✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 196 - 200 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 196 Special

Abi took a couple of breaths before she came out of the shower. Her eyes immediately searched for Alex and she saw him, already sitting on the pool, waist deep in the warm water and arms resting on the edge, staring up at her. Alex, she noticed, was still as sexy and gorgeous as ever but since he confessed to her, something seemed to have changed in him compared to that night when she first saw him naked. He wasn't that dangerously sexy perfect man who always looked like a beast ready to devour its prey. Right at that moment, he was like an alluring godly creature, where his prey was the one who was willingly going to throw itself to him.

"Come, Abigail. Don't just stand there."

His gaze glimmered in wonder as he stared at her, admiring her smooth silky skin and her lovely curves. He watched her stand there shyly until she walked towards him in her pale pink lingerie. Her face was flushed as she tied her hair into a bun. She was just so beautiful Alex felt like he could stare at her forever and never get used to her beauty.

Abi slowly dipped her feet in the water and felt its soothing warmth. She smiled and she finally jumped in it and soaked herself in the warm water.

"How's it?" Alex asked and Abi grinned at him in satisfaction.

"Incredible. It's so warm…" she answered, her face filled with bliss as her hands played on top of the water. She sat across him as she relaxed, resting her head back on the edge of the pool. She moved around like an excited child, playing with the water and washing her face and Alex simply watched her.

He saw her expressions as it changed from awe to wonder to bliss to contentment and he felt a strange tickling in his chest. He was… happy. She made him happy. Just being near her like this, seeing the joy on her face, was bringing out the unknown emotion of happiness within him, something he never expected to happen in his lifetime. So he watched her as if he was committing this moment to his memory.

Once Abi settled down, she looked up at the blue sky and smiled. "This place is just so amazing, Alex, " she said softly, awe evident in her voice, before she gazed at him. The man also did the same and looked up at the sky. "Does this place belong to you, too? Or just the hotel in the middle of nowhere?" she asked with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Alex's gaze fell on her as he smirked. "This is also mine, Abigail. The entire hill, too. So rest assured no one will trespass, let alone dare to peek, either."

Abi could only look at him with the words 'I see', flashing across her eyes. She wasn't really surprised anymore. "Why did you decide to build a house here?"

"An old ruined ancient house used to stand here. I just had it renovated days ago," he told her and Abi's brows creased in curiosity.

"Days ago?" she asked, her mind flashing with the images of this modern, chic and elegant little place.

"Mm. That time you requested to cuddle by the fire, this place came to my mind. It's very nice here at night. We can cuddle all night by the fire outside. You will see, later." He smiled and Abi was speechless. Was he saying that he built this place, in just a few days, for her?

"You built this place just so… just so could bring me here?"

"Anything wrong with that?"

Abi was at a loss for words. Why was he always going through all these extremes just for her?

Now that she thought about it, ever since he had fulfilled her first request, Alex always made them extra grand, turning every simple request to something beyond spectacular. She thought that was just him, just Alex being the beyond perfect man that he was. But then, he also told her that doing those requests with her were firsts for him, too!

Suddenly, Abi moved and hugged him, surprising him. "Why? Why are you always…" she murmured. "Since the beginning, you always seemed to give me the grandest experiences for everything. Back then, you didn't have any feelings for me, right?"

Alex held her arms and gently created some space between them. He looked up at her and his eyes were intense. It was scorching hot and piercing. "Abigail, I was trying to hold back from pulling you into my embrace this whole time… and yet, you are the one throwing yourself to me like this." He sighed as his fingers traced her collarbones. "You know how you easily rile me up, Abigail. You can drive me insane just by touching me, especially when we're half naked like this." His deep voice was like hypnotic music as they lingered in her ears. She felt her face heat up, and not from the warmth of the water.

He looked up again, his deep eyes filled with restraint and desire. And then he sighed again, before he made her sit next to him, making sure there was a little bit of space between them.

He threw back his head and close his eyes. His hand searched hers and twined their fingers together. She waited patiently, knowing that the answer to her question was still forthcoming. And her patience was rewarded.

"Well… about that. I don't really know. I just found myself doing above and beyond for you. Maybe I already knew that you were special since I let you go that night in that hotel."

