✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 106 - 110 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 106 Guardian angel?

Before Alex knew it, he was already on the bed, lying next to her. Her arm was wrapped around his waist as she lay on her side, with her injured leg on top of him, pinning him down well and truly.

Alex stared up the ceiling as he thought about what just happened. This little lamb actually tamed him just like that. She even made him lie next to her like this, almost as if she had turned him into her obedient pillow! What was going on? When did he become this considerate towards this little fruit? When did a kiss start to affect him like this?

Alex thought hard about this. He looked back on his reactions since the moment he found out that she was missing and he surprised himself. For the first time, he experienced how it felt to become desperate, to not be in control, almost going insane from his rage. He experienced the kind of emotions he thought he never possessed. All of these feelings were completely new to him.

A quiet sigh left Alex's lips as he lifted his arm and placed it on his forehead. He didn't think that these emotions were awakened by his little lamb but that she had somehow placed them inside him without him knowing it. The worst thing was that these new emotions were dangerous to have, at least for someone like him.

"Alex…" Abi's voice pulled him back from his thoughts and the man immediately turned to look at her.

His brows abruptly knotted in displeasure. "You're still awake? I told you to –"

"But I just woke up not long ago!" she cut through his words, pursing her lips. "I will sleep once my body needs it. Besides… I'm afraid you'll ditch me once I close my eyes."

"I won't leave you, Abigail." He enunciated every word. His mood shifted again. His gentle voice and expressions disappeared and the usual moody Alex returned.

"Were you the one playing that flute?" she asked when he looked away from her and stared up at the ceiling again.

"No, it wasn't me," he answered. For some reason, there was an undercurrent in his voice that she couldn't comprehend.

"I see… If not for that person, I think I never would have found my way out –"

"How did you manage to evade those traps?" he cut her off this time. He sounded like he didn't like what she just said.

"I used stones. I threw them in the dark and listened to the sound they made to avoid the traps. And then… I heard that melodic sound. I followed it and that's how I accidentally found the secret passage."

"You heard the sound while you were still inside the dungeon?" Alex was surprised. The part of the dungeon where the traps were laid down was far away from that exit where Zeke played the flute. How could she hear it?

"Mm. My hearing is my superpower. I can hear things that most people can't." She smiled at him, like she was boasting about her gifted talent. "Hmm… if it wasn't you, then who was it? Ah, could that person be my guardian angel?!"

Alexander suddenly emitted an ice cold aura before he glared at her.

He cupped her face and moved his face close to hers. "He's not your guardian angel, little fruit," he said, sternly and unhappily. "Instead of just playing that damned flute, he should've just entered from that exit and opened that damn secret door to save you! That punk, I really want to skin him alive."

Alex gritted his teeth. He couldn't understand why Zeke didn't just go in to get her instead of just playing the flute but then again, Alex couldn't deny the fact that Zeke still saved Abigail, not him, so he really couldn't complain when he himself could do nothing.

But what he did confused Alex. Alex knew what Zeke wanted but he contradicted everything with his actions and did the complete opposite of what Alex expected him to do.

"Now sleep, little fruit." Alex put his palm over her eyes to force her to close them. However, once again, he didn't expect what the little lamb did next.

She stretched out her hand and touched his face. "Alex, thank you for being there when I came out."

She smiled sincerely at him and Alex slowly removed his hand from her eyes.

"You knew I was there?" he asked, surprised.

"Mm. I heard you call out my name. I knew you were looking for me. I thought that you were waiting for me outside the entire time so I didn't give up until the end." Her face beamed even brighter but Alex's face seemed to have stiffened.

"Abigail… you know that this happened to you because of me, right?" he said. His voice became cold again. Since he found her, Alex thought that this little lamb's attitude towards him would change from now on. He even thought that she would be traumatized and would finally quit once she woke up. But she didn't. She was right there, lying on his bed, smiling at him and thanking him.

"I know. But you were also the reason I got out of there. I didn't give up because I wanted to prove to you that I could handle the hell you spoke of," she said seriously.

