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Chapter 541: Devil

Zeres’ rugged breathing slowly settled. The pain was gone, and he was still very much alive. He felt the weight on top of him and his eyes widened.

He lifted his body up and held the woman who was slumped on him securely in his lap, both arms surrounding her. Fear etched on his face as he slid his hands to Alicia’s shoulders, giving her a gentle shake. He won’t forgive himself if the queen died because of him!

"Q-queen..." he uttered, praying that what she said earlier was true – not for his sake but for hers! That she could save him without sacrificing herself.

Fortunately, she was still breathing. Her chest still moved up and down slightly, showing that she was just knocked out from exhaustion. He let his tensed shoulders droop a little as the queen rested on his chest. A deep and long sigh of relief escaped his lips.

"Zeres." Someone called him and he looked up.

The sight of the woman looking down at him made Zeres’ body froze again. Abigail smiled gently at him as she knelt beside him.

Zeres’ lips parted, but no words came out. He just stared at her, eyes filled with overflowing emotions.

"I am so glad you’re fine, Zeres." Abi said and she hugged him, along with Alicia. "I’m so glad." She teared up.

The man closed his eyes. He already remembered. Everything. He didn’t know how and what made him remember but they were back, his real memories were back.

And that was why he couldn’t believe what he was seeing right then. He remembered that Abigail died and he couldn’t even hug her. But now, here she was, alive and hugging him.

"I..." he started. "I am so happy to see you again... Abigail." He said and Abi pulled away, wiping her tears as she smiled at him.

"Me too." She replied and then she turned. "Alex too." She added and Zeres followed her line of sight.

Alexander was there, sitting on a small rock. His elbows on his knees and those familiar dark eyes peering through the strands of his hair, meeting Zeres’ gaze.

A sigh escaped Zeres’ lips.

"He isn’t looking very happy though." He said, a little playfully.

"He is. He’s just... he’s been crying for a long while so... he can’t smile right –" Abi couldn’t finish her sentence because Alex suddenly appeared to be standing behind her.

"It’s good that you managed to stay alive this time." He told Zeres dryly.

"I died last time because of you." Zeres retorted with a snort and they glared at each other.

"No one asked you to do that."

"H-how ungrateful."

Abi looked incredulously at one then to the other and felt like bashing both their heads together. Why were they at each other’s throats again? They were fighting together so damned well just moments ago. It seemed their cat-and-dog relationship from the ancient times just resumed.

Abi was about to speak when Alex moved and suddenly ruffled Zeres’ silver hair, causing the man’s veins to pop.

"Stop doing that!" he exclaimed and wanted to punch back at him but having his arms full of an unconscious Alicia stopped all that. Alex only smirked at him.

"Shut up. I am thousands of years older than you now. You’re basically like a great great great grandson to me now." Alex said before he left them and headed towards where Ezekiel and the prophetess were.

Zeres groaned in frustration.

"I can’t believe he’s still so annoying even after a few millennia has passed!" He complained when he heard Abigail’s chuckle.

Zeres looked at her and his expression softened. His eyes glanced at Alexander’s back before returning to her.

There was a short few seconds of silence before Zeres abruptly blurted, "The two of you..." he trailed off, reluctance evident on his face.

But despite his unfinished sentence, Abi nodded at him, smiling gently. "Mmm... Alex and I..." Abi paused for a moment. "We got married three months ago."

Zeres blinked and then looked down. "I see..." he uttered, nodding.

Abi watched his expression and waited for what he would say next when Alicia moaned, pulling both Abi and Zeres’ attention back to her.

"Alicia," Abi said but then, they realized that the queen just moaned in her sleep and was now back to her deep slumber once again.

Zeres and Abigail sighed simultaneously.

Meanwhile, not far from them, Alex sat across Zeke. The vampire prince was leaning on the rock. He suffered too many injuries inside and out that he still needed more time to heal himself. But despite his condition, his wounds were healing damned fast, faster than anyone else that Alex had seen before.

"I think you should be with your old friend, Alex." Zeke said, his eyes still closed but a smirk was dancing on his face.

"Shut up and heal faster so you can finally start talking."

Another smirk curved on Zeke’s lips. "Whose fault do you think this is?"

"Yours, of course." Alex snorted with a roll of his eyes.

"Tsk. I don’t agree with that." His lips twitched. "If you’re too eager to know, just ask the prophetess everything you wanted to know. I’ll need to sleep. I’ll heal faster this way. Don’t disturb me." He added weakly before resting his head against the rock behind him and just drifted off to sleep.

Alex sighed and stood. He looked around and noticed the wounded vampires were slowly healing themselves. They needed a little more time until everyone could stand again.

Looking up at the sky, Alex let out another deep sigh. All he could feel now was gladness and relief.


Later that night, the group arrived in Hidden Kingdom.

Zeke was already awake, but Alicia was still in deep in healing slumber. The cars halted in the courtyard and everyone climbed off except for Zeres. Alicia was lying beside him, her head resting on his lap.

Alexander opened the door for him and bent over.

"Come out." He said but Zeres’ gaze surveyed the surrounding with wariness in his eyes. He knew, he and Alicia were the only witches in there. And they were in the palace of the vampires and country ruled by vampires.

Alex knew the reason behind Zeres’ hesitation. The man must still believe that the war between vampires and witches from ancient times were still the same until now.

"Zeres, it’s okay. Don’t worry. The vampires will not attempt anything. Alicia’s been here many times before." Abigail chimed behind Alex when the door on the other side was opened. It was Zeke. He was already fully healed.

"I’ll carry her," Zeke said when Zeres suddenly moved, quickly gathering Alicia up in his arms as he glared warily at Zeke.

"I can carry her myself." He said and he stepped out of the car with Alicia firmly embraced in his arms. He stood next to Alexander, obviously putting some distance between them and Zeke. He still didn’t know anything about Ezekiel. All he knew was that Ezekiel was dangerous because like Dinah, he knew he had manipulated him as well.

Everyone of course noticed Zeres’ action. Alex smirked at Zeke.

"What’s this, is the white dragon scared of a mere vampire like me?" Zeke taunted as they walked along the corridor.

"Who’s afraid of you? I just don’t trust you anymore Kiel. And stop calling me that!" Zeres retorted, voice a little chilly. "Also... you are no mere vampire. You’re a devil too!"
Chapter 542 Interview

A deep and carefree chuckle echoed in all through the corridor, causing the silver-haired man to glare at Zeke.

"I am just stating the truth! You’re too heartless. I’m certain you’re the most cunning creature I’ve ever met in my life! Right, Alexander?" Zeres blurted as he looked at Alex in the hopes of seeking for an ally.

