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The princess’s knight (1)

It has been a few days after the grand ball. My normal life went back to how it was, with the exception of William.

These last few days William has always been visiting me here in my courtyard. We have been talking about many things such as politics, history and other stuff.

It was morning and I have just finished my morning exercise. Since I was young grandpa Robert will train Richard and I to strengthen our bodies.

"Sister Alicia!" I hear the voice of my younger brother Richard. When I look behind me I see him running towards me.

"Sister!" Richard launched himself at me.

"Whoa!" I was surprised and opened my arms to catch him. He was much heavier than me now that I was about to loose my balance. Thankfully I managed to balance the both of us.

"Sister, you haven't been visiting me in my courtyard." Richard was crying. "I have missed you so much."

"Hush now. A crown prince mustn't show his tears to others." I said while wiping away his tears.

"But you are not 'others' Alicia. You're my sister." Richard looked at me with his puppy dog eyes.

"Oh you look so cute and adorable when you do that. That's not fair." I said while pinching his cheeks. "I just finished my morning exercise. I will go to your courtyard after I wash myself, okay?"

"Promise?" Richard looked at me with his cute face.

"I promise." I said. "Now go on."

"Okay. I'll wait for you." He said and ran towards his courtyard.

Richard is now twelve years old. He was nearing my height now. I am sure he will outgrow me in no time. He is starting to loose his chubby cheeks and his body is starting to become of a young man's. I'm gonna miss the little munchkin who was always by my side wanting to play with me.


I am walking towards Richard's courtyard. I have washed myself and freshen up. I was wearing one of my casual dresses, of course one of my sisters' hand me downs.

"Alicia." Someone called me. When I turned around I saw William walking towards me.

"Will." I smiled at him.

"One of your maids told me that you were here." Williams said and smiled.

"I am going to visit my brother today. Would you like to go with me?" I asked.

"Can I accompany you?" William asked.

"Yes of course." I said.

William smiled and walked beside me.

When we entered Richard's courtyard I saw not far from where we were standing grandpa Robert and Richard. They were holding wooden swords. Grandpa was teaching Richard with sword techniques.

"Stand steady and feet apart. Find your balance. Hold the sword with both your hands. Feel them as an extension of your own arms." Grandpa said.

"Grandpa, Richard." I greeted them when we got near.

"Good morning Alicia." Grandpa said.

"Sister!" Richard said enthusiastically. But then his face turned sour when he saw William beside me.

"Good morning general Robert, crown prince Richard." William said.

"The morning was good just a while ago but now it was not so much." Richard mumbled.

"Hush Richard, don't be disrespectful." Grandpa said. "Good morning William." He greeted William.

"Hmph." Richard made a sour face.

"Did I do something to offend the prince?" William whispered to me.

"Don't worry you didn't." I giggled. "I'm just afraid he has a sister complex."

"Ohhh.." William said understanding Richard's actions.

"Alicia it's good you have come here." Grandpa said.

"What is it grandfather?" I asked curious.

"You know that every prince and princess of

the royal family has a personal knight to serve as their body guard when they turn fourteen." Grandpa said.

"Yes, I know grandpa."
The princess’s knight (2)

"What is it grandfather?" I asked curious.

"You know that every prince and princess of

the royal family has a personal knight to serve as their body guard when they turn fourteen." Grandpa said.

"Yes, I know grandpa." My sisters have their own personal knights that follow them wherever they go.

Veronica has Vince as her personal knight and Elizabeth has Bradford as hers.

"I have selected a personal knight just for you." Grandpa said.

"For me?" I asked curiously. "But I thought I wasn't entitled to have my own personal knight?" I remember stepmother was against the idea when father has brought it up.

"Don't worry about Erica. I was the one to select your personal knight for you. She can't do anything about it." Grandpa said.

"Thank you grandpa." I feel touched with what grandpa has done. He has always been good to me, him and Richard. They were the only ones that showed me kindness in this palace.

