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  The old general

It was nearing midnight in general Robert's estate near the outskirts of the city.

The old general was in his study looking at some papers. He was holding a glass of whiskey in his hand. He deeply sighed while reading the papers in front of him.

"What is the old general sighing deeply for?" A voice of a man came from outside the room.

"Who is there?!" Robert made a menacing voice.

"Calm yourself old general, it is I." The man entered the room slowly.

When he was near the lamp light his features were revealed. A man with brown hair and eyes was seen.

"It is you." Robert sighed in relief. "What does your highness, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest want, to be here in this old man's estate in the middle of the night."

"I was thinking if having a chat with the old general." Leon smiled. "Your security is rather lacking general Robert. I can waltz in here at ease."

Leon stopped in front of the old general's desk. Not far from him was Dimitri standing just at the edge of the shadows.

"Hahaha it is not lacking your highness." Robert laughed. "It is just the crown prince and his royal guard are keen in sneaking past my guards. As expected of the crown prince and royal guard of Grandcrest, you are indeed worthy of the title."

"And getting this title was not easy. I am standing above a mountain of body, blood and bones just to achieve my goals. And it doesn't end there." Leon said with a mighty aura.

Robert was taken aback and sighed. "Your temperament is so much like your father when he was at your age, such strong aura. But your looks came from your mother."

Leon cringed hearing Robert's sentence. He rubbed his hair with his hands and a flash of blue light emerged. Leon's hair came back o it's black raven color. Then he hovered his hand over his eyes and once again there was a flash of blue light. Now his eyes turned back into its blue color like the deep ocean.

"Your mother has thought you well with the magic arts." Robert exclaimed.

"I only know a few tricks general. You know that magic this days is a taboo." Leon said coldly.

"You really look like your mother. I can still remember her in the old days, young Beatrice." Robert said with some sadness in his voice.

"That is why I hate my face." There was a hint of anger in Leon's voice. "It just makes me remember how she died in my arms. Looking at her while life was fading away from her eyes."

"She was a sweet and gentle girl." Robert sighed. "She wasn't made to be in a harem. But alas she love your father dearly."

Leon clenched her fists hard. "She should have never married father. She was just made as a concubine inside his harem."

"Your father loved your mother, Leon." Robert looked at the young prince. He saw the anger and rage in his eyes.

"And because she was favored by father, she was targeted by father's legal wife the queen." Hate was evident in Leon's voice.

"Your mother didn't have the choice. She was pregnant with you during the war. She didn't want you to be born a bastard." Robert explained.

"I would have been happy to be born a bastard if it means she is still alive to this day." Leon said angrily. "Heh, the war. If it wasn't for the war, they wouldn't have met each other."

"Yes. The war with the country of Atlantia." Robert said with a serious face. "The war that broke twenty years ago was the biggest and most devastating war this continent had ever seen. And I am afraid there is a possibility that it will happen again."
 The country of Atlantia

"Yes. The war with the country of Atlantia." Robert said with a serious face. "The war that broke twenty years ago was the biggest and most devastating war this continent had ever seen. And I am afraid there is a possibility that it will happen again."

Robert started to remember the war twenty years ago. Back then the continent consists of four countries, Jennova to the north, Grandcrest to the south, Alvannia in the center, and Atlantia in the far east.

"I was just a lieutenant in the Alvannian army back then when the war broke out." Robert started. "Atlantia was the biggest and most powerful of the four countries back then."

"That was what I have heard from mother." Leon said. "She was a citizen of Atlantia."

"Yes, your mother was Atlantian. Hence her knowledge in the magic arts." Robert said. "Atlantians were gifted with the use and knowledge of magic. Some people do good with it, but others also use it for bad."

"When the mad king sat in Atlania's throne, it became worse." Leon said.

"Yes. The Atlanian royal family was the most powerful magic users of all. And they had access to the forbidden magic." Robert sighed. "The mad king saw the Atlantian race was more superior to others and wanted to rule over the whole continent. Hence the start of the war."

"The other three countries banded together to fight Atlantia. The war was bloody and fierce. Many people died, not only soldiers but also the common folks. Fields and crops were burned. Live stocks was scarce and many died. Famine was abundant everywhere. It was the darkest time I have seen in my entire life." Robert continued.

