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Chapter 271 Married Couple
The ceremony was short but solemn. After the ceremony, there was a simple feast prepared at the chapel’s garden. The men that came to rescue me were the ones in attendance.

"Congratulations to the king and queen of Grandcrest."

"We wish you all the best."

"May you have a great future to come."

"Hail to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest kingdom."

They greeted me and Regaleon with well wishes. Their smiles and enthusiasm made me happy.

"Thank you everyone." I replied to their cheers.

"Enough of the formalities." Regaleon said with an authoritative voice. His men stood in attention with his words. "Eat and drink to your hearts content. This night is for all of us to be merry."

Regaleon’s men that was standing stiff heave a sigh of relief. They had huge smiles on their faces after hearing Regaleon’s words and cheered.

"How did they decorate the garden this fast?" I asked in wonder. "We just walked here some time ago."

When the ceremony ended and we walked out of chapel, I was greeted with a decorated chapel garden with tables and chairs. The food and drinks were also served, and I was amazed because we just walked here not long ago, and the decorations were not yet in place.

"The men offered to do this." Regaleon replied. "They said they wanted to do something to show thanks to us."

"They did?" I asked in amazement. "That is so kind of them."

Regaleon led me to the table found on the center and he helped me get seated. He then seated on his after. The table in front of us had assorted dishes served that made my stomach grumble. After all the excitement of this day passed, I felt hungry.

"The men here are all Atlantians." Regaleon said with a knowing tone. "I took them under my wing and gave them a place to call home back in Grandcrest. They still see you as their princess, even though Atlantia is long gone."

I was a little dazed with Regaleon’s words. I never thought that I could meet so many survivors from Atlantia. I felt touched that they still see me as their princess, even though it was my grandfather’s fault why Atlantia, the place they called home, had sank to the bottom of the sea.

"Come, let’s eat." Regaleon gave me a reassuring smile. "I am sure you are famished after the activities the whole day."

"Hmm." I agreed and smiled sweetly.

I looked at the people around us now. They are eating and drinking merrily. My mother and father were together once again. They may need to catch up on the years they have been parted but looking at them smiling made my heart flutter in joy.

William, who was my best friend was here as well in my joyous occasion. Even though his affection for me still lingers inside his heart, I wish for his happiness more than ever.

Tricia and Dimitri who had served Regaleon and I, and they are also people who are dear to me. I am happy that they are here to celebrate with us.

All in all, I was happy. I looked at Regaleon who was by my side and smiled. We have been apart for so long, and now that we are together once more. We made a vow never to be separated once again.

’I am now Alicia Rosalyn Astley, wife of Regaleon Yosef Astley. I am now the Queen of Grandcrest.’ I thought to myself.

My heart fluttered just thinking that I am now legally wedded to my one and only love. I feel that I will burst in happiness.

"Try this, it is delicious." Regaleon offered me his spoon. Without any thoughts I took his spoon inside my mouth.

"Hmm, it is." I said with a smile and Regaleon replied with one as well.

"Here, eat this." Regaleon started to place different kinds of food in my plate.

I was just so happy that I wished this day will not end. The festivities continued around us.


After the feast, Regaleon asked me to take a walk in the vicinity. The sun has set, and a full moon has risen in the night sky.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You will see once we get there." Regaleon replied with a smile.

After some time walking, the scenery around changed. From the chapel, we walked a little to the south and tall trees were seen around us. Regaleon led me to walk along the path inside the forest. After looking closely on the surroundings, this area was close to the mountain ranges of Jennovia. This village was really by the borders of the two kingdoms.

After a while we walked through an open clearing. What I saw was a body of water in front of us. I was amazed to see that there was something like this hidden inside the forest.

"Where are we?" I asked in curiosity.

"As you know, the mountain you see just there is a volcano." Regaleon pointed out to the mountain that was seen clearly from where we are. "Because of that, there are hidden hot springs in the vicinity."

I nodded in reply, understanding what Regaleon was explaining.

"I am surprised that you found this place." I said in amazement. "After our trek, it looks liked this place is hidden."

We just walked thru the thick forest with tall trees. Who would have known there was a hot spring hidden here?

"Well, if you have an aerial view, this would be hard to miss." Regaleon winked at me.

That was when I remembered Regaleon telling me that we have traveled by air on the back of Tempest.

"Oh, I would like to see Tempest’s other form." I said with excitement.

I knew of Snow’s second form as a tiger. It was quite majestic. I would also want to see Tempest’s other form as well.

