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*❤All For Love👏
 – Episode 53*

They turned back immediately in unism to know who said that because they were giganticly surprise at the voice.

It was very familiar to the both beyond the shadow of doubt, they turned out to be 100% surprise, terrified and afraid when they saw Edward with and two other men walking majestically into the office.

It was even obvious that their eyes opened wide as well as their mouth and nose.

Out of fright, they shouted in unism


‘ then they took to their heels and ran away from the office like rat being chased by a cat.

Even the staffs who hid under their table forgot about the fright and began to laugh on seeing the both respected men shouting and running like a thief.


Edward could not stop laughing at the kind of show his dad and his enemy HAD presented.

Eduado and Lawrence kept laughing aswell.

– Eduado: your dad can easily be frightened.

Edward: they all must have thought that i died.

Eduado: yes, i did a good job in keeping the secret.

Edward: sure for you.

Eduado: remember, its for the sake of my best friend Matthew.

– Then Edward stopped laughing, he frowned his faced before down and then he asked.

– Edward: but you haven’t told me how he died.

Eduado: i promise to tell you when the time comes. I think its getting nearer.

Edward: okay its your choice

Eduado: more so i need your help or mercy although i may not merit it after all.

Edward: i have already forgiven you for saving me

. You have no problem at all.

Eduado: thanks alot

Edward: i think i am the one to be thanking you.

Eduado: thanks.

. i think we should be going now.

Edward: where are we going to now since they are calling me a ghost?

Eduado: with time, they will understand.

Edward: how?

Lawrence: so are you backing off now?

Eduado: don’t tell me you have loosed hope already?

Edward: okay i did not! So where are we going now? To my house?

Eduado: to your house ofcourse

Edward: alright. Lets wait till night so we can meet them at dinner.

Lawrence: jokely) hunger hunger man, see you, you are interested in food.

Edward: please i mean what i said, i don’t want to crack jokes.

– Then he stood up and they walked out of the office.

*** *******

Mr. Titus went to his office after the incident so nervous and tensed up breathing very hard. Dandy opened the door and walked in to be obviously surprised to see him in such a state of condition.

– Dandy: what is wrong with you sir?! He questioned

Mr titus: (breathing very high and walking around the office in the same time) i don’t know, it may be my imagination but the fact is that we really saw Edward today!

– Dandy regenerated to be very more surprise. He could not withstand his anger on hearing Edward’s name.

– Dandy: is it really Edward you saw or his ghost?

Mr. Titus: i don’t know, he spoke to me and we ran away on seeing him.

Dandy: you and who saw him and what did he told you.

Mr titus: i was in his fathers office when he came in. His father even ran away with me.

Dandy: so what did he said to you?

Mr. Titus: he said that he has enough evidence to make me spend the rest of my life in jail

Dandy: what!!! .

He really can’t believe it.

He began to even look down on Mr titus in his mind that he was a very big coward that he did not even wait to know if he really is alive or not.

By the way he said in deep anger.

– Dandy: Edward whether its your ghost or not, i am warning that you should stay off. Infact i must find out if you really die or not and if certain that you are alive, i swear on my blood to kill you my self.

Mr. Titus just stood aside looking at him disgushedly as he brought out his phone to call Andy.


toward 6.00pm, Edward and co entered a car and stopped at their residence. They walked straight to the gate and knoked.

* you guys should wish our dear Edward a happy resurrection day..
*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 54*

Mr. Johnson was still in the shock of what he saw earlier, her daughter notice his mood and asked.

– Nikkei: hey dad, whats wrong with you?

Johnson: Nik, you won’t understand.

. My eyes has seen my ears today.

Nikky: getting surprise.) dad what did you mean?

Johnson: all through my life, i have never seen a ghost before apart from today!

Nikky: i don’t understand you dad!

Johnson: i saw Edward! He walked into my office today!

– Nikky change on hearing the name Edward,.

– Nikky: you really mean you saw Edward? What did he say.

Johnson: i just ran away as soon as i saw him!

Nikky: what! Dad are you alright?, you did not wait for him to tell you the reason why he left his grave and came to you!

Johnson: shut up! Its because you are not the one that saw him!

Nikky: i mean it dad! YoU should have…..

– Then a knoke interrupted them.

She went ahead to open the door and was too surprise to see the 3 set of men standing at the door.

She recognised one of them very very well.

She staggered back on seeing them, her eyes and mouth open wide not knowing what to say already drawning in the sea of surprise.

Edward: nikky! Nikky: Edward.

– She called faintly drawing near to him.

Then Johnson began to move back beat by beat watching the scene in amazement.

Nevertheless, nikky said in tears.

– Nikky: edy why did you have to leave us why?

– Then she began to sub.

Edward felt pity for her some drops of tears ran down his cheek as well

. Edward: i did never die, i am alive.

Nikky became surprise.

Nikky: what! I thought we buried you? What did you mean you are alive

. Edward: we will explain that later, believe me, i am very much alive.

– Mr. Johnson couldn’t believe his ear, so he began to move closer.

Nikky also move closer to him and huged him.

For some minutes, they were still in the hug.

Edwards shoulder was already wetted with her tears.

They broke the hug by the fainting voice of their father.

– Mr. Johnson: Edward!

– – He began to move closer as his daughter said to him.

– Nikkei: dad he is very much alive, he isn’t the one that got burnt!

– Then Johnson ran forward and gave him a very tight hug with tears also.

They got to realise that he was not really a ghost so they were very happy for that.

Infact, Johnson ordered the cook in the house to prepare a very delicious meal for them to celebrate the resurrection of his son which they thought was dead.

