✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 191 - 195 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 191 Just six more days

Alex looked even more revitalized at finally seeing his little lamb's big smile. She turned towards the aquarium again, like a child who just couldn't get enough of it. He was glad that his little lamb was easy to please.

Satisfied, Alex climbed off the bed, squatted down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm glad you like them," he whispered as he rested his chin on her shoulder blade. But what he did made Abi return to reality.

"I like them, they're so cute," she replied as she smiled. After staring at it for a while, she moved to stand and face him.

She held Alex's hands and stared at them before she looked up and smiled at him. She made him sit on her bed as she stood before him, locking her eyes on his. Her lips started to tremble.

"Alex, I… I have something to tell you," she said. Her eyes were glowing but there was a hint of unbearable pain behind them. Alex's blood began pounding through his veins. He could tell from that one look that whatever it was that she was going to say might drive him mad again. No, he could feel that it might be worse than last night and for the first time in his life, he was terrified. He never knew he would ever feel like this.

When Abi held his face, he felt his heart hammered uncontrollably.

"Alex…" she called his name again, and that was the saddest voice he had ever heard. She inhaled sharply. "Alex, I'm –"

"Wait, Abigail."

Alex suddenly stopped her. He held her wrists and pulled them down. His hypnotic eyes scorched under his lashes as he gazed intensely at her.

"Whatever that is… don't say it… yet. I mean, not right now, Abigail." His voice had become a soft murmur, as he frowned, hard.

Abi's tears began to pool in her eyes. She shook her head, trying her very best to keep herself from crying. "No, Alex… you have to know about this now." She managed to keep her ground but then Alex suddenly pulled her in and before she knew it, she was sitting on his lap.

He wrapped his arms around her as his breath lingered on her neck.

"No, don't say it. P-please." For the first time since he could remember, he found himself begging. He couldn't believe himself but what could he do? This girl didn't just turn him into a madman, she was also turning him into a coward! He didn't know that the other side of this damn coin called falling in love was madness and fear! It was like a powerful medicine with awful side effects.

It was still unbelievable for him but he needed this powerful medicine. It appeared he already got addicted and couldn't bear living anymore without it.

Abi began to tear up. Her heart was breaking again, seeing Alex's expression, seeing him beg for the first time. She couldn't bear to see the torture in his eyes. She just couldn't.

"Shh… don't cry, Abigail. You already cried too much. Don't cry," he whispered, consoling her as he kissed her eyes.

"Alex…" was all she could say when Alex smiled at her.

"I'd like us to push with our plan. Come with me, Abigail. Let's leave everything and go there, just the two of us. Just spend the rest of the month with me without thinking about anything else but us. Don't worry, I will listen to whatever it is that you have to say once we're back," he told her so seriously that Abi felt like choking.

"But Alex, if you spend more time with me…"

"Shh…" he kissed her lips and looked into her eyes again. "Don't worry about me. This is what I want to do, Abigail. You said you've been selfish all this time. Can you let me be the selfish one this time? Then we can call it even, okay?" He grinned and then he kissed her tears away again. "Enough of the crying, Abigail. Let's spend the rest of the days like we used to. Forget about anything depressing for now and just smile, okay?"

Abi gazed at him. Was this alright? She couldn't deny that her heart beat into life again as soon as she heard his words. To spend the rest of this month like they used to. Was that possible? Was that alright?

Again, her selfishness started to kick in. She wanted to scream yes because she wanted it too. More time with him even just for a few more days. Just six more days without tears and without pain. She could at least give that to him, right? This was the first time he asked, the first time he begged, how could she reject him?

Waiting for her answer, Alex pulled her and kissed her lips. "Say 'yes', Abigail. Please," he whispered once again and Abi finally gave in.

She nodded, a single tear fell from her eyes as she smiled back. "Okay, let's do that, Alex," she uttered and Alex's eyes glimmered. The next moment, he kissed her hard. He made her straddle him as their kiss became deeper, like they both were trying to lose themselves in each other's warmth.