"Speaking of, I haven’t seen those two all day." I realized.

"Haha, you can see Tempest’s other form another time." Regaleon said. "And for their where abouts, I am also not quite sure. The area is quite wide and those two loves to roam freely."

"Well I guess your right on that." I replied.

Snow has been copped up inside the Jennovian palace when we were there. After escaping, I am sure she longed to be free roaming around once again.

"Come, let’s take a dip." Regaleon said.

"N-Now?!" I asked in surprise. "But I am not prepared."

We came here from the feast. The both of us are still wearing our formal attires. I am a bit reluctant to get the dress Regaleon bought for me wet. I plan to store this dress as a memento for this happy occasion.

"Of course, we are not going to get your dress wet." Regaleon replied as if he read my mind. "It is just the two of us here. No one will see us."

"T-Then you mean..." I trailed off my sentence.

"It is okay to get naked." Regaleon smirked teasingly.

I felt blood rush towards my head. Just by thinking that Regaleon and I would take a bath in the hot spring naked.

’Get a grip Alicia.’ I scolded myself. ’You are already married to him. Having naked in front of your husband is normal.’

I was a bit shy but thinking that Regaleon and I had done some kinky stuff before, getting naked and bathing together is normal.

Regaleon walked slowly behind me. His movements were slow yet tantalizing.

"Let me help you take off your dress." Regaleon whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck that the hair all over my body stood.

I felt Regaleon’s hands on my shoulders. With just his touch, my body started to feel hot and wanting.

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🔞🔞Chapter 272 Honeymoon Under the Moonlight 1 R18
Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

"Let me help you take off your dress." Regaleon whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck that the hair all over my body stood.

I felt Regaleon’s hands on my shoulders. With just his touch, my body started to feel hot and wanting. Not long, his fingers started to do the work of unbuttoning my clothes. We are alone in the middle of nowhere, and I can only hear the nature’s sounds. My heart was thumping loudly that I am afraid Regaleon can hear it as well.

"Your skin is quite flushed." Regaleon said behind my ear.

His breath made me shiver. Not long, I can feel his hands caress my bare back.

"Ahh..." A moan escaped from my lips, but I covered my mouth with my hands to hold it in.

The dress that I was wearing just now came down from my body. I stepped cautiously as to not get dirty the dress I wore. Regaleon took my dress on the floor and neatly folded it and set aside.

"Beautiful..." Regaleon said while looking at me. I was standing before him with wearing only my undergarments. "Why don’t you help me out of my clothes as well."

I gulped unintentionally with his words. Just thinking of me undressing my husband, lewd things started to appear on my mind. I shook my head to dispel the thoughts.

’I need to focus.’ I told myself. ’As a wife, I have to serve my husband and let him feel satisfied.’

This was included in my bridal training back in Jennovia. A wife’s night duty to her husband is to satisfy his desire. The deed was done not only to make an heir but also to give pleasure to both parties as well. I have tried to pleasure Regaleon just last night and it was a success. He even gave back the pleasure to me as well.

I took a step closer to him and started to peel of his clothes. First, I helped him take off his coat. Next, I tucked out his inner white shirt and started to unbutton it. One after the other I unbutton them, and his broad chest started to peek out. After unbuttoning all of them, I took off his shirt and neatly placed it with the other closed.

Regaleon’s naked upper body was now presented in front of me. His chest and abs looked hard and sturdy. His biceps were sculpted perfectly. I am sure that his body was well toned because of physical activities. Up close I can see light scars that one could not see in just one gaze.

’These scars look new.’ I thought myself.

I heard that Reggaeton fought in the naval battle in the Dues Canal. He must have gotten injured while fighting in that battle. My heart clenched knowing that my man had gotten hurt. Apart from the scars from his childhood, he still got new ones even now he was king. I lightly touched the scars on his chest.

"Those were just light injuries." Regaleon said with a mild tone. "You don’t need to worry."

I might have made a face full of worry for Regaleon to say such a thing to me. I looked up at him with tearful eyes.

"I don’t want to see you get hurt any longer." I said with a pleading tone.

"Don’t worry my love." Regaleon said. "After this war, we will long lasting peace." He had such a comforting tone.

’Yes. After this war, the whole continent will be at peace once more.’ I thought.

I kissed one scar and then the other, until I trailed kisses on his body.

"Hmmm..." I heard Regaleon moan with my kisses.

This gave me the courage to be bolder. My hands lightly touched his rock firm abs and trailed its way towards his waist. I trailed my touch on the hem of his pants and slowly unbuttoned it. His pants fell down the ground after.