Nikky did not even think of moving away from Edward.

Even when he sat down waiting for the meal, she still sat beside him and keep makeing stories with him.

– Nikkei: bro why did you have to go, i really missed you so much.

Edward: i was kidnapped.

Nikky: i know. I wished to die when i thought you died.

Edward: oh don’t wish that because if you had did that, i would kill my self.

Then she hitted him playfully on the head.

Nikky: you are still a naughty boy you use to be.
Edward: never mind, how is every body?

Nikky: how did you expect them to be okay when you have been absent in our lives?

Edward: okay nik i understand but joke apart, how is Thomas and his sister? And their family in the whole?

Nikky: Thomas travelled after your funeral, Anita has been managing and their family is okay. I guess they would be more okay to see or hear that you have returned that we buried another mans corpse.

– Then Johnson joined them after making few phone calls in his room

Mr. Johnson: hey Edward! You have many thing to explain to us to night. Edward: many things like?

Johnson: how you escaped, how you left your diamond and how you survive without our knowledge that we even buried a strange corpse thinking its you.

Edward: okay dad. Me i don’t even have answers to your question but these young men with me do.

He said pointing at Lawrence and eduado who had long been staring and listening to their conversations. – –

*❤All For Love👏 
– Episode 55*

After dinner Johnson summoned the young men (eduado and Lawrence) to explain to them what happened.

At first Eduado was feeling nervous to tell them but Edward gave him his word that nothing will happen to him.

Then he then told them how it went.

– Eduado: i know you must be mad at me to hear the fact. I am one of the kidnappers that kidnapped Edward.

Nikky: WHAT!!!

EDWARD: trying to calm his sister down.) hey nik nik plss listen to him first.

Eduado: it happened that my best friend …..

. – Just then, numerous knokes at the door interrupted them.

Nikky stood up immediately to check whose at the door.

Immediately she opened the door, a group of people banged into the room immediately.

Hhmm, it looks pretty well that every member of armand’s family had journeyed down to their house.

Johnson had called them earlier and told them what happened so they all had to come that night to know if he was really telling the truth or playing a prank on them but honestly, it was never a prank neither is it a joke but frankly the truth.

On seeing Edward, Anita and Thomas rushed immediately to Edward and hugged him tightly at the same time with tears.

The both even began to struggle on who to hug more as they quacked them selves on his body.

Edward became very tired of their hug because it was lasting long and they held him very tightly.

Then he has no other option than to break up the hug.

– Edward: hey tom! I thought they say you traveled

– Thomas: i am just coming back today.

Anita: Edward, why did you have to sacre us?

Edward: i am sorry baby, i am back now.

Anita: don’t you know i felt like dieing

Edward: no no no, you dear not feel like doing that. Had it been you died at my absent, i will finally die too just like what happened to Romeo and Juliet.

– with what he said, every one burst into Laughter

. they celebrated happily that night.

That They even forgot about what Eduado was saying earlier.

Mr. Johnson suggested that he should continue the next day, and moreso a police officer needs to be present as well.

Above all every one was happy.


– revenge at the corner...
*❤All For Love 👏
- Episode 56*

* two police men arrived at the compound of .

Mr. Johnson, he had called them earlier and mandated they should be at his house early in the morning.

So it was obviously clear what they had come for.

Every one took his or her seat in the sitting room waiting to hear about what happened.

Every body including armand’s family who passed the night there was also present.

Now the confession began after the exchange of some greetings.

Eduado was commanded to narrate to them what happened.

– Eduado: i am sorry to admit that i am one of the kidnappers who kidnapped Edward, please forgive me.

I joined the group for money.

– He said and paused looking at them for their forgiveness.

But no one said a word they only nodded giving him sign that he should move on.

Nevertheless, he continued

– Eduado: it happened that my best friend Matthew was incharge of him one particular night i just noticed how close the both were like old friends. At first i didn’t like that, i interrogated him and he assured me that nothing is wrong

. He was just asking him about the wealth of his family. Just on my way to a night party, my boss called me and told me that i should return fast that my friend had escaped with Edward who is our captive

. I knew pretty well what my boss can do so i hurried back not for the call but to save my friend. My boss gave us order that we should go after them, and once we get them we should shoot and burn them to ash. Other gangs was there as well so they ran after them as well as i. But just praying that nothing bad will happen to my friend.

– he began to sob as he remembered what happened that day. Mr. Johnson urged him to continue saying what he was saying other than crying like a baby

-Mr. Johnson: hey man, what is wrong with you? Why doing like a baby borned yesterday? Continue

– then he had no other choice than to continue.

– Eduado: we chased them in the bush till morning then we saw them from far. Others began to shoot at them as they approached. Matthew also shut at us. But too poor for him that bullet caught him. Then Edward continued running and not long, he was shut also. They first executed their planes on Matthew. But before then, he whispered into my ears. He said i should make sure that Edward survives.
. The other goons got Matthew Burnt in the Bush planning to do the same to Edward when we began to hear police van approaching. Soon, they were after us we ran away. I was even surprise that i returned that evening and still found Edward lying unconscious. Then i took him to the hospital although i don’t have the money. I began to pester both my boss and the crime planner to give me the money i worked hard for. But they kept on turning me around. Until i met a female doctor who offered to treat him free of charge but on one condition. That i shouldn’t tell any one that its her that treated him. She did a good and wonderful job restoring Edward who was in critical condition to normal.

– Every one was marvelled in what he said.

Then Edward asked.

– Edward: who really is this doctor? What is her name?

Eduado: it is….( he scratched his head) i have forgotten. I have many things in mind then.

Johnson: another question. Who is it that actually hired your boss? –