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Chapter 101 At las
Abi felt the difference the moment she entered the newly opened path. The ground didn't feel like the same dirt ground as the dungeon. It felt cold and smooth, the same as the marble floor in Alex's house.? But that wasn't what gave Abi hope. It was the melodic music that seemed to be coming from inside the room. This was the melody that she had been following!

Abi winced in pain as she limped further in. Once she was a few steps away from the entrance, she heard a rumbling noise. She could only deduce from the sound that the door was closing.

Once the noise stopped, the dark tunnel became quiet again. However, Abi felt that the oxygen was much better in the place where she was now, compared to the damp, earthy smell of the dungeon. A light of hope emerged in Abi's heart. There was still hope for her! Maybe she would be able to leave this place alive and she would get to see Alex again.

Determined, Abi continued limping in the dark, her heart filled with hope. She focused all her attention to the sound and followed it through the twists and turns of this dark tunnel.

As Abi hobbled further inside the tunnel, the sound became more defined and she realised that it was music. Someone was playing a flute! Abi thought that whoever was playing that flute must be her guardian angel.

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Abi's tears started to flow as she followed the sound, hoping it would lead to life.


Back at the dungeon's entrance.

"Alex, please… have mercy. You promised us that you would never claim the life of any member of the Royal family. Please, let Mira go… we can imprison her and punish her, just please… let her live," the queen frantically begged for her daughter's life.

However, the glacier didn't even bat an eye.

"That lover of yours… you have only just been with her for a few days. She's only a commoner! My daughter is royal blood. That girl's life can't be compared to Mira's life."

What the queen said was the truth in the ears of everyone who was present. They all thought that whoever the girl was, her life could never hold a candle compared to the princess's life. They had already heard about Alex's new lover. They were also aware that Alexander was fond of her and that he even made her live in his house, protecting her from any harm. But knowing Alexander, they all believed that that girl would still end up like all the other girls in his life in the end. They all believed that Alexander was just not capable of loving anyone.

But then, Alexander's sardonic laugh echoed upon hearing the queen's words. The man's already deadly gaze intensified far beyond redemption as he looked at the queen. This was the first time Alexander ever looked at the queen this coldly.

"Just a commoner, huh?" He stopped laughing before he looked at everyone with absolute danger and real threat in his eyes. "Listen to me very carefully… If I can't find her before the sun rises… If I can't find her by then… alive…" for the first time, they heard a desperate emotion in his voice, "I will destroy the house of Reign until there is nothing left but ashes."

As everyone froze in fear, Alexander left the dungeon, taking the only key with him. This was it, the disaster. They couldn't believe that a woman would make Alexander declare such a terrifying thing but there was no doubt in everyone's mind that Alex was more than serious.

"Sire, I truly think we should call Prince Ezekiel to come now. This matter is extremely urgent!" one of the court officials present at the scene urged and the helpless King simply nodded. If there was anyone they could depend on at this point, it was Ezekiel, but, unfortunately, the prince wasn't in the country right now. Would he make it back in time?

In the palace underground, Abigail was starting to lose her strength.

It had been hours but the end of the tunnel seemed to be unreachable. She was slow because of the darkness and her throat had dried up. She wanted water so badly.

She had long stopped thinking and all she did was continue hobbling along in the dark. Her mind had gone hazy. She was exhausted. She felt like her body had gone numb.

The flute was still playing. Although she felt like the sound was getting a little louder in her ear, she could tell that the source was still far.

How much longer would it take for her to reach the end? Could she reach the end before she passed out?

At last, dawn came.

Kai and Kelly were already back. The cars that left last night had nothing to do about Abi's disappearance and the girl was nowhere to be found outside the palace.

Everyone in the palace was extremely tense.

They were all gathered in the throne room. Nobody went to sleep that night. They couldn't believe that a single commoner girl would be able to rock the entire house of Reign just like that.

As the sky started to lighten, the dread in everyone's heart was getting out of control.

At that moment, someone entered and whispered something to the king's ear. The crown prince, Ezekiel, was reportedly nowhere to be found outside the country.

