✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 6 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(a new heart to break💔).
Episode 6🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Dark Alley🌑).

I quietly followed them both in the dark. Thank goodness I was wearing sneakers so my steps didn't make any noise. I kept wondering were they were both going. Jimin walked in front while the guard was behind him. While I was a few metres away from them. They stood in the streets and started having a chat while I his behind a pillar in front of a store. Then passed on the left side of the junction. I quickly rushed to the junction and looked to the left and it was a very dark alley. This is so strange and becoming too scary for me now.
I pondered on !y decision whether to follow them and my heart told me not to. But my stalker brain took advantage of the situation and shouted at me to keep on following them. I so much wanted to know what was up with the man my heart was stupidly beating for.
And he didn't even know my real existence. I threw my fears out of the window and walked into the dark alley. I totally forgot the track of time and as I carefully looked straight, I saw them walking deeper and deeper into the alley. I was too concentrated that I didn't realise there was a garbage can in front of me. I stumbled on the metal and tripped on my feet and lander hard in the ground making a very loud bang on the floor. Oh holy Mary mother of God! This is the end of my life. I quickly got up like the flash and his behind one big pole standing in front of me as Jimin and the guard turned their faces to the direction were the chaos had happened. I could clearly hear their voices.

'' What?! Boss...I think there is someone following us ''.
'' yeesss... ''. Jimin answered with that deep and seductive voice. '' urmm, I don't think so ''.
'' but boss...
'' Shhhh ''. He placed his fingers on his lips and traced his eyes around the alley and the rubbish messed on the grounds.

On my God Oh my God Oh my God!😱...don't let him see me,don't let him see me. Don't don't don't! I prayed in my head with my eyes closed tightly on as I sat on the floor behind the pole and my hands put together in a prayer manner.

'' why are you following me? ''. A deep but slow voice asked in front of me. I screamed out of fright and jumped up then realised, it was almighty Park Jimin and his guard standing in front of me.
He was just a few inches away from my face and his eyes pierced into my soul.
'' urrrmmm... I...I...
'' yes? ''.

There is no way am going to be embarrassed in front of this man. I have to think fast.

'' Urr... I was just walking around. Exploring the neighborhood. Since am new around here and everything ''. I quickly regretted what I just said.😫
'' exploring? ''. He raised his eyebrow and looked around the alley. '' exploring a dark alley huh Kristina? ''.

OH MY GOD..OH MY FUCKED UP ASS! Did Park Jimin just called me by my middle name?!!! JESUS! JESUUUUUSSS!!! How the hell did he know my name? I need answers. I was about to met like butter in a heat.
Oh gosh,the way he mentioned my name just made me feel many things in my body. I was so confused and lost in his eyes at that moment. Concentrate Karina Kristina! I hate the name Kristina, but I will make an exception for Park Jimin of course. My imaginary platonic lover.

'' 🤨exploring a dark alley by yourself at... ''. He checked his black diamond wrist watch. '' 9pm? ''.
'' 😲what?! It's 9pm? Oh no! ''. I exclaimed. But hey,I have to act tough right now. I know my mum must be waiting for me with an atomic bomb. But hey,Jimin is priority right now. I can let my mum bury me in a casket and I wouldn't mind,this is the first time his man is standing this close and speaking to me. I wouldn't miss it for anything at all. '' yeah...I like a night adventure ''.
'' Go bring the car here Jackson ''. Jimin said to his guard but his eyes never left my face. And I didn't miss the chance to stare at his red plump lips.
'' but boss,I can't leave you here alone with...
'' Do as I say ''. He snapped, but still starring at my ugly face.
'' yes boss ''. The guard answered and left immediately.

Jimin leaned in closer to me and my back touched the pole while he relaxed one hand on the pole on top of my head. Looking directly into my eyes👁.

''👽Liar ''. He said it simple but quietly.
'' what?! ''.
'' I know you are lying🤥 ''.
'' Of...of course am not! ''. I gulped nervously.

He stepped closer and my soul and spirit disappeared. This is what you wanted, isn't it Kristina? This is what you imagined, deal with it!

'' tell me why you are following me ''.
'' I don't know what you are talking about. You can't force me to say what isn't there Mr! ''. I stepped away from him since him being that close to me just reduced my life span and I had few seconds to live. The hotness of his body was too much for my poor soul.

But no,that didn't stop him. He kept walking closer and closer and I kept stepping backwards until my back touched a wall behind and I had nowhere to escape now. He pinned his hand on the wall next to my head which made me jump.

'' Look,I don't have time for this nonsense, answer me now! ''. He furrowed his eyebrows.
'' se..se...seriously I don't know what you are talking about now. I just wanted to walk around. This is a free country and I can go wherever I want! ''.
'' oh really now....

He slowly took my chin in his hand and made me look him in the eyes. My poor heart stopped beating. I stopped breathing. I stopped living. How can one man be this breathtakingly beautiful?! Life is so unfair!

'' do you think I don't know you started stalking me three days ago? You told all your friends about me and how you were crushing on me. You used my pictures as your phone and laptop wallpaper. You changed your phone password to JiminandIforever and changed your social media names to Miss Park? ''.

