✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 8 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(a new heart to break💔).
Episode 8🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.


What?! This dummy! Does he want me to go into his house? At this hour? Jeez,what does he think I am?
I threw my phone on the bed and groaned.
Then my phone vibrated again. I took it and...


My mouth dropped and I blinked a thousands times.
How did he know I got scared about his message?
I looked out of the window but he wasn't there anymore.
I cuddled myself into my bed and quickly fell asleep.

(Next Day🌤=Australia🇦🇺=Sydney Hotel🏩).

Some assistants from the Park Group of Companies waited outside the room 5. Mrs Park walked out of the room with some documents📄with a smile. She was in a straight light pink dress and slippers. She handed the documents to one lady.

'' I have written everything you need to read to the Sahara Company. And I have signed everything. Make sure their boss himself receives this documents ''.
'' Okay ma'am ''.
'' And you all should prepare yourselves to go back to South Korea tomorrow ''. She said.
'' are you not going with us ma'am? ''.
'' Mind your business Tuyu, else I will fire you! I will stay behind for a few weeks and come back later. Take care of the company ''.
'' Okay. Excuse me ''. She said and bowed down and left.

As they all left,Mrs Park opened her hotel room door and a shirtless man in his 60s appeared from the other side of the room and tried embracing her from the waist. She pushed him away slightly with a smirk and looked around to check whether someone was looking at them. She pulled her head inside and kissed him. She entered the room and locked the door. But something went Vee wrong behind her back.
A man in black suit and dark shades held his camera📸 in his hands with am evil smile. He checked the pictures he just snapped of Mrs Park and the unknown man in the camera and nodded his head.

'' the boss will be happy this ''. He said and left the hotel.

(South Korea=Park Estate=Pink Apartment🏡).

My mum stood at the door and embraced me. She held a small bag with a few clothes since she was going to live in the hospital for a while.

'' okay baby, I am leaving now,please take care. Everything is available and so you can cook something for yourself ''.
'' okay ''.
'' Remember what I said, better be be careful of the neighbours. This is South Korea, and there are many things wrong. And make sure you go to school on Monday! ''.
'' yeah yeah... I get it. Bye ''.
'' bye ''.

My mum quickly walked out and shut the door. I stood there watching the door for a while and as I turned to leave,there was a knock on the door. I thought it was my mum because she must have forgotten something. I quickly rushed to the door nd opened it. I almost fainted.
It was Sehun. I know right? Even though I had no crush on him at all,he was indeed a photography of his brother.
Handsome, sexy,hot and dashing. He smelled so good for an early morning.
Rich people do have taste. He wore a black shirt and a short jeans with white slippers.
But of course,no one will ever surpass Park Jimin.

'' hello Karina ''.
'' Hi....how are you? ''. I asked with a pout. Acting like I was upset about yesterday. But in fact,I wanted to hug him so bad at the moment for saving my head from my mother's wrath.
But also, I was afraid of doing so because I had no idea who was watching us secretly.
'' Karina, I came to apologize for yesterday. I promise, that will never happened again ''.

Of course it won't!😏
My controlling mother warned me to stay away from you and everyone.

'' it's okay Sehun...but how did you know your brother sent me home? ''.
'' he texted me last night and told me my friend was with him. I was confused but he explained everything. So when I saw your mother looking for you, I quickly devised a plan to reduce the tension ''.
'' thanks so much! ''. I laughed.
'' so am I forgiven? ''. He asked with an innocent smile that melted my heart.
'' yeah...more than a thousand times ''.

I know what I said wasn't funny. By he laughed anyways. And I laughed too.

'' So...I have a surprise for you...
'' Okay ''.
'' Since we are attending the same school and you will be starting on Monday, I brought you the notes we wrote and subjects we learnt this week to give you a headstart so you don't find it difficult when we are learning next week ''.
'' oh my goodness! Thank you so much! ''.

He stepped back and took a box from the side of the door outside and handed it over to me.

'' this are some of my tests and jotters. You can copy and learn. At least until Monday. I have Science, English, Korean Language, Math and Music ''.
'' thanks. I really appreciate this ''. I smiled and unconsciously, I kissed his cheeks.

What a stupid move Karina. Yes,I know am a fool. This kind of gestures is only done in the western world. Why the hell did I do this?! What is he going to think of me?
He looked so surprise about what I did. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. Then my awkward face appeared.
But he smiled. Which was shocking.

'' urmm... Okay. So..so..so..I am..go..
'' yeah I understand Sehun. Have a nice day ''.
'' you too ''. He said and quickly walked away.

