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Chapter 226 Naval Battle 2


The sky started to darken and night fell. There was silence in the surrounding area and only the splashes of water that hit the ship’s bow were heard.

"Your majesty, we have arrived at the junction as scheduled." The admiral and the commander of the naval fleet of Jennovia said to his queen. "If I may suggest your majesty to go to a much safer place before we commence the attack."

On the deck of the biggest ship on the Jennovian naval fleet, Queen Patricia was looking on ahead with a serious expression.

"That won’t be necessary admiral." Queen Patricia said with a flat tone. "I trust that our naval fleet can deal with a few ships defending the junction. This ship is in the most rear of the fleet so I doubt the battle would be felt from here."

"W-Well, you are correct your majesty." The admiral was reluctant to let the queen stay on the ship while there is a battle being fought.

The ship where the queen is currently in was the lead ship. In this battle with a small number of enemy ships, only the front ships will engage in battle while the ships in the rear will support from behind. Their plan was to make a surprise attack without the enemy knowing their advance. With this plan, not all ships in the Jennovia naval fleet would need to engage in battle and they will surely win with only a few enemy ships defending the junction way.

"I am sure that this battle won’t last that long. Our information is that only three to five Grandcrest ships are left to defend the junction way into their country." The queen said. "I am sure our fleet can rake its way thru those ships with not much of a problem."

Confidence was seen in the queen’s eyes. She had invested the money that they have gotten from the war taxes into expanding the naval fleet. With this many ships at their disposal, Jennovia would emerge triumphant in naval battle and their enemy would sink in defeat.

"This battle is not of that much importance." The queen said. "Our main objective is to sail our way towards Grandcrest’s capital and lay siege. I want to see their young king’s head on this very deck when we are done." The queen’s eyes glistened with killing intent.

The queen had developed hatred with this new young king of Grandcrest. Her long plan on waging war and defeating the countries that brought Atlantia to its end was put on hold because of this young king’s skillful leadership and tactics.

’Just because of the king I can’t achieve my plans.’ The queen thought. ’But no matter, I will surely kill him soon. And without a leader to lead such a big empire, the will surely crumble. I won’t need the forbidden magic if this plan goes thru.’

"Then please go inside where it is safer your majesty." The admiral said politely.

The queen nodded in agreement and started to walk towards the stairs with her guards and one lady in waiting.


(Regaelon’s POV)

Darkness has enveloped the surroundings and the fog was starting to spread on water. The night sky was filled with stars twinkling like diamonds. The moon has yet to rise up on top and so the surroundings were dim. I boarded one of the ships that would launch a pincer attack from behind. General Vincent didn’t agree at first but being as stubborn as I am, he agreed in the end.

"Your majesty, are you sure you won’t sit this one out?" Even Dimitri was reconsidering me being here.

"This isn’t the first battle I have been in Dimitri." I said with a sarcastic tone.

Of course I have been in dangerous battles where my life has been at stake for numerous times. Not mentioning the numerous assassination attempts that a battled my way out to save my life since I was young. Fighting has been a constant thing in the entirety of my life. The only thing that gave meaning to my life that was bathed with blood and death, is meeting the love of my life Alicia.

"I know that you have been in numerous battles your majesty but today it is different. You are now a leader of a nation, the king of Grandcrest." Dimitri said.

"I understand what you mean Dimitri and I thank you for your concern." I said with a smile and patted his shoulder. "Do not worry. I don’t intend to lose my life here. I still have to marry the love of my life and produce an heir to my empire, haha." I chuckled.

Dimitri also smiled with my words.

"I am confident that we will win this battle. With you and my men here, we will surely win." I said with confidence and Dimitri nodded in agreement.

A long silence had engulfed the surrounding areas. The ships were on standby until the general gives his order. All the lights on the ships are turned off to avoid detection from the enemy. Not long the faint sound of waves intensified and we heard splashes of water.

Looking at the distance is difficult because of the fog but with the sounds now we conclude that the enemy’s ships are advancing.

I looked at Dimitri and he nodded in understanding. We maintained the right amount of distance so that the enemy won’t know that we were there hiding. We were also silent to avoid detection.

After a few more minutes we heard the firing of canons. It was the sign of the battle starting. The defense ships were bait to lure their ships into our formation and make a pincer attack from behind without them even knowing. Now we are just waiting for Generals Vincent’s signal to attack.

When I looked up towards the sky I saw Tempest flying in circles above us.

’Leon, there is another fleet that remained at the entrance of the junction.’ Tempest said.

’You mean they split their fleet into two?’ I asked in surprise.

’Yes, they only let the front ships engage in battle while the rear ships are on standby.’ Tempest replied.

