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✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 266 - 270 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 266 The Village by the Border 1
The next day I woke up earlier as expected, dawn was just breaking. It must be because I did not do anything the whole day yesterday but rest. I opened my eyes facing a beautiful face by my side.

Regaleon had his eyes closed and was breathing steadily. Looking at him sleep made my heart feel warm from the inside. I used this time to look at him closely, because of he was awake I would feel shy just by looking at him for so long.

I looked at his closed eyes and saw his long eye lashes. I never realized he had long lashes until now. He has a tall bridged nose and his eyebrows are arched perfectly on his face. The contours of his face are just right, and his lips have the right thickness. All in all, he was born with a handsome face that all women would fall for.

I giggled thinking that I was one of that women that fell for his handsome face. Well I did not really fall for his face because he was in disguise the first time I met him, but I fell for him all the same. Regaleon came into my life when I was at my lowest and he stayed by my side ever since. We were separated with unseen circumstances, but we tried so hard to be together and helping each other along the way. And now we are together at last.

’I will never part from him again, ever!’ I promised to myself.

"Are you enjoying the view, princess?" I heard Regaleon’s hoarse voice. I saw him opening his eyes sleepily. "Good morning sunshine. It is still a bit early to wake up don’t you think?" He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I snuggled my face on his chest.

"Don’t mind me. If it makes you happy looking at my face while sleeping, then I will indulge you." Regaleon planted a kiss in top of my head.

"I just missed you so much." I hugged him more tightly. "I was afraid that all of this was just a dream."

"This is not a dream my love." Regaleon said with a smile. "We are together at last, and I will never let you go again."

I smiled hearing his words. We are thinking the same thing and it made me so happy.

"I love you Leon." I professed what I was feeling now. "I don’t want to part with you again."

"Me to my love. I love you my Lili." Regaleon cupped my chin up and planted a kiss on my lips. It felt that I was melting in his arms.


When the sun had risen, Regaleon and I came out of the room. We both have gone our separate ways to freshen up. By the time I was done, I came down the stairs to find the others.

The house we were in had two-stories and it was just right for a normal sized family.

’I wonder if Regaleon rented this house out while we are staying here?’ I thought to myself.

I quite like the interior of the house. It was small compared to the palace, but it has warmth that the palace does not have.

"Good morning sweetheart." My mother greeted me as soon as she saw me walk inside the living room.

"Good morning mother." I smiled at her sweetly.

’Good morning Alicia.’ Snow jumped towards me in no time. I caught her and started to rub her soft white fur. ’You’re feeling okay now, right?’

"Hi Snow. Yes, I am feeling a lot better now." I replied with a smile. "How about you?"

Because Snow was my familiar, we have a connection that feels what the other is feeling. I am sure she was also weak when I was unconscious.

’I am fine when you are Alicia.’ Snow said and jumped down from my arms. ’this handsome man had been taking good care of me.’

William stood up from his seat when he saw me. Snow jumped on his arms and felt at home.

"Good morning your highness." William said with a smile. "Has your body recovered?" He asked with a hint of worry on his face.

"Do not worry Will, you know that I am strong." I pump my fists jokingly. William and mother giggled.

"That is good to hear." William said.

"Thank you, William. For taking care of mother and Snow." I said with all sincerity.

"You don’t need to thank me your highness." William gave me a warm smile. "I will do this willingly even if you don’t tell me to."

My heart felt a little pinch from William’s words. He was always with me when I was in Jennovia as a hostage and he did that all with sincerity towards me. I know that he still has feelings for me, and I cannot but feel guilty to let him still stay by my side now that Regaleon and I are together again.

’I need to talk to Will after all of this is over.’ I told myself. I do not want to take him for granted.

"By the way, where is Leon?" I looked around searching for him.

"His majesty came down before you." Mother was the one to reply to my question. "He just went out for a while with Dimitri. He will be back soon."

By then we heard the front door open.

"Well speaking of the devil." Mother giggled when she saw my face brighten up when Regaleon arrived.

"You are done freshening up?" Regaleon walked straight towards me and scooped me into his arms. He gave a peck on my forehead.

"Y-Yes... sorry to keep you waiting." I felt embarrassed with Regaleon’s sudden closeness. "What are you doing? We are not alone." I whispered to him feeling awkward.

