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Chapter 221 The Prophecy and the Probable Chosen One


"My aunt... she is planning on searching for the forbidden magic and to use it in this war." I said with utter seriousness.

George was the one to have the most reaction from them. I am sure that he had seen first-hand the destruction the forbidden magic has brought on the last Great War.

"The forbidden magic must not get into the hands of those who are unworthy." George muttered.

All three of us in the room looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean by ’unworthy’ dad?" Jack looked at him puzzled.

George breathed in and sighed deeply. "I am not here just because of the request the king of Grandcrest has given to me, I am also here to see who the true bearer of the forbidden magic is." George said with conviction.

"The true bearer, is it about the prophecy of the chosen one you have told me before?" Jack asked and George nodded in reply.

"Princess Alicia, you might not know but I was the lead researcher of the mad king before the Great War. I was the one that found the forbidden magic and exposed it to the whole continent." George looked bitter. "I was the reason why all of this had happened."

"Dad, you are at it again." Jack scolded his father. "The last war wasn’t your fault. It was the mad king’s madness that drove the country of Atlantia to ruin."

"Please tell me what happened." I asked George.

George started to explain how he found the ancient texts about the forbidden magic and also about the chosen one that will bring either prosperity or destruction to the continent. All of us inside the room were listening to him intently.

"I was just but a young lad by the time of the Great War." Duke Matias said. "I wasn’t there at the last battle on the plains and thus didn’t see the destructive power that sunk the whole country of Atlantia. But the tremors that it brought were felt all over the continent. I cannot believe how frightening this power has and you say that the queen wants to use this power?"

"Yes." I nodded. "I only heard what it was capable of. I am sure those of your generation would have at least felt its destructive power."

"I can only imagine what will happen if the queen get her hands on this destructive power." The duke shook his head. "After the war, talking about the Atlantians had become taboo and so the new generation doesn’t have any idea about Atlantia. They would not know how to counter such a great force."

"The young king of Grandcrest is half Atlnatian." George said. "He has planned counter measures about this threat and is being done as we speak."

"Regaleon is taking action about this?" I asked George. Even just a little bit of information regarding Regaleon makes me happy inside.

"Yes your highness." George said. "And I have also come here to make further research of the possible chosen one."

"The possible chosen one? Do you mean you have listed who are the possible candidates?" Jack asked in awe.

"Well as the prophecy goes, the chosen one must have the blood of the Almighty One running thru his or her veins." Geroge said.

"That just narrows your search to those of the royal family of Atlantia that are still alive. They are the direct descendants of the Almighty One, right dad?" Jack asked and George nodded in reply.

"Does that mean I am one of the possible candidates?" I asked in surprise.

George nodded. "I have excluded your mother and aunt from the possible candidates because I have already assessed them in the past. The only ones remaining is the new generation of royal blood."

"You mean Prince Gladiolus, Princess Alicia and also Princess Satiana?" Jack asked.

"I have crossed out Princess Saitana in the list of candidates." George said. "The chosen one is said to have high aptitude in magic and Princess Satiana has low aptitude."

"And how did you know that old man?" Jack looked at his father curiously.

"Hahaha, I have my means. And I am not going to tell you." George smiled.

"Sheesh... just thinking that an old man is stalking you is kinda creepy. Don’t do that the cute princess okay, promise me?" Jack scolded his father.

"Hahaha... okay, okay. Let’s go back to the topic." George became serious once again. "I have three candidates on my list, you Princess Alicia, the crown prince Gladiolus and King Regaleon."

"Regaleon as well?" I asked in surprise.

George nodded. "The king also has royal blood flowing thru his veins, though it might be a little diluted but still he is a candidate." He explained. "King Regaleon’s mother was from the branch family of the royal family. Those were the ones that didn’t practice incest and interbreeding and so their blood line was deemed impure. His magic aptitude is high as well thus making him a candidate."

Hearing this information surprised me. Does that mean Regaleon and I are still family?

"Don’t worry your highness. Even if the king has royal blood, your connection to him is very, very far away from the family tree." George assured me as if he read my worries. I sighed in relief unconsciously.

"But the king is below the list, with you and Prince Gladiolus battling for the top spot." George said.

"What makes you think that I can be the chosen one?" I asked George out of curiosity.

