✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 5 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good,just for her🌷).
Episode 5🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Next Day🌤=Pink Apartment🏡=Karina's Bedroom🛏).

I got out from the bathroom with a towel on my chest, drying my entire body and hair with another towel. I checked the time and it was already 8am. I didn't sleep early last night since I kept myself up,thinking of the impossible. I went to my window and rolled up the curtains and had a call from my phone. I walked back to my bed and it was my mum. I answered and placed it on my ear.

📱hello? ''.
📱good morning sweetheart ''.
📱good morning mum. How are you and the work? ''.
📱i am very fine. You won't believe what happened yesterday when I got here. I am beginning to make some friends already ''.
📱okay...good for you ''. I said with a bored tone.
📱good for me? Karina,are you okay? ''.
📱fantastic! ''.
📱have you eaten? Please prepare something🍛for yourself okay? And,am very sorry today honey...but I don't think I will be able to come home this morning like I promised ''.
📱what,why?! ''.
📱one of the midwives signed a one week leave last night because her mother was sick. And so I have to take her place.
📱 What?! So you are staying in the hospital for one week? ''.
📱Not exactly. I will come home this evening though but from tomorrow, I will be spending double time in the hospital than I normally will ''.
📱what about the music studio? You promised! ''.
📱Karina...I am doing this for your future! ''.
📱music is my future too! ''.
📱no...music is just a hobby. Law is your future ''.
📱what the??? ''. I just quickly hanged up and let myself fall on the bed.

This is how my mother was. Ever since my father passed away,she never really had that much time for me. It hurt. But I only was happy for growing up as a normal kid. She spent all her time at work and never got to show me any motherly love.
So I could fairly that,I brought myself up. I forced myself, not ti let a tear fall out of my eyes. I quickly got a notification from my Instagram page and checked. My eyes widened together with my mouth in shock as I read the headlines in my phone.


'' What?! ''. I got to !y feet as I scrolled down the pictures from yesterday as we were entering the car. I was so lucky enough because the only part of my body which appeared in those pictures were my waist and legs as I was entering the car.
I took a deep breath of relief. I can't believe that the Korean paparazzi are this fast. And I am beginning to question my friendship with Sehun now. Because if this is how the public are reacting to is news of a woman with a famous person,I wonder what will happened when they find out am black.

I didn't even bother to go read the comments, since a part of me knew what was there. I waked to my window and looked out. Of course, where else would I look into but the beautiful mansion? I saw a big van,parked itself on the street in front of the mansion. Then two guards stepped out of the mansion with Jimin and walked out to van. Suddenly and surprisingly, Jimin raised his head towards my window and saw me looking at him. This time,I didn't flinch nor hide. Why the hell should I? He is nothing to me. It's not as if we are friends. And my eyes belongs to me. I can use it took it to look at anything I want. Then one hot guy stepped out of the van and embraced Jimin. I didn't know him though. But I realised he had the same style as Jimin. He had blonde hair,with lots of piercings and he was in dark shades so I didn't see his face. But with how he WS dressed and even his body language said he was rich. They both entered the van with the guards and drove speedily away. My phone rang loudly and I answered it quick.

📱yes? ''.
📱i am ready Karina. Can I pick you up now? ''. Sehun asked.
📱oh gosh! So sorry Sehun... I..I will get ready right now! ''.
📱we can't be late Karina... the match starts at exactly 9:30am ''.
📱i promise I will meet you outside in less than thirty minutes ''.

I hanged up and quickly rushed to my wardrobe and looked into it. And I was disappointed. Of course am a church girl..Jesus,all I got is stupid long straight dresses! And the only jeans I have is one old loosed jeans which was gifted to be by Monique, two years ago. My mum is a strict woman,and of course...she never let's me wear why I want. The problem is,she still thinks am a baby and can control me. I am ashamed of myself at this very moment and I can't even scream. I shamelessly went through my dresses and saw one beautiful short and tight dress which my mum bought for me at the America's Airport Boutique six days ago when we were about to board flight to Korea. I took it and quickly applied some cream on my body and wore the dress. It seemed too short but well.. '' WHEN YOU GO TO ROME,YOU DO WHAT ROMANS DO ''. I fixed my make up and my curly hair and wore white sneakers which went well with the dress. I took my phone and small purse and walked out f the house and locked the door. I quickly walked to the street and se a brand new saloon car driving towards me. I adjusted myself and it stopped by my side. The windows rolled down from the front.

