✍️✍️✍️✍️ Love Of My Life -- By Aaliyah Anderson ✍️✍️✍️✍️

( Fire and ice )
By Aaliyah Anderson
Genre: Hate , betrayal,love

Bryan Salvador The wealthiest and most handsome guy in the whole of Philippians. Girls flocks over him. He has a set of hazel eyes and a pink and amazing lips that every girl dream to kiss. He’s about family, prestige/ class. He’s stone hearted. Never been in love before. He’s the business type. Has many companies all over the world
He doesn’t love the poor. He despite them. He see them as a incurable disease that he don’t wanna get effected by. Like the saying goes, the rich wanna get richer.
A marriage was arranged for him with an investor daughter without knowing she and he family is a scammer. Now his cosmetics company need a face for his product and the model got hit by a car.(Accident)
The manager without knowing or asking Anika for her identity just held her by her hands and dress her up and clean her skin with their products.
Fans was wow.. Is this the daughter of the Philippians? She might be. Why we didn’t see or hear about her.. Her beauty pass that of a goddess. Her pictures was taken for advertisement.
Without even asking Bryan And his family invited her for lunch. She was so scare. Her mom will kill her when she’s late. She bash her long natural lashes. Sir I must leave now she sweetly.
Her voice was so memorizing and he wish to hear it often. He fall madly in love before finding out she’s poor. By then they both already made a mistake as they both already made love.
His mom hated her as she felt Anika scam the family. The poor is really a uncureable disease.
What will happen if Bryan Finds out that Anika is so poor. Will he break what he stands for? Or he will break up with her.

