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The walk- Part 3

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When Madeline opened her eyes, she stood in the middle of the narrow alley and the walls on either side looked muddy because of the rain that had splattered the mud that was on the ground to the walls. The sky was dark and cloudy, and it was drizzling. The alley was quiet, and she raised her hand to catch the water droplets, when she noticed how small her hand was. 

Bringing it closer, she found it strange as it seemed like her hand had shrunk in size. Realization hit her that she wasn't just looking into memories, she was living it. 

"Madeline?" she heard her mother calling her. 

She looked down at the ground that had created a puddle. When she looked at her reflection, she saw a small girl who looked back at her. When Raphael had spoken about looking into the memories, Madeline had believed that she was going to stand by the sidelines and watch people speak, not that she would be part of the conversation. 

Madeline heard a sound come from behind her. Turning around, she looked at the empty alley but in time caught sight of someone's long coat who walked behind the wall. Was someone there? 

"Madeline?" her mother called again, "There you are!" exclaimed her mother.

Turning, she saw her mother who looked far younger than the current time she belonged to. It made Madeline question how old her mother was. Her hair was black in colour, a trait that Beth had acquired from their mother. The question was if Beth existed in this timeline. 

Madeline didn't react, and she stared at her mother.

"Look at you here in the alley. You shouldn't wander too far away, especially not in the alley's where there are strangers who can harm you. Don't leave mama's side, okay?" Her mother bent down to pat her head, gentleness in her voice that warmed Madeline's heart. 

"Okay," answered Madeline, her voice small like a child and it sounded strange in her own ears. Her mother gave her a smile. 

"Look at your face. There's mud. Where's your kerchief?" asked her mother, rubbing her cheek with her thumb to get rid of the dirt, "Hm? Where is that cloverleaf you found?" she asked looking at her hand, "Nevermind. Come, your grandparents must be waiting for us." 

Her mother caught hold of her hand and pulled her from there. 

On her way, away from the alley as she followed her mother, Madeline looked around to see where they were. With the houses that were old, and bare lands, it finally dawned on her that this was the village where her grandparents lived in. A lot of things had changed in a span of few years after her parents moved away from this place to live in the village of East Carswell. 

Reaching the house which she was used to visiting with her sister, she saw her grandmother come into view who was standing outside with her grandfather.

"Where was she?" asked her grandmother, "Always giving the family a slip. You should keep an eye on her, dear," said her grandmother to Madeline's mother. 

If Madeline didn't know about her past, she would have taken it to be a normal concern from her grandmother, but now she knew the underlying meaning behind it. 

"She is small, you need to take better care of her," said her grandfather. His eyes looked down at Madeline and she quickly darted her eyes away from him. She had to make sure not to make it too obvious for people to know that she came from the future. At the same time, Madeline couldn't help but wonder, if her actions would cause a change in the direction of her and others life. 

"You found her!" came another voice, and Madeline turned around to see it was her father, "Thank heavens!" 

Her father bent down to hug her. She was taken aback by this action. She knew her parents cared for her, enough to not kill her or put her back in the coffin like her grandparents who had done it in the past. But this little gesture told her how much her parents cared for her. 

"Don't disappear like that," her father scolded her lightly. 

"How did she even leave your side?" asked her grandfather, his tone had a hint of suspicion as if he felt something was up. 

Madeline was released from the hug, and she heard her father explain, "We were in the market, in front of the crowded shop. We were standing at the front, when we noticed her absence. 

"Well, it's good that she's safe. Let's get inside. I prepared lunch for everyone," said her grandmother and everyone got inside. While having the meal at the table, Madeline's eyes wandered around to see if there was anything she could find that was hidden away now in the present. 

She caught sight of bottles that were placed behind the shelves in the kitchen. There were plenty of books that were stacked in the living room, and while she was still looking around, she felt someone's gaze on her at the table. Madeline wondered how suspicious it would be if she were to look at her grandfather now suddenly. In the present, her grandfather was already dead thanks to Calhoun. 

"I made another chain, Frances," said her grandfather once he tore his gaze away from the small girl who sat next to him.

"That is very kind of you," responded her mother. 

"This is a special one, and not any ordinary chain." Her grandfather pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to her mother. Madeline noticed it was a thin chain with a round pendant hanging in it. "The pendant and the chain has special elements added to it. Something I have made it myself. Make sure you have the next child wear it just like you have Madeline wear it. It will keep her safe and wade off from evil eyes of the other creatures." 

"Yes, father," her mother obliged, taking the chain in her hand. 

Madeline was about to frown on what they were speaking because she didn't remember having this chain with her, though Beth did have a chain. 

"Don't you like the food today, Maddie?" asked her grandmother, her voice sweet unlike the one now where she despised her existence, "You have barely touched it." Madeline cursed herself for not being more attentive to her current body and the people around her. 

"Did something happen when you were lost in the village?" questioned her grandfather straight to the point, "Did someone talk to you?" 

Madeline shook her head. It wasn't like she had met or seen someone back in the alley. She had suddenly started her time of the past by standing in the middle of the alley. After the meal, Madeline couldn't help but wander around inside the house, her small feet walking and her hands trying to reach for things while no one was looking at her. Unfortunately, she didn't find anything useful in the house, not to mention it was difficult to look for things with her grandparents hovering around her. 

She was going through the shelves when she placed her hand on the glass to hear it crack. Before she knew it, she was surrounded by shattered glass pieces on the ground. 

"What happened here?!" asked her grandmother, wide-eyed, "Did you do this, Madeline?"

Madeline opened her mouth and then closed. At the same moment, her mother who was in the kitchen arrived at the scene. 

"Don't walk, Maddie!" her mother was quick to come to her by pushing the pieces of glasses away from her and picking her up in her arms, "Are you alright?" asked her mother worried. 

One side was her mother, who was worried about her. And another side was her grandmother who didn't look pleased that Madeline had broken the glass case, "I am sorry," said Madeline to her grandmother but that didn't lower the displeased look on the older woman's face. 

Madeline spent her time next to her mother. She wondered how long she would be able to stay in this time of the past. How long would it take to uncover the truth? 

The next day, Madeline had a visitor who was someone she was looking forward to, the girl named Jennine. 

"Let's play!" said the girl, pulling Madeline to her house, which was three houses away from her grandparent's house. While in Jennine's house, Madeline knew something bad was going to happen. It was because she had heard that Jennine and her parents had died by her hands. The moment of truth was here, and it turned her nervous. 

When the door opened, Madeline heard a crash in the living room. 

"What is that?" asked Madeline to Jennine who appeared as if she hadn't heard the crash nor Madeline's words. On hearing another crash with an argument that broke in the house, Madeline stood up and was ready to go to the other side of the house, when the little girl whom she was playing with caught hold of her hand. 

Frowning, Madeline turned to look at Jennine. 

"Where do you think you are going? We aren't done playing," said the little girl. Jennine was still sitting with her legs folded on the ground, when she had caught Madeline's hand without looking at her. 

Madeline could sense the change in the air around Jennine, like something had snapped, "Your parents are fighting," she said. She knew it wasn't something a little girl would understand or want to hear, but hearing the woman cry she wanted to go see or help. 

"That's okay," said Jennine, "Papa likes to suck mama's soul out. He needs to eat. She will be fine."

Madeline tried to pull her hand from Jennine, but the little girl was not willing to let her go. When their eyes finally met, Madeline saw the pitch black eyes of the girl like she was possessed. 

"Just the way I want to have your soul," smiled Jennine. 

The little girl no more looked like a human. It wasn't because of her eyes but also the way she smiled, making her look much older to her age. 

"Little girls are supposed to be tastier," said Jennine, opening her mouth to show the jagged teeth. 

Madeline tried to get away by placing her own hands on the girl and fight her off. The next moment, Madeline's hand touched the girl's chest and Jennine started to cough blood profusely from her mouth. 
The walk- Part 4

The blood continued to spill out of Jennine's mouth. At first, it was red, and then it turned somewhat dark. Quickly getting away from her, Madeline watched Jennine's body convulse on the floor until the body turned still. 

Leaving the room quickly, she went to the living room to see Jennine's father, who had opened his mouth and looked like he was sucking something from the woman, who struggled to push him away. These were not humans, said Madeline to herself. Humans, vampires, angels and demons. Demons. 

She knew she was not supposed to interfere, but her feet automatically moved by itself without a thought and the next thing Madeline knew, she was trying to pull the man away from the woman with her small hands. 

"What the fuck are you doing!" asked the man. He turned around and she caught another pair of black eyes. 

"Let her go!" Madeline said, pulling the man who pushed her. The man threw the woman across the room, who hit her back on the wall. He then caught Madeline's neck, "Look at the little prey coming to the house. Jennine?" he called the little girl and scoffed, "Looks like you don't want to live," he said while lifting her in the air, and Madeline could feel the air lessening in her body. 

Madeline was not a child, but only in a child's body. She dug her nails into the man's hand to stop him from killing her. She didn't know why whatever had worked moments ago, wasn't working now. The man's skin burned on her touch, and his hold on her loosened enough for her to fall on the ground. 

Not waiting for the man, she went to the woman who had been thrown. She nudged the woman to wake her up, and when the woman's body turned to look upward, Madeline noticed the blood coming out of the woman's mouth with eyes open. 

"What did you do to my hand?!" demanded the man in rage as his skin continued to sizzle. 

The man came to get her, but by then, Madeline had moved away from the spot where she was sitting in front of the dead woman. The man's hand came straight to pierce through the woman's face, that left the woman's face disfigured and out of any recognition. When he pulled his hands out, the blood-splattered Madeline's face and on her dress. 

He then went to attack Madeline, who tried to stop him. Before she knew it, she ended up putting her hands straight into the demon's chest, but that wasn't all. 

"W-what are you?!" asked the man alarmed by the little girl's strength. And the next second, the man's body splattered into nothing but blood. Blood covered the walls, the floor and every object of the living room. 

The sight of blood shook Madeline, and her knees felt weak. She hadn't expected something like this to happen to the demon.

A couple of footsteps came through the outside of the house, and in came her family to see her stand in the room with her hands covered in blood along with her face that had spots of blood on it. 

"Take her to the house quickly!" ordered her grandfather, who had a look of shock on his face. 

