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The royal physician

"Alicia!" Leon yelled. When I open my eyes I saw Leon hugging me protectively in his arms.

"Leon." I looked at him on a daze.

I can feel him so close to me. The heat of his body was warming mine. His face was just inches from mine and his eyes held my gaze. My heart was thumping loudly. His face was inching slowly to mine and I can feel his warm breath on my face.

Then I felt a flick in my forehead.

"Aww." I held my throbbing forehead.

"What were you thinking being absent minded in a situation like that?" Leon was the one that flicked my forehead. "If I weren't here to save you, you would have been flattened by the horses by now." He scolded me.

I bowed my head feeling guilty.

"I'm sorry. When I regained my balance I just realized I was already in front of the running carriage. I didn't mean to be absent minded." I said.

Leon sighed. "I understand. I just don't know what to do if I wasn't able to save you on time."

Leon hugged me close to him. I can hear his heart beat raising. He was worried for me. I felt happy knowing that.

The carriage that almost ran me over stopped a few feet away. A young man with light brown hair wearing spectacles came down from the carriage.

"Are you all right? I am so sorry that my coachman was in a hurry. There is an emergency call in the palace that I need to attend to, so we were going fast." The man said apologetically.

"Dr. Andrew?" I said. Dr. Andrew was a young but genius physician. He passed the physician's exam when he was just fourteen years old and became a royal physician when he was eighteen. Now, as I know he was twenty one years old.

"Princess Alicia?" Dr. Andrew recognized me right away. I didn't realize that my ponytail was undone when I had an accident earlier.

Leon saw this and took off his jacket to cover my head.

"Dr. Andrew." Leon greeted. "We are here incognito so can you please lower your voice."

"Oh I am sorry." Dr. Andrew said. "Please come inside my carriage. Let me treat the princess' wound."

"Wound?" I asked curiously. That was when I realized that there was pain in my left leg. When I looked at it there was some blood.

"A flying debris must have hit your leg earlier." Dr. Andrew said. "Come, I have some medicine inside the carriage."

Leon nodded and helped me walked.

Once inside, Dr. Andrews opened his black medical bag and got some bottles inside.

"Put you leg up." Dr. Andrew ordered and I do what he said.

Once my wound was exposed, he put some antiseptic to clean it. I flinched in pain.

"Don't worry, it will only be painful at first. This ointment can relieve the pain." Dr. Andrew said.

After he placed the said ointment, the pain really went away.

"Wow, it really went away." I said amazed.

"I make my medicines from the herbs that I grow in my estate." Dr. Andrew smiled.

"I have heard that the herbs you grow in your estate are really rare." Leon slowly pulled my feet away from the doctor's hand.

"I have traveled a lot all over the continent for the past few years and was able to obtain such rare herbs. And I have growing them ever since." Dr. Andrew replied.

"Why are you in a hurry to go to the palace? Is there an emergency?" I asked.

"It is about princess Elizabeth's wounds." Dr. Andrew said. "They have said that the wounds are not healing properly and is started to fester." Dr. Andrew said.

"Oh my. Then I will not take much of your time doctor." I said.

"Will you not go home? It is starting to get dark outside. I can offer you a ride." Dr. Andrew asked.

"Don't worry doctor, we can manage." Leon said.

"And sir Leon and I will see the fireworks later in the evening." I said excitedly.

"Then I won't get in the way of your enjoyment." Dr. Andrews smiled at me.

"Thank you for treating my wound" I said before going out of the carriage.

"It's my pleasure princess Alicia." Dr. Andrew helped me out of the carriage and was about to kiss my hand when Leon grabbed it away.

"We are happy for your help Dr. Andrew. The king must be waiting for you. So you should be on the way." Leon said with a sharp voice.

"I understand." Dr. Andrew looked at Leon. "Goodnight princess Alicia."

"Good night doctor." I smiled.

The carriage moved and after a while was out of our sights.

"What could have happened to Elizabeth's wound?" I asked curiously.

"It must be karma." Leon smiled at me.


The night in town was festive. There were many lanterns lit along the roads. Many people are at the river bay waiting for the fireworks to start.

"Wow, look at the crowd." I said in amazement.

