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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 2
Bryan POV

I was going over some files when my personal phone begin to ring. I answer the phone and it was Don Romualdo Calcetas
Hello sir
Hello Bryan
I’m okay sir
Good you’re okay.
You see Alexa is more worry about the bond between the both of you.
Pardon me sir?
You guys doesn’t spend time together and she’s hurt.
It hurt me to see my only daughter hurt.
I’m sorry sir.
Seems you don’t want the corporation between us.
Are you threaghten me?
I’m afraid so Bryan.
Okay, I been keeping my cool now because you’re a family friend. I can buy your company ten times.
I’m just doing this for my dad and you’re in no position to threaten or pester me.
Have a nice day, I said hanging up.
How dare him? I said sighing. I took my phone and call Alexa. Bryan babe. Can we have lunch together? She asked and I scoff.
You know if you wanna asked me for a favor, do it yourself .. I said. I’m sorry Bryan babe, she said and I scoff.
Where are you? I will pick you up, I said. I’m home, she said and I hang up.
I took my car keys and went out. My driver open the door and I got in.
He begin to drive .
Alexa POV
I smile. Wow, can’t believe you got Bryan wrap around your finger, Ruby said. I’m Alexa Calcetas. I said rolling my eyes.
I took a sexy nude dress. The strip was so small and thin. The dress brought out all my curves. I applied a deep red lipstick making my lip more attractive and kissable.
I did a deep makeup.
I made Ruby to strengthen my hair and pack it in a slack ponytail.
I wore my expensive diamond bracelet and ankle chain. I took a nice pair of heels and wore it. I grab a diamond stone purse. I then put on a nice scented cologne.
I smile. Bryan can’t ignore my beauty and class, I said smiling. I make sure my breast was exposing.
I heard Bryan car sound and got up . see you friend, I said going out. Bryan, I said going for a hug but he ignored me.
Don’t wanna ruin your make-up he said. Enter, he said opening the door of the car like a gentleman which he’s.
I smile and enter. Bryan I heard you’re running for presidency next election.. I said smiling.
Yeah, he answer coldly. But you’re more richer then the president. I mean you have many assets.. I said and he ignore me putting a headset to his ear.
Bryan babe? I called but he didn’t answer. The car came to an halt and we got down.
Paparazzi was already to the restaurant. I had it all plan.
Mr Salvador is it true you’re dating miss Calcetas?
When will be your wedding?
You guys are so romantic
I smile as I heard those sweet words.
Pictures was been taken.
I try clingy onto Bryan but he remove his hand.
Peacock. So proud and hard headed. He ignored the paparazzi questions as usual and we enter.
Our food was place before us and he didn’t even talk, talkless about complimenting my dress code.
I slide my dress hand a little off my shoulder. Umm , I said clearing my throat to get his attention but his gaze was on the food.
He didn’t even notice me a bit. His phone begin to rang.
Really? I missed you too princess.
Okay will soon be with you he said.
He finally look at me. I was happy in my heart.
Alexa, Rose is at my house, see you. My driver will drop you off. I already paid the bills he said getting up.
Wait.. I said. What is it? He asked. Nothing, I said and he just left my presence.
Arrgh, I scream throwing everything on the table down. I have just lost my appetite.
That little brat.
can’t believe he dump me to go see his sister.
Bryan POV
I drove home quickly. Rose came running to me. Brother I missed you so much, she said smiling and I play with her hair.
What were you doing? I heard that you want on a lunch date with Alexa. I don’t like that woman, she said.
You’re just 18 Rose. You don’t even know her. I tell you she’s sweet, I said. I don’t want you marrying her. I hate her already, she said.
I sigh. I know you hate her too. You don’t have to marry her just because dad insist, she said. I’m not getting youngerRose.
You have your own assets to worry on. I can’t burden you with mine so I will need a heir one day, I said before realising what I just said.
I have already build my sister future. She has ten companies in different countries.
I just transfer 10.5 billion in her bank account. I firstly transferred 50 billion so she presently have 60.5 billions.
She’s the only teen billionaires now in the country. I love you Bryan. I don’t even know how to manage all the assets you have secure for me, she said.
You just need to put time in managing your own companies and stop going for party from one country to another, I said.
She smile. Bryan I missed you so much, she said and I hug her. I missed you too Rose, I said smiling. She’s the only person so far who can make me smile.
Can we go out? She asked. Anything for my baby sister, I said. She chuckled and grab her purse.