"Leon, come here." Grandpa called.

From the shadow emerged a young man. He had dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He was wearing the black knights uniform. When he came closer I saw that he has a handsome face and was quite tall.

"Alicia this is Leon Fitzgerald. He is eighteen years old and one of the outstanding young knights in the royal guard." Grandpa said. "Leon this is my granddaughter, third princess of Alvannia, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist."

"Princess Alicia." Leon greeted me and I nodded as a greeting.

"We will do a private ordaining for Leon to be your knight Alicia, is that okay?" Grandpa asked.

It was a custom here in Alvannia that in ordaining a personal knight to a royal child it would be held in the grand hall of the palace. Many people would bear witness when taking the knight's oath in front of his master or lady and in the turn the master or lady would ordain the knight, binding him forever with his oath.

"It's okay grandpa. I don't need many people to bear witness. The ones that matter to me are all here present. You will be my witnesses." I said and smiled. I looked at everyone around me. From grandpa to Richard and to William who is beside me. They were the ones that showed me kindness in this life. And I am happy to have them.

"Okay." Grandpa smiled. "Leon if it is okay with you?"

"Sir Robert it is already an honor for me to serve the royal family as a personal knight of the third princess. I won't ask for any recognition or glory, just by doing my duty would give me great joy." Leon smiled.

Looking at his smile I can't help but wonder that I have seen it before. I just can't remember where.

Leon walked towards me. He stopped a meter away and kneeled down before me. He unsheathes his sword and offer it to me.

"I, Leon Fitzgerald, a knight of the royal guards, hear by solemnly swear from this day forth my sword will be used for the purpose of protecting the third princess of Alvannia, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist. I promise to forever render my service to her. My body and my soul will be bound by oath to only her now and forever." Leon said. He presented his sword to me. I slowly took it from him.

"I, Alicia Roselyn Von Heist, third princess of Alvannia, has heard the oath of Leon Fitzgerald. I accept his sword that will be used to protect me. From this day forth I will be using his service, reward him when he does good and punish him when he does bad. I will forever hold your words in my heart together with your body and soul which will be bound with me by oath." I raise his sword and tap his shoulders one after the other.

I give back the sword to him and he sheaths it back. Leon takes my hand and kissed the back of it. This gesture made me blush.

"Rise sir Leon, my personal knight." I said a little awkward.

Leon stood up in front of me and smiled. His smile was stunning. Still I can't help but notice that I have seen that smile before.
Getting to know the princess (1)

The sky was starting to get dark and the sun was setting. Leon has accompanied me to my courtyard.

"I hope you don't mind sir Leon. My courtyard is a little shabby." I said a little bit embarrassed.

This is the second time that I felt embarrassed with what my courtyard looked like. The other time was when Will visited me for the first time. It was good that Will didn't mind my very normal looking courtyard.

"It's okay princess, I don't mind it." Leon smiled.

"I don't know if you have heard the stories about me." I asked him.

We are now standing at the entrance of my estate.

"I only know that you are the third daughter of his majesty king Edward." Leon said.

"I would like to tell you my origins rather than you would hear it from others." I said. I turned to face him.

"I am an illegitimate child of the king. My mother was a maid in the castle that my father was infatuated with." I started. "When my mother died, my father the king took me in. My stepmother and step sisters treat me as a nobody, my father doesn't have any affection for me. Only grandpa Robert and Richard have shown me kindness. I have never been seen or presented in public before my 14th birthday. I am typically a forgotten princess of Alvannia."

Leon looked at me thoughtfully.

"That is why my courtyard looks shabby and very normal. I don't wear beautiful clothes. I also can't out do my sisters in beauty." I looked at Leon's brown eyes. "I am sorry that you have to be a personal knight of a forgotten princess like me." I gave him a sad smile.

"My princess. Even if you are poorest of the poor. Even if the world is against you. Please remember I will always be by your side." Leon said with confidence.

