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Chapter 281 Next Steps to Take 2

Remembering the projected map, the positions of the fragments are far from one another. There are four fragments in total and their positions are far apart, not to mention that the continent is vast and wide. Having to go from one point to another might take us a lot of time.

"The locations are far apart from one another." Regaleon said. "And so, we have decided to break into two groups."

Having to break into two groups seems quite feasible with such a vast area of land to cover.

"We will talk more tomorrow with the others." Regaleon said. "For now, you need to rest. I also need some shut eye." He smiled at me.

Looking at Regaleon’s face, he seemed quite tired. He must have been worried sick about me the whole time I was unconscious, and he had to also plan the next move.

"I am sorry." I said. "You are so busy, and I have to burden you more."

"What are you saying?" Regaleon asked. "I am your husband. It is just right that I worry about you my wife."

"Hmm." I nodded in understanding. "I will surely help you more in the future."

This was a promise to myself. I am now Regaleon’s wife and the queen of Grandcrest. I must work hard for my husband and my country.

"I am sure you will do well." Regaleon gave me encouragement. "You are a strong and independent woman. I am sure that you can do well, like what you did in Jennovia. I am complete in awe with you..." He trailed off until he was silent.

I can hear Regaleon breathing evenly. When I looked up, I saw his eyes closed. He has drifted away into sleep.

’It looks like he was really tired all day long.’ I thought to myself.

As a king, he has a huge burden in his shoulders. I would not want to add to his burden more than this. I promised to help him as his queen, and that is what I will be doing.

I looked at his peaceful sleeping face and smiled. He looked so handsome while sleeping. I planted a kiss on his cheek and let him sleep. I enjoyed the warmth of Regaleon’s embrace. I felt happiness in such small gesture. I remained that way until sleep has taken me once more.


The morning after the incident the other day, all of us assembled once again for a briefing. Our topic was how to split into two groups and search for the fragments of the key.

There was a map of the continent on the table before us. The red dots that I remember in the projected map from the pendants yesterday were crossed out in this map.

"So, the plan is to split into two groups." Regaleon started. "One of the groups will journey to the western region while the other in the eastern region."

Two of the marks were found at the western side of the continent while the other two are in the eastern part. The distance from west to east is farther and so it is better to separate them by twos.

"The marks on this map are just specifies the location of the fragments. Once you are there, you still need to search for them." Regaleon explained. "I have split the men accordingly. One group will consist of me, my wife, Sir William, and a handful of my men. The other group will be led by Dimitri. It consists of a handful of my men, together with Mr. George here."

Regaleon introduced George to his men. These groupings were made with the manpower and expertise of each individual in mind.

"The time frame for this expedition more or less will take up to two to three months." Regaleon said. "I have included in this time frame the factors such as the journey, the searching of the fragment itself, and other obstacle along the way."

Regaleon looked at Dimitri and signaled him to take over the briefing.

"As his majesty said, we are expected to finish this mission by the said time frame or less." Dimitri said. "As you know, Jennovia is currently with an internal conflict in their borders. But as you can see, we have one fragment in their lands. The ones in my group should be more vigilant, knowing that there might be conflicts in our mission."

Looking at the map, there is one mark inside the Jennovia territory, two in Grandcrest and one in Alvannia. Because of this, Dimitri’s group will be the one to take on the danger inside Jennovian territory to get the fragment in that area, and the other one in the western art of Grandcrest. That just leaves our group with the much easier fragments to get. The one in Alvannia, and the one in the eastern part of Grandcrest.

"My group will have the much easier task with the other two fragments in a friendly territory." Regaleon added. "We will be departing in two days. Before departing, we need to stock up on necessities and make sure our horses are fully rested. I expect that the number of people to leave here will also be the numbers that comes back after the mission is accomplished." Regaleon’s voice was a firm command.

Regaleon has always been a compassionate but strict leader. He cares for his subordinates but still maintains his role as a strict commander. Because of that, he has earned his men’s trust. I can see in their eyes the dedication they have for their commander and king.