Her father looked worse at the sight of the room that had turned red, "But-" 

"Right now!" ordered her grandfather. The little tolerance that was in his eyes a few hours ago had been replaced to one where he looked at her as if she was an evil entity. 

Her father moved towards her with careful steps, "Madeline?" he called her name. She looked at her father, seeing how he gave her an apprehensive look if it was alright for him to get close to her.

"Can you come here, dear. Let's get back home," he tried to convince her as she hadn't moved from the spot. 

Behind her father, she could hear her grandmother question, "What are we going to do? This is not good. Look at the blood-" 

"We'll get it cleaned. I will ask Walter to cover the traces," said her grandfather, "Don't leave her alone. Take her to the room and lock her. Get the damn blanket to cover her! Don't touch her!" 

As the blanket was put on her, to cover her entirely where she couldn't see anything, Madeline felt the surrounding change and the next minute, she wasn't there in the bloody room. She huffed for air as it felt suffocating until she could again see the light. 

"Maddie? Where are you?" Madeline heard a familiar voice calling her. It was her sister, Beth's voice, "I am going to catch you this time!" She heard a giggle.

Madeline turned around to see herself standing behind the tree. This time, Madeline wasn't living as herself but as a stranger in a memory. When she looked at her hands, lifting them, she noticed they were clean. 

They were in the forest, and it seemed like they were playing hide and seek with each other, at least that is what Madeline believed until she caught sight of another dark-haired girl. Madeline's face hardened when she noticed it was the same girl who had died. 

Beth walked in the forest, looking for the two girls when she caught one of them.

"Now it's your turn, Jennine!" Beth said to the girl, and Madeline frowned. It wasn't often that people were born with the same face, less with the same name. Maybe she looked slightly older than the previous girl. 

"Why do you always catch me first!" Jennine looked unhappy that it was her turn to seek, "You never catch Madeline even if you see her."

Beth rolled her eyes, "That's not true. You are not good at hiding."

"Lies. I will catch you too," said the girl and Beth turned to look at Madeline who came out from her hiding place. 

Beth looked excited to hide, and when Jennine went behind the tree to count, Beth pulled Madeline along with her while bringing her finger up to quiet the smaller girl. Madeline wondered if they were around seven or eight years old. Also wondering if this was where Jennine had died again. But Beth had spoken about snow. She looked up at the sky to see it to be clear. 

So far from what she had observed, this Jennine didn't appear to hold any similar characteristics as the one whom she had killed. But then, even that girl looked harmless. She was trying to understand most of what she was seeing. Noticing Jennine going in another direction, Madeline decided to see what her younger self and Beth were up to. 

"You saw me hiding behind the tree before," whispered Madeline's small voice.

Beth took a peek from behind the rock before she sat down next to her sister, "The last time you went to seek, it took you an hour to catch any of us. And I don't want you getting lost. Don't worry, Jennine won't mind." 

"Hm," responded the younger Madeline looking at both her hands. 

They sat there for several minutes, and Beth took another peek, "I won't let you get caught, so I will be the one to get caught, and I will catch Jennine again. I wonder if we should go home," murmured Beth. 

"AH!" little Madeline screamed on, seeing a spider. Standing up, she tripped over the stone, and her scream was enough to have the other girl find them.

"I found you! This time it's Madeline," announced Jennine. 

Beth didn't pay attention and looked at her sister, "Eh! Why did you scream, Maddie!"

"I think I hurt myself," said the little girl and Beth was quick to piggyback her sister. Madeline heard the sound of the tower bell from a distance, letting the sound echo through the forest. 

While they headed out of the forest, Madeline followed them. During one of the conversations, Jennine looked displeased with the other two girls' closeness. 

"Am I too heavy?" asked little Madeline to Beth. 

"You are fine," replied Beth. 

"Give her to me, I will carry her," offered Jennine, but Beth shook her head. 

Not minding it, the girl named Jennine, asked, "Do you really have to go, Beth?"

"We'll be back in two weeks. Right before it starts snowing," replied Beth while adjusting her sister on her back, "I wish not to go either, but grandma and grandpa want to see us."

Jennine stared at Beth, and then looked at the little sister who was looking ahead with her chin placed on Beth's shoulder. Even though Madeline was walking behind, she could see the glare that Jennine passed to her younger self. A look of menace and anger which was quickly blinked away as she asked, 

"How about you stay here, and Madeline can visit." 

Beth frowned, "Maddie and I go together everywhere. We are sisters." 

The girl put up a smile, "Of course. How could I forget." 

Madeline couldn't follow them anymore because when she took another step, the scene in front of her turned unclear and started to dissolve. The next step she placed on the ground, her foot sunk, and she noticed snow all around her. 

Not too far away from where she stood, she heard the little girls arguing. Madeline quickly made her way to see Jennine and her smaller self standing there. Not knowing what the conversation was about, in time her younger self ran her hands through the girl's chest. Unlike what Madeline had witnessed before, this girl who died, she appeared to be a human. 

Beth, who arrived at the scene appeared to be in shock, seeing Jennine fall on the ground. The snow around the body started to soak itself with blood. 

"W-what did you do, M-Maddie?!" asked Beth in shock. 

Her younger self held a look of hollowness in them. In an emotionless tone, she whispered, 

"She wanted to harm you." 

Beth was unable to react after seeing the dead body and the blood. When her lips parted, a loud scream escaped from her lips. She ran back home to tell her parents what happened. 

Madeline's parents were the next one's to arrive whilst she stood there near the body, staring at it. They looked as shocked as Beth, but without wasting a moment, her mother covered her hands with a shawl, taking her back home, while her father stayed with the body until a carriage arrived.

When the carriage door opened, Madeline saw it was her aunt who stepped out of it. 

"What's the matter? I received a letter to come here and I-Oh Lord!" her aunt exclaimed, seeing the cold body, "What happened?!" 

Her father sighed, "Madeline…Beth came running back home, and she's speaking in circles about what happened. I am worried that someone will find out."

"Where is Madeline?" asked her aunt Mary.

"Back in the house. Frances has locked her in the room-"

"You should take her to mother and father," came the quick words, "Even Elizabeth. She will be traumatized. I will take this one with me, and accompany you in the journey back there."

When her family reached her grandparent's village, Madeline saw the girl whom she had killed was placed inside the coffin in Carnival's cemetery during the time of night. With her little self locked in the room with chains around her hands, her grandparents sat in front of Beth, who looked visibly shaken. 

"Beth, dear, why don't you give me your hands," said her grandmother, a friendly smile on her face.

"What do you plan to do, mother?" asked her father. 

Her grandparents had a serious look on their face, their expressions tense. Madeline heard her grandfather say, "Beth appears to be normal so far, unlike the other one. Before she gets triggered, it is better to change her memories. We would like everyone to leave the room," he insisted. 

With others who left, and only Beth and her grandparents in the room, her grandmother took hold of Beth's hand to say,

"I will tell you something now, something very very important and I need you to listen to it very carefully." Beth only stared at the woman, "Your sister. She is sick and might not survive. She's caught an illness, and we will need to put her to rest."

"She looks fine-" Beth went to speak to receive a small glare from her grandmother. 

"Your grandfather checked you, and her. But it is only her who has caught it. I know you want to forget what happened this morning, and your grandfather will help you. He is very good at it. He will help both you and your sister," assured her grandmother. "Now I want you to close your eyes and sit still." 

Madeline saw her grandfather walk around to stand behind Beth, placing both his hands on either side of her head. Madeline then heard things, she would have never imagined her grandmother to say to Beth. The woman not only removed the memory of what happened that day, but she went as far as to change Beth's personality of who and what she had turned out to be. 

Her sweet and kind sister's character had changed to a selfish person who would think only about herself. When her grandfather was done changing Beth's memories, Beth had turned unconscious. 

Why? Why would they do that? Madeline asked herself.

"Now she will never go to search or ask about what happened today," said her grandmother, carrying Beth who had fallen unconscious, "She can be quite some blabbermouth at times."

The same night, Madeline's parents took Beth back with them in her aunt's carriage while her younger self was left behind similar to the past with her grandparents. 

"What do we do with her?" asked her grandmother in worry, "I thought we had put her to rest." 

"That was what was supposed to happen. I don't know how that thing even got out of the coffin," her grandfather stood in front of the door where little Madeline was locked, "She was not supposed to come back. So many years have passed. Sixteen?" he asked his wife. Soon enough, they heard the girl's cries as if she was in pain. Her grandparents gave each other a look before they opened the door. 

The couple gasped, and Madeline who wasn't too far behind, found herself staring at the little girl who was on the floor, who appeared to be in pain. But that wasn't what shocked them. 

White wings had appeared on the little girl's back that was covered in blood. 
The walk- Part 5

Madeline was staring at her younger self, hoping her grandparents would do something about the pain, but they looked as if someone had mass murdered people. Dread started to fill in Madeline's grandfather's face, and he whispered, 

"This is not supposed to happen. T-The wings." 

"Fallen angel's don't have wings," her grandmother staggered back in shock, "What does this mean?" 

"This is worse than I thought," murmured her grandfather under his breath, "I would have never guessed it. No one has ever turned out like this, but there have been whispers about it. I thought it was a myth, a rumour. An angel with wings is only the one who resides up in the heavens. A fallen angel with wings is nothing less to an ill omen. He will come for her...We need to take her to Walter right this instant."

"He?" asked her grandmother and even Madeline was curious to know who her grandfather was speaking about. 

"The first fallen one," answered the man, a shuddered breath escaping his lips. 

"I will cover her, and we can go to Walter," suggested her grandmother. She brought out a cloak and helped the girl to wear it, to cover the wings that formed a big bump on her back.

Madeline didn't get to see what happened after that because the room she stood in started to dissolve itself and she was now in the cemetery. She could hear the sound made by hammers that was hitting the wood. 

Following the sound, Madeline found her grandparents who were busy driving the nails into the coffin to make sure the person inside would not come out like last time. Once they were done with it, they put the coffin inside the cemented grave that had her name on it and pushed the lid on the top to secure it. 

"With her wings removed, and with the spell, I have casted, she will not wake up. If she does, it would be only after sixteen years," said her grandfather, wiping the sweat that had formed on his forehead. 

"Did you see that? The girl," asked her grandmother, and Madeline stepped closer, "She looked just like that girl."

"Which one are you speaking about?" he asked before carrying the box of hammer and nails they had got. 