"I don't identify people with how powerful or rich they are. What is important is in here." Leon put his hand on his chest.

"As a knight with virtues to uphold, I believe what is in the heart is the most important for a person." He smiled. "So princess, I want to see what your heart holds."

I was taken aback with his words. This is the first time I have met a person that didn't look at the power and richness a person have but what is within. The people around me such as maids, butlers, stewards and the likes had always been indifferent to me. Maybe because they know I was a neglected princess not loved by the king.

But Leon was different. I was happy to have a personal knight that looked at who I was and not what I have.

"Thank you sir Leon." I said gratefully. "I would like to know you better as well."

"Umm Tricia." I called one of my personal maids.

"Yes princess." Tricia bowed down.

Tricia was a fifteen-year old maid. She was presented to me by grandpa Robert when he saw that my old maids were neglecting me. She had been by my side for the past two years.

"Can you please show sir Leon to his quarters?" I asked.

"Of course princess." Tricia bowed. "Sir Leon, right this way please."

"Thank you." Leons said. "Princess I will take my leave."

"Good night sir Leon." I said.

"Good night princess Alicia." Leon said.
Getting to know the princess (2)

Tricia was leading Leon along the hallway of the third princess' estate.

"I am happy that Lord Robert found a knight to serve my princess." Tricia said while walking.

"I am happy to serve our princess Alicia." Leon replied.

"I hope that the rumors won't get to you. Princess Alicia is a good hearted young girl. Even though the queen and her stepsisters are not good to her she won't show any ill intentions or think badly of them. She just takes everything they throw at her silently." Tricia said.

"Do they always bully princess Alicia?" Leon asked.

"When they feel like it, they will just search for her and bully her. I feel sorry for her but I can't do anything but watch. I am just a lowly maid." Tricia sighed.

"Why can't I see other maids around?" Leon asked.

"We are just a handful of maids here in the third princess' courtyard. The queen doesn't give our princess as many maids as the two other princesses." Tricia said. "And also not many wants to work here. Because as you know the pay here isn't much."

"I never thought that they would do such a thing to a descendant of the royal blood. Even if she is born from a maid and of low birth she is still the king's daughter. Royal blood still flows in her veins." Leon said.

"I know, right?" Tricia sighed. "I can't wait for crown prince Richard to take the throne. For sure that the life of our princess would be much better. Or better yet she would be married to a good man. Take for instance Lord William Cunningham. He is the future Duke of Cunningham. I am sure our princess will be well off with him." Tricia said enthusiastically.

Tricia didn't notice the darkness on Leon's face after hearing her praising William.

"Is Lord William courting our princess?" Leon asked with darkness in his eyes.

"What I know is he has the intention. But for now they are starting as friends and getting to know each other." Tricia answered. "The only problem is the second princess Elizabeth has set her eyes on Lord William. I hope that nothing goes wrong."

After the long talk Tricia and Leon arrived at his quarters.

"Well sir Leon, this will be your quarters." Tricia opened the double doors.

Inside is a spacious room with a queen size bed. The room was rather grand to be a knight's quarters.

"Is this the correct room?" Leon asked curiously. "Isn't it a little spacious and grand?"

"The princess specifically said to give you the grandest room in the estate." Tricia answered.

Leon looked at Tricia with confusion.

"Doesn't the grandest room belong to the princess?" Leon asked.

"It is said that the first time the princess arrived here she wasn't able to sleep in this spacious room. So she chose a much smaller room and made it her quarters." Tricia explained. "The personal knights of the other princesses are living in luxury. I guess the princess didn't want you to feel left out."

"Well I will take my leave now. Please rest well." Tricia said. "And thank you for accepting my princess as your sworn lady. She is like a little sister to me so please protect her always." She bowed her head.

"Do not worry. I am sworn to protect the princess from any harm. I will make sure of my promise." Leon said.

