weak. 

What would make Irene come to land? Killing her granddaughter or her son might be a good idea. He laughed at his own ridiculous idea. He knew he was lying to himself that he could do it, but he would try. Maybe anger would take over and he would end his misery. 

He went to his son's room and loomed over him while asleep. A stab in the spine and then everything would be fine. Then he would kill Heaven and Irene... well, she would follow them on her own. 

The only problem was Zamiel would remain and he would live just to have his revenge on him. 

Being stupid, Lothaire ignored all logic and looked at his son, sleeping alone. Hazel had gone to sleep with her daughter. He looked at him for a long moment, without doing anything, until Lucian stirred in his sleep. Lothaire made sure his presence couldn't be sensed, but Lucian still knew that someone was with him in the room. He sat up and looked around with squinted eyes. 


It was like he expected his actions and waited for him. Lothaire revealed himself, and Lucian frowned. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked. 

"I came to kill you." 

Lucian nodded, not the least fazed. "What are you waiting for? Or do you want to torture me first?"

Lothaire smirked. "Now that you reminded me of it I might as well do it." 

Lucian shook his head at him. "You must be bored. You know that I have gone through the worst torture and death."

"Then I might just kill you and not waste my time." 

"Your entire existence is a waste," Lucian said. 

Of course he would think so. 

Lucian had somehow always managed to see through him. He never fell for his lies and despite trying to like him because he thought he should as a son, he never did. His gut feeling told him he shouldn't fall into his trap. 

"You never liked me," Lothaire said. 

"You are not likeable and you never liked me, either. I never felt a fatherly love from you. You did like Heaven a little more, but even with her, you didn't love her as a grandfather loves his grandchild. You only ever loved yourself and even with mother, it was always about you." 

'Love is not just a feeling.' Heaven's words echoed in his mind. 

"I am glad she is away from you," Lucian continued. "I have a lot to do tomorrow. You are disturbing my sleep. Whatever you are going to do, do it quickly." 

He lay down again and turned away to sleep. 

Lothaire watched his back for a moment. He was indeed wasting his time. He knew he wouldn't be able to kill him. To never see Irene was something he couldn't imagine. He was already losing his mind because he could not see her for a few days.

Then who would he kill or destroy? 

He went to Zamiel's work place. He could burn the whole place and get rid of all his workers, but for what purpose? Zamiel could easily start all over again. If he was going to have his revenge, it should be in a fun way. Heaven wanted to become the first female ruler. Reputation was very important for people to like her and accept her as their ruler. Maybe he could start there to make it difficult for her. He would stand in her way every time she tried to take a step forward. Life wouldn't be fun as his enemy.




Heaven was so nervous to tell her parents about her pregnancy. Her emotions kept going back and forth between being excited and nervous. Feeling embarrassed, she went to her parents' room. She hoped to only find her mother. She would be more comfortable only telling her first. 

As she hoped, only her mother was in the room. "Good morning, mother." She greeted, feeling a thousand butterflies in her stomach. 

"Good morning." Her mother smiled while having breakfast in her room today. 

"Is father is busy with the war?" She asked. 

Her mother nodded. 

Heaven went to sit with her. 

"Did you eat?" her mother asked. 

"I will soon. I just wanted to tell you something first." The butterflies in her stomach went wild. It suddenly became hard to breathe. 

Her mother narrowed her eyes and waited patiently. 

"I am pregnant, mother." Heaven blurted as fast as she could. She was afraid to hear her own words and looked down, afraid to meet her mother's gaze. 

It became dead quiet in the room. Heaven could hear the breeze and the birds singing outside. It felt like forever before she looked up at her mother. 

Her mother was in shock. She opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again, but no words left her lips. Heaven wished the earth would open up and swallow her. 

"Please say something." She said. 

"How long?" Her mother asked. 

"Not long." If she got married soon, she could conceal it. 

Her mother was still speechless. It seemed like she had a lot to say, but didn't know where to start. 

"Well, we need to tell your father." 

Heaven looked down at her hands again, feeling uncomfortable. Her mother was clearly distraught by the news. 

"Heaven. I am just worried about you and want to make sure that everything goes right." She said, noticing her reaction. 

Heaven nodded again. What could she say or do? She just waited for her father to come. Waited to be scolded. But her father's reaction shocked both her and her mother.

"I am going to be a grandfather," he beamed. 

Her mother looked at him as if he had lost his mind, but her father was truly happy about becoming a grandparent. Maybe he just needed time for everything to sink in. He could enjoy the good news first, then move on to the bad. 

"Well, now that you are pregnant you have to get married as soon as possible." He told her. 

Heaven nodded. 

"Then we should arrange it." Her father was quick to think of the solution instead of worrying. 

Heaven turned to her mother to know her thoughts. "Are you alright with the way things turned out?" Her mother asked. 