My lips were still raining light kisses on his chest while my hands trailed on his happy place. By then I felt his manhood standing in attention under his undergarments. Slowly, I touched his manhood up and down.

"Ahhh...Lili." Regaleon moaned in pleasure.

By then I felt Regaleon’s hands trail over my undergarments and quickly took them off. He then took off his undergarment by himself. By then I was surprised that my feet were lifted off the ground in an instant.

"Ahhh..." I shrieked in surprise.

Regaleon carried the naked me and we plunged into the hot spring. Our whole body were submerged under water. I quickly surfaced and took a breath. I saw Regaleon surface, looking at me with such passion.

"What do you think you are you doing?!" I splashed water on his face feeling quite irritated with his sudden action.

"Sorry..." Regaleon apologized. "It was because I saw your body shivering, so I thought you were cold and quickly put you in the hot spring."

I was taken back by Regaleon’s explanation. It is true that my body was starting to shiver, but it was not because of the cold. I looked away feeling quite embarrassed.

"I-It was not because its cold." I said shyly. "My body was shivering because... it was... yearning for you."

There was a moment of silence after. Regaleon looked at me, processing my words. And after than there was a playful grin on his face.

"Then let’s pick up where we left off." Regaleon said with a playful tone.

"W-What... ahhh." I was about to ask what he means but Regaleon took me in his arms abruptly.

I can feel his hard manhood by my stomach that it made me blush. Regaleon devoured my lips hungrily in no time.

"Hmmm..." I cannot help but moan with his deep and passionate kiss. It felt like his previous kisses were restrained and now his restraints were gone.

Regaleon’s hands started to explore my body under the water. His touch made my body shiver in anticipation. When our lips parted, we were both panting heavily to catch our breath.

"You are so beautiful my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

Regaleon’s lips started to trail kisses from my ear down my neck. The trail he made felt hot and my body craved for more.

"Ahhh...L-Leon..." I moaned with pleasure.

Regaleon’s hand under the water started to massage my breast while the other started to caress my inner thighs. His lips were trailing kisses on my neck and upper chest. My private area was starting to yearn for his touch. I felt an itching sensation inside me that wanted him so badly.

"L-Leon...hmmm..." My body was wholly under his mercy. It was craving for him the more he touched me.

By then, I felt Regaleon’s finger slip inside my private part.

"Ahhh..." I moaned with the sudden entry, and my body shuddered making waves over the water. "Leon..." I called his name longingly.

Regaleon’s finger started to massage my inner parts. I felt the longing inside of me being satisfied by his touch. In and out, his finger made action. By then my body was starting to get used to the sensation, when I felt another finger enter.

"Ahhh..." I moaned in ecstasy.

Regaleon was playing with my nipple and started to pinch it more forcefully. This added more to my body’s sensitivity.

"Ahhh.... L-Leon..." I called out his name. "I... I am coming." I said, feeling the ecstasy at its peak.

"Come for me, my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

By then the sensation that is becoming familiar to me came. I was at my climax.

"Ahhhh...." I moaned feeling the pleasure all over my body. My body convulsed with ecstasy. Making waves on the water’s surface.

Regaleon held my body closely in his embrace. I was panting heavily after climaxing.

"Did that feel good?" Regaleon asked and I just nodded as a reply.

My body was sensitive just after climaxing and it felt like I had no strength. By then, Regaleon helped me go towards the edge of the hot spring and up on the grassy ground. It did not feel uncomfortable lying on the ground, in fact the grass served as a cushion.

Regaleon had is body hovering above me. He gazed at me with such love and passion. His hand started to caress my cheek.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such affection. "I have waited for this day for such a long time. I never thought that keeping a promise would feel like such a burden. It was okay when we were apart, but when I saw you again, I cannot keep my hands from you."

I remember his promise to me when we got engaged. That he will not make love to me until we are officially married.

’Is that why he made a surprise marriage?’ I thought. ’Is it because he can’t hold himself any longer after our reunion?’

The thought made my heart race. Just knowing that this man who is both handsome and powerful, yearned for me body and soul, made me fall in love with him even more. I looked at Regaleon’s face who was on top of me. His hair was wet and dripping, and it just made him look even more hot and handsome.

"Now, I can make love with you, my wife." Regaleon whispered.

Regaleon gently parted my legs and lowered his body slowly. After that I felt his manhood entered my private part.

"Ahhhh...." I felt pain upon his entry.