"The girl who Madeline killed today, and the one who died before, they almost look the same." This was something that had been bothering even Madeline. Why did the two girls look so similar, and they both died in her hands. Did it mean something? 

Her grandfather shook his head as if he had no answers for it, "We should get back home. Forget what happened." 

In the next blink of her eyes, her grandparents had disappeared from in front of her, and the graveyard was filled with mist. As the wind blew, the mist drifted in the direction of the wind. There was no one in here, at least that is what Madeline thought until she heard the sound of the breaking sound of the wood. Quickly she ran near her grave to see the cemented lid that had been pulled open and so was the coffin's lid. Her ears picked on the light footsteps on the ground, and she tried to follow it only to lose it. 

Returning to the coffin, she found it to be empty. Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked around for her younger self, but she was nowhere to be found. 

Suddenly Madeline felt pain on her back returning, and she fell on the ground. It was not supposed to happen right now, thought Madeline to herself. She writhed on the ground, her back agonizing as it felt like something was trying to come out, but nothing came. She closed her eyes, trying to handle the pain, which started to inch through every part of her body that made it hard for her to think or move. 

She wanted to get back to the present time. Laying flat on her back on the ground while the mist hovered around her, she stared at the sky that was covered in clouds. 

Taking a deep breath as her chest heaved for air, she closed her eyes and the next time she opened her eyes. She had returned to the candlelit room, which was warmer than the temperature in the cemetery. 

Tears slipped past her eyes, and Calhoun who had been staring at her while she was gone, waiting for her to return was quick to go to her side. 

"M-my back hurts," whispered Madeline. 

"Stay here with her," Calhoun instructed Raphael who was more than pleased to do so. Taking Madeline in his arms, Calhoun carried her out of the room.

Madeline didn't remember them walking through the corridors as the pain had overtaken her mind, and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. She held onto Calhoun's neck and heard the doors open. 

Calhoun heard Madeline's whimper, and he held her even closer. His first thought was to dip her in warm water to soothe the pain, but instead, he walked towards the bed and sat down at the edge whilst holding her. Her hands dug into his shoulders.

Carefully, he placed his hand on her back to move it up and down to distract her, Calhoun said, "It has been more than two hours since you slipped into sleep. I was wondering if it was going to take more time before I could get to stare back into your beautiful brown eyes." 

He continued to speak to her gently, "You know when I was small, I had made up my mind that I would not give my heart to anyone because of what happened to my mother. I saw her tear up many times, and I came to believe that people are not worth loving. Then I met you, and everything changed." 

The whimpers reduced, and the pain slowly subsided in her body, but she didn't stop clinging on to Calhoun. The place she had stepped into was supposed to be her home, but she had felt it to be nothing less than foreign there. A place like she didn't belong compared to where she was right now.

"How was the walk in the past?" asked Calhoun once she had calmed down. 

"Not good," she replied, pulling herself away from him so that she could look at him. 

"I thought so."

When Calhoun wiped the tears that had streaked down on her cheeks, Madeline's heartache. The tenderness that her family had not shown towards her in what she had seen, she felt it from Calhoun.

"We don't have to speak about it right away. It can wait until morning or whenever you are ready," said Calhoun as he continued to hold her. Madeline doubted, she felt as bad as the first time when she had found out about herself. Having already known how her grandparents were, it came less of a shock. She had tried to learn more about what had taken place in the past. 

Madeline said, "I don't know if I saw from Beth's perspective or not, but I did see from mine." 

Calhoun took note of how Madeline kept dazing in and out as if she was recollecting those memories and pondering over it. 

"There's something I had to ask of you. That is if you remember," started Calhoun and Madeline's attention came back as her gaze met his, waiting for him to continue, "Do you believe in the four cloverleaf which brings luck?"

"Don't most of them believe it?" Madeline furrowed her eyebrows and said, "Mother spoke about cloverleaf." 

Calhoun frowned, "I hope it is not your mother whom I met." Since Madeline had stepped into the past, Calhoun had started to think about a few things, and he remembered the cloverleaf. It was a distant memory, but somewhere it had him question if it was her. 

"What?" asked Madeline, slightly confused at what Calhoun was speaking about. She said, "Back there, mother asked where the cloverleaf went which I had with me." This was before her mother had taken her away from the alley to her grandparent's house. 

At the same time, Calhoun who had been frowning, his expression turned to a broad smile, and his eyes twinkled. 

"Why are you smiling like that?" asked Madeline. 

"You are my four clover leaf." 
Breaking through- Part 1

Four cloverleaf? Madeline stared at Calhoun's smiling face. 

"I don't understand," she said to him, and Calhoun gathered her closer in his arms. 

"Do you remember where you started to see the past?" 

Madeline nodded her head, "I was in the alley," she replied to his question. Even though in the real world, it took only two hours before she returned from her sleep, she felt as if it was only yesterday that she was walking in the alley that was wet and muddy.

"My mother was looking for me, and we then went to my grandparent's house."

"It was also the same time when I first met you," hearing the words from Calhoun, Madeline's eyebrows raised. They met before the ball? "It was years ago. A lost memory that happened to resurface a few days ago. With you being introduced as a human when we met at the ball, I didn't connect it to you because of the age and time frame as it didn't add up. But it does now. It was also the time when I had started to live in the castle." 

It was strange to think that she had met Calhoun before. Not in years would she have thought about something like that to happen. 

"It must be around the time when you first went to sleep in the coffin. Right?" asked Calhoun in confirmation. 

"It was. The very next night I ended up in the coffin," replied Madeline, "But I didn't get to see you," she murmured under her breath. Somewhere it would have been nice to have met the young Calhoun. To see how he was back then and how much he had changed since then, till now, "What were you doing there?" she asked him curiously. 

"My grandmother sent a few men so that we could play catch," came the nonchalant reply from Calhoun, "She had ordered them to get rid of me, hoping the action would threaten me enough to not step back in the castle. But that only made my decision to stay and eliminate others instead. You gave me your cloverleaf and handkerchief that day. Hold on." 

Calhoun placed Madeline on the bed and stood up to walk towards one of his many cupboards in the room. Pulling it to open, Madeline heard him rummaging through the things, and he turned around. 

"This," Calhoun had a chain in his hand, and it had a similar pendant that her grandfather had shown in her past. 

"I think my grandfather made that," said Madeline and Calhoun walked back to her, handing the chain for her to take a look at it. "He said it would protect me. I am not sure what it's supposed to protect me from. My sister wears something similar to this. He made two of them. I think my family didn't know that I wasn't wearing it at that point in time." 

"Can you try remembering when it came off your neck, Maddie?" asked Calhoun, his voice filled with curiosity as he wanted to make sure about something else. Believing things were meant to happen. 

Madeline didn't have a speck of memory about her being in the alley or meeting Calhoun there. Regardless of it, she closed her eyes, trying to recollect anything connected to it. She had to tell herself that she wasn't any ordinary person anymore. She was an angel, someone who once had wings. 

She saw flashes of green behind her closed eyes. There were many grass blades. Her small hands were trying to search for something, and she saw that cloverleaf which she picked. But at the same time, the chain around her neck fell, and she put it in her handkerchief. 

"It was after picking the cloverleaf," she said, opening her brown eyes to meet his that looked enthralled. 

"You wouldn't mind if I continue to keep this in the cupboard, do you? I rather prefer you wear something that doesn't come from your grandparents or your parents, or what once belonged to them," the last thing Calhoun needed was them trying to trample both his and Madeline's relationship. 

A thought crossed his mind and his lips twisted, wondering how things would have been if he had been attracted to the wrong sister. With Elizabeth who wore the chain, Calhoun would have been possibly misinterpreted the whole scenario, thinking it was Madeline's sister whom he had met because of the identical pendants. But instead of Beth, his eyes had fell straight on Madeline even though there were plenty of other people in the ballroom. 

Taking the chain from her hand, he put it back in its place. His hand brushed the handkerchief that was folded which was in the corner of the drawer. 

Things like these, it meant little to nothing to Calhoun. Not just in the present, but even in the past. At the same time, it wasn't many who had shown him comfort without expecting nothing in return. Years had passed by, yet he had not thrown this little trinket of chain nor the piece of old cloth which he had not bothered to clean. His blood was still stained in the cloth. Brushing his fingertips across the handkerchief, he brought his hand up to his nose, smelling the sweet fragrance. Here it was, thought Calhoun to himself. 

The smile continued to spread across his lips, broader and broader before he turned to Madeline, who looked slightly worried by his smile. 

"Do you understand what it means?" asked Calhoun, his hand pushed the drawer to close it and he returned to sit next to her, "We were meant to meet again. Even if it meant you were going to end up in the coffin again, you would still come out and we would meet."

Madeline felt her hands being taken by Calhoun, "My grandparents, they spoke about the fallen angel who would come looking for me." 

"Did they say why?" She shook her head. 

"I don't know. They appeared to be worried about it. Also, I think someone let me out of the coffin after I was put in there," she relayed the information and Calhoun tilted his head. 

"That was definitely not me," joked Calhoun, "It is okay, whoever it is. It must be someone who wanted to awake you." Madeline didn't see what the point was to wait until morning, and she told him what she saw, and what happened. When Calhoun had heard every bit of what she had to share, giving her his time and attention, he finally said, "Your grandparents are unintelligible creatures," was the first thing that came out of his mouth. 

Calhoun said, "Which parent or family member jumps to the conclusion that you are an evil being without seeing if you were at fault or not? You were a child, a small girl. I remember you were only this tall," he used his hand to give her an approximate of her height. He rolled his eyes, "And your parents," he tched. 

"Fallen angels don't kill people. And there was just too much blood in the room. I think they got scared and worried," frowned Madeline in thought. 

"That they would be next to die?" asked Calhoun, "It is still ridiculous to jump into conclusion without trying to find out what happened. Even the humans and vampires have better way of dealing with things unless you trap people. For example, Markus got caught because there was enough evidence against him. And even though there was no reason for me or Catherine to go under trial with the High House members, they still did because they had a speck of doubt on us. Of course, more than a speck on me, but with no evidence against me, there's nothing anyone can do. The only results out of this is, you get to know who is vouching for you and who is ready to throw you into prison and have you go through a possible execution." 

"I thought King's didn't undergo trials," replied Madeline to his words. She felt him brush the back of her hands with his fingers.

