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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 9

Two days later
Writer POV
Anika got up and took her bath. She was going to buy the things needed for the decorations since Alexa came bragging to her how she wants royal purple.
She wore a brown leggings and a over size T shirt with it. She came out. Can I be your driver today? Jason asked.
Yeah sure, she said smiling. Bryan came out. I will have my driver driving you around today, he said.
I don’t think that will be necessary since Jason already volunteered, she said and Bryan scoff.
Don’t you think your stay here is enough? I mean you have a house, he said to Jason.
Are you throwing me out or what? I mean that’s your first time saying this. You’re my best friend and I just don’t get you lately, Jason said.
Bryan somehow felt guilty. Jason is his bestfriend more like a brother and he has been acting odd on him lately.
I’m sorry man. I guess I’m off lately. Too much thing to handled Bryan reply Jason.
So we’re cool? Jason asked him. Yeah, Bryan said and they both did their brotherhood hug.
I need a favor from you, Jason whispered into Bryan’s ears. Say it, Bryan said.
I wanna marry Anika isn’t that wonderful? I want you to help me asked her out. You know her better, he said.
What!!!!!! Bryan shouted. What is it? Jason asked him. Nothing, I will do that, he said. Cool men. Thanks again, he said.
Bryan give Anika his credit card. Jason turn to her. Shall we? He asked and Anika nodded.
Jason open the door of his car and Anika got in. He drove to Salvador exclusive shopping mall.
Jason open the door and she got down. Wow this is beautiful, Anika said.
Yeah that’s Rosie fifteenth birthday gift Bryan got for her, she’s just so rich, Jason said.
Wow, this is wonderful, Anika said within herself. Jason too is rich but not compare to Bryan but he doesn’t show it up.
The curtains will be white and gold that’s my suggestion but Alexa requested for purple throughout and that’s odd, Anika said.
I agree with you. You’re the decorator any mistake or ugly thing will ruin your work, Jason said.
They pick up every thing they needed from that section of the mall.
Anika took white and purple water paint for the house and the floor.
She also got a purple chandeliers. Just as they was about to go when Rosie stop them. Hi Jason, she greeted him. Hi princess, he said while smiling.
Umm Jason I’m bored can I have lunch with Anika? She asked. Yeah sure princess, Jason said.
I will take the things ahead of you. And oh don’t forget I wanna help you decorate the place, he told Anika and she just smile.
Okay,she said smiling. The security help Jason to put the things in his car.
Rosie smile. So how are you Anika? Hope you slept well, she said and Anika smile.yes , said.
Jason already drove home. He smile as he was opportune to be with Anika.
Meanwhile Rosie told Anika to wait for her because she was going to get her bag.
Just then Anika saw Alexa with a handsome dude but not compare to that of Bryan’s.
Alexa and the guy was kissing and walking hands in hands
Anika was shock. This is terrible. She’s getting marry to Bryan in few days Anika said.
I must inform Bryan, Anika said. Just then Rosie came in. Rosie look, Anika said pointing at the direction Alexa and her boyfriend was.
Rosie turn but saw nothing. What is it Anika? Rosie asked her. I just saw Alexa and a guy kissing, she said.
Anika shops here and she know that I own this place so she won’t do such.
I know she’s a flirt and a whore but she respect her name and can’t risk being ruin in public.
Beside Bryan told me to stop being mean to her so I don’t want to say such about that, Rosie said sighing.
I know what I saw. She was right there, she said. Is okay lets go I’m starving, Rosie said and Anika nodded.
Alexa POV
Dammit. That stupid girl saw me. What will I do? Can’t allow her to ruin me now, I said to myself. Baby I will see you later, I said kissing Jeff.
But we just enter Alexa. I know you’re marrying Bryan but I deserve your time, he said
And I will kill for that Jeff but now I can’t spoil it. I love you and only you, now shopping I love you, I said kissing him once more.
I put my mask on and drove to Bryan Company.
Hey babe, I’m thinking we have lunch together, I said and he nodded. He drop everything he was doing and went alone with me.
I sigh within me. Lets eat at Exclusive, I said and he nodded again.
He actually own Exclusive restaurant. I drove at the restaurant and I held his hands while we catwalk inside.
I knew this is where Rosie was bringing that Anika of a girl… she saw me and her eyes almost pops outta the socket.
Hi brother, Rosie said. Hi Alexa, Rosie greeted me and I was almost shock.
Oh mine. Can we go shopping later? It been awhile I shop and I can see we’re getting alone, I said and she just nodded.