"S-special?" Abi asked, staring at his perfect features. He still didn't open his eyes.

"I don't know if that's the right term to call it. All I know is that I couldn't get you out of my head since then. And then, when I saw you talking with that man in the bar, my blood boiled in a way I never felt before. I almost went and killed him right then."

Abi swallowed. Her grip on him tightened.

A smirk left his lips and he sighed again. "You don't know how many times I have asked myself what the hell happened to me, because I have been becoming someone I don't recognize anymore," he chuckled shortly before he finally opened his eyes, looking up at the blue sky.

Abi's eyes welled. She lifted her hand to touch him. Even though he just told her to be careful about touching him, she couldn't stop herself. Hearing those words, what else could she feel at this moment? What else could she do but embrace him? She couldn't stop herself from reaching out.

Alex froze the moment she wrapped her arms around him. He twitched, speechless. He remained still as she hugged him, shutting his eyes.

"You really don't listen to me anymore, huh, little lamb."

"It's because you're... you're making me feel so emotional. I… I didn't know you already felt something… for me even then. I… had no idea at all. I thought… I thought I was the only one who couldn't stop thinking about you since the day I met you."

Chapter 197 Chopping is not cooking

Alex suddenly stood up, held her by the waist and lifted her. He made her sit on the tiles, his palms holding on the edge of the pool with her in between his arms.

His eyes were glowing as he stared at her. The devil only knew how he wanted to kiss her; to pin her down right here and kiss every part of her body and… make her his… completely.

He started tracing the line of her cheek with his thumb, slowly, gently and Abi was easily lost in his sensual, mesmerizing stare.

Then he found his hand had cup her cheek, pulling her towards him before his lips finally captured hers. They were kissing again. And he was damn hard again. He always wondered why he just didn't have any control when it came to this girl. He just couldn't resist no matter how much he tried. He always… always got lost when it came to her. And these feelings just wouldn't stop growing, even gushing out of his chest now. He couldn't contain it, he didn't know how to even deal with it. Darn. He didn't know that being a first timer in love was extremely challenging.

As their kiss became deeper, Alex felt her arms move around his neck, pulling him like she wanted more. Damn, he couldn't take it anymore.

Grasping her chin, Alex deepened the kiss. The feelings, the sparks between them were too much, too good, excessive. And it seemed like this little fruit that he had been nurturing had finally really ripened up. Her kiss was so ripe now, so delicious, it was worthy to die for.

"Alex…" she murmured against his lips, completely intoxicated, while he gazed at her punch-drunk with her taste. Damn, he just wanted to keep kissing her forever.

But he pushed himself off her and stood beyond her reach. Abi was breathing hard, face flushed, and her eyes were hazy with desire. But before she could snap out of her daze, a robe was draped around her.

She was surprised that Alex was already behind her.

"Let's go. You will get dizzy if you soak yourself too much," he said as he helped her up. He made her face him, helped her don her rob and dried her face with the towel, gently. "You've become a skilled kisser, Abigail." He gave her a teasing smile.

But Abi just blinked at him. Why did he suddenly stop? She wanted the kiss to last longer… she wanted more…

She blushed with that thought, a little ashamed but then she thought that there was nothing wrong with it. She was a grown woman and he was the man she loved. Why should she feel ashamed of thinking that she wanted more? She determinedly pushed that feeling away.

Alex held her hand and led her inside. "Are you fully relaxed?" he asked, his tone sounding casual.

Abi started to focus on her body, and she really felt great, like her tensed muscles were all soothed. "Mm. I feel great," she replied as they entered the room.

The house only had one bedroom and it was marvelous. It was square in shape with white walls and curtains, with a king sized bed in the middle of it. However, she didn't really notice any of that because her eyes went straight to the view outside the glass wall and it was breathtaking. It faced the other side of that gigantic plateau where there were a few more birch trees scattered around like guardians of the house.

"Get dressed first, Abigail." Alex pulled her attention as he opened his suit case.

Abi quickly moved, opened her suit case as well and brought out her clothes. "Is there a bathroom here?" she asked and Alex led her towards the left side of the room which opened into a cosy bathroom. "Thanks," she said before she dodged around him, darted into the room and closed the door.

When she came out, Alex was already dressed. He was wearing a grey woolen sweater and he looked so stunning, like a model inside a studio for a photoshoot.

