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Her magical powers (2)

"You know very well that there is another Atlantian here old general." Leon said.

"You mean..." Robert knew what Leon meant by 'another Atlantian'.

"Yes old general, your granddaughter princess Alicia." Leon answered with a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"But how?" Robert asked. "No one has thought her to use magic before."

"Let me explain it to you general." Leon said. "Imagine a bottle of champagne. The champagne is the magic power and the bottle is the body of the person with magic."

"The body is like a container. Even if the person doesn't know how to use magic, it is still contained inside. Emotion is the key that is used to harness magic. If since young the person is thought how to use magic, then it will flow smoothly out. Like opening a bottle of champagne. The cork is carefully opened and the contents can be poured carefully."

"But if a person was not thought how to use magic or even doesn't know they have magic, then it can be a dangerous. It can also lead to death." Leon said.

"Lead to death?" Robert was shocked. "But how can it be so dangerous."

"Like I said, emotion is used as a key to harness magic. If a person that wasn't educated, how to use magic suddenly had a surge of emotion then the magic inside his or her body can burst out. Imagine the bottle of champagne that was shaken vigorously. When you open the cork, the contents will burst out. And also the bottle can break with the burst of champagne."

Robert was imagining this and caught what Leon was trying to tell.

"So you mean, if a person with magic person had a burst of emotions, the magic can burst out and it can be out of control." Robert said.

"Exactly." Leon agreed. "Especially in Alicia's case. She is a descendant of the Atlantian royal family. Meaning her magic powers is no small talk. Her magic powers are beyond my own."

"Then what can we do to prevent her magic from destroying her body? Do we need to teach her in secret?" Robert asked.

"That was what I was thinking." Leon said. "Looking at how she was able to make the cat do what she wanted, it was a huge feat."

"What do you mean?" Robert asked curiously.

"Controlling living things such as insects, animals, and also humans, it is considered a high class kind of magic."

"High class?!" Robert was shocked. "Alicia doesn't know how to use magic prior to this and she was able to use a high class magic." He was in disbelief.

"Yes, I was also surprised when that happened." Leon said. "After that incident, I knew that I need to teach her how to control and use her magical powers. And I am afraid she has great magical ability hidden in that small body of hers. I don't want it to ruin her."

"I understand." Robert said. "Do what you must. But you need to do it in secret. You know that magic is taboo in this continent."

"I know that more than anyone old general." Leon said. "People can be very fearsome if they are afraid. I don't want Alicia to suffer as I have."

He remembered how he was outcast when he was young, just because he has some magical abilities.

"I will leave Alicia's well being to your crown prince." Robert said. "Please guide her well."

"Of course general Robert. I intend to pamper my future wife." A playful smile crept in Leon's face. Robert looked at him seriously.

"Be careful with your movements around her. I will always be watching you closely." Robert threatened Leon.

"Hahaha come now old general, don't be so serious. Look wrinkles are coming out of your face." Leon teased.

This just made Robert frown even more.

"Just remember your promise to me crown prince." Robert sighed.

"Do not worry. I am a man of my word old general Robert." Leon smiled his princely smile.

Robert looked at this young lad before him. He knows that this crown prince of Grandcrest is no ordinary person. If ever Alicia is married to him in the future, and as his queen on top of it, then he will be at ease.

"Oh general. Are you really sure it is okay for me to tutor your grandson in the art of sword?" Leon asked. "I know that he is your pride and joy. I do not want to get in your way in how you shape him as a king."

"Do not worry. It is just in the art of sword." Robert explained. "He has mastered the sword style of Alvannia. It will also be good to learn the sword style of Grandcrest. And if the two of you have a good relation, then I can see peace with both our countries in the future when the two of you take the thrones of your fathers."

"I agree with you on that." Leon smiled. "I feel I can have a good relationship with young Richard. I have a positive feeling with our relationship in the future."

Physients Stories

Richard and I were at his courtyard done eating some snacks. The sun was just about to set.

"Sister, is master Leon a great teacher?" Richard asked for the nth time.

Since we were alone, Richard has been bombarding me with questions about Leon. He looked very excited with the idea of Leon being his master in the art of sword.

"I have told you for how many times now, he is a great teacher. He is not only good with the sword but knowledgable as well." I giggled. "Our morning studies has never been dull. But I will warn you beforehand, he is a strict teacher."

"It seems like he is a strict teacher. But I am prepared for whatever challenges he will give me." Richard said with determination.

I giggled. My little brother is looking up to Leon. He may have seen Leon as an idol to look up to.

When Richard and I were chatting, something fluffy brushed on my legs. I was curious to what it was and looked under the table. I saw and heard a white furry thing purring.

"And what do we have here?" I said.