"They are practically family." Regaleon whispered back. "And judging with there faces, they probably think we have done the ’deed’ last night." He said playfully.

I was surprised with what Regaleon said but I doubted that mother and the others will think such things. I glanced towards Dimitri and William and they had awkwardness etched on their faces. They were trying to avert their eyes from us. My mother on the other hand was smiling broadly.

’W-What the heck were they thinking?’ I thought to myself.

"Well they probably heard our moans." Regaleon whispered. "Well, the walls in this house are thin so the sounds would have been heard." He chuckled.

I was filled with embarrassment that my face felt like it was burning. I was irritated with Regaleon that he was still adding fuel to their imagination.

"Stop that!" I scolded him and hit his chest.

"Hahahaha..." Regaleon laughed out loudly that made me more irritated. "Sorry, I did not mean to irritate you my love." He took my hand and kissed it.

My irritation quickly faded with Regaleon’s sweet gesture. Now I am irritated with myself. I cannot believe that I can be coaxed this easily. My irritation towards Regaleon was replaced with my heart thumping for this man I love.

"If you are ready, let us eat breakfast first. And then I will take you out to look round the village." Regaleon said with a sweet smile.

"Y-Yes." I answered. I cannot believe that I am still feeling flustered with the sweet gestures given by Regaleon. Even after this many years, I still feel like a little girl in love.

"Your highness, your majesty, breakfast is served." I heard a familiar voice. When I looked around, I was surprised to see a person that I was not able to see for long.

"Tricia..." I saw the personal maid who was with me since I was young. She was like an older sister to me.

"Your highness. It is good to see again." Tricia said with a tearful smile.

I walked towards her and hugged her in an instant.

"I missed you, Tricia." I said with tears falling from my eyes.

"Me too princess." Tricia said while crying as well. "I was worried about you all these years."

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Chapter 267 The Village by the Border 2
I was so happy seeing Tricia that I cried in happiness. While eating breakfast, I asked Tricia how her past two years was. We were apart for so long that many has happened.

Tricia told me that after I was kidnapped, Regaleon asked her if she want to go to Grandcrest with them. She agreed, knowing that Regaleon would do everything in his power to get me back. She believed with all her heart that I will get back to Grandcrest, and that she waited these past two years ready to serve me when I get back. I was happy with Tricia’s devotion towards me.

"I never lost hope that you will return to us your highness." Tricia said while wiping her tears. "I believed that his majesty would get you back, and here you are now."

"Oh Tricia, I am so happy to reunite with you again." I said with having wiped my own tears. "I am just sad that your youthful years are spent waiting for me. But do not worry, I am sure that you will still find a suitable husband. You are still of marriageable age. I can help find a suitable partner if that’s alright with you."

Tricia who was older than me by a year should have been married, or at least dating someone. Tricia was now included in the lower class nobility. As I recall, her father was given a baron title just before I was abducted. Her father is Grandpa Robert’s loyal lieutenant under him and was recently given a baron’s title as a reward for his long years of service and accomplishments.

’That just means I can find a suitable partner for her from nobility.’ I thought. ’But that is if she still doesn’t have someone that caught her eye yet.’

"Y-Your highness..." Tricia was surprised with my proposal to matchmake her. "I-I still don’t have such plans as of now. I still want to serve you, your highness." She was stuttering and seemed shy.

I looked closely at Tricia’s blushing face. It looks like she has already someone in her mind, or rather in her heart. I can see her eyes take stolen glances at one direction. I traced her line of vision and saw William at the end of her line of sight.

’Oh my. Has Tricia fallen for William?’ I smiled with the thought. ’Maybe the two had become close when they were in Grandcrest.’

William and Tricia came to Grandcrest with Regaleon. Both of them were in a foreign land because of my abduction. With the two of them the only Alvannians that knew each other, I guess they became close to one another.

Knowing that Tricia has developed feelings for William, I am sure to give her my full support. I would try my best to at least let this feeling blossom.

’I just hope that William will open his heart.’ I sighed internally.


After breakfast, Regaleon pulled me out of the house. He was grinning so much as if he was a child excited to go out. The others were by the door looking at us go.

"L-Leon, slow down a bit." I felt a little shy knowing that many eyes are staring at us.

"No need to be shy Lili, they know that we are a loving couple." Regaleon said with a grin. He quickly scooped me up into his arms that made me shriek.