"I'm guessing your hungry now. What do you want to eat?" he asked. Somehow, this good boy Alex was making her heart flutter harder than the scary Alex.

Abi smiled as she jumped on him, hugging him from his side. She felt like Alex was getting fluffier lately.

"Are you going to cook a food for me?" she asked, looking up at him with big eyes when Alex looked away as he rubbed the back of his nape.

"Well, I can chop up some avocados for you," he told her and Abi chuckled, remembering how he had chopped the avocado like an onion. But then, she also remembered when they had baked her birthday cake and she started to imagine him inside the tiny kitchen with an apron on, and maybe a chef's hat, running around cooking for her. The image made her chuckle.

"Chopping is not cooking, Alex.," she said, teasing him.

"Then, let's cook together. That's one of your requests, no?"

Abi was surprised. Did she ever mention that to him before? She actually couldn't remember! Maybe she did?

Without waiting for her response, Alex pulled her towards the kitchen.

They started cooking for dinner, with Alex doing the chopping, which he was so good at - luckily there were no avocados to chop this time! He chopped everything to perfection, like a machine, even though Abi told him he didn't need to cut it so precisely.

As the man was focused on his task, Abi was busy watching him, resting her chin on her palm.

Alex glanced up at her and raised his brow, causing Abi to smile.

"I can't believe I'm watching you, chopping vegetables and helping me cook." Her face was bright and she looked incredibly happy.

Alex curled his lips between his teeth. "I can't believe it as well, Abigail. So stop staring at me and pay attention to the stove. I don't want a burnt dinner, thank you!" he replied casually and Abi suddenly reached out and pinched his cheek.

"You're so cute when you're like this." She ignored his words but when Alex knotted his brows, Abi blinked and caressed the skin she just pinched, as well as the lines on his forehead. It looked like the word cute wasn't a good compliment for this man. "There, there…" she muttered, trying to soften his face again.

Alex sighed and his eyes fell on the electric stove. "The pot is on fire, Abigail," he said and Abi's head snapped to the stove as she heard his pleasant laugh echo in the room.

"What a na?ve little lamb." He shook his head and ábi puffed her cheeks as she looked at him.

The two spent their cooking time joyfully. Once they put everything on the table, Alex looked quite amazed, nodding like an old man in awe.

"Okay, time to dig in!" she declared as they sat across each other. Abi made Alex taste everything first and let him critique the taste.

"Not bad," he muttered and then, as an afterthought, he added "it appears we are better cooks than most."

Abi chuckled delightfully. "Correction. It's supposed to be… the cook and her assistant are better than most."

Chapter 198 Not yet

After their delightful dinner date, Abi was washing the dishes as Alex stood beside her. His tall gorgeous frame looked so out of place as he leaned there, drying the plates Abi was giving him, with a clean white towel.

"Are you just too happy? Or just laughing at me?" He leaned on her and whispered those words in her ear, causing Abi to lean away from his electrifying breath.

"I… I'm not laughing at you, okay? I'm just… well, can you blame me? It's hard for me to believe that Alexander Qin is here drying plates like a good husband," She explained, causing Alex to blink at her before he touched his chin.

Abi instantly regretted what she said but it was too late.

"Hmm… from good boy to good husband…" he murmured to himself before he smiled sexily at her. "Not bad. I liked the sound of it."

When Abi just gaped at him, utterly speechless, Alex's pleasant laugh echoed once again, jolting Abi back to the present. He had laughed more tonight than she'd ever heard in all the time she had spent with him. It felt so nice. She felt like everything was alright as long as he was laughing like that. She wanted him to keep laughing like that forever.

Once they were done, Abi began to interview him.

"How's it? You first time drying the dishes?" she asked and Alex shrugged.

"Not bad. I think it's fun."

". . ." Oh, this man actually called it fun…

"What. Were you expecting me to complain?"

"No, well, yeah. Uhm… this is really alright with you, right?" Abi's voice was a little hesitant.

Alex pinched her chin and leaned down. His glorious face hovered above hers. "I am the one who chose a place with no one else but us. And I absolutely didn't bring you here to be my cook and cleaning lady. Even though I have no experience with this, I already experienced being an assistant, as you called it, back at your house. So don't even think that this bothers me. We will do everything together, got it?"