"Normally, they don't. But the charges on me are glaringly too much that sometimes the High House members feel like there is a need to do it, just to show people that they are fair. You should already know though, nothing is ever fair. The tables can turn any side, at any point of time," said Calhoun, "Some are waiting for my downfall, while some don't care about it." 

"Doesn't that mean you will have to watch your back constantly?" 

Calhoun gave her a thoughtful nod, "That is true. A King always has enemies," seeing Madeline's mind drift towards his words, he said, "Anyways, we were speaking about your grandparents. I must say we have had some very antiquey ones." 

"I feel terrible for what they did to Beth," confessed Madeline. The reason why they even tampered Beth memory was so that her sister would not remember a single thing of what happened, "She's not a bad person," Madeline said to Calhoun, knowing how he didn't mind dangling Beth in front of his wolves, and the only reason he wasn't doing it for her sake. 

"It is still hard to believe that what your sister has turned out to be today is because of your grandparent's actions. Memory can be tampered only to a certain extent. And we all are selfish in our ways," stated Calhoun, "There's always the external influence, but I am not sure if it could be fixed. Imagine it to be like, you constructing a tower with the cards. There might be a loose card in the middle. You want to fix it, but you should also know that fixing it might tumble the entire tower down. Many times you cannot fix things."

It wasn't that Madeline didn't love her sister the way she was, but after hearing Beth had gone as far as to try poisoning Calhoun by listening to Markus' words, she didn't want Beth repeating it again. 

In her memories of the past, Beth was kinder, and they were closer. It made Madeline wonder if things changed once she returned back from the graveyard to East Carswell after the second time she was put in the coffin. Did Beth perhaps build competition with her? 

Pursing her lips, Madeline said, "I know the things she has done, it could warrant her for treason, and I am thankful that she is still alive and breathing."

"You know I would do anything for you, don't you?" asked Calhoun, "But, that doesn't mean I will keep harmful things around you. Raphael can watch over her. Hopefully, she will mend her ways before it's too late."

"Where is grandma right now?" she inquired. 

"In the forest, in the company of the wolf," he answered her casually.

Calhoun took her into the forest, walking deeper and deeper where no one would ever come to wander. They reached a cave that was hidden by bushes. The night was colder than the previous night, a sign of the oncoming Winter that was soon going to arrive in the lands of Devon. 

As it was night, there was no light, and Calhoun held Madeline's hand in his as they walked towards the cave. He raised his hand to have fire light in the torches that were on the walls. When Madeline stepped inside, she caught sight of two cages that were occupied. One that had her grandmother who looked like she was ready to kill her and in another one...the other one there was a werewolf. She instantly frowned as she had not caught sight of the moon in the sky. 

"How are you doing in here with your new company?" asked Calhoun to her grandmother who raised her hand towards Calhoun and Madeline noticed the cage vibrate, "Still angry, I see. I thought you might be bored because my grandmother doesn't speak and is as useless as she was in the past. He is a much better company, isn't he." 

"How dare you put me next to a werewolf," her grandmother asked through her gritted teeth, "And you," she turned her eyes at Madeline, "How can you let him treat me like this. Do your parents know what you did to your grandfather and to me?" 

When Madeline was small, she remembered how her grandparents were strict and how she feared them. But now the fear seemed to have disappeared after seeing what they had done. She could hold her gaze with her grandmother without looking away because she knew she wasn't wrong. She had done nothing wrong, said Madeline to herself. 

"They will know about it tomorrow," Madeline replied to have her grandmother raise her eyebrows. 

"You feel no guilt for what you did do you? Do you understand the severity of the matter, Madeline?" questioned her grandmother. 

Madeline took a step towards her grandmother, and Calhoun let go of her hand so that she could take another step forward. "I do. More than before. Tell me, grandma," she began, "You said angels are not supposed to kill or be tainted by murder. What were you trying to do with me then?" 

Her grandmother gave an oblivious look, "What did we do to you? We were protecting you!" 

"Right," agreed Madeline, a small smile appeared on her lips which didn't quite reach her eyes, "You try to protect people by keeping them safe, but when you try to nail them in the coffin, that means you want to get rid of the person." 

Her grandmother stared at her for the briefest moment, not responding to her words. "What do you know about the trouble that you will cause in this world. The chaos that you will bring upon the people whom you love and care. Your grandfather and I were only doing our jobs. To put you to ease-"

"You mean to put her to rest in the coffin?" interjected Calhoun. He was amused with the way the older woman continued to glare at him, bringing him that much entertainment. 

Madeline said, "I know what you and grandpa did to me. I saw it." Having already witnessed the past, she didn't need to hear her grandmother trying to defend their actions, "I had some questions to ask. Grandpa said he would come for me. The first fallen angel. Why did grandpa say that?" 

Her grandmother's eyes widened on hearing this, "Because the first fallen angel is trying to collect the dark angels to go against the heavenly people. All the fallen angels, they have been trying to prevent anything remotely close which would come in line with the first fallen one." 

"Why?" questioned Madeline. 

"Even though the dark angels are born through the fallen angels, they still hold the traits and abilities of the angels. They hold enormous power that can be harnessed and used to destroy unimaginable things. Things that are fallen cannot be angels, they are not pure," explained her grandmother. 

Calhoun sighed, "Thank you for some insights, but the rest is utter garbage. You know the existence of the demons don't you?" 

"Creatures that ought to be burned in hell. I should have known the first time you stepped into the house when I felt something very different about you," said the woman, her eyes narrowed at him. 

"I have that effect on people. If angels exist, demons do too, but I doubt you realize that there are different types when it comes to demons," he tried to educate Madeline's grandmother, "The first time little Madeline killed those people, they were not humans but demons. Soul eaters, in literal sense. What your granddaughter did was due to her instinct to protect." 

"Even if they are fallen angels, one is not supposed to hurt another!" exclaimed the older woman and Calhoun chuckled. 

"What a hypocrite. That's rich coming from someone who tried to attack and kill their own granddaughter. You know you should practice what you preach, which is why I never preach," as he grinned, his fangs came into view.

Madeline noticed how her grandmother's eyes flared up at Calhoun's taunting words, "What we are doing is trying to redeem ourselves. To protect catastrophe from taking place. You didn't see what we saw." She turned to look at Madeline as if her granddaughter was a stranger. "Her eyes, they turned white. The look on her face, maybe she failed to notice it, but my husband and I did. The pleasure of blood is never a good trait. The demon was torn to pieces." 

"It doesn't justify what you did to me," Madeline frowned deeply at what her grandmother said, "You didn't even ask why it happened." 

"Because the fallen ones don't harm others. Especially not when a person is that small. It was enough to know, and we did what we had to do, but we never knew you would return," her grandmother had a look of horror on her face just by recollecting the memories, "It's not too late to kill yourself."

Calhoun's eyes narrowed, and he raised his hand forward. In the next second, her grandmother fell on her knees, screaming in pain, "You fallen angels have fucked up theories that makes no sense. What part of self-defence doesn't go through that rusted head of yours, milady?" 

"Have you seen this first fallen angel?" inquired Madeline. 

"We do not associate with the ones who pushed us into this lifestyle," her grandmother folded both her hands against her chest, "We don't know how that person looks or where he is." 

"Do you know who might know about him?" Madeline continued to question, "What about that man. Walter." 

Madeline's grandmother didn't look pleased that Madeline knew so much about what happened in the past. "Your grandfather and I didn't know where he went. After we were done with nailing you in the coffin, he had disappeared." 

"Sketchy people sure associate themselves with sketchy people," hummed Calhoun. 

Next to her grandmother's cage, the werewolf that was bigger than Maddox in size growled at them, "Get this thing away from here," complained her grandmother. 

Madeline turned to Calhoun, "Why is he in his werewolf form? There's no moon." 

Calhoun's eyes shifted to the werewolf that appeared to be in a rage, baring its teeth and ready to take a bite. He wondered if the werewolf would find the granny in here to be appetizing, but then there was no telling who would kill whom. For someone who appeared to have no ability like her husband, Calhoun saw how every time she got angry and raised her hand, the cage she was in shook. 

"Mr. Heathcliff decided that he liked his wolf form and he would enjoy his time as a werewolf," came the dull answer from Calhoun which Madeline didn't find it to be funny. 

"This is that tailorman?" asked her grandmother, surprised. 

"How long has he been like this?" Madeline didn't want James to be forever stuck as a werewolf. That would only mean death, not that it didn't warrant one with just a bite from another werewolf. 

When Madeline stepped forward, the werewolf jumped forward and tried to bite her, "You should get it killed before it infects others." 

"How can you say that?! He is still a person!" Madeline couldn't believe how swift her grandmother's decision was when it came to killing someone. 

"Theodore said James didn't change since last night. James has been like this for almost a day. I hate to agree, but your grandmother is right. As time will tick, it will be hard for him to keep himself in his human state, and he will fall into the second category of no point of return." 

"What about the antidote?" 

"Antidote's do not exist, Madeline," huffed her grandmother, "Not everyone can be saved in this world. We protect what we can. Better to see him die than writhe in pain." 

When they were ready to leave, Madeline couldn't resist but ask, "Is there a way to fix Beth's memories?" She and her grandmother looked at each other in the eye. 

"No," came the answer.

The fire that was burning in the torches extinguished themselves when they left the cave. Calhoun and Madeline walked in silence, listening to the crickets chirp around them. 

"Don't worry about the werewolf," she heard Calhoun speak, who was next to her.

"You said we have to kill James," came Madeline's small voice in worry. 

Calhoun offered her a smile, "I wanted to rile the woman in there. I have sent a letter to a man who my mother once knew. I don't know if the address is still the same, but hopefully, he will have something for James. Until then, he will need to stay in there." 

"And my grandmother?" asked Madeline carefully. 

"If you have all your answers, I will be more than happy to get her a place in the graveyard. I thought it would be better to have lesser people to worry about before the day of the wedding," Calhoun conveyed his thoughts. His aunt and her family were not allowed in the castle, Madeline's grandparents were kept to the side where one was dead, and the other would soon come to follow. Calhoun could finally have some peace in the castle. 

Madeline didn't know what to answer. Death was not easy, but she wasn't naive to think that her grandmother would happily welcome her back in her arms. Things weren't the same as before. But at the same time, she wasn't her grandmother to wish death on someone.