"Understood your majesty." The men gave their salute to their king and commander.

We know that in every mission there are always unseen danger. But Regaleon has full trust in his men that they will survive this journey.

"This meeting adjourned. Do the things you need to do before the missions starts in two days." Regaleon ordered.

The men bowed their heads and go on their ways to prepare. I was by Regaleon’s side the entire time of the mission briefing. Seeing Regaleon as the king he is, made me so proud of him.

’I cannot believe that this great man’s wife.’ I felt pride swelling inside of me.

Regaleon looked at me with gentle eyes. "Are you sure you really want to go on this journey as well?" He asked me. "You can stay by your parents’ side and wait for our return. Even though the locations of the fragments on the eastern side is our territory, there will always be unforeseen dangers out there."

I shook my head. "I want to come as well." I said with all my resolve. "I also want to partake on this journey with you."

’And also, I do not want to part with you.’ This selfish reason I only kept for myself.

Regaleon and I have been separated for two years and just thinking that we will be separated for another two to three months, I think I cannot take it.

"If my wife insists then all I can do is to abide." Regaleon said while pulling a strand of my hair in his fingers and smelling it. "But in this journey, you better be always by my side. If not, be sure that Sir William is there to protect you. These are my conditions."

Regaleon’s eyes bore over me. He was serious with saying such conditions. I know that he wants me to be always safe, that is why he made such conditions in this journey.

"Hmm, I understand." I nodded on agreement. "I will always stay by your side, my dear husband."

’I will never part with you ever again.’ This was my silent promise and wish.

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Chapter 282 Departure

These past few days, we have prepared for our departure. We bought everything that will be needed in the journey to find the fragments of the key to unlock the forbidden magic that was sleeping underneath the eastern sea.

As planned, we have divided into two groups. The other group was led by Dimitri while the other one was led by no other than Regaleon himself. Regaleon tried to persuade me these past few days to stay behind and wait for him, but I was firm with my decision in joining this journey.

It was now dawn, the sun has not yet risen and the surroundings are silent. This was the best time for our departure. The other group led by Dimitri departed the village two days earlier, knowing that their destination us much farther and dangerous than ours.

"Are you ready my wife?" Regaleon whispered to my ears from behind. I was startled because he was not there a minute ago.

"Y-Yes..." I was able to compose myself after being startled.

Regaleon wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. The heat of his body was welcoming, with the cold morning breeze blowing around.

"Can’t I change your mind at the last minute?" Regaleon said with pleading eyes. I sighed knowing that we had this conversation every day before departure

["My wife, I am happy that you would like to come with me in this expedition. I also don’t want to part with you, after being apart for these past two year." Regaleon said while looking into my eyes with seriousness. "But weighing my selfish reasons of being with you against your safety in this voyage that will surely have dangers, outweighs it drastically. I would always prioritize your safety above anything else."

Regaleon’s blue eyes were pleading for me to go back to Grandcrest capital with my parents and wait for his safe return. I know that he means well, but I felt a pang in my heart knowing that I will be left behind while he goes risking his life to gather the key’s fragments.

"Leon, as you have said I am your wife. It is my job to stand by your side, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrowful times. I will face danger, standing by your side." I looked at him with resolution. "My decision won’t change, I will go with you what ever the dangers there are waiting. Even if you leave me behind you know that I will just slip pass the guards and follow wherever you are."

I showed resoluteness on my face. Regaleon sighed, knowing that my words are not mere threats. He knows I am capable of slipping pass his men and going to where he was.

"If you put it that way, then I will rather have you stay by my side." Regaleon gave a defeated smile and kissed my forehead sweetly.]

"You know my answer to that." I smiled.

Regaleon sighed and smiled back. "Yes, I know."

The men were busy preparing for our departure. They were putting bags on their respective horses. I too have a horse of my own in this journey. My things were packed by Tricia and loaded on to my horse by William. Those two have been working together taking care of me.