"What is it sister?" Richard asked curiously.

I picked up the furry thing and put it on the table.


An all white cat was rubbing herself before me.

"Oh wow what a beautiful cat." Richard said. "Wait isn't this the one that scratched Elizabeth's face?"

"I'm not sure if it is." I replied. "Well you know many cats look alike."


The cat was showing her affection towards me.

"That cat likes you a lot sister." Richard exclaimed.

"I know, right?" I smiled. "Little kitty, would you like to be my pet?"


The cat was rubbing her head on my hands.

"Haha, then I will take that as a yes." I said. "Hmm what will I call you then?"

"Oh, oh." Richard excitedly raised his hand. "How about fluffy? Because she is so fluffy."

"But fluffy is more of a dog name, right?" I said.

"Hmm, your right." Richard frowned.

The two of us had become silent for a while. We were both thinking hard for a name.

"How about Snow?" I hear Leon's voice. Richard and I both look towards where the voice came from.

"Master Leon!" Richard said enthusiastically.

"Richard." Grandpa scolded. "Please mind your manners."

Richard sat straight instantly. He emitted a princely aura. I giggled secretly looking at him. I was used to him being cute and gullible, that his stance bow seemed not like him.

Then I remembered that the time will come he would grow up to a fine young man and ascend the throne. I will bow down to him in the future.

"It's okay general Robert. Richard is still twelve years old. His playfulness is still understandable." Leon said. "But he knows how to carry his own. I can see potential in him." Leon smiled.

"Thank you for the praise master Leon." Richard replied with pride.

"So, Snow?" I asked. "Would you like to be called Snow?"


The cat rubbed her body on me again like saying she loves the name.

"Okay so Snow it is." I smiled.

"Let's see what Snow's gender is." Richard said. He extended his hand and patted Snow. He gently lifted the cat close to him to inspect it's sex.

"So? Is it a boy or a girl?" I asked.

"A girl." Richard replied. "Snow is a cute girl cat." He patted her fur.

'Meow' she began to purr.

"Oh she like what you are doing." I said amazed.

This was the first time I got a pet to take care of. I am a little excite of what's to come.

I didn't know that Leon was looking at me and the cat closely.

"It will be good to let Snow always accompany you." Leon said.

"Really? And why is that?" I asked curiously.

"No particular reason." Leon smiled. "It just seems that the cat likes you a lot. It will do any things necessary to be always by your side."

"Oh." I was surprised.

After Leon finished that sentence, Snow was again beside me.

"Snow really likes you." Richard said.

"It seems like it." I rubbed Snow's white fur. It was so fluffy that I had a great time rubbing her.


"It looks like Snow is enjoying." Leon chuckled.

"Really, then I am happy." I smiled.

This was the first time Snow came into my life. I didn't know that she will be someone that would be a special existence and would help me a lot in the future.
Crown Prince’s Plans

It was night time and Leon was in his room. He thought about the happenings that happened earlier in the day.

He never thought that Alicia will learn fast with the lessons he had thought her. It only she was given the proper education when she was young, he was sure that Alicia would be the most knowledgable of all the princesses. And not to mention, her sword skills are improving day by day. In fact she can really surpass his own sword skills if she becomes diligent in her practices.

Leon walked outside of the veranda. He wasn't sleepy yet because of the many thoughts that were swirling on his mind.

"Your highness." A voice came from the shadows and Dimitri emerged. He kneeled down before Leon.

"What is it Dimitri?" Leon asked.

"We have tracked the Atlantian prince until the borders of Atlantia and Jennova." Dimitri said.

"And?" Leon asked with authority.

"Please forgive me, your highness." Dimitri said with remorse. "He and his retinue was able to elude us."

Leon sighed. "Is it because of negligence?" He had a chilly voice. Dimitri shivered in fear.

"No, your highness." Dimitri replied. "The Atlantian prince used cloaking magic. They were able to elude us because of it."

"Cloaking magic?" Leon repeated. "This prince is using some advance magic. This will pose as a problem for us."

"Do not worry, your highness. We are still searching for them." Dimitri said with determination.

Leon looked at the night sky. The moon was full tonight and the stars were little. He made a long whistle that broke the silence of the night.

Not long, a big bird was seen flying towards them. It was a black eagle approaching them.

Leon extended his arm. Not long, the black eagle flapped it's big wings on top of them and landed to Leon's extended arm.

"Tempest." Leon patted it's head. "Show me what you have seen."

Leon closed his eyes and concentrated. From his closed eyes a view of a vast forest was seen. He was flying and looking down the trees and plants below. Then not long he saw five men on horse back. When the view zoomed in on those group of men, he saw a platinum blonde young man riding next to a middle aged man that was wearing a priest's clothes from the church of Jennova.