Abi blushed as she nodded.

"Good," he let go of her chin and looked at his watch. "It's about time."

"Are we going to go somewhere?"

"Yes. Stay here, Abigail," he told her as he made her sit on the chair. "Wait for me, okay?"

Alex returned, already dressed in his usual long dark coat. He was holding a thick pink jacket, the one he bought for her. She didn't know why he chose pink though.

"Wear this." He draped it on her and Abi wore it. He was the one who zipped up the jacket on her. And then, he gave her a pair of yellow colored gloves.

While Abi was putting them on, Alex put on the last piece he brought with him, a yellow bonnet.

"Uhm… why yellow?"

"So it would match your yellow scarves."


Alex stepped back as soon as Abi's outfit was done. He looked at her and he seemed quite pleased.

"A peach with yellow icing, perfect!" he muttered. His perfect white teeth bit down on his lips. How could he say that? It was like she was a food mascot next to a god!

Before Abi could protest, he brought out something from his pocket. He smiled as he stepped closer. "I'll have to blindfold you, Abigail. Close your eyes."

Abi didn't ask anymore and did as he said, obediently.

"But Alex. Aren't you blindfolding me too soon? I still need to put on my boots."

"Don't worry about that," was all he replied. He then squatted before her. "Hop on," he said as he pulled her hand around his neck.


"Another one of your requests, right?"

"How –"

"Hop on, Abigail. Quick!" He cut her off and Abi could only give in.

He lifted her up and she felt so nice.

"Wrap your hands around my neck, Abigail." He ordered and she followed. He put her down once they were by the door. She felt him put his shoes on and then he asked her to lift her leg up.

She could tell he was squatting down. Oh god, was Alex putting on her boots for her?

The man looked extremely focused as he put on her boots. He was careful and gentle and Abi couldn't explain this feeling she felt. She was so damn overwhelmed with everything that Alex had been doing for her since she woke up this morning. No, since last night.

After that, he squatted down again and carried her on his back and left the house.

Alex headed downwards until they reached the car. He put her in the passenger seat, telling her not to peek, before he ran around the car and hopped on the driver's seat.

Abi somehow felt thrilled. What was he going to show her this time?

She felt him buckle her seatbelt. And then, the car started to move. Abi felt that the road the car was taking wasn't the rough road they drove through. This was a little smoother but it didn't feel like a concrete road.

The car was slow but it only moved for roughly five minutes. She could tell they weren't that far from the house.

She felt Alex climb out of the car. She was unbuckling her seatbelt when her door opened.

"We're here, Abigail." His deep voice made her bite her lips as he helped her down. She lifted her hands, attempting to remove the blindfold but Alex stopped her.

"Not yet," he whispered.

He held her hand, squeezing it and they walked a few steps away from the car. Abi's heartbeat was loud in her ears. The anticipation was killing her.

Once he halted, Alex moved behind her and then, his hand started to remove her blindfold.
Chapter 199 Lights

As Abi slowly opened her eyes, her mouth slowly hung open at the sight before her.

There were bright dancing lights in the sky laid out in front her, like a precious painting. It was the aurora borealis!!!

The beautiful hues painted the sky like rippling curtains of yellow and green and all colours in between, as if they were hiding something behind their magical presence. The combination of the colours was so bold and exquisite that she couldn't help but stare at them, not wanting to even blink in case it all suddenly just went away.

Wow! This was simply breathtaking! She had only ever seen photos of the northern lights and the real thing was incomparable to those images. Seeing this with her own eyes was something she never believed would happen.

She gaped in wonder, awestruck as Alex wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her.

"Do you like what you're seeing?" he asked and Abi struggled to speak.

"It's…" Beautiful was an understatement. She had no words to explain it. She was just mesmerized. "Breathtaking, Alex," she finally said, not tearing her eyes off the sky.

Alex lightly leaned his chin on top of her head. "Well, wait for a bit longer," he told her and after a couple of minutes, Abigail literally gasped.

She thought that what she saw a while ago was already the best thing she had even seen, but she was wrong. Completely wrong. That seemed to be just a free sample.

In the sky above them appeared giant, roiling waves in various shades of green. She felt like she was looking into a giant ocean with huge swirling waves of colour up in the sky.