’Thank you for the information Tempest.’ I said with gratitude. ’I will need you to send a message to the general on the other fleet and fast.’

We expected the enemy’s fleet to advance in one go. Because of this we need to revise some of our own plans and fast.

"Dimitri, tell the men in the other ships to standby on my commands." I ordered. "There will be a slight change of plans."

Dimitri knew that I had just communicated with Tempest. He knew that I got information that will have a huge impact in this battle.

"Understood your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

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Chapter 227 Confrontation 1

"Dimitri, tell the men in the other ships to standby on my commands." I ordered. "There will be a slight change of plans."

Dimitri knew that I had just communicated with Tempest. He knew that I got information that will have a huge impact in this battle.

"Understood your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

Dimitri hurriedly conveyed my orders to the men aboard the ships. It was the same order in the letter I sent General Vincent.

I have planned half of the ships will break of from the pincer attack and head towards the enemy’s location. I will personally lead these ships myself. By the time General Vincent gives the signal for the start of the attack, the ships under my command will head towards the other half of the enemy’s naval fleet that lies in waiting.

Not long, Dimitri came back on deck. "Your majesty, your orders have been sent." He said.

"Good. Any minute now, General Vincent will send the signal." I said and looked to the night sky.

The battle not far from here was heard. The exploding cannons and the cries of men pierced the foggy night. Not long into the battle a signal flare was seen flying towards the sky.

"It’s the general’s signal." I said. "Men, proceed with the new plan! Onward!" I shouted with force.

"Yeah!" The men cheered in unison.

The fleet started to depart its hiding spot. Half was going forward for the pincer attack while the other half was under me and proceeded towards the other side where the other fleet of the enemy lie in wait.

Our speed was fast. I was targeting a surprise attack on the other fleet. So far, they only know that a few ships defended the junction and they won’t expect an attack.

When we were nearing the location of the enemy, the other half of our fleet met up. Our numbers doubled and this made our chances of victory go up.

"You majesty, the enemy’s fleet is just in front." Dimitri said with an excited voice.

"Ready the cannons!" I ordered.

The men on the ship readied themselves for the fight that was about to come. With a deep breath, we brace ourselves for the plunged.

When I saw the silhouette of the ships in the fog I raised my hand with vigor. "Fire!!!"

The cannons on our fleet started to fire. Blast by blast was heard on this side of the river junction. The fog started to get thin after the launching of the cannons.

"Ready your swords! Archers, ready your bows and arrows!" I ordered.

The men on deck pulled their bows and aimed towards the enemy’s ship. The men on the enemy’s ship started to scramble in surprise.

"We are under attack!"

"Get ready to fight!"

The enemy ships in front caught the cannons we fired and were destroyed instantly. I saw the ships sinking slowly and the men aboard jumped overboard.

"Archers, prepare to fire!" I ordered.

With the wave of my hand, I lighted the tips of their arrows on fire.

"Fire!" I yelled.

The archers fired their arrows onto the other ships. This made the other ships caught fire.

"Put the fire out. Put it out!" I hear the enemies scream.

From the distance I can see them use the magic stones to put out the fire. Water came out from these stones and the fire that started was quickly put out.

"Tsk." I was irritated knowing that the enemy can use magic.

"Prepare the cannons and fire at will." The enemies shouted.

Cannon balls came firing at us from the enemy ships. I can see them flying towards us from the sky.

"Tell them try and evade the best they can." I told Dimitri. "And tell your men to start boarding the enemy ships once they are in vicinity. Destroy every magic stone they can find." I ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri said and conveyed my order to one of his men. His subordinate quickly left to relay my message.

Chaos spread throughout the surroundings. Cannon balls have hit some of our ships. Both sides are gaining damage. I saw a cannon ball coming our way quickly used my magic to engulf it in flames and used some force to deflect the landing. Fortunately the cannon ball landing on water and didn’t endanger my men.

"Charge!" My men yelled when the enemy’s ships are at the right distance.

My men boarded the enemy’s ship and pulled out their swords. Not long the clashing of swords are heard in the vicinity.

"We are being left behind Dimitri." I smiled wickedly. "Let’s not lag behind now."

I drew out my sword and readied myself for battle. Dimitri and I boarded the enemy ship and started plowing our way thru.

I swing my sword skillfully while using my magic to counter enemy attacks. As expected, our enemies have magic stones in their possession and are using it in fighting. Luckily, Dimitri’s men are quick and were able to disarm the enemies using the magic stones and destroy them in the process.

"Your men are doing a good job Dimitri." I praised them.

"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

Our surprise attack paid off splendidly. The enemy wasn’t on guard when we attacked and now they are uncoordinated.