Where you want to go? I asked her. First shopping and I wanna go for a swim,she said. Oh really? I asked.
Yeah Dubai, she said clinging on me . You just came back from the state Rosie, I said.
I know but I didn’t go alone with you so… please.. Pretty please she said making a puppy eyes.
Fine, you don’t have to do that. I just can’t say know to you. We will just do the shopping over there.
I call Jay to prepare my private jet. We walk outside and got in my car.
I don’t need security. When I’m with her I don’t need any security. Its a rare moment because she’s not always around. Rosie is just a pretty little sister.
She’s the only woman that I love. Besides mom though. Have you seen mom? I asked her.
Umm, nope, she said. She’s gonna get pretty mad. So how’s your companies doing? I asked her.
Fine, I call in every moment she said and I nodded.
After few minutes we were to my other house which I have my private airport on..
She got down and run in the jet. I missed being with her.
One week later
Alexa POV
I smile. Today is the day i will see Bryan since he spend whole week in Dubai with his sister.
I got in my car. I don’t need security today. After the endorsement I will see Bryan alone.
I begin to drive without even paying attention. My whole amount was on seeing Bryan. I can’t wait for him to kiss me one day even on the cheek.
I didn’t notice a trailer coming my way. My vision became blur.
Anika POV
I yearn as I got up. Anika, lazy girl…. My mother shouted. I got up and went into the bathroom. I freshing up.
Take the rice cakes to the market. Okay mother, I said carrying the rice cakes to the market.
I wish I will get the opportunity to go back to school. A while car stop In front of me and guys with black suits come out.
I wonder what’s going on. A guy came out and just held my hands. God what’s happening?
Sir you most mistake me, I said and he didn’t answer. Instead he pull me in the car.
Miss please help me. I have three children and their welfare depends on me.
I can’t lose my job now, he said . I don’t get you sir, I said.
He didn’t bother answering. We got on an airport and just walk in the plane. I’m I that stupid? I don’t even know the guy.
My seatbelt was fastened. After two hours we got down. Welcome to manila. Omg. What I’m doing here?
Sir I beg please take me back , I said crying. I promised not to take five hours of your time. We will be back in Cebu in a jeffy, he said and I nodded.
Miss please enter, he said and I did. The convey begin to move and came an halt. He got down so do I.
The Salvador cosmetics company. I just can’t believe it. I’m so hot now and I think I’m gonna faint any moment.
Here miss, the guy said handing me a bottle of pure water. Thanks, I said bowing to him.
Please wear this, he said giving me a mask which I put on. We enter and order
 some women to look after me.

You’re so pretty ma.. They complemented me.

Her hair is so long and sliky
We will first give you a massage.
A tube of water with milk and pink rose was added to it. After showering, they give me a massage. Actually my first massage.
My medicure and pedicure was done.
The famous new life cream was applied on my face. So cold and moist.
I mean is this even a cream? It drys in a sec leaving my face smooth and fresh.
They hot curl my hair and dress me in a nice long white dress. A white diamond bracelet was place around my wrist.
A white comfortable heels and purse. A nude lipstick was applied on my lip.
They brought the mirror and I just couldn’t even believe if its really me.
A paper was hand over to me and I glance at it.
I’m wondering where is model Alexa and sir Bryan. Everyone left me in the dressing room.
Writer POV
The program of new life was going on and the mac was handle to the CEO. Bryan Salvador.
He took the stage to talk about his product and explain with so much grace in his tone.
After all that it was the model time to show her skin and the effect of the cream.
Anika dream is to become a model so she always do home training.
She gracefully catwalk on stage with her mask on her face because she was not Alexa. She model and post. The crowd went wide.
I like that model, Rosie said. But you don’t like Alexa, Bryan said. I don’t think that’s Alexa. If it was her She will go half naked, Rosie said.
But she’s the only one who been using the cream and her skin is the only match, Bryan said.
I still feel like that’s not Alexa, Rosie said.
Because the mask wasn’t tie well around her face it drop to the ground.
She turn and the crowd went wider.
Is she the president daughter?
Is that why she came with a mask?
Your skin?
Is it because of new life cream?
She’s so flawless.
She’s a goddess.
Gosh her hair
You could hear people from all angle saying different things.
Bryan stood up from where he was.
I told you, Rosie whispered. But how? He asked.
Isn’t she the most beautiful and most decent woman you have ever seen? Rosie asked and Bryan didn’t realize that he had already nodded to what his sister said.