Once they parted, panting, Alex wiped her lips with her thumb. "You have to eat. You look awful," he told her and Abi blushed. She turned to the mirror and when she saw her ghost-like white face, she covered it with her palms.

But Alex simply chuckled and she couldn't help but peek at him. It felt like it had been so long since she heard that pleasant laugh.

And then he lifted her up and carried her downstairs.

However, to their surprise, Abi's family were already home. They had forgotten that it was almost sunset.

Chapter 192 Finally here
The Chen family and Alex were dining peacefully and harmoniously in the kitchen. As per last time, Abi's grandma did the same thing again and heaped a mountain of food on Alex's plate.

But this time, Alex didn't wait for Abi to offer him her help. The man just started feeding Abi instead.

"Eat more," Alex told her as he lifted a spoonful of food near her lips. Alex wasn't even bothered by the presence of Abi's family members. His eyes were on Abi the whole time and nothing else.

Abi was blushing as she quickly devoured the food on his spoon, glancing shyly at her dad and grandparents. Her dad and grandpa just continued eating while her grandma was smiling as she watched them, looking amused.

"My, my, how sweet of you, Alex, dear," Abi's grandma said with a pleased smile. "But you should eat, too. Abi, feed him as well. He's forgetting to feed himself because of you," she suggested and Abi's complexion turned even redder.

But Alex looked at the grandma and told her it was okay. "I'm not really hungry," he said but Abi stabbed a piece of meat with her fork and lifted it near his lips. Alex happily ate it and the couple fed each other throughout dinner that way.

Abi's pale face had somehow gotten better and her family was so relieved at seeing her looking fine again. Andrew never said a word to Alex. He finally understood the reason behind the uneasy feeling he felt the first time he met Alex on that stage during Abi's play. He was uneasy because of something he saw in the young man's eyes. The way he looked at Abi was exactly the same as the way he looked whenever he had stared at his late wife. He could see the depth of his love for her and he could only sigh silently.

After their dinner, Alex and Abi sat with her family in the living room. Alex was holding Abi's hand tightly because Abi seemed to be feeling nervous. Even though she had already agreed with Alex's request, she still couldn't help but feel worried, not for herself but for Alex. But thinking that she could finally do something for him, even if it was just granting this one request of his, she would definitely do it no matter what the result may be.

"I'd like to ask for your permission and let me take Abi with me for six days," Alex told them. His face was serious and his voice was full of sincerity.

"Oh, you're planning to go away on vacation?" the old grandma asked, looking quite excited.

When Alex nodded politely, Andrew spoke. "When do you plan to go?" he asked and Alex felt so relieved. It was a relief that Abi's family were very lenient.

"Tomorrow," he replied and Andrew sighed. He looked at Abi and asked his daughter this time.

"Do you want to go?" Andrew was scrutinizing his daughter's face. He had spoken with her this morning while she was crying and he was glad because his daughter seemed to have chosen to face her fears head on. Seeing the new sign of fighting spirit in her eyes, Andrew was relieved and was very proud of her. Because his daughter was strong. No matter what anyone said, she was a strong, sweet girl.

Abi looked at Alex before she faced her dad and answered him. "Yes dad, I want to go."

With that, Abi's family didn't ask any more questions. Her grandmother even told them to go and pack their things now upon hearing that their flight was going to be early in the morning.

In Abi's room, Abi just took few things with her because her things were already at Alex's house.

"I will only need these," she said as she zipped a small bag. She stood up to leave when her eyes caught the lovely jellyfishes. She walked over to them, watched them closely as she touched the tank. "I want to take them with us." She pouted when Alex hugged her from behind.

"You can't. They will die if we move them again. Your dad already promised to take care of them," Alex assured her and Abi finally let go.

Once they were by the door, Abi hugged all her beloved family.

"Be careful on you trip, okay?" her grandmother said and Abi nodded. She then walked towards the car as Alex slightly bowed his head towards them, something that he still wasn't used to doing, and turned to leave when Andrew, who was standing one step above him, held his shoulder.

