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Horseback riding (1)

After taking a bath I walked towards the dining hall. I was not far from the door when I saw a familiar young man standing right next to it.

It was Leon. He was looking regal while wearing his black casual knight's uniform. He was looking so handsome just by standing there.

Then Leon glanced my way. He gave me his bright smile that I loved so much. I blushed instantly while remembering what happened last night.

"Good morning Alicia." Leon greeted me with a smile.

"G-Good morning Leon." I greeted back. I can feel my cheeks burning.

Leon looked at me eagerly and smiled. He touched my cheeks and gently caressed it.

"You look so beautiful today." Leon said sweetly. And I felt my cheeks burn even more.

Leon chuckled. "Let's go inside. I'm sure you are hungry."

I simply nodded.

Leon took my hand and held it within his. He ushered me inside the dining room.

Inside, the dishes were prepared on the table. Breakfast today consists of bacon and eggs with buttered toasts. I look at it rather confused.

"What is it?" Leon asked. "Is it not to your liking?"

"Um no, it's not that." I replied. "It's just the food looks extravagant."

I was a little surprised. The food in the past few days have been good and extravagant. In the past they have only served me food that was cold and looked like left overs.

"Of course. Now that I am here I will make sure that the food you eat will have the right nutrients for your body." Leon said. "You are rather thin and pale. I don't know what they have been serving you in the past. But now you need to add on some weight and I want your skin to be rosy."

"Thank you." I said with a smile. I started to eat my breakfast.

"After breakfast I will tell Tricia to prepare your outfit for horseback riding lessons." Leon said. "I will prepare the horses shortly."

"Hmm, okay." I nodded.

I was startled when Leon held my cheek. I looked at him with surprised eyes. His eyes was looking at me with worry.

"Does it still hurt?" Leon asked. Then I remembered the incident yesterday with James. He must be asking about my swollen cheek after James slapped me.

"The swelling has subsided. It only left a mark but it will fade after some time." I replied.

"Hmm that's good." Leon said. Then I saw anger flashed in his eyes for a second but it went away fast. "I will take my leave now to prepare the horses. Enjoy your breakfast Alicia."

"Okay." I replied and smiled to him. I stared at his retreating back.


At the stables a maid is seen peeking inside. When she saw the stable boy go out and no one was inside she creeped in.

She made her way to a white horse. After looking around again and saw no one, she got near the white horse. She pulled something from inside her pocket and placed it on one of the horses hoof.

After that she hastily ran outside the stables.

The maid ran towards the second princess' courtyard.

Princess Elizabeth was seen in a garden gazebo having tea.

"Second princess." The maid was panting and bowed down in front of the princess.

"Have you done what I told you to do?" Elizabeth asked.

"Y-yes princess." The maid was shaking in fear with her head still bowed down.

"Good." Elizabeth smiled wickedly and took a sip of her tea. "I'm not gonna let you walk away so easily Alicia. After getting my William's attention. I will make sure William wouldn't want to see you again."


Horseback riding (2)

I was standing behind the rails of the riding field. I am wearing the riding clothes Tricia had prepared for me. It consists of a white long sleeved blouse, a pair of black gloves and boots, and a riding cap. My hair was braided into a fishtail.

I was holding a riding crop lazily.

"Where is Leon?" I asked getting a little bored.

"As I know he was preparing the horses just a while ago." Tricia answered.

Just after a few minutes I see two horses trotting not far from where I was standing. One is a black horse and the other is white. There was a man riding the black horse while he was holding the reins of the white one.

When they got nearer I saw that the rider was non other than Leon. The pure black horse looked majestic and regal like it was the king of all the horses. And together with Leon riding it tall and proud, they emitted a kingly aura.

Leon stopped just a few meters in front of me. He alighted the horse and hold both the horses reins. He walked slowly towards me.

"Princess Alicia, sorry for making you wait." Leon smiled. "Are you ready?"

I was still in a daze just a while ago by staring at Leon when I suddenly snap back into reality.

"Ah? Oh yes. I'm ready sir Leon." I smiled awkwardly, hiding my embarrassment.

Leon tried to hide his chuckle. "Well then princess, let's start."

Leon offered his hand to me and I took it. He helped me over the fence. I felt his hand hold me by the waist trying to support me. A blush crept on my cheeks.

"This is Margaret." Leon was rubbing the head of the white horse. "She is a gentle horse and is a best match for you who is a beginner."

I looked at Margaret with wonder. "She looks so beautiful. Can I pet her?" I asked.

"Sure." Leon smiled. He held the reins closer to me and I was able to hold the bridge of her nose. Leon chuckled looking at me.

Surprisingly I felt a pair of hands on my waist. I was being carried up a foot from the ground.

"Ahhh." I yelped. "What are you doing?!"

"You are too small to reach so I carried you." Leon said teasingly.

"Well I am still young so of course I'm still little. Wait and see when I grow up. I'm sure to catch up to you. Hmph." I said irritated.