She had always been a nature lover. She was impressed with the beauty that nature could offer but at this very moment, watching this stunning display from mother nature topped everything else she had ever seen. It was the most incredible thing, a once in a lifetime experience.

The whole sky turned into something almost like a disco dance floor.

She was utterly awestruck. The videos she watched before didn't even come close to showing what the experience, the beauty, was really like. And the most incredible thing was that she was watching this with the person she loved the most, standing in his loving embrace.

The out of this world intense light show only lasted for roughly five minutes and the lights slowly became calmer. It was like the explosion had ended but the debris was still there, still breathtaking.

This moment, this sight, the warmth of the man hugging her would be something she would never forget for the rest of her life. She couldn't think of any experiences she'd had that was more magical than watching the northern lights above her, warm in the arms of the man of her dreams.

"Alex…" Abi finally spoke, as she looked at him and her eyes welled up.

"You really read my notebook, didn't you?" she asked him, looking so damn emotional.

Alex bumped his forehead on hers and answered. "That night when you left, I went inside your room and I accidentally knocked the bedside table. Your notebook fell. I picked it up and saw the open page which had your notes on it. So I saw the remaining items on your list," he confessed and Abi was about to cry when Alex kissed her lips. "Shh… no crying Abigail," he whispered and kissed her deeper.

As they kissed, Abi felt her emotions slowly calm down. She thought this wish was one that she was never going to be able to fulfill. It seemed that the page that Alex saw was her original list. Seeing the aurora with her beloved was not included in the bucket list she had rewritten because she removed all the over the top requests like going abroad and everything like that, because even though this was one of her greatest wish, she knew it was too much to ask. Yet, once again, he made it happen. In a way that it was far better than she had ever imagined.

"Thank you… thank you so much, Alex… this the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life…" she told him against his lips and then she smiled, pulling away.

"Oh, so you're saying these lights just beat me, huh," he raised a brow, looking jealous and Abi immediately protested.

"No, I'm talking about things, Alex. If it's a person, of course, you're the most…"

"The most?" he waited.

"The most amazing, the most perfect, the most romantic and most gorgeous person on Earth… you are the bestest in everything, Alex!" she praised and Alex face visibly brightened, obviously pleased.

"Of course, I am," he replied, looking proud of himself as he held her hand. "Now, come. Let's sit there near the fire before you freeze."

As they walked back, Abi's attention was pulled towards what looked like a tent, standing on its own next to two outdoor chairs. Their car was parked a little farther.

"Wait here, Abigail," he said and she saw his silhouette enter the tent.

Abi looked at the sky again and smiled. It was still so breathtaking. She just wanted to watch these lights all night with him.

But when Abi returned her gaze to where Alex just entered, her mouth dropped once more.

The tent was already lit up and it was another mind blowing scene. The tent was large and in the shape of an octagon. Steel bars held it up at each corner, meeting from the middle of the roof and separating out into the shape of an octagonal prism. Each face of the octagon was made of clear glass and she could see the curtains tied back at each corner of the tent letting her see inside it. There was a soft glow of a lamp light which illuminated the intimate and cosy space. She saw a huge bed that lay in the middle, taking up most of the space inside with plenty of warm looking blankets resting on top of it. It was the fanciest tent Abi had ever seen in her life!
Chapter 200 The devil only knows

Alex and Abi were sitting by the campfire. She was sitting between Alex's legs, both of them wrapped in another thick blanket, looking at the warm fire before them and the lights above them.

This, too, was in her original list, camping with her beloved and spending the night watching the sky.

They were silent for a long while, just feeling each other's warmth and enjoying this peaceful moment and then, they found themselves kissing again. Abi had lost count on how many times they kissed that day. And she was sure that it wasn't just her but she felt that he too felt the same; this feeling that they couldn't get enough of each other.

However, Alex was the first to pull away again, like he had put a certain timeframe of when it was the time to stop.

"Okay, time for you to sleep, little lamb," he said as he stood.

"But… I still want to watch the northern lights."

"You can watch them from inside the tent. And we can always sleep out here on the following nights."

With that, Abi stood and obediently followed him inside.