"I have not yet researched about Prince Gladiolus’ magic abilities but with the rumors of his cunning abilities in the battle field, I will say he has high magical aptitude." George said. "But you on the other hand princess, I have heard from King Regaleon what happened when you first used your magic abilities when you were fourteen. And not only that, what happened in the capital of Alvannia before you were abducted in your engagement parade was also something to note."

I knew about the first time my magic abilities manifested and gone out of control, but I was at a loss about what happened before I was abducted in my engagement parade. I cannot recall what happened after I lost consciousness in the battle between Regaleon and Gladiolus’ men. When I woke up it was six months after and I was in the enemy’s country. I didn’t have the time to ask about what really happened back then.

"Princess, you nearly obliterated a quarter of the capital and that was when you were unconscious." George said. "With that I can say your magical aptitude is quite high and nearly off the charts."

My eyes went wide with what I heard. "W-What...? I-I nearly obliterated a quarter of the capital?!"

My magic powers became out of control once more. The fear that I can hurt people because of my uncontrollable magic just came true. I was shivering in fright of what I have done.

"Princess, are you okay?" Jack said worriedly. He patted my shoulder just to calm me down.

"I-I have hurt many people?!" I said. "I-I am a monster." I whispered to myself and tears fell from my eyes because of the fear I was feeling right now.

"Princess, please calm down." I hear George say. "Don’t worry, no one died because of the outburst of your magic power that time. Fortunately just before your magic power had gone berserk, the area was evacuated swiftly with the joint forces of Alvannia’s soldiers and Grandcrest’s soldiers that were under King Regaleon’s.

"Really?" I looked at George hoping that what he said was truly real.

"Yes, I swear on my name princess." George solemnly said.

I wiped my tears ways and nodded. "Thanks Sir George." I had momentary relief knowing I didn’t harm anyone when my magic powers went berserk.

"One of the reasons why King Regaleon sent me to you is also to help you with your strong magic powers." George said. "And he also said that you have acquired some of the old ancient books of Atlantia?"

"Oh yes." I remembered the books that I wasn’t able to read because of its ancient texts. "I was able to find them in the hidden section in a library managed by Queen Patricia."

George nodded. "The books can help me do more research about the forbidden magic and also about the chosen one. If ever you are the chosen one, I will do everything in my power to help you."

I nodded in agreement. I was thankful that Regaleon had sent George to help me. If ever I am the chosen one of the prophecy, I am afraid that I could accidentally lead this continent to ruin.

Chapter 222 Satiana’s Final Decision


The conversation in the duke’s office flowed quite in my favor. We were deep in our talks when I heard something from the direction of the door. I looked at that direction and saw the door was opened slightly.

’That’s weird.’ I thought to myself.

As I remember, the last ones that came inside were the butler and maid that brought our tea and snacks. I was sure they closed the door before they left. Two guards are also stationed just outside the door.

"I will excuse myself for a while." I told the gentlemen in a hushed voice.

I stood up and walked towards then slightly opened door. I made sure to walk at the blind spot, if ever someone is really peeking inside the room and eavesdropping in our conversation. When I was just by the door, I quickly opened it and in one swoop someone fell down on the floor with a thud.

"Aww, aww, aww." I hear a familiar voice of a girl.

"Sati?!" I looked surprised. I never thought that the one eavesdropping on us was Satiana.

"H-Hi big sis." Satiana said shyly. She was caught in the act of eavesdropping in our conversation.

"Your highness." Duke Matias stood up and bowed respectfully.

"Greetings your highness." George did the same.

"Your highness, what were you doing outside the door?" Jack quickly walked towards Satiana who was still lying on the floor. He held his hand out to help her get up.

With a blushed face, Satiana took Jack’s hand and he pulled her up. When I looked outside, I saw the guards were lying on the floor, snoring.

"Did you do this?" I pointed to the sleeping guards.

"U-Um... well, it’s because you have been gone for some time now big sis and I have gone out to look for you." Satiana reasoned out. "When I walked by the duke’s office, I heard your voice having inside and I was a little bit curious. I used sleeping powder from the plants that I have grown with my magic." She held her head down knowing what she has done was wrong.

"Impressive." George complimented Satiana’s magic abilities. "For you to grow plants in this cold weather is rather amazing. And to think you have grown a plant with sleeping compound and extract it is just simply spectacular. You may have low magic aptitude but still royal blood is running thru your veins. You are still a bit above average."

