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Chapter 276 The Map 1
I was bed ridden for at least a day after our wedding. I was not really sick, and my body recovered just after a half day’s rest, but Regaleon let me rest the whole day in bed to fully recover my energy.

"You have neglected sword practice, and so your built-up stamina dwindled." Regaleon said when we were outside taking a walk.

It was true that I was not able to lift a sword when I was being held hostage by my aunt and cousin in Jennovia. I acted like a weak little girl so that I could gain their trust and spy on them. Those two years bared fruit and I was able to help Regaleon in this war.

"I am sorry." I said with my head bowed down. I admit that I neglected practicing the sword, and Regaleon as my sword master was lecturing me.

I felt Regaleon pat my head and so I looked up. He was smiling at me sweetly.

"You don’t have to apologize. It is not your fault." Regaleon said. "Now that you are back, let’s start with basic training once more., so that you can acquire at least your stamina back."

"Hmm." I agreed and smiled brightly at him.

I am happy to know that we can go back to the things we did before. Well, maybe not exactly like before because Regaleon is a king now and is busy managing the country and trying to win this war. But having this time alone with him makes me happy, nonetheless.

"What is the news about the war?" I asked. "Is there any news in Jennovia?"

Just a few days ago, Regaleon said that a civil war started in Jennovia. Satiana’s faction that is headed by Duke Matias have sent a letter to the queen to step down from her throne and let Satiana take over. But Queen Patricia’s faction opposed greatly and used physical force to get Duke Matias in line. Of course, Duke Matias did not sit well with the brute force the queen’s faction used and countered with his own strength, an army he had secretly formed with the other nobles in Satiana’s faction. Thus, a civil war broke in Jennovia.

"The war between Grandcrest and Jennovia came into a halt when the civil war broke in their side." Regaleon said. "We are experiencing a momentarily cease fire, which is one of the things Duke Matias and I agreed upon."

It is true that the soldiers that Queen Patricia is using are Jennovian citizens. Duke Matias would like to stop the war with Grandcrest at all cost to stop spilling of Jennovian soldier’s blood in the battlefield. Their blood was the cost of the queen’s selfish agenda and so Duke Matias wanted to dethrone Queen Patricia, knowing that their soldiers were fighting in vain.

"Then that means the war has ended?" I looked at Regaleon brightly.

"I also lent Duke Matias some of our soldiers to aid in his fight against the queen." Regaleon said. "The queen also had accumulated loyal soldiers. She has her own army that fights for her. Most of them are Atlantians with magic abilities." He said with a dissatisfied look.

"Those Atlantians were also deceived by my aunt." I said sadly.

"They are blinded by their loyalty to the queen." Regaleon said. "I know because we were able to capture two of them, siblings to be exact. One of them was about to kidnap you in the past."

When Regaleon mentioned the first attempted kidnapping when I was only fourteen years old, I remembered the past. As I remember that man also had a female sibling that I fought against two years ago.

"His name is Jeremy and his sister’s name is Clara." Regaleon said.

"You mean you were able to capture them alive?" I looked at him in surprise.

I knew that these siblings were loyal to the queen. I was surprised that Regaleon was able to capture them alive. In my impression of them, they would rather die than to be imprisoned.

"Yes, we have them in our custody." Regaleon said. "We are trying to interrogate them, talk sense into them. I let Dimitri take over because they are fellow Atlantians. Maybe they will open up to him."

"Well, you are also part Atlantian you know." I teased at him.

Regaleon smiled back at me with affection. "You know, I never knew that my mother also had a fraction of royal blood in her and I mean Atlantian royal blood. My mother was from a branch family of the Atlantian royal family. I only knew this from Jack’s father, George."

I nodded in understanding. "Yes, George has told me this as well."

"Don’t worry, what we have is not incest." Regaleon said knowing that I would worry about our blood ties. "My mother’s family have married out of the royal family that we are typically very far relatives."

"I know." I giggled knowing that Regaleon was trying to comfort me. I held his hand in mine, to show that our blood connections did not bother me. "You are also a candidate to become the chosen one, George said."

