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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 121 - 125 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 121 Ugly and angry
Inside the arcade, Alex was sitting there silently with an unreadable expression. He almost looked like one of those so called 'miserable men' waiting for his wife as she shopped tirelessly around a supermall. Although there was one main point of difference and that was the fact that Alex still looked so damn gracious as ever as he sat there, crossing his elegantly long legs like a king.

Abi didn't try to pull him and force him to join her this time because she felt bad that she might have exhausted him from having him carry her all the way here. However, that was completely just Abi's opinion because in reality, the man wasn't bothered even for a little bit. In fact, as he sat there, he wondered why the little fruit was not asking him to do anything. But at the same time, he was also glad that she was not forcing him to join because Alex actually had no idea what to do in this place. This was the first time he ever set foot in a place like this and he didn't have any idea about how to play those games she was playing - not that he was planning to play those silly things even if she forced him...

He thought that it was enough that he was there. Besides, the little fruit looked like she was enjoying playing the games by herself, occasionally glancing at him with big smiles.

However, time ticked by and the man, who decided to just sit there until it was time for them to go, finally stood up.

It was because he got curious about why his little fruit seemed to be frustrated as she stood by the claw machine. He moved closer, not to help her, but for him to have a better view on her expression.

The man leaned on the machine next to them as he watched her with intense concentration. When she failed to claw anything inside the machine, she groaned and even tugged her hair in frustration.

"Ugh!! So close!!" she cried in frustration. She was trying to get that cute little lamb toy but it was stuffed at the farthest corner. Even though she was good at this, she knew that getting it was not possible.

Gripping her last coin, Abi could only give up on the little lamb. She had been playing these things since she was young and she had gathered a lot of toys from these machines, so she also knew when to give up on something that was just impossible to get.

Thankfully, when she pulled her eyes away from that little lamb, something else immediately caught her attention. There was one toy that was in a favorable position so she decided to go for it instead. She had used up her last coin so she had to get this one at all costs.

Her intense concentration, her every frown and scowl were all just amusing to Alex that he was smiling as he watched her.

Finally, Abi was able to get the toy.

"Yey!!! I got one!!" she yelled in excitement as she faced Alex. "Look, Alex!!" She was grinning widely as she showed him the toy she won.

"Here, this is yours," she then said, giving the toy to him, causing Alex's smirk to fade. He took it and looked at it. It was a blue jellyfish with eyes that looked both angry and bored. 'What an ugly, unhappy jellyfish!' he thought.

"Why would you give this to me?" he frowned. He couldn't even imagine himself owning a stuffed toy! "Take it, you worked hard for it." He gave it back to her but Abi shoved it back to him.

"No, I… I worked hard for it so I could give this to you as a gift," she said and Alex fell speechless.? A gift? This little fruit actually wanted to gift him an ugly angry jellyfish?

Alex somehow found it unbelievably amusing. He remembered that the cheapest gift he received until now was a luxurious yacht.

"I'm sorry. I really wanted to get you that little lamb right there," she said as she regretfully pointed at the little lamb at the farthest corner. "But this one is really cute, too. I immediately thought of you when I saw it." She smiled and Alex didn't know what to say. 'This ugly thing reminded her of me?! Did this little fruit actually see him as being ugly and angry?! But she said this was really cute!'

In the end, Alex didn't know why he accepted the jellyfish. Maybe because he watched how she did her best to get it. But still… him? Owning a toy was just…

As he stared at its angry face, he wondered if he really looked like this. But now that he thought about it, he probably did look angry and bored all the time. The thought made his face darken, but the next moment, he asked her to go and get more coins.

"Hold this," he said as he gave the jellyfish to Abi.

And then, he started to play, targeting that cute little lamb at the farthest corner.

At first, Abi thought that Alex might be better than her with this, thinking that the great Alexander could do anything and everything.

But she was wrong. She could tell that this was the first time he had ever played this game. He didn't know how to control his strength.

What was worse was that he was playing like the coins were not valuable at all! She pictured in her head the coins being used to build a road to get to his destination and it was like he didn't mind using all the coins in the world to get there!

Or it was also like he was gambling, losing every hand and getting no monetary gain!

Abi was speechless.

He loosened his tie and pulled his sleeves. One would think that he was preparing himself for a dead or alive fight from the look on his face at that moment.

And thus, the great Alexander's first ever frustrating game began.

Chapter 122 Boom!
"Tch! I can't get it because this machine's too rigged! How the hell can anyone reel anything in if those things are stuffed damned tight?!" he started to get angry. He already spent a lot of coins!

"What the hell's with this claw? The grip's too loose!"

"This is clearly designed to let go or give a jiggle after it grasps something!"