I remember Tricia crying just to take me with her. She knows the dangers of this journey, but she insisted on coming, telling me that she has been separated for me for a long time. She wants to serve me on this journey.

"Is it okay to take Tricia with us?" I asked Regaleon.

"She insisted on coming herself." Regaleon replied. "I also know how she have missed you in the past two years. She is a loyal servant and a good friend." I nodded with his remark.

"Mhmm. I treat her as a big sister." I added.

"It will be good to have someone take care of your needs in this journey. As you can see, all of us are men." Regaleon grinned. "Well, I will gladly serve you while you do private things if you would like."

Regaleon had a mischievous smile on his face. I started to imagine what he meant with ’private things’ and blushed with realizing what he meant.

"What do you think you are thinking?" I scolded him. "We are in this voyage to search for the key’s fragments."

"Well, we can do something naughty along the way." Regaleon whispered into my ear, his breath felt hot that my body unknowingly tingled. He knew how my body reacted to his voice and touch and chuckled. "Do no worry my love. I have instructed William to also watch over your personal maid. I am here to protect you so he can watch over her in turn." I nodded, satisfied with this arrangement.

I looked at Tricia and William arranging my things on my horse. They were chatting rather merrily. They seem to have grown close when I was not around. I smiled, knowing that these two persons important to me were growing close to each other.

After some time, one of Regaleon’s men that was left in charge by Dimitri walked towards us. If I recall correctly, his name was Chris. He was Dimitri’s second in command, hence the vice-captain of the elite soldiers under Dimitri. Regaleon slowly released his embrace on my waist, and in turn took my hand and held on it tight.

"Your majesties, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia." Chris kneeled in front of us. "All preparations are done, and we are ready to depart."

"I understand." Regaleon has replied with his kingly persona. "Relay my words to the men. We will depart in five minutes."

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied curtly and left to relay Regaleon’s message.

"Remember to always stay beside me." Regaleon said to me. "I won’t let any danger befall you in this voyage."

I giggled lightly, knowing how overprotective Regaleon was but I nodded in agreement no less.

"I will be clinging by your side until you become sick of me." I joked.

"You know I won’t get sick of you." Regaleon smiled and kissed my forehead.

I would like to tell Regaleon that I can take care of myself and he does not need to be overprotective towards me. But a part of me wants to be spoiled by this side of him. I felt a sense of satisfaction with his actions.

Regaleon led me to my horse which I named Wind. She was a white stallion that we bought just a few days ago from the village. When I first rode her, we bonded immediately. She was as fast as the wind, hence the name.

William and Tricia saw us coming and bowed their heads in our presence.

"Your majesties, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia." Both replied in unison.

"At ease." Regaleon replied. "Come my wife."

Regaleon helped me up Wind. I was carefully saddled on her.

"William and Tricia will ride behind us." Regaleon ordered. "William, would like you to stay close if ever there are dangers."

"Of course, your majesty." William replied.

"Remember what I said, okay?" Regaleon asked me.

"Yes, my husband." I smiled to my overprotective husband. "I will be by your side, always."

Regaleon replied to my words with a smile. He then went to his own horse Midnight after seeing that I am saddles up my own horse wind.

Regaleon took the lead and I followed him closely. We passed by his men waiting for us.

"We will now depart." Regaleon said with a voice filled with pride of a leader. "We will go as planned. Remember, whatever dangers we encounter and challenges we will face, I expect all of you to come out triumphant and alive. No one will be left behind!" His words were heavy, but it shows that he is both a strict and compassionate leader.

"YES!" The men replied to the king’s words full of vigor.

I myself, was moved with my husband’s words. My heart was thumping hard, feeling the intensity of Regaleon’s words.

’I married such a charismatic person.’ I thought, full of pride with my husband.

Regaleon was a natural born leader. He has the loyalty and respect of his subordinates. I am excited to see what the future holds after this war ends and when the empire will soon be established.