All the people around us are common folks. I see a variety of them, men and woman, young and old, lovers, and families all together. Little children are bundled up with their parents, happy and eagerly waiting for the fireworks to start.

Then I remembered something in my childhood, when mother was still alive. There was also a festival like this one. Mother brought me to watch it and I was so happy. And when it ended she promised me to come again and watch it together. But that promise never came to reality. She died before the next festival was held.

"Is there something wrong?" Leon asked.

We were standing at a good spot in the river bank, waiting for the fireworks to commence.

"Oh, it's nothing." I wipe away a tear that formed in my eye. "I just remembered my mother taking me to a festival and watching fireworks when I was still young."

Leon looked at me with knowing eyes. He extended his hand and reached for my hand. He held it in his and squeezed it.

"Don't worry. I'm here." Leon said.

"I know." I smiled at him. "Thank you for taking me out to see the festival. I had a wonderful day."

"Really?" Leon smiled brightly. "Then next year I will take you out here again."

"Really?" I said excitedly. "Then I will hold you on to that promise."

"Of course Alicia, you have my word." Leon kissed the back of my hand. I blushed with his gestured.

And by that time the fireworks started.

"Wow." I said in amazement.

I see the bright colors light up the sky. They were like flowers blooming in the dark. One by one I here the loud bang of the fireworks, then beautiful flashes will light up the sky. It was a wonder to see such things.

I was so engrossed watching the fireworks that I didn't realize Leon was all the while watching me.

His eyes were embedded to me, looking at me with such affection.

Once the fireworks ended the people on the riverbank began to disperse.

"That was beautiful." I said with excitement.

"Yes, so beautiful." Leon looked at me with affectionate eyes.

"Did you like the fireworks." I asked.

"Hmm." He nodded.

He was still staring at me with affectionate eyes that I began to feel a bit awkward.

"Should we get going?" I asked. Looking around there were a few people left on the river bank. Many had gone on their way.

Leon was still holding my hand. He pulled me gently to him. I can feel his arm encircle my waist and his hand caress my cheeks gently. My eyes were glues to him in wonder and surprise.

Our bodies are so close to each other that I can feel the heat of his body to mine. His eyes are drawing mine, like I was hypnotized in his gaze.

His face inched closer, my heart beat want faster as it nears. I closed my eyes instinctively. I can feel his breath in my face and then felt something hot touch my lips.

His lips was pressed to mine. I felt sweet and tender feeling on my lips as he continue to kiss me. Then I felt it part from me.

I opened my eyes to see Leon's face flushed. He smiled at me tenderly.

"I can't seem to control my self." Leon said. He pressed his forehead to mine and sighed. "Please grow up quickly, I can't seem to hold myself much longer."

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

Leon just gave me a smile. "When you turn eighteen then I would personally teach you the things a woman needs to know."

I looked at him still puzzled.

"Haha do not worry, you will surely know when the time comes. Just do not be so too cute in front of me?" Leon said.

"Do not to be so cute? But how?" I asked. I don't know how to be cute, so how can I not 'not be so cute' in front of him.

"Look." Leon cupped my chin. "You are being cute again that I want to kiss you again."

Leon made a quick peck on my lips. After feeling suddenness, I felt something weird. It was as if I want more. Thinking of me wanting more of Leon's kiss made me blush.

Leon sighed and took me into his embrace.

"Oh, Alicia. What will I ever do with you." Leon said. "If you continue on like this I can't seem to hold myself back. The old general will surely kill me." He laughed.

Leon pulled my hand and we started to walk.

"Let's go before something bad even happens." Leon smiled. "I intend to keep my promise with the old general."

"Promise?" I thought. Maybe the promise he made to take me home after the fireworks end.

We walked back to the stables. What we didn't know was someone from the crowd were watching us. Not only one but two pair of eyes.

A missing princess

*This chapter will be in POV of Leon

Alicia and I were walking on the road towards the horse stables where Midnight was. I can feel that a pair of eyes were looking at us. I was cautious along the way.

We were getting near the stables and I can still feel the presence of the person looking at us.

"Alicia, why not go inside the stable first." I said.

"Okay." Alicia looked at me puzzled.

"Whatever happens don't go out okay." I told her sternly.

"Is there a problem?" She asked.

