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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
©All rights reserved
Chapter 13
Wedding day
Author Lele POV
Alexa was clad in a beautiful white wedding dress with cutted diamond stones dripping on it.
Yes she’s beautiful but she look like a angel today all because of Mr Salvador.
Her heels was made specially for her as she is the only one that have it
Her banquet of flowers was light royal gold with diamonds stone.
Her dad held her hands and walk her down the aisle. Take good care of my daughter, her dad warn Bryan and he just nodded.
Anika was in a peach one shoulder dress which was bought by Bryan which she didn’t know about because Rosie give it to her.
It brought her cruve out
She was wearing a nude low balance heels that fitted her well because she’s not familiar with the long ones.
Her hair was neatly pack in a neat bun. She was wearing a light pink almost nude diamond necklace…
She didn’t know it was Bryan who got that for her and what his intentions were.
Her earrings were diamonds. She was dripping with diamonds. She was dam beautiful more beautiful then the bride.
Rosie was in a expensive green dress that brought out her shape.
She pack her hair in a ponytail. She was looking as expensive as ever.
His family was all beautiful clad in their expensive clothes. His mother was so happy because her son was marrying her god daughter.
Everyone had smile on their faces beside Bryan.
Now let begin the ceremony between the most prestigious family, the Salvador and the Calcetas family, the priest said.
He prayed before starting the ceremony. He blessed the couple’s.
Miss Alexa Calcetas, do you take Mr Bryan Salvador as your husband in sickness and in wealth? For richer and richer? He asked for richer and richer because Bryan asked him to and not attaching him to anything poor.
Throughout your life? The priest asked her. Yes I do father, she said smiling while everyone clap for her.
Mr Bryan Salvador, do you take miss Alex Calcetas as your wife in sickness and in wealth? For richer and richer? Throughout your life? The priest asked him.
He.look at everyone but his gazed turn to Anika and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
He couldn’t understand the language her eyes was speaking at that moment neither her heart because she was almost heart broken as she has already fallen in love with him.
NO,he said and everyone attention was faced on him. Alexa look around in shame.
Is this some kind of prank you’re pulling? This is too expensive, she said chuckling.
No Alexa. I’m too intelligent for a lady like you to make a fool of or being used by a mare woman.
Who you think you are to used me? You’re nothing Alexa. Nothing.
When Anika told me about your lover, I was like Anika doesn’t know you to lied about you like that.
She doesn’t have anything against you. I insulted Anika because I wanted you to trust me.
I remembered that day how you barge into my office sweating like you have been caught or something.
Then I started to monitor your every mood by myself though it wasn’t worth it.
The night of our bachelor which was last night I was there at your ladies party as one of the randoms guys who was there to entertain you.
You didn’t recognize me because I was in a disguised. I followed you and your lover.
You didn’t just sleep with him. I heard it all. Oh yeah I heard everything
But I’m cool with it since you wanted to humiliate me I decided to give you your own pills right here and right now.
As for you and your daddy whose company is already bankrupt I’m not arresting him or you.
I will forgive you today but not next time, Bryan said leaving the church.
Bryan don’t you dare leave from there, his mother called but it was so late.
Anika couldn’t stand it. She felt hurt that he was hurt. She follow behind him.
Just as he was about to enter his car she called his name. He stop .
What? Are you also here because of the money? To ruin me? You already have yours right? I have already paid you right?
Yes I don’t like poor. Yes I don’t like being poor but I don’t mind helping people whose in need.
I could have help her if she asked you know but not that way. I’m I that unlovable?
Why nobody loves me for who I’m I instead of the money? He asked Anika.
She didn’t know when she hug him. Hey is okay, Don’t be sad I’m here for you she said patting his back.
He nodded. He was about to enter his car when she pull him back. Where are you going? She asked hi..
My penthouse, he answer her. I’m coming don’t want you doing anything stupid, she said as if to say she had known the guy for her whole life.
She enter and he did too. The driver drove to his penthouse.
He got down and open the door of his car for her.
She got down also. They both walk inside. She was amazed. I have never seen any penthouse this beautiful over television.
The exterior and interior was all in tight. He walk strict to the bar and pour himself a drink and her’s too.
She refused it because it was so strong. He nodded and gulp down the drink..
She try holding him back. Don’t, he said and she pull back. She sit there and watch him drink his sorrows.
It only say one thing. He’s hurting and it hurt her too. He pour another and another and another till he was drunk..