"Take care of Abi," he said, his voice exuding a tone of loving concern.

Alex faced him and looked at him with certainty and assurance. "I will take care of her," he declared and Andrew nodded.

"Enjoy your trip."


"Well then, drive safely."


Andrew then glanced at his daughter one more time while Alex remained standing there like he was unsure if it was rude for him to turn his back to his girlfriend's father first. Seeing him still not moving, Andrew told him to go and when he finally jumped in the car, Andrew smiled as he watched them disappear into the horizon.

The car arrived at Alex's mansion early that night.

Abi nervously stood in front of the huge double doors. She couldn't believe it was just last night when she decided to leave this place forever. But now, here she was again, standing before this very place. This place that was filled with the memories she created with Alex.

It was still hard to believe.

"Come, Abigail," Alex called out stretching his hand before her. Abi placed her hand in his as she smiled despite her hammering heartbeats and then, they both entered the house.

No one was around so they both went straight to the third floor. Once they were in Abi's room, Abi suddenly felt like she had missed this place so much.

It was like a dream. She sat on the bed, with her legs swinging, and looked at Alex. The man walked over to her and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I can't believe you're here again," He suddenly said. "I came here last night and… not seeing you here… it was maddening," he confessed and Abi gaped at him. She imagined him being here last night, all alone, and the first thing she did was embrace him tight.

"I'm here now, Alex," she uttered, trying her best to console him.

Alex smiled and kissed her hair. "Mm. I know." You're finally here and I'm not going to let you go again…
Chapter 193 Simple
The next morning…

The private jet Alex and Abi had boarded early that morning landed on a certain airport. Abi thought that this place was their destination but she was completely wrong as Alex led her to another plane.

This time, the plane was smaller compared to the larger commercial planes sitting at their terminals. The pointy-nosed, flat topped aircraft looked like a shark with wings, especially with its blue-gray coating.

Alex told her it was called King Air and it was his favorite turboprop aircraft. Abi could only nod. She wasn't even surprised anymore when he said he owned this aircraft, too. She wondered if he also owned a jetfighter or a luxury yacht and was hiding them somewhere.

Abi and Alex both boarded this plane and Abi was in awe as she saw how it was inside. She walked into the belly of the plane where she saw luxurious, leather seats, laid out in a rectangular fashion, up towards the middle so that people could converse in comfort between each other. She even saw pyramid style cabinets at each corner which provided easy access to drinks and snacks. There was a gap in the middle of the seats, the walkway, which led to the back of the plane.

When Alex headed that way with their luggage, she followed, walking through the doors after him. When she saw what was behind the door, she couldn't keep her mouth from making a large 'O'. Through those doors was a bedroom with an ensuite. At the very tail end of the plane was a bed that spanned the width of the plane. It looked so soft and inviting. Just to the left of the door was the bathroom and to the right was a small closet. Now this was far better than flying first class!

After putting their things away, Alex led Abi to the cockpit. She thought he was just going to show her what it looked like. However, to Abi's shocked surprise, there were no pilots inside. Don't tell me…

She looked at him with wide eyes and his signature smirk kissed his face.

"Yes, Abigail, I'm the pilot," he said confidently as he sat on the pilot's seat.

"But… you're alone…"

"Yep. Don't worry, Abigail, this aircraft can be flown by a single pilot. Now sit."

"Eh?" Abi's eyes widened. He wanted her to seat in the co-pilot's seat?!

Alex chuckled at her reaction.

"Stop worrying. You'll be fine as long as you don't touch anything. I can't possibly leave you inside the cabin alone," he said, helping her on her seat and settling her there before she could even react.

After making sure that all safety measures were in place, Alex sat back and started to pilot the plane. He started the engine, flocked this switch and that but Abi wasn't afraid. She trusted this man's skills. He was perfect in everything he did, well, maybe with the exception of cutting avocados. But somehow, she was nervous because this cockpit somehow looked like an intricate office. Seeing the three large 14-inch touchscreen flight displays, a pair of cursor-control devices and a qwerty keyboard… Abi couldn't help but feel nervous.