"Someone is following us since we left the riverbank." I whispered.

"What?" Alicia was startled. I gestured her to keep quiet and she nodded.

"Let's act that we don't know." I said softly. I get my dagger from my belt and handed it to her. "Use this if ever something happens, okay?"

Alicia nodded again. "Be careful."

"I will, do not worry." I said. She was looking at me with worried eyes.

'She's so cute.' I smiled to myself. I pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

"Be a good girl and wait for me okay." I said and she nodded.

I saw Alicia entered the stables. Once she was in, I turned around to feel the presence of the person following us.

'Under the bushes, at least twenty feet away.' I thought to myself.

I held my sword on my waist and rushed forward. The person behind the bushes saw my sudden movement and retreated quickly.

"Where do you think you're going." I yelled.

I was now chasing the person. He ran towards the woods. He had a good head start, so I was a little behind.

"Flow of the wind, assist me." I mumble my incantation.

After muttering my spell, I felt the the wind around me. My body felt light as a feather and I was moving even faster.

The person I was chasing was now in front of me. I kicked him from behind and he crashed on the ground.

I forced him on the ground and held his arms from behind.

"Who are you and why were you following us?" I asked.

"No! Please let me go." The person was struggling to break free. It was a middle aged man.

"Tell me, why were you following us?" I twisted his arm from behind. "Speak!" I yelled.

"I-I was ordered to!" The man was screaming in pain.

"Were you the one that pushed the princess out on the road?" I pressed for more information.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about." The man denied.

It looks like this guy won't crack that easily.

"Dimitri, are you there?" I called. I have told them yesterday that they will maintain a few meters away from me and Alicia today. It was because I want to be with Alicia alone and enjoy our date together without my shadow guards watching us.

But I specifically told Dimitri to standby if ever I call for him in emergency situations. And this here is an emergency situation.

"Your highness." Dimitri just came flying in. He kneeled down before me. "What happened your highness?"

Dimitri was looking at the man that I detained.

"Take him." I pushed the man towards Dimitri. "Find out who is he working for and if he was the one that pushed Alicia earlier."

"Yes your highness." Dmitri slightly bowed. He whistled and in an instant two shadow guards came flying in. They knelt before me.

"Take this guy." Dimitri said. "You know what to do."

"Yes captain." They bowed and took the man.

"Please spare me." The man was screaming. My shadow guards left with the man to interrogate him.

"Your highness, let me escort you back." Dimitri asked.

"Okay." I turned around and walked back to the stables.

Once we entered I called looked for Alicia instantly.

"Alicia?" I called but there was no answer. My heart was beating very fast.

'Did I miss someone? Did the man had an accomplice with him?' I thought. 'But I only felt one presence.'

I looked around frantically searching for her.

"Alicia, Alicia, where are you?!" I was now yelling.

Then I smelled something, that smell will always be familiar to me. A smell of blood. I traced the smell and saw drops of blood on the floor.

"Dimitri!" I yelled.

"Your highness, what's the matter." Dimitri was startled. This was the first time that he saw me frantic.

"Search the area at once! Find Alicia!" I said with authority.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and vanished in an instant.

I felt my heart clenched in pain. Anger was engulfing every inch of my body.

"I will find you Alicia. And I won't spare anyone that tried to take you away and hurt you." The rage in my voice was evident.
You got the wrong person

I was waiting inside the stables as Leon had instructed. I hold the dagger he had left to me tightly. My heart was thumping very fast.

I was worried about Leon. He said we were being followed since we left the river bank.

'Who would want to follow us? What are their intentions?' I thought to myself.

Then I remember the accident earlier. When I was nearly ran over by a running carriage. I felt someone pushed me.

"Someone is after my life?" I said to myself.

I was deep in my thoughts when I heard some sound.

"Who is there?" I quickly got my guard up. I unsheathe the dagger from it's scarab and hold it at arms length. I make a defensive stance.

"Young lady, I do not wish to harm you." A voice of a man was heard.

Then the man emerged from the shadows. He was a young man with short dark brown hair and eyes. He was wearing black cloak.

"What do you want from me?" I asked with authority.

The young man flinched. He looked into my eyes, as if searching for something. Then to my astonishment he kneeled down before me.

