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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
©All rights reserved
Chapter 5

Bryan POV
I look at Alexa and Rosie. I walk up to my room and Alexa follow me with a suitcase.
Where are you carrying those things? I asked her. I will be staying with you now, she said.
I scoff and went out. She follow me with her cries. I met Rosie outside crying.
Hey honey.. What’s the matter? I asked her. I can’t believe you choose her words over mine Bryan.
She said crying. Oh mine, Rosie. I never choose her words over yours.
I know that She’s lying. Actually I was at the door, I said wipping her tears.
I hug her and turn to Alexa. Look, I don’t care if mom brought you here or whatever you’re doing here.
Once you’re here you’re not allow to even bring a conversation to my sister when she’s not interested.
If you dare hurt or make her cry again, I don’t mine kicking you out of here and cutting whatever is it between us, I said carrying Rosie to my room.
I’m sorry okay…. I said wipping her tears. Bryan I hate her more. She wanna steal my time with you, Rosie said.
She won’t honey. Trust me she won’t, I said. I took Alexa suitcase and carry it in one of the guest rooms. You will be sleeping in here for now, I said.
But Bryan babe we are supposed to sleep in the same room, she said. I’m afraid that you’re asking for too much dear, I said going back to my room.
Can we go out? Rosie ask me. Sure thing,I said and she chuckled. She happily went to her room to get dress.
I don’t know what mom was thinking when she made Alexa to come stay in my house. If that girl dare hurt my sister again, she won’t like the outcome.
She’s Rosie Salvador… the only princess for the family. She’s my little treasure..
I just hate to see her cries and Alexa dare make her cry. I won’t spare her on the second account.
Alexa POV
Dammit. How dare him love that kid so much? He’s even making me to sleep in his guest room. I know Bryan too well.. If I insist sleeping with me he will leave this mansion and go to the other or his penthouse.
He’s so cold and unpredictable. Bryan is more then a celebrity. He’s every girl crush. People won’t mind sleeping with him for free but he’s not that type.
Even you offer your body to him he won’t do anything to you. You strip naked he will just catwalk pass you.
He’s just so full of himself.. That’s why I love him. I got dress up too.
He came outside. He had on a nice tracksuit. His diamond earrings was glattering alone with the bracelet. He had on a nice looking simple but expensive diamond ring on his finger.
I sometimes wonder why he refuse to be a celebrity because he has more fans and wealth. He has the voice also but he’s more focus on his business and politic.
I smile as I walk toward him. What’s the matter? He asked. I wanna know Rosie better. And I also wanna apologize to her about what happened today so I wanna join you guys hangout together, I said and he scoff.
Look, nobody is allow to tip alone when my sister and i are going out. I’m sorry you can’t. Like I said, stay away from Rosie when she doesn’t need you around, he said and I felt horrible.
But you can’t leave a guest home all day, I said. He took a bundle of cash out.
You can shopping here or even go on a shopping trip. You can do anything you wanna do, he said and I collected the money.
Sum of 2millions $ gosh. I was happy but couldn’t show my expression .
I roll my eyes and went to my room. I quickly called Ruby.
Bryan POV
We was at my restaurant. Are you happy now? I asked Rosie. Yes, she said smiling. My phone begin to ring.
Tell me… I said. We couldn’t find her sir. Okay, you’re fire until you get her, I said hanging up.
Who are you looking for? Rosie asked. Nobody, I said. That’s a lied she said smiling.

I’m not lying Rosie, I said. Then why you made that face? When you saw your phone ringing and it change immediately you received the call.
What face? I asked her. You know that face. That lovely face but it change immediately and you fired a person she said.
Nobody Rosie, I said. I bet its Anika, she said smiling…. I scoff and paid more attention to the food but I wasn’t into it. Why can’t she be found?
Your mood is ruin lets go home. I pray they find her sooner. I will assign my men to it. I want her in that house. I want you to marry her. She’s a real woman…
Caroline POV
Why do you love about Anika? She’s not even pretty. Louisa said. I smirk. You don’t know what I want. I advise you to stop talking , I said.
I took my phone and call Anika. Can you please come over? I asked and she agree immediately. I smirk again.
Few minutes later she was there with me. Anika how are you? I asked hugging her. I’m fine Caroline, she said smiling.