Satiana was dumb founded with everything that George just said. She still doesn’t have full knowledge in her magic abilities.

"Don’t mind my old man." Jack grinned. "He really keeps on yapping on things."

"O-Okay..." Satiana was still at a loss.

"Sati, why did you eavesdrop on us?" I asked. Satiana looked hesitant at first. "Don’t worry, I won’t scold you."

Satiana looked up at me and then the duke. "Well I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, it’s just I heard the duke mentioning my name."

"How much did you exactly hear your highness?" Duke Matias asked.

"I-I heard from where... mother was the one that killed father." Satiana said, tears were seen in the rim of her eyes. "A-And I heard that big brother is not really father’s son. Is it really true big sis, that big brother Gladi isn’t my father’s biological son?"

Satiana held my arms and I can feel her grip tighten. I can see that she was trying to fight back the tears.

I nodded slowly. "I am afraid it’s true Sati."

Tears fell from her eyes after hearing my answer. "I-Is it all true? Did mother really killed father?"

I can feel Satiana’s pain. Her father really loved her and she loved him back. And to know that her own mother was the one behind her father’s sickness and death, it was quite a shock. Satiana saw how her father deteriorated over the years because of the poison. She knew her father’s hardship for those years.

The room was silent except for the sobbing of Satiana. Jack carefully led her to the couch and let her seat. All of us were looking at her with sad and pitiful eyes. Her mother didn’t favor her since she was born; the brother that loves her dearly also kept a secret from her and now she knew that the father that loved her truly was killed by her own mother.

I felt really sad for my cousin but I also felt anger. Satiana didn’t deserve this kind of treatment from her own birth mother. She was innocent from her father’s sins.

"Princess, did you hear our plans?" Duke Matias said once Satiana calmed down. She nodded in reply. "Then you know that we are planning to dethrone the queen from her position. You are the sole heir of your father. I am willing to stand by your side and assist you."

"I...I..." Satiana was at a loss. I am sure this was still too much for her young mind.

"Sati..." I held her hands and it felt cold. "Don’t worry. There is no need to rush. You can think of this thoroughly. This is a big decision to make. Just remember that we are here for you no matter what your decision is."

Satiana smiled after hearing my words. "Thanks big sis. But mother... she had done many terrible things, not only to father but also to the country." She looked at the duke with seriousness. "I am still young and lack knowledge in heading a country. But if you will stand by my side Duke Matias, then I am willing to take the throne for the people of Jennovia."

The duke quickly kneeled down in one knee in front of Satiana and bowed his head. "I, Duke Matias, swear upon the Matias Ducal House’s name that I will forever serve you. Also in behalf of the noble resistance faction, I swear to give our full support and loyalty for the brighter future of Jennovia."

The duke’s action is a solemn oath of a noble to his chosen ruler. With this, Satiana is the heir that the noble faction has chosen to support from now on.

"Sati, you know what this mean right?" I looked at her with seriousness. "You will carry your whole country in your back and you will have to fight against your mother and brother." Satiana looked at me and nodded. It looks like she has already decided.

"I want to be like you big sis." Satiana said. "I also want to stand on my own two feet and do what I think is right. I have been cowardly and only know how to hide from my mother. But knowing what she has done, I can’t hide anymore. My country needs me big sis. I am afraid I can’t come with you." I smiled with her words and nodded.

"You have grown up rapidly since we first met." I smiled. It is true that she has improved from the frightened shy girl I first met and now she is starting to be brave and stand up.

"Duke Karl Matias." Satiana stood up and walked in front of the still kneeling duke. She rested her right hand on his left shoulder, a gesture of a ruler to her trusted subordinate. "I, Satiana Elise Jennova the heir to the throne of Jennovia, accept your oath. Rise Duke Matias."

The duke kissed the back of Satiana’s hand and stood up. With this Duke Matias’ oath had been received by Satiana. She has now the backing of Duke Matias’ noble faction.

"Alright." Jack cut thru the serious atmosphere. "With the duke as our ally and little princess the future queen, all is set. We can now talk about our escape plan this weekend while the queen is not around."

"Yes." I remembered. "Duke Matias, we will need your help."