I shut the door closed in embarrassment and locked it. I quickly walked upstairs to my room and placed the box on the bed.
I stretched myself. I wish I had a friend right now. I know I can call my friends,but I wish I had a physical friend at the moment to hug and laugh with because o felt so bored.
And I feel anxious about going to school on Monday. How is it going to be? I know it won't be the same as New York. Because this is a totally different world.
I walked to my window and looked out.
And as usual, the Park Empire is the first thing I saw. I looked into the backyard and I almost got a heart attack. I saw Park Jimin. He stood there shirtless, with his back facing me,he stood besides the biggest blue swimming pool I had ever seen in life while holding heavy dumbbells, doing press ups.
I gulped. He was so prefect. His back muscles, I almost had a stomach upset. He was only in a long black tight shorts.
I believe they have a gym in that big mansion but I guess he preferred to exercise outside. He was so perfect. My eyes has being blessed this morning.
I know learning is important right now but....Park Jimin is a priority right now...🤣.
He was so strong. Holding those heavy dumbbells and going up and down.
He turned his face and saw me starring at him. I quickly acted like I was cleaning my window with my bare hands.
How embarrassing. I took a peek at him and saw him shaking his head with a smirk. He placed the dumbbells and dropped to the floor while still starring at me.
He started doing an arm pressing and I almost died.
Does he want me dead?!⚰ Anyways, I would love that though. As he was still going on,he stopped immediately and got up, he went besides a table and picked up his phone.
All of a sudden, I saw his eyebrows furrow and he threw his phone hard at the back wall in anger. I panicked.
Urrrmmm, what just happened? He just destroyed a phone which was probably an IPhone 100??? Wait,what?!
As I was wondering, he walked onto the mansion and I didn't see him again.
I walked back to my bed,thinking deep on what just happened to make him that way?
I took the box of books and went into it to keep my mind off things.

(Park Empire=Jimin's Bedroom🛏).

He entered his bedroom with a white towel and dried his face and hair in annoyance. He looked around and saw another phone on his drawer and took it.
He dialled a number and placed iron his ear,waiting for an answer.

📱yes boss? ''. A voice came out from the phone.
📱Send me those pictures on this number. And give the papers I gave you to the Sahara company before tomorrow... Is that clear?! ''.
📱yes boss ''.
📱do not let her out of your sight. She will pay for every panick,every pain, every piece of shir...she made my father go through ''.
📱yes boss ''.

Jimin hanged up and tried to calm down. Then his bedroom door flied opened and all his friends rushed in with one girl who immediately jumped all over Jimin, kissing his face all over.

'' Sulli? ''.
'' yes dummy! Do you know how much I miss you?! Oh my God! You have grown so lean Jimin ''. She said and threw herself on his bed.
'' yes he will grow lean. Why won't he? When almost every girl in Korea has sucked his blood in bed ''. Namjoon said in laughter and the rest joined him except for Sulli who frowned.
'' You are still on that behavior Jimin? ''. She asked.
'' when did he ever change Sulli? ''. Hoseok asked.
'' how was your trip Sulli? ''. Jimin asked with a straight place.
'' don't talk to me. I am and at you ''. She frowned. '' you promised me,that you were going to delete all your mistresses from your life Jimin! ''.
'' he's now even getting started girl...forget what he promises ''. Yoongi said in a cold tone.
'' this is none of your business Yoongi, shut up because I am important to Jimin. I am his childhood friend. Since we were five and you didn't even exist! ''.
'' yeah sure...but am his best friend ''.
'' enough you two! ''. Seojin shouted. '' Jimin can live his life anymore he wants Sulli, however he thinks fits him. Whether right or wrong, we can all say our minds. But the final decision is his! ''.
'' he is so savage, he just entered his bathroom and said nothing to us ''. Taehyung said.

They all realised that Jimin had entered his bathroom and they heard the sound of shower.

(Two Days Later=Seoul High School🏫=General Class).

I was in the school uniform. It was the only thing I loved. It was white and blue.
White top and short blue shirt with a thin string from the skirt,handing with the top. I was looking smart and happy. I left my curly hair down and had very light make up on.
And I wore a small white socks and black sneaker. My long leather bag hanged on my shoulder and I stood in front of the class as professor Yu stood besides me to do the introduction.
I looked into the people's faces and saw Sehun in the third place second row,smiling at me. He offered me a ride to school, but I refused. I took the bus instead,, since I needed to avoid any new confrontations with my mum. The class was full of Koreans, but luckily, there were at least five foreigners like me in the class which calmed my nerves down. And they looked at me awkwardly.
I wonder how I am going to survive in this school and this country as a whole.

'' good morning class! As you all know,we have three weeks to summer holidays and so the school is taking new students before that. This young lady is one brilliant student the school has taken in. Please.. ''. He turned to me with a smile. '' introduce yourself ''
'' ye..yeah yeah,sure ''. I said nervously and turned to the whole class of almost twenty people. '' Goo...I mean,hi..hi. Urrrmmm, so my name is Karina Pierce, from New York city. It's nice to meet you all ''.

The entire class smiled at me and I smiled back. I signed in relief. I looked forward and there was an empty chair besides a girl on the first row.
She was beautiful. She had a bright smile on her face.
The professor pointed at the empty seat besides the girl and I went to sit besides her,then class started..🌸