His complaints continued. Because the little fluffy lamb was at the far end, stuffed tightly next to the ugly alien with red boots and ducklings with pirate hats, Alex kept grabbing the wrong ones. If he grabbed the wrong ones, he would let it go and didn't even want to drop it so they could get the stuff.

The little lamb was leaning against the glass so it was impossible for the claw track to allow the claw to get close enough to nab it. Abi knew it but seeing how he was so determined to get it, she didn't have the heart to tell him to give it up. Moreover, she was enjoying watching his extremely rare frustrated expressions. She thought that his expression right now was heartwarmingly soothing and he was like a cute demon king. At this moment, Alex was like an ordinary man and she kind of loved that he could actually act like this. Even though his feature and aura we're still damn far from ordinary, his frustration was very normal and really cute in Abi's eyes.

"Are you sure this isn't rigged? The claw grip is too damn weak! Where are the staff?!" he looked around, looking like a boss ready to fire everyone but when he saw that they were the only ones inside, Alex returned his attention to the machine.

"Tch! Move back, little fruit. I'll smash it," he then said and Abi's eyes widened.

"Huh? No, wait!"

"Don't worry, I'll pay for it."

"Don't! That's not nice. It's okay, let's go to the other one. Actually, that little lamb's position is impossible to get. You could just get me that little pirate duck." Abi clung on his arm to stop him from smashing the poor little machine.

But Alex refused to give up. He refused to accept that this damned little machine could frustrate him like this. He would never accept that a damn claw machine could beat him.

He cracked his neck and continued his oh-so-frustrating quest.

He started grabbing all the toys one by one and dropped them all. Abi then realized that he was planning to empty the machine until the little lamb was pulled to a favorable position and she was speechless. This was basically the same as buying the entire machine!

He bumped another animal towards the little lamb until it moved. He also tried dragging it until it was close enough to the chute.

Once it was in the absolute best position, he finally grabbed it and dropped it into the box.

The other toys were already piled high on the floor when Alex picked the damned frustrating stuffed little lamb toy. He couldn't believe that even a damn toy like this could actually give him a hard time. He had the urge to squeeze it to death but he didn't. He couldn't! How could he squeeze his little lamb to death?

At that moment, Abi clapped happily for him. Even though his method was absolutely extreme and simply, utterly unbelievable, he still worked hard for it. She couldn't believe that he made what she thought was impossible possible using his crazy man logic. No one else would even think of doing that other than him in this world.

With that, Alex basked in the glory of holding his bounty high above his head as he smirked back at Abi. The feeling was unexpectedly fulfilling. Alex even wondered if he had ever felt like this in all the insane success and great battles he won effortlessly in his lifetime. He thought that he never felt this kind of glory or whatever this was, before.

"Here you go," he said, proudly smiling at her and Abi's eyes twinkled like stars.

She carefully grabbed the little lamb and hugged it. "It really is so cute."

As they left the arcade, Abi was all smiles while Alex was wondering just what the hell he did.

Because they were starting to run out of time, the two immediately moved to the next request. This was Abi's second to the last request for today.

The sun was starting to set as they rode a large Ferris Wheel.

Abi had seen a lot of movies and shows on how romantic this was. Getting inside the cabin with your boyfriend and k**sing once the cabin reached the highest spot was such a dreamy scene for her. Even though it was cliché, she still wanted to experience it.

And it seemed, it wasn't bad at all. Having Alex right beside her as they ascended higher was more than just a nice feeling.

The view of the city and the colorful sky were breathtaking.

"It's beautiful!" Abi exclaimed as she looked through the window. This wasn't her first time but this Ferris Wheel was the largest she had ever rode on. Even the cabin they were in was romantically beautiful.

Because of its large size, the Ferris Wheel took a long time to reach the top but because Abi was busy appreciating everything her eyes were seeing, she didn't notice the time.

She only realized that they were finally at the top most part when Alex pulled her and made her sit on his lap.

"It's time for the k**s, Abigail," he said and then, he k**sed h*r as the swirling colors of the sunset disappeared from the sky.

His l*p* felt w**mer than before, sw**ter even. The feeling of k**sing him as they were there, on top of the world was indescribable. Abi's heart was pounding in a chaotic tempo but she didn't want the k**s to stop. Before she knew it, her fingers ran through his hair, not letting him go.

When their l*p* p**ted, Alex was smiling. He brushed her pink cheeks and then her ki**able l*ps as he smiled in pleasure. His little fruit had started to ripen, huh…

He was so pleased that it was taking all his self control not to push her down right then and there and k**s h*r h**d and t**ch h*r the way he wanted.

He then moved and whispered in her ear.

