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Starting a new day (2)

"I'm so sorry." I cover my face with my hands. "What has gotten to me today? This isn't how a princess should be."

"Hahaha I am happy that you feel at ease with me princess." Leon burst out laughing. He held my hands that was covering my face and pulled it down. He was looking at me directly. "I would be really happy to get to know the real you rather than the third princess of Alvannia."

He was looking at me straight thru my eyes. His brown eyes was focused on me. I can see the honesty in them. My heart started to thump hard inside my chest.

'What is this I'm feeling?' I asked myself. 'Why is my heart thumping so loud and fast?'

I can feel the warmth of his hands on mine. I kind of love the feeling but then I felt embarrassed. I pulled my hand out from his.

"T-Then it's okay to call me by my name when no ones around." I said. I averted my gaze from him feeling shy.

"Then call me Leon." Leon said. He gently grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on it's back. I blushed even further.

"U-umm I'm hungry. I'm going inside to eat. How about you?" I tried to change the topic.

"I have eaten my breakfast already. I will accompany you inside." Leon said with a smile.

"N-no need." I still feel embarrassed. "I mean I can eat fast."

"It is my job to stay beside you Alicia." Leon said. Hearing him call me by my name made me blush even more. "And after you have finished we would start some lessons in history and math. Later this afternoon we would have horseback riding lessons."

"You'll be the one to teach me how to ride a horse?" I instantly felt happy.

"Hahaha, you look so cute." Leond said. "Yes, of course I'll be the one to teach you. Better be prepared I'm a strict tutor." He pressed my cheeks.

"Aww." I flinched.

"Come, let's get some food in your slender body. You're so thin like you would be blown away by the wind so easily." Leon said while walking away. "I want my woman to be a little plump."

"I beg your pardon?" I didn't hear his last sentence. Just a few strides and he was a distance away from me. I jogged to catch him.

Leon suddenly turned around. "You need some fats in you." Then he flicked my forehead. "I'm sure you would be more beatiful if you have some curves."

"Are you saying I'm too thin and ugly? Hmph." I pouted my lips irritated.

This is the first time I feel irritated by someone saying negative things about me. I am used to the servants gossiping not so good about me and also my stepsisters. But coming from Leon I really feel I don't want him to see me ugly.

"I didn't say your ugly." Leon pinched my cheeks. "I just said you would look more beautiful with some curves."

"Aww, aww." I can feel a sting on his pinching.

"Now come here. Sit and eat." Leon pulled the chair for me.

I looked at him carefully. He was still wearing that cheerful smile. I can't help but smile as well. I know he was teasing me but I felt I like it.

I sit on the chair and started to eat. What I didn't notice was Leon staring at me with such affectionate eyes.
What do you think of him?

History and math lesson with Leon are done for the day. He is a strict teacher but I like that. I won't have it any other way. Good thing I have been listening to Richard's tutors when they were teaching him. I was able to keep up with Leon's lessons.

What I like about the lessons was the history part. Aside from the history of Alvannia, Leon have thought me about the neighboring countries. Around Alvannia there are two countries. The country of Grandcrest in the south to southwest and some in the northwest and Jennova in the far north. The east of Alvannia is the great Atlantian Sea.

Grandcrest was the biggest country of the three and also the most powerful. Because of it's geographical location in the south they have locations which have a summer weather for the whole year which is good in bringing up crops. The locations in the northwest can grow fruits that needs cold weather. Those in the southwest is suitable for raising farms and animals. Their geographical location attributes to their flourishing economy.

Jennova on the other hand has a cold weather. The northern most parts are always covered in ice that makes living very difficult. As for their economy it is said they are the poorest of the three countries.

Alvannia is the second largest country from the three. We experience four seasons per year that is very useful in growing crops, fruits, and raising animals. And because our country is by the sea we have shipping docks that can host big merchant ships. Trade with other countries across the sea goes right thru us and taxes from this makes our country flourish.

I am having a short break in a gazebo located at the center of the southeast garden of the palace. A little while I am going to have horse back riding lessons with Leon.

"Princess Alicia. I brought some snacks." Tricia said. She walked inside the gazebo holding a tray of biscuits and a jar of orange juice.