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Chapter 223 The Crown Prince’s Return


"Alright." Jack cut thru the serious atmosphere. "With the duke as our ally and little princess the future queen, all is set. We can now talk about our escape plan this weekend while the queen is not around."

"Yes." I remembered. "Duke Matias, we will need your help."

Duke Matias nodded after hearing me. "I will do everything in my power to help you." He said solemnly. "But I am afraid your plans to escape this weekend will be difficult."

"And why is that?" Jack asked. "It is the perfect time while the queen is away."

"Yes it is the best time to escape while the queen is away but the problem doesn’t lie on that." Duke Matias said. "The crown prince will be back soon. As my informants told me, he will probably arrive tonight."

"What?!" I asked in surprise. I never imagined I would meet Gladiolus again face to face.

My heart was thumping faster with the mention of his return. I can feel a mix of fear and anger rising inside me. Gladiolus was the one that planned the attack on our engagement parade more than a year ago and it resulted to the destruction of a part of the Alvannian capital.

"My brother is returning?" Satiana asked. "I also didn’t know about this."

"I am afraid the crown prince has made his journey back discreetly." Duke Matias said. "He is traveling with his bride to be as I have heard. She would be your sister I believe." He said to me.

"His first visit in Alvannia was for the purpose of finding a bride. My father has promised Elizabeth to be the crown prince’s bride because I am already engaged with Regaleon while Veronica is about to be married to Sir Bradford." I remember.

"I heard that the crown prince had sent someone back to the palace in advance to prepare his wedding." Duke Matias said. "As I hear the wedding will be held two weeks from now."

I can just imagine Gladiolus and Elizabeth walking down the aisle and speak their marriage vows at the altar. But I don’t plan on staying here to witness their ’joyous’ event.

"If the crown prince will be arriving, then we will have a problem on our escape plan." Jack said. "He maybe marrying another woman but I know he is still obsessed with you princess. He won’t take his eyes off of you."

I clenched my fist feeling irritated. If I just knew that he will be arriving tonight then I would have executed our escape plan sooner. I feel at a loss on what to do.

"I have a plan princess." Duke Matias said.

My eyes sparkled from what the duke said. "What is it duke? I will do anything just for us to escape that place." I looked at the duke with renewed hope.

"It will be Princess Satiana’s birthday next week and also it is her coming of age." Duke Matias said. "A royal princess must not miss such an important event of her life even though the queen doesn’t have a plan to hold a ceremony for it. I will be the one to manage and host Princess Satiana’s coming of age ceremony in the palace. And I plan to invite all noble families of Jennovia."

I listened to Duke Matias’ words. "The coming of age ceremony for the only princess of Jennovia will be a big event. If you plan to invite all the noble families of Jennovia and not just the ones inside the capital, then there would be many guests."

"That is correct." Duke Matias nodded. "The palace will become rather busy with many noble guests coming in and out that day. That will be most opportune time to try and escape."

I understood what Duke Matias meant. With so many people coming and going inside the palace and also many personnel that would be hired for the celebration itself, escaping the palace unnoticed would be very easy.

"That seems to be a good idea." Jack said nodding in agreement. "We just have to adjust our schedule by that time. We still plan on stealing the pendant, right?" He asked me.

"Yes. It is important for us to get the pendant out of my aunt’s hands." I said.

"Wouldn’t it be fine just to leave it?" Jack asked. "I mean, if your aunt doesn’t get the hand on your mother’s half of the pendant, then she can’t use the map to search for the parts of the key."

"What you said is correct but I think that the princess has a reason why she wants to steal away her aunt’s half of the pendant." George said. "The pendant still contains a fragment of the Almighty One’s magic power. The queen was able to use its power unknowingly and made this unending winter. You wouldn’t want your aunt to use it again to harm other, am I right your highness." He asked me.

I nodded with George’s words. "Yes, that is the reason why I want to steal the pendant."

I can see George smile gently. "You really have a kind heart your highness. I will also help you the best that I can."

"Thank you Sir George." I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

"Please princess, you can call me Uncle Geo." George smiled warmly. I can feel that having him by my side helps lift some of my burdens.

"I will also help big sis." Satiana said with pure dedication. "It is the least I could do after what you have done for me this past year."

"Do not worry your highness, I will do everything I can to help you on your escape." Duke Matias said.

