✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love ❤️ Episode 61, 62, 63 And 64 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 61*

Dandy cried out in agony as his gun fell off his hand.

He couldn’t believe it, he thought he had finally arrived at his destination but too far.

He is just realising that his mission was only just beginning.

Nevertheless, Edward’s guards did a very good job.

They arrived at the right time.

Honesty, the fact was that Edward declined the idea of being followed by any body call it body guard or any thing.

So that is the main reason he doesn’t allow them to go out with him on some occasions.

Already, the guards has been paid in sumptuous for their service so weather he did liked it or not, its their duty to protect him.

They follows him strictly unknown to him and which made matters so surprise for him.

Back to the main topic.

Dandy picked his gun immediately and took to his heels.

Edwards guards ran after him but too bad for them, they couldn’t get him.

More so, Edward was very grateful for their service.

He did not skip thanking them each qualified minute.

Soon, the news of what happened spread abroad like a wild fire.

It was currently the talk of the town.

Investigation was all around as no one recognised the face of the criminal.


More so, dandy decided to leave the country immediately to avoid any further problem although he had an injured hand.

Titi, the girl hiding him did a very good job in caring for him and treating his wound.

The next day, he jumped into his car after a farewell to Titi then he headed toward the airport as scheduled.

But on the way, their was a huge go-slow. He got stock in the traffic he did not know the cause.

. As soon as his car goes near, he realise that the police men was investigating the drivers and their passengers.

And the worst one was that they had his photograph.

He began to think fast on what to do because he knows that if he wait till his turn, then he is ending up in jail.

And their is no way he could turn back because their is so many cars behind him.

* it was now a car remaining for his (Dandy) to be inspected, after thinking so hard on what to do, he desided to leave the car there so he got off the car turning back and penetrating futher down the road, a hard voice barked at him, ” STOP THERE OR I SHOOT”

* *

As Edwards car pull out of the gate here he saw her again, and getting off the car he asked arrogantly

– Edward: what the hell did you want again?

Rose: what will it take out of you to release my father. He has suffered enough. Why can’t you believe that he had changed.

Edward: nothing can change the fact that he is behind the death of my beloved mother!

Rose: (she started shading fresh tears) please, i beg of you.

Edward: i don’t have time to waste talking to you. As you can see, i was called up for an emergency. See you later. He said then jumped back into the car as his driver drove off in speed.

He got to the venue.

By then people have already crowded making up one story or the other.

He squeezed him self amidst of the crowd to find his way through.

There was the armed police men gathered round a corpse.

”Sir, did you identify this man?”

a police man asked

– Edward: i do.

He is Dandy.

– Edward was more than surprise to see him in that state.

And now atlast he can have a cool life.

He now have to eat his meal and drop his plate.

More over, the police men explained every thing to him.

How he tried to escape and how he got into the terrible accident.

They chase him after recognising that he is the terrorist being wanted.

Being a sturborn man , he refused to surrender, he had nearly escaped when unfurtunately for him, got crushed by a lorry as he tried to cross the road with speed.

Not long, the news spread like a wild range of fire. It was currently the talk of the town.


”For the case of murder andg kidnapping, you are here by sentenced to life imprisonment!”

the chief judge declared.

More tears ran down the face of both father and daughter.

Mr. Titus regretted every thing he did in the past.

He did wish he could be given a second chance to amend his past but no one was willing to grant his wish.

It was obviously clear to him that he would be spending the rest of his life in jail.

What a world.

As he was draged by two police men, he eyes caught Edward who had been staring at him.

He began to shout calling him.

– Mr. Titus: Edward please i need to have a word with you.please just a minute. Please i badly needs to talk to you. Grant me the favour please!
*❤All For Love👏 
– Episode 62*

Edward who was in the midst of his family and friend segregated him self from them and went near to Mr. Titus who was draged coercively by the police men with his daughter behind.

– Edward: what did you want to tell me?

– He asked when he was near enough for conversation.

His face was frowned, and his appearance obviously telling he was in no mood to grant any favourable request from him. Actually, he called to make a request he did wish to be granted.


. Titus: I know i have offended you. But i really wish you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and my mistakes. I am not asking you to release me. But you should forgive me please.

Edward: (still putting on an ugly long face) as for forgiveness, i have done that long ago. But you must receive your punishment.

Mr. Titus: thanks alot. I know how you feel.

– Then Edward turned around to move away from them then he shouted again.

– Mr. Titus: please one more thing! Edward stopped and turned around as Anita joined them.

– Edward: what is it this time?

– Mr. Titus kept mute for sometime starring at Anita who was playing with Edwards finger.

– Edward: what again. – He asked again

. Then his eyes connected with that of rose whose eyes was reddish.

. He began to feel guilt of what she is going through. But the truth is that their was no way he was going to grant her request because it’s late already. The final judge has been given. He began to remember their time together. First when he spoke to her in the class during the valintine day back in secondary school. How they both won the dancing competition that day, how they did planed their future together, how she did took care of him in the hospital and last how his mother died. Fresh tears rushed down his eyes as he disconnected his eyes from hers. He searched for his handkerchief and cleaned his eyes immediately.

– Edward: what is it? Don’t keep me waiting! He shouted at him.

Mr. Titus: i regretted every thing i did. I know i was very wicked selfish and greedy but i did regret it all.

Edward: where is your words heading to?

Mr. Titus: d..d.d did you still love my daughter?

*👏All For Love❤️
 – Episode 63*

Mr. Titus: did you still love my daughter?

The outmostphere changed immediately.

Edward looked very surprise, Rose shy and Anita annoyed.