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🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞Chapter 273 Honeymoon Under the Moonlight 2 R18 
Note: This chapter has mature contents. Read at your own discretion.

"Now, I can make love with you, my wife." Regaleon whispered.

Regaleon gently parted my legs and lowered his body slowly. After that I felt his manhood entered my private part.

"Ahhhh...." I felt pain upon his entry.

The pain I felt was something every woman undergoes after losing their virginity. It felt like my private part was pierced with something sharp. Regaleon was breathing heavily on top of me. He also had a pained expression on his face.

"Does it hurt so much?" Regaleon asked with a worried tone. "I will try to do it slowly until you are used to me. It hasn’t gone all the way in yet."

’It hasn’t gone all the way in yet?’ The thought shocked me.

I have seen Regaleon’s manhood last night and it was clearly big. I have also thought to myself how such a thing can fit inside of me.

"Haaa... I will move slowly, my love." Regaleon said while panting heavily. I nodded, letting him know I am prepared.

Regaleon pushed his length further inside my flower garden. Because of the foreplay a while ago, my private area was still dripping wet, helping his hard and thick manhood enter easily. I felt his length enter my insides and hit something that made my body shudder.

"Ahhh..." I moaned after feeling the top of his manhood hit something inside of me.

"Haaa...haaaa. It’s inside." Regaleon was panting heavily. "Are you okay, Lili? He held my cheeks with his big palms.

"I-It hurts..." I said with tears in my eyes. "But I am okay. Now we are connected at last, my love." I smiled at him.

Regaleon used his thumb to wipe away the tears. His lips landed on my forehead down to my eyes, licking the tears that were falling. His actions made my body feel hot, and my inner muscled clenched his shaft.

"Hmmm... if you do that, then I can’t hold myself back, Lili." Regaleon had a painful expression on his face. "I will move now, so be prepared." I nodded.

Regaleon then started to move. I can feel his manhood come one and then go in slowly at first. The pain was still there, but after some time the pain was receding, and pleasure started to replace them.

"Ohhhh Lili... you feel so good." Regaleon said with a lustful voice. His eyes were locked on mine, and it contained fire that needed to be quenched.

Regaleon sat up and held my legs. His thrusts started to intensify, and his action became faster.

"Ahhh... hmmm... ahhh..." My moans started to get louder. The pain by now has faded and the pleasure I was feeling was now building up inside. "L-Leon... haaaa.... it feels... so good."

"Yes, my love. Feel good for me." Regaleon said with his hoarse voice.

Both of our bodies felt hot and we started to sweat with our actions. Regaleon’s hand found my mounds and started to massage them. The feeling just added to my ongoing pleasure.

"Ahhh...ahhhh." I moaned loudly when Regaleon pinched both of my nipples. The sensation made my insides squeezed his bulging manhood inside of me.

"Ahhh Lili..." Regaleon moaned. "F*ck, you feel so good."

Regaleon’s movements started to get wilder. He was pounding his manhood deep into my flower garden. He was hitting the most inner walls of my private area.

"L-Leon.... hmmm" I called his name with such wanting. "I-I can’t take it anymore.... ahhh... I... am coming." I said in between moans.

"Yes, come for me my love." Regaleon said with such sexy voice.

Regaleon’s thrusts maintained its ferocity, pounding me deeply inside. The sensation was intense that I felt my body will break anytime. By then I felt the build up inside my body and a huge wave was coming.

"Yes, my love. Let us come together." Regaleon said.

It was like his words were a switch, my body started to convulse under him. The pleasure came in wave and my body was feeling ecstasy like never before.

"Ahhhh...." I moaned with such pleasure.

"Ahhh.... haaaa...haaaa." Regaleon moaned right after me.

I felt hot liquid gush inside of me. The sensation I felt was so intense that after my body convulsed, my body felt like jelly.

Regaleon also had his body leaned on me, but he supported his weight with his arms on the ground. We were both panting hard, catching our breath. Out bodies are still connected down there, I can feel the heat of his chest on mine.

’This was... our first time.’ I thought to myself.

I felt much closer to him like never before. Our bodies and hearts are now connected as one.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon whispered in my ear.

"Surprisingly... I feel fine." I said truthfully.

Like I thought, my first time would hurt. This was also taught to me in my bridal lessons. I felt the pain on insertion, but surprisingly it did not last long.

’And I thought I would hurt until morning?’ I thought.

"That’s good." Regaleon said and looked at me with a smile. "Because I want to embrace you until dawn." He had a mischievous smile on his face.