"Eeekkk..." I felt my body hoisted up in an instant. I quickly encircled my arms on around Regaleon’s neck to get balance.

"Hahaha..." Regaleon chuckled boyishly that I felt more embarrassed. "Do not worry Lili. I won’t let you fall."


Midnight came galloping and stopped in front us. Regaleon gently placed me on top of Midnight and he came up next.

"Be careful on your stroll." Mother said while waving her hand. "Take care of her your majesty."

"Of course, mother in law. We will come back before the sun sets." Regaleon said with a smile. He kicked Midnight lightly and we started to move on a slow pace.

The scenery around was breathtaking. As Regaleon have said, this village was found a little south and was at the borders of Alvannia and Jennovia. I can still see the mountain ranges of Jennovia that was capped with ice from afar. The road we are in right now were lined up with huge trees, their branches shaded us from the sun.

"It is nice to see the trees of Alvannia after a long time." I said.

Jennovia was covered with ice and snow the first time I opened my eyes. Everything outside was colored white because of it, and it felt cold and gloomy. It was just recently when the weather in Jennovia improved after using my magic unknowingly. It was still cold but at least plants have started to grow once more.

But now being back in my home country, I can still see the difference of the two. Alvannia was blessed with good weather. At the north we experience four seasons while on the south we shared good weather similar with Grandcrest. Seeing the lush greens and the bright colors of the flowers made my heart feel warm.

"I know you would miss colorful scenery here in Alvannia." Regaleon said. His breath tickled my ear from behind.

This made me conscious that our bodies are close to one another while riding. I can feel the warmth of his chest on my back. My heart started to race.

’How I missed being near him.’ I thought to myself. I would savor this day with just the two of us.

"Where do you plan on going?" I asked in an excited tone.

"Let us go to the village center first. It is a market day today so there will be many merchants putting up stalls." Regaleon explained.

"We will go shopping?" I asked and giggled. "It feels like we are just a normal couple spending the day strolling while shopping."

Regaleon encircled his other arm on my waist and pulled me closer into an embrace. "That is what I was planning." He said into my ear.

I felt my heart pound with Regaleon’s sudden action and closeness. I looked up at him and he stole a peck on my lips. He looked mischievous after I looked at him with shocked eyes. I quickly looked away embarrassed.

"No fair." I grumbled. "You always make me flustered."

"Hahaha..." Regaleon laughed out heartily. "You can take revenge on me if you like."

I looked at him grumpily. "Hmph. Just you wait." I warned him.

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Chapter 268 Shopping
Regaleon and I reached the town after just a few minutes. Just like Regaleon said, the town is bustling with merchants and customers because of market day.

"Let’s leave Midnight here." Regaleon said after spotting a public stable.

Regaleon got down first and helped me after. We left Midnight at the public stables and started to look around the town square.

The town square is filled with traveling merchant that made makeshift stalls good for the day. There are many items and goods that are displayed such as fabrics, cheap jewelry, food, and the likes. People all around are busy with their own businesses.

"Let’s look over there." I pointed out one store that sells trinkets.

The stall was relatively small, only displaying small trinkets such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and hair ornaments.

"Good day sir and madam." The stall owner welcomed. "Do you fancy any of my items? My items are crafted with the up to date trends of young ladies."

I smiled at the stall owner and started to look at the items in front of me. I saw a beautiful looking hair clip. It was designed with two lily flowers that are platinum colored with blue gems at the center. I picked it up admiring the craftmanship.

"Do you like it?" Regaleon who was just beside me asked.

"Yes." I nodded looking at him with a smile.

The hair ornament was simple but elegant. I feel that it is suitable for me.

"We will buy this." Regaleon said and gave a few pieces of silver coins to the stall owner.

"Thank you, dear customer." The stall owner said with a business smile. "Let me get your change."

"No need." Regaleon said with an air of confidence. "Please keep the change."

"Oh my gosh, this is too much." The stall owner was taken aback but beamed with a huge smile after. "Thank you very much, dear customer. Please, get other items that you like."

"Then I will get this to pair with the hair clip." Regaleon took a pair of blue drop earrings and a silver necklace with a small heart shape sapphire pendant.

"I will wrap them up right away, dear customer." The stall owner said happily.

"You don’t need to buy these many." I said to Regaleon.