"And in that time was, when I first met you father." Robert chuckled. "He was a young lad, The crown prince of Grandcrest. He was a proud young man, strong and brave."

"No need to tell me. I know he was known as a war hero because of his achievements in winning the war." Leon said. "At the last years of the war, the allied countries was able to push back Atlantia in the last years of the war, correct?" Leon asked.

"You are correct. And the mad king was in his last straw. He used the forbidden magic that the other countries were afraid of." Robert made a frightened face. "I was there that time, the battle of the Upgrove Plains. The time the forbidden magic was unleashed. Friend and foe alike perished. If it wasn't for your mother's help we couldn't have survived that day. She was branded a traitor to the Atlantia's cause but because of her we are alive and at peace."

"And someone is trying to disrupt that peace." Leon exclaimed. "The country of Atlantia sunk to the vast ocean after the forbidden magic back fired. The remnants of Atlantia that survived the fall was scattered in the three countries. And the writings of the forbidden magic should have been destroyed. But we are now seeing bit and pieces of it."

"This frightening magic shoudn't be used once again. We should find the one who is gathering the pieces and stop them." Robert said with a serious tone.

"You know that the only one who can use the forbidden magic is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Leon said.

"I am afraid someone from the royal family survived the purge." Robert said. "And he is out for revenge."
Royal family of Atlantia (1)

"You know that the only one who can use the forbidden magic is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Leon said.

"I am afraid someone from the royal family survived the purge." Robert said. "And he is out for revenge."

"The royal family of Atlantia, they are a frightening enemy. They don't only have the talent of high magical arts but they also have a talent in physical aspects. It could be the art of sword or hand to hand combat. They are fearsome opponents in the battlefield."

"I have known that based on experience." Robert said. "They are fearsome indeed. If it wasn't for the common folks of Atlantia's help we couldn't have won the war. They also saw the craziness of the mad king in using the forbidden magic."

"But they weren't able to save their country in the end and it sank in the vast ocean." Leon interjected.

Robert sighed. "That forbidden magic is really a frightening power."

"Well it won't be called 'forbidden' for nothing, right?" Leon said sarcastically.

"We have to stop them from acquiring this fearsome magic." Robert said.

"Even if it is your son-in-law, your king?" Leon asked.

He looked at the old general seriously, trying to read his reaction. Robert made a serious face and looked at Leon.

"Even if it is my own king, I will not let that fearsome magic ever surface again." Robert said with conviction. "I saw how that magic erased a country from this continent. Million's of lives perished with it. I don't want to see that happening ever again."

Leon smiled. He knows that this old general is more loyal to his oath to the country and people rather than to a person called a 'king'.

"Well said general Robert, high commander of the Alvannian army." Leon said with his authoritative voice.

Robert was taken aback. Looking at this young man before him was like looking at his father back in the old days. A crown prince worthy of the title. High and mighty, bold and brave. After Leon's father took the throne of Grandcrest, it flourished even further. Making it the most powerful country as of date.

"You really have your father's temperament. You will be a fine king in the future." Robert praised.

"Thank you for the compliment. Even though I am not happy being compared to him." Leon said sarcastically. "He is a good ruler, but not a good husband. He doesn't know how to handle his queen, even less his own harem."

"Hahaha it is because your country has a weird custom in your royal family." Robert laughed out loud. "But I can't judge them. A man is born naturally polygamous."

Leon made a sour face. "Tsk. It only invited problems having many wives. If I can, when I seat on the throne I will surely abolish that old custom."

"That is of you can pass the ever so meticulous court of your country." Robert said.

"I am sure to do so. What I want is what I will get." Leon said proudly.

"Speaking of wives, I heard you have set your eyes upon my granddaughter." Robert looked at Leon seriously.

"That I have." Leon said. "What of it?"

"I want to know if you just want her because she is of some use to you." Robert looked at Leon with a piercing gaze. "Because she is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia."

Leon and Robert had locked gazes. There was silence in the room. Their aura are overwhelming. There was a heavy atmosphere in the air.
Royal family of Atlantia (2)

"I want to know if you just want her because she is of some use to you." Robert looked at Leon with a piercing gaze. "Because she is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia."