The King felt like fainting. This was the time they needed his son the most. How could he disappear at this crucial moment? Wait… could it be that he was already in the country?

King Livius knew that his son, Ezekiel, was another peculiar man like Alexander. He was the type of man who wouldn't even appear on his father's birthday. Despite being like that, the king believed that his son already knew what was happening. The only question was, why had he not shown himself yet? His family was in great trouble!

While the King was trying to figure out what to do, someone entered the throne room again. When they saw who it was, the King and the rest looked like they had seen hope itself. It was because the man who entered was Ezekiel's most trusted right hand man.

However, to everyone's surprise, the man didn't walk towards the king. Instead he walked towards Alexander, who had just kicked the west door open with a bang as he entered the throne room as if he was some ruthless invader.

Zeke's right hand man didn't flinch at Alexander's presence as he approached him.

Alex, on the other hand, immediately laid his eyes towards the man who was reaching out a note as he slightly bowed to him.

Alexander didn't waste a moment and took the note.

The moment he read it, time seemed to have stood still and like a lightning strike, Alexander disappeared from the room, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

Was this crisis finally solved? Was the girl already found?!

But, was she alive?

Chapter 102 Awake
In no time, Alexander arrived at the foot of the hill.

The place was forested and steep, but Alex found the exact spot written on the note in no time at all, as if he didn't need to even have to search for it.

The moment he stood there, Alex's blazing eyes fell towards the man who was nonchalantly playing the flute as he sat on the grass with his left knee folded, while he leaned against a wall right next to an old wooden door that was already decaying.

"Zeke." Alex squinted his eyes as he glared down at him. However, Zeke simply looked up at him, unfazed, as he continued playing the flute, as coolly as ever.

Alex was about to approach the man when suddenly, his eyes were drawn towards the old door beside him.

With just that, Alex finally realized the reason why Zeke was here and why he was playing. He remembered that the last time he heard Zeke play a flute was back when he was a teenager when they were playing in the castle and had gotten lost. So seeing him playing now was strange and could only mean one thing – that there was a secret passage inside that dungeon that led to this exit that only Ezekiel knew about.

Alex rushed towards the door when suddenly, the door moved as he heard a sound coming from the inside.

However, before Alex could reach it, the door fell forward, halting him in his tracks, barely missing him.

His gaze flew towards the entrance and his eyes widened as he saw someone holding onto the door frame.

"A-abigail…" he uttered as the music stopped.

Abigail was blinded by the light so her head was turned towards her right as if to hide from the bright light. She was trembling. Her mind was no longer working. She didn't know if the brightness that flooded her eyes meant that she finally got outside or if she had actually died and had gone to heaven.

She noticed that the music had stopped. What did that mean? Was it over? She forced her eyes to open but then darkness slowly swallowed her whole before she could even lift her eyelids open.

"Abigail!" Alex called out as he caught her in his arms. He immediately looked for a pulse and he was utterly relieved when he felt her heart still beating and that she was still breathing. Alex felt like the spirit of life that had left his body entirely when he saw her collapse, had now returned.

At that moment, he didn't even realize that he was hugging her so tightly.

"Easy, Alex… or you'll end up squeezing her to death," Zeke said, nonchalantly, as he stood up, causing Alex to finally realize what he was doing.

"It looks like your little lamb is not as fragile as you think, Alex," Zeke added before he moved towards him and patted his shoulder.

Because Alex was holding Abi in his arms, Zeke swiftly managed to take the dungeon's key from him.

"I'll let Mira go. You can punish her all you want, but I can't just allow you to claim her life."

"That is not your decision to make, Zeke," replied Alex as he stood up, carrying Abi in his arms as carefully as if he was holding a newborn baby.

"Abigail is alive, Alex. No need to spill anymore blood. Besides, if you execute Mira because of her, I'm afraid you'll just be digging Abigail's grave. Or, were you thinking of taking all her freedom and chaining her right next to you forever to be able to keep her safe?"