Noticing her nervous expression, Alex drew closer and kissed her cheek.

Abi's head flew towards his face. Alex, giving her a peck on her cheek… Abi's face turned into a cooked shrimp.

"I told you, don't worry. Trust me," he assured and Abi shook her head.

"I trust you, Alex. It's just that, what if I accidentally touch something?"

"It's okay, I know you're a well behaved little lamb." He smirked, completely unfazed and relaxed. Seeing his calm expression eased her. That's right. There was no reason to feel nervous - all she had to do was not touch anything.

After heaving a deep sigh, Abi showed him a smile.

"Ready?" Alex asked and when she nodded, he smiled before he focused his gaze out front.

Abi watched him do his magic. She saw him tap on the touch screen and it looked like he was able to manipulate the flight with a simple swipe of a finger.

Abi was so focused on watching what Alex was doing that she lost track of time.

"We're taking off now, Abigail." Alex's voice rang in her ear and the plane started to move. Abi held her breath as they took off the runway.

"Breathe, Abigail," Alex's voice rang again, with a hint of both playfulness and seriousness in his voice. His words made Abi relax and she breathed out.

The plane climbed upwards and was now flying beautifully like a calm paper plane above the clouds. It was quite stable and Abi felt so at ease that she was all smiles throughout the whole flight.

Once the plane landed, Abi finally asked Alex the burning question. She hadn't wanted to distract him during the fight so she didn't ask him anything at all about why he chose this place.

The sky was clear but she could tell that they were somewhere within the arctic circle. No wonder Alex packed her winter clothes this morning. She knew of this country but this town that they landed on was unfamiliar to Abi. The place was covered with white snow and the birch trees were white, looking so magical.

"Alex, what's the name of this town?" she asked as they boarded a car.

"Frost Town."

"Why did you choose this place? I thought you we would be going to an island."

"Hmm… I considered going to an island but I changed my mind."


"Because it's cold here and I know you have a low tolerance to the cold."

Abi creased her brows. He knew she had low tolerance to the cold? Wait… he chose this place because of that?

Seeing Abi's confused face, Alex's pleasant laugh echoed inside the car.

"Well, my reason is simple." He smirked sexily. "I chose a cold place so I could cuddle with you all night and day."

Abi: ". . ."

Chapter 194 Isolated

As they travelled further away from the airport, she could no longer see any houses. It seemed Alex was really bringing her to an isolated place.

After more than an hour's drive, the car stopped in front of another seemingly old mansion.

It was another three storey mansion, much like the mansion Alex lived in, but this one looked more like a fairytale house come to life, especially in this snow-covered setting. Stone walls made up the foundation of the walls, with wooden walls making up the second layer. The A-frame, wooden windows were lined with lights, clearly distinguishing their outlines. The shine of the lights combined with the snow gave the house a type of glow that made it seem mysterious.

"The lights are on," she uttered as she looked up, curious, since the man told her they were going somewhere where no one was around but them.

"There are some people inside. Caretakers, and cooks," he answered. "Come, I know you're tired. We'll rest here for a while."

"Eh? This isn't our destination yet?" Abi's big eyes widened. She thought this was it, the isolated place he was talking about.

"Not yet, Abigail. I told you, I don't want any other people around. That place will only have the two of us."

Alex held her hand and brought her inside. As Abi looked around the spacious, hotel-like living room, she could only marvel. Was this house Alex's too? Or just an isolated hotel?

While Alex was speaking with a man, seemingly giving instructions, Abi looked around and realized that this might really be Alex's. Well, the aesthetics, the presence of a fireplace and the setting gave her the same feeling of home, of belonging when she was at Alex's house.

When Alex walked over to her, he led her inside a room on the third floor. Abi removed her thick coat and shoes and let herself fall on top of the fluffy bed.

Alex did the same and he sat right next to her.