"Your majesty, look there." Dimitri pointed out the rear most part of the enemy’s fleet.

There I saw the biggest ship in the enemy’s fleet. I knew for sure that this was the commanding ship of the enemy. I smiled just by looking at the ship laying there in wait.

"If the queen is really here, I bet she is on that ship." I said with a smirk on my face.

The commanding ship was defensively guarded by other ships in the vicinity. This just made my thoughts in the queen being aboard there credible.

"Let’s head over there." I told Dimitri. "Bring your best men with us. I bet the queen has her own magic users with her."

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri said. He raised his hand and used his magic to create a signal that his men would understand.

"Let’s pay a visit to her majesty the queen." I smiled and marched off to the direction of the commanding ship.


"What’s that noise?! What’s going on?!" Queen Patricia was inside her cabin with her lady in waiting.

The sounds of fighting can be heard inside the cabin.

"I-I will go and check your majesty." The lady in waiting said with fearful eyes. She knew that something bad is going on outside.

But when the lady in waiting was about to open the door, someone opened it.

"Your majesty!" The vice admiral came in and gave his salute. "We are under attack. You need to escape from here fast."

"What?!" Queen Patricia stood up in surprise. "How can this be?!"

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Chapter 228 Confrontation 2

"What’s that noise?! What’s going on?!" Queen Patricia was inside her cabin with her lady in waiting.

The sounds of fighting can be heard inside the cabin.

"I-I will go and check your majesty." The lady in waiting said with fearful eyes. She knew that something bad is going on outside.

But when the lady in waiting was about to open the door, someone opened it.

"Your majesty!" The vice admiral came in and gave his salute. "We are under attack. You need to escape from here fast."

"What?!" Queen Patricia stood up in surprise. "How can this be?!"


Explosions left and right are heard in the vicinity. The queen stood up in a hurry from her seat and dashed pass the vice admiral.

"Y-Your majesty?!" The vice admiral was surprised with the sudden movement of the queen. "Please wait."

The queen ascended the steps towards the deck. The yelling and screaming of people were being heard more clearly with every step she takes. By the time she reached the deck, she looked around and saw a sea of fire in front of her.

"What is happening?!" The queen screamed with the mix of anger and surprise. "This shouldn’t be happening. Our plan was flawless."

The vice admiral and the lady in waiting were able to catch up to the queen. They were panting while trying to catch up to her.

"Y-You majesty..." The vice admiral was catching his breath. "I-It’s not safe here. We need to leave and lead you to safety."

"Tell me first what is happening!" The queen shouted in anger. "This wasn’t the plan. Why are we now the one under attack?!"

Their plan was made in complete secrecy. No one should have known other than her trusted advisers. The plan was to attack the defensive line of Grandcrest in the junction of the Deuss River. But now they were the ones under attack.

"This shouldn’t be happening." The queen said with wide eyes. She cannot believe what was happening before her eyes.

"Your majesty, we also didn’t know what happened." The vice admiral said. "Since just a while ago, our plan was being executed flawlessly. But then there were ships that came from the fog out of nowhere."

"How did they know?!" The queen asked furiously.

"I-I also do not know your majesty." The vice admiral was clearly agitated with the queen’s current emotions.

’Was there a mole in my palace?’ The queen thought.

Not long another explosion was heard and it was not that far from where they were.


All of them ducked with the new explosion. It was getting nearer from their location. As if those who were making those explosions was targeting their ship in particular.

"Your majesty, you are not safe here. We need to hurry and escape." The vice admiral said with urgency.

"A-Alright." The queen said with low spirits.

They were betting to win this battle. Everything was flawlessly planned. But if this battle was a loss, then it was better for her to get out of danger. Getting herself back to safety was more important. Retreat and fight another day was the best option for her.

When the queen was about to follow the vice admiral the next explosion was heard. It was on a friendly ship near their location.


The blast impact from the explosion was very powerful that they were thrown off from where they were standing.

"Ugh..." The queen felt her body ache when she was trying to stand up. Her back hit a wall on deck. She looked around and saw the ice admiral was feet away from her, also struggling to stand up from the explosion. Her lady in waiting was left unconscious on the ground.

"W-What just happened?" The queen asked while still in disarray. She looked around and saw a sea of flames dancing around the area.

"Well, well, well. Look what we found here." A chilling voice was heard behind the sea of flames before her.

The flames were dancing in the night wind, like it was being controlled. In the gaps of the flames, the queen saw a young man in black. His hair was as black as night, his eyes were like gleaming sapphires against the raging flames.

"I was wondering where you were queen. I was lucky to find you just in time." The young man’s smile was chilling. The queen can feel the fear behind that smile.