Todayis karaoke night. I want you to follow me to club 64, I said and she pouted innocently.
You know I don’t go clubbing Caro. The last time I follow you I was almost gang rape and …. Is okay Anika, I said cutting her up with a teary eyes.
Aww. Okay I will follow you,she said. Thanks, I said jumping on her.
One more thing. You ain’t gonna wear those baggy clothes, I said. But… no buts Anika, I said cutting her shorts again.
Try this. Its expensive and new, I said giving her a short tank top alone with a shorts.
Caro. This is exposing. I can’t wear this, I said. You can Anika. Besides it’s night and you can. Nobody gonna recognize you, I said and she nodded.
Come sit let me do your make-up, I said. She sit and I applied a wild makeup on her.
Don’t you think the makeup is too much? It make me feels like a hooker.. She said and I scoff.
This is fashionable Anika. You’re so out of fashion so you don’t know anything, I said.
She wore the clothes and I smirk. I was already dress. I give her one of my heels..
We took a cab to the club. Anika got down… rich men wanted to hook up with her but she declined.
Anika can you please dance for me? I asked her. Umm Caroline I’m sorry, she said. Is okay, I said and scoff.
Here, have a glass of juice, I said and shetook it. She drank the juice and I smile.
Can you please dance for me Anika dear? I asked. Yeah sure thing Caroline,she said.
She climb on the dance floor and begin to surf her waist. Big men begin to throw money on her.
I pick it up quickly. One rich guy climb on stage to dance with Anika. She stop dancing. Go away please, she said almost crying
Caroline!!! She shouted. I stood up till I said a woman wipping the guy. Who dare do that? I mean who wipe a big man with rotten.
It was Mrs Linda, Anika mom. Gosh so embarrassing. I run on stage on mine Anika, are you Okay? I ask and her mom stare at me.
Just let go of my daughter and stay away from her. You don’t know my trouble so please stay away from my daughter.
You’re just deceitful. You don’t like her why pretend. See what you make my daughter wear? Get out of my sight you disgust me, she said dragging her daughter from the club.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 6

Anika POV
I got up with a pounding headache. To top it up I was in my room. How come. I rub my eyes and notice mother besides me.
Mother? I called but she didn’t answer me. She begin to rub my head with the towel.
Anika what happened to you that you been unconscious for three days? She asked me. What? Three days? I asked. I run to the calender and it was actually true.
I don’t know mother. I follow Caroline the club and she give me a glass of juice.
I just can’t remember what happened next, I said. You was dancing like a stripper with big men surrender you Anika.
Do you want to kill me before my time or you want to die before your time?
Let me tell you a story Anika. I don’t hate you like you think. We was not poor but yet not rich. We was a middle class family. We could eat three squares meals a day.
You suffer from so many memories lost. Some due to accident and the other is shock.
I know if we don’t have money we should have our dignity to protect. Why you think I don’t like that no use girl?
She carry you out and probably paid some girls to kidnap you. The threaghten to rape you if I don’t paid the sum of one million.
Do you think we have that amount of money? No we didn’t Anika. I sold all we had and empty my savings. I credited from people.
You was madly beaten. I was not allow to call the police. I just wanted to protect your dignity that if one day you marry your husband, you should be able to give him the best gift ever.
I warned you several times without numbers to still away from that girl but you choose to ignore my warning Anika.
If not because of our neighbors who spotted you with Caroline last night what was going to become of you.
I guess she lace the juice with drugs that got you unconscious. I don’t hate you. I hate your naive behavior. You’re just a child who is blinding by her own friend.
I don’t blame you but now you force me to take you away. You’re going to live with your father sister.
Your things is already ready. We was only waiting for you to wake up, she said wiping her tears.
I blink my own tears. Mother did Caroline pay me a visit? I asked her. What you expect? She didn’t even show her ugly face.
I think you expect too much from a person that hate you so much, she said.
I hope you gain some of your old memories so you will know the kind of devil you called a friend. You will have a decent and good life there then being in the providence.. I already give her my savings.
Here, take this, she said giving me a new box. I open it and it was a brand phone with a new SIM card.
You can give Caroline back her old phone. Here is a little amount. This is enough for you to get a new clothes and give Caroline back her old clothes that she give you.
I don’t want you owing her anything.
Now hurry up and take your bath. Your aunt has been waiting for you… she said and I smile.