Leon and Robert had locked gazes. There was silence in the room. Their aura are overwhelming.

'General Robert is really something. He can talk to the crown prince like an equal and isn't affected with the overwhelming aura.' Dimitri thought. He was in the room with them all that time but he was like an ant in a lion's den. These two people have an aura of greatness that he feels he is just a small existence.

"You think I want Alicia because she has the blood of the royal family of Atlantia?" Leon asked sarcastically.

"Yes." Robert said. "Royal family of Atlantia has distinct features that only the old ones remember. They have platinum blonde hair and silver eyes."

"And you think I know of this?" Leon asked. "As you said only the old ones remember the features of the royal family of Atlantia. Their history has been erased from history books of this continent. Just by mentioning their name is taboo."

"Don't take me as a fool crown prince. I maybe old but I am not ignorant. I know the knowledge network of Grandcrest." Robert said.

"Hahahaha, you are really something old man." Leon laughed. "Yes I have known since the first time I laid my eyes on Alicia."

A flash of anger passed on Robert's face.

"Yes, I will confess I saw her as a good chess piece for me to use at first." Leon said. "But after each passing day, I come to know her better. Bit by bit my heart warmed towards her. Now I am sure I won't have anyone to be my queen other than her."

"Be sure to remember your word young man." Robert said with a hint of a threat. "She is a sweet and charming girl. I don't want her to suffer in the future."

"I will be sure to make her strong. She may be bullied but she has to learn how to stand on her own two feet, to fight with her own power." Leon smiled. "I will shape her to be a woman who can hold power and won't be beaten down easily."

"I will hold you on your word young crown prince." Robert said.

"Do not worry general Robert, I always follow up on my word." Leon said. "I will make sure to protect her from danger now that she is still weak."

Robert sighed. 'If Leon knows about the royal family of Atlantia then it is not far fetch that others may know of Alicia as well.' He thought.

"Alicia may be in danger if the ones researching the forbidden magic finds her." Robert said. "I need you to keep her safe. And I am not against it for making her stronger. I think it will be for her own good as well."

"Yes she may be in danger. But I feel that there is another descendant from the royal family of Atlantia. Not only her." Leon said.

"What did you say?!" Robert was shocked.

"Dimitri, tell the old general about what you have found." Leon said.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed. "General Robert, as far as we have researched the people behind the search for the forbidden magic, we have found a man with the same distinct features as the royal family of Atlantia."

"Are you sure about this?" Robert asked.

"I have seen it with my own eyes general." Dimitri said. "His face was covered with a hood at first but when he took it off at some point I saw it. The platinum blonde hair and silver eyes."

"Where did you see them?" Robert asked.

"We were investigating at the borders of Alvannia and Jennova." Dimitri answered. "We tried to tail them but the man with the blonde hair felt our presence. They were able to escape us by using magic."

"Magic?!" Robert was shocked even further. This just proves that the man was really an Atlantian and may be a descendant of the royal family.

"We are in a pinch general. We need to prevent them from getting their hands on the forbidden magic." Leon said with a serious tone.

"I understand." Robert said. "I will help you in investigating even further."

"Thank you general. Your help is very much appreciated." Leon said. "You have already helped a lot when you put me inside the palace."

"Yes, just don't let me regret helping you." Robert said. "Be sure to protect Alicia. And watch yourself around her. I will be having my eyes on you."

"Don't worry general. I have good intentions towards Alicia. I won't lay a hand on her." Leon said with a smile. 'Not yet.' Leon thought.

"She is still young and not yet ripe." Leon said. "I will wait until she comes of age, it is sweeter to wait for the fruit to ripen. And of course her consent is important, I will make sure that she would have me in her heart." Leon unconsciously licked his lips.

Robert choked on the whiskey he was just drinking. 'This prince is rather bold with his words.'
The Atlantian Prince

At the border of Jennova and Alvannia, inside the thick and dense forest, there was a small cottage.

A young man of eighteen years old with platinum blonde hair and silver eyes is sitting on a bench outside of the cottage. Around the cottage there was a layer of thin white light like a curtain enveloping it.

"Your highness." A guard who is wearing all black emerged from thin air. "There are still shadow guards in the forest trying to search for us.

"Do not worry. They can't find us with my cloaking spell." The platinum blond haired bot said.