He couldn’t support himself any longer. he was about to fall when she grab him.
In right here she said and it was as if the world stop rotating. Only the wind was blowing as her bun losen.
He stare at her with his drunken and sexy eyes. Please stay, he said. I’m not going anywhere, she replied him.
She was just like a slave being commander by her master. When she’s around him she’s more like a slave but in a good way as she wanna serve him throughout without moving an inch from him.
He put a string of hair behind her ear. She shiver at his touch. He smile and that got her cheeks red up.
They both stare at each other till their lips intertwined together. He slip his tongue in her mouth as he suck her lips passionately.
She moan and reciprocate the kiss. His hands slide underneath her dress sending electric shock in her body.
Her bite her neck giving her hickeys all over her neck.
He unzipped her dress. She slide her hands in his shirt unknown to her and unbutton it.
Everything happened so fast as they find themselves in his room on his bed.
They were both unclad. He kiss her lips again and gently slide his stuff inside her stuff.
She scream loudly as her hands pierce his back and he groan. I’m sorry he said moving gently until her pains was less because she turns out to be a virgin
He move into her with so much care as a blink of tears falls her eyes. What have she done?
Yes he drunk but she’s stupor. She has taken advantage of him. What will he see her as?
They are not even a thing and yet she give him her virginity. She begin to feel guilty.
What about Jason? He’s still her boyfriend but she doesn’t even love the guy.
Hey what happened? He asked holding her cheeks. Umm nothing, she said faking a smile.
Can you please continue? She asked him shamefully. He hug her against his body and kiss her forehead as he continued to ride her.
They both was exhausted as they both climax the same time. He held her in his hands as they drifted to sleep.
Anika got up but couldn’t see Bryan beside her. This is so shameful and embarrassing now, she said knocking her head
She can’t believe she’s no longer a virgin. She look at all the hickeys Bryan had given her.
What will Jason say when he sees these? She asked. Just then her nose caught a nice smell and she decided to follow it.
You’re awake? Bryan said from the kitchen. Yeah. Umm, I mean em, she said stuttering.
He look at her and turn off the stove. You will only have breakfast unless you shower, he said and she was wtf?
About last night, she said. He smile to himself. He actually remember everything that happened.
Come I will make your bath, he said ignoring what she wanted to say knowing it won’t turn out good.
He fill the bath tub with warm water and sweet scented soap. He made her sit in the tub.
Um will you be here while I shower? She asked him. Actually yes, he said putting water on her body.
What? Pervert she mutter. Say that? He said but she was quite instead. She remembers that she was the pervert last night.
He bath her. Umm open your legs a little bit please, he said. What? I will do that, she said and he chuckled softly.
I’m not eating you Anika. I just wanna make show you’re clean good, he said.
Oh no I’m so sore down there. How will I tell him not to touch there?
Umm I’m sore, I said shyly. You should have told me that earlier he said.
I’m telling you now, she said. But what was going to happen if I have already touch there he said. That’s why I warn you, she said.
But you warn me late Anika, he protested. They both begin to argue. But why are we arguing? They asked themselves.
It’s your fault, she said. No it’s your fault, he said. Your fault she said splashing the water on him. Your fault he said doing the same.
Before they realize the whole bathroom was a mess.
You see what you have done huh? She asked him what now? You started it, he said.
I didn’t she said wanting to touch his hair. Umm don’t touch my hair, he said lifting her up.
He carry her to the bedroom and made her wear his clothes. They both had their breakfast with arguments.

Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 14
Writer pov cont
Jason has been looking for Anika but couldn’t find her. He has also been looking for his friend.
Meanwhile, Alexa was the laughing stock of the city.. She was so shame that she was at Bryan house waiting for him .
His mother actually insist that he’s already marry to her as long as they both enter church.
Anika and Bryan got down from the car and walk in the house. And where do you think you’re going young man? His mother asked him and he stop.
I demand the kind of respect that should be giving to me mom, he said
Oh you now talked back at me now huh? And who is the thing that behind you?
You should send her away as you’re already marry, his mother said. Marry you say? He asked her and scoff.
You’re the one who been behind me to marry a scammer mom. I was willing to sacrifice my happiness or whatever its .
I did that for you so why are you pestering me? Bryan asked his mother.
I deserve a bit of respect man so watch your tongue,his mother said. Mother I’m so tired,he said going in. Alexa is here and will be living here,she said.