"Well princess, with everyone’s help I am sure we can escape without any problems." Jack had a huge grin on his face.

I looked at all of them with thankful eyes. I am lucky to have met such wonderful people. "I won’t forget all of your help. I will be sure to repay all of your kindness." I stood up and made a bow towards them.

’Just in a weeks’ time and I can escape this place.’ I thought. ’Leon, how are you doing?’


Regaleon was riding his horse Midnight in a forest area. With him were Dimitri and his handful of men, escorting them from behind.

"Judging by the scenery, we will be crossing the border in two days’ time your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"Mm, I understand." Regaleon replied.

Their pace was not fast but also not slow. Their group were wearing commoner’s clothes and hooded cape to avoid suspicion from the people they pass by.

"Your majesty, are you sure you really don’t want to go back to the capital before crossing the border?" Dimitri asked. "You know that you can trust me with this mission. I will surely not fail you."

Regaleon looked sideways towards Dimitri. "Do you think that I doubt your capabilities?" He said with a cold tone.

"I-It’s not that your majesty." Dimitri worriedly denied Regaleon’s words. "I am just worried about leaving your commander’s seat in the palace vacant."

Regaleon understood Dimitri’s worries. "Don’t worry too much Dimitri. I left the capital after arranging everything that needs to be arranged. With my capable advisors there, I trust they can do everything even with my absence. I also left a body double so that our enemies won’t know I have already left the safety of the capital."

Dimitri sighed. He was against Regaleon leaving the safety of the palace and the capital and go to a dangerous place. But Regaleon was hard headed and was dead set on doing to this mission himself.

"After crossing the border, we will be near the junction of the Duess Canal. General Vincent would be stationed near there." Dimitri reported.

"The naval fleet of Jennovia is on the move and our sources says that the queen maybe with them." Regaleon said in deep thought. "She also left the confines of her palace, thinking that their sneak attack might be the opening for their victory. I also want to greet the queen personally." He smirked.
Chapter 224 Preparations for Battle


(Regaleon’s POV)

After our long journey we have arrived at our destination, the junction in the Deuss River. I have already sent word of my arrival to General Vincent in advance and so he had a small group of his soldiers to meet us.

"Greetings to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest Empire." The soldiers made a formal greeting and bowed.

"Rise." I said with authority. The soldiers obediently followed my words.

"Your majesty, we will escort you to the general’s camp." The leader of the group said.

"Mm, lead the way." I said.

The soldiers got back to their horses and led the way to the hidden camp. The ride didn’t take too long. We arrived at the hidden camp set up the General Vincent’s men. Along the way the soldiers in camp gave their salute to me.

After coming to a stop I alighted from my horse and gave the rein to one of the servant boys on standby.

"Tell the stable boy to take care of the horses well. They just withstood a long journey." I told the servant boy while gently patting Midnight’s mane.

"Yes your majesty." The servant boy bowed and proceeded to take Midnight to the stables first. I here Midnight neigh when he was taken.

"Your majesty, the general is waiting for you at his tent." The leader of the group that escorted us to camp said. "Right this way."

"Mm." I nodded. "Dimitri, you go with me. Let your men take time to rest."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri bowed.

The soldier lead me and Dimitri to the general’s tent in the heart of the camp. I entered the camp and saw the general with his lieutenants discussing. At their center was a big table with the map of the surrounding areas.

"Greetings to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest Empire." The general and his lieutenants kneeled in one knee and bowed before me.

"Rise." I ordered. The men stood up after hearing my words. "General Vincent, how are your preparations going?" I asked.

I walked towards where the general was standing and looked at the map on the table. I can see the junction of the Deuss Canal that connects the south Jennovia to the north of Grandcrest. At the junction it is known that my country has at least three to four ships at the perimeter, they serve as guards at the water ways entering Grandcrest.

Atop of the map, there were miniature ships that represent our own ships and also the enemy’s. General Vincent used this to explain the preparations he and his lieutenants have made.

"Your majesty, the intel that you sent us about the naval fleet of Jennovia is correct." General Vincent said. "As of now a battalion of ships are making its way down south from the Jennovian borders to here." He used the miniature ships that represent Jennovia’s fleet. It was nearing the junction of the river.

"How long until they reach the junction?" I asked.

"With their speed, we estimate they will arrive by tomorrow late afternoon to early evening." General Vincent replied.