"You are getting good using your magic young prince Gladiolus." A middle aged man emerged from the cottage.

"I have been studying since I was young."

Gladiolus said. "My mother thought me well in the magic arts."

"It's a shame that your mother died prematurely." Hector said.

"And why is the high priest of the Jennovian church here, priest Hector?" Gladiolus asked. He stared daggers at the middle aged man wearing robes. "As you can see we are being pursued by the shadow guards of the country of Grandcrest."

"Don't look at me like that young prince. In fact I am here to help you." Hector have a mocking smile. "I am here to give you safe passage to Jennova."

"What does your Queen want from a prince without a country?" Gladiolus asked.

"We would like to make an allegiance young prince. We know that the king of Alvannia had helped you and we have been in talks with the king." Hector said.

"You also want to fight with the country of Grandcrest?" Gladiolus asked.

"They have been flourishing this past few years. They have been alienating all the riches the almighty being has given to his subjects." Hector said. "They must be thought a lesson and give some of the riches fairly to the other countries."

"Heh, using the name of the almighty just to justify your actions. It really is the priest's of the church of Jennova's way." Gladiolus said sarcastically. "Have you forgotten, you also called us demons for using magic?"

"That was in the past young prince." Hector smiled. His smile was chilling. The prince knew that this priest was spouting lies in his face.

"Do not worry. I don't have any plans taking revenge." Gladiolus said. "I just want to have a country to call home again. Where the other Atlantians who have survived the purge can call home. I saw their state in my travels. They are refugees that are treated poorly by the countries that took then in. What I don't like is how they treat them indifferently. They treat then like filth."

"And the king of Alvannia promised you a country?" Hector asked.

"It is none of your business." He said to Hector.

What Hector just asked was correct. King Edward of Alvannia promised him land, if they win the war they are planning against the country of Grandcrest. He just needs to find the scattered writings about the forbidden magic to have an edge for the war. As of now Grandcrest has the most powerful army with well trained soldiers.

"Don't worry young prince. I am here as an ally and not as an enemy. Here." Hector took a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Gladiolus.

Gladiolus took it and looked at it curiously. He opened it and saw the stamp of King Edward of Alvannia. He read it's contents.

'Dear Prince Gladiolus,

I have made an allegiance with the country of Jennova. Someone from the country of Jennova is there to give you safe passage to their country. I know that Grandcrest soldiers might have known your existence now and being here in Alvannia can pose a risk to our plan. For now please go with the Jennovian representative.

King Edward'

Gladiolus crumpled the paper and it burned into ashes with flames.

"So I will be going with you." Gladiolus said.

"Yes young prince. Let us wait for the cover of night. Your magic can help us to move undetected." Hector said.

Gladiolus sighed. For his people, he is willing to do anything.
Results of my training

Two weeks have passed when I first started to study the art of sword. Leon gave me a light sword at first, telling me that he will make it heavier once my strength goes up after training.

We practice the sword every afternoon in my courtyard. Morning consist of studies in history, politics and literature.

Leon and I are training in my courtyard this afternoon as well.

"Very good. Keep your stance to balance your body." Leon instructed.

The first week was used on how I should handle a sword with my hands. As for the second week, Leon said I can start sparring with him.

I was swinging my sword at him, watching his every movements as I calculate and anticipate his every strike.

I was able to dodge his attacks and he was also able to block mine. After some time, in just a split second I missed his movements and my sword flew from my hand. Leon's sword was pointed on my throat. I gulped, looking at the tip of his sword shining from the rays of light coming from the sun.

"I yield." I say panting.

"You did well." Leon replied and panting as well. He took a deep breath and sheaths his sword.

"I still have much to learn." I said.

"In just two weeks you did well. I'm afraid that if you continue in your progress, you will surpass me after a year." Leon chuckled.

"Don't tease me." I pout my lips. "That is impossible. You are a great knight and have perfect sword skills."

"Hey, I'm complimenting you." Leon chuckled. "And it is not impossible to surpass me. If you use your potential to the fullest, I am sure you will improve faster."

Leon was looking at me with a smile on his face. It was like he was looking into my soul.

"What is it?" I asked awkwardly. I am not used to being looked at.