'' Hey girl. Wow,you are beautiful ''.😍
'' thanks. How come you are driving today Sehun? I laughed😆
'' because this car personally belongs to me ''. He raised his shoulders proudly. '' I bought this,and the other one belongs to the household ''.
'' okay. So,do you think it's safe that we go there together? Since what...
'' so you saw the news already? ''. He whimpered. '' the paparazzi here would say anything stupid to make money. I saw the news about us on social media. You have nothing to worry about Karina. I took care of that ''.
'' huh?! How? ''. I was shocked and he smiled.
'' look,if you are so scared,I can just drop you off at the stadium, then you can walk inside with the ticket I give you,then I will wait for some minutes before entering ''.

I waked to the other side and entered the car. It felt comfortable and amazing. Sehun smiled at me and started driving.🏎

'' don't feel scared Karina. So long as we have nothing to hide,the paparazzi can say and post what they want ''.
'' it's not about me. It's my mother. She hates controversies. I don't want to cause her any...
'' we will be fine. The paparazzi here are like that. They have followed my family for years and so because they don't always get a gossip about us,people hardly hear of us. Because we do everything of ours in secret. Very secretive. I was born into it. And they are very sensitive about foreigners. Especially black people. But so long as you don't give them any attention, their works will never upset you ''.


We arrived there very fast and Sehun parked the car in front of the stadium. He starred at me with a smile and I smiled back.

'' so..I guess I have to get off and take the lead? But will they let me in the studio? Will they not ask me for anything before allowing me there? ''.
'' they will ''. He said and removed a card from the front drawer and handed it over to me. '' you can hand this to the entrance guard when he asks you anything...okay? I will be right there after I park this car ''.

I left the car and took a deep breath. Sehun drove away without anyone seeing. I looked around me and all I saw were hundreds of Asians. I felt a bit nervous considering my skin colour. And of course, I begun having death glares when half of the people begun to stare at me. But I wasn't surprised.
Not only was my skin colour brown,but my dress WS awkward. I wasn't dressed for sports. I was dressed for the baptism class. Which was embarrassing because those were the only kind of clothes I had in my wardrobe. I quickly rushed to the stadium's entrance to reduce the embarrassment. Then a loud cheer from the crowd inside, filled the whole place,blocking my hearing. One of the teams might have scored I guess. I wonder which team it was. I hoped it wasn't Jimin's team since he was such a woman eater!☹ yep! I made that word up myself. It hurt enough that I saw a strange lady get out of Park Jimin's car. And it killed me seeing what I saw in his room through the window last night. But I wanted to see him so bad at that moment. Seeing him,just catching a glimpse of him can cure my depression I swear!
I stood in line and immediately it was my turn,the guard frowned at me as I raised my head to catch his snoring face. I gave him the card and he stepped aside as I entered like a conqueror. There were more than two hundred people in the stadium. I can presume half of the people weren't there because they were interested in the game. They just came to see Park Jimin, because 90% of them were girls. And of course, Park Jimin is the sexiest man alive so...
I slowly walked down to the chairs and found an empty one at the second row seats and quickly rushed to sit comfortably on it. Everyone around awkwardly pushed away from me,and that hit me hard because I was the only foreigner there I guessed. I tried my best to feel comfortable and looked around to see whether Sehun had arrived. But he wasn't there. I decided to get up and leave the stadium. But something glued me to my seat immediately. I turned my eyes to the basketball ground where the players were playing up and down and saw Park Jimin, holding the ball and starring at me in the face. I gulped and my breath hitched. How on earth can one man have this effect on me even if I have never had any conversation with him before? Oh gosh,has he recognised? How stupid, of course yes dummy! I am the only brown skin girl in the crowd. He kept hitting the ball on the floor and smirked at me. He passed it to his teammate and rushed to the other side and the game continued. I calmed down since that starring contest was finally over. God,he is a god. They played so well. All my eyes were looking at, was him. By the time I realised, there was another loud cheer from the crowd which snapped me out of my daydreaming. Then I just realised that Jimin's team had scored. I looked on the big screen and there was..
Oh wow! I looked into the basketball ground and my heart quickly skipped a beat when I saw him starring at me again while jogging to his friends to celebrate. He winked at me and I swear,I almost peed on myself that moment.