Whatever, Bryan said going in. And you where are you going?she asked Anika.
My things ma, Anika said. Yeah my Bryan is marry now so you can leave, she said.
Bryan came down. She’s not going anywhere mom just like Alexa is living here she will also stay where. He turned to Anika.
You are not moving out. Now my driver will drive you home and bring your things at my house, he said but she was quite looking at his mother who was giving her deadly glared.
Umm, Bryan, she stuttering. Don’t say anything, he whispered to her sending shivers down her body.
Jason came in and saw Anika. He quickly run to her and hug her. Where have you been? I missed you please don’t leave without telling me next time, he said…
Umm, she said feeling guilty about what happened between said and Bryan.
She’s not a slut so she decided to break up with Jason since it’s too early. She don’t want the relationship to go far which might end up to marriage and she will have to sleep with him one-day.
She can’t sleep with two friends no way.
.sorry Jason,she said. Bryan look at the two and he felt kinda seeing Jason hug Anika that way.
She oull away from the hug. Jason went over to Bryan. Hey man I’m sorry for your incident. You cool? He asked and Bryan nodded.
They left Bryan mother in the living room with Alexa.
Don’t worry dear you’re the woman of the house and don’t you dare go anywhere
And oh,bring me a grandchild,she said and Alexa nodded.
Anika has already bought a brand new house for her mother in Cebu and send her brother fees.
She already paid for her own house which was well funish. After all Bryan had already made her a billionaire. She give potion of the money to her aunt.
Bryan driver drove Anika home. Just like a servant Anika obeys his words.
She picked her things up in her luggage and put it in the booth of the car.
I’m thinking about telling Bryan my background today,she said to herself
Carolina POV
My favorite television show was on. This is the repeat of the b
Tillionaire Bryan Salvador and Alexa Calcetas wedding. Those two are my favorite.
Even I wished to marry him. He’s so rich and sho handsome and so dam proud and arrogant.
That’s what I love about him…
What? The wedding was cancelled? Man he’s so inconsiderate. The camera focus was on many people and I suddenly notice Anika.
She run out to Bryan. This is diffinate my Anika. What is she doing with the almighty Bryan and did she just enter his car?
I knew she was gonna turned to a whore one day but I don’t expect it now.
How dare she get the big guy? His profile states that he doesn’t like the poor or have he changed?
I smiled. Bryan I’m gonna paid you a visit soon,I said smiling.
We had breakfast together as a family. Bryan I’m sorry for what happened. Yes my dad wanted me to dup you. Yes I had a boyfriend but that only because you never touched me.
I’m a woman with lots of feelings that you never planned on paying attention to.
I regret listening to my dad because I’m now in love with you. I have become the talk of the Town isn’t that hell on Earth?
My career has been ruined but I accept it because I wrong you Bryan babe. Please I’m sorry, she said crying as she run away from the dinner table.
I turned to Anika. I want you break up with Jason today. The sooner the better,I said going outside.
My driver open the door of the car and I got in I smiled as he drove me to my office.
Alexa is being pitiful. I might not love her but I hate to see women crying.
It breaks my heart to see them do.
Anika POV
What? What a difficult task. Even me planned on breaking up with Jason but not this soon.
Maybe Bryan is right. I don’t want to hurt anyone but what can I do? I don’t have options now.
I texted Jason for us to meet today and he agreed. I arranged all my things in the room..
Few minutes I heard a car enter the yard and I concluded it was Jason.
I quickly came down to meet him. Hey babe,he said hugging me. I return the hug. Let’s sit in the garden,he said and I nodded.
He carried me at the backside of the house. I let out a wow. This is maleficent. The garden look like Disneyland. So beautiful with many colors of flowers.
Bird’s with different colors was also on it. What I’m I saying. I should be saying garden of Eden instead of Disneyland.
We sit on a hammock in the garden. I’m feeling so bad and freaking up too since he seems do happy and lively.
Umm you wanna see me,he said and I nodded. Umm Jason, I ,I,I said stuttering. You what Anika? He asked me questions.
Ummm I’m sorry for what I wanna say. You’re good person and so sweet.
I’m aware of the fact that you love me but I can’t just love you too, I said stuttering. He chuckled. You’re joking right? Tell me,he said.
No I’m not Jason and I’m sorry for that, I said. Why? Is it because of Bryan? He asked raising his voice hard..