"I was just thinking how a good student you are. A fast learner and adapts to changes rapidly." Leon complimented. "In no time I am sure you will be a fine princess worthy to be a queen." He smiled his brilliant smile.

"A queen? But I am never going to become a queen." I said.

'I am just a bastard of the king of Alvannia. Being a low born princess. What crown prince would want to marry me?' Then I remembered the grand ball. The man who was wearing a silver mask. He had black raven hair and dark blue eyes. He was the crown prince of Grandcrest, prince Regaleon.

I remember him asking me to dance. I remember when he held me with his hands and pulled me into his arms. I remember the way we danced, the feeling of turning and twirling. It made me feel that we were flying.

"Then you would rather become a duchess?" Leon asked. I was awoken from my reverie with Leon's voice. I looked at him with confusion, his face was dark and cold.

"Were you just thinking about him?" Leon said with a cold voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. 'Did he know I was thinking of prince Regaleon? Is he a mind reader or something?' I thought.

"Were you thinking of young lord William?" Leon said with his cold and chilling voice.

"No, of course not." I answered.

"Then why were you daydreaming just now?" Leon asked.

"You just mentioned being a queen and I just thought I only know two crown princes. And one of them is my younger brother." I said.

"Oh, okay." Leon was looking amused. "So who were you day dreaming of?" His lips curved up into a smile.

"I was just thinking of prince Regaleon. And I was not daydreaming." I said with an irritated tone. 'Did it look like I was day dreaming?' I wondered.

Leon's smile widened more. I was confused 'Why would he be amused about me thinking of the crown prince of Grandcrest?'

"Is that so? So what do you think of the crown prince Regaleon?" Leon asked curiously.

I looked at him surprised. 'Is he jealous? But if he is why is he smiling like that. He is weird.' I thought.

When I was about to answer I heard someone shouting my name.

"Alicia Roselyn Von Heist!" The voice was glass breaking. It echoed inside my body, down to my bones and into the core of my being.

When I looked where the voice was coming from I saw my stepmother, the queen, rushing towards me. I also see my two elder sisters following her from behind. Elizabeth has a bandage on her left cheek.

"You filthy whore!" My stepmother raised her hand ready to slap me.

I ready myself to take the blow. But I was shocked to see what had happened next. I blocked my stepmother's hand with my own hand.

She looked at me in surprise. I can't blame her, I am also surprised myself. My reflexes just kicked in.

'Is this the result of my training?' I thought to myself.
Protect the ones precious to me

"You filthy whore!" My stepmother raised her hand ready to slap me.

I ready myself to take the blow. But I was shocked to see what had happened next. I blocked my stepmother's hand with my own hand.

She looked at me in surprise. I can't blame her, I am also surprised myself. My reflexes just kicked in.

"What is the meaning of this?" The queen yelled. "Let go of me!"

I didn't realize that I still had my grip on her wrist. She was pulling her hand so I quickly let her go.

"Ahhh!" The queen went out of balance and fell on the ground.

"Mother!" My stepsisters said in unison. They kneeled down to help their mother.

"You ungrateful wench!" My elder stepsister Veronica yelled. "How could you do that to queen mother?!"

"But she said to let her go." I said innocently.

"Well that was what I heard as well." Leon backed me up. His face had a big smile.

"How dare you laugh at the queen?!" Elizabeth yelled. "Guards, seize him!"

The queen's guards moved forward to seize him when I blocked their way.

"No!" I yelled with force and authority.

The people around was taken by surprise. I was also surprised myself. This was the first time I have yelled so loud. I was used to being meek and silent.

But thinking what my stepmother will do to Leon made me step up. I don't want Leon to be punished because of my own doing. I might be still weak, but I want to protect the ones precious to me. And Leon is one of the people I treasure.

"I was the one that let go of stepmother's hand. Take me if you want to punish someone." I said with a serious face.

The queen's guards still stood their ground. They are still not moving and are looking dazed after I yelled.

"W-what are you waiting for?" Veronica came back to her senses. "Seize them!"

The guards started to advance at us again.

"HALT!" A loud voice rang in my courtyard.

Everyone looked at where the voice came from and we saw my grandpa Robert and Richard who was just behind him. He was stomping angrily towards us.