Then in the next second, she looked up at him with her big round eyes, blinked a few times before she asked, "Didn't I do well?" in a tone akin to a little child showing their parents that they could ride a bike without training wheels for the first time and looking for their praise.

Alex looked at her expression with incredulous eyes. Was this little fruit actually asking to be given a pat on the head for a job well done? Before he could say or do anything, she spoke again.

"But what I still don't know is why. Was it because... they don't like me? Are you this country's crown prince?" she asked, her big eyes looking expectant as she waited for his reply.

Chapter 107 It will never be me

Her questions and expressions made Alex smirk. "What makes you think that I am?"

"Well… for you to be able to punish that princess, like you said you did, you would have to be someone as powerful as the royal family, if not more, right? But why did they do that? Was it because they don't want you to marry a commoner like me?" Abi explained her thoughts to him.

She had read a few fictional romance novels about the love between royals and commoners and how the royal family would always try and break them up because the commoner wasn't a suitable match.

However, her theory was laughed at by Alex. Was she wrong?

"Crown prince, huh?" he muttered once he stopped laughing. He looked at Abi with a playful smirk as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Rest assured, little lamb. I'm not a crown prince or part of the royal family. And I am not planning to marry anyone, Abigail."

"But you would eventually marry in the future, right?"

Alex's hand on her face paused and for some reason, Abi felt like all the lights in his eyes disappeared for a moment as he murmured.

"The future… I don't have a future, Abigail…" he said and Abi's eyes widened.

"W-what do you mean you don't have a future?!" Abi suddenly panicked. She felt her heartbeat turn chaotic as she moved her body to rise.

However, Alex was quick to pin her down again. "Abigail, how many times do I have to tell you to stay put?" he scolded her but Abi was unfazed.

"It's because you're saying such things again!" She suddenly became emotional and Alex had no idea why. "Saying you don't have a future… only people who are dying say things like that! Are you dying?!"

Alex was speechless. Why did this girl keep getting riled up by unnecessary things like this?

"Little lamb, do I look like I'm dying?" he asked as he pointed to his own face. His expression was filled with disbelief.

"No, but…" Abi replied after staring at him for a long while.

"What I'm saying is… I don't have that kind of future, Abigail. Marrying someone… that's absolutely not for me," he told her. He sounded like he had made up his mind a long time ago and that there was no changing his mind about it.

Somehow, even though Abi's expression finally changed and she had at least calmed down, for some reason, his last sentence pierced like a needle through her heart.

"W-why? Why don't you want to marry? Is it because you don't want children? Or is it because you just can't see yourself settling down with one person? Or is it because you don't believe in marriage?" Abi stared deeply into his eyes as she spoke.

"As for me I… That is definitely something I would like to experience… I want to wear that white wedding dress, walk down the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband and say those vows. To dance and celebrate and to live happily ever after with them," she told him and Alex's lips parted.

He was at a loss for words.

The truth was that getting married was supposed to be one of Abi's wishes. This was something that had been on her mind for a long while now. What normal girl out there didn't dream of their wedding day? But she knew that that was too much for her to ask. She knew there was no way Alex or anyone else would agree to it, so she crossed it off her list.

Abi felt a little tensed as the silence dragged on. Maybe she shouldn't have brought this topic up. She knew she sounded crazy. She had only been with this man a little more than two weeks and bringing something up like this would surely scare any sane man away. But she was only telling the truth. Getting married was something every woman dreamed of and this was next in line below her ultimate wish but she knew that was simply impossible.

After a minute or so, as expected, Alex chuckled noisily as he shook his head. He probably thought that she had gone mad.

However, a second later, his eyes turned serious.

"Tell me, Abigail… why are you saying all this?" he asked. His eyes were brooding and Abi's heart skipped a beat when she realized that Alex might be starting to become suspicious.

"Uhm… well… this is… because you said you'd never marry. How can you say that when you haven't even tried it? What if we get married and be a married couple for the rest of the month? Maybe after our trial marriage, you might change your mind and decide to marry someone for real and have a family in the future." Abi bit her lips.