Alex just glanced at him with a raised brow and then looked over to Zeke. He tilted his head and looked at Abigail. "I’ll let my wife answer for me." He said with a playful smirk.

Now that Zeres looked at them, he finally noticed that the two were holding each other’s hands and Alexander was all over Abigail like a moth that is inescapably drawn to the flame. His eyes were glued on her alone the entire time.

A hopeless sigh escaped Zeres’ lips and he immediately looked ahead, dragging his eyes away from them as his grip on Alicia slightly tightened.

"I think... I would have to agree with Zeres," he heard Abigail’s voice drift over and his attention was back on Ezekiel.

"See?" Zeres lifted a brow at him, feeling smug that Abigail concurred with his statement that Alex brushed off earlier. Zeke smirked but as always, his eyes remained flat and emotionless.

Finally, the group arrived inside Zeke’s large study.

"My room’s just on the other side of this study, Zeres. Why don’t you go ahead and tuck the queen in to bed first?" Zeke said as everyone moved to seat themselves on the luxurious chairs arranged around the low mahogany table in the centre of the magnificent study room. Abigail had initially asked Zeres to bring Alicia to one of the vacant rooms in Alexander’s wing, but the man was obviously wary. He argued that he couldn’t leave the queen anywhere in this palace of vampires alone, unguarded and far from his reach.

Everyone understood why Zeres was being overly cautious. Alicia was in a very vulnerable state and he was the only witch around in a palace filled with vampires. Abi tried to explain but she understood that it would still be hard for Zeres to trust the vampires fully on his own accord. Only time can prove to him that things are now different than they were like compared to the ancient times.

"No. She’s comfortable enough in my arms. Can’t you see she’s sleeping well?" Zeres replied. His distrust was obvious.

Everyone could only relent. They prepared a couch in the study and Zeres finally put Alicia down.

Sitting across of each other, Zeke had his long legs crossed as he sat in the middle, utterly relaxed and unbothered with the slight hostility that was coming off if spades from Zeres.

The room was silent for a moment until Zeke opened his lips.

"So? What did you guys want to know?" he nonchalantly asked, almost acting like a haughty king that was about to be interviewed by the media.

"When did you find out about the prophecy?" Abigail was the first to ask.

"Three months ago."

Everyone’s eyes widened except for Alex who had his eyes narrowed at Zeke’s answer.

"The prophetess had seen it that night you stabbed Alex." Zeke continued. "The prophecy is a little cryptic though at that time. The prophetess only saw you being killed by me as the dragons disappeared. The situation surrounding it and how it would turn out after, those were unclear."

"Why didn’t you tell us anything about it?" Abi asked again.

Zeke shot a glance at Alex and gave an almost silent snort. "Do you think I’d still be here right now had I told you about it? Your mad husband would definitely have killed me in the worse way possible the moment had he gotten wind of any of it. And had I died, the prophecy would never be fulfilled."

"So, what’s the point of you siding with Dinah?" Alicia’s voice suddenly echoed from behind – giving everyone a shock. Wasn’t she unconscious just a moment ago? All eyes fell on the witch queen as she stood from the couch she had been lying on and walked over to sit next to Zeres. She looked straight into Zeke’s eyes. "What was the reason in creating those hybrids? Why were you so hellbent on gaining Dinah’s trust?" she continued.

Zeke was stared back at her. "Because I had to know how to turn her and Zeres into full dragons. It was an experiment. The only thing I knew from the prophecy was that the dragons die if and when Abigail dies. The problem was, I had no idea what it took for them to reach to that point." He explained. "That woman was truly cunning and extremely careful. Even with all the manipulations and tactics I used to gain her trust were futile. She was sly enough not to be fooled. That’s why I had to up my game."

"By using not just your foes but your friends as well as your pawns." Alicia made that statement and a short period of silence followed with everyone else mulling over all that had been said.

"Yes." Zeke finally replied after that very pregnant pause in the conversation. "Powerful and trustworthy pawns." Something glimmered in his dark eyes as he said those words and then too doon, those glimmers disappeared. "I always knew that Alex would trust me ... Just as long as he does not get the details related to Abigail and the prophecy. What surprised me was that everyone – even you, Alicia – decided to trust me until the end."

Alicia pressed her lips tight. "You’re wrong." Alicia averted her gaze. "My trust in you didn’t last until the end. It shattered when..." Alicia trailed off.

"When Zeres turned into a dragon?" Zeke continued. "That was the end of your job in the game Alicia."

"Y-you... stop being so –" Zeres was about to rise from his seat but Alicia held his arm and pulled him back down.

Alicia sighed, not surprised anymore on how straightforward and heartless Zeke spoke.

"You had trusted me until then. If you had not, there might have been more sacrifices that would be needed for Zeres to turn into a dragon. Not forgetting, Dinah could’ve killed you right there and then had you not listened to me."

"So, if I hadn’t listen to you that time, you’d let her kill me?"

Their eyes met for what seemed to be a very long time.

"I don’t know." He could only speak honestly. "I was still on high alert all that time because I still couldn’t verify the authenticity of the information I gathered from her. One wrong move and the flow of the game will be ruined, and everything will crumble. But... I knew you’d listen to me without a doubt."

"So, you’re saying my trust... our trust in you was a part of your perfect game plan too?"


Alicia’s lips twitched into a disbelieving smile. "A devil, indeed." She could only murmur to herself.
Chapter 543 Explanation

A somewhat awkward silence descended over the spacious study for a short while until Alicia broke the stillness again.

"When you stabbed Abigail..." she started and then paused with a slight narrowing of her eyes at Zeke. "Were you certain that she would not have stayed dead? Had you some kind of guarantee or proof that Abi will rise again after you killed her? You said the only thing the prophetess saw was you killing Abi and the dragons disappearing." Alicia was relentless in her pursuit of questioning Zeke, leaving no grounds unturned.

Ezekiel glanced at Alex and Abi before he returned his gaze to Alicia. "No. I was not certain." He replied – answer short and to the point.

The air suddenly turned chilly and everyone already knew that the frosty aura blasting out was coming from Alex. Abi immediately faced her husband, but she eventually relaxed because despite the grim look and the darkness clearly evident on Alex’s face, he was calm.

"I was not certain about anything." But he held up his hands in a show of surrender before Alicia could rip into him verbally – and Alex would do the same literally – to get that pause. "But I did wait for a sign." Zeke added.

"A sign?"

"The mist. When I was approaching Abigail, the mists didn’t come to protect her. The dragons and Alex didn’t come either. I deliberately give them a moment to come. But no one came, not even the mists. The mists and the dragons, especially Alex, were supposed to sense any possible kind of danger befalling Abigail. But no one seemed to sense it, even the mists. I took that as the signal that Abigail’s death was really meant to happen – temporary or permanent. I knew it was a gamble. I knew that its useless to kill the dragons if Abigail will die. But I’ve been having a theory for a long time since, which I believe will be proven true once the prophecy is fulfilled."