"Of course princess. I can't wait for you to grow up." Leon said with a smile. I can't help but feel that he had a hidden meaning to his words.

Leon smiled brightly at me that I can stay irritated at him. So I let him carry me so that I can pet Margaret.

'Neigh' the horse made a sound.

"It looks like Margaret likes you." Leon said.

"Really?" I was amazed. "Then let's be friends okay. I will be in your care." I said to Margaret. And then Margaret neighed again. I giggled.

"Come now. Let's get you up on Margaret." Leon said.

He carried me easily and put me on Margaret.

"Okay first let me teach you the right position in horseback riding." Leon started to instruct. "Start by sitting straight."

I do as I was told and sit up straight.

"That's good. Don't get stiff." Leon said.

I relaxed my lower back so that I won't sit too stiff.

"Okay next let's align your shoulder, hip and heel. They should be aligned on a straight line." Leon helps me.

"There, then me sure that both of your sides are balanced out. You must not tip over one side or you will fall off the horse." Leon instructed so I balance myself up.

"Okay so now hold the reigns. Be sure that in holding it you sholdn't hold it too loose or to tight. Just the right amount." Leon said. "There should be a straight line from your elbow to your hand and to the horses mouth."

I made a mental note on all of what Leon just said.

"That's good. With this current position we are making sure that you have the right balance once the horse starts moving." Leon smiled at me.
Horseback riding (3)

I made a mental note on all of what Leon just thought me.

"That's good. With this current position we are making sure that you have the right balance once the horse starts moving." Leon smiled at me.

I felt my heart thump when I saw his bright smile.

"Alright then, try giving Margaret a nudge for her to move forward." Leon instructed. I do as I was told and gave Margaret a gentle nudge with my feet. Margaret started to move.

"Oh my, she's moving." I say with amazement. Leon was by the horse's side maintaining a safe distance.

"That's good. Don't be so stiff while she is walking. Let your body flow with the horse's movement." Leon said.

I tried to do what Leon said. I felt that Margaret was moving in an easy pace.

"You're doing great princess." Leon praised me.

"Really? Thanks." I smiled happily.

"Now try trotting. Give your nudge more strength." Leon instructed.

I give Margaret a much stronger nudge and she was trotting.

"Look Leon I am doing it. Margaret is trotting." I said excitedly.

"That's good princess." Leon said.

I see him mount the black horse and catch up to me.

"Let's trot together." Leon smiled. "This is here Midnight. He is a very proud horse. He only let's me ride him." I see Leon rub Midnight's neck.

"Really? Then he is a choosy horse." I giggled.

"Well he has a majestic breed. So he knows how to pick his rider." Leon bragged.

"So you are saying you are someone majestic that Midnight selected you to be his rider?" I teased him.

"Not to brag but that would be the point. Hahaha." Leon laughed out loud.

"Hahaha I never thought you are a narcissist." I giggled.

"Well I'm just stating the truth." Leon smiled.

I looked at him intently. It is true that he looks rather majestic. Even with casual riding clothes he looks handsome. His aura emits a royal and majestic hint that he looks more like a prince rather than a knight. I thought that I would want to be always by his side.

When I realized my train of thought and blushed.

'What was I thinking?' I thought. Being with him was an unexpected desire I have just accumulated.

"You look beautiful." Leon said suddenly.

"Huh?" I looked at him confused.

"You look beautiful when you blush." Leon repeated. "Having some color to your pale skin makes you more radiant. It is just right to make you come out to take some sunlight."

I blush even further after what he has said. I looked away from him embarrassed.

"I guess because I was always indoors that's why I am a little pale." I explained. "When I first came here in the palace I had felt that I was never wanted from the start. So I just stayed indoors. That's until Richard started to play with me. But I have always been inside Richard's courtyard."

Leon looked at me with sad eyes.

"Don't worry about me. I have always known that I was never welcomed here and accepted that." I said sadly.

"Tell me Alicia, what are the things you want to do if you were given and opportunity to travel?" Leon asked me.
Horseback riding (4)

Leon looked at me with sad eyes.

"Don't worry about me. I have alway known that I was never welcomed here and accepted that." I said sadly.

"Tell me Alicia, what are the things you want to do if you were given and opportunity to travel?" Leon asked me.

I looked at Leon confused why he asked that. He was waiting for my answer patiently.

"If ever I was given an opportunity to travel then I want to see the sea first. I want to see the vast water that stretches as far as the eye can see." I said. "Then I want to see the valleys and mountains. Maybe also see the snowy caps of Mt. Theses. I want to also visit farms and look at different kinds of animals."

"Hmm that is such a long list." Leon was nodding.

"That isn't even the half of it." I said with a smiled. I look at him. "I also want to meet different kinds of people. I want to learn many..."

I wasn't able to finish my sentence when I felt lips pressed on mine. Leon stole a quick kiss from me. I look at him with surprise and held my lips.