After removing her thick coat, Abi snuggled under the thick furry white blanket. It was already warm. She watched Alex remove his long black coat.

He turned the lights off and lay next to her.

Abi immediately wrapped her arm around him. Ah, he was so warm… and his scent was just so Alex…

This feeling was just so wonderful. So wonderful she couldn't ask for anything more.

They stared at the still dancing lights up in the sky until they faded and they both peacefully succumbed to the realms of dreams that night.

The sun was rising when Abi woke up. Alex was already awake, but still holding her.

They returned to the house and cooked their breakfast together. After that, they spent the day skiing, with Alex teaching the clumsy little lamb how to ski.

Abi was persistent in learning and she loved the way her gorgeous coach taught her so it didn't take that long for her to manage to actually ski by herself.

"Ahh!! Alex!! I'm doing it! I'm awesome!!" she was yelling happily when suddenly, an arm caught her waist, stopping her momentum.

"I told you, you can't go there. It's too dangerous for you," he scolded her and he led her back to what he called the safety zone.

Abi didn't complain. She just playfully asked for a kiss which Alex gave without hesitation.

That night, the colorful aurora didn't appear. It was still there but they were faint so they didn't go to the camp that night.

After dinner, Abi had just come out of the hot spring and entered the house and walk towards the room. She saw Alex was already on the bed, leaning by the headboard. His hair was still damp and he was already dressed up in his comfortable clothes.

"Let me dry your hair, Alex," she offered and the man smiled.


He sat on the edge of the bed as Abi knelt behind him. The sound of the blower echoed throughout the room and as Abi started to touch his hair, Alex closed his eyes. This felt really nice.

"Okay, your turn " he said and took the blower from her. Abi was smiling widely.

Alex carefully dried Abi's hair. He was focused but seemed to be enjoying himself when he noticed Abi staring far off the glass wall. She seemed lost in her thoughts.

The blower stopped before her hair was fully dried up.

"What are you thinking?" he whispered in her ear and Abi jolted. "Could it be that you already want to go home?"

Abi's head snapped towards him.

"Of course not!" she immediately argued and Alex chuckled with her shocked reaction. He was teasing her again.

Suddenly, Abi climbed on him, straddled him and then pushed him down, pinning him on the bed.

Alex's eyes widened as Abi puffed her cheeks. She bent down and was about to pinch his cheeks when she realized that she was still wearing her robe and that she was only wearing her underwear.

She flushed as she looked at him and she saw desire glimmer intensely in Alex's eyes. But too soon, it disappeared and he helped himself up with her still straddling him.

"Be good, little lamb. Get off me so we can continue."

"Kiss me, Alex," she suddenly demanded. Alex was obviously surprised. She saw him swallow before he kissed her but his kiss was careful and shallow. She could tell it was filled with restraint.

Abi had felt this multiple times since the night he took her back to his house. He was always pulling away before the fire consumed them; even when his little monster was raging, he was ignoring it. She couldn't help but feel something was off, that something just didn't feel quite right and she didn't like it.

As expected, Alex pulled away but all of a sudden, Abi captured his lips again. She kissed him hard and deep as Alex sat there, still like stone.

Abi was determined not to let go and her warm, skillful tongue became wild like never before. She was about to blow Alex's mind. But he pulled away, cutting their kiss short. She felt his rock hard little monster under her and she could see lust and desire in his eyes.

"Abi… let's stop here," he told her, his breathing ragged from holding himself back.

Abi bit her lips. "Why? I don't understand… y-you've been pulling away since that night," she uttered, her voice pained. "Alex… is it because –"

"No!" Alex's voice was a little loud. He looked like he was slightly panicking, seeing her saddened face. "Listen, Abigail… I'm doing that not because I don't want you. The devil only knows how much I want to… kiss every nook of your body and fu-, no, make love with you! I'm dying for it, Abigail, the entire time I'm with you."

Abi swallowed. Surprised with his outburst.

"Then why? If you want me that badly, why are you pulling away?"

Alex sighed and closed his eyes. He bumped his head on hers, before he gazed into her eyes.

"It's because I brought you here to grant your requests. I don't want you to think that I brought you here so I could do that to you. I'm also being cautious because I'm not confident with myself when it comes to you. I don't think I will be able to stop myself once I… once I taste you."