"Yes, he also told me that." Regaleon said while we were walking hand in hand. "But let us not dwell on who is the chosen one. Now that we have both pendants are in our possession, we can plan our next move."

I nodded in agreement. Now that the pendants are in our hands we might as well start searching for the parts of the key.

"Let us search for places where the parts of the key are hidden." I said with determination. "Now that Queen Patricia is focused on the civil war, we are free to go on a journey to find them."

"That is what I was planning as well. We really think the same." Regaleon smiled. "Let us go back and talk about this with the others. The pendants now are in your mother’s care."

"Hmm okay." I agreed.

Regaleon and I walked hand in hand towards the house we rented on our stay here in the village. Inside were our friends and family waiting for us.

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Chapter 277 The Map 2
After our morning walk, Regaleon and I came back to the house. I heard voices coming from inside. It looks like they are discussing about something.

"It looks like we have a guest." Regaleon said looking at the side.

I followed the direction where Regaleon was looking and saw a new horse that was surely not ours, tied up with the other horses that belongs to Regaleon’s men.

Regaleon and I walked inside the house hand in hand. Once inside I saw mother and father seating side by side on the couch while William and Dimitri were standing by the sides. And there was someone seating on another chair a man, with his back facing us. He had pale crimson hair that I have surely seen before.

"George?" I called out at first, not sure if he really was Jack’s father. And then the man turned around to greet me with a smile.

"I greet your majesties." George stood up and bowed before Regaleon and I.

"It is nice to see you again Geo." Regaleon greeted.

"It is good to see you again George." I also greeted with a smile.

"I am happy to see that your majesty is safe and sound with your family once again." George said. "I also would like to congratulate you on your marriage. I am happy to know that the two of you have now tied the knot after a long and tiresome journey."

"Thank you so much." I replied. "I am sorry that Jack was left behind in Jennovia." I said apologetically.

"You do not need to apologize my queen." George said. "That silly son of mine really decided to stay in Jennovia to help your cousin Princess Satiana. I am just happy that he had found something to focus on for the first time in his life, hahaha." He chuckled.

"I see." I giggled with him.

It was true that Jack had decided to be left behind in Jennovia for Satiana. He is worried for Satiana who was still young but will be embroiled in the power struggle for the throne. Satiana’s crush on him might develop even further with their time together, knowing that Jack also is concerned about her.

"I am surprised that you have came earlier than I thought." Regaleon told George. "Come let’s sit down and talk about the agenda."

"Of course." George took his sit once again, while Regaleon and I took a sit side by side on the other couch. "When I got your letter, I departed as soon as possible. Hence I came here much earlier than you presumed."

"I am happy that you did." Regaleon said. "As you know, we now have in our possession both halves of the pendant."

Regaleon looked at mother and nodded. As agreed upon earlier, my mother was the one who took care of both halves of the pendant for safe keeping. The pendants are the gifts to h0er and her twin sister Patricia from the mad king, and so it was just fitting that she took care of it.

Mother took out the pendants and placed it at the center table. Both seemed like ordinary jewels with a blue hue. If the two pendants are put together, they will form a circle. All the people around looked at the pendants suspiciously. These two had brought out unbelievable power to its wielders, that brought either salvation or destruction.

"They look like ordinary jewels to me." My father said and broke the silence.

To an ordinary person it would seem just any normal piece of jewelry, but for us Atlantians we can see the energy emanating out of those pendants. As of now, all the hair on my body stands seeing the pendants. Regaleon, Dimitri, George, mother, and I all have grim faces seeing those two pendants resting on the table side by side. I can say that they are also feeling what I am feeling right now, fear of the immense power radiating from those two pendants.

"In normal people’s eyes, these two pendants seem like any ordinary jewel. But to us Atlantians, we can see and feel the immense power these two have." George said. "Especially now that these two are side by side. The pendant is like an ordinary magic stone if they are alone, but with these two in proximity with each other they are starting to synchronize." He explained

What he said was true. I have had the pendant with me since my mother’s said death and it did not emit such terrifying power until now.