She didn't know what she was saying anymore. She just didn't want him to suspect anything. But her last sentence was like a sharp knife being pierced through her heart. The thought of him marrying someone else someday hurt her, so damn bad.

Alex threw back his head as he let out a throaty chuckle before he looked at her again, shaking his head. "Little lamb, do you have any idea how ridiculous you are becoming by the day? I can't believe you are actually thinking about something like this."

"I don't see anything wrong with wanting to experience it," she defended herself.

"Abigail… you'll get married properly one day. There's no need for you to rush like this."

"If… I do get married one day… you're saying that my groom won't be you?"

"Yes. It will never be me, Abigail," he answered and Abi almost felt like she was being strangled.

That was right, she almost forgot what Alex told her the first time they met. That he didn't do love and that was exactly the reason why she chose him. "I told you, that's not for someone like me."

"Is it because you don't want to settle down or commit to anyone?"

Abi saw Alex's eyes glimmered with something she couldn't comprehend.

Chapter 108 Little fruity lamb
Her question seemed to have stirred something inside him.

"Yes, you're right, Abigail. It's simply because I don't want to settle down or commit to anyone," he said as the corner of his lips curved up.

However, to Abi, his words were unconvincing. He was lying and for the first time since she had known him, she was certain about the things she saw in his eyes. She could tell that there were untold reasons why, and she wondered what it could be. Whatever it was must be something big because not wanting to get married was a big decision in itself.

"So, are you saying you will say no even if I ask you to marry me?" She knew that marriage wasn't something to be taken lightly but… it would be nice if she could marry this man before her time was up. Deep within her, she knew that he would be the only man she would ever want to be with, even if he didn't love her. But after seeing Alex's disbelieving reaction, Abi's little hope slowly died down. Maybe it was better this way.

She knew that her wish was just impossible and she knew she shouldn't be more selfish than she was already being. Even if Alex was the man she wanted to marry, she couldn't possibly force him to marry her just to leave him afterward. She could never do that. She thought that Alex deserved to marry someone he loved in a proper and serious way one day, not the trial marriage she was talking about.

At that moment, before Alex could even say a thing, Abi suddenly grinned. Then suddenly, she cupped her cheeks with her hands as she blinked at him with puppy dog eyes and pouted like a spoiled little girl. "Are you saying that you can resist this cute little creature's charm?" she asked in a cute and playful way, referring to herself.

She then turned up the cuteness level by 200% as she rubbed her head on his chest like a little kitten and looked up at him. "How about now? Will you still reject me if I asked you to marry me?" she asked playfully and then she cleared her throat. "Ahem… Alexander Qin, will you marry me, your little fruity lamb?" She said these words in a way that clearly told him she was just playing around.

She was trying to lift the mood to make him think that her words about a trial marriage were nothing serious.

Fortunately, what she did seemed to have immediately worked. Alex fell in a daze before he let his body fall back on the bed as if he was finally done with her quirks.

"Tch… I can't believe that a little fruit is actually trying to drive me insane!" The man bit his lips as he shook his head as if he couldn't believe that he just gave up the championship game midway because some little fruit annoyingly fell and hit his head. And what did she just say? Little fruity lamb?

For the first time, the man looked frustrated as he laughed and shake his head. But somehow, at that moment, Abi thought that he looked a little… cute. She never thought that this oh-so-cold and scary Alexander Qin was capable of reacting like this!!

Wanting to see that expression again, Abi was about to mischievously tease him with those words again when to her surprise, Alex pinned her down again using his strong arms.

"Stop messing around now and sleep!" His tone became serious again so Abi could only pout and stay put.

"Okay, but you have to promise me not to leave, okay?"

"I told you, I will not leave."

Abi closed her eyes and after some time, the little lamb fell asleep. Alex turned and looked at her face. His cold eyes immediately softened as he lightly touched her cheeks and then her lips.