"This is a must." Regaleon looked at me with eyes full of doting. "I want to spoil you now that we are together again." He smiled affectionately.

I felt touched with Regaleon’s words. I did not really need to be bought gifts, but the feeling of getting spoiled is something I look forward to.

After buying from that stall we continued going around town square and looked at different stalls. We bought street food along the way. All in all, the trip to town was fun.

"Why don’t we look inside here?" Regaleon said in passing. "You will need some clothes."

I looked at the store he was pointing to and saw a clothing store. It is true that I did not bring anything with me when I escaped Jennovia. The little clothes I took were all destroyed when my magic powers gone out of control. Even the magic crystal that Anna gave me was destroyed.

"Hmm." I nodded in reply to Regaleon.

Regaleon opened the door to the clothing store and a bell rang to inform of our presence.

"Good afternoon." A young lady in her mid-twenties came to greet us. "What can I do for you?" She asked.

"My wife would like to try on some of your clothes." Regaleon said nonchalantly. "If you have some readymade everyday clothes, then it will do."

"W-Wife..." I whispered and looked at him. I can feel that my face is burning with the word he uttered.

Regaleon teasingly smiled at me and made a ’shhh’ gesture with his finger. I did not have any choice but to go through with his playful act.

’But calling me wife...’ I felt so happy inside that my heart was beating fast.

If someone look at us in perspective, they will think that we were young newly wedded couple. Just by thinking this made me internally scream in joy.

"Oh yes of course." The lady said with a smile. "If you can come right this way young madam, there are ready made clothes to pick out."

The young lady took my hand and dragged me towards the back section. I looked around to see Regaleon looking at the beautiful clothes on display at the front of the store.


"Let me pack this up for you." The young lady said and walked out of the dressing room.

I took a break after fitting at least a dozen of clothes. I was exhausted and sat down for a while when the door opened once again. The full length mirror in front of me was facing the door, and so I saw the reflection of Regaleon coming inside. He was carrying a white lacy dress that I saw on display outside.

"Leon." I called out, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"Why don’t you try this on?" Regaleon put the beautiful white dress over me. "I am sure you will look lovely in it."

I looked at my reflection with the white dress in front of me. Regaleon was behind me holding the dress with a wide smile on his face.

"O-Okay..." I said and took the white dress from him.

"Call me once you have finished putting it on." Regaleon said and left the dressing room.

I looked at my reflection holding the dress in front of me. I ran my hands on the soft lacy fabric and smiled. I quickly tried it on.

The white dress was simple and elegant on me. The skirt was just below my knees, layered with ruffled laces on the hem. The long sleeves were made of see thru laces with rose patterns. The waist had a single white lace that it so be tied in a ribbon on the back.

"Leon..." I called out to him and just after a second, Regaleon came inside the dressing room. "I-I need you to close the buttons at the back and tie the lace." I said a little embarrassed.

Regaleon smiled knowing that I was getting shy, knowing that my bare back was in his full view. He gently buttoned up the dress and I felt his fingers graze my skin in the process. The skin he touched felt hot and my skin crawled with the ticklish sensation. After that I felt Regaleon tie up the lace.

"Done." Regaleon had an accomplished smile on his face and that just made me blush in embarrassment. "Here, I also bought you this."

Regaleon was holding a pair of white floral sandals. I take my seat and let him put the sandals on me. His hands slowly traced my legs after and made me jump in surprise.

"Haha... still jumpy with a small touch?" Regaleon teased me. "I can’t get enough of feeling your skin with my fingers."

Regaleon raised my foot and planted a kiss just above my ankles. His gestures made me feel hot and more embarrassed.

"*cough* I guess that’s enough teasing." Regaleon stood up with his face tinted with a pinkish hue. "If you show me that face, I probably can’t stop myself from wanting you even more."

"S-Sorry..." I lowered my head in embarrassment. I knew what Regaleon meant.

"Here, try this on." Regaleon gave me the trinkets we just bought this morning. "It will look good with the dress you are wearing."

"O-Okay." I replied.

I started to out the earrings on my ears when Regaleon started to fix my hair with his hands. I was surprised but just let him play with my hair because it felt good. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a beautiful but normal girl reflected. It was far from the dresses I wear as a princess. It was less extravagant but still looked gorgeous in its own way. I looked like a normal girl dressed up beautifully.