"Thank you Tricia." I said.

"Where is sir Leon?" She asked while looking around.

"He went to the stables to prepare the horses for my horse back riding lessons." I answered.

"Oh pity, I prepared these snacks for him as well." Tricia said with a sad face. "Hey princess, what do you think of him?" She asked enthusiastically. Tricia poured orange juice on my glass.

"Who?" I asked. I take a biscuit from the plate and take a bite.

"Sir Leon." Tricia asked. "I saw the both of you earlier. He kissed the back of your hand. You know what that means." She was giggling.

I was surprised. I suddenly choked on the biscuit inside my mouth.

"Ahem, Ahem." I was coughing.

"Princess be careful when your eating." Tricia gave me my glass of orange juice. I gulped it's contents to clear my throat.

"You were eavesdropping?" I asked.

"Weeeellll. I didn't intend to eavesdrop. I was just passing by and when I saw the two of you talking intimately I didn't want to disturb so I stood my ground and hid." Tricia looked apologetic.

"Eavesdropping is not good." I scolded her.

"I'm sorry princess I didn't mean to." Tricia knelt down and asked for forgiveness.

I sighed. "Rise Tricia. Just don't do it again."

"Thank you princess." Tricia said and stood up. "But really I'm curious. What do you think of sir Leon?"

"Sir Leon is a good man. I can tell he is very intelligent and knowledgeable after he tutored me in my studies." I said. "I can also tell that he is a kind person."

"Not that things. I mean, he is so manly. He is tall and handsome. And if you look at his body he must have well defined muscle under his clothes. Oh I can just imagine." She was making a dreamy face.

"W-well.." I blushed by Tricia's definition of Leon. "He is rather good looking I guess. But what I like is his smile. It is so addictive that you can't help but smile as well." I smiled with the thought.

"Oh my gosh princess you're blushing and smiling." Tricia said a little too enthusiastically.

"Huh, no I'm not." I denied it. I hold my cheeks with my hands and it was really a little hot to the touch.

"Princess you seldom smile. You should smile often, you look so beautiful." Tricia said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, your're really beautiful when you smile princess." A voice of a man said. The voice came from beside of he gazebo post.
Confrontation (1)

"Princess you seldom smile. You should smile often, you look so beautiful." Tricia said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, your're really beautiful when you smile princess." A voice of a man said. The voice came from beside of the gazebo post.

A blonde haired young man with blue eyes emerged from behind the gazebo post.

"Will." I greeted him.

"Hello Alicia." William was smiling at me. His smile was warm and fuzzy. Unlike Leon's which is bright as the sun.

'Why am I differentiating Will and Leon's smile? Alicia that's improper.' I scolded myself thinking about such things.

"One of your maids in your courtyard told me you were here." Will said. He walked towards me.

"Please have a seat." I told Will. "I'm taking a break from my studies."

"Oh is that so? Am I disturbing?" Will asked.

"Of course not. You are free to join me if you wish. I'm going to have horse back riding lessons next." I said.

"Then can I accompany you?" Will asked.

"Of course." I smiled at him.

"Oh look what we have here?" A familiar voice said from behind me.

I looked behind me and I saw my second older sister, the second princess Elizabeth.

"Second sister." I was surprised. I stand up and give my courtesy as a greeting.

"Second princess Elizabeth, Good afternoon." William also stood up and bowed in front of her.

"Rise young lord William." Elizabeth said.

"Third princess Alicia, William." A young man beside Elizabeth greeted us.

Elizabeth is with two young men. One I knew was her personal knight Bradford.

Bradford was a tall young man with auburn hair and light green eyes. He had a gentle face for a knight. As I know he was nineteen years old. Bradford who was behind Elizabeth also bowed as a greeting.

The one that greeted me I do not know who he was. But he looks like a young lord from a noble family judging from his clothes. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He was tall but not as tall as Will and Leon.

"James, fancy meeting you here." William greeted the young man beside Elizabeth. "Alicia this is James. He is the eldest son and the heir of Carlson Dukedom."

I look at James. He seems a rather proud young man with an air of arrogance in him.

