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"A gentleman is simply a patient wolf."
Heaven woke up feeling like a different person. She didn't feel like a g**l anymore. She felt like a w*m*n. As she stretched in b*d and y*wn*d, every muscle in her body ached. She was sore all over, but p**n never f**t so good.
The first thing she did was to look for Zamiel. He was sleeping peacefully next to her, one arm resting over her w**st. Excitement bu**led in**de of h*r while every nerve in her b**y rem**ded h*r of what happened l**t ni**t. She recalled every light t**ch and every sm*ll k**s. She remembered his body in h*r*, str*k**g h*r rhythmically, sl**ly p*sh**g h*r to the edge until she cried out. It was so intense she could still feel it in her muscles.
Oh, those so**ds. Her cheeks burned.
No matter how h**d she tr**d to st*y qu**t, h*r body act*d on its *wn. But Zamiel had taken complete control over her, leaving her weak and lightheaded. Then he drew her into his arms and whispered promises in her ear, which she couldn't remember. He even made her promise things.
Heaven frowned, trying to revive the memories, but nothing came to mind. She felt like she should know, especially the things he made her promise in her frail state of mind. It was unfair and she would scold him once he woke up. But as she shifted and turned to him, she forgot all about it.
He was breathtaking where he lay, the masculine lines of his face were relaxed, his l**g th**k la**es fell over his cheeks, his nose was long and narrow and those lips, those sensual lips, were more familiar with her body than she was.
Then her gaze traveled down his body, to his inviting neck, his broad shoulders and muscular arms. She noticed scratches on his arms.
Her claws. She had scratched him. Wondering how much damage she caused, she reached for his back. She felt more grazes on his skin. How could she have forgotten about her demon?
Maybe because she hadn't bitten him. He had no bruises on his lips, so why the scratches? Then she remembered him telling her not to bite him. Did her demon listen to him?
She knew their bond was different now that the mark renewed itself. She felt much closer to him, his emotions almost became her own. Through their bond she had felt his pleasure, which added to her own, but she also felt his restraint. He had been holding back as he m*d* l*v* to h*r, taking care of her needs more than his own.
What was she supposed to do with this selfless man? She would not let him hold back next time.
Next time?
It made her body flush and tingle all over again.
Turning on her back, she stared at the ceiling. She wondered what walking would feel like since her legs felt strange and her whole body ached.
Rolling over, she sat at the edge of the bed. Wrapping the sheets around her s**ll fi***e, she stood up. Her limbs felt sluggish as she began to walk. She felt funny as she made her way to the large mirror in his room.
Oh Lord! She looked awful. While straightening her hair, she saw her neck. Her demon sight made it possible to see the several bruises and marks that were fading away. Now wonder her neck felt raw and even her swollen lips.
She also noticed the finger imprints on her arms. They were also fading because of her inhuman healing ability. Surprisingly, she felt no pain that caused these bruises. It made her think of the whole controlling demon thing. Being ancient and possessing so much power and strength, she realized just how much Zamiel held back.
Would he always have to hold back? Or was it because his demon had been sleeping for so long and now it was like hers, newly awakened and raving? She hoped for the latter.
Heaven looked at her shoulders and collarbone. She could see the visible bones. It looked like she had lost weight and her skin wasn't glowing as it used to be. She had never felt insecure about her looks before. She knew she was a stunning beauty by how she made men around her pause to look. But for the first time she anxious about her own body, especially now that someone else other than herself saw her completely n.*.*.*.*.
Carefully she opened the covers at the front and looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she had lost weight, but she couldn't tell if she looked good or bad. She had nothing to compare her body to except for...Axia's. That woman's body put her own to shame.
Annoyed, she wrapped the sheets around herself. She knew Axia was only his friend, but if Zamiel went to see her again, that woman better dress properly.
Suddenly she heard a low grunt which caused her to almost jump out of her skin. She turned around and found Zamiel turning in bed. The sheets fell off his body, barely covering anything, but he was unaware as he continued to sleep.