"How do you feel?" he asked, looking intensely at her.

Abi stared back at him before her lips curved up into a sweet smile, because for some reason, it didn't seem hard to do this. Even though she knew something painful was waiting at the end of this trip, at this moment, she was glad that she could still feel genuinely happy. She was glad because it seemed like it was possible for them to forget about everything right now and just look at each other and spend these remaining days to their hearts content, happily.

"I feel wonderful, Alex," she answered, her eyes glimmered as she rose and hug him. "It doesn't seem that hard, forgetting about everything else being in this place."

Alex was relieved. He pinched her chin and stared at her lips. His thumb caressed her lower lip and then before they knew it, they were kissing. 'I will make you forget everything, Abigail… I'll make sure of it…' he told her in his mind as their kiss became deeper.

They were both breathless once their lips parted. Their gazes, intense and their skin, hot.

The next moment, Abi lay on the bed and Alex was on top of her. His tongue skillfully played tag with hers, tasting every corner of her delicious mouth.

They didn't stop kissing for a long moment. It was like they've been so hungry for each other since they parted, like all the chains had been broken and they were kissing without restraints, like they had finally let themselves completely get lost in each other's worlds. Their kiss slowly intensified, from slow and passionate to wild, intense kisses.

Alex's hand began to wander around her body. His hands slipped under her top roaming and caressing her warm skin, causing Abi to moan against his ravenous tongue.

His little monster had long been standing tall and proud, now grinding naughtily into Abi's groin.

Their lips parted again, their eyes both looking glazed, intoxicated, lost in pleasure. But before Alex could resume, a knock startled them.

Alex's eyes widened slightly when he saw that his hands were already under her shirt, touching her smooth and soft skin. He also realized his little monster was already raging hard and he pressed his lips tightly, like he just mentally scolded himself.

He cleared his throat and he climbed off of her and walked towards the door. He opened it slightly and his hoarse voice echoed.

"Good," was all he said before he shut the door and looked at his girl.

Abi was already sitting there, her face flushed red. Damn it! That dreamy look in her eyes was so arousing it made Alex just want to pound on her.

Abi's line of sight fell on the mouth Everest that emerged in his groin and she shyly looked away.

Of course, Alex saw her reaction and he cleared his throat once again. He picked up her coat and gave it to her.

"We're leaving," he said as he put on his coat. Abi hesitantly stood and wore her thick jacket. She kept glancing at Alex but the man was composed and calm as he opened the door for her.

A van was waiting for them outside. A man gave the key to Alex and he climbed on the driver's seat.

Alex had just started the engine when he caught Abi glancing down at his groin. Her face burned when she realized she was caught.

"I… I'm just a little worried," she suddenly said, sounding defensive, and a mischievous smile curved on Alex's face.

"About what?" he leaned a little closer.

"I just wonder if… if you're okay… your little monster is…" she bit her lip as she blushed even harder, and Alex struggled to keep his cool.

He turned his gaze on the road as he replied. "Don't worry, little lamb. Let the little monster be. The little man needs to learn how to calm itself down."

Abi blinked at him. "A-are you sure?"

Alex closed his eyes before he gazed at her. "Stop seducing me, Abigail. I'm trying to be a good boy right now. At least wait until we reach our destination," he teased and Abi's mouth could only drop in disbelief.
Chapter 195 House

They'd been driving towards the top of a small hill. The rough road was covered with snow and everything she saw out the windows and windscreen was simply breathtaking. Pure white, undisturbed snow covered everything and it was so peaceful because there was nothing else out there but them. Abi wondered if there was a house somewhere in this place.

They were already pretty far from that mansion and yet the car still kept going farther and farther. But Abi was enjoying the view and somehow the suspense was filling her up with anticipation.

Finally, the car stopped at a dead end of the rough road. They seemed to be on top of a hill. A plateau-like, gigantic open space was covered in white. It was simply beautiful. Looking up at the blue sky made her feel like she was on top of the world.