My eyes went wide in surprise. "U-Until dawn? But.... Ahhhh... Leon." I squealed.

Regaleon started to lick my earlobe and then bit it slightly that made me squeal. His manhood that had slipped out of me a while ago, started to grow big and hard once more.

’He is hard again?!’ I was surprised.

Regaleon started to rain kisses on my neck, which was one of my sensitive spots. My body started to feel hot once again.

"Hmmm... haaaa..." I was moaning with pleasure once again.

"You love being kissed and licked here..." Regaleon said while licking my neck. "You are quite sensitive in this sport huh?"

Regaleon was starting to explore my body. His lips were now trailing down my chest unto my soft mounds.

"Ahhhh...." I moaned loudly when his mouth bit my hard nipple and his hand was pinching the other.

"And these parts as well." Regaleon said. "You like me doing this?"

I felt embarrassed while Regaleon was telling me of my sensitive spots.

"Y-You don’t have to say that loud... ahhh." I said while Regaleon gently sucked my breasts. He gave a teasing smile with my reaction.

Regaleon gently lifted one of my arms and started to lick his way to my armpits, which made me more embarrassed.

"No Leon... not there." I said with embarrassment, but he continued his way.

Regaleon turned me over, and I was now lying face down on the soft lawn. He licked the back of my neck, down to my back. The sensation was intense that my body shuddered under his body.

"Ahhhh..." I moaned with the sensation.

"You are also sensitive here?" Regaleon said. I can feel him smile on my back. "You are starting to get wet again, my love."

I can feel Regaleon’s hand started to make its way to my inner thighs, caressing my body along the way. And then his fingers found the opening to my flower garden. Like he said, my private area is starting to leak fluids once again.

Regaleon started to play with my lower lips, making me moan with pleasure. I was panting with pleasure; my inside was itching for comfort. His fingers found the entrance to my flower garden and had gone in with one go.

"Ahhhh...." I moaned with the feeling.

Regaleon’s fingers started to massage my insides, his actions were gentle. My body started to move according to his fingers, rocking itself wanting more.

"L-Leon... hmmm." I moaned, wanting more.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon sweetly whispered into my ear.

"I-I want you." I said. "Please..." I cannot stand it anymore. I want him inside of me.

"Your wish is my command." Regaleon said with a chuckle.

Regaleon propped my butt up in a comfortable angle and then took me from behind.

"Ahhhh..." I can feel his hard manhood come inside my private parts more easily than before.

His length was now inside me and I felt relief. Regaleon started to move as before, slowly at first and then pick up the pace.

"Ahhhh Lili..." Regaleon moaned with pleasure. I as well can feel him deep inside me, more than before.

Regaleon’s thrust was picking up un pace, and I was feeling ecstasy feeling his hard manhood deep inside of me. I felt his arms on my waist and then he pulled me up.

"Ahhh..." I was surprised with the sudden change of position.

I was now sitting on top of him, my back on his chest. Regaleon’s hands grabbed my mounds and started to squeeze them. His fingers pinched my nipples hard that made my body and insides flinch.

"Ahhh...haaaa...hmmm...haaaa." I was panting and moaning hard. My body was staring to build up once more.

"Ahhhh.... Lili...don’t squeeze me to hard..." Regaleon said with a pained voice. "I can’t stand it if you do that."

"B-But...hmmm... it’s your fault...haaaa." I said in response. If he was not pushing my buttons that hard, then my insides will not squeeze his manhood.

But Regaleon did not listen and still attacked my sensitive spots. I can feel his long shaft thrusting in and out of my lower entrance that was so wet with lust.

"Ahhh...L-Leon..." I moaned with pleasure. "I-I think I am coming again."

"Then come, my love." Regaleon said behind ear. "Just release it." I can feel his hot breath tickling my neck.

I cannot contain the pleasure inside my body anymore and I climaxed once more. My body shivered in Regaleon’s embrace.

"Hmmmm...." Regaleon moaned as well. I can feel hot fluid gushing down my thighs.

We were both panting once again. Regaleon was still embracing me from behind. I felt his arms tighten around me and his lips kiss me on my cheek.

"My Lili, you feel so good." Regaleon said with passion. "I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." I replied to him.

I can feel the love he has for me. My heart and body were satisfied by him, and now I am all his. I looked at the night sky above. The moon was full and illuminated our surroundings, it was reflected on the water’s surface quite beautifully. Looking around I thought the location was quite romantic. I was happy to think that Regaleon picked this place where our first night would be.

