✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 9 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(breaking through💘).
Episode 9🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Seoul High School🏫=On a Break🔔).

We had just few minutes to close from school. Class was amazing since Maths and Science were the main topics. And I also got to learn a few Korean languages.
I now know what '' Annyuong haseyong '' means. 🤣
The school siren only opens for a break the students to rest for thirty minutes and eat. So this was the time.
I entered the school canteen🍔. Which was probably bigger than the school itself. It was tidy and beautiful. And you could only smell nice food here.
I took a plate from the rags and went closer to the different sets of foods layed in front of me. Both local and foreign. The only problem is,there were sticks🥢to pick the foods.
For both noodles🍜and rice🍛. Except for the the stew🍲and sauce which has spoons in them. And I couldn't embarrass myself to tale out the spoon from the strew for the rice.
I tried my possible best,picking the noodles with those sticks🥢but couldn't.
Someone held my hand from behind to help me. I flinched and turned my head behind.
And it was the girl who I sat beside in the class. She kept her beautiful white teeth visible and smiling at me. I smiled back. I left the sticks for her and she served my plate effortlessly whole asking me what I wanted. After that,she served herself as well and turned to me.

'' wanna eat with me? ''.
'' okay...sure! ''.
'' come ''.

Okay. Did she just speak western ghetto English? Okay.
I followed her to the tables and chairs which were set like a restaurant. There were five chairs each and one round table in the middle. We both sat together and prepared ourselves to eat.

'' so...are you going to pray or... ''. She asked.
'' okay... Close your eyes then ''.

I don't know what's funny about what I said though but she laughed. I made a short prayer and we both started dishing out.
I must admit,the food was nice and full of nutrients.

'' you are welcomed to the school again Karina. I am Lisa Manoban ''
'' Okay. Nice to meet you Lisa. So..you look a bit of a foreigner ''.
'' I am from Thailand🇹🇭. Even though it's still Asian ''.
'' yeah. I am too obvious of a foreigner am I not? Such a bad luck ''

We both laughed.

'' when did you arrive in Korea? I have being here for eight years...
'' one week ago. I arrived with my mum because she was transferred. She's a midwife ''.
'' I live with my eldest brother. Our parents are back home in Thailand. Just came here for a greener pasture since South Korea is one of the most developed and growing Asian countries. How do you find the country so far? ''. She asked with a smile.

I stupidly smiled with an imaginary face while remembering Jimin. His smile, his face,his hair.
I stopped myself and came back to reality. Lisa laughed and took a sip of a juice.

'' what are you thinking about girl? ''.
'' my stay so far isn't bad at all. I will enjoy it more when am done learning the language ''.
'' I will help with that! Haha...where do you live then? I could actually come for a visit ''.
'' Park Estate ''

Lisa choked on her food and opened her eyes widely while starring at her food and giggled happily.

'' you mean,Park Estate? As in,the one which belongs to the Parks? The famous family. So you already know Park Sehun? The boy in our class? ''.
'' yep! Why so surprise? ''.
'' you are so damn lucky babe! You get to see Park Jimin every single day! Oh gosh! I live around the Park Estate too. Not too far. Since we are friends now,we can actually see each other more often! ''.
'' so cool...you are right! ''.
'' I am so surprised your mother could afford that Estate. There is no way my brother's entire salary can afford it. He is in the university, and has a side work too. Just like me. I go straight to work after school ''.
'' What?! How old are you?! ''.
'' 19. But that is not the most important thing. I do it to help my brother to pay the bills and foodstuffs too ''. She took a bite of her kimchi. '' many people do that here ''.
'' s..so where do you work? ''.
'' Master Bakery🥯. The boss is the best man in the world. He actually pays good and gives us free food when we close from work. He hires five waitresses. But we are four now because one of them was fired last year. He is in need of a new worker as of now. He bakes bread🥖,cakes🥮🍰,cookies🍪 and chicken🍗. And also preparers delicious ice creams too🍦🍨 ''.

I suddenly felt so little and stupid. I can't believe someone my age works and I stay at home,waiting for mummy to provide. I adjusted to my seat well and continued eating.
Lisa's fave brightened up when looking behind me. I wondered what she saw. I also turned my head backwards.
And goodness gracious, Sehun and two other boys who followed him had their meals on a tray,walking towards our table.
They reached our side with as smile.

'' can we join you two please? ''. Sehun asked with a smirk while starring at me. My eyes begun to water.
'' Of course! ''. Lisa screamed. '' there are three more seats ''.

They all made themselves comfortable and sat. I couldn't eat anymore because they were all so hot.
God,Asian men are something!
The two other guys introduced themselves and I learn they were Mark and Youngjae.
We spoke and laughed together and I guess I made two more friends added to Lisa and Sehun.
Mark kept starring at me and I felt awkward, but anyways, I starred back at him since I was melting.
But I will always say this,Jimin will always and everyday be top. The siren opened for break over and I checked the time.
We had just one more class to attend to close from school. I just can't wait to get back to the estate to continue my stalking.

