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In an unknown place a maid was seen tied up on a chair. Her face was covered with a sack. She was sobbing non stop.

"Why are you doing this? Why am I here?" The maid asked. "Please let me go."

"Don't you remember what you have done?" Dimitri asked. "Can't you remember what you did to the third princess' horse?"

The maid shivered after hearing Dimitri's words.

"I don't know what you are talking about." The maid denied. "I am innocent."

"Ohhh. You think no one saw you?" Dimitri said. "Too bad that one of the stable boys saw you come out the stables suspiciously."

The maid shivered even more.

"I-I made an errand inside the stables. Th-that's why I was there." The maid replied. "Please just let me go."

"Aren't you afraid of what we can do to make you talk?" Dimitri asked.

"P-please believe me. I didn't do anything wrong." The maid was crying.

"You won't tell the truth? Then prepare yourself." Dimitri said menacingly.


"Ahhhhh....please stop." Screams are coming from a wooden shed in the middle of nowhere.

Leon just arrived riding his horse. It was half past midnight already. A shadow guard appeared in front of him and took the horse's reins. Leon alighted from his horse.

"How is the interrogation going?" Leon asked.

"Your highness, sir Dimitri has started to torture the perpetrator." The shadow guard replied.

"Has she confessed yet?" Leon asked. A coldness was seen in his eyes.

"Your highness, the maid has been very stubborn. She is still denying any involvement." The shadow guard answered.

Leon emitted a strong menacing aura. The shadow guard felt it and shivered in fear.

'Our prince is really angry. I'm afraid the maid won't live until morning.' The shadow guard thought.

"Bring me to them." Leon commanded.

"Yes your highness." The shadow guard bowed and led Leon inside.

"Ahhhh..." The maid was screaming.

"Do you want me to stop?" Dimitri asked. "Then tell me the truth."

The maid was crying. "Yes, I'll talk. Please just stop."

Dimitri stopped torturing the girl.

"Yes it was me. I was the one who put the shard in the horse's hoof." The maid confessed.

"Who told you to do it?" Dimitri asked.

The maid was silent.

"You don't want to tell?" Dimitri asked.

Leon looked at the girl that was covered with a sack. She looked so pitiful. Dimitri saw Leon come.

"Your highness." Dimitri bowed.

"Remove her cover." Leon ordered.

Dimitri was shocked but do what he was told.

'It looks like the prince won't go of this girl alive. What a pity.' Dimitri thought.

The sack on the maid's head was removed. She opened her eyes slowly and adjusted to the light. Then she saw the men around her.

"Tell me, who told you to hurt the third princess." Leon said menacingly.

The maid saw Leon looking at her with such evil eyes. He was emitting a heavy aura that she wasn't able to breath easily. His stares were like daggers piercing her very soul. She shivered in fear.

"I-I can't. They will kill me." The maid stuttered.

"Then are you not scared that we will kill you?" Leon threatened her.

The maid was silent. She wouldn't want to betray the princess. Her life was in her hands.

"Dimitri, give me that thing." Leon commanded.

Dimitri took a metal like apparatus on the table and gave it to Leon. "Here your highness."

Leon looked at the apparatus carefully.

"Do you know what this is?" Leon asked coldly.

The maid just looked at the apparatus in fear.

"Hold her!" Leon commanded. Two shadow guards held the maid by her arms.

A flash of fear was evident in the maids face. "What are you doing?!"

Leon slowly walked near the girl and took her hand. The maid was trying to resist but the two shadow guards were strong.

"No, please no. Nooo!" The maid screamed in pain.

After a while of torturing the girl was now left without strength.

"You are a loyal servant, I praise you for that." Leon said.

"P-please, j-just kill me." The maid said weakly.

"You are willing to give your life for your master? You are very loyal indeed." Leon said sarcastically. "But I want to ask you, are you willing to give your families life for your master as well?"

The maid's eyes went wide with surprise.

"I have heard that you have a younger brother. He is six years old correct?" Leon asked. "And your father is a farmer in the outskirts of the city. Your mother is a sickly person and needs medicine occasionally."

"Please don't hurt my family. They have nothing to do with this." The maid was crying.