"You look so gullible when you are happy that I wasn't able to resist in stealing a kiss." Leon smiled his bright smile.

I blushed embarrassed.

"Huh? Umm...I...uh." I don't know what to say that I stuttered trying to form a sentence. "Let's pick up the pace okay." I awkwardly said.

I kick Margaret and she sprang forward.

"Wait, Alicia!" I heard Leon yell after me but I was running in front now.

Then I felt something not right. Margaret was acting strangely. Margaret was trashing on place.

"Margaret what is it?" I was starting to get nervous. I hold the reins tight just to balance but I can't calm Margaret down.

I was getting frightened. I don't know what to do.

"Alicia!" Leon was riding Midnight and caught up to me.

"Leon! I don't know what happened to Margaret." I yelled at him frightened. "What will I do?"

I was balancing my self in top of the trashing Margaret. I was afraid that I would fall.

"Alicia just hold in. Balance yourself so you won't fall." Leon instructed me.

"Leon, help me." My eyes were shedding tears now. I was so afraid

Leon stopped meters away and alighted his horse.

"Margaret shh girl." Leon tried to calm her down.

"L-Leon!" I was now holding on Margaret's neck for dear life. She was trashing all around like crazy.

"Hold on Alicia, I'll surely save you." Leon yelled.

His words gave me courage. I know whatever happens he would be there to save me.

'Neigh!' Margaret said loudly. She was standing on her hind feet while her front feet was tossing in the air.

"Ahhhh, Leon!" I yelped. I lost my grip in Margaret's neck and I felt my self falling.

"Alicia!" I heard Leon scream.

I saw the blue sky overhead and I felt falling.
 I will make them pay

'Neigh!' Margaret said loudly. She was standing on her hind feet while her front feet was tossing in the air.

"Ahhhh, Leon!" I yelped. I lost my grip in Margaret's neck and I felt my self falling.

"Alicia!" I heard Leon scream.

I saw the blue sky overhead and I felt falling. I brace myself and closed my eyes waiting to feel the pain. But to my surprise I didn't feel anything.

Then I can warn hands gently holding me. I open my eyes slowly and saw a familiar face looking at me with worry.

"Alicia, are you okay?" Leon asked worriedly.

I nodded slowly, still feeling and gauging my whole body for any pain or discomfort. But I can't find any so that means I'm fine.

My thumping heart just a while ago felt calm and at ease seeing Leon now. The adrenaline rush that I felt lost it's power.

"Princess, princess!" I can faintly hear Tricia yelling worriedly. My consciousness seems be fading.

"Princess Alicia!" Tricia's voice was now near me.

"Alicia. Alicia?" Leon was calling me worriedly. I want to tell them that I am fine but my consciousness was darkening until all was dark.


"How is the princess?" Leon asked.

After the incident on the horse Alicia lost consciousness due to fright. Leon took her to her bed chambers to rest.

It was night time when Leon visited Alicia in her chamber again.

"She is still sleeping sir Leon." Tricia said. "I will take my leave now sir."

"Okay. You may leave." Leon said. Tricia bowed and exited the room.

Leon walked towards Alicia's bedside. He looked at her with affectionate eyes.

The doctor said that the princess fainted because of the shock. She has a weak body so this is the way her body is coping up from the shock.

"My Alicia." Leon brushed her cheeks affectionately.

Then he saw her hands. He picked it up and saw red marks from holding the reins too tightly. Leon's face flashed in anger. He clenched his fists hard.

"My beautiful Alicia. I will surely find the one who is responsible for this." Leon said. "Dimitri." Leon whispered.

"I am here your highness." Dimitri emerged from the shadows near the rooms window.

"Have you investigated this incident?" Leon asked coldly.

Dimitri felt the chill from his prince. He has countless of times seen the prince this cold.

Leon has done many things just to take the crown prince's position. The battle with his brother's were bloody and countless of lives were lost.

If Dimitri would describe him, he would say he is a cold blooded demon to his enemies. The master mind of this incident will surely get what he deserves.

"Yes your highness. We found something under the horse's hoof." Dimitri replied. He get something in his pocket and gave it to Leon.

Leon took the object and inspected it in his hands. He saw a sharp object like a shard. He looked at Dimitri for further information.

"This was placed under the hoof. And if the horse moved faster and faster the object would burry itself more and more. Then the horse will be in pain. Any rider would be in danger after." Dimitri explained.

"They tried to harm my future wife, I won't forgive them. They would pay the price." Leon said with a scary tone.

Dimitri cringed. The perpetrator asked for this. Leon is scary when he is angry.

"We have captured the one that placed the sharp object on the horse's hoof. We just need to interrogate her to know who the master mind of this your highness." Dimitri explained.

"Take me to her. I want to know who did this to my future wife." Leon said coldly. Anger flashed in his eyes.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and left.

"My wife, I will surely let them pay for what they have done. They will have double the pain they gave to you I promise you." Leon leaned closer to Alicia and gave her a kiss in the forehead.