"Theory?" it was Abigail who spoke next.

Zeke looked at her, nonchalantly resting his chin on his knuckles.

"I’ve been thinking about how long you can stay beside Alexander, Abigail." Zeke said, meeting Abigail’s eyes. "Even if you’re the incarnation of the last dragon keeper, you’re still a human. You will eventually grow old, get sick and die. There was never a prophecy about Alex dying so I presumed he will forever be an immortal. Once you die..." he trailed off and averted his gaze to Alex. "I can’t even imagine what this guy will do."

A lazy sigh then escaped Zeke’s lips and continued. "My theory was that Abigail had to die for the second time around so that she could become immortal. I believe that Abigail was about to become immortal when she remembered the memories of her past self – and that was the other sign I was looking out for."

Everyone looked at Zeke with probing eyes, wanting to know more about what he will say next. "I believed that the necklace the late witch queen gave her was extracted from the dead body of the original dragon Alex had killed. You saw it was the same golden particles that came out from Dinah when she disappeared. I can only presume that a witch must’ve gathered those golden particles back then. However, it seemed that wasn’t enough to complete the process. I believe the immortality that was bestowed to Dinah was transferred to Abigail when Dinah died – through the transfer of those particles. We can never know if that’s really the truth behind it all, but I couldn’t think of any other plausible explanation that made sense other than that." He ended with an elegant shrug of his shoulders.

No one spoke. They all thought that there was indeed no other better explanation that what was said by Ezekiel. Those yellow golden lights that came from the necklace was really the same from what came out from Dinah at that time.

"So, you’re saying that I am... that I am immortal now?" Abi stammered. She initially thought that Zeke must have asked some witch to put spells on her so she wouldn’t die. She never thought about the possibility of her becoming immortal.

"Yes. Why would you still be alive right now if you’re still a mortal?" Zeke replied, his voice remained flat.

Abi’s head snapped at Alex. She didn’t know what to feel or how to react.

But Alex smiled at her and pulled her in his embrace and then kissed her forehead, showing her how pleased he was about this news.

"How about Zeres? Is he still an immortal?" Alicia piped in and everyone’s eyes fell to the silver-haired man seated next to Alicia.

"Why don’t you try slashing his throat like what you did to him when you two first met?" Zeke drawled dryly, causing Alicia to fire up almost instantly. Instead, she bit down on her bottom lip and took a deep calming breath as she expressed her anger by glaring at Zeke for not taking her question seriously.

Zeke smirked. "He’s still a white dragon Alicia, so his immortality is still with him."

Alicia creased her brows. "But he almost died by the poison. He was dying."

"Yes. He was dying but he’ll certainly rise again. He’ll just be tortured by the pain to his core. Abigail didn’t claim his immortality, am I right? White dragon?"

Zeres glared at Zeke. He really didn’t like that he’s calling him ’white dragon’. But then, he averted his gaze as he looked at his own palms. Zeres knew that the man was right. He could still feel it inside him. He still had it, the dragon’s blood within him.

"So? Are we done?" Zeke said, almost like a tyrant who wanted the boring interview to finally end when a soft knock sounded at the door.

The intricately carved, heavy double doors slowly swung open, showing a figure dressed in elegant military formalities – standing at attention. The king’s own personal guard entered and apologetically bowed.

"I am sorry for the intrusion, Your Highness, but the king is expecting you to go to him immediately. It’s urgent."
Chapter 544 Burial grounds

The silence in the room pulsed with its own life as everyone waited for Zeke to move from his seat. But the man neither moved nor said anything but just sat there and eyed the guard before them.

It was obvious that the mighty looking guard stiffened up even without a single word from Zeke. He looked as though Ezekiel had just said something dreadfully harsh without giving him any consideration.

"Don’t make your father come here Zeke, you can’t let him and the queen see two silvered-haired witches in the crown prince’s study." Alex said, glancing at the unmoving Zeke.

Finally, Zeke stood with a long, deep sigh – one that shows how long-suffering he was by going through with that summon from his King father.

"You can ask the prophetess if you have more to ask." He spoke without looking at any of them and silently headed towards the door. As soon as he reached the door that was already opened for him, the laidback, unbothered and almost taunting look on his face disappeared and that horrible blankness took its place.

Everyone watched his back until he disappeared from their view.

The old prophetess then entered and joined the group. But everyone didn’t seem to have any more question left or they just don’t want to ask anymore until Alicia spoke, facing the prophetess.

"I have a question." She asked and the old prophetess nodded at her, acknowledging the request.

"How did..." Alicia hesitated but continued anyway. "Did Dinah knew that Ezekiel is the crown prince of the vampires and that he’s Alexander’s very close ally since the beginning?"


"And yet, she agreed to take him to her side, just by Ezekiel making an army of hybrids for her?"

"No, Alicia. The prince bargained with her since the very first day they met. His Highness made her believe that his ultimate aim was to be the real king of the vampires."

Alicia narrowed her eyes and the prophetess continued explaining. "Everyone knew that Alexander had and will always be the real ruler in the vampire’s eyes. Alexander is always that figure that the vampires feared, not the king nor the vampire royals. Dinah knew that as well, thus she took that bait and believed the prince’s desire to become her ally. Dinah wanted to take control of Alexander and once that happens, Alexander will no longer be that almighty creature everyone feared because someone is now able to leash him."

A slight weary smile painted Alicia’s lips. "Sly fox," she breathed.

"I understand that this battle was cruel because he used everyone as pawns so heartlessly. I know His Highness’ method was never the most humane way. But he was always thinking about the best outcome. And if he had told you that he didn’t know that Abigail would live again, please don’t believe him. I was the one who tried to stop him many times from killing Abigail, knowing that Alexander’s wrath would be much worse than the dragons. But he was very confident that she will not die. He was confident that the war will end exactly as how he predicted, and the world will not fall into chaos. I do not know for sure what is going on in his mind, but one thing I can assure you is that the prince’s only interest is to keep the peace. You always know this right, Alexander?" The prophetess turned from Alicia and directed her gaze on Alexander. "And that’s why you never questioned him. You knew all along and you allowed him to control you."

Alex simply tilted his head. "That’s right. I didn’t mind it that much because I knew he’d always win no matter what. And he wouldn’t mess up because he knew I’d have come after him and claim his head if he loses."

"You still went after him, though. Almost killing him." Zeres raised a brow at him, emphasizing the word, almost.