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🔞🔞🔞🔞Chapter 274 A Night to Remember 1 R18
Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

After our rigorous activity, Regaleon and I took another dip in the hot springs. The heat gave my sore muscles comfort. Both of us are sitting on the edge, with Regaleon hugging me from behind.

"It is beautiful out here." I said while looking at the night sky. The stars are not very visible because of the bright full moon, but the brighter ones can still be seen.

"Yes, it is." Regaleon said into my ear. His lips were slowly nibbling my earlobe.

"Hehe, that tickles." I said as a protest. "Hmm, it is peaceful out here. How I wish we can stay like this a little longer."

I missed having a simple and peaceful life, similar to what I have when I was still young. My mother and I only got each other back then and life was hard, but at least we were content with living everyday without any worry in the world.

"I know how you feel my love." Regaleon said. "I also wish for the same thing. But I am afraid we can’t stay here for much longer."

"Yes, I know." I sighed.

The war is not over yet. We might have pushed Queen Patricia’s group into a corner after the civil war in Jennovia started, but we cannot relax until they are defeated completely.

"Let us talk about that when we get back." Regaleon said with a mischievous smile. "Let’s make this moment last longer."

"Hmm, sounds good." I agreed to his suggestion. I thought of a topic that might be more cheerful and lighthearted. "Um Leon, you plan of having children with me, right? How many would you want? Would you like a girl or a boy?"

I have been thinking about this since we have consummated. Regaleon did not use any protection while having intercourse with me, which means he plans on having children early in our marriage. I was happy to know that Regaleon is not adamant on having children, even though he came from a family that practices polygamy.

"Well if you conceive right away, then I would like to have many children with you as much as possible." Regaleon said with a smile. "It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or a girl. I would just want our children to be strong and healthy. If we have a girl, then I would like her to look like you." He kissed my forehead after speaking.

I felt my heart squeeze with such love and affection from Regaleon. "Hehe, so you want many?" I asked. "Well I will try my best to give you as many as possible." I giggled. But I was not sure if I can bear so many.

"Its okay. You don’t need to push yourself." Regaleon said. "Of course, you also need to think of your health. I would not want many children if your health will be compromised in the end. Let us just see what the almighty would give us."

"Hmm, okay." I agreed.

Thinking of the future with Regaleon made me happy. Having children born from our love and making a family make my heart flutter. My life with the man I love starts tonight. The tranquil of the night and with Regaleon by my side gave me peace. After everything that we have been through, we are happy to be together once again. Truly, this was a night to remember.

"What do you think our future would be after the war?" I asked in passing.

"Well, I am sure that both of us would become Emperor and Empress of an empire after this." Regaleon said.

"An empire?" I asked surprised. "You mean..." I trailed off.

Grandcrest was still a kingdom much bigger that Jennovia and Alvannia. If Grandcrest will become an empire, that just means that the other two countries will be under Grandcrest rule.

"I had talks with your father and brother in Alvannia. They are willing to serve under my rule, with the condition that Richard will be lord with the Alvannian territory." Regaleon explained.

"Father agreed to that?" I asked in amazement. I was surprised that father told me he would step down his throne and give it to Richard after he comes of age. And now he agreed on becoming a territory under Grandcrest.

"Yes. Surprisingly, he was okay with it." Regaleon replied with a smile. "As for Jennovia, I had exchanged messages with Duke Matias. He also sees a huge benefit with Jennovia becoming a territory of Grandcrest under my rule, also with the condition that Satiana will remain the lord of Jennovian territory."

I took all this information in. I was surprised with this news but was also happy to know that both Satiana and Richard that are my family, will rule the empire alongside with us.

"I am happy to know that there are plans laid out after this war ends." I said. "I never thought that I would be an empress of an empire." I giggled.

"You deserve the title my love." Regaleon said. "You have worked hard until now."

"And you as well, your majesty the emperor." I said with a smile. "You deserve the title the most. I know that you would be a great emperor that will rule with righteousness."

Regaleon and I both became silent after our long talk. I was watching the night sky when I felt Regaleon’s hands starting to explore my body once again. His hands skillfully snaked around my body, caressing my still sensitive body from the activity we had just done.

"Hmmm..." I moaned, starting to feel Regaleon’s passionate actions.

Regaleon’s lips started to play with my earlobes, then found its way towards my neck. His lips left traces of heat along its way. One of his hands found its way to one of my mounds and started to massage it carefully. His other hand was caressing my thighs, leaving me hot and wanting. My body was starting to crave for him once again.