"You came inside the palace to work as a maid inside the royal kitchen, to help your father buy the medicine of your mother." Leon continued. "You don't have a sworn master, so finding the master mind is hard. If you don't tell me then I am sure to take on my wrath on your family."

"Please I beg you, sir." The maid was begging.

"You hurt my future wife. The future queen of Grandcrest. Do you know what the consequence is?" Leon asked menacingly. "It is death to you and to your family. And also your family until the fourth degree."

"Future queen of Grandcrest?" The maid said in disbelief. The maid knew about the Grandcrest kingdom and the crown prince was said to be a bloody devil. She looked at Leon in surprise.

"It looks like you have put it together." Leon said with a regal voice. "If you tell me the mastermind, I will promise you that safety of your family and the whole life supply of medicine for your sickly mother."

The maid looked at Leon with surprised eyes.

"And I will also grant you a swift death." Leon said finally.

The maid have thought there wasn't anywhere for her to get out of this. At least she wants her family to be safe and sound. She is prepared to take this deal.

"I will tell you if you give me your word." The maid said defeated.

"I will give you my word as the crown prince of Grandcrest kingdom, Regaleon Yosef Astley." Leon said with pride.

"The master mind was no other than my lady, second princess Elizabeth." The maid confessed. "She wants princess Alicia to have an accident. If she doesn't die then at least she wants the princess to be crippled."

"Thank you." Leon said and turned around. "Dimitri, you know what to do."

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and Leon exited the shed. He looked at the shadow guards made a gesture. The two shadow guards nodded.

Physients Stories
 Frail body

I open my eyes slowly. I look around and it was still a little dark outside. It seens like it was still early in the morning.

My eyes were adjusting to the dim light when I saw someone seating by my bedside. I sit up and the one who was on my bedside woke up.

"Princess, you are awake!" Tricia said worriedly.

"How long was I sleeping?" I asked. My head was hurting.

"Princess since you lost consciousness after the horseback riding incident you have been sleeping. And last night you were running a fever." Tricia replied.

"Fever?" I asked. 'So that's why I wasn't feeling good.' I thought.

Tricia held my forehead with her hands.

"You are still hot princess." Tricia exclaimed. "Just lie down and rest for now."

Tricia pushed me back to bed and covered me with blankets.

"I will be here to look after you princess, so do not worry." Tricia said. "The doctor said you need plenty of rest to regain your strength."

I nodded and do what Tricia said. I close my eyes and I drifted to uneasy sleep.


I feel hot and sweaty all of a sudden. When I open my eyes, the sun was shining brightly thru the windows.

'Knock knock'

"Come in." I said softly.

The door opened and I see Leon come inside.

"Good morning princess. How are you feeling?" Leon asked.

"I feel a lot better than a while ago. Thank you for asking." I replied.

Leon gave me a bright smile. It made my day complete looking at it.

"The doctor said you have a frail body. The shock of the incident was too much for your body to bear so you ran a fever overnight." Leon explained. "At least the fever has gone down."

Leon held my forehead to check my temperature.

"That's weird. Your temperature is normal but your face is still red." Leon looked at me curiously.

"M-maybe because my fever went down just now so my face is still red." I tried to make an excuse. But the truth is I blushed while he suddenly touched me.

"Okay." Leon looked at me and gave me a knowing smile.

'Knock knock'

"Come in." Leon said.

Tricia entered the room. She was holding a tray with a bowl with steam going up from it.

"Oh sir Leon, good morning." Tricia slightly bowed.

"Good morning Tricia." Leon greeted. "Is that the princess' breakfast?"

"Yes. I made her something light." Tricia said. She placed the tray in front of me.

I see congee inside the bowl which was still steaming hot.

"I think I still don't have an appetite." I looked at Tricia awkwardly.

"But princess you need to regain your energy. How can you regain it if you don't eat?" Tricia said worriedly. "The general also specifically told me to look after you. What will I say if you still don't regain your health?" She was making a sad and pleading face.

"But..." I was about to say I am not yet angry when Leon interjected.

"Leave the congee here. I will make sure the princess will eat." Leon said.

Tricia looked at me and Leon alternately and then smiled.