"I am certain, you are of royal blood from the Atlantian empire." The young man said to me.

"Atlantian empire?" I was confused. "You must have mistaken me for someone else. I am a princess of the kingdom of Alvannia." Then I just thought that I gave my true identity to this stranger.

'Stupid Alicia!' I scolded myself.

"I cannot be wrong." The young man said. "Your distinct features proves you are a princess from Atlanatia."

"Atlantia? I have never heard of that country before." I said. "I am sorry but you are mistaken."

I didn't let my guard down even once. Even if this man mistaken me for someone else, I was careless to say that I am an Alvannian princess.

"Young lady, please come with me and you will know everything that I am telling you is the truth." The young man said. "I am one of the descendants of the Atlantian knights. And at present I serve the heir to the Atlantian throne, prince Gladiolus."

"No! I am not going anywhere." I said firmly.

"Please young lady. Come with me silently and I promise I won't hurt you." The young man said.

He stepped closer to me with caution.

"Don't come any closer!" I yelled. "Or I am going to use this on you." I branded the dagger right at him.

The young man didn't heed my warning. I ready myself and calculated my attack. I look at the door just behind the young man.

'If I can just pass by him, then I can get out and call for help.' I thought to myself.

I hold my dagger and lunged right at the young man. His eyes went wide at first with surprise but he managed to block my attack.

I have expected that much, since he said he was a knight. So I back stepped fast and counterattack. My strike hit his right arm with the dagger.

"Ahh." The young man cringed in pain. Blood spilled on the floor.

I used this opportunity to make my way towards the door and escape. I was outside and ready to shout for help when something unimaginable happened.

Water from the nearby well came out like a snake, flying in the sky. To my surprise it flew straight towards me.

"Ahhhh!" I yelled with fear. The water enveloped my whole body, forming a water bubble hovering in mid air. I held my breath so I won't drown.

"I am sorry young lady but I can't let you escape. If you really are a Atlantian princess, then your place is beside the prince." The young man said.

I was at my limit and needed air. My consciousness was starting to fade.

'No, I can't loose consciousness here.' I said.

I closed my eyes to feign that I already lost consciousness. If I am correct, the young man needed me alive to present to their prince. He won't hurt or kill me. And while he thinks I am unconscious, I am sure Leon will find me in time.

Like I thought, the young man undo the water bubble I was in. And I was able to breath freely again. I pretended to be unconscious.

"I am sure the prince will be happy to know that he has a blood relative alive." The young man said.

The young man tied my hands with a rope. He effortlessly picked me up and carried me in his arms.

The young man whistles and I can hear a horse trot towards us. He placed me up the saddle and followed.

"Hiyah!" The young man kicked his horse and I can feel the horse galloped fast.

I was sitting in front of the young man. He held me protectively between him and the reigns. I can feel the cold air hit my body instantly and shivered unintentionally. To my surprise the young man took off his cloak and covered me with it.

'I have to think fast. How can I tell Leon where I am?' I thought.

If I don't think of something, for sure we will be out of town in no time. Then I remembered the small candies that Leon bought for me earlier this day. It was a full bag of different colored candies.

I slowly slid my hand on my pocket and felt the bag of candies in my hand. I opened it and slowly took out one candy at a time to make a trail.

'Leon, please hurry and find me.' I thought to myself.
Prince to the rescue

Leon looked around outside the horse stables to look for clues. That was when he saw the dagger he gave Alicia a while ago was lying on the ground not far. He kneeled down and took the dagger from the ground.

"There's fresh blood." Leon said while examining the blade of the dagger.

'Alicia might have wounded her attacker.' Leon thought.

"Dimitri!" Leon called.

"Yes your highness?" Dimitri arrived with Midnight in tow. "I have told our shadow guards to scout the area."

"Alicia and her kidnapper cannot have gotten that far." Leon said. He showed the dagger to Dimitri.

"This is your dagger your highness." Dimitri said. He knew that the prince's dagger is coated with poison. Even just a prick from it's blade can endanger your life. The prince always carries this dagger for protection.

"I have handed this to Alicia a while ago for protection. I am sure Alicia wounded her kidnapper and by now he is feeling the effects of the poison. Tell the shadow guards to hurry." Leon said.