"L-Leon...hmmm..." I was starting to feel the passion of his actions.

"Yes, my love?" Regaleon replied to my call. His breath was hot over my neck.

"Ahhh... it feels good." I said, my voice exposed my desire.

"You body is so soft that I want to always touch you." Regaleon said, continuing his passionate actions. "These mounds have grown quite fine. And this part has started to become wet. Are you craving for me my love?"

I was embarrassed with Regaleon’s words. It was true that my body now has grown into a woman, and now it truly craves his touch.

"Ahhh..." I can feel Regaleon’s finger playing with the entrance of my flower garden.

"This part of you is starting to get wet, even though it is under water." Regaleon had a playful smile on his face. "Tell me my Lili, what do you want."

Regaleon continued to use his fingers to play with the entrance of my flower garden. I was left with the feeling of craving his fingers inside of me, but I was shy to say it out loud.

"Ahhh... Leon..." I said, my body was craving for his touch to go even deeper.

"Tell me Lili, what do you want me to do?" Regaleon asked once again." I wouldn’t know unless you tell me."

"I... I want your fingers inside of me... Leon." I said with embarrassment.

"Good girl." Regaleon smiled triumphantly. "You are being honest."

Regaleon inserted his finger inside my flower garden. The feeling of a foreign object entering my lower region once again fulfilled my body’s cravings. His finger started to massage my inner parts and it made my bod shiver in passion.

"Ahhh... it feels... so good." I moaned with pleasure.

Regaleon’s lips continued its trail of kisses on my ears and neck, making my body more aroused. His other hand started to pinch my nipples, multiplying the passion my body was feeling.

"Hmmm... ahhhh. Leon... I...I am..." My voice was breaking because of what was coming.

"Yes, my Lili, come for me." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

"Ahhh... I’m coming... Leon!" I screamed after reaching my climax.

My body convulsed in Regaleon’s embrace. I was panting heavily, catching my breath. Regaleon was holding my body that is still sensitive.

"Good girl." Regaleon said, giving me a kiss on my cheek. "Now you can help me with this."

Regaleon took my hand and put it on his hard manhood. I was surprised at first and then knew that I also need to satisfy him.

My hands held his manhood firmly. Like what I learned, I started to move my hands up and down. His shaft was hard and thick, making me think how I was able to accommodate such size inside of me. I blushed just by thinking about it.

"Hmmm... oh Lili... it feels good." I heard Reggaeton moan behind me.

Regaleon’s hot and thick meat stick was in between me and growing by every touch. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I knew he was feeling pleasure in my actions.

After some time playing with his hard manhood, I deliberately aimed the tip on the opening of my flower garden. I pulled my body up and then came down on his hard meat stick.

"Ahhh f*ck..." Regaleon cursed with the suddenness but I was sure he said that because of the intensity of the pleasure.

"Hmmm... ahhh..." I moaned while moving on top of him.

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🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞Chapter 275 A Night to Remember 2 R18
Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

Regaleon’s hot and thick meat stick was in between me and growing by every touch. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I knew he was feeling pleasure in my actions.

After some time playing with his hard manhood, I deliberately aimed the tip on the opening of my flower garden. I pulled my body up and then came down on his hard meat stick.

"Ahhh f*ck..." Regaleon cursed with the suddenness but I was sure he said that because of the intensity of the pleasure.

"Hmmm... ahhh..." I moaned while moving on top of him.

I breathed out after taking in Regaleon’s manhood inside of me. The sensation inside my private area was full of him.

"I will leave everything to you, my love." Regaleon whispered behind my ear and grinned. "I will be completely submissive to you."

I felt embarrassed with Regaleon’s words. He wants me to take the lead, and he will follow what I want. I have never thought of taking the lead in making love, the bridal lessons only thought how to be submissive and pleasure your husband and not the other way around.

Regaleon noticed my uncertainty and gave light kisses on my nape. "You can tell me what you want to do for starters." He whispered softly.

"T-Then kiss me behind my ears." I said with embarrassment.

I liked it when he kissed me from behind. It gives my body shivers of delight, and it feels so good.

"As you wish, my wife." Regaleon smirked.

Regaleon’s lips landed behind my ears firmly. I felt the heat coming from his lips, the sensation traveled all throughout my body.

"Ahhhmmm..." I moaned with the tingling sensation. His lips felt nice on my bare skin.

Regaleon started to lick my nape that sent shivers all over my body. The sensation was becoming more intense that my body yearned for him even more. I started to grind my body on him.