"Oh well. I didn’t mean to kill him. I just gave him a really good beating."


Alex’s only response was to flash a shit-eating grin and that was the end of the conversation.


Later that night, everyone gathered at the top of a small hill near the Reign castle.

It was time for the funeral.

The wounded soldiers were present. Everyone was still weary and weak but they could at least stand without any more support.

Alicia and Zeres stayed behind in Zeke’s study because they didn’t want to their presence to cause a commotion during this mournful night.

Standing by the window and looking up the hill where everyone had gone to, Alicia had a far off look in her eyes. She wanted to be there and honor the men whom she fought alongside with, especially Riev. The thought of him made her heart heavy again.

"It’s okay, we’ll go there once everyone is gone," she heard Zeres’ voice and she nodded.

Time passed and finally, Abigail and Alexander were back in the study with them.

After hearing from Abigail that the funeral had ended and that no one was at the burial grounds anymore, Alicia told them that she would go and pay her final respects. Of course, Zeres followed her, still wary and alert about this witch queen wandering in the midst of the vampires.

Abigail offered to accompany them but Alicia told her that it was unnecessary. She could see that Abigail was weary and having occasional dizzy spells. She was not a creature of the night like them, after all. And she hadn’t rested since the battle. It was truly a relief that Abi was now an immortal, but she still functions similarly like the human that she was before turning immortal.

But since the two witches really needed a vampire to accompany them in case some vampire spot them, Alex asked one of the elite vampires that survived the battle to go along with them. It was not easy to explain the whys and hows these silver-haired witches were in the vicinity of the palace, so Alex could only ask for a vampire who already knew.

It didn’t take the two witches much time to reach the top of the hill. The vampire that accompanied them stood far behind them, just watching.

Alicia and Zeres walked silently but as the graves appeared in their views, they halted.

Someone was still there, standing before a certain grave. His hands jammed deep into his pocket as he stared into space but seemed to be seeing nothing.

Alicia could immediately tell who it was, and thus, she and Zeres continued on.

The man obviously noticed them but he didn’t look at them even until Alicia stood next to him, now looking at Riev’s grave.
Chapter 545 Babysitter

The black sky finally began to be painted over with the color of dawn. But the two figures standing before Riev’s grave had yet to move or say a single word.

Alicia had kept her head down, finally whispering her prayer, her last goodbye to Riev in silence. The sadness that had weighed heavily in her heart hadn’t subside one bit but when she opened her eyes, she lifted her head and looked at the horizon.

It was already dawn. A slight and emotional smile curved on her face as Riev’s grinning face appeared in her imagination, waving goodbye, slowly disappearing, as the rising sunshine swallowed him.

’Goodbye, Riev,’ she whispered within her and then, she turned to leave.

Ezekiel walked past her in silence and Alicia followed him. She stared at the man’s broad back that spoke of so much authority and mystery. He was only a few steps away from her but in Alicia’s eyes, the man was way out of reach. He’s been that way ever since the first time she met him, cold, calculating and... distant.

They descended the hill in silence but once they were out of the burial ground, Zeke slowed until Alicia caught up to him and walked beside him. She didn’t turn to look at him.

"My job is finally over," Zeke suddenly started, his deep voice echoed like cold breeze in the morning. "It’s your turn now, Alicia."

His words made her halt and she finally looked at him.

Zeke also halted and his blank stare turned to her. Alicia studied him in return with a slightly narrowed eyes, seeking for an explanation about what he just said.

The man cocked his head to the side and a playful smirk curved on his face. "I mean... it’s your turn now to babysit a dragon."

Alicia blinked, creasing her brows even harder. "Babysit?" was all she could say.

"That’s right." Zeke nodded; sarcasm was obviously evident on his face, but she knew there was an underlying truth behind his words. "I’ve been babysitting Alexander for god knows how long. And babysitting that immortal black dragon was such a major pain. Now that he finally found the woman that will finally take my place, my job is done. It’s Abigail’s job now to leash that man forever."

A laugh escaped her throat. "I can’t believe you’re calling that babysitting."

"Don’t jest, witch queen. I know you think that word is very fitting. And I don’t think you should be laughing right now..." he looked at her, smirking, as if she was doomed.

Alicia cleared her throat, trying to regain her composure again.

"I shall pass that job to you and Abigail now." He added, causing Alicia to blink and then her jaw dropped. What was he saying? He’s passing the job to Abigail, yes, she understood but why did he include her?!

"Don’t give me that look. Who would look for that white dragon if not you?" Zeke told her, now serious.

"Hey. Wait. How can I possibly –" Alicia protested but Zeke cut her off.

"Are you saying that Abigail and Alex should do the job? Or were you expecting me to watch over him?"

Alicia couldn’t respond. Ezekiel had been watching over Alexander over these countless years because Alexander was a half vampire and half-royal too. And there was literally no one aside from Ezekiel that could do that job. He was the only one who was capable to keep Alexander under control. He had done such a great job. But Zeres... he was a witch... Abi and Alex were married. And this man... he’s the prince of the vampires, the next king. It wasn’t his responsibility to watch over a witch.

"Now that there’s an immortal half witch, the balance of power is finally restored. The witches will not need to live in fear anymore. They’re no longer inferior. And there’s that full human immortal too. With Abigail beside him, Alexander is no longer a ticking time bomb, but I am not sure about that white dragon. One day, Zeres might cause problems. Well, there’s Alex and Abigail but he might still cause another unnecessary bloodshed and possibly, a huge war." He paused and then sighed. "Zeres is harmless for now. He’s not like Dinah but... time can and may change everything, Alicia. It can turn anyone into monsters or saints." His voice as he said those two last lines, sounded dead serious.

"There is no one else to watch over him but you, witch queen." Zeke continued. "Keep him going on the right path. Because if you fail and he ends up turning into an enemy..." Zeke paused again, his eyes that were like the steel of a deadly sword, utterly serious. "I’ll find a way to get him dead and stay dead the next time, too. And if he dies, the witches will lose their newfound power and your people will have to go into hiding again."

Silence reigned between them for a while until Alicia finally let out a sigh. She understood what Zeke was trying to say. She understood what he wanted her to do and there was really no other choice. Whether Zeres like it or not, he needed someone to watch over him, someone whom he would listen to. And Ezekiel was right. There was no one who could do it but her, the witch queen.