We took our seat beside them and order our food. Are you show it been awhile you shopping? Anika asked me.
Excuse me dear.. Are you talking to me? I asked her. Yeah because I saw you with a guy kissing at the Salvador Exclusive today,she said and I smile.
Dear do you hate me that much? I mean I was at Bryan babe office not too long and you’re excusing me like that? …
That terrible, I said. Stop pretending Alexa. I saw you with my own eyes, she said.
Bryan babe you see this girl you hire? I knew you had a bad motives for being our decorator, I said. You’re lying Alexa. I love you and you’re my role model.
How dare you cheat on this guy huh? Anika shouted. Enough Anika, Bryan shouted and I smile.
Enough of this your nonsense blabbering. You’re just a decorator that o hire.
I considered you as a family but Alexa is my real Family. She was with me at my office. We both came here together.
I wondered why you will stood this low. What your motive huh? This is true what Alexa told me.
You’re obsessed with me that’s why you didn’t agreed to date Jason, he shouted at her and I smirk.
Anika POV
Tears slide my eyes… I smile. Obsess with you huh? I asked him. Well you’re wrong. I didnt know the almighty Bryan Salvador will be this narrow minded.
Your level of thinking is way too small. I don’t give a dam about you or her but I will proof to you that you’re wrong about it.
I just happened to lost m appetite. Bye lover birds, I said leaving the restaurant. Wait Anika, Rosie shouted.
I’m sorry Rosie I just need to take a break home, I said going out.
I called Jason to pick me up and he did. I didn’t know when I begin to cry.
Hey what happened? He asked me. Nothing, I said. But why I’m I even crying? I’m not obsessed with him but why do I like him being around me?
Can we go out? Jason asked. Yeah sure, I said and he smile.
Its not that I’m still small to handle relationships stuff but I’m just don’t ready for that…
He came to a spot. It was a little but fancy looking restaurant. I smile because it was so cozy…
You like it? He asked and I nodded. Come on. He said and I follow him.
We enter and I saw people bowing to him. I saw him telling them to wake up since they was embarrassing him..
We walk to a seat and he pull the chair for me. I sit and he have his seat also.
We both order Italian.. We pour me a glass of nice red wine. I love everything because it was simple and rich but not rich rich which make me inferior.
I know I’m not up to their standards so everything just seems too big to me but with Jason he makes everything too simple and nice.
He clear his throat. Umm Anika I wanna asked you something, he said.
Go ahead, I said eating. Umm. Can you be my please be my woman He asked showing the ring and I drop the fork down on the plate though.
Umm Jason you’re a nice person but I’m not ready yet, I said. Oh okay, I understand he said smiling.
Okay thanks, I said. But that doesn’t mean i will give up on you, he said and I smile.
Thanks Jason, I said and he smile. Such a cute gentleman.

Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 10

Jason POV
We went home later that day and I can see that Anika was tired. Lets start with the floor, I said and she nodded.
I brought out the floor paint and we both begin to paint the floor. She’s a good artist as she painted so many nice flowers on the floor.
I painted a heart on the floor. She smile. You’re so good at this, she said.
Not compare to you, I said and she chuckled. You have a paint on your face, I said.
Can You please help me remove it? She asked me.. Show, I said.
I stood up a little and brush my hands on her cheeks. She has this smile plastered on her face which I couldn’t tell what its about.
Dam hell I’m a dam womanizer but I end up falling in love with her.
Just then Bryan and Alexa came in with their hands intertwined. He look at us and walk up to his room and Alexa smile.
Will be back, I told Anika who just nodded. I went up to his room. Wassup man, I said smiling.
How are you? You look happy, he said. Ofcouse I’m happ. I proposed to Anika today.. I said
What!!!!!!! He shouted. So what happened? He asked. She refused but I’m still trying though. I’m not giving up, I said.
What? Isn’t that ridiculous? You can have any girl you want so why the troubled? He asked me.
That’s the thing man, she’s not just any girl, I said smiling.
I look at him and hi expression change. I know that Bryan is inlove with Anika but not dare to say it.
This is his first time since he know nothing about love. But I’m glad he’s gonna marry Alexa instead.
Okay man, he said tipping my shoulder. I smile and went back out.
Alexa POV
I waited for Jason to go inside. What do you think you’re doing? I asked her. She just smile and ignored me.
You think you will spoil our relationship? I’m much smarter then you.
Just keep your mouth to yourself. Do your walk and get out of my house, I said.