Seeing her take time, Calhoun decided not to pressure her for an answer, but he said, "It is okay to be selfish in this world. If you aren't, someone else will be selfish enough to impose it on you. Take your time."

Calhoun wanted to ask if Madeline encountered any strange person in the past, but with her gentle and angelic nature, who once saved the man who was about to drain her blood, he kept the question to himself. Madeline had told that someone had let her out of the coffin, and it wasn't by herself, he wondered who it could be. 

"I don't know how I will break down the news to my family about grandpa," came Madeline's worried words. 

"I will help you with it," he offered her with a bright smile. 

When Calhoun said those words, Madeline believed things would go much more smoothly with his assistance. But next day, after breakfast, Calhoun summoned her parents in an isolated room with just four of them in there. 

"Mr. Harris, I heard you and your family put Madeline in the coffin while she was still alive…" started Calhoun and her parents turned stiff by his words. 
Breaking through- Part 2

Music Recommendation: David's Writings by Christopher Willis


Madeline's eyes went wide at the amount of smoothness that Calhoun used when delivering the news that she wanted to break to her parents. Her parents looked visibly shaken, their eyes as wide as hers as they stared at the King. 

Taken aback, her father responded, "My King?" 

Calhoun went around and took a seat on the couch, waving his hands at the empty ones so that Madeline's parents could sit. Once they were seated, he said, 

"Before you ask what, let me tell you that your daughter and I are already aware of your deeds and we would like to hear your version of the story of why you did, what you did to her." Madeline saw how her parents' gaze shifted from Calhoun to her. They had a look of worry in their eyes, wondering how to respond to the King. 

"W-where did you hear it from?" asked her father.

"We never wanted you to be put in the coffin, Maddie," said her mother, "It was something I never wanted but-"

"But you did it anyway," Calhoun completed her mother's sentence, "Yes, we know that." 

Her mother shook her head, "No. It is very hard to let go of your first child. But the situation back then was so confusing. Your father and I, are not the same as what your grandparents are. Did you hear it from them?"

Madeline slowly nodded her head, "Why didn't you ever tell me? You had all these years. I even came to speak about it, but you said nothing," she asked her mother. It had been days since both her parents and she had not discussed about the subject and were playing hide and seek on the issue. Madeline decided that it was time to sort out things and get everything on the table no matter how guilty their actions were. 

"I was scared when you mentioned about breaking the glass. I know I should have told you something, but when you spoke about it, I got worried that they would be sending you back to the coffin. Your father is a dormant fallen angel, and this includes your sister because it seems like you took all the traits leaving none for Beth," explained her mother, "Neither did your father nor I ever wish something like that upon you. Even after your grandparents put you in graves, I didn't stop visiting you."

Her father agreed, "Your mother isn't lying, Madeline. Though my parents aren't aware, we made visits over those sixteen years."

"What did grandpa and grandma tell you about me?" asked Madeline. Though she and Calhoun had heard a few things about her from her grandmother, she still felt the need to ask her parents to make sure nothing was hidden and to be aware of what happened until now. 

"Didn't they tell you?" asked her father slightly confused as he thought that is where Madeline heard about her being kept in the coffin. 

Madeline bit the inside of her cheek. Before she could frame her sentence, Calhoun beat her to it. He said, "Madeline's grandfather is dead, and her grandmother is being kept imprisoned for trying to kill Madeline not once but many times in the past when they found who she was." 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Harris' face turned pale in shock, "What?" 

"Are you asking 'what' for their punishment or because you are shocked they tried to kill your daughter?" Calhoun didn't know how to hold his tongue, and his words came as smooth as he had given Madeline his word to ease the situation, only that it would be done in his way. 

Mr. Harris was shocked over both the things, while Mrs. Harris turned to look at Madeline, making sure she was alright. The woman said, "They said they were going to protect you." 

"Which person is protected by being nailed in the coffin so that even if they wake up, they are expected to die out of lack of air, food and company," Calhoun demanded, his eyes narrowing at Madeline's parents. If Madeline didn't love her family, everyone would have been dead by now upon his word.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Harris looked guilty, and her mother was the first one to drop her gaze. Mr. Harris was in shock that the King had killed one of his parents. When he went to open his mouth, Calhoun said, 

"Your father instructed your mother to kill your very own daughter, someone who killed people in the past as self-defence. Do you understand what that means? Be careful with your words because anything that will be said against me or your daughter will be held in the same way to what happened to my cousin Markus." 

Mr. Harris stared at the vampire. The King was not only cruel but also cunning. He was right there when the trial had taken place, listening to the trials that were going on in the courtroom. He knew something was off about the situation. He knew it from the very beginning of how wrong this vampire was, who was sitting in front of him was not suitable for his daughter Madeline. 

The King had used one single piece of letter which was written by a maid to Markus.

The letter that Markus had used to frame the King, the King had used the same letter to frame his cousin to create treason. The truth was that there was nothing much in the case except for treason, but then treason was the highest betrayal that could warrant immediate death. 

Calhoun decided to put some light on the matter with his in-laws, a constant smile on his face.

"I know you are smart Mr. and Mrs. Harris. Now as we are going to be family, I would expect nothing but you people coming out clean, while I will mostly do the same. I know what you are thinking," he said to Mr. Harris, "The High House was here not just for Markus but also for me. For my past actions, but as you saw, my dear cousin dug his grave far too deep, and he tried to put the blame on me with a piece of made-up evidence by him. Now we all know what happens when you make up things that doesn't exist. One loose end of the thread and it pulls out the whole fabric."

"There are people in the High House who are involved with you," murmured Mr. Harris and Calhoun's smile broadened. 

"Life is sometimes the connection that you make, if you know people, you will go places. If you don't, the only place a person will hit is dust," answered Calhoun and this had Madeline surprised. "There are people who hate me, but there are also people who know why I do certain things. I did what I had to do, to protect things that matter to me. Let's speak about my family another time and get back to your family issues."

Madeline looked at both her parents who looked uncomfortable, but at the same time, it looked like they were trying to come in terms with the news that was told to them, or more like slapped on their face by the King. 

"What did they tell you?" asked Madeline. Her mother looked more willing to speak than her father, who was still processing the news about her grandfather being dead. 

"That day, your grandmother brought you back home while you were still covered in blood," started her mother, "We were not allowed to go near you. Your grandfather said something about you holding too much energy, and if we tried to irritate that ability within you, we would follow the same fate as the people whom you k-killed." 

Her mother wrung both her hands that were on her lap, not meeting Madeline's eyes.

She continued, "It is only your father who was aware of angels. I didn't know anything about it, Maddie. I learned from what was told at that time, they said that you were highly volatile and told us to leave you with them. I didn't want to leave you! You are my firstborn!" 

Madeline remembered her mother crying before they left the Carnival village, "I know," she whispered. 

"We were told not to speak about you, to let people forget you," said her mother. 

"And that worked well," commented Calhoun. 

If the person in front of them wasn't the King, Mr. and Mrs. Harris would have continued to be tight-lipped about this matter, but with his habit of killing, they didn't want to take a chance. 

"It is how the fallen angels have worked until now," said Madeline's father. "The fallen angels have tried to protect their kind by not letting others know about their existence. In the past, there have been times when dark angels have been born, at that time there was nothing but chaos, bloodshed everywhere. It was then did the fallen angels start to kill those dark angels."

"But they didn't die," stated Calhoun and Mr. Harris nodded his head. 

"They couldn't kill them. Fire, water, nothing worked, and that's when they decided to hammer those dark angels in the coffin, by putting spells on them and burying them so that they would never wake up. They continue to exist, but they are as good as dead. In a dormant state," Madeline's father looked at Madeline who was listening to him keenly. "Your grandfather believed it would be the same case with you, and we had to take a call back then. But it didn't work on you." 

"We don't know how you woke up, but we were happy to see you back and in front of your grandparent's house after those sixteen years," confessed her mother, who had tears in her eyes. 

"What happened next?" Calhoun questioned, unmoved by Mrs. Harris' tears, "It must have been like seeing a ghost at your house, isn't it?" 

Mr. Harris had a look of guilt on his face. He continued, "My parents were shocked because they didn't expect her to wake up."

"Did you find out who woke her up?" interrogated Calhoun. Madeline's attention fell on her father, who gave a nod. 

"It took a long time for my parents to realize that she was woken up by whisperers of the first fallen angel." Madeline and Calhoun stared at her father, waiting for him to elaborate, "There has been a rumour about dark angels who are being summoned by the first fallen angel. As much as we like to call the person to be a devil, there is a little inaccuracy in there. The story doesn't follow what humans have come to believe." 

Calhoun titled his head, asking, "And how little is this inaccuracy that you speak." His interest had piqued, and it almost looked like he was going to bite Mr. Harris' head off of him. 

Madeline's eyebrows furrowed, questions appearing on her mind as she waited for her father to speak. This was something her grandmother had not bothered to tell them last night. 

Her father took a deep breath and exhaled, "Before the first fallen angel fell from heaven, it seems he wasn't the first one, but second. The one humans know of, that is the second fallen angel. The period when both the events took place was close by, so people associate it as one single incident. Most of them believe that the second fallen angel turned to a devil. But we don't know what happened to the first fallen one. It is told that the first angel has been trying to beckon similar angels of his kind."

Calhoun's mouth twisted with a sad expression on his face, "And is this the whole truth? Anything else that Madeline or I need to know?" 

Mr. Harris shook his head, "My parents were tight-lipped about a lot of things. As I do not possess the same abilities as them or Madeline, they keep those things to themselves. Secrets that are not supposed to be whispered about." 

Madeline, who was listening to her father, said, "I saw some person, someone who was at my grave the second time I was put in there."

"It must be a whisperer," her father replied, "They are only message takers or delivers, they cannot do anything more than that. But we cannot be sure." 

Calhoun said, "Strangely, the fallen angel wants to let Madeline out while your family has been trying to keep her in the coffin. Why hasn't he come for her then?" he raised his eyebrows in question, "He had many years, where he could have come in contact with her."

Mr. Harris frowned, pondering on the question, before he said, "I think it is because until now Madeline's true nature had stayed dormant. My parents tried their best until this very time." 

"And they shouldn't," affirmed Calhoun, "Look what happened when they tried. I prefer Madeline out in the open than in the coffin, if you know what I mean," his eyes brightened. 