"What is the meaning of this!" My grandpa said in anger. The guards shivered in fear. They have every right to be scared. This old man was a war hero in the previous war. He was called the raging bull because every battle field he was assigned to, all the enemies were swiped out.

"Father what are you doing here?" The queen has regained her bearing and stood up.

"It is I who should ask you that Erica." Robert said seething his anger.

"Father, this bastard has burned Elizabeth's face. Look!" The queen pulled Elizabeth beside her to show the gauze covering her daughter's cheek. "After a few weeks it has not yet healed. You know that Elizabeth is the most beautiful of the king daughters. She is the pride of Alvannian beauty. What will happen if her this wound fester and leave a scar?"

'The most beautiful? Is she blind? It is clearly Alicia who is the most beautiful of Edward's daughters. Even if they give rags as Alicia's clothes, her beauty is still evident if the sisters stood by each other.' Leon chuckled internally.

"She should be punished severely!" The queen yelled.

"Do you really think that Elizabeth was really scalded and burned by hot tea?" Robert scrutinized.

"Grandfather, what do you mean?" Elizabeth looked surprised. "Of course I was burned. You can ask William, he was there when that incident happened."

"Are you doubting your own granddaughter?" The queen asked in disbelief. "You are siding with this bastard than your own granddaughter?"

"Enough!" Robert yelled furiously. "Someone told me that he saw Elizabeth with no burn in her face."

"Who would tell such lies?" Elizabeth defended herself but her eyes was clearly shaken.

"I was the one that told grandpa." Richard came forward from behind. "Elder sister, I saw you a few days ago and your face was as smooth as a baby's."

"W-what? Nonsense!" Elizabeth yelled in defense.

"Then why not take off your bandage princess Elizabeth." Leon interjected. "You can clear your name from their allegations after we see your wound."
Faking her burned face

"I was the one that told grandpa." Richard came forward from behind. "Elder sister, I saw you a few days ago and your face was as smooth as a baby's."

"W-what? Nonsense!" Elizabeth yelled in defense.

"Then why not take off your bandage princess Elizabeth." Leon interjected. "You can clear your name from their allegations after we see your wound."

"Nonsense!" Veronica yelled. "If you open the bandage then the wound will get infected. You are asking this of my sister to ruin her face, don't you?"

Veronica stepped forward and defended her younger sister.

"Richard, son. Are you sure of what you saw? Maybe you were just mistaken." The queen sweet talked her son. But Richard stood firm with resolve.

"I am sure of what I saw." Richard said. "I was going to Elizabeth's courtyard to surprise her with a visit. I knew she was recovering from her burns so I got some ointment from the royal physician Dr. Alexander. But who knew my sister didn't need it."

"What? When did you visit?" Elizabeth asked worriedly. "Maybe you saw it by mistake. Sometimes the lighting in my courtyard is dim."

"I came to visit you three days ago at noon time. The sun was up in the sky and it was so bright. I cannot be mistaken." Richard answered firmly.

'I was careless.' Elizabeth thought.

She looked worried. She didn't anticipate that her little brother will make a surprise visit to her. She was so careful not to go out of her courtyard. And she didn't want to always wear the gauze on her cheeks because it was hot and can starts rashes on her beautiful face.

"Well? If you just let us take a peak on your wound then all of our inquiries will stop." Leon said sarcastically.

"No! I don't want my wound to be exposed. M-maybe some other time." Elizabeth was squirming.

I look at them from the sidelines. I was also curious if Elizabeth was really burned by the hot tea that slipped my hands.

My heart felt uneasy, thinking that if it is true she was lying about her burned face, then I have been wronged. Remembering how James slapped my face hard, feeling the pain on my cheeks. My feelings stirred. I felt irritated thinking of it. I clenched my fists hard.

'I also want to see her face under that gauze.' I thought to myself.

I felt the intense feeling of prying that gauze off Elizabeth's face. That was when, out of nowhere, a cat jumped out.

The cat sprung towards Elizabeth, screeching in anger. It flew towards her face.

"Ahhhh." Elizabeth was taken by surprise. She tried to pry the cat away from her face but it just dug it's claws deeper into her skin.

"Elizabeth!" Veronica screeched.

"My daughter! Someone help her!" The queen yelled.