"Let me put this on." Regaleon took the silver necklace and locked it from behind.

"I never thought you can tie hair this beautifully." I giggled. My hair was tied up with the hair clip we bought.

"Well I can manage this simple style." Regaleon said. "Now that we are done here, I want to bring you to somewhere that I am sure you will love to see."

"Where?" I asked in excitement.

"It’s a secret." Regaleon winked. "You will know once we get there."

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Chapter 269 Surprise of a Lifetime
Regaleon took my hand and led me to the place he was telling me about. We walked along town towards the edge of the village. The scenery started to change along the way, we can see more greenery and colorful flowers. The rural houses started to dwindle until we came on a building that looked old yet still maintained its natural beauty. The building looked like a chapel.

"Is this the village’s chapel?" I asked once we got near.

"Yes." Regaleon said with a smile. "The building is old. But it still maintains its charm."

I looked at the chapel which is small compared to those large churches in big cities and capitals. The walls of the building are decorated with beautiful vined flowers, creeping its wat up. The garden outside the chapel also gives a subtle elegance and makes the place more serene.

"Let’s go inside." Regaleon said while holding my hand.

"Is it okay to go in?" I asked in worry. "Is it not rude to just go in without permission?"

It is not a church day today and the chapel was closed to the public, hence I worried if it was okay to see the interior.

"Do not worry. Trust me." Regaleon winked at me.

Regaleon led me to the doors of the chapel and let go of my hand to place them on the doors.

"I hope you will like this surprise of mine." Regaleon smiled.

"Surprise?" I asked in wonder. ’So, visiting here is one of his plans.’ I thought.

My heart started to thump, wondering what kind of surprise was waiting for me inside. Then, Regaleon opened the doors. At first the interiors were dim, but my eyes started to adjust and saw what was inside.

The interior of the chapel was like other churches, rows of chairs lines up towards the altar, smoked glass with different colors were used on windows, and the altar was in front. What was different was the decoration. Blue roses that were the symbol of the Grandcrest royal family and only grows in the Grandcrest palace grounds, are all lined up along the aisle. White cloths and ribbons are also decorated along the way towards the altar. Looking at the interior, it looks like it was designed for a wedding ceremony.

’A wedding...’ I gasped by the thought.

I looked at myself that was wearing a white dress. My hair was styled by Regaleon not long ago and he let me wear the accessories we bought in the market. My heart was thumping hard and fast with the realization. I looked at Regaleon with wide eyes. That was then when Regaleon suddenly knelt on one knee before me.

"L-Leon..." I gasped by his sudden action. I had the grasp of the situation that is happening now.

"My Lili..." Regaleon looked up at me and held my hand. "We were away from one another for two years. Those years have made me think that I can never live without you. I never want to be apart from you again. Here and now, I want to give you my vow of undying love."

I held my mouth with the surprise of the event that was unfolding in front of me. Tears started to gather around the rim of my eyes. Regaleon’s words hit my heart hard, knowing that I also felt the same way as him all these years we were apart.

Regaleon took out a small box from his pocket and opened it in front of me. Inside was pair of rings made of gold.

"Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist, will you marry me here and now?" Regaleon asked me with his face full of love and longing.

Regaleon’s words gave me the surprise of a lifetime. I have never thought that right here and now, I can marry him, Regaleon who is the love of my life. The tears that were at the rims of my eyes started to flow. My heart clenched with the feelings I am feeling right now.

"Of course." I said in between sobs. "Regaleon Yosef Astley, I am happy to marry you right here, right now."

Regaleon face beamed brightly after my reply. He smiled wide, his eyes full of joy. He kissed the back of my hand that he was holding.

"Thank you, my love." Regaleon stood up. "You made me the happiest man in the entire world." He pulled me by my waist and kissed me.

Regaleon’s sudden kiss surprised me at first but I let myself go with the passion. By then I heard applause around me.

*clap clap clap*

I was surprised with the sudden noise and pushed Regaleon abruptly, but he held me firmly in his arms. I looked around and saw the people dear to me came walking towards me. William, Tricia, Dimitri, and mother were here. But what surprised me was father was here as well.

"You... are all here." I said with surprise.

"But of course." My father said. "We won’t miss your most important day, would we?"

Regaleon gently let go of me when my mother and father came near us.