Heaven stood there, staring. Lord. She had already seen him n..***.* already. It was nothing n*w.
Discr**tly, she went back to bed. Just when she was about to c*v*r h*m, he stirred and a frown settled on his face.
She hoped it wasn't a nightmare again. Maybe she should wake him before it got worse.
She loomed over him, leaning closer, "Zamiel." She whispered his name.
"Mm." His eyes were still shut, but she was relieved that he replied.
"Are you awake?" She asked.
A hoarse sound came from his lips that brought a fluttering feeling to her stomach. Now that he lay on his back and his hair was out of the way, she noticed the scratches on the sides of his neck as well.
What had she done?
Her fingers reached for the wounds, and he grunted his approval of her t**ch. This made her feel bold. She traced her fingers down his neck and chest, feeling his hard muscles under her palm.
It felt odd that she could feel his pleasure from her touch.
"I like how you wake me up." He spoke, his voice still rough from sleep, but she liked the sound of it.
Her gaze shifted from his body to his now open eyes. He smiled at her "Good morning."
That voice.
"Good morning." She smiled.
But then panic settled in.
She looked outside the window. The sun had just risen and the faint light peeked through the glass. She had been gone from home since late afternoon yesterday until early morning today.
"Is something wrong?" Zamiel asked, sensing her panic.
Well, everyone was probably still asleep, so she didn't need to panic. Pushing the thought to the back of her mind, she wanted to enjoy this moment.
"Nothing is wrong." She said snuggling against him.
He wrapped his arm around her. The ribbon was still tied around his wrist, just like hers was. Even though people today didn't get married this way, she knew for Zamiel this wasn't anything short of a marriage. That was all that mattered to her.
She had already considered herself his in every way. This only made it seem more special. She loved that it was something between them only. It felt more intimate and sincere than a Royal wedding would ever feel.
But no one would consider them married this way, and in all honesty she didn't care. She was going to get officially married to him anyway, and until then this would be between her and him.
Married or not, nature had bonded them in the most sacred way. No one could take that away from them.
Leaning back, she looked up at him. "I hurt you again." She said.
His gaze followed hers and he looked at the scratches on his arms. "It was quiet pleasing." He said sincerely.
"But I didn't bite you." She continued, still confused. She knew he didn't compel her, but then why did she comply.
"I guess your demon is the obedient type." He mused.
"Then maybe you should tell me not to cl*w at you as well." She suggested.
He chuckled, his eyes gleaming with amus.e.m.e.nt. "oh, I want you to keep doing that." He drawled. 

A blush crept to her face. Then she remembered the promises he had whispered in her ears.
"Yesterday… you promised me things?" She began.
His eyes narrowed, his intense gaze bore into hers. "You want me to fulfill them now?" He asked, raising one dark brow.
Just what did he promise her?
"I don't remember what you promised." She admitted.
His lips curved into a roguish smile. She could see that he was taking great pleasure in this. "You will know in time." He told her.
"Did I… promise something?" She then asked. She knew the answer already. She had agreed to things he told her to do.
"You don't remember that too?"
Heaven shook her head.
Zamiel looked at her quietly for a while. "You promised to sl**p w**h me t***gh*." He said.
Her hea*t skipp"d.
She wouldn't complain if her body wasn't a**ing everywhere. But it was.
"You don't want too?" He asked.
Heaven looked at him. She trusted he wouldn't do anything that would make her uncomfortable.
"I do." She said.


"We are only as blind as we want to be."
"My Lord. Someone is looking for you." Uzz informed.
Lothaire sat on his throne and dismissed Uzz with a wave of his hand. Once the slave left, he opened The Eye with another wave of his hand. The Eye was a window in which he could see the whole world. Anywhere he liked, The Eye would show him.
The Eye opened, revealing the person looking for him.
"Who is that young, handsome boy?" His daughter Tezznin was suddenly next to him, looking into The Eye and curiously watching Zarin. The boy was trying to find a way to call him.