Jason please not that, I said. He raised his hands up. But end up holding it. Shut up Anika,he said .
What? Why he wanna slap me? Oh no I might have hurt him badly. I’m sorry Jason. I Know I hurt you badly,I said but he walked outta my presence
Jason POV
How dare them made a fool of me. I won’t spare either one of them. I drove to Bryan office.
He saw me and he had this smiled plastered on his face. Wassup man,he said.
I landed a punch on his face. How dare you play with me like that huh? I asked him and he look at me.
Stop acting insane. We both know that you can never in your dam life love her.
You’re the biggest fool in her life and she’s innocent for your games.
She’s not the type of person you used and dump Jason. Yes I told her to break up with you,he said and I begin to chuckled.
Bryan Salvador.. so you figure me out? Okay but it’s too late because we didn’t breakup. She told me about it. She said you asked her to breakup with me but she just can’t because she’s crazily inlove with me.
You’re late dude. Tomorrow by 8:30pm come to my crib you will see her. I will have my way with her and dump her like always,I said smiling.
I know Anika is not the type of person. She won’t do that so don’t waste your time, he said.
Oh you think? I asked him. She’s staying in my house now,and she can’t leave without my security or without my knowledge,he said and I chuckled.
She’s my whore so stay away,I said leaving his office.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved ®™©
Chapter 15
I run behind him and grab him by the collar. I punch him hard in the face. Don’t you dare in your miserable life you call her a whore, I said punching him again.
My staffs begin to look at me. Probably their first time seeing me doing such thing and I don’t really care.
I let go of him. Punk, I said going for my car keys. I grab it and drove home. I met Anika watching movies. I hieved a sigh of relief.
Are you okay? She asked me. Yeah, I said. You’re sweating, she said.
Oh that, I said pointing at myself. Yeah, she said. It’s nothing. Can you please borrow me your phone? Mine is dead actually, I said and she nodded with the you’re behaving strange look.
I quickly collected her phone from her and went to my room. I removed her SIM and battery out of it and throw it on my bed head.
I closed my door don’t want her bugging me for it.
Fast Forward
Jason POV
Dammit, I said splashing my phone down. Now I messed up. I know I’m a play boy but I wasn’t going to have sex with Anika and dump her now.
I just wanted to make Bryan hate her. Yeah she deserves more but I’m hurt here.
Why he always get the good stuff? I will make show they don’t end up together, I said smirking.
I got drunk and went to bed..
Bryan POV
It was already 9pm. I was sitting down in the bar of my house when Alexa join me. Hey, she said smiling.
You’re stay here? I asked her. Yeah, she said sounding dunk. My life is miserable as Fuck.
You don’t want me. Dad don’t want me. Nobody wants me she said with two glass of whiskey and a bottle of whiskey.
Are you dunk? I asked her. No no I’m not, she said falling on me.
Here have a drink with me and I promise to leave your house by tomorrow, she said.
Okay if drinking with you will made you leave then fine, I said collecting the other glass from here. I gulp it down and she hands over the other and the other and the other without her drinking.
I’m having a bad feelings about this. My eyes begin to turn. I begin to feel tipsy and daisy.
Oh no I’m dunk, I said to myself.

Anika POV
I got up the next morning and went to made breakfast since the boys and Rosie will be coming here this morning.
I made scramble egg and toast bread for breakfast and did a little clean up.
The maids are all so friendly so I decided to help them often since I’m doing nothing now.
Rosie promised to take me to the modeling school today for my registration.
I made black coffee for Bryan since its his favourite.. Hey, I missed you there, Rosie said coming in.
And I missed you more, I said hugging her. And I thought you missed me more, Hayden said pouting.
So cute and dashing. She misses me more, Ralph said coming in. Oh oh, this won’t ends well, I said within as I just stares at the Salvadors.
They keep making that eyes. Yes the puppies eyes and that made them so adorable.
I can’t tell which of them I missed more because I missed them equally.
I think you guys need invitations before coming into somebody house next time, we heard a husky voice said.
That’s Bryan. Actually sister in law Anika is aware of our coming, Hayden said and my eyes almost pops out of the socket.
Bryan looks at me. I’m smelling egg, Rosie said. Yeah I made egg and toast bread for breakfast, I said and she nodded.
Wow, my mouth is already watery, Hayden said and Ralph nag him you talk like a parrot, he said and I chuckled.