"Y-You..." The queen stuttered. "The young king of Grandrest. Why are you here?" The queen pointed at him in disbelief. It was as if she was looking at a ghost.

Regaleon walked thru the sea of flames. The flames parted as if letting him through on purpose.

"I heard that the great queen of Jennovia personally sailed with her fleet to battle." Regaleon grinned. "It is courtesy for a royal from Grandcrest to receive a royal from Jennovia, correct?"

It was a custom from the four countries in the past that if a royal was to visit another country, then also another royal was to receive the guest.

"Y-You... presumptuous!" The queen yelled in anger.

"Hahahaha... What did you expect Queen Patricia?" Regaleon said mockingly. "Is my welcoming party not to your taste?" His grin was mocking the queen that infuriated her.

"How did you know?!" The queen asked furiously. "The plan should have been flawless."

"I have my means, queen. And I have no intentions on showing my cards, of course." Regaleon said. "Of course I am here to escort you to our country. Are you ready Queen Patricia?"

The queen was shivering in fear. She didn’t know why she was frightened with a young brat like him.

’I am older and more experienced than him. I have gone thru more difficulties than this. But why am I shivering in fear in front of him?’ The queen thought. "I need to get out of here, I need to escape.’

Regaleon took another step, making his distance to the queen lessen.

"Don’t come any closer!" The queen yelled.

Regaleon was about to board the ship the where queen was. Her fear was enveloping her whole being. Regaleon’s every step was frightening to here.

"I said do not come any closer!" The queen yelled more loudly and took a step back. She waved her hand towards where Regaleon was.

The ship where Regaleon was standing started to shake violently. And out of nowhere the ship started to break.

"Ugh." Regaleon knelt on one knee. He can feel his body becoming heavier and heavier, as if a boulder was pressing on top of him.

"Your majesty!" Dimitri shouted.

With this Regaleon fought off the heavy feeling and stood up. Dimitri ran towards him and helped him and they jump of the ship they were standing to the other ship. The ship they were at broke into pieces like it was crushed by an unseen force and started to sink beneath the sea.

"So, this is your magic power." Regaleon stood up after feeling that the force weighing on him was lifted. "I can’t let my guard down just because you are a woman."

Regaleon pulled his sword out of its sheath and pointed it towards the queen.

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Chapter 229 A Fierce Battle

"So, this is your magic power." Regaleon stood up after feeling that the force weighing on him was lifted. "I can’t let my guard down just because you are a woman."

Regaleon pulled his sword out of its sheath and pointed it towards the queen.

"You dare point your sword at me!" The queen yelled in rage.

"What did you expect, a warm welcome?" Regaleon said mockingly. "Well my fire is quite warm, I hope it is to your liking!"

Regaleon launched a fire ball attack towards the queen. But it was deflected by a water magic.

"Your majesty!" Jeremy said while arriving at the scene.

"Why are you just arriving now?!" The queen growled.

"We are sorry for being late" Clara said arriving just after her brother Jeremy.

"It’s you two again." Regaleon recognized the two people who just arrived. He wouldn’t forget these two that tried to kidnap Alicia one too many times.

"It is an honor for the king of Grandcrest to remember such a lowly person as me." Jeremy said.

"How could I just forget the person that tried to abduct my Alicia, not one but two times?" Regaleon smirked coldly. "We have fought each other for a few times. And now you are in my path once again."

"We won’t let you hurt our queen!" Clara yelled.

The siblings stood in front of the queen defensively.

"If you stand in my way then so be it." Regaleon pointed his sword and got ready to charge.

"Your majesty, let me handle this and go get the queen." Dimitri said standing by Regaleon’s side.

Regaleon looked at him with a serious face. "Are you sure you can handle this? You are going against two."

"Of course your majesty." Dimtri said confidently. "And I am not alone."

Not long, two of Dimitri’s men arrived at the scene.

"Hmm. Then I will leave them to you." Regaleon nodded.

"Of course your majesty." Dimitri and his men readied for battle.

"My queen, please escape while you can. We will stop them here." Jeremy said while readying himself.

"Be sure to not let them thru." The queen ordered and retreated with the vice admiral and lady in waiting.

"This way your majesty." The vice admiral leads the way.

The three retreated while the siblings defended their path.

"I won’t let you get away!" Regaleon ran to chase them when Jeremy blocked his path.

"I won’t let you thru!" Jeremy charged with his sword and Regaelon blocked him.

"You again." Regaleon said with gritted teeth.

They pushed each other back with force. Jeremy charged again but it was Dimitri that blocked Jeremy’s attack.