Please kill me now! Please I want death right now. The word '' embarrassment '' was nothing compared to what I felt at that particular moment. How on earth?! How on earth did he find out about all this? Jeez,I just wanted to cry at that moment. Who told him all this? I mean,it's only me in my room! How how HOW??? I found the best answer to this. Is he a wizard? A warlock? I begun sweating immediately.
I looked into his face. He doesn't even know me that well and I can see he was enjoying the embarrassment he was putting me through. What human is this? He literally had the looked of superiority on his face.
Waiting for me to lower my head in shame so he could laugh at me,make me feel low of myself and try to deny it in shame. To see he conquered the garbage girl next door. But there is no fucking way I am going to give him that satisfaction.
I am a fucking New Jersey girl and I will show him that. No more hiding in the shadows, no more fear of being rejected by the world's billionaire and cutie. I know what I feel and I won't hide it in embarrassment. Whatever that will happen should.
I lifted my gaze to meet his.

'' yes...that's all true. I do stalk you like a fucking police officer and am proud of it😂. I started three days ago ''. I said with a smirk and confidence. A confidence that wasn't real.

But what is more shocking is,the once victorious smile on Jimin's face,faded away. He had now the look of confusion and he stepped back away from me.

'' why do you look surprised Almighty? ''.

I wanted to jump up and down in happiness and shout to the world that I,Karina Pierce, just left Park Jimin speechless!
😎😎😎I know..I know...I deserve a Grammy🎖🏆for sure.
He runner his hands through his messy blonde hair.

'' I wasn't expecting that attitude I guess ''. He said.
'' oh,I know ''.
'' And why do you stalk me? ''.
'' Isn't it obvious? You said it yourself, I have a crush on you! ''.

Jimin smirked and that victorious smile started to make it way to his lips again. And I stupidly begun to shrink.

'' just like every girl in the entire world🌍 ''. He said with a thin girly voice which ruined my universe.
'' hey...don't compare me to any other girl in the world.... I am me! And I like you! In fact,am kind obsessed with you! ''.

He laughed a little.

'' you are a bit interesting ''.
'' I am the most interesting girl you have and will ever meet ''.
'' okay..okay. I see. For what am seeing, you have a little decent confidence, unlike other girls I've met ''.
Oh...you mean the girls you get into your bed every night and never see them again in the mornings? ''.

Jimin shamelessly smiled widely at me.

'' you really do stalk me huh? ''.
'' oh well... ''. I shrugged my shoulders.
'' So,what does this interesting girl wants from me? ''.
'' Well simple. For you....to fall in love with me ''.

I know...that was a stupid answer. But it kinda just slipped out of my mouth. And.....I don't regret it. As soon as those words came out,Jimin broke into uncontrollable laughter. Though I didn't know what wa funny but,his laughter restored my lost lives. Like music to my ears.

'' what?! Why will I fall in love with a girl like you?! ''. He starred at me from head to toe. '' you are not even my type ''.

Ouch🥵....that hurt!

'' We will see about that pretty boy ''.
'' yeah..we will. And you will regret crossing my lane ''.
'' No,you will regret saying those words to me. I am not your type. I will make you eat your words. I PROMISE ''.
'' you don't know what you just got yourself into phyco! ''.
'' what did you just call me? ''.
'' Phyco. That is what you are,thinking too big of yourself that you could make me,Park Jimin, fall in such a !meaningless feeling ''.

Did he just call love a meaningless feeling? This guy is a sick head.... but at the same time, such a sexy daddy.
My phone rang loudly and got me out of my trance. I took it out of my purse and it was my mum.
Jimin looked at my phone screen and chuckled.

'' Go ahead phyco... you don't want to get mummy waiting do you? ''.

Gosh I want to kill him right now but at the same time,I felt like I knew him forever and I was dying. His guard arrived there with his expensive car. I quickly answered the call.

📱Blair Karina Kristina Pierce! You are a dead meat if you don't get home by the next thirty minutes from wherever you are I swear to God! ''. My mum screamed into the phone.
📱Mum just....
📱I don't want to hear any fucked up explanation, you ain't having it easy this time young lady! I have stood behind closed doors for the past three hours and your stupid phone is not even going through! Get your ass here now! ''. She said and hanged up.

Oops! Am dead.
By the time I realised and looked around, I saw Jimin walking towards his car. He opened the front seat besides his guard and entered.
The guard sparked the car and I panicked. I took to my heels and rushed towards the car and the side where Jimin sat.

'' wait! You can't just leave me here! ''.
'' yes...I can. Let's go Jackson ''. He commanded and the guard stepped on the gas.
'' But I don't know anyone! And there's no one in this neighborhood, and am...am...please, take me home. Please ''.

He starred at me and smirked.

'' fine ''. I will give you a ride home phyco. But...
'' but? ''.
'' but it has a price ''.
'' wha...
'' Yes...a price. If you what to get into my car ''. He said and stepped out of his car and started walking closer to me again. And I took steps back until my back touched another wall.
'' Wh...what price? ''.

He smirked and touch the wall besides my head,with his eyes piercing into my white eyeballs.

'' that you let me kiss you whenever, wherever and however I want ''....🌸