The queen's guards looked at each other. They were from the lower class and can't touch the princess. It was forbidden and punishable by death.

"Oh for goodness sakes! Where are the maids." Veronica yelled.

The maids by the sidelines were looking at the situation in a daze. They were surprised with the turn of events that they sprang into action just after Veronica yelled at them.

"Ahhhh. It hurts!" Elizabeth was crying with pain. The maids rushed to her and helped her get the cat off. A maid was holding her while the other was prying the cat off of her.

"Ahhhh, my face. My face!" Elizabeth screamed.

The cat was pried of off Elizabeth after some push and pulls. The cat bounced and ran away in an instant. The guards weren't able to catch the feline perpetrator.

Everyone around was speechless. They were all in shock of what just happened.

"My face, it hurts. It hurts." Elizabeth was crying.

Everyone around her now saw her face that was full of scratch marks.

"There are no burn marks." It was I who first talked. "I can only see the scratches the cat made. But there are no burn wounds in your face. You lied to me."

"So what if I lied!" Elizabeth yelled. "You are guilty if I say so. No one will dare defy me."

Standing up for my loved ones

"There are no burn marks." It was I who first talked. "I can only see the scratches the cat made. But there are no burn wounds in your face. You lied to me."

"So what if I lied!" Elizabeth yelled. "You are guilty if I say so. No one will dare defy me."

She was right. If grandpa was not here to defend me, then the queen would have punished me. If Richard wasn't here to tell them that Elizabeth was lying, then I am sure Leon would have fought with the queen's guard and be branded as a traitor to the kingdom.

I saw what they were aiming for. They wanted Leon to be out of the way so that I will lose my defender. They still want to bully me despite of everything they have done since I came here inside the palace.

Rage burned up inside me. I walked towards Elizabeth in a daze. I can't seem to stop myself, to stop my body from moving forward.

'SLAP!' The sound of the slap rang around the courtyard.

Elizabeth was holding her cheek, the one that I have just slapped. She looked at me with shock and disbelief.

"You bitch!!! How dare you..." Elizabeth yelled.

'SLAP!' I hit her at the other cheek. Elizabeth fell towards the ground with the force.

"How dare you slap my sister." Veronica rushed towards me.

I simply stepped back to dodge her advance.

"Ahh." Veronica was out balance and fell to the ground.

"I might have let you bully me in the past. I didn't mind it, knowing that I am an illegitimate child born out of king father's affair." I said standing up proud. "But now that I have friends and family that I know supports and loves me. I will stand up proud for them. I may tolerate your anger and pain towards me. But I won't let you hurt my loved ones."

"You bastard. You have no right to do that to my children!" The queen yelled. "Guards seize her this instant!"

"Stop!" Robert yelled. "You will not do anything unless I tell you to."

The guards stood there ground. They didn't know who to listen to. The queen or the general?

"Father, why are you siding with her and not your own granddaughters?" The queen asked.

"I am siding in what is right. Elizabeth clearly said so herself. She faked her wound in her face to frame Alicia." Robert said.

"So what?! My daughter is the legitimate child. She will always be right even if she is wrong!" The queen yelled.


The queen looked at her father with disbelief. She can feel the sting of her father's hand in her cheek.

"Is this how you educate your daughters?" Robert flared in anger. "No wonder they grew up like this. I have never thought that my own daughter will behave this way. I am very disappointed in you."

Tears were now running out of the queen's eyes. Never has she been slapped by her father in her younger years. She was spoiled by him, being an only daughter. But now because of this bastard daughter of her husband, her father slapped her in front of many people.

"Now go! Before I lose my temper." Robert yelled.

"Veronica, help your sister up. Let's go." The queen said.

"Yes mother." Veronica stood up and helped Elizabeth stand as well. The maids around assisted them outside the courtyard.

The queen still walked tall and proud. She passed by me and gave me a piercing glare. If it was in the past I would have shivered in fear. But knowing that grandpa, Richard, and Leon was there to back me up, I stand tall and proud. I answered her glare with my own stare.

The queen and her entourage left my courtyard at last. I sighed in relief. I felt my knees lost it's strength and gave away. I was falling down when someone behind me caught me.

"You did good." Leon whispered to me from behind. He was the one that caught me before I fell on the ground. Leon helped me up.