"Is it also like this before?" Regaleon asked. "When you used it to find the parts of the key to the forbidden magic?"

George shook his head. "What we are feeling right now is different. Back then it also gave off strong magic powers. But right now, it is like it is reacting to something."

"What does this mean?" Mother asked George with a worried tone.

"I have a hypothesis." George pinched his chin in thought, "Because the pendants have the Almighty’s magic essence embedded inside, I think it is reacting with the chosen once power. As you know of the prophecy, the chosen one is like a reincarnation of the Almighty One himself."

My heart was thumping hard right now. I remember that George have shortened the list of the potential chosen ones with me, Regaleon and Gladiolus.

’Does that mean that the chosen one is either Regaleon or me?’ I thought with nervousness.

I remember the burden that the chosen once would bear. He or she will either bring this continent to prosperity or end it with destruction. I do not know if I can carry such burden if ever I am the chosen one.

"The chosen one is surely in this room with us right now." George muttered and all eyes are on Regaleon and I.

The room was silent for a while. I was also processing this information.

"Let’s talk about the map for now." Regaleon said while squeezing my hand to comfort me.

We looked at each other and Regaleon’s gaze was telling me to not worry too much for now. He knew that I am still not ready if ever that burden of becoming the chosen one is placed in my shoulders. But if ever it was Regaleon, I am sure that he can overcome such burden.

"Our agenda today was to see the map and plan on what to do after." Regaleon said with an authoritative voice.

"Of course, your majesty." George complied.

George took both he pendants, one on each hand. He closed his eyes and started to mutter the ancient language that I have only seen in texts. The sound of the ancient language on his voice vibrated in the room. Both the pendants started to shine brightly as if they were throbbing hearts.

After the incantation with the ancient language, George joined the two pendants and a flash of blinding light came out. After some seconds, the light dimmed, and we saw the projections of the continent’s map on the center table. The map had four red spots that should be the indicator where the parts of the key were hidden.

"Dimitri, get a map and put the locations of this red dots." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri was out of the room to get the map.

When this was happening, my head started to throb. It was like something was hammering inside of my head.

"Alicia, are you alright?" It was mother that realized something was wrong. "You look pale."

Together with the throbbing of my head there was a ringing in my ear that I could not decern where it came from. Regaleon was by my side looking at me with worry, but something was wrong with him as well. He also looked in pain., but before I could also worry about him, I blacked out.

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Chapter 278 Both Being Chosen? 1
(Regaleon’s POV)

After the map was made visible using George’s knowledge, they were able to pinpoint the location of the four parts of the key. With this, they can go on a journey to find and retrieve these parts so that it will not get into the hands of bad people, mainly Queen Patricia.

As all the people in the room were in awe looking at the projected map when Alicia’s mother who first looked at our way with a worried expression.

"Alicia, are you alright?" It was mother in law that realized something was wrong with my wife. "You look pale."

All the people around paid attention to Alicia and I did the same. I looked beside me and saw that she was clearly in pain and discomfort. I was about to ask her what was wrong when I felt that my head was in pain. It was a pain that I have never had before. It was as if there was like a sharp nail drilling a hole in my head. I held my head, and my eyesight started to get blurry.

"Alicia!" Mother and father in law shouted in surprise. That was when I saw Alicia faint.

I was able to catch her before she fell, but I can feel that my consciousness was also started to waver. There was a ringing in my ear that I cannot decipher what was causing it.

I tried to fight and maintain my consciousness when the ringing in my ears started to disappear. And then I heard a voice in my head.

’Both of you will decide the future of this continent what will it become.’ The strange voice said in my head.

When I can feel my consciousness started to fade, I heard the people scrambling around Alicia and I. Surprisingly, the pain in my head just stopped. I felt back to normal as if nothing happened.

"Your majesty, are you alright?" Dimitri that was by my side asked with a worried tone.

"I-I think so." I was a bit doubtful at first, but truly I was feeling fine after that bout of headache. "What just happened? Alicia, how is she?!"