Regaleon as the first emperor of this continent and I as his wife. I am sure to play my role as empress well and help him in reigning this empire.

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Chapter 283 On the Road 1

We have set out of the village before the sun rose. The weather was fine, and our pace was not fast and not slow. I was afraid at first that my mediocre riding skills will slow down the group, but fortunately I was able to keep up with their pace.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon who was riding by my side asked.

"I am doing fine." I smiled at him in reply.

But in truth, my body was starting to get tired. My legs are starting to get sore and numb. We were riding for at least more than two hours now, not that long since we left the village. I opted to keep what I was feeling all to myself. I was thinking that this voyage is quite important, and time is of the essence.

"Let’s take a quick break." Regaleon said. "Tell the men from behind." He ordered Chris who was riding behind us.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied curtly and turned his horse around to convey Regaleon’s orders.

I was at a loss why we are stopping here now. We only started to travel just a few hours ago. I was expecting we would continue on the road until mid-day today.

The group halted and took a shelter under the trees’ shades. I was about to come down from my horse when I felt my legs were quite numb from more than two hours of riding.

’Can I get off by myself?’ I thought. It was a little embarrassing that with only that short of time riding I felt like this. ’It has been a while since I have ridden a horse, no wonder my body is aching.’

I did not want to whine and look like a spoiled lady. Everyone in the group are skilled fighters. They have experience in riding horses for longer hours than I have. It is understandable that it will be hard for me at first.

"Come, I will help you." Regaleon who just got off from his horse was now by my side. He held my waist with both hands and was about to carry me down.

I was happy with his helping hand, knowing that I cannot get off the horse by myself. I held onto his shoulders and let him carry me. When My feet touched the ground, my legs got wobbly. I was afraid I would fall but Regaleon held my waist firmly.

"Do not worry, I got you. Just hold on to me. Okay?" Regaleon said with a smile on his face.

"T-Thanks..." I replied to him shyly. ’It looks like Regaleon saw over me pretending to be fine.’ I thought to myself and blushed in embarrassment.

Regaleon led me towards where Tricia had laid down a cloth on the ground. He helped me sit down carefully.

"When did you know that I was feeling uncomfortable?" I asked Regaleon shyly.

"I was observing you closely since we left the village." Regaleon said with a smile. "I saw you were getting uncomfortable half an hour ago, but you were trying your best, so I let you be. But just before I asked you, you were making such a face that cannot hide it any longer, and so I ordered for us to have a quick break." He pinched my cheeks playfully and chuckled.

"Aww, that hurts." I pouted my lips in irritation. "It’s just that, I do not want to be a burden to the group, but I guess all was for naught." I lowered my head getting depressed.

"It is understandable that you are not that used to riding a horse for too long." Regaleon patted my head to comfort me. "You don’t need to force yourself and just tell me what you are feeling. It will be more troublesome if something much worse happens to you if you neglect your body." He said while massaging my legs that was feeling numb and sore.

"Thank you." I looked up at him. "I will keep that in mind." I smiled.

"Your majesty." William who had just tended to our horses came. "The vice-captain wished to have a word with you."

"I understand." Regaleon stopped massaging my legs and got up. "I will be right back my wife." He gave a quick peck on my forehead and left to go and talk with Chris.

"Would you like some refreshments while your resting your majesty?" Tricia asked.

"Water will be fine Tricia." I said with a smiled.

"I understand. How about you Sir William?" Tricia asked looking at William. I thought I saw her eyes sparked just for a second.

"I am fine Ms. Tricia. No need to mind me." William refused kindly and made his usual handsome smile.

"I-Is that so." Tricia said and blushed. "Then I will take my leave and fetch her majesty some water." She quickly totted away.

’Oh my. Is what I am thinking correct?’ I thought to myself. ’It looks like Tricia has a crush on Will.’ I giggled with the thought.

The men were resting quite well under the shades of the trees. It was still early in the morning and the weather is not yet that hot.

"The men would like to express their gratitude to you, your majesty." William said in passing.