Lothaire knew what Zarin wanted, but he didn't have time for the young boy.
"He is Ramiel's son." Lothaire said simply.
"Oh, no wonder." His daughter licked her lips.
Lothaire shut The Eye, not interested to waste his time on Zarin.
His daughter groaned. "Are you going to ignore him?"
"But why? If you don't have time, I certainly do." Her eyes gleamed with mischief.
She loved the young and inexperienced. She found them easier and funnier to play with.
"Is he the friend? Your granddaughter's friend?" She asked.
Lothaire gave her a silent reply.
"Father, don't you think Heaven will be more willing if we have her friend here? You just bring him here and I will take care of the rest." She tried to convince him.
Lothaire knew she could, but Zarin didn't need much work. He was digging his own grave. But sure, a push would make him dig faster.
"What are you chattering about?" His other daughter, Hezznin joined them in the hall.
"We are talking about Ramiel's son." Tezznin said, excitement clear in her tone. "We can share him, sister. I am sure Heaven would be jealous and come here willingly."
Lothaire chuckled dryly. "She is not interested in the boy."
Tezznin seemed surprised. "Why not? The boy is exquisite."
"She found her mate."
The sisters looked at each other, surprised. "You didn't tell us, father." Hezznin spoke.
He didn't tell them because he knew what their reaction would be.
"Yes. Who is it?" Tezznin was curious.
Since they would find out soon, he decided to tell them.
"Zamiel." He said.
Hezznin's face twitched in disbelief. "Zamiel?!" She repeated as if unable to believe.
Lothaire nodded, seeing how his daughter's eyes widened in worry and fear.
"Are we talking about the ancient smoke demon?" Tezznin asked.
Hezznin nodded. "Yes." She said with clenched teeth.
While one of his daughters was worried, the other became even more excited.
"Now I understand why she is not interested in the boy. That smoke demon is divine." Her voice became a low purr, and she licked the tip of her fangs. She was more than excited and Lothaire tried to ignore the wild images in his daughter's mind.
Hezznin shook her head at her sister before looking back at her father. "You plan to take away the mate of an ancient demon? Father, do you want to bring destruction here? He might not be able to harm you, but he will kill us all."
"Hezz, relax." Her sister waved her hand. "I am sure father has a good plan."
Hezz crossed her arms over her chest, unhappy. "Why do you need her? You have us." She asked, ignoring Tezz.
Lothaire stood up from his seat and went to his daughter. He grabbed her chin and made her look at him. "Greed." He said. "I always want more. Don't forget who your father is."
"Yes, exactly." Tezz cheered, clapping her hands together. "And I want more too. The boy will do for now. I'll have the ancient some other time."
Lothaire loved Tezz. She was more like him.
"You will have the boy once I am done with him." Lothaire said. "Leave us alone now."
Hezz and Tezz vanished without another word, and Lothaire teleported himself to find Zarin.
The boy was sitting outside of a brothel, looking disturbed. This was going to be a waste of time but so much fun, Lothaire smiled inwardly.
"Zarin." He put his nice uncle mask on.
Zarin looked up, from where ha sat on a large stone. Standing up, a smile of relief curved his lips.
"Uncle Lothaire, I haven't seen you for so long."
"You never cared to call for me. I thought you didn't want to see me like your father."
Zarin shook his head. "Of course I wanted to see you, I just…"
He was busy with life and sins. Falling into every trap that he, the devil, put out in the world for people to fall into. If only everyone fell into his traps so easily.
"I didn't know what was appropriate to do." He said.
Lothaire nodded. "It is alright. I am glad you called me now."
"I am glad you came." He said. "I need your help. Only you can help me."
No, son. No one can help you, Lothaire thought to himself. The only help he could give him was to continue on the same path.
"Heaven is in trouble." He began. "I need your help to save her."
Lothaire fought the urge to laugh. She was indeed in trouble, but he was asking the wrong man to save her. She needed to be saved from him.
"How so?" Lothaire asked, pretending to be curious.
