✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 7 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(a new heart to break💔).
Episode 7🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

Hahahaaaa... I almost fell on my knees when I heard that. He isn't serious...right?

'' Urrrmmm what?! Excuse me,but is that not a heavy price🏆? ''.
'' what? Are you afraid?😧 ''.
'' what?! ''.
'' So...you acting all tough and confident towards me was nothing but an act? ''.
'' What?!...No..never. It's just..well,that us an unnecessary price ''.
'' Okay then...enjoy a sweet walk home in the dark🌑 by yourself ''.

As he said that,he turned and started walking to his car.

'' Wait! ''. I shouted and he turned to me with an arrogant smirk. '' Fine ''.
'' fine what? ''.
'' I mean...okay fine! I agree ''.
'' agree to what phyco? I want you to say it👄 ''.

I groaned so hard in annoyance. He is so annoying but yet he is so mouthwatering. I know am about to make the biggest mistake of my life by agreeing to this. First of,he is so out of my poor league, I know.
And also,my mum would kill me. I don't know what the future holds. But only the present matters now. And this mistake is going to be sweet. I will teach this famous boy that am not just any other girl he can toy with. I mean,he said I wasn't his type,so why would he name such a price for a common ride home? Well,his car indeed,looks expensive and heavenly but anyways....

'' fine...you can kiss💋me whenever you want ''.

He stepped closer to me and my heart started pounding. Oh shit,is this happening for real? I only see this things in movies and fairytales. How can my crush be this close?
I swallowed hard.
His hand slowly took my chin while his thumb brushed through my lower lip.

'' that's how I like it phyco ''. He whispered quietly but seductively which sent shivers all through my body. '' obedient, submissive and sober ''.

My heart was going to collapse. Him being this close to me was illegal.

'' let's see if you really meant your agreement ''.

He leaned in and buried his head in my neck,his hair,grazing my dry face.
I caught my breath at the sudden sensation of his cold breath,hitting my neck.

'' Urr...Ji..ji..Jimin...
'' sshhh, quiet ''. He whispered.

I shook immediately his nose touched my skin and I tried to step away but he held my waist tightly.

'' do not move Kristina ''. He whispered again.

Gosh! Hearing him mention my name sent shivers through my spine. I couldn't believe this was really happening, am I dreaming or???...

🌜you are not dreaming ''.

Shit! So he read minds too? I knew he was a wizard!

The embarrassment was too much for me. First,I am a girl who feels too low of herself already.
And yes,I got to South Korea five days ago. FIVE DAYS! I got a crush who is also Korean and how did I end up here. How can my brain be so dead now.
But when Jimin's lips touched my neck,I forgot everything in life.
He started leaving wet kisses on my neck and jawline, moving upwards until he reached my ear lobe and bit ti softly.
I stupidly closed my eyes as my legs weakened and I felt breathless. I felt a tight knot in my stomach and I can't believe his making me feel this many things just for a kiss.
I felt his breathing becoming heavier, and it seemed I wasn't the only one being affected by this moment.
He slowly kissed up to my cheek,until his lips pressed on the corner of mine. I opened my mouth slightly waiting for a kiss. But it never came.

'' let's go ''.

I opened my eyes👀immediately and saw him starring intensely at me while licking his lips. And I was still breathing heavily.
What...is he going to leave me just like this?
He turned around and begun to walk to his car,looking completely unaffected by what just happened.
Gaining enough strength, I stood straight and started following him to his car. Trying hard to access what just happened between us.
We got to his car and he entered the front seat besides his guard while I entered the back. The car hit the road and I kept trying not to stare at his beautiful face through the driver's mirror. He looked so manly and athletic. But sightly. I guess he hit the gym once a week because his body proportion is illegal and no wonder all the girls wants him. I starred at him through the blue lights in the car and his arms looked so strong.
I wonder if he could easily lift a marshes potato like me up if we were kissing passionately like some of the movies.

(1 Hour Later=Park Estate=Pink Apartment🏡).

Standing in front of my house's door,I begun coming back to reality that,I am a dead meat🥩. Jimin stopped besides me and run his hand through his soft blonde hair.

'' you are welcomed phyco. Here we are,in front of your asylum ''.
'' you stop calling me that! ''. I snapped.
'' brush you hair and dress more elegantly and I will ''

That was a heavy blow.

'' I will do whatever I want with my hair ''.