I didn’t know you will be this low and ungrateful to the man you claim to love, she said. I will find proof against you, she added
Shut up Anika, I said raising my hands to slap her when she grab my hands. Bryan walk in and I frame crying..
Anika what your problem huh? You first decided to ruin my relationship with Bryan today and now what?
You’re also hurting my hands huh? Is that how you will paid us back for hiring you to do our job? I asked crying and she look at me dumb folded..
Bryan babe, see what Anika is doing, I said crying. What? You never seems to impress me. Yeah I know that you’re a whore but not to stood this low, she said.
Bryan babe do you hear her? She’s insulting me, I said. Oh really? You deserve more, she said.
Anika shut the Fuck up!!!!!!! Bryan yell and I smiled.. No you shut the hell up Bryan Salvador….
Who you think you’re by the way huh? I had enough of you in a day time.
What because you think you’re rich and famous? I tell you , You’re nothing Mr Salvador… I repeat you’re nothing, she said.
How dare you talk back at me like that huh? I’m Bryan Salvador, he shouted.
Oh trust me i know you very well but you don’t seems to know me either.
No body seems to know me. That’s the thing I don’t allow anybody knowing me, she shouted throwing the paint brush on Bryan and I gasp.
Anika!!!! You’re fired, he shouted. Oh I already fired myself, she. Said going out. Anika wait, Jason and Rosie said shouting behind her but she didn’t listen instead.
Ralph POV
I can’t believe you Bryan. You never seems to amaze me. You’re unbelievable, Hayden added.
Can’t believe you will even rises your voice hide at Anika. I’m sorry big brother but you’re so stupid, I said.
Yeah you’re stupid because you love Anika and you don’t even know it yet instead you believe in Bryan babe words, Hayden said.
You want us follow your foot step right? Yeah rising our voices at women? Hayden added.
Are you guys gambling on me? He asked us. But until you bring back Anika and apologies to her you’re not our brother, we said.
Rosie walk passed him rolling her eyes. Rosie wait, he said but she didn’t answer him. Rosie can we talked this out please?
He shouted. Not now Bryan, she said. I walk pass him too. Ralph? He called. Save it Bryan, I said and Hayden follow.
Hayden, he said, please Bryan give me space, he said and we both left him standing up.
I can’t believe he will talk that way to Anika. Do you know he embarrass her at his restaurant today? Rosie said.
What? I think he need a punch of to restart his brain, I said and she chuckled. Yeah but no one dare, she said.
Oh you dare you are his little princess. A punch won’t hurt him that much, I said.
Yeah that true, she said going out and we went to spy. I don’t think she will do that. Omg she already punch him.
What was that for princess? He asked her. A punch to reset your brain. Can you think clearly now? She asked him.
What? Ofcouse I’m thinking clearly he said. I don’t think so, until you bring Anika back you’re no longer my brother, she said going to her room while I chuckled
Set him right. He’s just so proud. Alexa came from behind him and back hug him. Bryan babe, are you Okay? She said and I roll my eyes.
Bryan babe my ass.
Bryan was in his same clothes from yesterday. That’s odd, he never do that.
He look at me and I passed by him including Hayden and Rosie.
Seriously guys? Are you still angry with me?he asked and we ignore him.
The door bell rung and we rush for it thinking it was Anika but the police instead.
Good morning officers how may we help you? I asked. We are here looking for Bryan Salvador, an officer said.
I’m right here officers, he said coming down and they both look at him.
You’re under arrest for the murder of Mr Chris Louis, one of them said.
Is this a joke or something? Bryan asked. We gathered informations that you and mr Chris are mutual enemies, the other officer said.
Yeah and so? We have a evidence where you threaghten to get rid of mr Chris sir.
Yeah we’re both business rival and we have a lots of misunderstanding. Ofcourrse I want him dead not because of our businesses but I’m not that low to kill him, Bryan said.
Where was you last night around 8:30 pm? He asked and Bryan couldn’t talked.
Can any of your family members vouge for you Mr Salvador? He asked and we all was mute. Bryan didn’t sleep here and he still in his same suit.
This handkerchief sir, do you recognize it? The officer asked.
Yeah it’s mine but I lost it earlier yesterday, he said.
By that time reporters already fill the house and bugging him with so many questions.
Anika POV
Look Anika, your boss is on Television, aunt shouted. I run to see him and they was accusing him of a crime he didn’t even commit.
What’s the problem dear? She asked and I blink tears. I can’t allow them take him.
