馃尮馃尮FANTASY 馃尮馃尮

episode 2

(can we be friends 馃懎)

Kikina pov
I woke up feeling really nervous ,piked my phone up OMG its 10:15am i over slept as i ran into the bathroom am suppose to meet anna by 11am i have only 45 mins to get ready ,i came out of the bathroom went to my second closet picked up a simple short gown and flip flops ,brushed my hair and applied little make up,i went downstairs and meet nana making breakfast ,morning nana ,morning my angel food will soon be served she said ,sorry nana i will eat when i come back i pecked her on her cheeck and walked out ,my guards opened the door for me and i gave my driver the address anna gave to me and told him to take me there,My mind drifted back to nana she been am amazing nanny since i was a kid ,she stood by me even when i lost my parent and she has been my mother ,she has a daughter named clarie and they have been the ones working in the house ,madam we are there the driver said i came down and walked inside the mansion ,i was suprised to see security everywhere and they didnt ask us any question as i walked into the house ,madam please have your seat anna will be with you shortly a maid said and left another one came and asked madam can i offer you anything she said,water wil be fine i replied ,am sorry for keeping your waiting kikina ,anna said as she walked down the stairs i her flay gown and six inches heels she looks pretty ,its okay anna i replied ,have a seat she said and i sat down crossing my legs
Anna pov
Well i invited you here to discuss something private with you can we take a walk arround the house i said ,yes of course kikina replied as we stood up and walked to the side of the house close to a large swimming pool ,well kikina the reason i invited you here was because of the death of your parent well not only your parent mine also were killed that very day too and based on my own personal research they both left the same conference hall together and were killed on their way home ,what are u serious kikina said ,yes i replied and i think if we worked together we can find the culprist faster,wow am so interested kikina said .I have an undercover detective who has been working on this case for long and i think we are close ,i brought out some paper and showed kikina these are the document signed by our both parent on a project they have been working on for long and according to my detective Mr brendan objected to the project and refused to sign, wait the means..

Kikina pov
So you mean Mr Brendan might be behind all this ,wow and nana gave me a briefcase containing some document ,i think that is what he is looking for because those ones are the real copy it all make sense now ,i have to be very careful and watchout everything going on in the company incase he tries to strike from there wow thanks anna i said ,,its nothing my parent to died .We chatted for an Hour and i must say anna is a really fun person ,so anna can we be friends i said yes why not we hugged each other and laughed into nothing i entered my car take me straight to the company ,i think will be having some inspection to do there in the next couple of days i said ,yes ma the driver replied
I walked in my company with greetings
Good day ma
Wellcome ma
i just waved them and headed straight to my office called my PA

馃摓hello maddie i need a report from every head of department in the comany in my office in the next 10mins
馃摓Yes ma
馃摓Ok ma
Soon enough each head of department began knocking bringing in their reports i took my time and go through each of them ,i finished after 3hrs and i was really hungry ,i took my things collected my car keys from the driver dont follow me i told them ,i entered the car and drove to one of the most expensive resturant ,i came down and ran into the resturant before fans could notice me ,i sat down feeling happy with my self and operating my phone
Ma can i take your orders i heard a familar voice i raised my head and behold it was the handsome waiter guy
Wait what is he doing here?
is he stalking me ?
Is he sent by mr brendan.

By Author J
Episode 3(the handsome waiter)
kikina pov cont
what are u doing here again i asked him,am sorry ma for the other day it was a mistake and i got fired because of that so i work here now he said with his face looking sad ,its okay i wasnt looking either the other day and am sorry if you were fired because of me ,take this i said bringing out my card from my purse call me anytime you need help or something okay is said feeling sorry for him ,poor guy it seems his been through so much i thought in my mind ,so ma what your order he said ,well i will have sphagetti and meatball 馃崫馃嵎with a chilled wine i said ,he nodded and left ,minute later he served my food ,thanks u can also order what you want bills on me i said looking at his brown eyes and smooth face and pink lips so tempting wait what am i even thinking i screamed at my inner self ,,,no thank you ma am okay he said and left
Minutes later i left and headed straight to the house ,greeted nana and went straight to my room to a warm bath put on my nighties and lay on my bed .
My phone started ringing and it was an unsaved number wow could it the waiter guy ,wait i dont even know his name ,but why is he calling ,does he needs anything
馃摓Hello kiki it anna
馃摓Oh anna how are u
馃摓Am good ,am just calling to inform you that i will be coming over tomorrow
馃摓Alright ,i will send you the address now
馃摓okay thanks
I texted her the address immediately and i was feeling dissapionted i dont know why i taught and slept off
Unknown pov
Even if i try soo hard to keep her off my mind ,i just cant she so beautiful ,she unique ,everthing about her is just amazing but shes way off my leauge,i kept looking at the card she gave me wheather to call her or not until i slept off.
Author jenny
Episode 4(i lost my job 馃槶)
kiki pov
Arrh its mornimg already ,i barely had enough sleep ,i stood up lazily and went into the bathroom took my bath and came out ,i selected a simple short gown and underwears and put them on ,went down stairs
Morning nana how was your night
Fine and yours
Same nana ,where is clarie i asked
She at the backyard
I sat down picked up the remote and put on my favourite tv channel keeping up with the kardashains
Breakfast is ready nana yelled from the kitchen ,i stood up and went to the dining and clarie came in immediately
Morning aunty kiki she said
Morning pumpkin
She giggled and went to the kitchen to help nana served the food after eating i took my phone and went to my room.....
Jade pov
I woke up early today after dreaming that i was getting married to kikina isnt that awesome ,i cant just stop thinking about her ,everything about her is soo captivating i said to myself and a lady walked into the resturant she is beautiful and sexy but not up to my kikina and she is a regular person at the resturant always giving me firlty looks and opening up her boobs to but i never looked at her because all those stuffs disgust me, i walked up to her
Ma please can i take your order i said
My order is you, i want you she replied
Pardon i said pretending not to know what she was talking about
I mean i want you for a night and i promise to pay u any amount you want she said
Omg how can a lady be this desprate i said in my mind,,sorry ma i cant
she gave me a suprised look ,am going to make your life miserable if you dont follow me tonight i gave u an opportunity first but u threw it away she said
Sorry ma u can do whatever u want i dont care i replied and walked out on her
Minutes later she left in angry ,,,some people think they can ride on others because they have wealth ,,,my boss called me i wonder what he want to tell me ,i went and knocked on his door
come in
You called me sir
Yes this is your pay for the month your service is no longer needed here
What sir please what did i do i said almost in tears
You can leave now i have other things to do
I left his office ,when i remembered kikina gave me her card i took it out and called her immeditely ,,,,,,she asked me to come to her company ......
Kikina pov cont
Wow i cant believe he called me ,he sounded really sad i asked him to come to the office because am on my way there now ,after thirty minutes drive i walked of my car ,i met him standing outside seems his been there for long ,,,the more i get closer to him my heartbeat increased i kept staring at his handsome face not knowing i missed a step ,i was about falling when i felt a soft hand arround my wait with his cute eyes pirecing through mine馃槏馃槏馃槏..