"I am starting to court our second princess Elizabeth. That's why I'm here." James said with a cocky smile.

I see Elizabeth rolled her eyes without James noticing it. She seems to be unsatisfied with her suitor.

"Is that so? Well then good luck." William said with a smile.

"Haha thanks." James was laughing proudly. "Are you here to court the third princess?"

"Well something like that." William said and looked at me affectionately. I blushed with his stare.

Elizabeth clenched her fist looking irritated.

"Well nothing is set in stone. Our marriages are still decided by our father king. Your courting is just a way to see if you suitors are suited to be our husbands." Elizabeth said with an irritated face.

"You are right there princess Elizabeth. But I'm sure to work hard to get your father's approval for Alicia's hand in marriage." William said confidently.

Elizabeth was fuming with anger. I'm afraid she would burst.

"Second sister, young lord James. Would you like to sit and have a snack?" I offered to quench Elizabeth's anger.

Elizabeth gave me a look and smiled wickedly.

"Of course sister." Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth and James took their seat while Bradford stood behind. William and I took our seats as well.

"Come and sit here with me sister." Elizabeth told me. I was a little hesitant at first but I can't refuse her or I will regret it later. I know how she is if she's mad.

Elizabeth's maid brought a teapot with tea. What I didn't see was the look Elizabeth gave to her maid. The maid nodded silently.

"I gifted you this oolong tea that I got from my journey in the Grandcrest kingdom. I know you like oolong tea so I specifically bought it for you." James said to Elizabeth.

The teapot was placed besides me.

"Thank you James." Elizabeth smiled at James and he smiled with satisfaction. "Sister can you pour me a cup please." Elizabeth asked me.

I nodded. I lifted the teapot and was about to pour it in her cup when my grip suddenly slipped.

The teapot fell and landed on the table. The hot tea splashed out.

"Ahhhh." Elizabeth cried. She was holding her face. "It hurts, it hurts." She was crying in pain.

The hot tea also splashed on my hands and it burned.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." I was saying when I felt a slap on my face. I lost my balance from the force and landed on the floor. I can feel the pain on my cheeks as I hold it.

"Insolence!" James shouted. "I have heard that you were jealous of your sister's beauty but I never thought you would do such a thing to hurt her beautiful face!"

"But I didn't... It was an accident." I said. Tears are running from my eyes.

I see my sister crying. Bradford was there assisting her and applying ice.

William leaned down beside me and comforted me. "James what are you doing? She is still the third princess of Alvannia. You don't have any evidence that she did it on purpose. It was an accident."

"She's just a bastard!" James shouted.

Then a shadow passed by me from behind. The next thing I know James was on the ground with a bloody nose.
Confrontation (2)

"James what are you doing? She is still the third princess of Alvannia. You don't have any evidence that she did it on purpose. It was an accident." William was beside me and comforting me.

"She's just a bastard!" James shouted.

Then a shadow passed by me from behind. The next thing I know James was on the ground with a bloody nose.

"F*ck!" James shouted. "Who dare hit me!"

"You dare lay a hand on my princess." A cold voice said. When I looked up I saw the back of a familiar figure.

"Sir Leon." I muttered.

Leon looked back at me. His face was full of worry. He kneeled beside me.

"I'm sorry my princess. I wasn't here to protect you. It's my fault you got hurt." Leon looked at me with regret.

"Hmm, no. Don't blame yourself." I said.

"Who are you to dare hit me? I'm the son of the Duke of Carlson." I here James yelled. "I'm the heir of the Carlson Dukedom."

Leon's face changed in an instant. From the bright and cheerful Leon that I know it turned to a cold blooded being. I felt a chill down my spine. His eyes had a tinge of bloodlust.

"My princess please go inside. I'll take care of this." Leon said seriously.

"No Leon. I'm not going anywhere without you." I have a feeling that Leon will start a fight.

I was worried that he would be beaten up. If Elizabeth's knight Bradford joins the fight I am not sure Leon would win. I know that Bradford is one of the best in the royal guards.

Leon gave me a gentle smile. The smile I so much love. I just realized that I called his name without any honorifics.