"Thank you." A tear dropped down from Tricia's eyes. She wiped it quickly then left the room and closed the door.

Leon was left alone in the spacious room. His luggage has been brought here earlier.

"Dimitri." Leon said in a soft voice.

"Your highness." A voice came from the veranda door. Dimitri emerged from the shadows.

"How did it go?" Leon asked. His friendly smile had turned into a proud demeanor of a crown prince.

"We are still under investigation your highness. It looks like it will take a while. They have made a good job hiding. They are not leaving any evidence." Dimitri answered.

"Its alright. I can take my time here. I'm rather enjoying myself." Leon's mouth hooked up to form a smile.

Dimitri was taken by surprise. This was the first time he saw the crown prince smile with brightness. In the past he has seen the prince smile either sarcastically or darkly.

"It looks like the future queen has a tough life here in the palace." Dimitri said.

"Now that I'm here I won't let anyone bully my future wife." Leon said with a dark face. "But I'm rather interested to get to know my future wife more closely and intimately."
Starting a new day (1)

I open my eyes from the rays of light sipping thru the curtains. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I am in my room as always but I feel different.

"Good morning princess Alicia." Tricia greeted me with a smile. "This is the first time you slept in. You must have felt tired last night. Or maybe you feel more secured now that you have a personal knight."

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's half past ten princess." Tricia answered.

"What?!" I instantly felt really awake. This is the first time since I lived here in the palace that I slept in. "Oh my. I didn't go to my morning routine."

I was worried that grandpa would scold me.

"Don't worry princess. It was lord Robert who ordered not to wake you up. It's the first time you have slept soundly that he didn't want anyone to interfere with your sleep." Tricia smiled. She was preparing my clothes to wear.

"But still, I feel embarrassed." I said. Then I noticed the clothes Tricia was holding. "What clothes are those?" I asked. It looks rather new.

"Oh lord Robert brought this for you to wear today. He said that you are scheduled this afternoon to have horseback riding lessons." Tricia answered.

"Horseback riding? Me?" I asked confused.

"That's what the lord said." Tricia replied.

I never thought I would learn horseback riding. Even my sisters weren't thought how to ride a horse. They were trained to become a lady of course.

But I was happy to know that I can learn something. I smiled to myself.


After washing my body and getting changed I was headed to the dining room. Because I skipped breakfast I am going to have to eat lunch earlier.

"Good morning my princess." I see Leon standing near the dining room door. He gave me a slight bow.

"Good morning sir Leon." I greeted him.

Today he was wearing a white long sleeves shirt, black pants and boots. His long wavy dark brown hair was tied with hair pins on the side. His smile is so bright as the sun. I instantly feel at ease with him by my side.

"I am sorry that I woke up rather late. This was the first time I slept in." I felt aplologetic. I am sure he was waiting for me. I know grandpa has given him some intstructions about my studies. He said Leon would be in charge of tutoring me from now on.

"It's okay princess. Lord Robert specifically said not to disturb your sleep because it was rare you to wake up late." Leon reassured me.

"That is true. I do not know what happened to me that I slept in." I sighed.

"Maybe you are at ease with me around." Leon said with a smile.

I look at him, gauging if he is joking or not. His smile is rather addictive. You can't help but smile with him as well.

"I'm joking princess. Hahaha." Leon said at last.

"Hahaha I thought so." I laughed with him.

Then my stomach started to grumble. It was silent between Leon and I for a while. I felt embarrassed. My cheeks might be bright red by now.

"I'm so sorry." I cover my face with my hands. "What has gotten to me today? This isn't how a princess should be."

"Hahaha I am happy that you feel at ease with me princess." Leon burst out laughing. He held my hands that was covering my face and pulled it down. He was looking at me directly. "I would be really happy to get to know the real you rather than the third princess of Alvannia."

He was looking at me straight thru my eyes. His brown eyes was focused on me. I can see the honesty in them. My heart started to thump hard inside my chest.
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