"Their gratitude, but why?" I looked at him with a confused expression. "I did not to anything to warrant their gratitude."

I was deep in thought, remembering if I have done something to gain the men’s gratitude.

"It is because of your presence that they can rest easily in this journey." William said. I looked at him still in confusion. "Haha, it is because of their experience in the past journey towards the capital of Jennovia to save us that they are happy you are here with them on this journey this time around. They are able to have such breaks because of you."

"But aren’t I holding the group back because of this?" I asked in confusion. "I was afraid that I am a burden because of this. I felt discomfort after riding for a few hours that I am embarrassed that they would think I am a spoiled lady."

I was really worried what the men will think of me. I do not want them to think of me being spoiled towards their master.

"Do not worry. They are not thinking like that at all. They also think that you are a goddess that can quench their strict masters iron hard heart." William explained. "Some of the men had told me how his majesty travelled towards the capital of Jennovia in post haste. They were traveling by horse with no breaks until night fell. They were exhausted with the journey, but they knew it was needed to save you in time. I might say, his majesty is rather strict to his men, he was like a tyrant whenever they were training and in missions. But still, he is a good leader none the less." He chuckled.

I giggled as well, knowing Regaleon’s strict side. I only see the Regaleon who loves me whole heartedly. I looked at Regaleon who was not that far away from me, talking with Chris. He was wearing a serious face while listening to Chris talking. It was different with the Regaleon that always looks at me passionate eyes.

’So, he really is a strict leader.’ I thought. ’And to think the men will look at me like a goddess to save the, from their tyrant of a leader.’ I giggled.

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Chapter 284 On the Road 2

The journey has been smooth so far. Days have come by since we left the village on the border of Alvannia. Our first stop was at the far end of the country, near the shores of the eastern sea. Judging from our pace, it will take at least weeks until we arrive at our destination.

I have been improving at horse riding thankfully. I still get sore after long period of time, but rather than take a rest every time I feel tired, Regaleon would let me ride with him. I am always comfortably saddled in front of him. Because of this we at least quicken our pace of the journey.

"It looks like we won’t get to the next village before the sun sets." Regaleon muttered.

I was currently riding with him and so I was able to hear him.

"Probably." I replied and looked at the sky.

The sky is starting to get an orange color which is an indicator that the sun was about to set.

"Chris, find a nice place to camp." Regaleon gave an order.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris bowed in reply.

Chris took three men and surveyed the area while the rest of us halted for a while. Our location right now is in the southern woods. The trees here are taller and thicker than in other parts of Alvannia. This forest is shared between the three countries. It is so vast that it still not yet fully explored even to this day.

Our group decided to enter the southern woods to make the travel time faster than using the national road commonly used in traveling. Villages are also located inside the southern woods, so it was not really a very dangerous place to travel in. But this was the first time we have camped out in the open since we entered the woods. We were always able to get in between villages before night falls.

"Is it dangerous to camp out here?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, it is. But it will be more dangerous to travel when the darkness fell." Regaleon replied. "Traveling in the southern woods by day light is safer than traveling at night. We do not know what is lurking outside once the sun has set." I nodded in understanding.

It will be safer to set up camp and guard the perimeter rather than continue traveling until the next village. There will be surely wild beasts that go out and hunt prey in the night.

"Your majesty." Chris came back with his two men. "We saw a clearing just up ahead. It is the best area to set up camp."

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded. "Then lead the way."

The group followed Chris over to the clearing. When we arrived, we saw a small lake just across the clearing. It was a picturesque scene that looked like a painting come to life.

"Let’s set up camp here." Regaleon said pointing at a certain area. "It will be the best location to set up a perimeter. Chris, assign shifting of guards that will take up the perimeter."

"As you wish, your majesty." Chris bowed and picked a handful of his men.

Regaleon got down the horse and carried me down after. The men around started setting up tents. Regaleon took one bag off Midnight’s back and started to look for a spot.

"Come and help me set up our tent." Regaleon said with his hand extended to mine.