Do you like her? She asked. What? Nah, it can’t be. But where is Alexa? He asked.
Stop acting like you care .. Instead let look at this unknown goddess , we might not see her again, Rosie said.
What? Why? I mean why investigators are here for? Bryan said without knowing again.
Love at first sight, Rosie said and he scoff. That’s not true, he said.
Why did you even have to investigate about her if she’s gone when you don’t care huh? She asked.
That’s because she steals my fiancee spotlight, Bryan said faking a cough.
She just chuckled. You’re naughty brother, she said while Bryan gaze was on Anika throughout.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved

Anika POV
I was shaken on stage. God what have I put myself in? Imagine mother gonna watch this. I’m so dead. I held my dress and run offstage.
I don’t know where I’m going. I think I might just continue running. I couldn’t see the mister who brought me here.
Its my dream to see my crush but not like this. I was running till I bump into someone and we both fall.
Paparazzi begin to take pictures of us but what bother me is how the guy couldn’t let go. Things like this normally happen to be.
My breast was resting on his chest. Sir can you please let me go? I asked.
Why so soon? His muscular voice said.
I open my eyes to see my number one crush before me. Sir Bryan? I called slowly.
He flips his lashes. Don’t move, he said and woke up slowly making the both of us to be in a hugging position.
Bryan POV
I was lost in looking at her. As soon as I bash my lashes she was not on stage anymore. When I saw in the crowd there she was. Running away.
Just like Rosie has said. She seems pure and maybe doesn’t love attention.
I got up from my seat and begin to chase after her. I mean to give her her paid nothing more.
I didn’t notice till the both of us collapsed.
I didn’t know where that sensation came from when her breast rested in my chest.
I got up with her. Umm, I clear my throat. I didn’t even realize that paparazzi was taking our pictures.
Can you at least have lunch with my family before going? I asked her.
But sir… no buts, I said holding her hands. I drag her in my car. I’m noted for showing gratitude. This young lady save me today.
I drove home. Few minutes later Rosie and mom including dad came in with Justin.
I gesture her to her seat and cut her own food. I pull wine in her wine glass Lets eat, I said with a little smile on my face.
Umm ummm, my mom said clearing her throat. Bryan you forgot to prepare my food. Besides you didn’t even notice us her, She said.
I’m sorry mom. Rosie please help me prepare mom food, I said facing my food.
But? She said but was cut short by Justin. So what may be your name? Justin asked and I didn’t notice how I glare at him.
I’m Anika, she said. Wow. Pretty name, he said. I’m Justin, nice meeting you Anika, he said bringing his hand for a handshake.
I imagine him kissing her hands After the handshake. I stood up and fling his hands away. Bryan? He called. You’re eating and you just doesn’t love that when eating, I said.
When did that became my hobby? He asked me. You just doesn’t notice it. You will get rash.. I said.
That’s you Bryan, he said and I roll my eyes. You will get it too so stop talking and eat.
Why with the rush? Justin asked me. I glare at him and he shut up.
Bryan dear I heard that Alexa made an accident and you’re here dining with a total stranger while your wife to be is in the hospital.. My mother said.
I choke on the food. Say what? I ask. Its nothing serious Bryan. Its just a stretch mark on her face, Rosie said.
Do you even understand yourself? She’s a model and you called a stretch mark nothing?
She was driving to meet up with her husband before going to the ceremony, my mom said and I drink a wine from my wine glass.
My attention was fixed on Anika. What a beautiful name. I notice she wasn’t eating.
What happened dear? I asked her more like a whisper. I wanna go home sir, she said.
Why you keep calling me sir? Anyways where is your body guards?
Okay don’t bother I will drop you off, I suggested. Umm its okay I will find my way home, she said.
Bryan are you even paying attention to what your mother saying? Dad ask.
I’m sorry. You was saying? I asked and my mom got angry and left the dinning table.
I got up and went into my room. I came out with 1million dallors cash and give it to her.
Umm I forgot my cat keys.. Wait here I will drop you home, I said going to my room to get my keys. I came out and notice she was gone.
Where is she? I asked Rosie. She went to use the bathroom, she answer me.
After twenty minutes I couldn’t find her. Please check the bathroom for me I ask Rosie.
She came back. She’s not there. The security said they saw her broaded a taxi, Rosie said.
Why will she need a taxi? I was willing to give her a ride and besides she could always call her driver.