"Now here's your last request for today, Abigail." He said and then…


The magical sight of fireworks blowing up above them painted the sky with different coloured patterns which were reflected in both Abi's and Alex's eyes.
Chapter 123 Daydream
It was already dark but the night was still young when Abi and Alex finally arrived back home.

Alex saw cars parked in front of the house as they were descending and his expression slightly turned serious.

Since the two already dined before coming back, Alex asked Abi to go straight to her room and rest while waiting for him. Abi immediately obeyed without question because apart from the fact that she felt a little exhausted, she couldn't wait to go and write the day's unforgettable experiences into her notebook.

She was blissfully happy. Happiness continued flowing in her veins, warming her soul in the same way the rays of an early summer sun delicately warmed the skin.

Once she reached her room, she grabbed her notebook out and started carving the memories into them through words. There was an unfading smile on her face as she stored away every single detail of the day's experiences into her notebook, going on to even say that that day was the happiest day of her life as of date.

She also looked at her wish-list and she smiled seeing that fifteen wishes were already fulfilled. She managed to tick off two more wishes that weren't on the original list of eleven wishes that she listed off to Alex the night before, because they were fulfilled by Alex unknowingly. That was how her wish list goal was still on track; because she had managed to ticked off fifteen of them on the fifteenth day since she came to live in his house.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Alex walked towards the men who were gathered in the dining hall, anxiously waiting for him.

Abi didn't see them because she didn't use the grand staircase but used the elevator instead.

Kai, Xavier and an elegant lady in her forties, and some other able-bodied men, who appeared to be her bodyguards, were sitting there silently.

Their faces were grave but the instant they saw Alex, their mouths hung with their lips slightly parted. Alexander seemed to be shining, as if he just came down from the realms of the angels. This demon, who was always shrouded with a thick and impenetrable darkness, suddenly looked like some fairy cast a spell on him which turned him into this stranger; a completely different soul.

And what was worse was that… this Alexander was actually holding a stuffed toy!

Xavier almost puked blood seeing the thing in his hand while the lady's hand just flew over her mouth. Their grave faces were white as chalk. 'Who the hell is this man?! An imposter?!!'

"You came without telling me first," Alex's deep voice rang, slicing into the thick silence as he glanced at the lady, before he sat at the head of the table. But his voice didn't sound angry.

How could that be? They all knew that coming over to his house unannounced would cause this man to activate his demon mode. But all this demon actually did was that?! What happened? Why was he holding a stuffed toy?

"Speak," he added, casually resting his face on his palm. He lifted his other hand and stared at the ugly angry jellyfish.

And then, before anyone could even start talking, the man suddenly chuckled, as if he was being amused by his own private joke while staring at the jellyfish.

Everyone looked like lightning struck them and they were unable to comprehend what had just occurred.

But Alexander was acting like he was oblivious to their reactions. He shook his head, not tearing his eyes away from the jellyfish. Well, the many different scenes from the entire day he spent with his little lamb actually started flashing in his head and he himself couldn't believe it. He was in disbelief and he couldn't help but laugh at himself. He never once thought that he would do any of those things in his life. He really didn't think of doing the things that he did. He was just going with the flow, fulfilling the little lamb's wishes as he promised. But now that he thought about all the things he did, like he was watching himself inside a movie, he just couldn't believe it. He never thought he was capable of doing such things that it almost felt like some other person had taken over his body and mind that day. He was simply mystified. He couldn't believe that it was actually possible for someone like him to do those things.

"Hahaha," he laughed again, a deep throaty sound, as he threw his head back as if the comedy show that only he was watching, became even more incredibly amusing.

Everybody who was watching him that moment, had their mouths opening and shutting like they were goldfishes, with no sound coming out. They all thought that Alex had become possessed, except for Zeke, who had just arrived and was now leaning silently as he observed Alex's expression like he was reading them.

Finally, Alex snapped out of his own world and he looked at the lady again.

"What. You're not going to speak?" he asked and when the lady still couldn't respond due to the shock, Alex stood and nonchalantly stepped away to leave. He saw Zeke leaning there and he was about to walk past him when the lady finally spoke.

"Alexander, I have a very serious matter I need to discuss with you," she said and Alex paused. However, he simply waved his hand without turning back to look at her.

"Let's talk tomorrow." Alex seemed to be unbothered about this 'serious matter' and he continued to walk away again when…

"Alex, it's about Abigail," Zeke interjected in a low voice as Alex walked past him before he walked away, leaving Alex rooted to the floor as he watched Zeke's back heading towards his room.

Alex's expression abruptly changed, as if he had just been awakened from his daydream – his first ever daydream.

He turned and looked at everyone around the table and then, just like that, the spell broke and the usual dark and cold Alexander instantly returned.
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