"I fully understand what you want, Ezekiel. But..." her gaze at him became intense. "I’m not really worried about Zeres right now. Actually, I believe, you’re the one who needs a ’babysitter’ here the most, Ezekiel." She said as she stepped closer to him, unfazed by his overwhelming presence. "Yes, you’re not an enemy right now but you’re the one who said that time can change everything... that it can turn anyone into monsters or saints." She halted, just inches apart from him, her gaze even more intense, returning his serious gaze double fold. "I don’t know what is going on in your head, future king of vampires. But right now, I feel that there’s a monster within you that needs to be tamed, that needs to be leashed forever or else, one day..." she trailed off and swallowed. "I think... you are... much more dangerous than the dragons... Ezekiel."
Chapter 546 One day*

As if the god of silence had just passed by between them, no one spoke for a moment. They just stared at each other until Ezekiel moved forward.

Alicia subconsciously leaned back, finally realizing how close their faces were.

"Alicia..." said Ezekiel, slightly tilting his head as he gazed deeply into her eyes, leaning even closer. "Do you like me?" he asked, a glint of mischief playing at the corner of his thin lips.

The witch queen had her eyes widen for a split second but recovered immediately and answered. "Oh yes, Ezekiel." She blurted. "I like to punch you..." she continued, and like a lightning strike, her small fist landed on Zeke’s jaw. "I always wanted to punch that emotionless face of yours!"

Ezekiel was pushed two steps back. Alicia’s punch was strong enough that Zeke’s lower lip bled.

Touching his lip with his thumb, Ezekiel let out a small chuckle as he peered at her. Looking amazed and amused at the same time.

"As expected of you, queen Alicia... that was one hard punch." He said, licking his lower lip.

Alicia let out a deep sigh. "I’m being serious here, Ezekiel. And yet you’re..." She sighed again, shaking her head as she tried to calm herself. She didn’t like that Ezekiel was always like this. He was always acting like nothing could affect him. Making her feel like he was not taking her words seriously at all.

She was beyond serious about what she said about him being the most dangerous. She still couldn’t move on from the fact that all these times, Ezekiel had basically orchestrated everything. He’d been that mastermind who controlled both his friends and foes to win his game. She remembered when Ezekiel said that there was someone bigger behind Dinah. Who would’ve thought that he was actually talking about himself? Alicia would never ever imagine that someone could do something like this. He had basically killed an immortal and saved the world from falling into unimaginable chaos. She had heard from the prophetess that Ezekiel was the one who convinced Dinah not to attack anyone. He was the one who chose the two battlegrounds, telling Dinah that the underground places were ideal so Alexander, Abigail and Alicia couldn’t use their power. But his main goal was actually to hide the battle from the world. If Ezekiel didn’t do all those, even if Alex and Abi could win the battle against Dinah in the end, Alicia couldn’t imagine the destruction the war would have caused. Perhaps, humans might even be involved by now.

Just the thought of the whole world finding out about the existence of the dragons and vampires and witches made Alicia’s stomach churn. This man was truly beyond words to define. He could save the world without even using his physical powers. And that was why he was genuinely terrifying. He definitely could destroy the world too just by his out of the world manipulation. If one day... this man would become an enemy... can anyone win against him?

Suddenly, a large hand landed on her head. Alicia’s eyes widened, speechless at what Ezekiel was doing.

"It seemed... your trust in me had really crumbled." He said.

"It has nothing to do with my trust in you. And take your hand off my head, Ezekiel." She ordered and the man smirked. He patted her head gently and then quickly pulled his hand off her, almost as if afraid that another hard punch will land on his face.

He turned and started to walk silently ahead of her. But Alicia followed and continued talking. "You were the one who said that time could change everything. Now that your hard task is over, I’m afraid you’ll get bored one day, and... your monstrous brain might think of something really crazy."

Ezekiel halted. He lifted his face and looked up. His hands in his pockets, looking utterly relaxed as he watched the swaying leaves above them.

"That’s right. My task is finally over." He uttered, his eyes had a far off look again. "You’re right. I might really get bored after this."

"Please don’t plot anything crazy to destroy the world just because you’re bored. Restrain the devil inside you. I mean, chain him forever."

"I wonder if that’s possible but..." he replied and then looked over his shoulder. Their eyes met as he spoke with a mischievous smile on his face. "I’ll try."

His words sent chills down Alicia’s spine, and she knew why. This man was really unbelievable.

"I really think you needed a babysitter, Ezekiel. Just in case –"

"Are you applying for the job? Huh, queen?" That smirk was back again, and Alicia was rendered speechless. Her? Babysitting this terrifying devil?

Before Alicia could even form a response, "Just kidding," he said and then he turned his gaze back in front of him. "I wish you luck, Alicia, for your new task. Don’t worry too much. The devil within me is well behaved." He told her as he continued walking.

Alicia didn’t follow him anymore, but she called out and Ezekiel halted. "Alexander is a notorious beast but Abigail had tamed him. I wish that the one destined for you will arrive soon so that she could look over you before you do something crazy. I am afraid that one day, you’ll just pop out of nowhere and declare a war just because youre bored to death or because you decided to finally die as a real villain of this story."

His shoulders moved, and she could tell that the man laughed.

"A real villain, huh." He echoed, turning back at her again. Looking like he seriously pondered about it. "That sounds fun."

"I’m serious, Ezekiel. I really hope that person will come soon."

"That person, huh..." he paused and turned back. "Too bad, but your hope is not possible, Alicia." He added as he walked away.

Alicia creased her brows in confusion and curiosity, but he was gone. What did he mean by that? Not possible? He must be just kidding again, right?

"Queen." Zeres’ voice almost jolted her. She was too focused on Ezekiel’s last line that she didn’t feel Zeres’ presence at all! "You like that devil, right?" he asked, craning his neck as he looked at her and Alicia choked.


*unedited chapter
Chapter 547 Fool*

Zeres waited. His gaze on her intense, and Alicia could tell that Zeres seemed to be worried about her.

She cleared her throat, regaining her composure.

"You think I like him?" she asked him instead of answering, slightly raising a brow.

Zeres sighed and leaned against the tree. "I won’t blame you if you like him. After all, Kiel is a charming man despite the fact that he’s a devil." He shrugged but then, he sighed again. "But... As your ancestor, I’m just worried about you."

Alicia faced him, both her brows now lifted at him, her chin was up as well.

"Err..." Zeres scratched his neck with his forefinger as his eyes wandered. "I just think you’re too good for him," he explained. Alicia remained silent, slightly tilting her head, without taking her eyes off her. "And he’s really too cold, Alicia. It’s like it’s impossible for him to fall for anyone..." he trailed off, and he looked like he regretted what he just said.

He straightened and walked towards her as he spoke. "I’m sorry I shouldn’t be saying that." He halted before her and bent over, concern painting his angel face. "Please know that all I want is for you to be happy because you deserve it." He smiled as he landed his hand on her head. "I wish you will fall for a man whose heart sees no one but you."