"I will be your opponent." Dimitri said while Jeremy had an irritated face.

Regaleon took this time to run past Jeremy and Dimitri But Clara was in front of him to block his way.

"We won’t let you thru!" Clara was about to launch a magic attack when Dimitri’s men defended Regaleon.

"Your majesty, we will deal with the girl. Please move forward." One of Dimitri’s men said.

"Thank you." Regaleon replied.

"No you won’t! I won’t let you!" Clara took a step back to catch Regaleon but was intercepted by one of Dimitri’s men.

"Get out of my way!" Clara said in rage but cannot do anything with two men blocking her way. "This is unfair. Two against one and I am also a girl."

"I am sorry miss but we won’t make a mistake of underestimating you just because you are a girl." One of Dimitri’s men replied.

After fighting against these siblings in the past, Dimitri knew not to underestimate their fighting and magic abilities. For them to serve by the crown prince’s side and now they were with the queen, just mean they are stronger than an average Atlantian.

Dimitri is strong to fight Jeremy one on one, while his other men have to take on Clara two against one.

"Tsk... you aren’t gentlemen even with us being same Atlantians." Clara said while trading blows with Dimitri’s men.

"Why are you doing this?" Jeremy asked while fighting against Dimitri. "You are all Atlantians as well. We should be fighting on the same side."

Dimitri and Jeremy were equal in strength and magic power. If either one of them loose focus, even just for a split second, then he will surely lose.

Dimitri maintained his serious look, not letting Jeremy’s words shake him.

"So what if I am also an Atlantian? Does that mean I have to follow your queen as my master just because she is of royal blood?" Dimitri countered.

"Of course it is a given. She will raise our country of Atlantia from the ashes and lead it to victory against the countries that oppressed us." Jeremy said.

"You say all that but do you even remember what happened in the war?" Dimitri asked. Jeremy didn’t reply and stayed silent while they are still exchanging blows.

"Judging by your age, you were not older than five years old when the war raged this continent, while I was eight years old and saw the death and suffering." Dimitri said. "I remember clearly what happened in the war and how the royal family left us for dead."

"T-That..." Jeremy wanted to refute but cannot think of what to say.

"You cannot blame me for not giving my trust to your queen. She is trying to revive the forbidden magic that left our country at the bottom of the sea and took the lives of many Atlantians." Dimitri said with seriousness. "I will give my loyalty to my king to which I know will give us a much brighter future."

Dimitri has the same water magic as Jeremy and their fight was equal in terms of sword and magic attacks. But after their exchange of words, Dimitri kept his calm while Jeremy was slightly shaken. Dimitri took this advantage to use one of his magic abilities that he was still honing, and that is the use of darkness.

Light and dark magic are said to be the two most powerful magic attribute there is in Atlantia. Only a handful of Atlantians have showed signs of wielding such magic abilities. Dimitri’s dark magic only manifested when he was twelve years old. That was when he was still under Regaleon’s mother’s care.

At first Dimitri was scared of such a strong power that can devour anything in its path. But fortunately, Regaleon’s mother was the former head of the mages in Atlantia and was a great magic user. She helped him control this ability. And even after her death, Dimtri honed this ability but seldom uses it because of the fear of being out of control.

’I guess this is the best time to use this magic.’ Dimitri thought and concentrated while defending from Jeremy’s attacks.

Jeremy was relentlessly attacking Dimitri when he felt something chilling. All of the hair on his body stood up in alarm and he can feel fear but doesn’t know why.

By that time, Dimitri’s shadow under him started to widen. Little by little, it spreads around him and was swallowing anything it touches.

"W-What..." Jeremy saw this and was alarmed. "T-That is... darkness..."

Jeremy knew of this attribute in his studies under an Atlantian mage. He knew it but this was the first time he came across someone that wields such strong magic attribute.

"Clara! Get back, get back to a safer distance. NOW!" Jeremy shouted.

But it was too late for him. The darkness has reached his footing and he was sinking slowly.

"B-Brother!" Clara shouted in fright.


Regaleon was running fast to catch the escaping queen. The queen’s group was able to get to shore while he was looking for a way to cross the water.

"Your majesty, let me." Some of Dimitri’s men accompanied him on the chase.

The man put his hand on the wooden ledge of the ship, not long the wood grew into branches and made a wooden bridge towards the river shore.

"Thank you. Let’s get going." Regaleon ordered.

Regaleon and his men continued their pursuit with the queen’s group. All Regaleon was thinking now is not letting the queen get away. If he was able to get the queen, he can use her as a wager against Jennovia and his son Prince Gladiolus.

’Having her as a hostage can stop this war sooner than expected.’ Regaleon thought.