Calhoun looked at Madeline's parents, who were harmless. So far with what he saw and heard, the only threat Madeline had was from her very own family, her grandparents who had tried to nail her back into the coffin.

Calhoun would do everything to protect Madeline, and if anyone would try to harm her, he would be the one to put them in the coffins and nail them down instead. 

Mr. Harris asked, "Where is my mother...and father?" 

"It would be best if you forgot about them, Mr. Harris. Someone who can kill their own blood without question, I wouldn't try to look for them." 

Before they could be dismissed by Calhoun, Madeline asked her mother, "Did you know what they did to Beth?" 

Her mother frowned deeply, looking back as if she had no clue, "What happened to Beth? Is she also-"

"She's fine," answered Madeline. Her parents were innocent, and they didn't know what her grandparents did to Beth or to her. 

"Thank you for answering the questions, Mr. and Mrs. Harris. And for the record, Madeline didn't do anything to your father. It was I who killed him for trying to kill her," said Calhoun, to receive no response from Madeline's father.

Mr. Harris looked like he would need to lay down before any more words could be spoken to him.

Madeline pressed her lips, not knowing what else to say. Her mother came forward, and stood in front of her. 

"Madeline, I was the happiest when you returned home after a few days. Even though your grandparents were displeased by your return, your father and I were happy to have you back. We only hoped that nothing bad would happen, and we tried to shield you in the best possible manner. We wanted to protect you and tried to make sure that your grandparents wouldn't get a reason to put you back in there. And as years passed, it looked like things had turned normal." 

And it was true, thought the older woman. She and her husband had pushed Elizabeth to take the lead and shine in a way where Madeline got to live a life where she was not in the limelight. Her husband and his family took the utmost care not to trigger the dark angel in her, who could start killing out of the blue. 

Madeline's mother hugged Madeline, whispering to her, "You are still my daughter. No matter what." Hearing this from her mother, Madeline felt her eyes prickle.

At the same time, her father said to Calhoun, "My father said that for a dark angel to turn to who they are, they need to come in contact with another creature who is equal to them, a person of darkest thoughts and being. We don't know how Madeline turned to one because we always kept a watch on her. We were extra careful after her second return, letting her mingle with only humans and trying to have as little contact as possible with the vampires." 

Hearing what was spoken, Calhoun's eyes considerably narrowed. A dark creature of dark thoughts. His eyes fell on Madeline, who shifted her gaze from her mother to look back at him. Mr. Harris had spoken those words only to Calhoun.

Recollecting the time when he had met Madeline for the very first time, and when she had first shown the traits of being a dark angel, he wondered if it might have been him who had triggered her innate nature. 

"I would like to talk alone with Madeline if you will step out of the room now and enjoy the weather outside," Calhoun didn't mince his words. 

Madeline wondered if Calhoun had ever minced his words before saying it to someone. The words spoken by him were not all direct, some were indirectly sarcastic, taunting and on rare occasions polite. Her parents offered her a small smile, a heaviness in their heart which was visible on their face. With the door of the room closed, she looked at Calhoun who walked towards the table that had different shapes of bottles with liquor in it. Hearing the glugging of the liquid before it was poured into the glass, she saw him walk towards the couch and take a seat without a word. 

Calhoun had asked her parents to step out so that he could speak, but he was quiet. 

"Is everything alright?" questioned Madeline. 

"I am not sure," he replied, taking a sip from the fancy-looking glass and gulping the liquid that had his Adam's apple bob up and down. "I don't know if I should be happy or not. But then it would be a lie," he said, taking sips from the glass until the last few drops of the liquor. "I am thrilled that I met you before the Eve of the Hallow. I have met a lot of people in the past, Maddie. Some who have stayed in my memories, while some I have met again. But you, I didn't know you could hold so much significance in my world."

"Is this about what my father said?" Madeline asked him. Calhoun had been looking at the empty glass, and he looked into Madeline's eyes. 

"You were listening," he murmured, and she gave him a nod. 

Though her mother had been speaking with her, some part of her thoughts and ear was listening in on to her father's words. It was hard not to when the topic was about her. 

"Do you think it is because of our meeting in the alley?" Madeline didn't know what happened before her mother found her. And what conversation took place between her and Calhoun in the alley. 

"It is possible. Your father said you met another dark creature." 

"But you are not a dark angel," stated Madeline. 

Calhoun sat quietly looking at her, and this had Madeline doubt him. But previously, Calhoun wasn't aware about the existence of fallen angels.

"No. I am not a dark angel. I am a demon vampire, remember?" and Madeline nodded her head. 

Calhoun got up, walking back to the table to pour himself another glass of liquor. Madeline bit the inside of her cheek. She wondered if Calhoun was thirsty right now. She had seen him drinking little quantity of alcohol or blood in the dining room, and it had been some time since he had last taken blood from her. 

He turned around, leaning his back against the table before he lifted his glass to his lips. 

Madeline didn't break her gaze away and stared at him as he tilted the glass that he held in his hand. The liquid slid down to his lips as Calhoun emptied it in one go. 

"You seem to be thirsty today," commented Madeline to see one side of his lips pull up. 

"I am thirsty," he confessed, running his tongue over his sharp fang.

"You can take blood from me if you want," Madeline offered Calhoun for the very first time. He returned to her, leaving the glass at the table. 

Calhoun would have loved to quench his thirst if it weren't for the footsteps that he heard, which stopped right in front of the door. 

"Milord!" came the servant's voice from behind the door, having Madeline turn to look at the closed door. "The dressmaker's assistant is here." 

Madeline then heard Calhoun say, "Maybe later. Right now, your wedding gown awaits for you to try." He walked to her, offering his hand, and Madeline placed her hand before standing up. Before they got to the door, he paused his footsteps and leaned towards her to kiss on her lips, 

"Just because the sky is dark with clouds, it doesn't have to mean that one cannot enjoy the rain."
Solace- Part 1

Madeline stood behind the wooden divider, wearing her wedding gown in the King's private parlour room to check the gown's fittings. With less than eleven days left for the wedding, they had to make sure everything about her wedding gown should be completed, and if there was any need for alteration, it would be done right away before the gown would find its place in the castle. 

She wore the inner petticoat first, and upon which she had worn the gown. Its sleeves went up to her wrists and the neckline of her dress was turned to a crescent shape. The back of her dress went down until the midway of her back in V shape to be buttoned down. 

"How do you find it, milady?" asked the female assistant who stood in front of her with an expression of awe on her face. 

"It is lovely," replied Madeline, moving towards the mirror that wasn't too far away from the divider so that she could take a look at herself, "It's beautiful," she murmured, running her hands over the fabric of the gown which was made of silk.

"You will be a beautiful bride, milady," whispered the assistant. The female assistant had worked in Mr. Heathcliff's shop for some years now, and they had stitched many wedding gowns. Gowns of different fabrics and style, and she was the one to go and help the bride try it out before the wedding. But in these many years, she had never seen someone who looked in this beautiful in the gown. It was hard to tell if it was the gown or the girl who wore it, that made the whole thing outstanding. 

This might have been one of the best wedding gown that they had ever made, of course, it was for the future Queen. It had to stand out. But that wasn't all to the story. The wedding gown had been designed by James Heathcliff out of his affections he had towards Madeline which the assistant wasn't aware of. He knew he would never be able to have her next to him, and somewhere along those days of making the gown, he had made his peace or had tried before going ahead to make the gown with his assistants. 

"The veil will be delivered tomorrow as its work is still in progress. This is the completed wedding gown," informed the assistant, "Is there any other alterations you would like us to do before we wrap it for the big day?" 

"No, this is fine. Thank you for this," Madeline thanked the assistant who gave her a bright smile. 

The assistant had seen the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harris before, the sister of the beautiful Elizabeth Harris. Compared to her elder sister, Madeline had always been gentle, always offering people her kind smile. It was good to see that she was to be the Queen of Devon. 

Once the gown was removed from her body, it was placed in the box, Madeline changed herself to her regular clothes before stepping out of the wooden divider to see Calhoun's eyes watching her, "Everything good?" he asked her. 

"Yes, it's beautiful," she replied, and at the same time, the assistant stepped out with the box.

"You did a good job on the dress. I will make sure you are paid well for it," said Calhoun to have the assistant bow her head. 

"It is all thanks to Mr. Heathcliff, my King. He is the one who designs the clothes before we start to work on them," answered the woman, keeping the box on the couch. She took three steps away and asked, "Have you heard anything from Mr. Heathcliff?" she asked worriedly. 

Madeline's eyes moved to Calhoun, who said, "Unfortunately, nothing so far. The charges that were against him have been dropped as it was Markus Wilmot who killed the girl. We have let the nearby villages and towns know about it. Hopefully, the news will reach to him, and he will get back to work again," he offered a kind smile. 

The assistant had a look of worry, and she nodded, "Mr. Heathcliff was falsely blamed, and it must have been too much for him especially with his father's death. Thank you, my King and Queen," she bowed her head, "I will have the veil delivered by early morning tomorrow," and she left the room. 

Madeline wondered if James would be able to get back to his human self ever again because he hadn't changed back from his werewolf form. If his condition continued, it was good to say that he would never return and would forever live as a werewolf until someone would come to hunt him down.

"Thank you," Madeline thanked Calhoun, who turned to meet her eyes with a perplexed look on his face on why she was thanking him, "For clearing his name." 

"As I said, I would do anything for your happiness. Also, you should keep it in mind that I did it for my gains," said Calhoun to her, "I wanted to get rid of Markus and used that opportunity to deflect the blame on him. The timing was perfect with an opening which Markus gave to me." 

Since Madeline had started to see Calhoun in a different light, she noticed the little amount of quirkiness that he held in his words and the way he looked at her. She was happy that Calhoun had saved James from being put under execution, which could have been done if he wanted James dead. It wasn't only that, but Calhoun was showing himself to her for the person he was, and it was something Madeline appreciated. 

"Do you think it would be alright to go and visit James today?" she asked him, her eyes searching in his red eyes for an answer. 

"To wish him good morning?" joked Calhoun, his eyes slightly brightening. 

"I want to see if he can turn back. I will be careful," said Madeline. She knew that there were high chances of James not listening to her words as he was in his werewolf form, but she still wanted to try and help him. It wasn't in her nature to leave the person to rot in the cage. 