'' The game is over. Congratulations to The Tigers! ''. The commentator spoke into the microphone.
'' What the fuck? It's over? ''. I asked myself quietly.

Well,I guess I didn't arrived early. I saw Jimin and his teammates walking and chatting together to their changing room. Hundreds of people kept wanting to rush to them with their phones, pens and papers while shouting their names.
I looked around and still there was no sign of Sehun. Wow! How nice of him to leave me in a place I don't know. As everyone begun leaving the stadium, I got up too and walked outside. I checked my phone and it was almost 5pm. Jeee... I quickly remembered that my mum would arrive home tonight and am a dead meat if she reached home before me. She doesn't even know I went out. I followed people's lead and arrived in the parking lot. I took out my phone and dialled Sehun's number but it was switched off

'' So,rich people also experience a low battery? ''. I whimpered. I looked around and saw Jimin and his friends enter the parking lot. They looked fresh and all dressed up with a guard following them. They were seven in number and I quickly hid behind one of the many cars as they stopped by their van.
'' so...will see you later? ''. One of his friends said.
'' yeah... ''. One of them replied and five of them entered the van. Leaving Jimin and another hottie friend of his. I could clearly hear what the spoke about.
'' have you spoken to Jennie yet? ''. The guy asked.
'' no. Have you? ''.
'' she called me last night. She said,you are not picking her calls. She wants to apologize ''.
'' okay. Is she ready to throw that stupid imagination of hers out the window? ''.
'' Jimin...
'' We made a deal Yoongi. She wasn't supposed to fall in love with me. It was a give and take thing... you know I don't do that...
'' look,just to talk to her..okay? Promise me you will keep your temper in check. She is ready to serve you Ikere she used to ''.
'' fine ''.
'' okay...I will call you ''.

He said and embraced Jimin tightly. I guess they were closest to him among them. His friend quickly turned his face to the van and his eyes landed on my face,hiding behind the car. I gasped and quickly his back and crawled in between two different cars.

'' what?! ''. He exclaimed. '' who was that? Someone is hiding there Jimin! ''.
'' what do you mean? ''.
'' I swear that I saw someone there ''.

Jimin commanded his guard to go and check. He slowly removed his short gun from his pocket and slowly walked towards the car I his. He went behind it and shook his head. But in between those cars I his,I saw the back of the guard and held my breath.

'' there's no one here boss ''.
'' but...
'' he said there's no one Yoongi, it's late...got to go. See you tomorrow ''.
'' right ''. He answered and entered the van as it drove away.

The guard walked away from there and I breath out in relief. What the hell was that all about? Why would he remove a gun over such a common thing. It wasn't like they were talking about something important. In fact,their conversation didn't surprise me at all. Even though I didn't know Jimin at all,yesterday made me realise he's nothing but a player!

'' Boss,where from here please? ''.
'' today is Friday... as usual,let's go ''.
'' Are you sure you don't want us to take the car boss? Considering there might be eyes on you tonight ''.
'' Who am I? ''. He asked coldly.
'' Park Jimin boss....
'' and? ''.
'' and you are not afraid of anything and anybody boss ''.
'' let's go ''.

As they walked out of the parking lot,I got out of my hiding place and saw them disappear out of sight in the darkness. I wonder where they were going by this time. It looked late,very late and also dark. I looked around and there was no one around. Only silent. I was frightened. Should I follow them? I thought of it for one second and took to my heels behind them..🌸