I was worried about my wife that I saw fainted just a while ago. She was unconscious, wrapped in my arms.

"Quickly, call a doctor." I ordered in haste.

I quickly got up and carried her to our bedroom. I laid her down gently on bed and looked at her worriedly. My heart was pounding fast inside of my chest. I gently brushed her smooth face with my hands, hoping that she was all right.

Not long a doctor came and looked at her condition. Fortunately, the doctor said Alicia was not in any sort of danger and just fainted because of the pain from the headache. He prescribed some medicine and told us that she will be okay with some rest. The doctor left and all of us were puzzled with what just happened.

"George, I suspect you have some idea what have happened?" I asked George who has been looking at me and Alicia since the incident.

"I think I have a hypothesis, but it is still not certain." George replied.

"The let us talk downstairs later." I said. "I also need to tell you something."


I stayed by my wife’s side until night fell. Alicia had her rosy color back and she was breathing steadily. I was relieved that she looked fine. Remembering her pale face just a while ago made me so worried.

"I just got you back, so please don’t leave me." I whispered in her ear and planted a kiss on her forehead. "I do not know what I will do if I lose you once more."

My heart felt a pinch just by thinking of losing her again. I think I cannot take another one if ever that happens, I might lose my will to live on.

"No, I think I will be someone that lives and breathes outside, but in the inside I would be dead. I will just be a shell of a man if ever I lose you again." I whispered to her as if pleading not to leave me.

*Knock knock*

"Your majesty." Mother in law peeked at our door that was slightly opened.

"Please come inside mother in law." I said.

Mother in law came quietly and walked towards me. She patted my shoulder, giving me her comfort.

"I am sure you still have some business you need to discuss with George." Mother in law said. "Do not worry, I will stay here with my daughter to look after her in your stead." She gave me a reassuring smile.

"Thank you, mother in law." I replied with a smile.

I stood up from my wife’s beside and kissed the back of her hand. "I will leave for a while my live. I will come back later."

I gave mother in law a nod and she replied with a node as well. I walked out and saw William guarding our door from the outside. I did not even feel his presence because I was fixed on Alicia. Still, I am thankful that we have such trustworthy friends with us.

"Watch over her for me." I patted William’s shoulder.

"Of course, your majesty." William replied curtly.

I continued walking downstairs towards the living room area and saw George looking at an old book deeply reading.

"George." I called out to him.

"Your majesty..." George was caught of guard when he heard me and was about to stand up and bow.

"No need to do that." I gestured with my hand for him to stay seated. I also took my seat across to him. "Tell me, what happened?" I asked, looking at him seriously.

I do not want what happened just now to be repeated. I do not want to see Alicia in pain once again like before. My heart squeezed in pain just by remembering what have happened.

"Do you remember what I said before activating the pendant your majesty?" George asked.

["I have a hypothesis." George pinched his chin in thought, "Because the pendants have the Almighty’s magic essence embedded inside, I think it is reacting with the chosen once power. As you know of the prophecy, the chosen one is like a reincarnation of the Almighty One himself."

"The chosen one is surely in this room with us right now." George muttered]

"You have said that the pendants were acting weird because the chosen one was inside the room." I remembered. "Then what happened to us was because of this?"

George nodded in confirmation. "The reaction with the lingering essence of the Almighty One’s power might be the case why both of you had that kind of reaction. These pendants have now served its purpose. Now, they are just ordinary jewels. The Almighty Ones power that was embedded inside these pendants have vanished." He put the pendants on top of the table in between us.

"What?!" I was surprised and looked at the pendants on the table. "What does this mean?"

Truthfully, I cannot feel the power that I have felt these pendants possess. Just this morning I felt the tremendous amount of magic inside these two pendants being placed beside each other, but now they do not emit such auras. They looked just like ordinary pendants now.

"This also baffles me your majesty." George said in deep thought. "The Almighty One’s magic embedded in theses pendants are gone. And both you and the Queen Alicia had the same reaction after I activated the map."