"Ohhh. Okay sir Leon I will take my leave then. Please make sure the princess eats, even just a little." Tricia said with a smile. She bowed down and left the room.

Leon looked at me seriously. He took the spoon beside the bowl and dug in the congee. He blew the steam away from the spoon and served it to me.

"Open your mouth." Leon commanded.

I was shocked. "No need to feed me, I can do it by myself." I said embarrassed.

"Open your mouth princess." Leon said with a commanding voice. I flinched with his tone and he sighed.

"Just let me feed you okay?" Leon changed his tone into a much sweeter one. He smiled to me and I instantly felt mesmerized so I nodded in agreement.

"Good girl." Leon said with his bright beautiful smile. I open my mouth and let him feed me.

After a number of spoons full of congee I raise my hand in defeat.

"I'm already full Leon." I said.

Leon looked at the bowl and sighed. "Okay, I won't force you to finish this. But promise me when you recover you would eat a little more."

I nodded.

"Good girl." Leon rubbed my head. "The doctor said you have a frail body because no one looked after your diet when you were young. But it's not too late, I will surely tell the kitchen to prepare you a healthy meal plan. And I am thinking of giving you a good exercise plan. What exercise are you doing so far?"

"I do stretching on morning as grandpa instructed." I said.

Leon nodded. "That's a good start. Then we will add some jogging as well." He looked at me intently. "How do you feel about learning the ways of the sword?"

My eyes became bright. I was always looking at grandpa and Richard practicing swords for a while and it amazed me. I also wanted to learn but grandpa said that a princess doesn't need to learn the ways of the sword.

"I would love to learn the ways of the sword. Will you teach me?" I asked.

"Of course, if the princess' wishes to." Leon smiled.

"Yes I wish to learn." I was smiling brightly.

"Then I will teach you my princess. But first you need to get better and make your body much stronger." Leon said.

"I will. I promise to be much more stronger than before." I promised.

"That's a good girl." Leon was patting my head. There was a gentle smile on his face.
Bad things come back

I was doing my afternoon studies with Leon when William came to visit.

"Good afternoon Alicia." William greeted. "Good afternoon sir Leon."

"Good afternoon young lord William." Leon greeted.

"Good afternoon Will." I smiled. "How have you been?"

"I have been busy this last few days." William said. "I'm sorry that I wasn't able to visit you when you were sick."

I looked at William and he really was looking tired. He has eye bags under his eyes.

"Oh do not worry. I am already fine." I said.

"That is good to hear." William smiled.

"But you look so tired. Did something happened for you to be so busy?" I asked.

William was still a young lord. He shoudn't be this busy working for their dukedom. It is still his father's responsibility.

William sighed deeply. "You remember James right?"

I nodded. "Yes. He is Elizabeth's suitor right. The one we met the last time."

I remember the cocky young lord that slapped me. I shivered with the thought.

Leon side glanced me. He might have seen me shiver so I smiled to assure him I was fine. He nodded to tell me he understood.

"His father was caught using public funds of his dukedom for his own personal gains." William said.

I was shocked with the news. "Do you mean he was corrupt?"

"Yes. Evidence was brought in the king's office a few days ago. And after that their dukedom was confiscated from them." William explained.

"Oh my." I said. "That is so unfortunate."

"Yes it is. Duke Carlson is still under investigation. His family has been evicted from their mansion. Now James and his siblings are living in his maternal grandparents home." William explained.

"So who is the one in charge of their dukedom? How are the people fairing up?" I asked.

"Without a duke governing is far worse than a corrupt duke." Leon said.

"You are correct their sir Leon." William agreed. "Because our dukedom and the Carlson's dukedom are practically neighbors, the king has bestowed upon us governing their dukedom for the time being."

"Bad things come back to the people who do such things." Leon said weakly.

We had a bit of silence. There is a saying that good things comes back to people that does good and bad things come back to the ones that does bad. It is the rule of life.

"So that is why you are so busy?" I asked breaking the silence. "Well at least I feel at ease knowing you are the one taking care of the people of the dukedom." I smiled.

William was looking at me with affectionate eyes.

"Thanks Alicia. You made me happy." William said.