Umm Rosie I’m coming back soon let me change, I said and she nodded.
I run to my room and grab a peach bra and a peach fitting dress which was almost to my knees. My bra scribe was exposing a little bit.
This Rosie.. She was the one who order the dress. I put my hair in a ponytail. I can’t get over this sudden changes in my life. I’m grateful for this high favor
I have few important people who loves me. I’m glad to have her as a little sister. She’s so cute and so funny and nice to top it up.
I grab a nice expensive flat sandals. I grab my purse and went downstairs.
Wow, you look juicy, and so sweet, Rosie said and I smiled. Thank, i said.
You’re beautiful sister in law, the boys chorus and I clear my throat .
Where are you going? Bryan asked. To do my modelling registration, I replied him.
Go and change Anika. The dress is soo short and so exposing, and I don’t even want you to be a model , he said getting up.
What?? I said but he was out of sight. I look at the Salvadors and they just struggle.
He has the final saying, they whispered. But why? I asked to nobody in particular.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©
Chapter 16
Bryan POV
All those models end up being a prostitute. I can’t marry such woman never, I said cursing under my breath.
Few minutes Anika came in. What is it just now? She asked me. Um Anika that doesn’t suit you, I said turning around from her.
Bryan look at me, she said. I won’t,I said facing the other side. Why are you bring so stubborn? She asked me.
You are the one whose being stubborn here, I said. But you killing my dreams, and what do you even care? She asked me.
I finally turned around to her. That’s is not killing dreams. There are so many way of earning a money beside you know, I said showing my hands on her body.
What’s wrong with it. Answer me Bryan, she said. Nothing, just that I don’t want your body to be exposed an that’s final, I said.
You don’t have a say in my life my young man, she said.
Of course I do. You’re my, I said before realising what I’m about to say. I mean you’re my sister friend and also a family friend, I said and she just continue nodding her head.
Stop with the… you know , nodding thing, I said…. Oh now you want me to stop nidding? She asked. Umm, Anika the word is nodding, I said and she nodded her head.
You can’t stop me now, that’s my dream,she said. Look, you’re a wonderful designer and a decorator.
Have a dream that people will respect your prestige and respect your dignity.
Those models are just sex machine,I’m sorry but you just can’t be a model. Not when I’m alive,I said.
She move closer to me and I moved backward. What are you doing? I asked her.
You look so cute when you talk cute things, she said and I felt flattered.
I’m flattered, I said. You’re what? She asked me. Flattered Anika, I said chuckling.
She’s so silly at times. Pretend not to Know the little things or words around her.
I look at her. Her lips was memorising. The dress exposed her cleavage. She’s so beautiful and hot in the dress. I moved closer to her and she move back this time.
What are you doing? She asked me. No, I should asked you that question. What are you doing to me? I asked silently.
Before I knew it my lips brush on her lips. She tip toe to meet my height.
She was surprised because of how she firm her eyes. I held her waist. It wasn’t long when she give in too.
We kiss about five minutes before pulling apart to catch our breathe. She look down shyly and begin to play with her finger.
Don’t you dare wear that dress outside,I said but she didn’t respond. I… I will be outside,she said running outside.
I smiled and took my phone. I call Diana the most prestige designer in the whole country.
Hi Bryan, it’s a very rare opportunity to receive your call.
What do I owe the pleasure to? She asked immediately she answered the call.
I want you to teach someone for me. Make her the best student every to graduate from your school.
Let her be taught by you personally.
Infact let her be more then you in designing.
I want her to glow under your care. Teach her all necessary steps she needs to follow.
Don’t give her any clients other then designing. Don’t worry about your paid. Have already transferred 10millions into your account for the first one month you will turtor her for,I said.
Wow, that’s huge, she said. Yeah but not huge to her or compare to her, I said to myself.
Okay, she will begin class tomorrow, I said and hung up.
Anika POV
I was changing into something more comfortable when my phone begin to ring. True is, I wasn’t more comfortable in those clothes.
Hello, Anika speaking, I said from my side of the phone.
Anika you have just been registered at Diana designer palace and you will be the first person to get the opportunity of being taught by Diana herself,the caller said and my mouth went dropped.
Diana as in Diana Flora? OMG. She’s a Korean and wtf? How is that even possible?
Ma’am you can start class tomorrow,the woman said and hung up.