Alexander didn't respond to Zeke's words. The murderous look in his eyes, that started to waver upon the sight of his little lamb, slowly faded and returned to its usual coldness as he disappeared from Zeke's sight.

Somewhere in Old city, Country V's capital…

It was a little dark when Abi opened her eyes again. Her entire body ached and she hadn't even moved yet! Her eyes slowly adjusted and wandered around as her brows knitted together.

Where was she? This wasn't her room. This was not her room at Alex's house either.

Abi moved and immediately winced because of the pain from the cut on her left leg.

As she continued to move, a deep voice made her pause. "You're awake," the voice said and Abi's head immediately turned towards her right, to the source of the voice.

"Alex… you're back!" her voice was barely a whisper. She realized that her throat hurt a little when she spoke. However, she couldn't think about the pain upon seeing Alex being right there next to her bed.

She felt like it had been a really long time since she last saw him. She missed him so much that she wanted to cry.

Abi immediately reached out and held his arm, as she attempted to rise so she could hug him, when Alex gently pinned her down.

"Stay put. You're injured." His voice sounded hoarse as if he was struggling to keep his voice gentle.

"Injured?" How come?" She said as she winced. Her voice was not coming out normally. She felt as though she hadn't drunk any water for many days. "Water, please," she asked.

Alex poured water into the glass and then looked at her. Abi was waiting for him to help her up but to her surprise, the man didn't. Instead, he drank it himself!

Abi's lips parted as she blinked at him in confusion. However, before she could complain, the man bent down and his lips crashed on hers. Her lips were already parted so he easily pried it open.

The next second, Abi felt the liquid flow from his mouth to hers, and then down her throat.

Abi felt like all her sleeping cells had been jolted awake by a lightning bolt. W-what did he just do?

Her face turned as red as a cooked lobster as she looked at him, dumbstruck.

But the man simply drank more water from the glass and kissed her again, making her drink the water from his mouth.

Chapter 103 Quiet rage
Abigail's face was burning red. Her throat was finally better now after the third time Alex made her drink water from his mouth. He didn't even give her a chance to decline him.

"Want more?" he asked, causing Abi to frantically shake her head.

"I… I'm fine now, Alex," she told him as she covered her lips with the back of her hand. "I… I can drink on my own. Y-you don't have to do that," she stammered.

For Abi, what he did was extremely embarrassing and she felt like she'd end up being choked to death instead if he continued doing that. She thought that this man had no idea how his actions were affecting her. No matter how much she told herself that he was only doing that to help her, her heart couldn't take it. She was afraid she might totally forget to breathe or swallow the water if he did that again.

"What. You don't like my method?" he asked, his fingers were already on her chin and his thumb wiping her wet lips.

"T-that's not it."

"So you like it but you're embarrassed?" he bent down and stared deep into her eyes. "Answer me, Abigail," his sweet breath touched her face.

Before Abi knew it she said the word "yes". This man was too much. How could she say no when he was asking her this way?

"Good girl," he replied. At that moment, Abi finally realized that there seemed to be something off with this man since she woke up. He didn't smirk or smile mischievously at her. She noticed that he always did that even in serious moments but now, he actually didn't smirk or smile even once. Also, why did his eyes look like they were colder than ever yet felt warmer than before? Did something happen during the seven days that he was away…?

Suddenly, the memories finally started flooding into Abi's head. That's right, she and Kelly had attended the ball and then… she was…

Abi's eyes slowly widened in both shock and horror the moment she remembered everything that happened to her. The darkness, the pain, the fear, the seemingly endless dungeon and the music… everything appeared in her head so clearly.

It was as if she just remembered a horrifying nightmare! Her hands suddenly clenched, clutching tightly on to Alex's shirt and her reddened face instantly became pale.

The next moment, her arms flew towards Alex's neck as they wrapped around him and pulled him down towards her. Abi hugged him as tight as she could as if she wanted to fix him permanently into her embrace.

"A-alex… I am not dreaming, right?" she asked. Her voice filled with doubt and fear.

"You're not, Abigail." Alex assured her.