As those words left Zeres’ lips, emotions suddenly flooded his eyes, and he quickly bent, leaning his forehead on Alicia’s shoulder blade. Perhaps to hide his emotions from her.

Alicia stood still, and then slowly, she lifted her hand and patted his back.

But too soon, Zeres pulled away. "Don’t get the wrong idea, queen." He said, suddenly. "I mean, Abigail will always be my first love, but..." he paused and let out a sigh. "I am happy for her now. Long ago, I already accepted that I am not the man for her. It’s always been Alexander... he’s the one who deserved Abigail... they both deserve each other. Back then and now. And I’m genuinely happy for them."

"O-okay." Alicia could only nod at him. She observed him closely and it seemed the man was telling the truth. She could see his sincerity as he stated his acceptance and happiness for Abi and Alexander. And it made Alicia smile. She was glad this man had already moved on.

His shoulders relaxed, and he looked up. "Loving someone is beautiful, but if you fall for the person that couldn’t love you back, it hurts." He said, but he didn’t sound like a brokenhearted man lamenting about his unrequited love story. He sounded like an old man stating words of wisdom instead. "So if your choice is Kiel, I’m sorry, my queen, but I’m not going to help you." He grinned again, but this time a little apologetic. "His heart is iron. And he didn’t seem to want anyone to melt his heart. He’s a tough nut to crack, so if you want him, you’d probably need to work extra hard to..." Zeres trailed off once again and pressed his lips tightly. "I’m sorry I’ll stop now." He added, and he moved forward, ahead of her.

A quiet sigh escaped her lips and she walked behind him. She understood what Zeres was talking about. She already knew since the first time she met Ezekiel. Ezekiel was an enigma. He was a man who didn’t seem to need anyone. He always had that dark, ominous shell around him. He never let his guard down. And Zeres was right. Ezekiel doesn’t seem to welcome anyone who reaches out for him.

Even when Ezekiel was flashing those smirks and sometimes laughed like he was amused, Alicia could still see nothing in his eyes. They held no warmth but cold, calculating calm as if something was missing inside him – a heart.

She always wondered why. What made Ezekiel like this? Did something happen to him in the past? Alicia just couldn’t believe that Ezekiel was initially like the way he was now. No one could be born like that.

As the Reign Castle appeared before their eyes, Alicia and Zeres halted.

"Don’t worry about me, Zeres." She said without looking at him. Her eyes fixated on the great castle.

Zeres head snapped towards her. "You mean you’re not going to chase after Ezekiel?" he exclaimed, causing Alicia to cough.

She sighed and faced the man. "Chase?" she echoed, and then a small smile curved on her lips. "Why should I? I’m a queen Zeres." The air around her suddenly changed. Regalness and serenity and power oozed around her. "Queens don’t chase after men, Zeres." She ended with a smile and walked away.

Zeres watched her back, and he smiled. ’What a queen.’ He mumbled and followed after her.


Meanwhile, inside Alexander’s room, Alex’s expression was tensed with worry as he sat at the side of the bed. His eyes focused on the face of his wife.

Abigail had rested the night before, and she was very fine. They were even up for hours and she was very energetic. So how come she was suddenly weak and ill the instant she woke up? Wasn’t she already an immortal? How could she still get ill?

His brows were pulled together in a hard knot as the unease and restlessness filled his mind. He couldnt help but question if what Zeke said the night before was just a dream. Was it a lie? No!

He was holding Abigail’s hand, gently squeezing them, when finally, the door opened. Ezekiel emerged, and Alex instantly stood.

"There are many other doctors, Alex –"

"Tell me Zeke, what is the meaning of this?!" he grabbed Zeke’s shoulders as he asked in an angry whisper.

"She’s an immortal Alexander. She won’t die anymore. No need to –"

"That’s right. She’s supposed to be an immortal now. So why the hell is she still being affected by human disease?!"

"It’s not a disease, fool. She’s pregnant."


Chapter 548 One last round
Last night...

Alex’s hands were wrapped around Abi’s waist, spooning her. His lips kissing her hair gently.

"Get some rest now, my wife." He whispered, although his lips were already planting butterfly kisses at the back of her neck.

Abi immediately shivered. Those little puffs of air were so hot, it jolted her dizzy senses awake. She turned and faced him.

"My dear husband, do you really want me to rest?" she asked, slightly raising a brow.

Alex took a little while to respond. "Are you tired?" he asked instead of giving her an answer. But then, too soon, he looked like he regretted what he just spouted and then, "Yes." he finally answered. "I know the battle must have tired you out tremendously."

Abi tried her best not to smile. On one hand, he was telling her to rest but on the other, she could see that longing and intense desire in his eyes. It was obvious that he was waging a war against himself inside him.

Lifting her hands, Abi cupped his face and planted a kiss on his hot lips. "Do you really want me to rest?" she repeated, the corner of her lips curved up into a mischievous smile.

An imaginary sound of a string being broke apart could be heard inside the quiet room and reason completely fled Alex’s mind.

"Can we do it once?" He asked, his eyes glimmered with desire but then, immediately, he groaned, running his fingers through his hair. "Ugh. My self-control when it comes to you is in the negative numbers, Abi."

He pulled away and laid on his back when Abi rose. She moved on top of Alex, surprising the man.

Suddenly, she bent and kissed him hard, and just like that, he lost himself in her until he knew he would not be able to control anymore. When their lips parted, they stared into each other eyes.

"I love you," she told him. "I love so much. I am so happy that I can finally be with you forever, Alex."

Emotions began to fill Abi’s eyes as she uttered those heartfelt words. So many things happened since that night she met him in the garage. It was still surreal that after all that had happened, in the end, she was now in Alex’s arms, and they were going to be with each other not until they die but forever. She could not ask for more.

She still couldn’t believe it the fact that their love didn’t just conquer death, but time too. Their love won. Despite all those agonizing pain, and the long sufferings, their love didn’t drown from their tears. It fought so desperately to not only be kept afloat but to soar despite the dangerous currents and the seemingly endless troubles – never, ever giving up.

"I am so happy that I will not leave you here all alone again." She added and kissed him again. Her kiss was passionate, filled with all the emotions she was feeling.

Alex stayed still for a long while, savoring every bit of warmth and passion his wife was giving him. He will never ever get used to the kind of heat his Abigail was stirring inside of his body, heart and soul.

His large hands, cupped her face this time.

"I love you too, my wife." he said softly, looking into her eyes. "I am beyond happy. We are meant to love each other forever, Abigail. No one... nothing can separate us."

As Alex said those words, she pulled Abi and pressed her against him. He kissed her lips, and then her jaw and then her throat. The fire between them sent beads of sweat slipping down their skin. His hand wandered down her side, cupping her hip and pulling her more firmly against him all the while dipping his head and nuzzled, just beneath her collarbone.