Her magical powers (1)

The queen and her entourage left my courtyard at last. I sighed in relief. I felt my knees lost it's strength and gave away. I was falling down when someone behind me caught me.

"You did good." Leon whispered to me from behind. He was the one that caught me before I fell on the ground. Leon helped me up.

"Alicia, sister." Richard ran towards me. "Wow, what you did was amazing. I can't believe you actually stood up against queen mother and sisters. And when you gave Elizabeth that dual slap. Pack Pack. It was awesome. You showed her."

Richard reenacted my motion and it made me laugh.

"Haha, really? Did I look that way?" I asked amused.

"Yes you were great." Richard said enthusiastically. "And the way you made eye contact with queen mother. I get the shivers every time I see her. She is very strict."

"Enough bad mouthing your mother." Grandpa approached us. "Alicia dear. I am sorry." Grandpa sighed.

"What for, grandpa? You didn't do anything wrong." I said.

"I feel that I have been a negligent father to my daughter. I was on the battle field when she was growing up. And after the war, I thought I had to make it up to her and spoiled her with love and affection. I gave in to her every whim, thinking it was for her own happiness. Maybe because of that she turned out this way. And even brought up her daughters like that." Grandpa sighed.

"It's a good thing that Richard grew up in your strict guidance rather than his mother." Leon patted Richard's head.

"He is a future king. Of course I have to be strict with his lessons. It is for the good future of Alvannia." Grandpa replied.

"But you are so strict to me grandpa." Richard pouted. "Looking at my third sisters improvement, sir Leon might be a good instructor in the art of sword. Can you also accept me as a student?" Richard's eyes were glimmering.

"What nonsense are you saying child? I am your instructor." Grandpa felt hurt knowing that Richard wanted someone other than him to teach him the art of sword. "And sir Leon is your sisters personal knight. He is not a sword instructor."

"Richard grandpa is right. Sir Leon is a knight, he can't go and teach anyone the art of sword." I said gently.

"But I am not just anyone. I am the crown prince of Alvannia. The heir to the Alvannian throne." Richard said with pride.

"Hahaha well said little one." Leon laughed. "Well I won't mind taking another student. If your grandfather approves that is."

"Hmph, if Richard wishes it then I will approve." Grandpa snorted. "I have trust in sir Leon's sword skills so I do not mind."

"Really grandpa? Thank you so much." Richard hugged grandpa happily. The old man was clearly happy looking at his grandson's affection to him.

"Well, there is one condition before I take you in as a student." Leon said.

"What is it?" Richard's face became serious.

"You will call me master from now on." Leon smiled cockily.

"That is no problem. From now on I will call you master." Richard gave a salute to Leon.

"Very good." Leon smiled. He was thinking that in the future this little boy will become king. And thinking that king of Alvannia will call him master and giving him respect, gives him the feeling of supremacy.

"Okay. How about you two children go to Richard's courtyard for a snack." Grandpa told us. "Sir Leon and I have something to talk about."

"Okay grandpa." Richard and I replied in unison.

"Let us go sister." Richard grabbed my hand and pulled me.

"Okay, okay. Hold your horses." I giggled. I look back at grandpa and Leon, curious to what will they be talking about. I saw them with serious faces.


"Was that your doing?" Robert asked Leon.

"What are you talking about." Leon looked ignorant but his smile contradicts it.

"You know what I mean. The cat." Robert said straight forward.

"You mean the cat the emerged from out of no where and attacked the second princess?" Leon asked amused. "Would you believe me if I said I wasn't involved in that incident?"

"Then is it just a coincidence that the cat attacked Elizabeth?" Robert asked curiously.

"I can tell you that the cat's action was not purely coincidence." Leon replied. "Well it was a coincidence that it was passing by here."

"Meaning?" Robert was confused.

"The cat's intentional attack was instigated by magic." Leon answered truthfully.

"Magic?" Robert was surprised. "But you are the only one here who knows how to use magic. Except if there is some spy in the palace I do not know of."

"You know very well that there is another Atlantian here old general." Leon said.

"You mean..." Robert knew what Leon meant by 'another Atlantian'.

"Yes old general, your granddaughter princess Alicia." Leon answered with a hint of amusement in his eyes.