"I… that… that dungeon… I was…"

"Mn… you made it out of that place on your own," he replied. His hand moved towards her head and he gently patted her hair in comfort. "You're amazing, Abigail."

With just those words, Abi's trembling lips and hand calmed down. The panic in her heart started to subside and her grip on him loosened up.

Alex moved and looked at her dumbstruck face.

"Everybody said no one had ever escaped from that place since it was built, but my na?ve little lamb actually made it out. I think I can't underestimate you from now on." He pinched her cheek as Abi looked at him in disbelief.

Abi couldn't speak for a while as she simply stared at him until Alex pulled himself up and sat up.

"You have to eat now," he said and without waiting for her response, the man carried her carefully in his arms. "I only have one servant here and she's pretty old. She can't even climb the stairs anymore so I have no choice but take you downstairs," he added as he walked out of the room.

Abi now noticed that this room where she was seemed even older than her room in her house.

Wait… where were they? Were they inside that palace?

"Ah… Alex, where's Kelly?!" Abi finally remembered her friend.

"Don't worry about her. Kai's looking after her. She's back at the hotel where you two were staying at."

"Does she know that I am here?"

"Yes. I told her I am taking you with me. You will stay with me until you get a little better and then we will go back home. She and Kai will fly back tonight."

"She's alright, right?"

"Yes. Nothing happened to her."

As Alex carried her down the stairs, Abi realized that they were not inside a palace. It seemed like they were inside a much older but a little smaller version of his house back home. The house was not as extravagant as the mansion. Instead of being made of marble, it was made from bricks, like the old castles, but it was still well in a very good condition, considering it looked about centuries old.

"Where are we?"

"My house."

Abi was surprised. So he had a house here, too. Could it be that his family was here? But the house was even quieter than his house back home!

Abi wanted to ask more questions but for some reason, she felt Alex's mood was a little strange. He was answering her questions without beating around the bush, almost as if he was answering an interview, straightforwardly.

He wasn't like this before. He used to tease her and smirk at her like a devil but now, he seemed to be suppressing something. She even noticed that he seemed to have to make an effort to control his voice. What's going on? Was this just her imagination?

"Careful with your leg," he told her as he put her down and helped her to her seat. The table in the dining room looked even more ancient than anything she had ever seen.

"Eat," he ordered, as he scooped a spoonful of soup to feed her.

"I can do it my-"

Abi couldn't continue what she wanted to say because of the sudden chill she felt from him. She finally realized what was wrong. This man was extremely angry and he had been trying very hard to suppress it or hide it from her. It was as if he was quietly raging.

Gazing at his serious face, Abi obediently opened her mouth and ate the food. The quietly sat there, with Alexander feeding her nonstop while Abi just obediently ate every morsel of food he gave her. Well, she was starving and needed to get back her strength so she had no complaints.

Once Abi's somewhat awkward, serious and quiet yet fulfilling meal was over, she gazed intensely at the man before she asked.

"Alex… are you angry?"
Chapter 104 Please stay
Alexander, who was pouring her a glass of water, paused as soon as he heard her.

His gaze fell on her and then his unnatural calmness finally swayed. He put the glass of water before her, not averting his eyes off her.

"So what if I am? What are you gonna do about it? Huh? Abigail?" For the first time that day, his lips curved up.

Abi's lips opened but no words came out from it. She moved and was about to stand up when Alex's cold and stern voice halted her.

"Don't you dare move. You hurt your leg." His voice was as cold as steel. He wasn't suppressing his anger anymore now that Abi had found out about it. His eyes were filled with cold fury.

"Are you angry with me?" Abi forced herself to ask. She couldn't help but feel intimidated by the immense coldness in his eyes.

At that moment, Abi saw his jaws clench and then he closed his eyes.

"I don't know," he muttered. "Even though you're here, alive and kicking, I'm still furious!" He ran his fingers through his hair as he threw back his head and stared up at the ceiling. "I thought I would calm down once you woke up but… I guess… I am really not capable of forgiving after all. Killing that conniving princess might be the only way for me to calm down," he mumbled, causing Abi to stand suddenly.