He’s innocent aunt, I said crying. I know my child. Go help him, she said and I nodded.
I run out and took a cab to his house.
I quickly paid the driver and enter his mansion.
He was speechless…
He’s innocent, I said to the door and everyone attention was drifted to me
Do you have proof? An officer asked me. Yes, I said stemering….
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 11

Anika POV
I shiver when I saw the media… this is so embarrassing now. What if mother sees this?
Gosh I’m so done for. Do you have proof miss? The officer asked me.
Dammit. Answer miss, he repeated again. This jerk, this proud peacock, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…
Bryan I draw you in the mirror and curse You, I said within and kinda smile when I remember last night.
Flash back
I was cursing him when my phone begin to rang. He asked me to meet him at his restaurant which I refused to but later have a change of mind and I don’t know why
Okay fine, I said even though it was quite later but I still took a taxi.
I went in and the security there usher me in. Bryan directed me on the 12th floor which was on the last floor.
I took the elevator and quickly arrived there.
He smile as he saw me but I quickly maintain my frowns which I just wore.
Have a seat he said and I did. He open the door that was already prepared.
Spaghetti? Like seriously this night? I asked to myself.
Eat up, he said and I glared at him. Ain’t he even going to say sorry or what?
I begin to eat. Wait up, he said and I stop.. You have souce around your mouth, he said.
Oh mine, can’t believe I will disgrace myself openingly here. Now he.will know I lack table manners.
Even I didn’t finish high school but mother always teaches me table manners which I fail to grab.
I will help you get rid of it, he said and I just stare at him. I haven’t said a word yet since I came.
He brought his face closer. What is he doing? Gosh don’t tell me its what I’m thinking .
Ummm what are you doing? I asked him. Getting my very first kiss in the process of removing souce he said.
Before I could say” What”, he already kisses me. This is also my first kiss and he steal it
Such a cheap pervert. No a rich pervert. My hands wanted to push him away but my lips wanted him to still.
Lord have mercy on me I’m sinning against you, I said to myself. I reciprocate the kiss and I begin to let out a small funny sound. Which he called moan.
We later pulled apart and act as if nothing happened… still no sorry.. What?
We was there till we heard the place locking. Oh mine we’re still in here Bryan, I finally speaks.
He smile. Don’t worry he said taking his phone from his pocket. His eyes almost pop out. What is it? I asked him. No signals he said.
Oh mine I hate dark. You’re so die now Bryan, I said. Anika its dead, he said.
Die or dead that’s the same meaning, I said and he chuckled. What funny? Why are you chickling? I asked.
It’s chuckling, and why are you making mistakes? Okay I get it. You’re nervous he said.
We both get mute but deep down I was so scared. I think we will have to sleep here tonight, he said. What? But why? I asked him.
But I don’t have means Anika. We might just sleep here this night, he said.
But the dark and you know dark, I said stemering.. Oh okay I get it he said and I close my eyes tightly…
He took off his coat and spread it down. This is so embarrassing gosh.
Come closer Anika, he said and I did. Don’t be shy he added and I curse him within me.
He held me in his arms like a babe. Don’t be afraid I got you, he said.
I smile and fall asleep in his hands. Can you imagine? The Almighty Bryan Salvador hands..
We got up the next morning to meet the employees staring at us and he threatened them not to spill a word of this to anyone..
I can’t believe I’m about to say this when he threatened his workers not to say anything about this and his wife to be is around but I can’t allow him to go to jailed either.
This is so confusing now I don’t know what to say.
Miss we’re waiting on you,the officers said. He was with me all night at his restaurant.
The security cameras there is a proof, I quickly said without knowing. Okay miss we will get it quickly, one officer said.
Oh know I’m so busted now. I just make matters worst instead of helping.
Alexa stare at me. What can I do? I just don’t want him going to prison for something he didn’t do.
After 20 minutes the officer was back. They play the recordings and everyone see it including the whole world because the media was also there
Mr Salvador you spend the night with an unknown lady what about Alexa?
Do you love this lady?
What the relationship between you too?
And you miss do you realize the sins you have committed?
You’re a unmarried lady yet you sleep with a man who will be getting marry in few days.
You’re a shame and disgrace to our community…
Few reporters begin to blabber.
This is so what I expected..
The officer went to Bryan and shakes his hands. We’re sorry sir and we promise to get to the bottom of this. Someone wanna frame you be careful, he said..
I was sneaking out of the house when he called me back. Where do you think you’re going? He asked.