Thanks mother, I said hugging her. I can’t believe I’m going to aunt Rita in Manila. Can you believe it? Manila.
I went in the bathroom and took my warm bath. I came out and wore a brown leggings with a over size T shirt.
I pack my long hair in a ponytail. I just can’t believe Caroline will do that but why? I trust her . she’s my best friend and the only person who loves me that’s what I think.
I put the clothes I wore on the new life show in my bag including the money. I knew I was one day going to return them.
I came out and met my aunt. Hi aunt Rita? I said speaking to her happily. Aww. See my beautiful babe. You have grown into a beautiful woman.
Come give your aunty a hug, she said and I hug her. We had breakfast together. Sister Anika when you will be back? James asked me.
Umm, when I make plenty money James. You know what? I promise to called you on video call everyday, I said and he chuckled. I love you Anika, he said
Aww, you’re so cute and dashing. I love you too, I said.
Hurry and eat up Anika, Mother said.
Two days later
Bryan POV
I called Romeo to my office. Sir? He called. Tell me. You was the one who hire the model now you’re telling me you can’t see her? I asked.
I’m sorry sir, but I actually took her from Cebu. I make my way there yesterday but people said she’s no longer staying there. What you expect from someone as beautiful as she to stay there.
Since she disappeared in the thine air,you’re fired, I said.
Sir you can’t do this to me. I have a family to cater to, he said.
Oh see you have grown wings . you now talk back at me. I’m sorry sir, he said.
Get out of my office Romeo, I said and he got out.
My phone begin to ring. I pick it up . What is it Alexa? I asked her.
I prepare lunch for the both of us. I’m thinking about bringing it over or you come home to have lunch, she said
I’m full Alexa, talk to you later, I said hanging off.
I made her to leave my house but she can come over anytime she chose.
I’m not ready for woman to stay with me now not Alexa.
She’s so full of herself. I like her status that’s all. I only hate people with low status and low family background.
I sigh and begin to turn around in my office chair.
A knock came on my door.
Get out, I said. I’m sorry sir, I came to return something, the voice said and I jump up from my seat.
That voice. It sound so familiar
I rush to the door. It was her. Anika?

Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 7

Bryan POV cont
Anika? I called again. Umm come in, I said. She came in. Umm, sir I brought this back, she said handing me a nylon. I took it from her and realise it was the money and things she wore that day.
Such a girl. Why will she even need such a little amount when she’s from a prestige family.
I guess I insulted her indirectly. Look I can add the amount up if its too small, maybe 3millions,I said.
I’m sorry I don’t need that huge amount of money and I can’t take it, she said… what you mean? I thought the money was little for your level?
She didn’t reply. I begin to check her up. She had on a leggings. The brand was not expensive but it was classic.
She had a over size blouse making her more cute with a flat beautiful sandals.
Seems she love to be simple as to not show off. Romeo said she was in Cebu. Like she was tuning some kind of charity…
I’m sorry miss but I can’t accept this, I said in a serious tone. I could see she became a bit afraid. She took the nylon back from me.
What you love doing the most? I asked to bring up a conversation because I was finding it boring now. I love modelling but I do interiors decoration best, she said.
Oh good. I was looking for a designer, I said. Oh really? She asked excitedly. Yeah. I’m getting marry in the one week time so I will need someone to help me decorate my house you won’t be mind helping me out right? I asked her.
Sure thing Bryan, she said calling my name instead of sir. That’s good. We will have to start today as my house is very big.
Okay no problem, she said coming to take a seat. I mean the seat behind my desk. And I thought she was the shy type
Can I get something to eat? I’m a little hungry, she said. Yeah sure. You do cook right? I asked her. Yeah, she said .
Okay then lets go at my house, I said and she nodded. She got up and I grab my keys. She follow behind me. I saw Romeo and he was shock.
You’re reinstated, I said and he smile. Was you firing him? She asked. Yeah, I said. Why? She asked. Nothing, get in, I said and she did.
I got in and begin to drive slowly. The car is too cold, she said shivering.
I took hult the car and put my coat around her and reduce the air condition.
You okay? I asked. Much better, she said and I nodded.
I drove her to my house. We both got down from the car. You’re finally here, Rosie said hugging Anika.