They were treading carefully into the thick and dense forest. The cloaking magic was in effect, so normal eyes cannot detect them. But to bad Tempest is Leon's familiar, hence he is no ordinary black eagle.

He saw the group of men led out of the forest by the priest and into the Jennovian territory. After that the image ended. Leon opened his eyes.

"Thank you Tempest." Leon rubbed the eagle's neck and it looked like it's enjoying it. "Now go and return to the camp." He instructed Tempest.

Tempest stretched his big wide wings and begin to flap it. Not long he flew away.

Dimitri looked in awe the whole time. He still doesn't understand how Leon can communicate with his familiar. And not to mention, Leon can also look at what Tempest was seeing. Be it from the past or present. It was beyond his understanding but he was a little jealous. He had also worked with birds that are used for sending and receiving messages. And he would have liked to have a power such as the prince, the one communicating with his eagle.

"Tell your men to stop searching for the Atlantian prince and withdraw." Leon said.

"What do you mean your highness?" Dimitri asked respectfully.

"The prince have been taken to Jennovian territory." Leon said.

"Jennovian territory?" Dimitri asked curiously. "But that country has closed their borders for quite some time. They have cut relations with the other two countries. And getting in their country is not an easy feat."

"Yes, you are correct on that." Leon said.

The relationship of Jennova with the other two countries had become sour after the war. Maybe it was because they weren't given more fertile lands that they have requested to add to their territories. Since then they have closed their doors to others and are keeping to themselves.

"A priest came to escort them inside their territory." Leon explained.

"A priest?" Dimitri was shocked. "Does this mean they are starting to work with Alvannia in searching for the forbidden magic?"

"Maybe so." Leon replied.

Dimitri looked at his prince that was deep in thought. This issue will be very serious with Jennova sticking their nose in.

"Wha are your plans, your highness?" Dimitri asked.

"Let's observe first of what they will do." Leon said. "Infiltrating Jennova is not easy. For now let's wait and see what their next move is."
Town festival (1)

The next few days were eventless. My daily routine was the same. In the morning I have my studies, in the afternoon it was physical training.

I have just finished my breakfast when Leon entered the dining hall.

"Good morning princess Alicia." Leon bowed slightly.

"Good morning sir Leon." I answered. "I will in the classroom shortly."

"That won't be necessary." Leon smiled.

"Won't be necessary?" I looked at him confused. "And why is that?" I asked.

"Because we will be going out of town." Leon's smile widened.

"Going out of town?" I asked in disbelief. "But I can't go out without permission."

Thinking of going out to town excites me. But I do not want to get my hopes up because stepmother won't approve of it.

"Why are you frowning?" Leon asked. He slowly approached me and cupped up my chin. "Smile. You are the most beautiful when you smile."

"Beautiful?" I felt my face become hot. I might be blushing again.

Leon smiled at me with amusement.

"Don't worry. Your grandpa gave me permission to take you to town. I have told Tricia to prepare you commoners clothes." Leon said. "We will be going to town incognito. There will be a festival today. And tonight there would be fireworks."

"Fireworks!" I said excitedly.

"Yes, fireworks." Leon gave me a bright smile. "Go to your room and prepare." He patted my head.

"I will, right away." I said. I stood up excitedly a walked out the dining room towards my room.


I am now wearing commoner's clothes. I am wearing a light blue dress and a light blue scarf on my head. My hair was tied in a ponytail.

"Are you ready?" Leon said. He was also wearing commoner's clothes. His shirt was color dark gray and his pants were black.

"Yes I am." I looked at him with excited eyes.

Leon stood in front of me and caressed my cheek. "Clothes can't mask your beauty princess."

I feel a blush creep on my cheeks again.

"T-Thanks." I replied shyly.

"Ahem!" I hear grandpa's voice behind me. "I can see that the two of you are now prepared."

"Yes grandpa. I am excited to go to town. It has been a while since I have gone out the palace." I smiled at him.

"It looks like you really are excited, haha." Grandpa patted my head. "This is the first time I saw you smile like that."

"Really?" I said. I know that I seldom smile. But this last few days I just feel that my life is turning for the better.

"You and Leon will pose as siblings." Grandpa said. "Leon, guard my granddaughter well."

"Do not worry general Robert." Leon said. "She is in my capable hands."

"That hands are what I am afraid of." Grandpa murmured to himself.

"I beg your pardon general. Did you say something?" Leon asked.

"Oh no, no. I didn't say anything. Haha." Grandpa lied.


Snow was rubbing her body on my feet.

"Oh Snow." I picked her up. "I'm sorry, I can't take you with me."


Her meow was like she was sad that she can't come.

