✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love Episode 57, 58, 59 And 60 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 57*

Eduado: sir i know them they are two.

Johnson: mention their names and stop beating around the bush!

– He commanded.

– Eduado: its Mr. Titus and another young man like that.

Police 1: what’s his name?

Eduado: i don’t really know.

Police 2: another thing Mr. Man, you have to provide us the address of those kidnappers, eduado: okay.

– He then told them the address.

After the police men had written and taped every thing he said, they left to process their information.

Not long after they left, Sandra came in.

She ran straight to Edward and gave him a very tight hug.

At least to show that she is very happy for his return.

Anita suggested that they should go to the bar together that night.

Edward wanted to accept but his father and sister bluntly refused

. Infact, they prohibited him from leaving the house because they were more conscious of his safety.

Edward has to comply with his family’s request.


Evening the following day, Mr. Johnson was busy discussing with his son when he got a phone call from the DPO who informed him that they have arrested all the kidnappers.

They are now in the police custody right now.

Mr. Johnson was really happy to hear that. He promised to be the there the following day.


it was a hectic day Mr. Titus after speaking to his lawyer the very day who assured him that all is well and that the case is under control, he went back to his office and as soon as he sat down, the memories of how he encountered Edward at Mr. Johnson’s office flashed back his mind. If that guy’s really alive, that means he him self is in deep and big trouble.

He began to pray let it be an imagination and not the reality.

Suddenly a strange hard knoke began to bang the door like a big drum with out rhyme. he was terrified at that kind of knoke because no one has ever knoked at his door like that . . Just then a loud harsh voice followed the knoke saying: will you open this door now!

– Mr. Titus stood up went straight to the door and opened it.

He was very surprise to see three police men standing in front of his office.

– Police 1: sir, you are under arrest.

Mr. Titus: guys for what?

Police 2: for kidnapping and Murder.

Mr. Titus: what! No no no, officers i can’t be arrested, i didn’t do any thing!

Police 1: You got to explain when you reach the station.

Mr. Titus: i said, i can’t be arrested!!!

Police: keep hesitating but know that any more words from you would be used against you.

– Then he kept calm as the police men locked his hands and lead him to the van.

* * Edward was having good time with the movie he was watching when his dad came in with three hefty men.

– Edward: dad who are these men with you?

Johnson: don’t worry son, those are your new body guard.

Edward: body guard????? Did i tell you that i need any? Johnson: don’t be stubborn son. I know you must be feeling boring of being at home all day so that is why i hired them to excult you where ever you need to go.

Edward: its true i am bored being at home dad, but you don’t have bother your self about securing me. Johnson: shut up son. Its a must. For your information, you would be resuming work form next week.

Edward: (smiling) wow, that’s nice. Okay i agree with every thing you said.,


Back at the police station, Johnson went there to see how their enemies is doing. The kidnappers had confessed that it was Mr. Titus and one other young man that hired them to kidnap Edward but the truth is that non of them knew the name of the other man...

*❤All For Love👏
 – Episode 58*

Mr. Titus was arrested, and forwarded to court.

His case was too strong that he have at admit that he is guilty.

He told them the truth because he planned every thing with him.

He told them that every thing about Edward’s kidnapping was planned by Him and Dandy.

He also told the cops where to find him but unfortunately for them, they did not find him there.

He had already ran away. His picture was broadcasted and declared



Dandy already knew that their is fire on the mountain so he has to run run run.

After two weeks of hiding, he got tired and wanted to leave the town.

On the second thought, he thought himself to be a coward and looser for running away though it is the very best idea but he decided not to leave with out shooting Edward himself and make sure that he died right in his present before he can go far away from their country to Kenya.

He only have two days to do that so he set at work immediately because the earlier the better.

He put on his strange big hat with a very big eye glasses and unusual jacket.

So that no one will ever realise it was him

. He drove down his car to ewards office.


Edward was busy in his office (he had already resumed work

. ) he was busy going through a document when his secretary called he picked up and she informed him to get ready for an important visitor.

He balanced well for visitor but on second thought, he began to wonder who the important visitor could be.

He prayed for it to be to the person he would be happy to meet.

As he kept on thinking, he heard a knoke at the door.

Edward: yes, come in.

– He commanded.

he was very surprised at the person that had just matched in.

He wondered why he got to be seeing that person again.

He thought even in his after world he might never get to see the resemblance of that face again.

To stop beating around the bush, it was Rose and truth be told that He was in no way expecting her again.

His surprise was obviously written all over his face.

He did not say a single word like wise she.

They stared at each other silently for a couple of minute before Edward broke the silent by asking some how with a little anger dictated in his sentence

– Edward: what are you doing here?

– his countenance was confused.

Previously, he used to be angry with her following the pains he passed through because of her and her father.

Presently, don’t know the kind of face or aptitude to put on.