Regaleon and his men reach the river shore when they were attacked by magic user. His men defended him from the attack and fortunately no one was hurt.

"You are so persistent, young king of Grandcrest." The queen came out from the shadows. "Do you think you can catch me? I am afraid you will be the one that will fall here, King Regaleon."

Queen Patricia was able to get to the safety of her men. Her guards consist of Atlantians that can use magic.

’Good thing Dimitri let me take some of his men.’ Regaleon thought.

Both of the group are Atlantian magic users, making the fight equal.

"you are so confident on your words Queen Patricia. Let’s just see who will fall tonight." Regaleon gave out a smirk. "Charge!" He yelled.

The fight started between the two groups. The sounds of swords clashing are heard and different magic attributes are used in the fight. Regaleon advanced step by step, swinging his sword and using his magic.

Queen Patricia was standing behind her guards that were defending her carefully. She had an irritated face seeing that Regaleon’s men can stand their ground against her men.

"My queen, it is best if you flee from here." One of her guards said to her.

"Hmm." The queen nodded. "Make sure to kill him." She ordered.

"Yes your majesty." The guard bowed his head.

When the queen was about to flee, a bright light from behind her flashed. It blinded the people around for a few seconds. When the light disappeared, the queen opened her eyes and looked behind her. She saw many of her men lying on the ground, some still standing but was visibly distorted.

"W-What just happened?" The queen was wide eye in surprise. "Y-You... it can’t be."

The queen looked at Regaleon with surprise and fear.

"Do you know that power?" Regaleon asked. "I also just found out I have such magic attribute and I am still new in using it. But judging by your fallen guards, I was able to use it quite well."

"Light magic?!" The queen said with uncertainty.

Light magic is an attribute more on the defensive side rather than offense. It can be used to heal wounds and injuries. It can also boost stamina and cure ailments such as poisons and the like. What Regaleon did now was to drain the stamina of the queen’s guards. Those that are lying on the ground were unconscious after their stamina ran out. The ones that are still standing have stronger stamina and could withstand Regaleon’s attack.

’I expected this.’ Regaleon thought.

Regaleon’s light magic surfaced just after Alicia was abducted. He was not yet used to using this kind of magic and no one was there to teach him how to. He self studied and this was the result.

"You... I will kill you here and now before you become an even more threat!" The queen yelled in anger. She raised her hand and the earth beneath them trembled.

There was an earthquake and the ground started to split in two.

"You will die here King Regaleon of Grandcrest!" Queen Patricia used her magic to tear the earth under them open.

Regaleon and his men were in a critical location. The ground underneath them was splitting apart. The queen’s unconscious men fell on the cracks.

"Stop! Your men are falling." Regaleon shouted but the queen acted as if she didn’t hear anything and continued.

"Damit!" Regaleon cursed. "Disperse out. Don’t let yourself fall." He ordered.

Regaleon looked at the queen that was looking at him with a piercing gaze.

’I need to stop this lunatic and fast.’ Regaleon thought as he was thinking of a way out of this predicament.

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Chapter 230 A Missed Chance

"Stop! Your men are falling." Regaleon shouted but the queen acted as if she didn’t hear anything and continued.

"Damit!" Regaleon cursed. "Disperse out. Don’t let yourself fall." He ordered.

Regaleon looked at the queen that was looking at him with a piercing gaze.

’I need to stop this lunatic and fast.’ Regaleon thought as he was thinking of a way out of this predicament.

The queen’s men together with his men are clinging for their lives in the splitting ground. Under them Regaleon can see molten lava flowing calm and steadily.

"My queen... help... ahh.ahhhhh." One of the queen’s men shouted. The earth he was holding on gave in and he fell and sank on the molten lava. "Ahh... help me..." The man’s screams seized after the lava swallowed him.

"Queen Patricia, are you crazy?!" I looked at her standing at the edge above them. "Your men are falling to their deaths."

"They are doing a big sacrifice to ensure your death King Regaleon." The queen smirked. "So just die!"

Regalon felt that this queen is so vicious, even to her own people. He has earth attribute magic but not that powerful. He tried to use it to make protrusions on the sides for the men to cling and climb on.

"If you want to live then climb with all your might!" Regaleon yelled.

Regaleon’s men did as they were told to, while the queen’s men were at a loss first.

"Dammit! I don’t want to die like this!" One of the queen’s men screamed and started to use the protrusions to climb as well. The others followed en suit.

All the men started to climb but then a rain of arrows came down from above.

"Be careful!" Regaleon ordered. "Dammit she really is so vicious."

Regaleon usd his fire magic to ignite the arrows raining towards them and burn them to ashes. This was the least he can do to defend his men.