Abi clenched her fingers in his hair, closing her eyes and feeling him against her body. His tongue trailed down her breast and then gently sucked her nipple. The pleasure made Abi bit her bottom lip.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her husband. It was a moment of stillness; his eyes glimmered as he stared up at her through his thick gorgeous lashes. Her desire for him increased to an unprecedented degree and suddenly, she pushed him. She wanted him now. She was shocked by her own desire and impatience. Was it because they hadn’t done it for quite some time?

Abi took the lead and slid herself unto him. Her eyes drifted shut, her head bent backward as Alex groaned in pleasure, holding his breath, afraid he might spill his seed at any moment. He really couldn’t get enough of his wife. It was always like this every time they make love.

"Faster, Abi. Please." He begged as he reached out for her beautiful breast. Abi immediately granted her husband’s wish and moved faster, causing him to groan. He pulled her towards him and took her tongue deeper into his mouth as his hands clutching her hips.

Every part of them, their tongues, their sexes, their hearts moved in a perfect rhythm. They were truly one now, heart, mind, body and soul.

Moans and gasp echoed in the room and then... hard and fast, he felt himself convulse and pulse inside his wife as Abi moaned and shivered as she reached her mind-blowing peak. And then she came down upon him and buried her face in his neck.

"You’ve improved so drastically, Abigail." He whispered between his ragged breath. "I shall teach you more in the future." He added with a playful tone as he smoothed her hair.

And then, he rose and he lowered her to the bed gently.

"One more round, please?" he whispered in her ear, already kissing her earlobe.

"You said we’ll do it just once." Abi replied softly.

"One more. I promise, this is the last round." Alex looked pleadingly at Abi with eyes burning with desire for her. How could she say no to such outpouring of love from the husband she loved more than her life?

Abi knew this would happen and at the same time, she knew she couldn’t resist him. And thus, she could only surrender to her husband’s touch and melted against him.

"I love you... Alex." she whispered once again as she drifted to sleep and Alex’s smiled, watching her face.

"Thank you, Abigail." He uttered, pulling her in his embrace. "I will love you forever."
Chapter 549 Domesticated pet

After spending a passionate night, worry and panic greeted Alex the next morning. He was rudely awakened to the sounds of his wife throwing up in the bathroom and looking very ill. He immediately called for Zeke, but the maids told him that the prince wasn’t in the palace.

Left without a choice, Alex had to call upon human doctors to check on her while he went out and ordered the guards to look for Zeke. His worry was eating him, driving him to the brink of insanity. He remembered the feeling he had those times when he found out that Abigail had a serious illness that couldn’t be cured, and fear gripped his heart. Did her illness come back? How could that even be possible anymore? She’s already an immortal! These questions repeated again and again in Alex’s head. His expression grew darker and graver as the seconds ticked by that the doctors who were checking on Abi couldn’t find their voice to talk to the almighty Alexander.

In the end, the doctors left the room and Alex didn’t even seem to notice. Abi fell asleep again so he calmed down, but the worry and unease remain painted on his face.

The doctors who were standing by the door just outside their rooms finally saw the prince approaching and they sighed in relief. The prince was equally terrifying, but the doctors thought that the prince wasn’t like the unpredictable and wild Alexander. None of them ever thought that their so-called calm and serene crown prince might probably be the most untamed creature in the whole wide world at the moment.

They showed him the result of their tests on Abigail and also reported that they couldn’t tell anything to Alex.

With that, Zeke dismissed them, and he finally entered the room, only to be welcomed by the panicking Alex.

Zeke wasn’t even surprised anymore with Alex’s reaction. And when he told him about Abigail’s pregnancy, Alex showed him the reaction Zeke had anticipated. Zeke thought that Alex had truly become such a simple, predictable being now. The savage, unfeeling and untamed beast had become a domesticated pet – only when dealing with anything concerning his beloved Abi.

Looking at the still frozen Alex, Zeke simply leaned against the door behind him, crossing his arms against his chest so nonchalantly as he waited for something to magically press the ON button of the now shut down Alexander.

His wait lasted for a long while before Alex moved again. Shock still had him lagging like a computer that was invaded by a powerful virus.

"P-pregnant?" he stuttered, finally talking – eyes blinking in disbelief.

"Yes. Why are you so surprised? You two are married."

Alex blinked and his hand cupped his own face. His other hand on his hip.

Zeke observed him. He could tell that apart from the surprise, Alex wanted to say or ask something but decided not to. However, Zeke could tell what it was that Alex wanted to ask. Though Alex never fell or get attached to any other woman aside from Abigail, he had spent what he called his boring thousands of years of existence with many women. And yet despite living for thousands of years, nobody ever bore his child. Not just Alex, but Zeke too thought that immortals probably couldn’t produce an offspring.

But now, Abi was pregnant, and the only possible explanation was because...

"I think... it’s because of Abigail’s connection with the ancient dragon or because of her connection with the dragon keeper. She’s the only woman in this world that has connection with the ancient dragon that is the source of your immortality. And because of that, she is the only one who can bear your child." Zeke explained, answering Alex’s question without him even asking.

Alex didn’t even doubt what Zeke said.

"You’re right." Alex agreed. "It’s because Abigail is the only one for me. Of course, she’ll be the only one who would bear my child." He added as he bit down on his lower lip to stop himself from grinning. But then, he couldn’t stop, and a wide smile still ended up sneaking onto his lips. His hands landed on Zeke’s shoulders as he looked down, not in embarrassment but because he was trying to control his excitement.

"Damn, I’m so happy, Zeke." He confessed. His fingers gripped Zeke’s shoulders and then patted them before he let go. Now pacing back and forth before Zeke with a wide grin, filled with disbelief, excitement, and nervousness.

Running his fingers through his hair, Alex halted and looked at Zeke. "I am... going to become a father..." he said, and he was the one most surprised at his own words.

Zeke could only watch Alex becoming more and more unrecognizable.

"Ah," Alex groaned in exitement again and then he dashed towards his wife’s bed.

Zeke watched, predicting his next move. Was he going to grab his sleeping wife and hug her? No, he wouldn’t wake her up...

And he was right. Alex gave his all not to jump on his wife. He instead dashed back towards Zeke. "Damn. I can’t calm down, Zeke!" he told him.

"You better calm yourself before she wakes up. She’ll think you’re not ready to become a father if you keep going on like this. Also, you’ll be the one who will tell her the news."

Upon hearing Zeke’s words, Alex sucked in air and let out a very deep sigh. Determination quickly replaced the nervousness in his eyes. "That’s right. I should calm down." He said, talking to himself when suddenly, he snapped at Zeke in horror. "But you... you stabbed –"

"Calm down, Alex." Zeke lifted his hand. "The baby is fine. Her wound is far from her womb."