"Earlier, when my head was also in pain, there was also ringing in my ear." I said. "When the ringing faded away, I heard a voice."

I looked at George, wanting to know what he would think of the words that voice gave me, and from who that voice came from.

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Chapter 279 Both Being Chosen 2
(Regaleon’s POV)

Truthfully, I cannot feel the power that I have felt these pendants possess. Just this morning I felt the tremendous amount of magic inside these two pendants being placed beside each other, but now they do not emit such auras. They looked just like ordinary pendants now.

"This also baffles me your majesty." George said in deep thought. "The Almighty One’s magic embedded in theses pendants are gone. And both you and the Queen Alicia had the same reaction after I activated the map."

"Earlier, when my head was also in pain, there was also ringing in my ear." I said. "When the ringing faded away, I heard a voice."

I looked at George, wanting to know what he would think of the words that voice gave me, and from who that voice came from.

"You heard a voice your majesty?" George has his attention on me. "W-What did it say."

"It said that ’Both of you will decide the future of this continent what will it become.’." I said. "What do you think this means and who do you think that voice came from?" I asked.

George was astonished at first and then come to a deep thought. After some minutes passed, he looked at me with a serious expression.

"Your majesty, what I am about to say are purely my thoughts. I also am not quite sure, and I am just telling my hypothesis on the facts that I have just witnessed." George said.

"Go on." I gave George permission to share his hypothesis to me.

"I am guessing that the voice that you have heard is from the Almighty One himself." George said, gauging my reaction.

"The Almighty One you say?" I repeated. "You think it was a prophecy from him?" I asked.

"Rather than a prophecy, I think it was the last words the Almighty One embedded in these pendants." George said. "I believe that the pendant was programmed to give such message when it encounters the chosen one."

I nodded in understanding in George’s explanation. But what I was curious about is why Alicia and I have the same reaction to the Almighty One’s magic. I did not know if Alicia also heard that voice because she was still awake.

"Then why both me and my wife had the same reaction?" I asked. "I had the impression that my wife is the chosen one. With the magic power that she was exhibiting two years ago, and when she was escaping from the Jennovian palace."

George nodded knowing that he also had the same thought. "I was also leaning on Queen Alicia to be the chosen one because of her enormous magic powers but seeing today maybe it is not what is seems to be."

"What do you mean?" I asked with utmost curiosity.

"There are two possibilities your majesty." George said. "It is either the two of you together are the chosen one or..." He was deep in thought once again.

"What..." I asked impatiently.

"Or... your child might be the one who will become the chosen one, your majesty." George said.

"Our child...?" I was dumbfounded with what George had said.

I have never even thought of such the possibilities. Even the things about the Almighty One and Chosen one were just fairy tales in the past. Knowing that the chosen one could be both me and Alicia combined, or our future child made me more afraid than before. The prophecy of being the bringer of salvation or devastation to the whole continent was terrifying that I would not want Alicia or our future child to bare.

"The words that you heard from the voice is also ambiguous your majesty." George said. "For now, we can presume that you and the queen together are chosen for the role."

"I see." I nodded in understanding.

Thinking that I can share the burden with Alicia gave me comfort. I can help share this burden together with my wife. I know that Alicia has been worrying about the prophecy and the burden that comes along with it. If the two of us together would decide the outcome of the continent, then I am sure that we can prevent this continent’s destruction.


(Alicia’s POV)

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a place that felt void. Everything around me was dark, but curiously I can see myself clearly.

"Am I dreaming?" I said.

My voice in this place echoed and disappeared, it really felt like a dream. I walked around out of curiosity. I realized that I was barefoot and the ground that I was standing was filled with water reaching my ankles.

I looked around, thinking how I can wake up from this dream. The last thing I remember was seating with the others and looking at the map that was projected. Then I felt my head throb in pain and there was ringing in my ears. I remember seeing Regaleon’s face looking at me worriedly before I fainted.

"How is he?" I asked myself.

The last thing I saw before losing consciousness was Regaleon’s face twisting in pain as well. I began to worry more and wanted to wake up from this dream.

