✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 4 ✍️ ✍️✍️✍️

Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(a new heart to break💔).
Episode 4🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

My mum and I stood there and there was a bit of an uncomfortable silence until the hot guy spoke.

'' hello there ''.
'' hello ''. My mum responded.

He gently stepped out of the car in his school uniform🥋 of the same school I was just registered. I was about to faint. He walked closer to us.

'' My name is Park Sehun...urmm,are you going to the Park Estate? ''.
'' Oh yes! ''. My mum answered. '' that is where we live. How did you....
'' the driver said he had seen you two four days ago,move with your belongings to the estate, into the pink apartment? So then I presumed you were our new neighbours. I am so sorry,I never knew. I would have come and welcomed you immediately ''. He said with a cute smile.

Gosh,he is so hot. I mean,I already saw his pictures on social media since I spent my whole night scrolling through Jimin's pictures🖼 on Twitter, Instagram,Facebook and whatever media handle that exist. But geez,him being this close,am burning up already because he's hotter in person. But of course,not as hot as his brother. Jimin can crash me with a baseball bat right now and I would just say thank him and leave happily. I am going crazy💢.

'' oh,you are such a nice young man. You don't have to bother dear...
'' oh...it won't be a bother to me at all. Please accept for me to give you a ride to the estate ''.

My mum's smiling face changed to a straight one. She hesitated and looked at me. Then looked back at Sehun,who also starred at me with those beautiful eyes👀 of his. My head fell low.

'' I don't really...
'' oh come on omma. We are neighbours now. And besides,am a very good boy ''. He said and his lips curved into an innocent smile.
'' Urrrrrnnmn...okay. No problem. I should be on my way to the hospital so Karina...please behave yourself and go with them. I promise, I will be home exactly tomorrow morning at 10am. Read your books and behave. We will go and look for a music class tomorrow ''.
'' Okay...you don't have to say it out loud mum ''. I gnashed my teen and whispered madly at her. She laughs.

A tall bus arrived 🚋and my mum gave me the house keys while she entered the bus and it drove away.

'' so...shall we? ''.
'' o..o.okay,sure ''. I laughed nervously which sounded stupid. We both entered the back seat and the driver hit the road.

As soon as the car hit the road,we saw paparazzi quickly rushing behind the car from nowhere with full speed,taking pictures of the car. Sehun's driver quickly rolled the car window glasses up to hide us and he drove speedily away. It was scary to me,but then Sehun broke into laughter.

'' Okay...so what is funny? ''. I asked him.
'' no...it's just,the paparazzi never lets us have privacy or nay peace....just like right now, anytime they see people like us,they go crazy and rush at us like butterflies ''.

It sounded so funny🤣to me that I joined him in laughter. Even the driver laughed as well.

'' so tell me Karina. I want to know more about you. Since we live in the same estate, I hope we can be friends ''. He asked with a smile.
'' of course, sure! So,am Karina Pierce from New York. Am a fan of everything. My mum got transferred from New Jersey's hospital to the Seoul hospital, and that's why we are here ''.
'' Oh...that's nice. You are welcome to South Korea. I hope you have an amazing experience ''.

I am already having an amazing experience by spying on your brother🤣😂😅

'' I hope so too...so,I heard you family owns the estate ''.
'' Yeah...I don't talk much about that though ''.
'' Oh okay...but hey,do you know I will start the same school you are attending next week? ''.
'' really? That's amazing. I can't wait. Which course would you offer? ''.
'' Law. But I love singing. So I would join music class too? ''.

We spoke from then till the car entered into the estate and arrived at the front of their big gate🧭.

'' thank you so much. You don't have to bother yourself at all Sehun, my house is just few metres away. I will walk from here ''.
'' are you sure? ''.
'' yes ''.
'' Sooo...okay. Any ways,will you be busy tomorrow? ''.
'' I don't think so...why? ''.
'' there will be no school🏫 tomorrow and I will like to invite you somewhere..since you said you were a fan of everything, I believe sports is one of those things? ''.

I HATE SPORTS!!! But being asked by the hot and sexy guy...WHY NOW?

'' Of course, I love sports⛳...
'' My brother and his team is having a short friendly match with a certain high school team. Basketball🏀match,would you like to go with me to watch? ''.

My heart skipped a beat. No no no. Is this even happening, my friends will be so jealous!

'' sure. Since we are friends now,it can never hurt..right? ''.
'' so...it's a yes? ''.
'' it's a yes ''.
'' see you tomorrow? At exactly 9am on the dot? ''.
'' no problem. Have a nice day Sehun ''. I said with a smile and stepped out from the car into the smooth road.

As soon as I stepped out,a brown exclusive sport car almost hit me from the road. It was on full speed and the wind from the speed threw me to the floor. I groaned in pain and turned my head to look at the car which entered into the Park mansion. Sehun quickly stepped out from his car and rushed to my side and helped me up.
Then as we looked into the compound, the brown cat stopped in front of three cars and the front door opened. Them my eyes went wide when Park Jimin stepped out. Oh my gosh,my poor heart. Can I faint now? He was in a golden leather jacket and a loosed white jeans and white sneakers with a dark blue shades which protected his eyes from the scotching sun light. His hair was so soft and combed behind his ears and blonde too.
He closed the front door and turned to look at our direction. He started walking closer and legs started to weaken and shake. I tried my possible best not to embarrass myself in front of someone who doesn't even know I existed. He reached in front of us and took off his sunglasses. Okay,can I faint now?