"You know how to set up a tent?" I worded my suspicion to him.

"Of course." Regaleon smiled proudly. "I need to learn surviving skills since when I was young. I am not that kind of a sheltered prince you know." He chuckled and I giggled with him.

Regaleon’s childhood was not the happiest. He grew up with always having his guard up from threats from his other brothers. He needed to grow up quickly and learn how to survive.

Regaleon started to spread the tent on the ground. I looked in wonder and was also curious.

"I do not know how to do this." I said in embarrassment.

"I know." Regaleon replied with a smile. "That is why I am here to teach you."

After that Regaleon started teaching me the basic things needed in pitching a tent. I was excited to learn a new thing. It was like back then when he was still Leon my personal knight. The two years we spent in the countryside, he became my tutor in every aspect and thought me everything I know. I am just still in awe that this amazing man is now my husband.

"There, that should do it." Regaleon said.

I looked at the modest sized tent in front of us. It can atleast cater two people at most. I was just a little surprised that his tent was this small.

"Why are your eyebrows crunched?" Regaleon said with a teasing tone.

"Well I just didn’t expect that you would have such a... well small tent." I scrutinized. "Well you are a king of the biggest nation in this continent. And on top of that the future emperor. I just did not expect... well this." I gestured towards the tent.

"Hahaha, so that is what you though." Regaleon laughed heartedly. "Well even with its small size, it is quite durable and sturdy. It can keep the cold and wet weather out. And also, I specifically picked this tent for a more intimate reason."

I quickly looked at him when he said the ’intimate’ word. ’So, he had such thoughts on his mind.’ I can feel my cheeks heating up with the thought.

"That is why I picked this specific spot, don’t you agree?" Regaleon said grabbing my waist and pulling my body close to him abruptly.

I was taken by surprise by the sudden action that I lost balance and fell in his embrace. My heart was pounding rapidly while I can feel the heat of his body radiating onto mine.

"T-There are people looking." I quietly scolded him, feeling shy.

"Do not worry, they won’t look." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

The place where we pitched up our tent had a relative distance from the others. This just made my suspicions of what he was thinking to be true. And I thought we will not do it tonight because we will be camping out.

Since we started traveling, there was no night that we did not make love. Every time that night falls and we were alone in the room, we would always connect our bodies intimately and make love to our hearts content. It looks like we will not take a break even tonight. And I am amazed that every morning, Regaleon was always full of energy, while me on the other hand felt always sleepy.

"Are we still doing it tonight?" I asked shyly. "I thought because we are outdoors, we won’t... you know."

"Have you forgotten that our first night was outdoors as well." Regaleon said teasingly. "I remember how your skin glowed under the moonlight."

Regaleon’s hands started to caress may arms. The sensation that it left in my body was unexplainable. I felt my body itching and the heat of his touch stayed on my skin.

"L-Leon..." I said in a hushed tone. "There are still people outside."

"I know." Regaleon whispered. "Let us continue this tonight. I will go to Chris and give him further instructions. You can go inside the tent and rest for a while until food has been prepared." He said with a playful tone.

Regaleon planted a kiss on my forehead and let me go reluctantly. He then walked towards where Chris was and started conversing.

Meanwhile, the others also finished pitching up their tents. I saw William and Tricia together picking up dried branches and twigs to start a fire. Seeing them chatting and laughing made my heart feel at ease. Out of nowhere, I felt Snow’s fur tickle my legs.

"Where have you been?" I asked and picked her up and started to pat her.

"Here and there I guess." Snow replied.

Snow can now verbally communicate. She can now talk out loud and talk to people she wants to. She only talks to a handful of people that she trusts.

"Have you been getting along with Tempest?" I asked.

Tempest was a familiar to Regaleon as Snow is to mine. I know they have met when Snow lived in the Grandcrest palace, but I never bothered to ask if they really do get along.

"We go hunt together." Snow said nonchalantly. "I guess we are friends at that sense."