A sigh of relief came next and then followed by a moan. He turned towards his wife and when he saw her waking up, Alex almost flew towards her.


"I’m here. Do you feel better?"

"A little. I can’t explain what I’m feeling Alex... I’m sorry for making you worry but I assure you this is not –"

"Hush my love, I know this is not your past illness coming back... you’re pregnant Abigail. Our child’s growing inside of you!!"
Chapter 550 Breaking news!

That day had been added to one of the happiest days for Alex and Abi. Abi was so shocked by the news that she shed tears of joy.

Everyone was surprised by the news, Zeres, being the one who was the most shocked. He then went on to congratulate his old friends and was genuinely happy for them. Unexpectedly, he felt excited when he thought about a little cute Abi smiling at him or a little Alex glaring at him.

It was a bright and happy morning. The good news about Abi’s pregnancy had soothed the body aches and heart aches from the battle that had just ended. It was like Abi and Alex’s baby was a blessing from the heavens, telling them that a new beginning had just started.

However, every beautiful day always come to an end. At sunset, the group were already gathered in the palace’s courtyard. It was time for everyone to go back to their own homes.

Abi hugged Alicia. The two spoke for a long time that afternoon and Alicia promised Abi that she will visit her.

And then, Abi walked over to Zeres. She held his hands as she looked at him, smiling. "Zeres..." she said and then she hugged him.

Zeres returned the hug. "Please take care and be happy forever Abigail." The silver-haired man whispered. "I will definitely come and visit you two especially when the baby comes."

"Yes, Zeres. Thank you so much." Abi replied and their hug tightened before letting each other go. "Please be happy, Zeres. And know that Alex and I will always be here for you."

A smile flashed on Zeres’ angelic face and he nodded. "Mm, I know. Please don’t worry about me."

"Don’t create trouble for your queen. Listen to her." Alex piped in. Zeres snapped at him and as expected, the bickering started.

"Don’t worry Alexander. I am not a troublemaker like you."

"Really?’ Alexander leaned closer to him. "We shall see about that," he smirked.

"You shall see, Alexander. And I don’t think you’re even in the position to worry about me creating trouble." Zeres also leaned forward. "You have to take extra good care of Abigail and her child –"

"Our child –"

"My niece or nephew."

Alex paused and leaned back. "Yes." A very satisfied smile curved on his face. "My children will be your niece and nephew, Zeres." He patted Zeres’ shoulder as if he were the big brother Zeres never had. "Rest assured, even if you turn yourself into dragon and wreak havoc on earth because you’re bored, I won’t even bother to deal with you. My attention is only for my wife and child now. Of course, as long as you don’t get too close to our house, it’s all good."

"You’re basically asking your friend to dig his own grave, Alex." Zeke was the one who butted in this time.

With a playful smirk, Alex glanced at Zeke and just shrugged. "Well, if Zeres wants to die, I definitely couldn’t do anything about it." He looked at Zeres again and leaned his elbow on the man’s shoulder. "If one day you feel like dying out of boredom, just go trouble Zeke, he will definitely entertain you." Alex whispered mischievously.

"Ha! You’re saying those words to the wrong person Alex. Tell that to Kiel instead. Now that he don’t have to babysit you anymore, I feel that sooner or later, that guy will burst because of boredom and start plotting something crazy to entertain himself." Zeres retorted, calmly but serious.

Alex chuckled. "Now that you mention it...." He didn’t even seem to doubt.

"See? He’s the real future threat here Alexander. His inner devil might consume him soon and he will come after us just because he’s bored or because he finally want to die in a war or in the hands of a dragon. No one can tell what’s going on in that head of his, after all."

This time, it was Ezekiel who let out a tiny and quick laugh. He looked at Zeres, sideways and spoke. "That’s right white dragon..." the look in Zeke’s eyes became intense. "That’s why I really hope you would stay as pure and white as you look. Because once you misbehave and become hopelessly tainted, I will definitely come at you."

Zeres was speechless for a while. "See that? This prince is really dangerous! I feel like he’s really going to plot something unbelievable again soon!"

With a smile, the elegant and annoyingly calm prince tilted his head slightly as if he was pondering about something. "Should I create chaos for you right now as a parting gift –"

"That’s enough crown prince Ezekiel," Alicia cut him off. "This guy suffered enough already. Give him a break." She added and Zeke’s gaze fell on her. A slight smile flashed on his marble-like face.

"As you say, Queen Alicia." He said and Alicia sighed while Zeres’ face suddenly blocked Zeke’s vision.

Zeres had his eyes slightly narrowed as if he was trying to decipher something in the man’s stoic and unchangeable expressions. But before he could figure anything out, Alicia pulled at him from behind.

"That’s enough Zeres. Alex and Abi are leaving." She said and the men finally looked at the couple who were now in the car.

Abi waved at them and with one last goodbye, Alicia waved back. They watched the car drive off in silence until it finally disappeared from their eyes.

"Now let’s go Zeres." Alicia’s voice broke the silence. She looked at Zeke and their eyes met for a long while. She gave him a small nod and she finally turned her back.

Too soon, the two silver-haired witches were gone as well. Zeke and the few elites behind him were left in the large courtyard. He lifted his face and looked up at the blindingly clear sky. The corner of his lips curved up slightly as the colour of his unfathomable eyes changed into something nobody had ever seen before.


After landing in Abi’s home country, their butler, Charles, came to pick them up. While the couple were in the car, they talked about Abi’s family. Alex told Abi that the family will not remember the lost memories anymore. And thus, the couple planned to re-do their wedding but first, Alex should go to Andrew to ask for his blessings once again.

"So, will you propose to me again, my husband?" she asked, smiling, and Alex kissed her forehead.

"I can court you every day, propose to you every year and then marry you every ten years. How about that?"

Abi chuckled and she hugged Alex. "Let’s never tire of loving each other, okay?" she whispered, and Alex’s only response was to kiss her deeply.

"Never," he echoed and then he buried her in his embrace.

As their car passed through the metro, Alex’s eyes caught the breaking news flashing on the TV’s screens. [Breaking News: Tycoon Ezekiel Qin is confirmed dead!] [Breaking News: Tycoon Ezekiel Qin private plane crash!]

Abi saw that too and she looked at Alex with wide eyes. However, when she saw that her husband was wearing that smirk, Abi could already tell the truth behind the news and didn’t ask anymore. She returned her attention to her husband until at last, they were back at the mansion where everything truly started – where their love story bloomed and blossomed the second time around.

~ The End ~

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