I took my phone and call my private investigators. I send Anika pictures to them. But why I wanna know here?
Anika POV
As soon as he drop the money before me I was somehow happy because I was wondering how I was going to return to Cebu.
I some how felt bad taking the money even though I earn it. I will return your money back one day sir, I said.
I lied to use the bathroom. I took up the heels and begin to creep out slowly.
When the security look at me I just chuckled. Hi…. I said holding the heels to my breast way.
They stare at themselves before they even notice I was out of their sight. I quickly hail a taxi.
Manila airport sir. Please hurry up sir. Its urgent I said quickly. The cab driver drive with full speed. After some minutes we was at the airport.
Thank you sir, I said giving him his fare. I run in and luckily for me plane was going to Cebu.
I quickly book my space and enter the plane. What a relief? I begin to think about today incident.
I met my crush Bryan and not just that. He touch me. We even eat together. I can’t believe all this is actually happening to me.
I’m so glad that I’m able to make it home. After two hours we were on Cebu airport. The plane landed and I got down. Thank Goodness I still get my mask. I wore it on and went to the nearby cheap shopping area.
I took a skirt, slipper and blouse. I quickly change into it and put my dress and heels in a nylon including the purse and bracelets.
I comb my hair and put it in a ponytail. I hieve a sigh of relief. I got out and got in a taxi to my area.
It was almost 7PM. I got down and went inside. U was creeping to enter just then I heard a voice.
Where have you been Anika? Mother ask and I quickly gather tears in my eyes.
I slip the nylon behind me to avoid be ask. Mother I’m sorry. After selling the rice cake I was left with two pieces but a thief came by and stole it including the basket,so I had to chase him I said.
She scoff. Where is my remaining money? She asked. Here is it I said stretching forth my hands to her.
She collected it. You will have to find a part time job to buy a new basket she said.
Yes mother, I said going to my room. Phew, that was close, I said. Anika come put my favorite Tv show on mother shouted.
Oh mine this is not happening. I heard that Alexa is show casing new life cream today. The show will be on the television my mother said.
What will I do? What will I do? Gosh… I went to the breaker in our kitchen and off the whole electricity.
What? Mother shouted and I run back to the room. What is it mother? I ask.
The electric just finished and I don’t have money to paid the bills she said and I chuckled.
I picked up my old phone that Caroline give me. 20 missed calls from her. I decided to call her back. Hi sis, I said.
Guess what Anika? She asked. What is it? You know I’m bad at guessing, I said.
I swear you have a twins. The unknown model today is just like you but she’s more beautiful then you . I mean you can’t reach her level.
She’s way too classy and milky to be you. I think miss Linda left her in the hospital and some rich couples took care of her, she said and I don’t know but I felt little bad because my best friend see me like that.
Um is that so? I’m so sleepy now. Just from selling and I’m tired good night, I said hanging up on her.
I thought things like that doesn’t matter to her. I look at myself. I’m I that dirty and ugly?
I look at the heels , earrings, bracelet,chain and dress that was in the nylon.
I’m gonna return all these some day including the money when I’m opportune to go to manila.
I went to James room and kiss him good night. I roll the duvet over him.
Sweet dreams little brother. I’m gonna work hard and make you eat three squares of meals one of these days,I said going back to my own room.
I laid my head on my mattress and fall asleep.
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved©

Anika POV cont
I jump up from my bed. What? This is my widest dream ever. I mean Bryan is my crush. He’s every girl crush but I didn’t think that much of him.
Why will I even dream like that? I dreamt Bryan and I begin hubby and wifey but the temptation was just so much but yet we was so cute.
I got up from bed. Today is Saturday so James will help me fix the beads while I weave the mat
I still remember that I own mother one basket but she’s too expensive.
I don’t wanna use much of that money so paying it back won’t give me a hard time.
I got up and wash my face. Mother and James was still sleeping though.
I hurrily wash our clothes. I later went to the kitchen and prepared rice pudding.
I serve breakfast on the table and eat mine. I begin to weave the mat.
Mrs Linda POV
I watch as Anika begin to weave the mat. Many people think I hate my own daughter. Even I used to hate her because her father die saving her.
She always dreamed of becoming a model that’s why I always watch Alexa performing in that way she will followed. Though I hate her career.
When Anika was just three years old, she wore a very tall heels because I used to be a beauty queen.
She was modelling in the heels when she went out of the house because she’s a cute adorable baby who want people to watch her when she’s modelling.