Zarin told him the story from the beginning, babbling about how dangerous and manipulative Zamiel was.
Dangerous? Yes.
Manipulative? He wished.
Zamiel was the perfect example of a man avoiding all his traps. How he had enjoyed when the man lost his mind and started burning villages. That was the only time he lost his way, but even then it was because of an understandable reason.
Even when he took Heaven from the cave to his home, Lothaire didn't bother to interfere. He knew the man was incapable of evil. There was a reason why his name was given by an angel.
"No one is doing anything. It is almost as if he put a spell on them. He is ancient and capable of many things. I am sure you can see through him." Zarin explained. 
"I think he genuinely loves her." Lothaire stated simply. "They are mates."
"Yes. He is only with her because of the mate pull. He doesn't have genuine feelings."
Lothaire frowned. It was true that mates could be bad mates, selfish and cruel even if the demon inside of them became protective because of the bond. He was an example of that.
"And you do?" He asked.
His question caught him off guard, but he gathered courage and replied. "Yes."



"Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter."
Lothaire invited Zarin to his home in one of his hidden kingdoms. He took him to his luxurious parlor and asked him to sit down. This was going to be a long, interesting conversation, and he wanted to set the mood.
Tezz was right. The more people he got on his side that Heaven cared for, the bigger the chance would be of her staying with him once he got a hold on her.
He poured some wine for himself and Zarin and handed him the golden goblet before getting seated.
"So you say you love my granddaughter?"
Zarin nodded.
"And Zamiel doesn't love her? He is only manipulating her?"
The boy nodded again.
Lothaire sipped his wine, watching Zarin closely.
"Why would he manipulate her?" He asked.
Zarin sighed. "He is using her. He hates witches and wants to have his revenge on them."
Lothaire frowned. The boy made no sense. "I am sure Zamiel could have his revenge in the most cruel way without using Heaven."
The boy put the goblet down and looked at him with a serious expression. "Maybe he wants to have a good time with her first."
Well then, he could just compel her, but Lothaire continued to listen to his nonsense.
Zarin needed guidance. He was a sinner who didn't want to admit to his sins. Or more correctly, he justified his sins. A common human trait. Commit a sin, but blame it on others. Lothaire hated those types, because he would often be the one to be blamed for everyone's sins.
He knew he shouldn't hate them, because those types would never repent as long as they blamed others, and that is exactly what he wanted. But he couldn't help it. His pride didn't allow him to be blamed.
"I just want to make sure that Heaven is safe." Zarin added.
Lothaire put his wine goblet on the table and gazed into Zarin's eyes. "Zarin, who am I?" He asked. 

Zarin seemed fazed by the question. "You are Heaven's grandfather." He said.
"That is what I am to Heaven. What am I to everyone else?"
The boy's eyes darted nervously before he spoke. "The devil."
Lothaire could see that Zarin felt uncomfortable calling him the devil.
"And what does the devil do?" He asked.
Zarin looked at him questioningly, wondering why he was being asked these questions.
"You make people sin." He replied distressfully.
"Wrong answer." He told him standing up. "Follow me. I will show you what I do."
Lothaire was a master of manipulation, but what people didn't know was that he could only manipulate those who let him. God's creatures were inherently good, but they all had a sinful nature. All of them were sinners. The difference between them was the consistency of sins and repentance. The good ones would always repent and try their best to not fall into sin again. Others would continue down the same path, walking deeper into the darkness until they see no light when they turn back. And when the path behind you is dark, it is harder to find your way back.
Zarin stood up from his seat and followed Lothaire. He halted and gasped when he noticed the floor beneath him looking like heaven.
"Walk with me." Lothaire said.
Zarin continued to follow him, surprised by and awed by Lothaire's crafty work.
"How did you do this?" He asked.
"It is my job to make the walk pleasing." He responded.
Lothaire created another illusion. He turned the hall into a party as they walked. Music, liquor and fine undressed women chatted and danced. Swaying their seductive uncovered bodies to the music.