Heaven smiled. "Mother, I am happy and I was thinking of getting married, anyway." 

"You look worried," she said. 

"I am only nervous." She knew nothing about pregnancy and she wasn't really prepared for it. She didn't think it would happen this soon. 

Her mother took her hands. "You will do great and I am here for you." 

Heaven squeezed her mother's hands. "Thank you." 

"Well, I have to interrupt. Heaven, I hope you have your plan ready. It is time for a meeting," he said. 

Right. It was time to go back to duty, and she was glad her father didn't dismiss her now that she told him about her pregnancy. 

Heaven went to the meeting with her plans and her speech ready. She was nervous to speak in front of so many men, and her eyes searched for General Kian and Lincoln. The two men supporting her. They were seated and waited for her to present her plan. General Kian gave her a nod and Heaven thought of what Zamiel had taught her. 

Stand straight, shoulders relaxed and not look down or bow to anyone. She presented her plan and explained her strategies confidently. A few of them threw questions at her, but she had prepared so well that she could give them answers that either satisfied them or made them quiet. 

Her father sat amongst the men and watched quietly. General Kian's father, who was the head chief commander of the royal army, nodded thoughtfully after she was done. She nervously waited for his response. 

"I like your plan, Your Highness." He said. 

He was a man of few words. Heaven was so happy to know that she had impressed him. He was an important man. But others weren't so happy about her achievement. 

"Your Highness, Your Majesty. There is a concerning rumor spreading outside the walls of the castle." One of them began to speak. Her father narrowed his eyes, as if knowing what he was going to say. "People are saying foul things about Her Highness." 

Heaven frowned. What was he talking about? It looked like he wanted to say more, but was too afraid. Instead, he was hinting at something. 

"What are they saying?" Her father demanded. 

"I don't want to offend…" 

"I asked a question." Her father cut off. 

The soldier looked around nervously. "They are saying she isn't a bare maiden anymore." 

What?! Heaven froze in shock. It seemed like many knew about this rumor, since only a few in the room seemed surprised. There was no way anyone could have known about her and Zamiel. 

Her father remained calm, but she could see the flames in his eyes. 

Heaven remained standing frozen, and the others joined in to take this opportunity to bring her down. 

"I think it is important as a princess and a future ruler to think of her reputation, Your Majesty." Another one added. 

"I think she should get married and save her reputation." 

Heaven turned to yet another one who spoke. 

Her father remained silent. He probably wanted to see who else would join the plan of taking her down before he put them all in their places. Or maybe he wanted her to defend herself. But before anyone else could add anything, General Kian spoke. 

"Sir Harris. Are you questioning princess Heaven's innocence?" General Kian asked bluntly, and the man's eyes widened at the direct question. 

"I wouldn't dare." Sir Harris said. 

"Princess Heaven had been sick for several days and without fully recovering she had not only made a good plan for the war but also a plan for the castle defences. Whatever the rumors are accusing her of, we all know is not true. We all should know better than listening to gossip."

"General Kian, with all due respect even if we know the rumors aren't true they will still affect her image." One of the council's spoke. 

"I will take full responsibility." Heaven said. 

Now they all turned to her, curious to know how she would take responsibility. They probably thought she would give up her attempts to rule. 

"After the war ends, I'll get married." She told them. 

Many of them nodded with satisfaction. They thought they would finally be rid of her, but they didn't know what was coming their way. 

"Alright, let's focus on the war now." General Kian's father suggested. 

Heaven proceeded as if nothing had happened. She wouldn't let these men's negativity affect her. 

She presented her other plan to defend the castle. 

"They could attack the castle as well, so we should be prepared for that." 

Lincoln nodded. "Protecting the castle is the most important part."

General Kian was thoughtful before he spoke. "I think Your Highness should stay here and lead the castle defences in case of an attack." 

His suggestion came as a surprise. She had wanted to go to war and prove herself. 

"Since the castle is the most important part to protect, we should assign someone with more experience." A council suggested

"Princess Heaven will do well. She planned everything after all." General Kian said with finality. 

Heaven wanted to protest, but didn't want to defy him in front of everyone. She waited until the meeting ended and went to speak to him. 

"General Kian. I really want to go out and fight on the battlefield." 

"Your Highness. I can understand your eagerness to do well and I am on your side. You don't look well enough to go on a war and it is my duty to protect this Kingdom and the Royal family. I want you to stay here where you are more safe and where I know you will do well. There is no one I can trust to protect the castle as much as you since this is your home." He explained. 

Heaven thought that it probably wasn't a bad idea. Even though fighting humans would have been easy and she didn't need to worry about her child, staying here would be even safer. She should just take it easy now that she was carrying a life inside her belly. 

"Alright. I'll stay and protect the castle."