Umm, Anika said. In sorry. I hug you too tight, Rosie said redrawing from the hug.
Why you’re not at work? I asked her and she chuckled. I’m glad I didn’t go, I would have missed Anika, she said touching Anika hair.
You still have a virgin hair? I must say its the best virgin hair I have even seen.
Which products you used? Come let shop together online, Rosie said carrying her in.
What? I’m the one who brought her here you know, I said..
Oh Hayden is coming. I was on the my way to the airport to pick him up. You don’t mind picking him up right? After all you’re the big brother, she said.
Wtf? I mean Hayden is coming and I just gotta know about it? I asked her.
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier? We both look up to you so you don’t have to get angry she said and I sigh.
Fine. Don’t let Anika escape, I said getting back in my car…. Hayden is just so hardheaded.
I send him to school in America because he was a womanizer here. I got tired of seeing him ruin so many young girls life.
I mean I won’t like to see someone doing that to Rosie so I send him out.
I established a fashion company for him since he’s so into fashion but he does not paid any attention. I guess I spoilt both of them too much.
They’re both too young to handled the kind of money I give them.
I arrive at the airport and there he was. As usual, two girls on his shoulder. He snip as so as he saw me.
Care to send them away? I asked him. I’m sorry Bryan, he said throwing sign for the girls to go.
Better. Now in the car, I said and he enter. You should have called your diver to pick you up instead of Rosie, I said.
He roll his eyes.
Don’t do that when I’m talking to you my young man. I’m older then you five years. Why are even here in the first place? I asked him.
My semester is over and I thought I could spend time with you and Rosie. I missed you Bryan. You doesn’t called me and doesn’t picked my calls either.
I thought we was brothers and brothers supposed to get each other back, I said.
Ralph doesn’t answer me either.
Yes we are but you don’t behave like a serious minded person. I work my butt up to make you guys but you just sit back and disgrace me.
Everyday its Hayden in a news paper with different scandal but never in a news paper with good news.
Ralph is doing better. Rosie is also improving. Money that you don’t earn is what you get.
All I’m asking from you is to be serious and make yourself proud.. If you don’t have money you’re no body.
I want the legacy of this family to travel. Not for only today. You better think about it, I said ending my statement.
Umm can I spend time with you? I mean at your house, he said. Yeah if you promise not to bring prostitute at my house, I said.
I promise Bryan. And Ralph is already at your house. We wanted to give you a surprise but Rosie ruin it, she’s so mischievous I said.
She’s busy, I said. Rosie never missed coming for me. What is she doing? I asked. She’s playing, I said. Playing? She never plays. He said. Apparently she make some friend with my friend, I said.
You have a friend? He asked me. I guess. She’s actually part of the family now, I said.
Oh Alexa? He asked. Rosie hate her to the core. But you’re getting marry to her in a week right ? He asked. I think so, I said.
So whose your friend Rosie befriend? He asked. You will see her. She’s family actually.I added.
What? He said. Leave it. She’s also my interior decorator….
She help me so I want to paid her back, I added.
Writer POV
Hayden didn’t wanted to asked further questions on his brother new friend. Bryan drove in his mansion same time as Alexa. Hey Bryan babe, I went to your office but you was not there, she said kissing his cheeks.
Oh Hayden? You’re here, she asked. Hayden scoff. I’m here Alexa, he said walking in leaving them behind. His two brothers and sister doesn’t love her.
Hayden? Rosie said jumping on her brother. Hey princess take your time, he said and she chuckled.
And why should I take time when I last saw you three months ago huh? She asked.
Well at least not one year ago, he said. Hey dude? Ralph said hugging his little brother.
Been awhile. Where is Bryan? He asked. Coming in with Alexa, Hayden said.
All their faces turn sour beside Anika. Whose she? Is that the girl who Bryan called family? Hayden asked.
Family? Rosie asked smiling. Yeah he said she’s part of our family that’s rare and something I never seen him doing before, Hayden answer.
Yeah she’s part of the family now, Rosie said smiling. Ralph has already met Anika since he came earlier. He was in Canada running his own companies.
Nice meeting you, Hayden said stretching forth his hands to Anika. Same here, Anika said.
I’m Hayden and you’re? He asked her. I’m Anika, she said smiling.
Alexa, Bryan, and Jason enter. Jason was enter the compound when Jason enter..