"Oh mother." Tears that stopped falling a while ago started to flow out once again.

"Oh, my baby." Mother pulled me into her embrace. "I am happy to see you walk down the aisle on your most important day."

"Father, how did you get here?" I asked in wonder. "How about your work in the capital?"

"When I got the message from your fiancé, I rushed here at once. When I knew that you were safe and that your mother was alive, I cannot help myself but to go here in person." Father said. "I left your brother Richard in charge. I am sure he will do well with your Grandpa Robert there to assist him."

"Oh, father. Elizabeth... she..." I cannot help but remember what happened in Jennovia on our escape.

"Hush now my child." Father pulled me into his arms and comforted me. "It is not your fault. Let us talk about this some other time. This time should be your happiest day." He wiped away my tears.

"Here now, you should be beautiful in this important day." Mother took her handkerchief out and wiped my cheeks. "Come and let us get you ready."

"Hmm." I nodded in agreement. I looked around Regaleon for confirmation.

"See you later my bride." Regaleon gave me a peck on my cheek. "I also need to get ready."

"Yes, of course." I gave him a smile.

By that time, Regaleon and I were both led into separate rooms to prepare.T

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Chapter 270 A Very Special Day
Mother led me into a small room to prepare. I was already wearing my simple wedding dress. My hair only needs some re-touch and my face needs some blush.

"Please sit here your highness." Tricia said.

I take my sit in front of a mirror and saw my reflection. My eyes looked puffy because of crying, but at least it was not swollen. Tricia started to apply some make up on me.

While sitting and letting Tricia do her job, I saw my mother and father’s reflection in the mirror. I saw them close to one another, with my father’s arms around my mother’s waist. The sight made my heart feel warm.

"When did you arrive father?" I asked. My father’s gaze that was focused on my mother shifted towards me.

"I got your fiancé message five days ago by carrier pigeon." Father said. "I rode in haste on the same day, taking just a small team of guards with me."

I giggled thinking that my father just up and left after getting the message that my mother was alive and well with me.

"I am sure the Richard is in his wits end with your sudden departure father." I teased.

"Ahem... well I am confident that your brother can do a good job while I am away." Father said while blushing with embarrassment. "He had been working with me for some time now. I can see how hard working he is and dependable. I am planning to step down after he comes of age."

I was surprised with father’s words. I never realized that my father would step down as king because he was still in his prime. If my memory serves me correct, Richard will come of age two years from now. Is my father’s decision based on my mother miraculously being alive?

"I am happy to see that you two are close to each other." I teased them.

After hearing my words mother had a surprised look and quickly stepped away from my father.

"T-That... that’s because his majesty always sticks around me." Mother said with a blush.

"I feel sad that you call me that way." Father pouted and quickly came to my mother’s side. "My life was meaningless when I thought you were dead. So please don’t push me away like that."

"I-I am not pushing you away." Mother said with a high tone." It is just... your daughter is here watching us." My mother was blushing even redder.

"That is okay, right Alicia?" Father asked permission from me.

"Of course, you have my permission father." I smiled. "It is just that, I think you still need to woe mother even more. You have many things to ask forgiveness and many years to catch up." I giggled.

"That is correct." My mother said with a furious face. "You still have to gain my forgiveness after everything that has happened." Mother said with a humph and crossed her arms.

"Yes, yes of course my Leticia." Father said with a sad face. "I will do everything to gain your forgiveness."

I giggled looking at my parents. Father looked like a dejected puppy vying for mother’s favor. Mother on the other hand was resisting father’s advances but I am sure that it only needs a little time until she gives in my father’s advances.

"It is done your highness." Tricia said with a confident smile.

That was when I realized that Tricia was done re-touching my hair and make-up for me. I looked in the mirror and I was looking at my own reflection. I had light make-up on, and my hair was styled normally. I looked like a normal bride.

"Oh my. Our baby looks beautiful." Mother started to shed some tears.

"Yes, she is beautiful like you." Father added.

Both of my parents walked towards me. I got up from my seat and looked at them.

"We wish you happiness my baby girl." Mother said with tears.

"I still have some bad feelings towards your groom... but I know he will love you and make you his most special person." Father said. "I wish the two of you, happiness."

"Mother, father... thank you." I hugged them both.