"Marriage, huh?" he mumbled and then his eyes grew dim before he looked away and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. He couldn't believe that he just imagined her in a white wedding dress and he actually felt like he wanted to see it in reality.


Meanwhile at The Grand Palace…

In a secluded prison at the top most part of the northern tower, Princess Mira was gripping the metal bars as she looked at her brother, Ezekiel.

That prison wasn't as gruesome as the underground dungeon but it was still a prison cell. This place was where members of the royal family would be held if they committed an unforgivable crime. According to the kingdom's history, a queen who once committed treason against the king at the time was imprisoned in this place for many years until she died. This place was not a nice place at all and that was why everyone was shocked when Ezekiel put his sister there.

"Brother... how could you be this cruel to me? That girl is alive! I didn't kill her! And yet, you're locking me up in this horrid place?!"

"Mira, you should be grateful. You know what you did was unforgivable. If Alex had his way, your head would be dangling outside for the crows to feast out of. This is the only way. If he thinks that I didn't punish you enough, he will come after you. I have to do this to save your life, so shut your mouth and bear the consequences of your actions. You didn't use your brain so you have to pay for your own stupidity," he said coldly before he turned away.

The King and queen as well as the other princesses were present to send Mira off because they would never see her again, unless Ezekiel pardoned her.

Before Ezekiel left through the door, he halted and spoke one last time. "This will serve as an example for everyone. If you want to mess with Alex, get ready for the consequences. What I'm saying is... If you don't want bloodshed, don't even think about taking that girl's life. Leave this matter to me so don't ever do anything like this again because if there is a next time, I'm not going to save anyone from his wrath."

Chapter 109 No matter wha
Abi and Alex boarded a private jet to head back home so Abi enjoyed an even more beautiful view of Country V.

The sun was still high in the sky when they landed.

When they reached Alex's mansion, Abi was surprised to see that Kelly was already there, waiting for her with Kai.

The two embraced each other the moment Abi got out of the car. Kelly had been worried about her best friend but it seemed like Alex was quite trustworthy. Her dearest Abi looked really revitalized. In fact, her complexion was better than before they went to Country V, even though she was still injured.

"Uhm… Alex, can I take Kelly to my room?" Abi whispered to Alex and fortunately, the man didn't hesitate to agree. Well, Kelly was already there so there was no point trying to hide anything from her anymore.

As expected, Kelly's eyes were wide as saucers once they stepped foot inside. However, the main reason why Abi wanted to speak with Kelly was to ask her about the things that happened while she was missing. The two headed to the elevator as Kelly supported Abi as she walked. Little did Abi know that Kelly was also there to ask her what happened to her.

"Okay, I'll speak first." Kelly started. "Honestly, I don't quite know what happened. I mean, it was so chaotic while we were looking for you. You may not believe me, Abi, but the entire force of Country V in that city moved just to find you. It was almost as if the king was the one that was kidnapped!" Kelly's eyes were wide with awe as she recounted the story. "Tell me, just who is Alexander Qin? That man was also very scary at the time. He looked like a demon who was ready to burn the entire palace if you had not been found!"

Abi was surprised. What? An entire government force in the city looked for her?! Abi couldn't believe it.

"Kelly, are you sure? Maybe, those people who looked for me were just Alex's men," Abi reasoned out. Alex told her that he wasn't a royal so there was no way he could mobilize this city's force!

"Abigail. When have I ever lied to you? I saw it with my own two eyes, okay? All the royal guards also searched for you," she argued.

"I'm sorry, Kelly. I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I am also confused because Alex told me that he wasn't royalty," Abi confessed and Kelly pressed her temples. Now that was a shock. Kelly had been thinking that he was the mysterious crown prince but if he was not… then who the hell was he to mobilize this country's force just to look for his woman?! Even the pretty prince was being ordered around by him like he was his personal knight!

Kelly was getting a headache.