Home ofcouse I said. Look I’m sorry that I didn’t apologize to you last night but I’m really sorry and thanks for defending me, he said.
You’re not angry? I asked him. Not at all, he said and I smile. Okay bye then, I said going out. Wait Anika, Hayden said and I stop.
Bryan don’t you have anything to say?he asked Bryan. Yeah don’t you have anything to say? Ralph added.
Fine I have something to say.. I’m so sorry for how I talked to you and now your repetition and mine is ruin can you please come home? He asked.
Yeah I’m going home, I said. No not your home but mine home, he said. Oh I only need to hang the curtains up and rearrange the furnitures and put the chandelier up,I said.
Yeah yeah, he said. Okay, I said walking from before him. I call Jason and asked him to please come at Bryan house since I’m not seeing him around. I pray he doesn’t see the video. I also pray mother doesn’t see the video also.
Babe I don’t want Anika in this house, I’m so angry with both of you. How dare you guys cheat on me? I love you so much Bryan, Alexa said crying.
Wait Alexa I’m sorry, it was a mistake, Bryan said running behind her when I run in the room he give me.
Mistake? I can’t believe my first kiss was a mistake and why do I feel my heart is broken into pieces?
Why do I feel hurt? I mean I know he’s getting marry but why? I just can’t understand my heart now.
Jason POV
I was drinking a jin when Anika call came in. I was happy at first but my anger rise when I remember the video. How could Bryan do this to me?
How dare him kiss my Anika? How could my Anika kiss him after what he did to her?
I grab my phone and car keys. Bryan is getting marry in two days and I’m gonna make Anika mine today
I drove at Bryan mansion. When she saw me she smile. I hug her quickly when I knew Bryan was watching.
Tomorrow is your bachelor night brother. Allow me to organize it, I said and Alexa smile.
So Alexa, I dare you to kiss my brother, I said and she smile. That’s easy, she said. Oh really? I asked.
Bryan man kiss your woman. You know I haven’t seen you kissing her before, I said and he nodded.
I held Anika under my arms. You see Anika, these two are families friends and Alexa always had a crush on Bryan just how he had a crush on her that’s why they’re in hurry to marry.
Isn’t that cute? The tillionaire marry’s the all time celebrity? I asked and she nodded.
Cute indeed, she said nodding her head. I can tell she loves him too.
So man kiss, I said and Alexa went closer to Bryan and kiss him passionately even though he wanted to withdraw but she intertwined her lips good.
Wow wow, that’s wonderful, I said clapping for them man you’re a good kisser, I said.
Anika POV
My heart bleeds when I saw him kissing her. I just wanted to pull them apart but who am I to do that?
He already make it clear to me that I’m a nobody and Alexa is his real family and our kiss was a mistake, gosh it hurts so much.
My heart hurt so much why will he do that. Anika behaves yourself he’s getting marry in two days time get a hold of yourself.
I was lost in my thought when Jason asked me again.
Anika will you marry me? He asked. Jason stop embarrassing yourself. You already asked her once and she said no, Bryan said and I look at him
I remember his words yesterday. You’re obsessed with me that’s why you rejected Jason proposal.
Stop I will answer him, I said.
And her answer is no, Bryan interrupted.
Yes, I said. You see, I told you he said. I will marry you Jason, I said.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Short but manage I’m not well.
Chapter 12

Bryan POV
I can’t believe she.said yes to him. Why will she even do that?. I give her my first kiss. Isn’t that enough reason for her? Is not that I love her but I like being around her.
Not that, I mean I will be your girlfriend is too early for marriage, she said and I felt relieved.
But still she has no right loving to him.
Umm is okay, I know we will take it slow, Jason said hugging her in my presence.
He put a diamond necklace around her neck.
I walk away and went to my room. Alexa entered. What is it? What you want Alexa I’m so tired and need to rest.
Fine but can’t you congratulate your friend? He was happy for you when he find out we was getting marry
Well that’s your issue to worry on I’m sleepy, I said showing her the door
Ain’t you going to bath first? She asked. Alexa why are you pestering me huh? I said get out of my dam room!!!!
I said and she flinch. I’m sorry I just want to be a good wife, she said. I told my punch and brought out my pointer finger out slowly.
Ummm ,Alexa get out now, don’t make me to lose it, I said and she run out.
I went in the shower and took a cold bath. Dam you Anika why agreed to be his girlfriend?
You’re mine only, I said allowing the water to flow slowly in my hair.