She didn’t realize a car was coming to hate her before her father push her off the room. She suffer major injures because of the push.
Her memory was erase but he did not stop protecting his hard headed little girl.
It was one day she was modelling for him and samiler thing happened and he did not survive it while she went into coma.
I never forgive her but I still do love her.
I told her to stay away from that Caroline girl but she refused. Caroline is bad news. Four different occasions Anika was almost rape.
She was kidnap and I had to sell all we own to paid the ransom only because Caroline called her in the dark without being there and she still insist.
She think I don’t like her in which I keep her busy but that’s her own good not to be around that bad news girl.
She sometimes used Anika to make money for her like asking her to dance for her and she will stupidly do it and Caroline will gather the money and give her,her used things.
She don’t know how she’s attracted to men already and I’m scare.
You can’t talk sense into Anika. She always object things considering that bad news girl.
Its so hard to talk to her about Caroline.
She has already left for the market. She’s my only daughter and I don’t want her spoiling or anything happening to her.
I already know in myself that she will be someone important in the future but she just hard to listen.
All she has to do is cut off from bad influence. I just got this feelings that she will do something to break my poor sweet child down.
Oh sweet Jesus I pray for that to not happened. I sign the cross. Oh virgIn Mary guard my daughter..
Alexa POV
I can’t believe some unknown girl had to steal my spotlight. I off the television. I took my phone and call my daddy.
He answer at once. Daddy why is it Bryan hasn’t seen me yet? I ask.
He will be with you soon sweetheart. Okay dad.. Love you,I said hanging up…
Just then the door to my room open. Mrs Salvador walk in classyly..
Mom, I said faking a tears when she enter. Oh my dear beautiful Alexa, she said pulling me into a hug.
I’m so sorry sweetheart, she said wipping my tears. Mom Bryan doesn’t love me. He he, he just doesn’t care mom.
He didn’t even look for me, I said. Calm down Alexa. I have a plan, she said and I smile inward.
What is it mom? I ask her. You will be staying with Bryan from today. You should make show he get you pregnant and bring me a grandchild and he’s gonna love you forever, she said and I didn’t know when I hug her.
Why didn’t I think about this every since?
Thanks mom. You’re the best, I said. The doctor said he will discharge you today so you go home and get your things over to Bryan house, she said and I nodded.
I will see you after work, she said kissing my forehead.
She left my room and I was happy to the extent I begin to jump on the bed.
I called the doctor in and he discharged me. Bryan mother has already paid my bills. She’s such a sweet woman. She’s my god mother.
She begin to pay more attention to me when my mother pass away.
Sometimes I regret the plans of my dad because of her and I have already fallen in love with Bryan.
I’m so confused now.
I went home and pack my things. My driver drove me to Bryan Mansion. I got down and walk into the living room. The maids greeted me but I ignored them.
They are not worth my breath. I couldn’t enter his room cause it was lock.
Hey bring me slice fruits, I told one of the maids.
I bounce on the sofa and begin to surf the internet. I can’t believe this girl has so many fans then me.
I’m the hottest her so how come? The maid brought the fruit and I begin to eat it slowly.
What are you doing in my brother house? I heard a voice. Its the stupid kid Rosie.
I got up. Oh darling Rosie. How have you been? How was your trip? Come sit. Tell me all about it, I said pulling her down.
That’s not the question Alexa, She said and I scoff within. You see mom ask me to move in with Bryan to bond with him. Our wedding is in a month time, I said.
What? Does Bryan know about this or mom just make a reckless decision?!!! She shouted.
Calm down darling. Its only right for an adult to be together before marriage as to know each other better, I said.
Well I’m spending time with my brother and I don’t think you mind leaving until I’m out Alexa.
I want time alone with my brother I don’t need a second party, she said.
I got irritated by the little girl words. Look little girl, I don’t think you get it. Bryan is my husband now so you got to deal with it.
Why don’t you go get yourself a life huh?
Shut the Fuck up Alexa. He’s mine brother not yours. He doesn’t even like you.
I don’t like you either. I mean nobody does, she said. I got angry and rise my hands to slap her and she grab my hands and held it tight.
Let this be the first and the last time you rise your hands on me. My brother never rise his hands on me so you have no right, she said.
Just then Bryan enter. What’s going on here? Bryan asked. Bryan babe, your little just insulted me. Not that alone she slaps me, I said crying…. Bryan look at me and look at Rosie.