Love of my life
( Fire and ice )
By Aaliyah Anderson

All rights reserved

Chapter 1
Anika POV
Do your work on time.
Prepared James for school.
Sell the market and gosh…
I’m just so tired. I’m hoping to get a day out but gosh. I some How wonder if mother is actually my mother.
Oh prepared food .. I forgot that one. How silly I’m. I’m Anika Veneers. Cebu princess. I know right? I called myself their princess because I’m the best dancer in the whole of Cebu.
James hurry up. We are gonna missed the Jevee. I shouted over my voice. I’m sorry sister, he said coming out. Look at my little brother. Isn’t him dashing? I asked and he chuckled.
I carry him out and put him in the jevee and went back home. Now I’m supposed to go the the market and sell the rice cake
I look at the time. Oh mine. Its time for my favorite commercial. I put on the television and sat down comfortably. It was model Alexa.
She’s just so sweet and sir Bryan product is so expensive making her skin flawless. I look at my own skin. Aww so rough. Who I’m I kidding? My skin is the softest.
The Salvador beauty is the best cosmetic products in the whole Philippians. I dream of seeing Bryan Salvador one of these days.
He’s my crush. Rumors around saying he and Alexa are lovers. The two look so sweet together. I close my eyes and begin to imagine Bryan and I together.
Hours later
Wake up Anika. I can’t believe you left the house messy up. What where you thinking you slept off huh? Mother shouted almost giving me a heart attack..
I’m sorry mother.. I reply shakenly. She look at me angrily and I run out of her sight thinking about her next move. I can’t believe it. Whenever she gives that eyes, a bucket of water will be waste on you..
How wasteful is that. I was actually dreaming about my prince charming. He’s just so wealthy and so arrogant and a saddist
So mean and handsome and grumpy. I left for Caroline house. My best friend actually. Pisst…. I said from her window. She smile when she saw me. I dare not enter. Her mother will kill me or say as I quote: Caroline, still away from Anika.
She’s bad news and not your type. You should be friends with girls your class not a poor witch. That’s her saying. I blink a tears thinking about that.
Caroline is indeed a best friend. I waited under her window. She later came out with a nylon which contains food. I hurrily eat up.
Take your time Anika. You will choke she said and I smile. I ate all the food and drunk a sachet of water.. You know, when I finally become a model, I will buy you a car, I said to Caroline who just laugh.
Eat up now, she said. I’m coming back, she said going inside. She later came out with a shopping bag. I open it and saw clothes and cream including deodorant.. This is much. I can’t accept all these, I said.
Take it. Besides they are my use clothes. She said. Okay, I said holding it in my hands. I’m still scare to go home.
Writer POV
Salvador cosmetics was very quiet. Sometimes the employees wonder while Mr Salvador decided to still to his cosmetics company instead of all his companies.
Hurry up!!!, miss Pinky shouted at the sanitation teams. I mean Bryan is allergy to dirt also. The floor was weep clean and sanitize.
His employees was properly dress. They all had their hand in a bun not messy.
Outside the company a white Mercedes Benz was pack. The security open the door of the car and out came Bryan. He was neatly dress in his blue suit. His hair was neatly arranged on his head.
He took his shades off. He catwalk inside slowly as his security and some important staff follow him.
Good morning sir, his employees who was all standing straight greeted. As usual, he didn’t answer…
Bryan POV
I walk inside and put my things down. Tell me, how’s New life face going? I asked my Secretary. Sir, Alexa has been using the cream and soap of New life.
We have seen changes. Her skin is so moist and flawless. I tell you, she’s as beautiful as ever, he said dreamly.
You’re dismissed.. I said and he walk out. Few minutes later my door barge open. The person that enter had a mask on.
What are you doing here? I asked knowing it was Alexa. I missed you Bryan, she said removing her mask.
You’re not supposed to be in public till the due date. We need to know how the products work.
You won’t have the sun affecting your skin, I said trying to hold my temper since she’s my soon to be wife.
Bryan babe, can we go out? You’re so busy with work. I mean you have to limit the work since we will so be getting marry.
You have to make time for me she said. Alexa, as you can see. I’m pale up with work. You see, I have to make enough money.
Now go back home and rest. You’re a public figure and you don’t want the reporters barging you with questions.. I will tell my driver to drive you home, I said.
I divert my attention from her and begin to go through some paperwork.
I heard the sound of her heels vacating my office. I sigh and continue my work. Such a girl.
Just then my office open again. Alexa, I think you should be home by now? I asked. That’s too fast. I mean I just saw her going out, a voice sounded.
I chuckle knowing it was Justin, my best friend. Hey dude, he said smiling. Wassup J? Been a long time. Where have you been? I asked barging him with so many questions.
Los Angeles, he said. On a business trip he added. I know, on a woman business trip, I said.
He chuckled. Heard that you’re getting marry sooner, he said. Yeah, wanna make it right man, I said. Are you show about your decision?
I mean you don’t seem happy. Firstly you’re not even in love with the girl man. He added. This is not about love Justin. That … it just doesn’t exist.
Every girl is about the money, frame and the power. Its just a collaboration, I said sitting down. He sigh.
I might be a womanizer, but I care about you and your happiness. Marriage is not a joke man. Girl like Alexa will want more from you.
Imagine you doesn’t even have time for yourself. Visiting one company from the other.. I hope you think over it Bryan, he said.
Look whose talking, I said trying to change the topic.
Alexa POV
Dammit Bryan, I curse drinking carefully from my glass. I’m just so stress out now. The wedding between Bryan babe and I is something I so much wish for but my dad wish is kinda complicated.
I mean I kinda have a feelings for him. This been my dream since we were kids.
All my plans in seducing him to get him to get me pregnant is a waste. Total waste but I always get what I want.
I pick my phone and call my dad. He answer at once.
dad, can you make Bryan have lunch with me later?
Consider it done sweetheart
Thanks dad, you’re the best. Love you bye
I hang up and smile. Bryan you’re mine so you better start getting use to that.. I said smiling.
You’re indeed a queen Alexa, Ruby said and I smile. I always get what I want I said returning the smile to her..
I flap my hair behind. Ruby you can make our reservation at the Royal grand hotel, I said.
Okay queen Alexa. She replied. Ruby between the both of us whose more beautiful? I asked her.
You’re queen Alexa, She said. Good you know your position. Now leave, I said. Ruby is my only friend. Though she’s a governor daughter but he’s not rich near Bryan little finger.
As the future wife of Bryan babe, I’m beautiful then all girls and they are not allow to reach below my level.