Alexander moved like a lightning towards her and held her waist. "You… are you trying to fuel my rage? I told you to stay put!" His calm fa?ade finally broke apart completely. His voice was loud and unrestrained but Abi wasn't concerned about his rage even though she felt chills run down her spine.

"P-princess? W-why would you want to kill her?" she stammered. What princess? Was he talking about the princess in this country?

"Because she was the one who kidnapped you and threw you in that dungeon, Abigail," he replied as his eyes burned with anger.

"Why… why did she do that to me?" Again, Abi didn't even flinch at the dangerous look in his eyes.

"Because she wants you dead."

Abi felt like her throat ran dry again. Why did that princess kidnap her?

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

Alexander's eyes scorched from under his beautiful lashes. "You did nothing wrong, Abigail. You just happen to be my..."

"I just happen to be your…?" she pressed, trying her very best to ignore the chills she was feeling as she stared at him.

Alex pressed his lips together into a hard line. And then, all of a sudden, he bent down and carried her, startling Abi by this sudden movement.

"You need to rest now," was the explanation he gave for his actions and Abi understood that this man was at it again, hiding things from her as usual.

She really, really wanted to know why a princess would do that to her but she suppressed herself from asking further. Alex was still angry. She was afraid that she would aggravate him further if she pressed to know the truth right now. Maybe… she would ask him again once his mood was better.

They were both quiet again as they climbed up two flights of stairs.

Once they reached the third floor, she realized that there was only one room on the floor.

"Alex, where's your room?" she asked, breaking the silence.

"This is my room, Abigail," he replied as he put her down on the bed.

'No wonder this room smelled like him,' was the thought that came to her head.

She looked around and realized how empty it was. There were no decorations or even books inside. It was a very plain and spacious room with almost nothing inside it. As she looked around, she couldn't explain why, but she suddenly felt cold. She realized what a cold, lonely and empty vibe this room gave off.

"You don't like it here?" Alex's voice rang and her head snapped towards him. She quickly shrugged off the feeling and thoughts in her head and told herself that it was probably because Alex had moved out from this place a long time ago and had abandoned this room for a long time.

"No, I like it here. It's just that… I'm surprised you let me inside your room. You never showed me your room back home," She accompanied her words with a quick smile.

However, Alex simply paused for a long while before he pinned her down on the bed, ignoring her words again.

"Sleep," he told her as he pulled the blanket up to her neck, almost as if he wanted to cover her whole.

Abi pursed her lips. She thought that she would at least get an answer to why he hadn't let her see his room back home but it looked like that was not a topic she could bring up at this time either. Was this man really not going to reveal anything to her at all?

"Sleep. Don't even think about going out because the door will be locked. I'll be back as soon as possible," he added and Abi saw his eyes glisten with something extremely dangerous as he glanced through the doorway.

Abi immediately thought about what he said a while ago. Was he going to that princess and…

Suddenly, Abi's arms wrapped around Alex's waist before he could turn to leave. "Alex… please don't leave. Please stay with me?" she begged. Was she really not able to calm him down at all? Did he really need to go and k… harm someone for him to calm down?

"Abigail, I can't stay with you like this," Alex's cold voice echoed inside the room but Abigail was persistent.

"I will try my best to calm you down. There must be some way. Just… please don't go."

"No, you have to rest." The glacier wasn't giving in at all. "I will at least let her live. Maybe it's just because her punishment wasn't fitting enough. I might calm down once I torture her enough with my own two hands."

Chapter 105 Like a dying man
Alex was really burning with rage. This man in front of her at the moment wasn't the same Alex who easily switched moods in a blink of an eye. She could see the furnace of rage he couldn't contain.

Abi slightly shivered but she still didn't let go.

"Now, let go, Abigail."

She shook her head on his chest.

"You don't need to do something like that anymore, Alex. I am fine, look! It's only a small cut on my leg but other than that, I am fine. I'm sure she already regrets what she did, so there's no need for you to do anything."