"So, they are planning to use the darkness of the night to launch their attack." I held my chin in thought. "The cover of darkness is effective for surprise attacks like what they have first planned. But unfortunately we obtained intel about this." I smirked.

"It is thanks to that intel we have prepared for their surprise attack." General Vincent said. "I am afraid if we didn’t get wind of this beforehand, then their naval fleet might have entered our territory."

It was Jennovia’s plan to make this surprise attack to enter our borders and make their way towards the capital of Grandcrest using the river ways. They were planning to attack the city and kill me, the commander in chief.

"It was good that our spy inside Jennovia got their battle plans beforehand." I remembered that it was William that sent as the plans they recovered from the library. "I am sure to reward them once they get back."

I thought of my beloved Alicia that was still held captive in the Jennovian Palace. How I wish to go there myself and rescue her from the clutched of that damn crown prince.

"Have you gotten any word about the rumors of the queen travelling with the naval fleet?" I asked curiously.

"Yes your majesty." General Vincent replied. "My sources have seen the queen to board the lead ship of the naval fleet. I am certain that she is travelling with them."

"Hahaha, that’s interesting." I laughed out loud. "Is she that confident that her naval fleet will plow it’s way to the capital. Does she plan to kill me herself?"

"I am afraid she is underestimating you, your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Yes, that is what I am also thinking." I smiled. "The queen thinks I am a young naïve king that only took the throne recently. I guess she was thinking of ’strike while the iron is hot’, knowing that I have only took power recently and that my power hasn’t been consolidated yet. Well that will be her downfall."

Anyone would think that a newly appointed king would still have less power. It was true that before the war with Jennovia started, the battle with my brothers have divided the court into other factions. But I quickly consolidated my power by wiping out anyone in the opposing factions. Meaning, I don’t have to appease any people that held power because I wiped them all. Anyone that opposed me I executed and I put the ones I trust the most in the high positions of the court.

"We will be the one to give them a surprise when they arrive tomorrow." I smiled satisfyingly. "Where did you hide your fleet general?" I asked.

General Vincent’s main naval fleet is our strongest one. He has been the commander of the naval army for a long time now and his experience is something to admire.

"My main fleet is hiding here and here your majesty." General Vincent pointed the two locations at both sides of the junction. "At night the fog gets thick in this part, therefore they won’t see our ships that easily."

"But how do you fare on fighting on water with the fog?" I asked curiously.

"Do not worry your majesty, I have been at the sea, majority of my life. I have experienced everything there is to experience on water." General Vincent said confidently. "I have trained my fleet to battle with the cloak of darkness and fog. They will surely launch an attack successfully and won’t attack friendly ships by mistake." His confidence reassures me about this upcoming battle.

"Mm, I know. I trust your experience and instincts general." I said. "If we win this upcoming battle, expect a huge reward from me." I gave them my word as an incentive.

"Yeah!" The lieutenants inside the tent all shouted with confidence.

With this kind of spirit, I am sure that we will win this battle.

"It will be also good if we were able to capture the queen." I said. "I want her, dead or alive." The chill from my words were felt by the people inside the tent. My anger towards the queen and her son is something, my generals know. This war isn’t just for our country, I also hold a personal grudge against them.

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Chapter 225 Naval Battle 1


(Regaelon’s POV)

Since my arrival at the hidden base, I made time to survey the surroundings and the junction of the Deuss River itself. General Vincent briefed of their plans along the way.

"My fleet has been split into two units. Each unit has been specifically placed beyond the fork of the junction." General Vincent explained.

The Deuss River junction runs from Jennovia down south to Grandcrest. The junction splits into two ways, down to Grandrest and the other is out to the west seas. General Vincent’s plan is to launch a surprise attack from both directions.

"If I am correct, you are planning a pincer attack against their naval fleet." I said as a matter of fact.

"Yes your majesty, the plan is to lure them in with our original defensive fleet at the center. And when they are in the correct range, we will launch a pincer attack." General Vincent replied.

"That is a good plan." I praised. "With this, their retreat path will also be cut off." I smirked.

Because the junction is a good location for a pincer attack, we can stop their advancement to our borders and also their retreat back to their own territory.

"Thank you your majesty." General Vincent nodded. "I have already assigned my lieutenants and the leaders of each unit their tasks. This plan will be executed flawlessly."