(Australia🇦🇺=Sydney Hotel🏩).

They both layed naked on bed,while cuddling each other. They looked so in love and inseparable. Her phone rung loudly and she sat up and picked it up.

'' hello? Yes Tzuyu? Any problem? ''. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. '' what did you say? They rejected?! But...
'' what is it Rose? ''. The man bedside her asked.
'' wait ''. She whispered and she spike back into the phone. '' What happened? I thought we already signed the deal? Another... you know what? Go back to South Korea,I will be there tomorrow. Bye ''.

She threw her phone aside and brushed her hands through her head in frustration.

'' what now? ''.
'' This deal was going to make the Park Group of Companies some very good money. Now the stupid Sahara company cancelled our deal and has made the business with another company ''.
'' But,didn't they sign the contract with you? ''
'' they did! This is not good at all Daniel. We needed this deal,so that I could manipulate the court and father in-law to take all the properties from my son! I need him to look irresponsible to handle the fortune ''.

The man groaned in anger and quickly got up from the bed and started getting dressed.

'' what are we going to do now Daniel? ''.
'' what are '' we '' going to do? Don't even ask me at all Rose. How many times have I given you my ideas... so everything would be easy for us?! ''.
'' what do you men? ''.
'' I already told you to let us kill them! Let's eliminate them and your father in-law. If they are all eliminated, the entire fortune is yours! You and I can finally be happy and live our lives the way we want!
'' you idiot! I already told you never to mention death! I can't kill my sons! They are my sons! ''.
'' but they hate you! ''.
'' no they don't! It's.. It's Jimin who feels uncomfortable with me,and it's all your fault! If you had listened to me and locked the door years ago,none of this would have happened! ''. She snapped and also got to her feet. '' Sehun loves me with his whole heart,he idolizes me. And that is probably because,Jimin has never told him what happened 15 years ago ''.
'' if I were you Rose,I would listen. Time is going. Jimin will inherit the entire fortune legally when he gets married, remember that. And I don't have that much time...when you are ready to agree to this brilliant idea,you call me ''. He angrily stormed out of the room.

(One Week Later=Park Estate=Pink Apartment🏡=Karina's Bedroom🛏).

'' please don't die! No no no... ''. I screamed as Lisa and I layed on my bed,watching our new favourite Kdrama called Full House ''.
'' I hate her in the movie...she should die! ''.
'' No she won't! ''.
'' yes she will ''.

And that was it! The movie closed for the day. We both screamed in disappointment. We sat on the bed and picked up our juice and gulped it.
I introduced Lisa to my mum four days ago. She was not quite happy about it. But Lisa proved to be more than a sister to me in just a day and my mum liked her instantly. And she agreed that we could be friends. She also agreed for Lisa to come and visit me and even have a sleepover and vise versa.
The idea we both had was that,we would learn and talk about studies Aline whenever my mum was around us. But whenever she left us alone, we knew what we always did.
Lisa had also come to know about my obsession with Park Jimin. She was super excited since she also had a huge crush on Sehun but refused to admit it.

'' have you spoken to your mum about the job? ''.
'' yeah...I did. But she said she didn't like the idea of me,having a park time job at this age and also after school ''.
'' Jeee but you are old enough! You are nineteen! It's a legal age. Come on,you will never know when hardship knocks on your door Karina, talk to her about it again ''
'' Well...since you are spending the night here,you wouldn't mind speaking to her on my behalf right? ''.
'' urrrmmm....
'' come downstairs now girls! Food is ready! Before it gets cold. I have a night shift and I have to get going now! ''.

We both walked downstairs and started talking about how studies were going so well.
It's not s if this is my first time,acting like an angel. Hahaha... I used to do that back in New York. Well,my mum deserves that for being so controlling and overprotective over me.
We all sat at the table and opened the plates to our delicious dinner. It's exactly 6pm.
We begun dishing out immediately.

'' I am glad your studies is going on so well ''. She said and took a bite of her meatball. '' I need to hurry with this food and go now ''.
'' mum,before you leave, we still didn't finish our conversation about the part time job...
'' Karina...
'' I am past eighteen and I can take care of myself mum. I am growing you know. I think you should trust me to handle some things on my own. If you keep treating me this way,my age will grow and my brain will still remain a kid! ''.

My mum opened her eyes widely in surprise after what I said.
I don't know whether she was surprised or shocked. In deed,this was the first time I actually stood up to her. The silence which built up suddenly became awkward until Lisa spoke up.

'' trust us Mrs Pierce. In fact,this job is really good and besides,she won't be working alone. I am always there with her. When it's time for work,we will both go. And when we close, we will both come home together ''.
'' come on mum! ''.
'' Alright! Fine be quite already! ''. She said and begun to massage her head slowly. '' okay, I get it. I am trusting you this once Karina...just this once! I don't want you to say am trying to control you...so fine. You can have a part time job. But hey,let me give you rules...and keep them in your head very well! ''.
'' okay. What are the rules...am all ears ''..🌸