'I want to see Alicia as soon as possible.' Leon thought.

Just the thought of someone touching his future wife infuriates him to the core.

Leon mounted Midnight and trotted in the vicinity. Not long Midnight started behaving unusual.

"What is it boy?" Leon rubbed Midnight's neck.

'Neigh' the horse was stomping his hooves on the ground like he was telling something.

Then Leon noticed something colorful on the ground. He unmounted from his horse and took a closer look.

Leon picked up the colorful round object and inspected it. After he smelled the sweet smell of candy, he knew right away that this was Alicia's candies. He had bought it for her this morning when she said it smells sweet and tasty.

Leon looked at the vicinity and saw the trail of candies. He smiled to himself.

"Clever girl." Leon said. "I see that my training and lessons paid off."

Leon mounted Midnight again and rubbed his neck. "Good boy Midnight. Now let's follow this trail."

Leon followed the trail with Dimitri behind him.


The speed of the horse lessened drastically.

'What could have been the problem that the young man has slowed down?' I wondered.

The horse came into a stop. I can hear the young man behind me breathing heavily.

"Dammit." The young man cursed. "The dagger was poisoned."

'Leon's dagger was poisoned?' I thought. No wonder the young man was breathing heavily. The poison must have started to take effect.

"I have to hurry and rendezvous with Clara. I am sure she can find an antidote for the poison in no time." The young man said.

But when he was about to nudge his horse, he fell to the ground.

I was shocked of what just happened. I saw the young man panting and breathing heavily while lying on the ground.

'This is my chance.' I thought.

I unmounted the horse in a hurry and was about to run.

"No, stop!" The young man yelled.

I see the water from the pond just near us rise.

"Oh no, not again." I said.

I tried to run but the water caught me in an instant. It enveloped me again but this time the water bubble was made until just below my neck.

"Please...don' away." The young man was breathing heavily. Beads of sweat are seen on his forehead.

"Please just let me go." I said. "If you let me go, I promise to give you the antidote for the poison."

"I also don't want you to die. I know you don't have any ill intention towards me. You have just mistaken me for somebody else." I said.

The young man looked at me. He was clearly having a hard time standing.

"I am sorry young lady but bringing you back is more important than my life." The young man said. "With you by our prince's side, I am sure that the blood line of the royal family will flourish again. Our country will once again rise from the ashes, like a phoenix having rebirth once more."

"Like I said, you have the wrong person. I am not the person you are talking about." I tried to convince him once again. "Please just release me. And I will assure you that you can live and go back to your prince once more."

The young man shook his head. "No, I am sure you are a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." The young man said.

He walked towards me, dragging his body as if it was heavy. He reached his hand towards me and took off the scarf I was wearing on my head.

My platinum silver hair flowed freely in the night. It reflected the light of the moon, making it shine in the dim night.

"Your hair and your eyes are proof of your linage. The royal family of Atlantia had platinum blonde hair that shines bright under the moon light. And your silver eyes that holds untold intelligence and power." The young man said.

"When I saw you a while ago out on the streets, when you were about to be hit by the carriage, I saw your hair flow out. That time I wasn't sure if you really are a descendant. But now looking at you, staring at your eyes. I can feel it, the power lingering inside of you."

I looked at the young man before me. I was still confused as to what he was talking about. But something was clear to me. Having platinum blonde hair was not a norm here in the country of Alvannia. In fact as long as I have lived, I have never seen anyone with the same color of hair other than me and my mother.

"My life is not important now. What is important is that I take you back with me." The young man said. "Do not worry. As our princess, we will cherish you dearly. And once our country has been brought back, I am sure that our empire will flourish once more. You will be a queen besides our rightful king."

"And who are you calling a queen for your king?" I hear a familiar voice.

I looked at the direction where the voice was coming. From the shadow of trees emerged two horses. One was as black as night but very regal and majestic. It was Midnight. And riding him was the dashing young man that took an oath as my knight and protector.

"Leon!" I yelled his name with delight. He was here to rescue me.

"Wait for me Alicia. I will surely save you." Leon gave me his bright smile I always love.

Then he looked at the young man with a mocking smile.

"I am sorry to burst your bubble. But this princess will be queen for another king." Leon said with pride.