"Hmmm, you like what I am doing?" Regaleon said. "What else do you want me to do?" He asked gently."

"M-My breast..." I said. "Hold them...ahhh..." I said in between moans.

"As you wish." Regaleon replied once again.

Regaleon’s hand found my mounds and started to knead them gently at first. I felt good with his every touch. He was kissing me from behind while playing with my breast. My body was getting even hotter, adding to the heat of the hot spring around us.

"Ahhhmmm... haaahh..." I was riding him on top that I can feel him even deeper.

"Hmmm... ughhh..." Regaleon was also feeling good inside of me. The thrusted his manhood faster inside of me while caressing me from behind.

" Hmmm...ahhh...L-Leon..." I was brimming with ecstasy deep inside of me. "Aaahhh... more... go deeper..." I ordered.

When Regaleon heard my words, he encircled his arms around my waist and rammed himself even harder. His action brought my body pleasure that I cannot put into words. His manhood that was grinding in and out of me was pleasure my inside so much that I could not bear any longer.

"Ahhh...Leon... I can’t... ahhh..." I cannot finish my sentence with the pleasure that I was feeling.

"Unngghh... haaahh... yes Lili... come with me." Regaleon said with a lustful voice.

Regaleon kept his pace while thrusting inside of me. I was at my wits end, my body was reaching its climax.

"Leon... ahhhhh..." I screamed with ecstasy. My body trembled with my climax.

"Lili... ugghhmm... ahhhh." Regaleon came as well.

We were both catching our breaths after such an intense and passionate love making. I felt my body out of energy. Regaleon did not release me from his embrace even after we were done, and even pulled me even closer. I can feel the heat of his broad chest on my back.

"That was awesome." Regaleon planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Hehe, yes." I agreed. But I was so exhausted that I cannot barely keep my eyes open.

"You can sleep if you want." Regaleon said with a gentle and soothing voice. "I will take care of you."

"Hmm." Is all I can respond when sleep took over me.


I felt the something warm enveloping me. I opened my heavy eyelids and saw the sun’s rays seeping thru the spaces in between the curtains. I was still a little gorgy when I realized that I was back inside my room in the house Regaleon rented.

The dark curtains cannot fully stop the brightness outside. Judging from the brightness, it must be late in the morning. I tried to move a little, but my body ached, and I felt sore down there. Under the sheets, I can feel arms wrapped around me, hence the warm feeling I felt from once I woke up.

"Are you awake?" I heard Regaleon’s sleepy voice behind me.

I turned my body slowly and saw his sleepy face beside me. My heart was beating fast, seeing Regaleon’s handsome sleeping face. He opened his eyes slowly, giving me a sweet smile.

"To wake up everyday seeing your beautiful face is a bliss." Regaleon said smoothly.

I felt my cheeks heat up with his cheeky words. But who was I to blame him? Because I also felt the same, I can wake up everyday with his handsome face beside me. This was simple happiness that I am lucky to have.

"Good morning my love." Regaleon planted a soft kiss on my forehead. My heart felt a tingling sensation with his sweet gesture. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"W-Well to be honest, my body feels kind of sore." I said with embarrassment. I covered half of my face with the blanket, feeling shy. That was when I realized that I was naked under the sheets.

"Hahaha..." Regaleon chuckled. "That is to be expected, with our rigorous activity last night. Do not worry, you can rest the whole day today. I will tell them to bring our meals here."

Regaleon stood up, displaying his glorious naked body. I was still surprised that I covered my eyes when I saw him. I can hear him chuckling.

"My wife is still shy." Regaleon said with a smile. I can feel him standing at my bedside and slowly peeling my hands off my eyes. "I will be right back. Just stay here and rest okay." He kissed the back of my hand.

Regaleon was wearing his robe and walked outside the room. When he closed the door, I squealed and trashed on bed with delight.

’I can’t believe I am now Regaleon’s wife.’ I thought. Happiness was swelling all over my body.

Yesterday was full of surprises. Regaleon and I are now legally married, and we consummated our marriage last night. Everything felt like a dream because just a few weeks ago I was still a hostage in Jennovia. Regaleon travelled to the capital of Jennovia just to save me and now we are legally wedded spouse.

’I will work hard as Regaleon’s wife and the future empress of this continent once the war ended.’ I thought.

The next thing we need to do right now is to find the pieces of the key to the forbidden magic. Now that we have the two sides of the pendant, we can search for them.

’We have to find it, so that it won’t get into the hands of bad people.’ I felt determined.

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