I nodded in agreement. General Vincent’s experience is something you cannot deny. He has been working with his lieutenants and subordinates for a long time and for sure they will be completely in sync in this upcoming battle.

"Let’s not underestimate our opponent general." I reminded him. "Our enemy is cunning. They also have the advantage of magic stones in their hands.

I have already briefed my generals and advisors about the enemy’s use of magic stones. At first they were surprised to hear about the forgotten country of Atlantia and the use of magic. We have discarded the taboo and talked about the Atlantians and the use of magic. The young ones that haven’t heard of the Great War were astonished with the tale of the old soldiers’ experiences. The old ones that were lucky enough to survive the Great War were only young lads in those days. They fear that history would repeat itself.

"I was only starting as a crew in the naval fleet when the Great War happened." General Vincent said. "I can still remember our naval fleet battling with the Atlantian naval fleet at the east sea when the unthinkable happened. It was day time but the sky darkened like it was night. The sea wind blew fiercely and the waves became so intense that we cannot continue to battle with the enemy. And then... a roar was heard at the mainland of Atlantia. The roaring waves stopped and the wind became calm. That was the calm before the storm I guess."

I looked at General Vincent and saw the fear in his eyes. "You saw Atlantia fall?" I asked in curiosity.

"Heh... I have seen it with my own two eyes." General Vincent said. "After the calm, another force came rushing and then we saw the land ashore to crumble like it was cookie being crushed. I saw the land which was Atlantia slowly sink under the waters of the east sea. We hear the people on the enemy boats cry in agony seeing their home land crumbling and sinking beneath the waves. I can’t blame them, thinking if my family was there I will also cry out in agony."

With General Vincent’s own personal story, I can conclude how frightening the forbidden magic was and what it could do once the enemy gets their hand on it.

"Let’s try our best to not let history repeat itself general." I said with firm resolve. I am not going to let that happen once again, not in my watch.

"Dimitri, has your men arrived?" I asked.

Dimitri was my right hand man who is loyal to me since we were young. That is why I trust him with commanding the unit in my Black Dragon Army with Atlantian members. This was the unit that specializes in tactical espionage and secret missions. They are also trained in other battle situations including naval battles as well. Because they are magic users, they can freely use their magic in battle situations that can be favorably to us.

"Your majesty, they will be arriving after noon." Dimitri replied courtly.

"Once they arrive, have your men introduced to General Vincent’s fleet. They will need to work together in this upcoming battle." I ordered.

"Of course your majesty." Dimitri bowed in understanding.

Because our enemy has magic stones at their disposal, we can only depend on our Atlantian unit to counter their magic attacks.

"Split your men into two and put them both in each of General Vinent’s units." I said. "With thi, we can have a fighting chance against the enemy’s magic attacks."

"We are lucky to have Atlantians by our side." General Vincent murmured.

"It is thanks to my mother’s linage that I had the luck to meet them." I said with a smile. "But I never once thought of using them in a war like this." I sighed sadly.

I have planned to officially give them amnesty and Grandcrest citizenship after I became king. But I never thought that a war would break out before I get the throne.

"Your majesty, we owe our lives to you and your mother. We will be forever in your debt." Dimitri said with seriousness. "I speak in behalf of my fellow Atlantians under you that we will fight by your side whole heartedly. We are ready to give our lives for you, your majesty."

Dimitri kneeled down in one knee to show his upmost loyalty. He was speaking in behalf of his men and also for his own. His words made me happy inside.

"Rise Dimitri." I helped him get up. "You have been by my side since we were young and I would never doubt your words."

"Thank you." Dimitri replied.

"Let’s just make sure to win this battle." I said out loud.

The soldiers around us looked at me after hearing my words.

"This battle will make a huge impact in this current war. We cannot afford to lose in this. Our lives, family and our home are at stake. Let us fight for them!" I said with vigor. "Let us win this battle and this war!"

"YEAH!!!" The soldiers yelled in response to my words. I looked at them confidently and raised my arm in a fist.

"Let’s win this war!"

"We trust in you your majesty!"

"With your majesty here, we will surely win this battle!"

The soldiers cheered positively. A boost of confidence before a battle begins is a plus and as their commander in chief I have to stand firm and proud in front of them. I will lead them and all Grandrest in victory.

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