"Aww I'm sorry." I hugged her. "Do not worry, I am sure to take home some treat for you from the festival."

'Meow' snow rubbed herself on my face.

"Haha I know, I know. You are welcome." I said. It was as if I can understand every bit of Snow's action.

"Well now the sun is up in the sky. Let us go little sister." Leon offered his arm.

"Okay big brother." I take his arm and smiled at him.

"Remember to take her home once the fireworks are done." Grandpa said.

Leon said the fireworks will be lit at seven in the evening. It was still early to go home but I won't object. Just by going outside gives me great joy, even if it is only for a while.

"Do not worry general." Leon said. "I will bring her back in one piece."

"See you later grandpa and thank you." I have him a peck on his cheek and smiled at him. "Good bye." I waved my hand.

Leon and I walked away. Grandpa looked at us in a daze.

"This was the first time Alicia gave me a kiss." Grandpa said. "Hahaha, that's goo. She is starting to move like her age. Not the old her that is only silent and doesn't smile."

He smiled at the retreating figure of us.
Town festival (2)

Leon and I exited at the back gate of the palace. Because we will go incognito, we must also get out of the palace silently.

When we were out of the palace, we walked a little distance and we arrived at a place were a tall man with a ponytail was standing with a horse.

"Thank you." Leon smiled.

The tall man gave the reigns of the black horse to Leon.

"Isn't this your horse Midnight?" I asked.

"Yes he is." Leon said. "You are very observant." He smiled at me.

I looked at the tall young man that was standing next to Midnight. He looks familiar but I can't seen to remember where I met him.

"Good morning princess Alicia." The tall young man slightly bowed before me. I nodded back at him. "I am Dimitri. I am sir Leon's retainer." He smiled at me.

"Had I met you before?" I blurted out of curiosity.

Dimitri seemed to be uneasy.

"You might have seen him once when he went to meet me." Leon smiled.

"Umm, maybe?" I said still confused.

Leon mounted his horse and offered me his hand. I take it and he pulled me up.

I was now sitting in front of him. His arms were protectively around me and his hand held the reigns.

"Let's go." Leon said. He lightly kicked Midnight and we started to move.

We were trotting all the way until we reach the huge town. I can see the people around are so lively. The town were decorated with colorful decoration.

"Wow look it's so colorful." I said.

"I know." I heard Leon answer.

The streets were busy. Many vendors are in the side walk, selling different kinds of products.

"Oh look, what is that?" I asked curious.

"That's what they call a kites." Leon asked.

"A kite?" I asked curiously.

"Yes. It flies in the sky of the wind blows." Leon replied.

"Really, it flies?" I asked amazed.

"You haven't tried flying a kite yet?" Leon asked.

"I never seen a kite before." I answered truthfully.

Leon was silent for a while.

'Did I say something wrong to anger Leon?' I thought.

Then I smelled something tasty. Not long we passed by a store of pastries. I felt my mouth water.

"Haha, do you like pastries?" Leon asked amused.

I felt shy for being caught ogling the pastries. But I was glad that Leon laughed at last. I nodded my head shyly.

"Okay. Let me leave Midnight in a stable, then let's continue in foot." Leon said.

My eyes sparkled with anticipation.


It was afternoon and night was nearing. The sun was about to set and the sky is starting to have a color of orange.

From morning till now, Leon and I were going around of town strolling. I have tried tasting different kind of food that I haven't even tasted before. What I loved was the thing that they called cotton candy. It was candy in a shape of a cloud and it comes in different colors.

"Did you have fun so far." Leon asked with a smile.

"Yes. I am having fun." I smiled back at him.

"I thought so. Your smiled hasn't left your face since a while ago." Leon said amused.

"Really?" I held my cheeks. "I didn't realize."

"Haha. I like it when you smile so keep smiling." Leon said.

We were walking along the side walk when we heard a commotion in the street.

"Make way! Make way!" A man was yelling. When we look behind us a beautiful looking carriage was running rather fast.

"Get out of the way." The coachman was yelling.

Leon and I stopped just for safety when I felt someone push me towards the road.

"Ahh..." I yelped.

I was able to regain my balance in an instant but I realized I was now standing on the road. The carriage was running straight at me.

"Move out of the way girl!" The coachman yelled.

I was thinking of where to run to but I felt that it will be too late. Just when the carriage was going to run me I unconsciously closed my eye. Then when I anticipated the pain a hand pulled me out of the way.

"Alicia!" Leon yelled. When I open my eyes I saw Leon hugging me protectively in his arms.

"Leon." I looked at him on a daze.

I can feel him so close to me. The heat of his body was warming mine. His face was just inches from mine and his eyes held my gaze. My heart was thumping loudly. His face was inching slowly to mine and I can feel his warm breath on my face.