He don’t know whether to be angry for what he had gone through or be happy seeing a long time friend which he had loved whole heartedly again. . Although it has been years but he can never forget that her bright charming eyes which was some how making an effect on her.
out side the company’s building, dandy jumped down from his car, he hid his pistol under his trouser and covered it with his cloth.

He penetrated forward to the gate.

Then he peeped in through an open space in the gate.

There he saw three hefty armed men.

Ofcourse he can’t face those men then he steped back and canceled the idea of going in there.


Rose remained adamant.

She did not say any thing.

Her face was filled with sadness.

She is not her self lets just know what she came for.

– Edward: i said, what are you looking for!

– he asked raising his voice after waiting fruitlessly for her reply.

Now she went over to him, tears began to drop from her eyes as she knelt down before him..

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 59*

Rose: (crying) please Edward, i beg of you please i hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and my father.

If you can’t forgive me, i will accept it but i beg you should forgive my father.

He had suffered enough.

– Edward was more provoked with her request. And that made Him shout at her.

– Edward: if that is what you came for, i am sorry you won’t get it.

Am not forgiving any one be it you or your father.

Rose: in a little harsh tune.) can’t you pity the old man

. He had suffered enough in the police cell for two months. Don’t you have a heart?

Edward: i accept, i don’t have a heart. But did your father have a heart after the numerous beating i got from him and his men? Did he know he is an old man while doing all those to me?

Rose: please forget the past.

Edward: i can’t and honestly, i won’t. He killed my mum, he burnt down our house including all the property inside it. He kidnapped me.

. Just tell me why i should have mercy on him? Rose: you have a very good reason to do that!

Edward: how dear you shout at me!

Rose: i am sorry

. Pls understand. Don’t send my father to jail. please, i beg of you.

Edward: he even deserve more. He deserve to die!

Rose: how could you be so heartless like this?

Edward: when your father and your boy friend was doing all of those atrocities, did you on earth tell them that they are heartless. Look rose, i must get my revenge no matter what. So i can live in peace and not in pieces.

– There rose who has been kneeling in tears stood up angrily and said.

– Rose: did you know that you owe me! And my payment is that you release my father.

Edward: i did not owe you any thing!

Rose: if with out me you would have died

Edward: shut that your dirty mouth!! Lair!!!!

Rose: go and ask eduado, i treated you free of charge in the hospital. Did you know what it took me to do that? The payment is that you should release my dad.

– Edward was really surprise at what she just said. Yes He had long been pondering on who the unknown female doctor that treated him free was. He has concluded he will reward the kind hearted doctor very well but knowing now that it was Rose weaked his soul. What could he do? Should he release the old man?
*👏All for Love ❤️
– Episode 60*

Rose was still expecting Edward to say some thing but Just then, Anita walked into the office.

She did not even bother or cared if Edward was in there with someone before planting a kiss on his both cheek.

– Anita: hy dearest how is work today?

Edward: smiling) going smoothly my sweet heart.

– He replied. Rose could not stand their conversation she has no other option than to leave them in peace

. She walked away from the office disgushedly. .

Anita: who is she?

Edward: she is …. Just forget about her. .

Anita: hope she is not a threat?

Edward: yes of course!

– He said then planted a kiss at her fore head.

– Anita: its been months now when we last spend time together.

Edward: its true.

Anita:, so i’m suggesting we go out today.

Edward: oh sweet heart, can’t that wait till tomorrow. I have many important business deal to deal with today.

Anita: okay then, promise?

Edward: yeah its a promise i must fulfill. I will come to your house and pick you up. He said as he planted a kiss on her fore head again


Rose went to the police station to see her dad and when he was permitted to see her, the both of them got to talk together.

Rose was already in tears seeing the condition of her father. .

Mr. Titus: did he agree to release me?

– He asked with a deepened sad voice.

– Rose: (still in tears) no. He is no longer the Edward i used to know. He now has a stone heart. Which is located at his back.

Mr. Titus: i caused it. I will learn to accept my fate. I am the reason why his mother died and also behind his kidnapping which almost took his life. I have a reason to spend the rest of my life in jail.

Rose: dad, i know you did too many wrongs. I know they were out of ignorant. So don’t talk like that. I will do all i can to get you out of here.

Mr. Titus: don’t worry daughter. I have already accepted my fate. All i need is for those i have wronged to forgive me. So i can be in peace if maybe i happened to die tomorrow.

Rose: tomorrow??? Dad don’t talk like that please.

– She said now crying aloud as she held him tightly.

* The next day, as promised.

Edward went and picked Anita up as the both of them headed to a bar together where they will have a good time together.

On their way, a car overtook them with speed and blocked them.

Immediately, a masked man jumped down from the car and pointed a gun at them.

Edward and his girl friend was scared to the marrow he threw both of his hand up in the air as Anita began to sub.

The mask man said triumphically and laugh as well: hahaha! How sure are you to think you can eliminate me.

I think it time for you to die finally.

Then the next thing heard was a gun shot

* *