"Abigail, could it be that you're stopping me because you don't want me to do something horrible?" He squinted his eyes as he glared down at her. He held her face as he rubbed her cheek with his thumb. "Listen, little Lamb, I have already told you before. I'm not an angel like you. I am horrible creature to begin with, doing horrible things are just –"

"No. You're not horrible, Alex." Abi cut through his words. Her eyes didn't waver as she gazed up at him.

What she said made Alex stare down at her in disbelief. And then, finally, that devilish smile curved on his face. He slowly shook his head, looking up the ceiling and made an angry noise under his breath before he looked at her again. If this little lamb only knew, she wouldn't be so quick to deny his words. He knew what he was and nothing would ever change that, but this silly girl… this silly girl was too naive for her own good.

Alex's expression now seemed to be torn or pained or wary; she didn't know if what she was seeing was the real emotion he was feeling. He was almost impossible to read even at times like this when he was struggling to control himself.

"Abigail… if you knew who I really am, you would run away from me, screaming in fear," he told her, his voice now serious, as if he was sure of it.

"No, you're wrong, Alex! I wouldn't!" Abi didn't even hesitate to tell him that. She didn't know anything about him. She didn't know what he did or what he was capable of doing. She believed him when he told her that he was dangerous but she didn't feel that she was in danger when she was with him. Sure, she felt scared sometimes, but that was only because his aura was very overpowering and something that she was not used to. She knew deep in her heart that he would never hurt her so knowing that, whatever happened and no matter who he was, she would never run away from him, screaming in fear. In fact, she was certain that she would be screaming in pain instead when it's finally time for her to walk away from him.

"Please, don't go. I just don't want you to leave me again. I am finally with you again after one long week, so please, don't leave me alone here." Abi's grip on him tightened. She didn't even notice that her forehead was pressing against his belt. "Can't you just stay with me? I can help you calm down."

"And how would you do that? Huh? Abigail?"

Abi actually had no idea at all. She really didn't know how to coax an angry Alex to calm down. This was the first time she had witnessed him being this angry.

She heard him take a deep breath and when he touched her hand, Abi began to panic, thinking that the man was going to pull her hand away and leave.

Without thinking about it, she wrapped her arms suddenly around his neck and pulled his face down closer to hers and smacked her lips onto his. She kissed him with everything she had, putting in the new lessons she had learnt into effect as she poured all her emotion into it. 'I missed you. I need you. Stay. Don't go. Please,' were the words she wanted to convey to him through her kiss so she kissed him passionately.

Alex froze. He was caught completely off guard, never expecting his little lamb to do something like this. His lips didn't move because he was in a daze but after a second, he felt her breath enter his body and he felt its warmth run through his body, as if it was expelling all the cold, dark anger from his bones. He felt as if her kiss brought the sun back into his dark universe and all thoughts of revenge and torture slowly dispersed like dark clouds evaporating into nothingness.

After a few more moments, his lips finally moved and he kissed her back with more force than he had done before, reveling in the taste of her lips. He kissed her like a dying man drinking from the fountain of life. He was so lost in their kiss that he didn't notice the tears rolling down Abi's cheeks until they landed on his face. What? Why was she crying?

Abi also didn't realise that tears had started falling down her face. She didn't know why she was crying either. Maybe the traumatic experience she just recently escaped from had finally caught up to her. Maybe she just suddenly realised that she was lucky to have gotten out of that place alive and that she was very lucky to be there, at that moment, kissing this man who she thought she would never see again. Her tears kept flowing, non stop, like a never ending river and she couldn't stop it.

When she couldn't breathe from crying and kissing him at the same time, Abi pulled away from Alex and looked up at him with her tearstained face. Her face was just so expressive that he could read all the different emotions that ran through them. Alex cupped her cheeks with both hands and he wiped away all her tears.

"Shhh, don't cry, Abigail," he said softly and before she knew it, he had bent down and placed his lips on her closed eyes, kissing away her tears.

When he moved away, Abi looked up at him with all the seriousness she could muster and she said, "I didn't know if I would ever see you again and I… Can I ask you to stay here with me, please? I just want you to hold me so that I know this isn't a dream. Please, Alex?"