"What are you doing? Kill them, kill them all!" Queen Patricia shouted hysterically.

The queen took a bow and arrow form one of her men and aimed it towards Regaleon. She shot the arrow herself.

"Go and die already!" Queen Patricia said while firing the arrow.

Regaleon was focused on the raining arrows on the other men that he was not attentive to the arrow aimed for him.


The sound of the arrow was heard by Regaleon a moment too late, but then an arrow from a different direction deflected it and Regaleon was safe. He looked up and saw one of the queen’s men that have climbed up from the pit was the one that shot the arrow that deflected the queen’s arrow meant for him

"Thank you." Regaleon mouthed his thanks and the man nodded.

"Grrr... how dare you!" The queen shouted in rage.

"I am sorry my queen but we have followed you to have a good future in the new world you have promised us." The man said. "But if you treat us like what the mad king did more than twenty years ago, then I will give my loyalty to someone else who I think is more suitable to be a good leader!"

The queen’s men that were out of the pit stood behind the man that just talked back to the queen.

"Y-You... traitors!!!" The queen shouted in rage. "Kill those traitors, kill them all!"

The men that were behind the queen were reluctant to do what the queen asked. The men that deflected were their comrades. And the queen just ordered to kill them.

"What are you waiting for? I ordered you to kill them all. Or do you want to die as well?" The queen looked back at her men and glared.

The men had no choice but to follow their queen. They pointed their bows and arrows towards the men that deflected.

When the queen’s men were about to release the arrows, Regaleon and his men was able to climb atop the pit to the side were the queen was.

"Stop them!" Regaleon ordered his men. And so they engaged in close combat. "Well Queen Patricia, good to see you up close."

Regaleon charged towards the queen who had her eyes opened wide in surprise and fright.

"My queen!" The vice admiral was there to block Regaleon’s sword. "Please go now. I will stop him."

"Y-Yes..." The queen turned around in haste that she stumbled to the ground but got back up in no time.

"You are serving a false queen vice admiral." Regaleon said while engaging in a sword battle with the vice armiral of the Jennovian fleet.

"I don’t know what you mean." The vice admiral said.

"She doesn’t care what happens to your country. She is just dead set in winning this war in any means possible." Regaleon said.

The vice admiral was at a loss for words. He doesn’t know the queen personally but because he serves in the military it was a given that he takes orders from the queen and to ensure her safety.

"I am not sure what you are trying to say but being a vice admiral it is my job to protect her majesty." The vice admiral replied.

"A pity... you look like a loyal man doing his best for his country." Regaleon said. He used his fire to overwhelm the vice admiral and let down his guard. He used this chance to knock the vice admiral down with his sword flying out of his hand.

"Ahh.." The vice admiral groaned in pain and was lying on the floor.

"I don’t have personal grudges against you vice admiral." Regaleon pointed his sword towards the vice admiral’s neck. "I won’t kill you tonight. But I suggest that you who are loyal to your country know what your queen is really up to. And if we ever meet again in the battle field and you are still loyal to your queen, then I will show no mercy and kill you by then."

The vice admiral looked at Regaleon in shock. Regaleon lowered his sword and looked where the queen ran off to and make his way to chase her.

The vice admiral looked at the retreating back of Regaleon. "He is a monarch that someone like me would love to have to serve to."

Regaleon’s charisma was felt by the enemies and some of the queen’s men who were Atlantian defected and was captured by Regaleon’s men.


Queen Patricia was running in the dead of night. She was running under the tall trees and protrude branches are grazing her, tearing her dress and giving her light scratches.

"Dammit!" The queen cursed. "This wasn’t in the plan. This shouldn’t have happened."

Then she heard footsteps gaining in on her.

"F*uck..." The queen ran fast as she could. She didn’t know who was behind her but just to be safe she wants to cross the border to Jennovia as soon as possible and get to safety.

The queen was running and panting very hard, when the running footsteps were just a few meters behind her.

"Sh*t." The queen turned around and used her magic to uproot the tall towering trees to block the way of the one that was chasing her.


One by one the huge trees tumbled down to block the path behind the queen.

"That will stop whoever is chasing me." The queen said and was about to resume running when she heard something.


The tall trees that she used to block the path was being cut with force and fire started to spread. Fear enveloped the queen’s body. She knew where that fire came from. She ran as fast as she could just to further the distance.

"Just a little towards the border." The queen said to herself.

Because of the war, the borders of Jennovia retreated inland because of the wins of Grandcrest in every battle. But even the further she ran the person begind her was catching up.

"Damn." The queen cursed once again. How many trees have she uprooted to block the path behind her. These trees was huge but the person behind was plowing thru them like there were cheese being cut to pieces.