He smile at Anika. Nice meeting you again Anika, Jason said hugging her.
Jason has already fallen In love with Anika since the first day he saw her..
Enough of the hugging,Bryan said almost in a angry voice. Everyone took their seats.
Umm, Anika has prepared fry rice, Rosie said. Who is she? Alexa asked. She’s Bryan family, Hayden said.
Pardon me? She asked again. You didn’t hear me or you don’t understand me? He asked her.
Enough of the talking lets eat now, Bryan said. He served Anika and the rest of them served themselves.
Bryan babe what’s the meaning of this? Alexa asked. You’re serving her instead of me or Rosie, she added.
I didn’t complain,Rosie said rolling her eyes at Alexa. You’re just a killjoy,Rosie mumbled.
Bryan ignored Alexa questions and the glares throw on him by his bestfriend.
Anika You’re single right? Can I asked you out on a date? Jason asked making Bryan to choke on his food.
No she’s not single, Bryan said. Who will dare be able to refuse the great Jason proposal? Besides the both of you will make a good couple, Alexa said.
No they will not, Bryan said. Bryan babe, Anika said. Bryan wink at Rosie to say something.
She’s not going on a date with you Jason. She’s my friend and I don’t agree. And you both make a ugly couple and I also wanna eat this delicious food in peace enough of the Bryan babe, Rosie said.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 8

Writer POV
After everyone got through eating Anika begin to clean the place. Bryan volunteered to help her which she object to.
Umm, I see the work and I will start tomorrow, she said.
No.. I mean yes, Bryan said. Okay see you tomorrow then, she said going out but Bryan pull her back by her hand.
Don’t you think the work is a little huge. I can help you we can start it now as I don’t want any mistake the last day, he said.
Umm but its getting late and I need to be home by now, she said.
I’m sorry you’re not going home till the decorations is over and that mean you will be staying here in the meantime, Bryan said but Anika was shock.
But… 22millions dollars he said. Anika calculated the money well with her brains.
Imagine that amout of money just for five days work. Gosh it’s a life time saving. She has her mother and brother including her aunt to take care of.
She couldn’t do anything. Wait a minute, she said running outside to make a call to her aunty.
Aunty I have a five days job with the multi trillionaire. 22millions dollars. I will be sleeping over till my job is done.
Just to decorate the house can you imagine? She asked. Anika even if that one year still there she said.
Are you for real? I mean what? She asked and her aunt and chuckled. Anika 22millions united state dollars you’re talking about.
Hell know you can’t miss. That’s a life time opportunity. You will be a millionaire in five days.. Isn’t that wonderful?
Go for it girl. Your mother always knew you will be something great, she said. Thanks aunty, I love you bye, she said hanging up.
Anika turned around and Bryan was behind her. Oh you’re there, she said. Yeah don’t want you running away he said.
Run away? We are talking 22 millions here she said and he chuckled. That’s small he said. No no that’s huge, she said.
So… what you say about the job proposal? He asked her. Of course I will take it.
Thanks for hiring me you won’t regret it Bryan, she said winking at him. Oh…. Are you flirting with me? He asked..
What???? No I’m not, she.. But why with the winking huh? He asked her while winking.
That’s just because you love winking your eyes, she said. That’s not true, he said. You did it now,she reply him ..
Okay, I’m gonna take my shower, Anika said. Okay, Bryan said ..
Anika POV
I enter the room and saw the bathroom. Its a king size bathroom. The bathroom is bigger then my entire house back in Cebu.
Is this a Jacuzzi? I asked myself. Men he’s so dam rich. I enter the Jacuzzi and had the best shower of my life.
I came out . the thing here is what will I wear now? I didn’t even bring any clothes with me.
I heard a knock on my door. I quickly tied the towel. I went to the room it was Rosie.
I must say. She’s a nice kid. Here have this, she said. Thanks I said collecting the shopping bag from her.
I just remembered we both was shopping online but I didn’t think she will be able to buy me these things. Its quite expensive.
Can I sit with you? Or maybe spend the night with you? My brothers are doing a boys sleepover and I’m thinking we do ours, she said.
Aww, she’s so cute and lovely. It been awhile I didn’t have a sleepover. Did I even have a sleepover? I asked myself.
Sure thing. You can invite Alexa too if you don’t mind, I said. So you like her? She asked me.