"We love you Alicia." Mother and father said."Here is the last touch." She put on the veil on top of me.


I walked towards the end of the aisle feeling nervous and saw William walk towards me.

"Will..." I called out to him with a smile. William gave a smile back.

"You look beautiful Alicia." William said to me. "Here, for you."

William gave me a bouquet of blue roses, the symbol of Grandcrest’s royal family.

"His majesty had these specifically sent here from Grandcrest." William said with a low voice.

"Thank you." I took the bouquet from him.

There was a short silence between us after. It felt awkward, knowing of William’s affection towards me.

"Will..." I was about to call him when he cut my sentence.

"Alicia." William said and looked straight into my eyes. "I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart." He gave me a generous smile. I was taken aback by his words.

"I know how his majesty loves and cherishes you. I am happy to know that it was him that you will marry." William said. "I trust that he will love and protect you."

"But Will..." I was about to say sorry, but he stopped my lips with his fingers.

"Alicia, my feelings for you will never change." William said with a sad smile. "I will always be here by your side, as your best friend and protector."

I nodded knowing what he meant. "Thank you Will."

I gave him a hug, knowing full well about his feelings for me. I wished from the bottom of my heart that he will meet a girl that he will love in the future that will love him back.

"You better get going." William said. "Your groom his waiting by the altar."

I nodded and gave him a smile, trying to prevent tears from falling. I held the bouquet of blue roses tightly and walked towards the end of the aisle. My father was waiting there for me.

"I am happy that I can walk you to the altar like this." Father said. He linked my arms onto his.

"Thank you, father, for being here." I said with gratitude.

I never imagined before that my father would love me back. Many things have happened since my fourteenth birthday. I met the love of my life, I learned that I was of Atlantian blood and had magic powers; I also learned that my father also loved me and that my mother was still alive. And now I am going to marry the love of my life.

I was now standing at the end of the aisle with my father. When I looked in front of me, I saw Regaleon wearing a formal black coat and pants with a white inner shirt. He had his hair brushed up. My heart was thumping rapidly seeing how handsome he was in front of the altar waiting for me.

Father and I started to walk down the aisle. The floor was littered with blue petals from the roses and I was able to smell their fragrance along the way. My eyes on the other hand were glues unto one person only. Regaleon had my eyes locked on his, it did not waver until I reached the altar.

"I entrust my daughter to you." Father said when he took my hands and offered it to Regaleon. "Take care of her. Love her and keep her safe." He said to Regaleon with a hint of threatening,

"I promise you I will keep your daughter safe." Regaleon replied. "I will love her and ONLY her in my whole life." He emphasized.

Their exchange of words made my heart flutter. Regaleon took my hand on his and held them tightly. He looked at the priest on the altar and nodded for him to begin.

The priest started to preside. The wedding right was short, and we proceeded with our vows shortly.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley king of Grandcrest, take Alicia Rosalyn von Heist the third princess of Alvannia, as my legal wife and become the queen of Grandcrest. I will rule all of Grandcrest with you as my queen. I promise to love and cherish you forever. I promise to keep you safe and protect you from harm. I promise to take only you as my wife. I will never let you go, whatever happens. I will always stay by your side as your husband, in sickness and in health. Even after death, my soul shall search for you and I will love you until the next lifetime."

Regaleon placed the gold ring into my ring finger and it fits perfectly. I smiled thinking that the ring was a perfect fit, as if

"I, Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist the third princess of Alvannia, take Regaleon Yosef Astley the king of Alvannia as my legal husband. I will rule by your side as queen of Grandcrest and help in ways possible. I promise to love and cherish you always. I also promise to help you in times of need and protect you from danger. I will also stay by your side as your wife, in sickness and in health. And even in death, I will wait for you and love you until the next lifetime."

I put the gold ring on his ring finger. Now our vows have been given and our ring binds us to one another.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest blessed us. "You may now kiss the bride."

Regaleon pulled up my veil and we looked into each other’s eyes. Regaleon uses his thumb to vying my cheeks.

"You are so beautiful my love." Regaleon whispered. "Now we are husband and wife. I will never let you go. I will never let us be apart again."

I smiled hearing his words. "Yes Leon, we will never be apart again."

Regaleon inched his face towards mine and our lips met. I closed my eyes and felt his soft lips against mine. By then I heard the cheers and applause of the people around us.

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