I’m hot somebody please cool me down. Who has done this? BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I shouted
Bryan POV
Pheww, I spill the coffee on the table. Is that Anika shouting my name? O asked myself.
She came running down the stairs. Bryan, she said out of breath. What is it Anika? I asked her and she smiled.
Bryan stand up , she said in a commanding tone. Oh oh, what have o dobe to this girl? I asked myself.
Bryan stand up, she said and I reluctantly did. She hug me from my waistline. And later my shoulderline.
Anika you’re squeezing the life out of me, I said and she redraw. I’m sorry, she said.
What is it? I asked her. Thanks, she said smiling. It’s nothing but you will have to do me a favor in few hours time, I said.
What is it? She asked. Be my date at the function today, I said and she nodded in agreement.
Okay,I said grabbing my car keys… i drove to the shopping mall. I pick up a dress which matches her skin tone.
It had beautiful green flowers in it and a pink diamond stones glattering in it a purse.
I love to see rings on women, it made then especially beautiful.. I took a nice slim cutted diamond ring and necklace. I took a peach heels and added it there.
I called Ruby to go at my mansion and get Anika ready.
Anika POV
Rosie and I was gisting when a beautiful girl enter. Hi Rosie, is Bryan around? She asked. She had on en exposed dressm Bryan doesn’t like to see them on me but she’s wearing it.
Maybe she has the body and I don’t have. He’s not around, Rosie said to her.
Good, I’m here to attend to Miss Anika. Glad he’s not around, she said and I felt somehow relief. Can’t believe I thought she’s Bryan girl or something.
You’re here for me? I asked curiously. Yeah, Bryan want me to attend to you that includes your medicure and pedicure with your facia,she said….
Woooow, somebody gonna get more pretty, Rosie said. Not that. Actually yoyt brother registered me in Diana designer palace and in return of his favor, I’m excorting him to his function.
Just say I’m returning the favor, I said and she smiled. He was worry about his date and I’m just helping him out, I said.
Bryan doesn’t bother of those things. He normally doesn’t carry a date and this is his first time, she said smiling and I was a little bit shy.
We will start with your pedicure first, the lady said and I nodded.
Few minutes later Bryan driver came in with a shopping bag in his hands.
This is for you ma’am, he said and I politely took it from his hands.
Thanks, I said, and Rosie grab it from me. Wow Anika this is classic and my brother has a taste for fashion,she said opening the dress
I was amazed. How could he Know my size so perfectly. He was actually the one who bought the clothes you wore for the wedding, Rosie chipped in.
After an hour the lady was done with me. She hot curl my hair and fixing it in a almost bangs. It was bangs but not fully bangs. form and she did a light makeup.
I dress up and apply the red lipstick and put the necklace around my neck. I put the ring on my finger also and grab the purse…
My nails was painted light pink and it was so beautiful.
I walked downstairs and met Bryan waiting for me. When he saw me he suddenly freeze. He’s so handsome. His under white shirt was so sparkling with the golden bottoms on them.
His coat everything match perfectly on his body. He has his earrings in his ears and he was wearing one expensive Ring.
He’s so rich that he smells with wealth. Few minutes I saw Rosie coming down.
Family function, she said smiling and I nodded. Shall we? Bryan asked and I nodded again. He held my hands and led me to his car.
I enter as he drove to the venue. He open the door if the car and I got down. Paparazzi was all around.
Don’t worry I got you,he said and I sqeeze my hands in his. We finally managed to enter with the help of the securities.
It was challenging but finally we entered. He greeted some people he knew.
The Disco light was on so I couldn’t see Rosie. A wiltress was passing by and I made use of one glass of juice.
Caroline POV
I have been in Manila for sometime now. When I heard that the Salvador was having a function, I said what not sieze the opportunity.
I finally bribed the security with a quickie and made my way throw.
The party was so grand. I spotted Anika with Bryan and I just couldn’t recongize her.
She has dipped into wealth now. She was wearing diamonds on her.
It will soon be over here and now, I said drinking some of the expensive wine that the wiltree was passing around with. I went in the camera room and give a recording to the guy.
Bryan want you to play this in five minutes time, I said and he nodded. Okay ma’am, he said and I walked outside.
Let watch and enjoy the show dear Anika. Why must you have all the good things? Like the saying go, all good thing shall come to an end so as yours,I said smirking.
This is going to be fun. I checked my time. Two minutes to go. If I was you,I will just leave now or buried myself under the ground or rather die Anika…