I came out and got dress. I took my car keys and drove to the office. I don’t want to see them both I might as well do something crazy to my bestfriend.
Anika POV
What? I remembered I told you I want purple throughout the decorations, Alexa shouted and I ignored her.
Stop acting like you’re the head of this mansion, Rosie and Hayden chorus. Listen you’ll I’m marrying your brother the day after tomorrow so you guys should beat it.
Maybe you should start packing your things and leave immediately because I’m his real family now, she said.
And who are you talking to in that manner? Bryan asked from the door.
Her eyes almost pop out of the socket. Emmm, I’m talking to Anika babe. She doesn’t take instructions good. I told her the whole interior of the house should be purple but she refuses and ends up arguing with me.
She’s so rude,she said and I was shock. I mean she was talking to Rosie and Hayden. This girl is crafty.
The decorations is beautiful and you don’t talked to our guest like that. She’s not any commoner you talk to,he said.
What does he mean by I’m not a commoner? Oh mine he’s mistaking me for a rich person.
I will clear this misunderstanding now. I’m Bryan I’m a.. I’m sorry Anika and you won’t be talked to rudely like a commoner next time in this house, he said.
But Bryan, I said but he was out of sight.
Goodness, I said going to my room. Can we have a bottle of wine together? Rosie said and stop. Yeah sure thing, I said.
We went to the bar. She pour wine in both of us wine glass.
That’s a beautiful necklace but it will be more beautiful if it was my brother who give it to you, she said and I almost choke on the wine.
Your brother is so proud and think highly of himself. He think he’s a god.
The guy doesn’t smile imagine. Is that even normal? I asked and she chuckled as if its normal.
Bryan been the focused one in the family. He hate dirt. Argh he’s too neat and he doesn’t like going around people mostly the poor.
Errm lets say he’s allergic to them. Bryan has the pesestion that being broke is a disease…
He believed in wealth and wealth. He works hard to reached this level and don’t want anyone top him so he has many rival.
Bryan is the pillar and light of the family. He once had a high school crush.
At the time we was in the middle class family. Yes we was rich but not like this.
The girl wanted someone richer then him. Our family was just a millionaire. She wanted a guy from a billionaire family but we didn’t reach that far so she rejected him.
He swore never in his life to fall in love with anyone and never to be poor or get anything to do with the poor but I can see he loves you.
Look, right now, he doesn’t even understand the meaning of love but I can see it in his eyes.
He loves you Anika. I mean he doesn’t have to spell it right? Oh oh, he actually need to spell it, she said….
I know you love him too. The guy is soo proud and soo full of himself..
So, can you two work it out? She asked but I was already sleepy.
I fall asleep.
Fast Forward
Bachelors night
I mean like wow, the party was so lit. Women was making out and I even had the opportunity to meet Rosie boyfriend which she made me promised not to tell her brother.
He will kill the guy if he finds out . the party was fill with different guys. I mean hot smoking guys.
Today I admit that I do loves Bryan but the guy is getting marry tomorrow..
I was wearing a pure white dress which fitted me quite well. Jason actually brought the dress.
Bryan.. I mean he’s ignoring me. I pour myself a juice and saw Alexa passing by me.
That’s her problems since I promised not to meddle in her affairs with Bryan.
Alexa POV
I smile as I hug the bed so tight when Reuben was f**king me. Yes babe, I missed you being deep inside me.
I love you babe. F**k the hell outta me, I scream when Reuben was giving it to me.
No body will ever f**k you like I do Alexa. And Bryan, I will laugh when I see his properties being transferred to me.
You’re so good babe, I love you, he said kissing my forehead. I love you more, I said.
Now Fuck me, I commanded.. Okay my lady, he said giving it to me. My moans filled the whole place.
I’m glad the music is so loud.
I’m doing this mainly for Reuben. I love him so much even though I’m falling for Bryan but I can’t back down now.
I need the properties. My family need it including Reuben.
My dad company is bankrupt and my modelling career is going down the drainage
I have sleep with all the big big people for contract but its not enough. Dad want more from me
He’s forcing me into prostitution. Now I’m getting into this marriage to blackmail Bryan but I’m enjoying this now.
I like how he spends his money on me now. He’s trying to get me.
His name alone is a brand. Imagine he wanna run for presidency.
He’s the richest. I can’t give up in this now. I just can’t till I have all the money I want.
We go three rounds of sex and we was hugging each other.
He kiss my forehead
Thanks babe, he said and I nodded. He slept up in each other arms.

Not well
Will the wedding take place?