Zarin's eyes widened. He looked around, astonished. "This is what I do." Lothaire said, slowing down and motioning toward the provocative view. The women touched each other, engaging in s.*.*.*.*.l behavior.
"I make sin appealing." He said continuing to walk. "Most materialistic things in life turns us to sin. I provide you with these things."
He made them walk down a path of gold. Zarin looked beneath his feet, there was gold everywhere.
"But the women…" Zarin said, confused.
"Yes, women. Not many women are treated like living creatures. They are sold for power, bought with money and used for various reasons. Even the ones with a royal title. It is sin that makes you treat another living creator like that."
"Then why do you make people sin?" He asked.
Lothaire halted and turned to him. He leaned closer, "I don't make you use a woman for your pleasure. I make her appealing to you. I present the idea to you, encourage you to do it, but at the end it is your choice."
With a thought, he made them standing at the edge of a cliff. Zarin stepped back in shock when he found himself almost falling down.
"Jump." Lothaire told him.
Zarin's eyes widened.
Lothaire motioned for him to go ahead. "Don't you trust me? Do you think I would ask you to do anything that would cause you any harm?"
Zarin looked down, studying the distance. It was a long fall, even for a demon.
"I don't understand why I need to jump." He said.
"You will understand once you have jumped. Right now you just have to trust me. You won't regret it." He promised.
Zarin's heart raced as he looked down. He took a deep breath and gathered his courage before jumping. He was confused when he found himself just a short distance away from where he stood before.
He looked back at Lothaire questioningly. "It was just an illusion."
"Because I wanted you to see that even if I encouraged you to jump, you made the decision to do it." He stated simply. "I'll ask again now. Do you love Heaven?" He took them back to the parlor with a thought.
Zarin was quiet for a moment this time before he replied. "Yes."
"Do you love her or do you hate Zamiel?"
Confusion showed in his eyes.
"Are you concerned for Heaven's safety or do you just want to get rid of Zamiel?" Lothaire asked.
"I am concerned for Heaven." He said.
Lothaire took a step forward, towering over him. "Don't lie to me, boy. I know what you want before you know it. Just tell me exactly what you want. Here is the only place you can express your darkest secrets and desires without being judged."
Zarin's became nervous again. "I really care about Heaven's safety."
"But not as much as you care to make Zamiel the sinner. I can't help you if you don't admit it. You hate that man more than you love Heaven, don't you?"
"It is not true." Zarin shook his head in denial while taking a step back.
"He took away Heaven from you. It is understandable that you hate you him."
"It is not about that." He kept denying.
"It is. Heaven made you feel special because you were the only man in her life. She looked up to you and then suddenly another man became more important to her." Lothaire c.o.c.ked his head and pretended to be thoughtful. "Is that envy?"
"I am not envious."
"Then it must be pride. Another man taking your place in Heaven's life hurt you pride. Especially since he makes you feel inferior."
Zarin kept shaking his head. "The only thing that man makes me feel is hatred. He hurt everyone I love."
"And you love Heaven?"
"That is why you don't want to marry her because you want to live freely, but you also don't want to let her go to someone else. You want all of it. That sounds like another sin."
"What are you trying to imply?" He sounded annoyed.
"That you are a sinner. Just like me, therefore I can't and I won't judge you. I just want you to be honest if you need my help."
Zarin ran his fingers through his hair, distressed. "I don't know what you want me to say." He said pacing back and forth.
Lothaire leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. He was enjoying all of this.
"I want you to embrace it. Why do you have to feel bad about hating someone? Or wanting more? You can want Heaven, have your freedom and hate Zamiel. There is nothing wrong with that. But don't lie to me or to yourself."
"Yes!" He called out loud. "Yes. I want Heaven. I want her all to myself and I hate Zamiel because he took her away from me." He finally admitted, almost tearing his hair out in frustration. "So will you help me now?"
Lothaire's lips curved into an evil smile. "What exactly do you want me to do?"