"Happy? And why is that?" I asked confused.

"I'm happy that you think of me as a good ruler." William smiled.

"But I feel you are a good ruler." I said.

"Ahem." Leon coughed. We abruptly looked at him.

"I guess it's time for afternoon tea princess Alicia." Leon said.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did I disturb your afternoon studies?" William asked.

Leon looked at William like he was saying 'You just realized now?'.

"Princess Alicia." Tricia said while entering the study room. "Your afternoon tea waiting for you in the garden."

"Thank you Alicia. Please prepare another cup for William. I think he will be joining us." I said.

"I thought the young lord is busy governing the dukedom?" Leon said sarcastically. "It would be bad if we hold him from his duties."

"Oh no worries. I really had the afternoon off to visit Alicia." William said with a soft smile.

'Why am I feeling tension here?' I thought to myself.
 Loyal servant

"Princess Alicia." Tricia said while entering the study room. "Your afternoon tea waiting for you in the garden."

"Thank you Alicia. Please prepare another cup for William. I think he will be joining us." I said.

"I thought the young lord is busy governing the dukedom?" Leon said sarcastically. "It would be bad if we hold him from his duties."

"Oh no worries. I really had the afternoon off to visit Alicia." William said with a soft smile.

'Why am I feeling tension here?' I thought to myself.

We walk towards the garden. William was right beside me while Leon and Tricia are behind us a few feet away.

William and I are chatting and giggling happily. Tricia was looking at sir Leon who was having a sour look on his face.

"Um, sir Leon. Are you okay?" Tricia asked. She can feel the coldness emitting from Leon.

Leon turned to look at Tricia with a fake smile.

"I'm fine. Why do you ask?" Leon said.

"Um, well... it's because my princess and the young lord are looking quite happy chatting with each other." Tricia said.

"Why would I be unhappy?" Leon's fake smile was plastered on his face.

"You also like the princess, don't you sir Leon?" Tricia was bold to ask.

Leon became silent. His fake smile turned into sweet and soft smile. Tricia doesn't need to hear Leon's answer. Just by looking at his expression she know that he has some feelings for her princess.

"My princess is still young and naive." Tricia explained. "She was like a prisoner here inside this big palace. She wasn't given the education that a princess needs. But she has a pure and innocent heart and that's what shines her more than her sisters."

"I know." Leon replied.

"If you really do like her then show your intentions purely to her." Tricia said seriously. "But if you hurt my lady in any way, I will personally be your enemy."

Leon looked at the girl beside him and smiled.

"Do not worry. I don't have any ill intention towards our princess." Leon reassured her. "But being pure and innocent won't do her any good. This world is full of evil people just waiting to devour the weak. I want her to be strong and know how to defend herself. I will shape her into a strong woman worthy if greatness in the future."

Tricia looked at Leon confusingly.

"You are a loyal servant to our princess. I like it." Leon whispered to himself. 'I am sure to remember your faithfulness to my future wife.' He thought.

"Did you say something?" Tricia asked.

"Oh I said that it is good to know that princess Alicia has a loyal servant like you." Leon said.

"The general assigned me to my lady. When I met her she was just a frail little girl. I saw how she was unfavored by the king and bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters." Tricia said. "I can only do little things but what I can do for her I will surely do it."

"Then I am happy." Leon said. "At least Alicia has one faithful servant beside her aside from me." Leon smiled.

"Are you willing to court her?" Tricia asked. "You have a worthy rival in front of you." Tricia gestured to William's back.

"The young lord Williams is really a worthy opponent. But I am sure I will prevail in the end." Leon said knowingly.

Leon looked at the backs of Alicia and William. 'This is not yet the time to show my true self. I have to endure.' He thought to himself. 'I will let you play the suitor game, for now.'
Afternoon tea

We arrive in the small garden in my court yard. After the incident concerning Elizabeth and James, I haven't gone to the big gardens in the palace. It is to avoid bumping into my stepsisters and also stepmother.

The table was located at the small gazebo in the garden. When I was about to enter the gazebo I tripped on a rock.

"Ahhh." I yelped.

I thought I was about to fall when I felt someone held me by the waist.