"That’s good." I walked towards where William and Tricia were while carrying Snow in my arms.

"Are you hungry?" I asked Snow. "I guess Tricia will start cooking after the fire has been set up."

Snow was curled up in a ball in my arms shivering. I was a little worried because it was so unlike her usual habit.

"Snow, are you okay?" I asked worriedly.

"This place, I don’t like it." Snow said and snuggled in my arms.

Snow evolved into a strong familiar alongside me. I never saw anything that fazed her, even when danger was all around us, she stood up proud and fighting. But now I wonder why she was frightened and shivering

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Chapter 285 Mystical Lake 1

Night has fallen in the camp site. All the members of the group had finished setting up their tents before night fell.

A small campfire was burning at the center of the campsite. Tricia was the one to cook our meal for the night. It consists of potato stew, which was easy to cook, partnered with bread. We all gathered around the campfire to eat dinner together.

"I hope it is to your liking your majesty." Tricia, who was beside me, asked.

"It tastes good Tricia." I replied with a smile. "When did you learn to cook?" I asked curiously.

Tricia was my personal maid when I was still a princess in Alvannia. Her main role was to serve me and to see to my needs. Cooking was not in her work and I also never saw her cook the time we were together.

"Well... when I was in Grandcrest palace, I did not have any work to do, with you away in Jennovia and all." Tricia replied. "I was treated as a just by his majesty King Regaleon, but I was not used to lazing around. And so, I started to help in the kitchen."

"That is good to hear." I said to Tricia with a smile.

"I became friends with the royal chefs there, and they thought me a thing or two in cooking." Tricia added.

I am happy to see that Tricia has grown to have a good life. What was lacking right now was a husband. At her age, she should have been married, or at least engaged to a suitable man.

"I have tried the dishes she had practiced doing when I was still in Grandcrest." William interjected. "At first she was having a hard time, but she got the hang of it after practice." He chuckled.

"I am sorry that you have to taste my first dishes that did not turn out so well, my lord." Tricia bowed her face in embarrassment. I saw her cheeks blush slightly. "I am sure that my future dishes would improve more, so... can I still ask for you to taste test for me?"

Tricia looked up expectantly wo William. I saw her eyes twinkling in anticipation for his reply. My thoughts that Tricia has a crush on William became more plausible.

"Of course, if can I be of help then I am willing to." William replied with his gentlemanly smile.

Unfortunately, William was dense to Tricia’s feeling for him. ’Is it because he has been in a one sided love all the time that he was oblivious with the other women’s feelings for him.’ I thought.

As for me, if it is possible, I would like these two people close to me become a couple. I would love to help them, but of course I do not want to do something that is not necessary. For now, I want to observe and let nature take its course. I can help them in little ways that can be harmless in forming their relationship.

"I am getting a little cold." I exclaimed, thinking to give these to a push. "Tricia, can you please get me my shawl in the tent?"

"Of course, your majesty." Tricia got up from her seat to follow my order.

"Will, can you please go with her." I asked. "Our tent is a little further away, and I am worried that there would be some wild animals around."

"But you will be left here unguarded, your majesty." William replied.

"I-I can go by myself, your majesty." Tricia interjected. "It is not that far off. I think there would be no wild animals brave enough to venture near a large group."

I scowled, knowing that my plans can be foiled because of their arguments. ’Oh, come on Tricia. I am giving you the chance to get alone time with Will.’ I scolded her internally.

"It’s okay." Regaleon who just came back from speaking with Chris said. "I am here to take care of my wife. You two can go and have some time alone after giving her the shawl."

"As you wish, your majesty." The two replied in unison and left together.

Regaleon sat beside me after William and Tricia had gone.

"Here, I got you some stew and bread." I gave Regaleon the plate and bowl I prepared for him. "Eat it while its hot." I added.

"Thank you." Regaleon took the bowl with a smile. "Have you finished eating?" He asked.

"Hmm." I nodded. "I just finished."