'' Hey bro ''.
'' What are you still doing outside? ''. He asked in a heavy tone but he was clearly starring at me.
'' okay Jimin,meet Karina Pierce. The new neighbour...that's their house over there ''. Sehun pointed at the pink apartment and my heart accelerated.

Jimin turned his face to the pink apartment and looked at me.

'' hmmm...I see ''. He said in a calm voice. '' so,why were you starring at me through tour window the other day? ''.

Oh my gosh! Did he see me? Let me die now!

'' wha...what? Me...I..I don't know what you are talking about? ''.
'' don't deny it girl. I saw you. Where is the picture you took of me? ''. He asked with a smirk on his face.

Okay,that smirk added hundred years to my life.

'' I should go now Sehun. That..thanks for the ride ''. I said and when I was about to walk off,I saw a very beautiful girl with a long black hair stepped out of Jimin's car from the house.
She was beautiful and tall. She was in a be short skirt and bare back. Smooth and spotless skin and in sneakers. Okay, that's what I call perfect...but what the hell? She closed the car door and turned to our direction while starring at us.
'' Get into the house Sehun ''. Jimin said and walked back into the house and held the girl by her waist and they walked into the mansion.

Is that his girlfriend? But didn't the information I read about him said he was single? My heart just dropped. I started feeling stupid about myself. Who the hell do I think I am to cry over this stranger?

'' is that his girlfriend💃🏾? Your brother? ''.
'' Errmmmm... It's kind of complicated Karina... sorry ''.
'' no...it's okay...see you tomorrow? ''.
'' have a nice day ''.
'' you too ''.

I said and walked away.

(Pink Apartment🏡=Karina's Bedroom🛏).

I entered my bedroom and threw my bag on the bed and sat on it. I was totally confused and devastated. I walked downstairs and cooked some noodles🍜 and scrambled eggs🍳with chilli🌶. I made a video call with my friends as I ate. After that,I watched my favourite movie till night time. It was a Korean movie with Korean language but thank God they had English subtitles so I could read it. And am luckier because at least, the first friend I made spoke English, and I think Sehun and I would be friends for a very long time. At exactly 10pm,I put off the television and walked upstairs🔝 to my room and took my bath🛀🧼. After dressing up,I went straight to code my window and I was shocked at what I saw with my two eyes. Few metres away from my window, the Park Mansion was all dark as night, only to see the biggest bedroom's window, lighted up as day light.
I carefully watched and saw three naked girls moving their bodies slowly in a dancing way. Even though the light was bright,the window glass was not quite transparent so all I se was their shadows. They had very beautiful shapes and long hair.

'' I can swear that is Park Jimin's room,but how.... ''. I wa speechless, only to see Jimin's shadow from another angle, locking lips with one of the girls.

I quickly shut down my window and curtains and let myself fall on my bed. I don't know,but my heart became so heavy. I just couldn't control my emotions and they we're all over the place. I was so embarrassed this afternoon when he caught me for being the one secretly starring at him,but now,I feel so sad and every bad sought of way. I quickly made a video call with y friends again.

💻Karina...what is the matter babe...are you crying? ''. Monique asked with a wide opened eyes.
💻I just miss you...you girls so much ''. I lied.
💻Awww babe... ''. Leah pouted.
💻Karina, are you sure that is the reason why? Or... ''. Monique break into laughter. '' Karina look,I already told you,you are very beautiful and can get what you want...right? ''.
'' You don't get it Monique. He knows nothing about me...and he is very rich💰 and popular... while me? I look like a rotten potato! ''.

This two idiots break into laughter and mocked me. But they are the love of my life. Knowing myself too long, hey...I know how I am. I am dark in complexion, am skinny and have a heavy curly hair. Which is the only thing I like about my hair.

💻You mocked me when I told you I had a crush on Justin Bieber ''. Leah mocked me. '' look at you now ''.
💻listen Leah, you are you. And Karina is Karina okay? She always has had high expectations ever since we've known her and we know...Karina is smart and beautiful and possibility of getting what she wants is 100%. I bet you Karina ''. Monique said confidently.
💻you are speaking s if I am in dying need of that guy. I just said he was cute. Not that I will die if I don't get to have him! ''. I got upset and disconnected the call.

I am Karina. Yes,this is not the first time I have had a crush on someone. But this time, everything is different. I feel differently. I don't know why,but that's how I feel,and I can't explain it. But I am in someone else's land. I have seen and read too much. No wonder he w single. What I saw tonight proves something. He's a player, his lifestyle proves it. A Playboy! And reality screams at me too. He is rich and famous. So all I have to do is one thing. Be in my own world. I switched off my phone and fell asleep..🌸