When I was desperately trying to wake up, I heard a voice of a child giggling.

"Hello?" I called out. "Is someone there?"

*Giggle giggle*

The giggling continued. It felt like the voice was coming nearer and nearer.

"Hello." A voice of a child was just behind me.

"Ahh..." I shrieked weakly and jumped back in fright.

When I looked back, I saw a little boy giggling.

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Hehe." The little boy said.

"I-Its okay." I replied.

I looked at the little boy curiously. He had black hair and silver eyes.

"Umm hello." I replied after gauging the little boy. "My name is Alicia. May I know your name?" I asked.

The little boy playfully skipped towards me. He looked so cute that I giggled.

"I don’t have a name yet." The little boy said. The little boy acted cute with his finger touching his cheeks in deep thought. "In the past I had a name, but I don’t recall."

"Oh okay." I giggled. "Then do you know where we are? How can I get out of here?"

The boy looked at me with curious eyes. "This place is like a void of some sort. I have been here for as long as I remember." The little boy smiled.

My heart felt pain knowing that this little boy was trapped in this dark place.

"Then why don’t we find the way out of here?" I said. I offered my hand to him.

The little boy smiled and took my hand. His hand felt warm to touch and my heart thumped strangely. The little boy and I walked around the void hand in hand. His hand felt strangely familiar, as if his hand were perfectly fit in mine.

As time passed by, I felt happiness with this little boy. Every minute I spend with him felt bliss. And then there was a strange light from out of nowhere. I felt that the light is the way out of here.

"Can you see that?" I said to the little boy. "I feel that is the way out."

The little boy smiled and nodded. We both walked towards the light. When we got nearer, the light looked like a crack in this big void of a place. My heart was beating in excitement. I was sure the this was the way out.

"Come with me, let us get out of here together okay." I said to the little boy. But the little boy shook his head.

"It is not yet my time to get out of here." The little boy sadly smiled. "This way was made only for you to enter."

"N-No..." I said in disbelief. "I won’t leave you here by yourself. Come with me."

I gripped the little boy’s hand, not wanting to let go. But the boy pried his hands out of my grip effortlessly and shook his head.

"You have to go back now. Someone is calling for you." The little boy said.

"Lili, what’s the matter?" I heard Regaleon’s voice. "My love, please wake up."

"Leon..." I looked at the white light where the voice was coming from.

"Don’t worry. We will meet each other soon enough." The little boy said. "You and that man just have to work hard for that to happen the soonest." The boy smiled.

I looked at little boy curiously, not sure what he means. By then I felt him push me towards the white light. I tried to reach for him, but he just smiled at me and waved goodbye.

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Chapter 280 Next Steps to Take 1
"Lili, what’s the matter?" I heard Regaleon’s voice. "My love, please wake up."

I can hear Regaleon calling out to me with a worried tone. My eyelids still felt heavy, but I still tried to open my eyes. The first thing I saw was Regaleon’s face, looking at me worriedly.

"L-Leon?" I asked in curiosity as to why he was looking at me worriedly.

"Are you okay, my love?" Regaleon asked. His huge palm cupped my cheek I can feel the heat radiating from his touch.

"Hmm... yes, I think so." I said doubtful. I tried to remember what happened before waking up, but all was hazy. "W-What happened?" I asked curiously.

I saw Regaleon sighed in relief. "You were crying in your sleep that I was worried you are having a nightmare." He gave me a reassuring smile that all was fine.

"A nightmare?" I asked. "I think I was dreaming, but I can’t seem to remember what it was."

I knew I had a dream, but even if I tried to recall what I dreamt about, nothing was coming to me.

"Its okay if you cannot remember. I am just relieved you are fine." Regaleon said. "Do you remember what happened?"

I tried to remember what happened before waking up, and the first thing that came into mind was the projected map and the dots that represent where the key fragments were hidden.

"I remember the map." I replied. "I remember that we saw four red dots and that were the places that the key fragments are hidden."

"Yes." Regaleon nodded. "Anything else?"