Regaleon started to lift the spoon and sip the soup from the bowl. I watched him eat with delight. There was a half-moon tonight, so the only illumination came from the light from the campfire. Even with little lighting, I can still see Regaleon’s handsome face.

’I can look at his face all day and not get tired of it.’ I thought.

I rested my chin on the palm on my hands with a smile on my face. I was very content with this simple joys.

"I fell like melting with your gaze you know." Regaleon said and chuckled.

"S-Sorry..." I shyly lowered my head after his words.

"Haha, its okay. I also love to look at you." Regaleon replied. "Well that hit the spot. I am already full."

Regaleon finished eating and put his bowl down. I gave him napkin to wipe his mouth. I felt like a normal wife, serving his husband. After that I cuddled close to him and rested my head on his shoulder. He in turn wrapped his arms around me.

"I like us being like this." I muttered in content.

My felt content just being like this. Our time together since we united was something, I cherished the most. Both of us were trying to catch the years that we have been apart.

"I like being with you as well." Regaleon replied. "Having you by my side, feeling your heat and seeing you safe and sound, makes me feel at ease."

Time passed by and the night was deepening. Tricia came back with my shawl and she left just after giving it to me, seeing that I was with Regaleon. The men have started to retire to their respective tents and the noise that the group made died down.

"It is a little too quiet here." Regaleon muttered in passing.

After hearing Regaleon’s words, I became hypersensitive and alert to the surroundings. Like Regaleon exclaimed, it was a little too quiet being outside in the woods.

I was expecting to hear crickets in the night, or at least nocturnal animals making sounds. But the surroundings were eerie. All I can hear was the hustling of the wind on the tree branches and the grass.

"Come to think of it, Snow said something earlier." I said. "She said she did not like this place. She left instantly after eating."

"I have not seen Tempest around as well." Regaleon said. "I just hope it is not something to worry about." I nodded in agreement.

Whatever there is in this part of the southern woods, I wish that nothing will happened with our stay for the night. I hope that we can just sleep and pass the night without anything major happening.

"I think its best we also turn in for the night." Regaleon said and stood up. "Let us rest for the night and wake up early in the morning, so that we can leave this place earlier."

Regaleon offered his hand and I took it and get up from my seat as well. The two of us walked hand in hand until we reached our tent. The half-moon in the sky was reflecting over the lake. It was odd that the once clear lake earlier when the sun was still up now looks deep and dark.

’Maybe its because it is nighttime.’ I thought. ’Probably because there is little light, so the lake looks dark and deep.’

Regaleon and I came inside our tent and lied down, ready to sleep. He held me close in his embrace and sleep came to me slowly.


I heard a faint noise in the distance. It was like someone was humming a song from a distance. I opened my eyes slowly and remembered that we spent the night out in the woods. I gathered my bearings and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I was inside the tent that me and Regaleon made, but oddly I cannot feel Regaleon beside me. I sat up and saw that I was all alone inside the tent.

"Leon should be here sleeping with me." I muttered to myself.

But then I heard the humming sound once again. This time I heard the sound more clearly. It sounded like it was a woman’s voice. Together with the humming was the sound of slow footsteps coming from outside the tent.

I shuffled up and wore my clothes before going out. I came out slowly and carefully and saw the men in our group either standing of slowly walking. At first, I did not think anything out of the ordinary but when I looked closely, all the men were awake by this time of the night.

"No, they are not awake." I muttered.

The men had their eyes open, but they were lifeless. It was like they were in a trance.

"Y-Your majesty!" Tricia came running in alarm. "I-I am glad you are safe. Something is not normal." She said in concern.

"What is going on, do you know Tricia?" I asked worriedly. Tricia shook her head in reply.

"I came out to get some water to drink and saw Sir William walking in a daze as well." Tricia said. "I tried to shake him awake but to no avail."

I was alarmed of what was happening. This is no ordinary sleep walking. Knowing that all the men in the group was walking in one direction, and with William and Regaleon nowhere to be found, I must do something.