"Okay," agreed Calhoun, "You can go and visit him, but keep a good distance. I can ask Theodore or Raphael to accompany you there."

Madeline shook her head, "No, that will be okay." 

Knowing Raphael was someone who Calhoun trusted, she had entrusted the man with her sister Beth, who continued to sleep. At first, she had been worried why her sister had not woken up. It was then that Raphael mentioned that it would take until the time of evening before Beth would wake up. That was almost two days of continuous sleep. It reminded her of a story where the prince kissed the girl to wake her up. On the other hand, Theodore was busy attending Calhoun. She didn't mind going alone to the cave. 

Calhoun lifted his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear as he continued to stare into her brown eyes. 

"Before everything else, I would like to steal you away for some time," said Calhoun to her.
Solace- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Demons by Jacob Lee


They had been busy since a few days, and he hadn't got to hold Madeline the way he wanted to. To touch her the way his body craved for it. 

He loved her for the person she was, not caring if she was of dark or light nature because Calhoun himself was plenty dark inside. He watched her eyelashes fluttered close as his hand slowly slid down from her cheek down her neck. 

"Can I?" asked Calhoun referring to his previous words. 

Madeline opened her eyes, feeling his hand strangely warm against her cold skin because the morning was cold as the Winter was close. She didn't know why Calhoun had started to ask her permission. It brought heat to her cheeks, turning them slightly pink. 

"Would you stop if I said no?" Madeline asked him, trying to keep her gaze on his face. He used his other hand to snake it around her waist and pulled her to him. 

A mischievous smile appeared on Calhoun's lips while his eyes continued to stare at her intensely, "Would you be so cruel to do that? Especially after offering me your blood a while ago?"

Madeline felt her heart skip a beat when Calhoun's hand that was on her neck slid towards her shoulder, pushing the fabric, and he leaned forward to press his lips on her shoulder. Pulling himself back and putting the sleeve in its place, his hand slowly traced down her arm before holding her hand and interlocking her fingers with his. 

Her lips parted, her breath soft and she felt her heart somersault in her chest.

"Why do you ask?"

Whenever Calhoun wanted to touch her, he always did what he wanted. He could turn her no to a yes, yet now he was asking her permission. She could see the mirth that lingered behind his eyes as if he enjoyed seeing her turn anxious and embarrassed over his words. 

"Why?" Calhoun repeated her question. The smile on his lips, lowered down along with his eyes that left her face to look at the door, which was when she heard it lock. 

She wondered how long it would take for her to get used to Calhoun making use of his abilities which were uncommon to the common people. The thought about going to meet James jumped out of her mind to be occupied by the thoughts of what Calhoun was about to do with her. 

"Do you even have to ask?" came his words, "I find amusement in this dull life by watching people squirm under my eyes. Did you think it would be anything less when it comes to you?" though his words were serious, one corner of his lips pulled up, and it put Madeline at ease. There were times when Calhoun turned hot and cold, and she carefully tried to read his mood. But then, so far, Calhoun had always been himself with her, probably even patient. 

This time it was Madeline, who had herself offered her blood for him to drink without him trying to corner or push her for it. Since the last few days, Calhoun had done a lot for her. If it weren't for him, she would have been back in the coffin. And to think that they met years ago, it was something to ponder upon and somewhere it also warmed her heart, only if she could go back again to see what was conversed. 

She saw Calhoun take a step back, one hand still holding her hand that was interlocked with his fingers. Without another word, he tugged her hand to follow him to the couch and had her sit at one corner. Suddenly she turned nervous, not out of fright because it wasn't the first time Calhoun was drinking blood from her, but because of the thought of what his hands and lips would do on her skin. The last time had been intense, and as much as she had denied it, she liked it. 

Both her hands turned free as Calhoun let go of her hand when he took a seat next to her, leaving the other side of the couch empty. 

With the troubles that were hovering in her life, moments like these felt calmer to Madeline, making her feel she was like any other normal girl. That she didn't have people who wanted to kill her. The way Calhoun looked at her right now, it felt like his whole world revolved around her like she was the centre of his attention and he didn't care if the world was going to end until he had her next to his side. 

"Your eyes are moist," said Calhoun, bringing his hand up to catch the tear that escaped her eye. His lips twisted, "Don't want to offer your blood anymore?" Madeline shook her head, "I prefer you cry in the bed while I make love to you out of ecstasy. What's the matter, my sweet rose?" 

"Nothing," she whispered, her gaze lowering down to her hands. She could feel Calhoun staring at her even though she didn't look at him directly. 

She felt Calhoun's finger move below her chin to have her turn her head to look at him. They stared at each other, and he leaned forward, licking the tear that slipped from her eye. 

"Is it tears of happiness?" he asked, and when she didn't answer, a smile cracked on his lips, "Let me kiss you," he announced, sliding his hand around her neck. 

Calhoun didn't have to pull her to him as Madeline moved closer to him even though they were stark opposite. One who couldn't wait to kill people while the other wished people to be unharmed. 

Like Calhoun, who had found his solace in her, Madeline was now reaching out for him and he didn't lose an opportunity in grabbing hold of her hands. When their lips touched each other, Madeline felt Calhoun pry her lips open as if unable to wait to taste her and she opened her lips like her heart, letting him seize her feelings that had started to grow for him. 

She could feel his hands holding her face as he kissed her, his tongue pushed and taunted her own tongue, tasting her as they kissed, and Madeline kissed him back. Her hands had gone to place on his shoulders, but Calhoun didn't let her kiss for too long. When he pulled away, Madeline followed him to have her lean towards him with a faint hint of blush on her cheeks. 

Slightly embarrassed that she had followed Calhoun by leaning towards him, she saw him stare at her, his hands gently caressing her face. Was that it? Asked Madeline to herself, her heart ready to fall.

"Disappointed?" came Calhoun's quick words. 

"N-no," replied Madeline. 

"Don't worry, I have just started," his lips was covered with a subtle smirk. He took one seat away from her and Madeline wondered what Calhoun was up to, "I will love and cherish you until my very last breath," his words took her by surprise. 

The next second, Calhoun patted the space that was between them, "Put your feet up here," and Madeline did just as he asked.

Madeline wondered if she should respond to his words, that she would stay by his side. 
Solace- Part 3

Now that she had opened her heart to him, she felt her heart beating in her chest for different reasons compared to the time in the past. Calhoun's hands reached for her shoes, unbuckling them one after another before he dropped them on the ground. His eyes were on what he was doing. The smile on his face had disappeared, and his unkempt hair turned his attractive face much more handsome than before. 

When his eyes snapped up to look at her, it made her feel as if she was caught doing something she was not supposed to do, it reminded her of something that happened in the past. The time when it was just him and her in the quiet corridor, away from people and with just the faint music from the ballroom echoing through the halls and reverberating against the walls. 

The memory was still fresh in her mind. She had even dreamt of him that night, a nightmare that woke her from her sleep. And now the same nightmare had turned to something so sweet that her heart ached at times. 

The couch was big enough for two people to sleep in. Madeline noticed how the lighting in the room had reduced as if the time of night was right in the corner when it was still morning. The room turned much silent, numbing the world that was outside and behind the closed doors of the room. 

"Here," said Calhoun, passing her a cushion, "Put it behind your back. We don't want you having back pain later." Madeline took hold of the pillow, putting it behind her back. When Calhoun continued to stare at her, she leaned back against the pillow. 

The previous time, Calhoun had sunk his fangs to draw her blood right above the swell of her breast. With the way things were moving, Madeline had an idea of where Calhoun was planning to bite her. 

"I will be removing your garter and stockings off your legs now, dear," he announced, and Madeline turned more red.

"You don't have to tell it outloud," she whispered, biting the inside of her lower lip. 

"No?" came the innocent question from Calhoun which Madeline was well aware he was only feigning right now, "I am worried that I might do something that might upset you. Are you telling me it's alright?" he asked, teasing her with his words. 

Madeline hadn't broken her gaze from him, and she nodded her head.

"I didn't hear that," said Calhoun, and she sent him a quiet glare. 

"Y-you don't have to ask my permission," she rushed the words through her lips, and Calhoun grinned. 

"Your wish is my command," he replied to her, "Shall we get rid of your dress. I am too excited and lack patience right now to remove your clothes," he said, snapping his fingers and the next second, the dress which Madeline was wearing had disappeared, leaving black feathers to fall out of nowhere. 

W-what? What happened?! Madeline looked left and right, noticing the dress that she had been wearing since morning had disappeared. She then looked at Calhoun, who was staring at her, drinking in her expression. 

"Unfortunately, I cannot bring back the dress, but we don't have to worry about it now," teased Calhoun, seeing Madeline who wore just the pale white petticoat that reached up to her knees. As if to tease her more, he asked, "You don't mind, do you?" placing his hand on the sides of her waist to receive no response from Madeline except for a stare. 

He bunched the hem of her petticoat up to her mid-thighs, pulling out the lace that was tied around her thighs that looked different to the ones that he had got made for her. As if following his eyes and thoughts, Madeline said, 

"These are mine. Mother brought it along with her thinking I might need them," and she heard Calhoun hum. The garter didn't have the elastic band but was only made of satin lace and it followed the shoes that he had dropped it on the ground. 

Madeline's eyes moved from Calhoun's face to his hands, and then at the feathers that had disappeared just like they had appeared out of nowhere. It was like magic, and she was fascinated by the little action. When Calhoun started to peel down the stockings that she wore, folding them torturously slow, she could feel the air touch her skin, raising goosebumps on her skin. 

Her legs were folded with her feet on the surface of the couch. She felt Calhoun enclasp his hands around her ankles, when he said, "She was right."


"The assistant from Heathcliff's shop. You will make a beautiful bride." 

Even though Madeline had stood behind the wooden divider of the room, Calhoun could still see her because of the gaps in the divider. He had seen her in the wedding gown, and he realized how beautifully the gown was made while keeping Madeline in mind. In the beginning, he had taken her to James' shop to rub salt on the wound as he was a petty vampire, who enjoyed people's discomfort. But he also knew that if there was someone who would do the job right, it was James. As much as he didn't like the man for having thoughts about Madeline, he was aware of James' skills when it came to making gowns. 

"You are not supposed to look at the bride with the wedding dress before the wedding!" whispered Madeline, a frown coming to settle on her face, and it had Calhoun chuckle. 