"Kelly… I'm sorry for the trouble. Alex said that the one who kidnapped me was one of the princesses. I still don't know the reason why she would do that to me. Alex said that I was down there because of him so I can only think that maybe she wanted to be Alex's lover so she needed to get rid of me first. Alex told me that it was better if I didn't know, that it was better for me not to know anything about him." Abi looked down. "But… I will try to ask him again in the future."

Kelly was in disbelief but Abi smiled, looking willful so Kelly could only sigh. She couldn't get anything out from that damned prince so she already predicted that Abi wouldn't know anything either. That night proved that Alexander Qin might be someone even greater than she could imagine. She saw how the soldiers and even the royal guards obeyed his every word even though he was clearly not the king. Could it be that he was actually the real king of that country and that the Reign family were just his stand ins?

She had thought hard about this possibility but Abi just mentioned that he said he wasn't royalty at all. However, she couldn't logically think of any other reason why he seemed to have more power than the royal family. There were too many questions and they had none of the answers. The only thing she was sure of was that Alexander Qin might be a shady creature; the shadiest man she had ever known.

"Okay, I understand but… Abi… are you sure about this? I mean, I just can't stop worrying about you. You know that you might not be safe if you stay, right? Just because you have the title of being his girlfriend… people have started trying to hurt you. What if that car that nearly got you last week also had something to do with your boyfriend?"

Abi's eyes slightly widened before she shook her head.

"That… that was just an accident," she said but then she also remembered the stalker that Alex had beaten the other day. However, she just couldn't believe it. Why would they come after her? What would they get from her? The cliché plot she always read in novels was that the enemy was supposed to kidnap her and use that against Alex. But they didn't do that. Why did it feel like they wanted her dead instead without Alex knowing? She asked herself as she shuddered when she remembered the murderous intent of that stalker.

However, Abi was not going to crumble in fear.

"Don't worry, Kelly. Alex will protect me," she said firmly. Even if her life was in danger, she knew that Alex would protect her, no matter what.

"Sigh… okay, fine, but please be careful, okay? You can't afford to get hurt again. You're lucky that Alex didn't bring you to the hospital and just called a doctor to see you since you only passed out due to exhaustion."

"Mm. I will be very careful."

Chapter 110 Eleven
It was almost sunset when Abi sent Kelly off because Kelly's parents called her to come over to their house.

Once Abi returned inside the house, she walked towards Alex, who was sitting by the fireplace.

She sat right next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Alex, you ended up not fulfilling any wishes of mine for eleven days," she told him when suddenly, he gently pulled her head down and made her lie down on him, using his lap as her pillow. Abi smiled and she gladly positioned herself as she looked up at him.

The man stared down into her eyes.

"Eleven requests aren't that hard to fulfill. What are your requests? Tell me and we can start but I will be choosing which request I will fulfill first because you are still injured. Who knows, you might ask me to help you fish for tuna in the Pacific Ocean," he sternly told her with a straight face and Abi's mouth parted before she burst out and chuckled.

"Fishing for tuna? That sounds fun." She grinned and it was Alex's turn to be speechless. At that moment, Abi immediately took advantage of his silence and she cupped her hands and blinked cutely at him, wanting to tease him again. "Alex, will you marry me?" she suddenly added and the already speechless man seemed to have completely lost his tongue.

He simply stared at her in disbelief before he bit his lips and pinch the skin between his brows.

Abi felt like smiling at seeing his reaction. She really found this cold glacier a little cute when he was like this.

However, the feast didn't last for more than a few seconds because the man suddenly pinched her cheeks. "Little fruit, stop messing around or I will not fulfill any of your wishes today," he threatened and Abi could only purse her lips and obey.

"Okay, okay… I'll tell you now."

Abigail was silent for a while. She hadn't scanned her wishlist for days now but they were still clear in her memory. She saw her list as if it was right in front of her with only three ticks next to the three items that had been fulfilled. So now that Alex was going to fulfill eleven of those as he promised, she was very excited.

The excitement in her heart was overflowing that she totally forgot about the fact that she was injured.

"Okay, number 1," she said as she gestured number 1 with her pinky finger. "I want to play laser tag with you."