The question stabbed anita’s heart.

Her face lock as she gave a deadly look to Mr.titus.

She yelled at him immediately.

Anita: what sort of rubbish question is that? Instead of thinking on how you will be spending the rest of your life in jail, you are busy thinking of the kind of trick to play again.

– Then she dragged Edward by the hand and they began to walk away but Mr. Titus held him and said.


. Titus: i know i was very stupid, i was very mad and crazy. I did all of that not her. I know you still loves her. Please don’t pure down your anger on her.(then he began to sob. Edward kindly removed his left hands from him then said to him angrily.

Edward: yes, i do love your daugther.

— Anita grew red with anger.

She opened a wide eyes to him and he responded with a stylish smile.

How ever, he continued

— Edward: but that was then. I now have a fiance who i love so dearly. I really want to spend the rest of my life with her. I got to be going ahead

. Take care of your self in Jail.

— with that They left. Mr. Titus and his daughter Rose could not stop crying and weeping over there misfortune.

Had he known he would end up like this, he wouldn’t have acted like a jerk. .

Two days later, Edward was busy in his office when a knoke was heared on his office door. He reluctantly gave the person permission to come in.

To his surprise again, it was Rose.

She was wearing a red gown and putting on black stillettoes.

Her hand bag was black beautifully made and she really appear to be very beautiful.

Edward couldn’t believe his eyes, her beauty and make up was so alluring.

In fact it is one million and one rate.

He did a comparison check up between her and his fiancee in his mind.

Its obvious that she was much more beautiful than anita his fiancee.

If not for all that had happened, he would have gone of to her and give her a passionate kiss.

But then, action brings reaction and conditions changes people just like it bends crayfish

– Edward: what may i do for you miss ?

– He asked haphazardly.

-Rose: is that how to welcome a visitor.

. An old friend precisely?

-She asked with smile

-Edward: what do you mean by that,?

Rose: you haven’t even offered a seat.

Edward: why should i do that. I wonder who opened the door for you to come in here to claim being a visitor and a friend. .

Rose: Edward! Is that how you now behave? I guess you are no longer the Edward i used to know. .

Edward: you are wright. The Edward you used the know died with his mother and this is now a new Edward. He don’t smile, he dont laugh, he doesnt show mercy he is the most arrogant personality on earth. What again am i forgetting? (she just stared at him adamantly, and then he asked when he was sure enough she is not ready to talk) and what are you here for?

Rose: i came to see you.

Edward: (calmly) for what

Rose: because… Because… I still thinks about you.

Edward: what did you mean? Weren’t you the one the broke up with me?

Rose: i did that for your safety believe me. I loves you. – Then immediately Anita who had been listening to their conversation at the door for a while angrily rushed inside on hearing her last statement.

Anita: …….
*❤All For Love👏
 – Episode 64*

Anita: what the Damn rubbish are you talking about. Are you trying to steal my lover away from me?

– She shouted pointing an accusing finger at her.

Rose ignored her shouting and focused on Edward who was feeling nervous about the situation.

– Rose: please Edward believe me. I did not break up with you intentionally

. I ran away on my wedding day because i hope to be with you when all the storms are over.

. Please i love you.

—- Her last word impacted another blow in anita’s head.

She could not control her anger any more, so she gave her a very dirty slap that forced at lease two drops of tear out of her eyes still shouting at her.

Rose could not bear the slap so she slapped back immediately.

And that lead to a fight between them.

Edward rushed to them and separated them.

-Edward: Rose, i think you are no longer welcomed here. Your mission is always to spoil some ones happiness. If i know you came down here to fight my fiancee , i would’t have permitted you in. I think its right time you leave.

– Rose: what did you mean?

Edward: i said you should leave!

Rose: you are not serious

. Are you?

Edward: did you see my teeth?

Rose: just tell me now, right here that you really mean what you said that you no longer loves me. And i will leave and never bother to see or speak to you again ever.

Edward: just be on your way, stop asking useless questions.

Rose: but…..

Edward: i said leave!!!!!!! (Edward screamed)

Rose had no other option than to leave with embarrassment.

She went out of the office crying seriously….. Edward huged Anita as soon as she was out of sight.

– Edward: i am sorry for what she did. I swear to arrest her the next time she harass you again.

Anita: that’s why i love you.

— Then within a twinkle of an eye, there lips locked up in kiss.

* * *

Edward did focused him self in pleasing Anita.

He had done some necessary customary rights which should be done on her head like paying her bride prize and the rest of them.

They are now planning on there wedding ceremony and every one was happy about that.

Thomas already had gotten married to Sandra and out of persuasion by every one close to them, Edward was urged to get married to anita ASAP and more over it wasn’t a bad idea for him but the truth remains the truth.

He wasn’t ready to get married at that very period.

Maybe he wasn’t deeply inlove with her or he haven’t gone over Rose.

Which ever it may be, but he did all out of persuasion.

Just a two weeks to their wedding, he was with Anita discussing on how the family of both of them would look like.

Edward pinched her nose playfully and said.: how many children are we going to be expecting?

Anita: for me, i need three. Two girls, and a boy

Edward: huh? Why not a basket ball team

Anita: what?

Edward: eehe

– just then anita’s phone interrupted their conversation.

She picked the phone the number was not registered but she went ahead and answer the call.
A male voice answerd.

– Anita: hello who am i speaking with?

Caller: hello sweet heart its been a long Time.

Anita: please who am i speaking with?.

Caller: so anita you _mean you have forgotten me!_

  • Anita: i am some how to confused. Just put me through. Who are you?

Caller: its someone you told you will spend your life with.