He laughed, showing his perfect teeth. Why so perfect? Why?!😭
I looked around but my mum was nowhere to be seen. I knew what she would do when she came,and I couldn't afford her embarrassing me in front of Jimin whom I acted like a tough independent girl in front of.

'' I think it's late. Thanks for the ride and...good night. Bye ''.
'' whatever ''. He said and turned to leave and there she was...my worst nightmare. My mum was walking fast towards the house from the street until she reached in front of Jimin and smiled.

'' oh...good evening Mr Park ''.
'' good evening ''. Jimin just said that and walked down the front stairs and entered his car. The guard drove speedily away.

My mother turned to face me with a murderous eye.

'' mum please...
'' open the door! ''. She said and adjusted her handbag to her hand.
'' okay ''. I quickly unlocked the door and we both entered as she locked it behind.

I was so ashamed more tan ever. And I know what she can do. I have to think fast to get myself out of this mess.
I took three steps on the stairs to the second floor where my bedroom was. Then quickly turned to her. But what a shock. She quickly embraced me tightly and I had no space to breath.

'' Oh sweetheart you don't know how worried I was! ''.
'' Urr... Urrrmmm mum,are you alright? ''.
'' I know all of this is absolutely not your fault. The young man Sehun explained everything to me. He apologized to me this evening because I kept roaming up and down the estate, searching for you. He saw me and said he wanted to show you around the place so you could feel free in your new environment. But he suddenly loosed truck of you and his phone battery died. So he asked his brother you home ''

WHAT?! Oh my God. Park Sehun, you are forgiven for leaving me behind after taking me out. He totally saved my life. Oh my God. I would have being dead by now. How on earth did he devise such a lie in a short time.
But does that matter now? I smiled awkwardly and played along.

'' Haha...yes mum. You are absolutely right! I am so tired now ''. I brushed my hands through my hair.
'' I will cook for you now! I have to sleep early tonight so I can go to work tomorrow morning. I won't be coming home for the week just like I told you this morning so... take this ''. She said and removed a few cash from her bag and handed it to me. '' since you are starting school on Monday, use this for the bus money and use the rest for petty things you may need ''.
'' but mum...Sehun goes to the same school as me and he has a car so...
'' listen Karina, I know he is our neighbour and his family owns the estate and he also seems like a nice person. But please, stay away from him. Stay away from everyone in this estate. And if possible, any one you come in contact with. Don't be too friendly. You should know,we know nothing about them,and I don't want any trouble ''. She said and starred at me from head to toe. '' What is this Karina? ''.
'' what? ''.
'' is your dress not too short? ''.
'' But you bought it for me! ''.
'' To wear at home! Not take it out! I wish I could ground you right now! You are lucky you are starting school in two days ''. She said and quickly walked to the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and went to change my clothes. I took a shower and she called me down. After finishing dinner, I quickly rushed upstairs and locked my door. I took my teddy bear and started remembering what happened earlier the night. I stupidly smiled.
Did this really happened? With Park Jimin, my day dreamer, night an shinning amour,platonic love,imaginary husband, heart beat...my description could go on forever. I unconsciously got up and walked to my window to close it when my eyes landed into Jimin's bedroom window. The lights were on but I didn't see him. My stalker mind quickly activated and I quickly went closer to my drawer and removed a small telescope🔭 which I used to study from the science lab in New York. I rushed back to my window and looked through the telescope so I could clearly see into his bedroom.
He suddenly arrived and I could see him removing his shirt over his head. Revealing his perfectly defined and toned abs. And my eyes landed on his naked torso. The telescope slipped from my hands and fell to the floor while I was breathing and sweating profusely.
How could he be this spotless? I suddenly felt like a pervert😂 because I saw his smooth veiny abdomen.
But my perverting brain wanted more and I got to my feet with the telescope and looked through it again.
My heart stopped. He's there,standing in front of his window, looking straight at me. Oh no! Save me!.
I threw myself on the floor and crawled in embarrassment from my window and straight to my bed.
My phone vibrated, making me jump. I layed on my bed and opened the message, it was an unknown number, which made !e totally confused.


Damn! It was Jimin? How on earth did he get my number too? Psss... Sehun must have probably gave it to him.
Of course I like what I saw!


I turned and looked at the my outside.
Okay. Nice one there. First class embarrassment.


I swallowed hard.
He didn't type again for a while so I assumed he wouldn't answer anymore so I went to the toilet in my bathroom since my stomach was turning so bad.
I got out from the bathroom some minutes later and saw another message from Jimin. Sent ten minutes ago...