He pulled her ankles towards him, to have her body slide down while her head came to rest on the cushion behind her, "The belief holds only with the humans. Not in our world. If it makes you feel better, would you like to consummate the marriage today?" 

Madeline's eyes widened, and she shook her head quickly. She had to prepare her mind for it so that she wouldn't faint, "That's what I thought," responded Calhoun. 
Solace- Part 4

Calhoun knew it wasn't that Madeline was rejecting or refusing the idea, but only that she needed those eleven more days to prepare herself for something she had never done. He had promised her to wait, but this was him helping her prepare and not faint on him. 

"What about you?" she asked him. Though she didn't put it in full words, Calhoun knew what she was speaking about. The question was enticing, and it turned his eyes dark, to have Madeline question about returning the favour to please him. 

"What about me?" asked Calhoun, his tongue going back to run against his fang, and when the sharp tip cut the tongue, he tasted his blood. 

"I sometimes feel like I want to stab you," she muttered under her breath. Madeline knew Calhoun understood her question, yet he went to the length of wanting her to elaborate her words. 

"I cannot wait," Calhoun grinned before lifting her one leg up in the air and in front of his face. He kissed the inside of her ankle, his lips brushing against her skin that sent a jolt over Madeline's body. After brushing his lips for the second time on the bone of her ankle, he said, "If you still have energy with what I have on my mind, I would be more than pleased to have you around me…" he left the words hanging in the air for her to complete. 

Madeline bit her bottom lip. She didn't know what to do, but she knew Calhoun would help her because of her lack of knowledge on the matter. 

She felt her heartbeat quicken when he left her ankle to move his lips up. Calhoun's eyes were closed as he dropped another kiss on her skin. 

His lips glided up, passing her knee while his hands pushed the petticoat upwards so that he could have a better look at her. There was something about the innocent white undergarment that tightened his slacks as his member hardened. He would love to take up on her offer, but he didn't want to rush Madeline. She was his sweet girl, and he wanted her first experiences in everything with him to be pleasurable enough to have her crave more from him. 

She was nervous and felt ticklish when Calhoun's lips reached her thighs. His face was half-hidden, and she saw glimpses of his expression on his face, where the cocky King, who often wore a smirk on his face now looked serious. Her hand itched to touch his inky black hair, which she secretly wanted to weave it through her fingers. 

Calhoun raised his head to look at Madeline, making sure she was doing alright so far where she looked back at him. Her lips that were parted had turned slightly dry, she pressed them together before running her tongue over it. Without warning, Calhoun's mouth opened, and he bit into her inner thigh of her right leg, letting his fangs sink into her skin to feel blood trickle into his mouth. 

Madeline flinched at the prick she felt at the sensitive skin where Calhoun bit which wasn't too far from her undergarment. Her nails had dug into the palms of her hand, but the pain disappeared to be replaced by the pleasure that started to heat her body. She could feel the desire beginning to build in the pit of her stomach, thrumming through every inch of her skin. 

She wanted to squeeze her legs, but Calhoun had placed his hand on her left knee. 

Calhoun had not just bit into her thigh but to suck the blood and he heard soft audible sighs escape through her lips. Her blood tasted sweeter than the last time, and he could smell the scent of rose wafting from her skin. It was sweet and tender, making his heartache and his hands itch to tear the rest of the clothes from her body so that he could consume her until there was nothing left of her. 

With Madeline's invitation, Calhoun took the chance of pulling his fangs away and took another bite that was higher than the previous place he had bitten. The blood that touched his tongue tasted nothing less to the sweetest delicacy he ever had the opportunity to have his hands on. 

As Calhoun continued to suck her soft skin, the room filled itself with Madeline's sighs.

Taking enough blood from her, Calhoun pulled himself from her, his tongue running over his teeth and lips to catch the traces of Madeline's blood, "The tastiest meal I have ever had the pleasure of having," he complimented her, "I don't think many have the luck to have an angel as their meal."

It was strange that a demon was taking blood from an angel, thought Madeline to herself. It was possibly a strange combination one could find. 

Calhoun's hands moved up to either side of her undergarment, hooking his fingers on the waistband to see her legs squeeze against each other. Madeline had not forgotten the way his finger made her feel the last time it was in between her legs. Just thinking about it made her undergarment to have a wet patch and her toes pressed against each other. They weren't in their rooms but in the private parlour room of the King. 

Madeline didn't stop him when he slid the undergarment down her dainty looking legs that she tried to cross again. 

"I can feel your thoughts, my rose," Calhoun said to her, pushing her knees apart as he came to hover over her body. She gulped over his closeness and his words, "I have barely done anything to you," he dropped his voice to a whisper as his hand went between her legs to feel the wetness and her desire that had pooled in there. 

She gasped when his finger casually ran across the folds between her legs. 

Calhoun basked in the pleasure-filled expression that passed through the innocent girl's face, hearing her heart hitch with every touch and glide of his fingertips that brushed over her folds. Having already touched her before, he knew what Madeline liked, but today was not going to end the way it did before. 

Widening her legs, Calhoun who had settled between her legs, lowered his head...
Stealing you- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Demons by Jacob Lee


Madeline cried out in pleasure when Calhoun's lips came in contact with her core which only turned wetter with his touch. It was the last thing she had expected him to do. An innocent offer of offering her blood to him had turned to something warm and pleasurable which Madeline would have never expected. Or maybe somewhere she was hoping for it, thought Madeline to herself. 

Her hands that had previously itched to touch his soft black hair immediately went to weave her fingers through them—not using too much pressure, but enough to grip it as she turned flustered to have him there. 

Calhoun's movements on her were sultry, slow and gentle as his tongue moved in to have her toes curl. He had moved her legs to be placed on his shoulders so that he could have better access to her. He pleased her by sucking, kissing and using his tongue often to lick and swirl it around. Every time he sucked her, he heard Madeline cry out.

"Calhoun!" came her whispered voice, her hands slowly gripping on his black hair. Her sweet, tantalizing voice only encouraged him, and he continued to kiss her lips. 

Madeline couldn't explain the feeling that she felt right now, something that she didn't know could exist and turn her body bothered, which was building in her chest. Her body started to shake when Calhoun continued his ministrations, running his tongue over her wet clit up and down before pushing it in to only turn her mind to a mess where she could hardly think about anything. The worries that had been weighing on her mind were still there, but for now, it had faded itself and had gone to the back of her mind. 

"W-wait, stop!" she said slightly alarmed when she felt something forming in between her legs, ready to come. 

But Calhoun didn't stop or pay heed to her words. He could hear her heart beating against her chest loudly while her body started to shake. Madeline's grip on his hair subtly tightened, but Calhoun didn't mind it as he didn't stop until she was pushed to the edge while the room continued to fill itself with her moans.

When Madeline came, her body shook, and she felt as if her whole body shattered, turning to nothing but dust in Calhoun's arms. 

But Calhoun wasn't done with Madeline. While she was still trying to come down from the high that she felt, his head lowered back down to brush his lips against her sex to hear her heart hitch. Madeline gasped when his mouth was back on her, and she was glad that Calhoun had passed her the pillow else she was sure to twist her neck because of what he was doing to her. 

Her cheeks turned hot, and she threw her head back against the pillow to see the dark ceiling, which was made of wood. She could feel Calhoun's tongue swipe from down to move up, and it was enough to have her close her eyes. His tongue pushed in, and Madeline didn't know if it was possible to turn wetter than how she felt right now. She was abashed with the position she was in with Calhoun, but that feeling dissipated like vapour in the air as he went down on her, sucking her again and she arched her back. 

She could feel Calhoun's large hands that were placed on either side of her waist to grip her to keep her still.

"AH!" she gasped when Calhoun bit into her skin above her core. His tongue was quick to soothe the bite. Now and then, Madeline felt her soul was leaving her body.

"I love it when you call my name, Maddie," his whispers only aroused her in need as his breath fell on her core. 

Her head started to swirl similar to the way Calhoun's tongue moved against her between her legs. Her lips parted, letting sighs escape. It was like Calhoun was pushing her up, and her body felt like it was floating in the air where she had no control. A series of sighs escaped her lips, and she felt something building in her abdomen that scared her, but Calhoun only coaxed her to let go of it every time. 

Calhoun pulled away from her, running his finger over the seam of her folds that were between her legs to feel how wet she had turned. It pleased him to see her panting for air, her eyes half opened and her chest heaved for air.

He watched how her eyes filled itself with desire, pleasure written all over her face when he pushed his finger into her opening, and her lips parted further in a silent plea. 

Madeline had somewhere let go of Calhoun's hair when he raised his head to look at her, and when he pushed his finger, her hands moved to hold the couch so that there was something to grip on it. 

It felt like Calhoun's face reflected her current expression, maybe much more intense than what she felt. The smile on his lips had disappeared, and his eyes had not left her. Even when he was sucking and licking her down there, he was watching her.

"How are you doing, my rose?" asked Calhoun, his voice husky with need. 

Madeline was barely in the position to speak, less think right now. When she didn't make an attempt to speak, Calhoun's finger only pushed in further, and her eyes flew up. He was back to teasing her, she thought to herself. But the thought slipped away when his movements turned faster, and her body was barely able to keep up with it. 

But just before she felt the ball of pleasure ready to be released, Calhoun's finger stopped, and he pulled away from her.

"W-what are you doing?" came Madeline's small voice. The little red riding hood looked confused at the wolf who looked satisfied. Seeing him wait for her to answer, she said, "What kind of question is that!"

She felt her heart shake in her ribcage when Calhoun leisurely moved his finger to trace the folds without making any attempt to give her the release which he left her hanging. 

"Tell me you want it," came his deep voice that hit her body with feels and Calhoun noticed how affected Madeline was. 

Madeline realized that even though Calhoun loved her to death, he was still cunning and he would do anything to make her utter the words he wanted to hear from her. But she was embarrassed to say anything. She had been moaning and panting, and she didn't know what else was there to be embarrassed about, especially with her undergarment that had hit the ground and Calhoun's lips tasted her there. 

Taking the space that was next to her, Calhoun leaned forward so that he could lie next to her while holding one leg of hers down with his and his hand continuing to please her. She gasped when his finger entered her again, this time torturously slow to have her eyes roll back. 

His face moved towards her face and his lips hovered above hers,

"Tell me what you want, sweetheart and I will give you more than that."