"Wow!" she exclaimed as Alex climbed out of the car.

Abi jumped out as well and ran a few meters into the open space, her boots making soft crunching sounds on the snow. She ran with her arms spread wide and when she stopped, she twirled around slowly, to take it all in.

Alex leaned on the car as he watched her, sighing in relief that she seemed to like the place he chose.

"Alex!" she called as she made a snowball and threw it at him, though the snowball didn't even reach him.

Alex laughed looking at her. "What a weak little lamb," he murmured to himself before he walked over to her.

Abi was still picking up some snow when Alex was already standing before her. She looked up and saw him raising a brow. Thinking about his teasing in the car, Abi stood and cupped his face with snow in her palms. And then, she ran away as she chuckled. But before she could even move further away, she slipped and fell.

"What a clumsy, little lamb," Alex murmured as he squatted and helped her up.

"I'm not usually clumsy, okay?" she argued and Alex was about pinch her cheek when he noticed that the color her lips were already starting to turn a bit purple from the cold.

"You're already cold?" Alex's forehead creased and he pulled her close to him.

"I'm not…"

"Don't lie, the color of your lips changed." He suddenly took off his coat and put it on her, causing Abi to immediately protest.

"No, I'm fine Alex. It's cold, you can't remove your coat." Even though Alex was wearing a thick, woolen, black high neck long sleeve sweater, she still thought it was too little for him, so she tried to take the jacket off but Alex's serious face stopped her.

"I have a great tolerance to the cold, Abigail, so don't even worry about me," he told her sternly and without any warning, he lifted her up. "Let's go inside the house."

"H-house?" Abi blinked at him. She looked around but she couldn't see any house.

Alex just smiled at her and they headed to the other side of where their car was parked. There was a wooden pathway heading upwards. There were a few birch trees around.

The moment they reached the end of the pathway, Abi's mouth dropped.

The house was pure white, which was entirely camouflaged by the snow. It had a flat roof and a small brick tower to one side. This house was modest compared to his other mansions. It was only a one storey house and was much smaller than the others. She saw what looked like 3 rooms or areas from where she was standing. It looked like one area was the lounge, then there was a kitchen and then the bedroom. She could tell all of this from where she was standing because two of the four walls in each room were made of glass. Yes, glass windows! She wondered if the ceiling was made of glass too.

Alex moved again before Abi could fully admire the place. He put her down by the door and opened it.

Alex stepped inside and Abi followed. The interior was perfection and she couldn't help but be amazed once again. Alex just did not stop surprising her at every turn.

"Over here, Abigail," Alex's voice echoed and Abi's attention was brought back to him. She walked over to him and Alex led her into the kitchen.

Abi saw a fridge and plenty of food stocked up on the hanging cabinets. Everything they needed was here. Looking at all of it made her inner cook self-activate.

Thinking that the man called her to show her the kitchen, Abi turned to speak when she saw Alex opening another door.

"The bathroom," he said as he pushed it open. Abi blinked and walked over to him, speechless.

Outside the door wasn't a typical bathroom one would find inside a house. It was an open area and there was a small pool filled with natural thermal water. There was a shower room right next to her. It looked so relaxing and she was tempted to just jump right into it and relax.

Alex started to strip. He took off his black sweater, revealing his deliciously perfect torso as he looked at her. "Come, Abigail. Let's bathe and relax together."

Abi swallowed and she looked around.

"Don't worry, we're the only ones here," he assured her, because once again, the walls were made of glass, looking out at the white, silent world outside.

He continued undressing, clasping his belt, while he moved closer to her, not taking his eyes off her.

"You need this bath to relax your body, Abigail," he told her as he slowly took off the coat he had draped on her. He hung it on the wall behind her before his hand moved on to her jacket.

"Want me to undress you?" he asked, his voice incredibly deep and gentle, causing Abi's heartbeat to drum ferociously.

"I… I can do it," she said and she dashed inside the shower room right next to them. Alex watched her silhouette though the tinted glass with a sexy smile on his lips.