Yeah she’s my role model. Remind me to talk to you sometime about your taste in role model Rosie added.
What? She’s cool, I said. No she’s not. She’s crafty and I just don’t like her. She doesn’t like you and don’t allow her area you often, she added and I nodded.
You can get dress now, she said . I open the beg and saw transparent nightie among the stuff. I put it on with a lace undies.
I row my hair in a bun and put it in a night cap. Just then a knock came and Rosie went for the door.
Its Hayden, she said excitedly.. Okay you’re smiling, I added. Yeah Bryan want us all to watch a movie together, she said…
Oh, that’s fun but I’m not going, I said.. But why? She asked me.
The nightie, I said. Its hot and I’m saying. My brother will just marry you this night, she blurted out.
Ooh oh.. I mess out did are? She asked. I just struggled. You can put this jacket over it, she said and I did but I still feel nicked or rather sexy.
We step out. Bryan, Ralph, Hayden, Jason and Alexa was already seated on the couch.
Jason eyes caught with mine. He got up from his sofa. You can sit here, he said giving his space to me.
He went in the kitchen and brought me pop corn. Thanks, I said and he smile.
You’re welcome Anika, he said smiling. Alexa looks at us and smile.
Bryan look at us and frown his face. What movies are we going to watch? Rosie asked.
Umm COLD, I love that action romance movie, I said. Oh really? Haven’t heard about any movies named COLD,Rosie said.
Actually,that movie was written and directed by Aaliyah Anderson,she’s good though, I said.
Yeah I know. I watched her very first Chinese movies COLD HEARTED BOSS and it was a bomb. She said and I smile.
The movie is on already, Bryan said. He got up and went to his room.
He came back later with duvet in his hands. Wrap it around you Anika. Its sooo cold out here, he said and I nodded.
Thank God because I really feel naked in this nightie.
Bryan babe? Alexa called but he ignored her.
Bryan POV
The nightie that was on Anika was so tempting and Jason just couldn’t get his big eyes off her which I just feel like punching from their socket.
I went inside my room for something to cover her body. I know it was Rosie choice of nightgown but we are many here.
I’m the only one who supposed to see her body. My brothers couldn’t look her way, they dare not even if they wanted to but that Jason, dammm what I’m I even saying.
Its not as she’s my girlfriend or woman or I want her something like that she can date Jason if she wants to but shit I don’t want that.
The girl Ruby is just so beautiful and somehow cute and stupid in this movies but not compare to Anika I meant Alexa, Anika. Who I’m I even kidding?
Can’t imagine I will do this to my thought.
The guy Arthur is so serious with his white thing and they both match. They make a beautiful couple.
I will end this movie before going to bed.
I don’t do movie thing but I just wanted tohave my family together.
More like seeing Anika, my inner voice said.
That’s not true, I shouted without knowing it was loud.
What is it Bryan? Jason asked me. Can’t you see Jessica is planning her friend rape? I asked.
Yeah that’s true but why shout that’s not true? He asked. I mean I can’t believe she will do that to someone who love he so much.
I guess she will want to steal the man her friend loves. Such a petty bestfriend. Back stabber bestfriend.
I just hate to see that make me want to punch her hard in the face, I said. What? This is just a movie bro, you’re taking it personally,Jason said.
Really? I’m I? I’m sorry then, I said getting up. I went to my personal bar in the house and open a bottle of red wine.
Can’t believe I was lashing on Jason that way not him I mean Jessica.
I took a sip of wine. Bryan babe are you okay? Alexa asked back hugging me.
Yeah, I’m fine, I said. I can give you a massage to clear your tension she said.
At some point I need that. I’m getting marry and should focus more on my wife to be.
I see how she suffered from lack of love. Alexa is my real family now, I said.
Yeah, I could need that, I said and she smile… we went in the living room opposite the place they was watching the movie.
I ordered the maids to bring my massage oils and they did. L laid flat on the massage bed.
Bryan babe we would make a beautiful couple with beautiful kids.
I’m glad you want to come around now..she said and I nodded
She rub the oil on my back and begin to massage me. Which color you will like to be in the house? I asked her.
Royal purple and gold, she said. … okay I will have Anika on it tomorrow, I said.
I close my eyes and imagine Anika massaging me. I smile to myself.