Alex's lips parted again in disbelief. Laser tag? What the hell! That was something that had never, ever, crossed his mind!

"Rejected… next," he replied and Abi pursed her lips. But then, the girl immediately switched gears.

"Ride a tandem bicycle with me." She said and Alex closed his eyes.

"Abigail… why are these things even on your list?"

"What's wrong with them? They look quite fun and romantic and something that couples do."

"Rejected. Next."

Abi was about to complain but she stopped herself. After all, she couldn't afford to make him grumpy because then he might renege on his offer.

"Let's watch the sunset and sunrise in one day."

"Approved. Next."

Finally, one had been approved. Abi's face immediately brightened as soon as he agreed.

"Let's visit a haunted house," was the next request and Alex felt his mouth open and shut as he stared down at her. However, no words came out of it. It was obvious he was utterly speechless again by her requests.

But then, after a short while, he agreed and Abi celebrated again. Nine more.


"Let's go canoeing," she said excitedly and Alex's brows knotted together.


"Mm. That's something that could be fun right?" she exclaimed excitedly as she started to imagine a beautiful scenario of the two of them in a boat together, cuddling as they floated on top of a clear blue lake.

Alex seemed to have thought about it for a while before he agreed again. That's three!


"Let's go to the zoo, Alex."

"The zoo, huh…" he repeated as he leaned his head on his palm. He definitely looked like a dad listening to his daughter's favourite things to do and places to visit. But then, he could only approve. At least, she was not asking for them to go and hunt a crocodile's eggs or anything like that. "Approved. Next."

"I want a horseback ride on the beach." She grinned at him and Alex pressed his temples. Horseback ride… this girl…

Alex had been expecting more feminine requests like requesting for a romantic and luxurious date, expensive jewelry set as a gift, some public displays of affection, and other things like that but this little lamb of his was really living up to her name. Her requests were so random. Visiting a haunted house, then a lake, then a zoo, and now on a beach. They were all outdoor activities and that was only four of her eleven requests. Was she doing this on purpose to make him eat his words that fulfilling eleven wishes in one go was easy?

"Approved, next."

Time ticked by and only two more requests were finally left.

Alex was rubbing his temple at that point. He didn't look too excited by any of these requests at all but a promise was a promise.

"Little lamb," he now said, instead of the usual "approved" and "next" that he was saying, almost as if he had become a parrot. He rubbed her cheeks with the back of his hand. "All those nine requests are all for the outdoors. Don't you have a request that we could do indoors? We have plenty of time tonight."

Abi blinked at him. Now that she thought about it, Alex was right.

"I have. Okay, my tenth request is… hmm… let's cuddle by the fire," she said and Alex raised his brow. For once, she requested something that interested him.

"Sure. And the last?"

"Will you m---y me?" she spouted out again but she mumbled the word 'marry' so that it was almost unrecognizable. Teasing him sure was fun. She never imagined that she would be able to tease him like this.

When she felt him stiffened again, she blinked up at him with innocent eyes and asked cheekily, "what? What's with this reaction? I asked, will you read to me? What did you think I said?"

Alex was sure he heard her ask him to marry her again, especially when she looked up at him with those big innocent eyes. This cheeky little lamb was really trying to drive him insane!

"Will I read to you? Hmmm, what kind of book?" He played along with her because he mentally noted that he would get her back for her cheekiness.

"Ohh… hmm… we should choose which book we want the other to read us. For me, I'd like you to read me a chapter of one of my favorite books," she animatedly told him, her eyes even sparkling in excitement. "How about you? What do you want me to read for you?" she innocently asked him, looking expectant.

However, the man seemed to have something naughty in his mind as his lips simply curved up. "I don't know the title so… I'll just get the book and give it to you later," he answered, causing Abi to look at him with confusion. How come he didn't know the title? She was sure he would ask her to read his favorite book! Hmm, maybe that's not the case at all. Now she became extremely curious as to what that book was.

Abi was about to ask but she refrained since she thought that maybe the man might have wanted to surprise her.