"Are you all right princess?" Leon was the first one to ask.

When I was pulled up, I see that Leon was the one that caught me.

"Thank you Leon." I smiled. "I'm a bit clumsy."

I looked down on my feet a bit embarrassed.

"It's okay princess. It is my job to protect you." Leon said.

"You have fast reflexes sir Leon." William interjected. "I was about to catch her when you caught her first."

"Thank you for the compliment young lord. I have been trained since I was young to be a capable knight." Leon explained.

"That is good to hear. I feel at ease that Alicia has a very capable knight by her side." William smiled.

The two men were smiling at each other weirdly for a while.

"The tea will get cold princess." Tricia finally said.

"Let's go inside." I said.

I take my sit and William sat right beside me. Leon stood a few meters away from us.

I was feeling a bit awkward. There was a tension between Leon and William that I can't seem to tell why.

William poured tea on my cup.

"Here have some of this." William gave me a biscuit. "My mother baked them especially for you. I hope you like them."

"Really?" I asked a little surprised. I haven't met William's mother yet but she made snacks especially for me. I took a bite of the sweet smelling biscuit.

"Hmm, it's delicious." I smiled brightly. "Please give my thanks to your mother."

"I will relay it to her later when I get home. I'm sure she will be thrilled." William said. "I am planning to take you to my home to visit in the future."

My smile faded slowly from my face. William looked at me confused.

"What is it Alicia?" William asked worriedly.

"Well, I would love to go and visit your home. But..." I am a bit sad just by thinking of the reason. "I am not able to go outside the palace walls without my stepmother's approval." I made a sad smile.

"Then I will make sure to get approval from the queen." William said.

"I am not sure if she will give her approval." I said sadly.

"And why is that?" William asked curiously. "Of course you have to go out once in a while. Your are not a prisoner her."

"When was the last time the princess had gone out the palace?" Leon whispered softly to Tricia.

"I think the last time she went out was on her thirteenth birthday." Tricia whispered back. "Her majesty the queen doesn't want Alicia going out of the palace. Like I said she was like a prisoner here in this huge palace. A beautiful bird in a bird cage is what I can think of."

Leon looked at me with concerned eyes.

"She is indeed a beautiful bird. But she also needs to sore the skies." Leon said knowingly. "We might not know, maybe she has something hidden beneath that beautiful face."

Tricia looked at Leon. She saw how he looks at her princess with those gentle eyes. By that time she was sure that this man has feelings for her princess.

"Do not worry. I will make sure that her majesty, the queen will give her approval for you to come to my estate. I am sure my mother and sister would love to meet you as well." William said.

"You have a sister?" I asked.

"Yes, a little sister." William said with a smile. "She is twelve years old. She has been asking many things about you and excited to meet you."

"Really? She is as old as Richard. Then I'm looking forward to meet her as well." I smiled.

I always wanted to have a little sister. Richard, my little brother is a boy and a little too energetic. I also want to have someone like a little sister to talk to about girly things. I can also talk to Tricia but there is still the wall between servant and lady.

William took my hand that was resting in the table.

"When you come of age I will personally ask for your hand in marriage." William kissed my hand he was holding.

I blushed shyly.

"It's getting late princess Alicia, young lord William." Leon was suddenly beside us.

"Oh it's okay. I don't mind going home a little late." William said.

"We can't let the young lord go home when it gets dark. The roads are perilous with wild animals and thieves." Leon said respectfully but with a hint if sarcasm. "And our princess also needs to rest. She just recovered from her fever."

The two men was staring at each other again with chilling smiles on their faces. I felt the cold wind blow.

"Leon is right Will, it's getting late." I said just to relieve the tension between them.

"If it is the princess' wish then I will take my leave." William gave a respectful bow. "I will come again when I have the time."

"We don't want to impose your precious time young lord. I am sure you are busy with your work in the dukedom." Leon said sarcastically.

"Do not worry. Visiting Alicia is also important. She is goig to be my future dutchess after all." William's smile to Leon was a little wicked.

I can't stand the tension and sighed loudly.

"Tricia let us go back to my estate." I said and walked away.

"Yes princess." Tricia ran to chase me. She walked behind me all the way back.