"Don't worry my princess. Even if an army stands in my way no one can stop me from avenging you." Leon said. He gently caressed my now swollen cheek. The hint of bloodlust in his eyes appeared again.

"Young Lord William please keep an eye on princes Alicia." Leon told William.

"Yes sir Leon. Leave her to me." William said.

Leon stood up and held his sword that was placed idly by his waist.

"Sir Bradford." Leon called for his attention.

"Yes?" Bradford answered.

"You know the knights code, correct?" Leon asked.

"Of course. I known it by heart." Bradford replied. He was beside his princess Elizabeth. The maids had gotten ice to place on the burn in her face.

"Then you know that anyone that hurts our sworn master or lady will be punished under our sword." Leon said with a neutral tone.

"What?!" Elizabeth was surprised. "You are Alicia's personal knight? Impossible! Mother didn't agree for her to have her own personal knight."

"I'm afraid it is true princess Elizabeth." William interjected.

Elizabeth looked at William in surprise.

"I was there as a witness when sir Leon gave his oath to Alicia." William said.

Elizabeth was looking at me with unbelieving eyes.

"Now that I am by my princess's side, no harm can come to her. I will punish anyone who tries to harm her." Leon said. "I expect you won't interfere with me sir Bradford."

Elizabeth looked at her knight. She can't just let Alicia slide out of this so easily.

"I won't interfere sir Leon. You have my word as a knight." Bradford said.

Disbelief was written all over Elizabeth's face. She clenched her fists hard.

Leon pulled out his sword from it's sheath and pointed it at James. "Young Lord James Franklin Carlson. I challenge you to a duel."

"Hahahaha. You challenge me in a duel? Fine then. Somebody get my sword." James yelled proudly.

Leon pulled out his sword from it's sheath and pointed it at James. "Young Lord James Franklin Carlson. I challenge you to a duel."

"Hahahaha. You challenge me in a duel? Fine then. Somebody get my sword." James yelled proudly.

A servant came running towards James carrying his sword.

"Give me that!" James yelled and took the sword from the servant. He looks at Leon with anger. "I accept your challenge!"

James unsheathes his sword and points it towards Leon. They both take their stance.

"Are they going to be okay?" I asked but I am more worried about Leon rather than James. "To tell you the truth this is the first time I will watch a duel."

I have seen grandpa practicing with his knights and Richard. I have seen them sparring with one another. But this is the first time I will witness a true duel.

"Don't worry, this is a serious duel. No ones going to lose their lives here." William assured me. "But it is inevitable that they will sustain some injuries."

Thinking of Leon being injured made my heart race even faster.

'What's wrong with me?' I thought. 'Isn't it normal for a knight to have to fight for his lady and have some injuries? Why am I feeling that I don't want Leon to get hurt?'

'Ping, slash, clang' I hear the sound of their swords clash at one another. I watch them with worried eyes.

Leon was moving fast. His movements were swift but elegant. Every stroke of his sword was made with precision and accuracy.

Jame on the other hand was looking like he was having a difficult time. His proud and arrogant face earlier turned into a serious one. I can see sweat was forming on his forehead.

Leon was striking with full force. James was taking steps back and was only seen defending.

Only a few minutes have past but I felt it has been a lifetime. I can see some few slashes were given to James. His clothes have visibly shown cuts and bloodstains from the wounds he had acquired. While Leon was still looking the same as the duel started.

"Ahhhh." James tripped on a stone and fell on the ground.

"Surrender." Leon said hovering over James pointing his sword at him.

James gave a look of anger. "Never!" He took a handful of dirt and threw it at Leon's face.

"Ah." Leon had dirt enter his eyes.

"That's cheating." William said.

James lunge at Leon holding his sword and ready to strike.

"Nooo!" I screamed. I don't want Leon to get hurt.

'Ping, plang, plang' I hear the sound of the two swords clash then one sword was flown away and dropped on the ground.

When I looked whose sword was it that flew away and who was disarmed, it was James.

Leon's eyes were closed but he was able to disarm James. He lunged right at James and placed his sword right on his throat.

"You loose young lord James." Leon said lazily.

"B-but h-how..?" James was in disbelief
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