The queen was swept away with the latest explosion and she was knocked towards the ground.

"Sh*t!" The queen cursed while she tried to stand up. She looked in front of her and a clearing was seen across the sea of trees from where she was.

Beyond there was the border of Jennovia. For sure soldiers are stationed there that can help her to get to safety. She ran as fast as she could towards her salvation.

"Where do you think you are going your majesty?" Regaleon’s chilling was heard in the cold night.

Queen Patricia was in the clearing but a wall of fire stopped her tracks, she couldn’t take a step forward. She looked around with fright. Just a few meters away from her, the young king of Grandcrest stands holding his sword. He was looking battered with dirt and blood staining his clothes. But even with this, he looked intimidating

"Y-You... what do you want from me?" The queen asked in fear.

"What I want from you?" Regaleon said with mockery. "After all the things you did, you ask me what I want from you. Well first, I want my fiancée back. Second, I want this war to end. Third, I want you to stop looking for the forbidden magic that can put all of our lives at risk."

Queen Patricia cringed after hearing Regaleon mentioned the forbidden magic.

"You know about the forbidden magic?" Queen Patricia looked at Regaleon with surprise.

"Well queen, I am sure you know I have Atlantian blood in me." Regaleon said. "My mother was from a branch family of the royal family and so she has told me many things about Atlantia and the Great War."

"I-Impossible!" The queen yelled in disbelief. She only thought that Regaleon was just an offspring of a regular Atlantian. ’No wonder his magic abilities are extraordinary and powerful.’ The queen thought.

But after the queen knew this, she saw Regaleon as more of a danger. The prophecy said about the chosen one being of royal blood, it didn’t tell specifically if it needed to be pure ore diluted like that of the branch family.

With his existence, there are two males with royal blood that can be ’The Chosen One’ of the prophecy.

’He really needs to die.’ The queen thought. ’He is a danger to Gladiolus’ future.’

The queen saw Regaleon taking a step towards her.

"D-Don’t come near me!" The queen yelled.

"Do not worry Queen Patricia, I don’t plan on killing you just yet. But I won’t promise you wouldn’t get hurt." Regaleon said with a serious face. "I need you alive to bargain with your son. With you in my hands, this war could end. That would be for the best."

The queen shivered in fear. The fire was blazing behind her, cutting her escape. She tried to use her earth magic once again and make the earth under the fire open up making the flames disappear. This gave the queen a chance to run.

"I won’t let you!" Regaleon charged towards the queen before she can escape. His sword was aiming towards the queens legs.


Regaloen’s sword was stopped by another sword. When he looked up he saw of the siblings, Clara.

"I won’t let you hurt her majesty." Clara pushed Regaleon with all her might.

Regaleon was pushed backward a few steps. He saw Clara was covered with wounds and was panting heavily.

"You are in no condition to continue on fighting." Regaleon said. "Lower your sword and I won’t take your life."

"Heh, I would rather die than be taken in as a hostage." Clara said. She raised her hand and fired some sort of signal in the night sky. The signal put of a red light like fireworks.

Not long soldiers in horseback were racing towards where they were.

"Tsk... Jennovian soldiers from the border?" Regaleon was irritated. "They were racing so fast. I am not sure if I can catch the queen by the time they get here."

Even with the injured Clara blocking his advance, catching the queen who can still use magic will be difficult.

"Your majesty!" Dimitri came with his men at the right timing.

"Dimitri." Regaleon looked at Dimitri who was by his side in no time.

"I am afraid we can’t win against these many soldiers." Dimitri gave his assessment.

Dimitri and his men looked battered and bloodied after the fight. They can’t win a fight with soldiers who were a hundred percent okay.

"It is best to retreat for now." Dimtiri said.

Regaleon looked at Clara and the queen who were just meters away.

"I was so close." Regaleon clenched his fists in irritation.

"Big brother!" Clara yelled.

Regaleon looked at where Clara was looking and saw that Dimirei’s men were guarding an unconscious and tied up Jeremy.

"Let’s retreat for now." Regaleon ordered when the group of soldiers on horses was getting nearer.

"Yes." Dimitri agreed and gestured his men to retreat.

"Give me back my brother!" Clara launched an attack their way but Dimitri was fast to counter her.

With Dimitri and Clara’s clash, Clara was knocked unconscious.

"Bring her." Regaleon said and looked at the queen. "This isn’t over. I will come for you soon." He threatened.

Regaleon’s group retreated while the queen was rescued by the Jennovian knights that had just arrived.

"You will be the one to fall young king of Grandcrest." Queen Patricia said between her clenched teeth.

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