I was curious as to why Regaleon was asking me what I remember. But then I realized that it was dark outside, it was nighttime. The projection of the map took place this morning. And so, I had a memory gap from that time until now. And then I remembered the excruciating pain in my head.

"I-I remember blacking out because of the pain in my head." I said while recalling the events. "I also so you in pain!"

I was surprised remembering the events this morning and the memory brought back my worried thoughts about Regaleon. I scrambled up in bed and quickly touched his face to check if he was okay.

"Do not worry about me." Regaleon took one of my hands and kissed the palm. "I am alright. I also felt the same pain that you have to the brink of losing consciousness as well, but George cancelled the magic from the pendants in time before I passed out."

"That is a relief." I sighed in relief. I do not know what to do if something bad happens to Regaleon.

"Tell me, did you hear a voice before passing out?" Regaleon asked.

"A voice?" I looked at him in confusion and shook my head. "Nothing that I can remember." I replied.

But I had a feeling that there was something that happened that I cannot seem to remember what. This feeling was itching inside of me, but I cannot seem to do anything about it.

"Why are you asking me? Is there something that happened when I was unconscious?" I asked with curiosity.

And then Regaleon told me everything that happened when I was lying unconscious. He relayed what the voice had said to him. He also told me about George’s hypothesis on who the voice came from and what the message meant. I also learned that the two pendants that were once embedded with the Almighty Ones power was now drained, making them ordinary pieces of jewelry.

I was listening intently on Regaleon’s words. The voice could have been the Almighty Ones words might be the most possible and the meaning behind the message can be two things.

"So that means that it is either both of us together, consists of being the chosen one or..." I trailed of in thought. "...our child is the possible chosen one."

Regaleon nodded in agreement to my words. "Those two are the only possible interpretation of the message." He said.

I was deep in thought with these two choices. Sharing the burden of becoming the chosen one with Regaleon made my heart feel lighter. I am sure that with us both sharing the same burden, we can prevent the destruction that is in the prophecy and in turn, bring this continent to prosperity.

But thinking of the second choice was bothering me the most.

"Our child..." I thought and stared at my stomach. I cannot imagine my child having to carry such a heavy burden on his shoulder. "I-I do not want our child to carry such a burden Leon."

I looked at Regaleon with worry etch on my face. Regaleon cupped my face in his palms and gently caressed them.

"I understand your worries my love." Regaleon said gently. "It is still not yet certain if our child will be the chosen one. But if ever he or she is, then we will be here to guide him in the right path."

Regaleon pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead to further comfort me. He is correct, who ever the chosen one is, Regaleon and I will be the ones to shape the fate of this continent. With my husband by my side, I am sure we can do anything.

"Are you feeling much better now?" Regaleon pulled away and looked at me. I nodded, letting him know that I have already calmed down.

"Would you like to rest further?" Regaleon asked. "It is quite late in the night."

I shook my head. "I think I have slept so much during the day that I think I cannot go to sleep that easily again." I replied.

"Then would you mind cuddling while talking?" Regaleon asked.

My face went red thinking of our wedding night. I heard Regaleon chuckling at my expression.

"Haha, do not worry. I won’t do anything tonight, even though I want to." Regaleon said with a mischievous look. "You just woke up from that ordeal earlier. I wouldn’t want your body to get tired."

Regaleon tucked me into bed once again and laid down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, letting me snuggle into his broad chest. I can feel his heart beating steadily, its sound gave me comfort and relief.

"Earlier, the other and I have talked about our next step." Regaleon said after some time. "Searching for the key fragments will be our next best option."

"Hmm." I gave a curt response. "Have you taken note of the location before the map disappeared?" I asked.

Regaleon nodded. "Yes. We have planned our movements according to the fragments position."

Remembering the projected map, the positions of the fragments are far from one another. There are four fragments in total and their positions are far apart, not to mention that the continent is vast and wide. Having to go from one point to another might take us a lot of time.

"The locations are far apart from one another." Regaleon said. "And so, we have decided to break into two groups."

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