ma are you okay i heard ,,,yes am fine feeling embarassed and walked into the company i dropped my bag on the desk ,,you may sit
So you wanted see me i said
yes he replied and explained everything that happened to him at the resturant i really felt pity for him ,how can some ladies be so desprate i said to myself
Well you will have to come back tomorrow with your credencials so i can know were to fix you
Thanks ma
Please stop calling me ma ,,call me kikina
Alright kikina he said and chuckled
so what your name
Am jade tomson
Wow so the cutie name is jade ,,,,so see your tomorrow jade
Yea bye kikina
I kept looking at him till he left damn ,he soo cute
📞hello,maddie meet me in my office
📞okay ma
Knock knocks
Come in
Ma you called
Yes ,that guy that just left here needs a job ,so when comes tomorrow make him my second pA okay
But..OKay ma
(i know its werid how can i make him my pA)
So what are my scheduls for today
You have a photoshot for over new outfit by 2pm
you also have a meeting with Mr bradford by 5pm
its okay reschedul the meeting with mr bradford and lets go for the shoot
K's studio
Minutes later we arrived at the studio and yes the studio belongs to me
In one hour we were done with the makeup and dressing and i really did a good job in thinking out this design ,it was a flay gown that popped at my waist with shining stones all over it ,,the camera men did their job all i did was pose for them since i was use to it ,,i made sure i did my best
Minutes later i uploaded the pictures on my IG and it was a blast there were a lot of comment and people were already ordering i was so happy
Hey maddie let go i said ,,we left the studio omg there was a lot of crowd ,reporters,paparazi and fans screaming on the top of their voices ,my guards had to cover me and led me to the car
I arrived at the house and went straight upstairs i took my bath and wore a simple wear and went downstairs i heard a knock on the door am sure its anna she already called me
Hey anna
Hi kiki
Come in
We sat down and began talking about a lot of things i must say anna is fun ,since i was little i never had a real friend but anna right now is fun ,we talked about movies,clothes and other celebrities like us ,,then she told me about her family shes the only daughter just like me
Lets watch some movie
I turned on the tv and behold there was an ongoing news ..
Author J
Episode 6(evil plan)
Mr Brendan pov
so what have you gathered in the company you know we are running out i need to get that document
Sorry sir,but base on the information i gathered the documents are with miss kikina at her main house
*alright keep your eyes and ears open
I am going to make sure i get all those document and all the document will be mine and if kikina tries to stay in my way i will make sure i send her to her parents without wasting her time all i need right now it to get access to
company main account then i will be incharge of what go in and out of the companies then i can strike and make her give me the document ,even with my spy there everthing is under my control ........
Kikina pov
lets meet at the office immediately to talk about it i said to anna and cut the call
i took my bag and immediately ran out of the house entered the car and straight to the office with so many thought in my mind
Soon i arrived at the company anna was already waiting ,we went to my office and locked the door i kept pacing in my office up and down
Kikina you need to calm down pacing arround wont help us figure out who the mole is
Yea i know
So what do you think we should do
Well my detective is still working on it but i have an idea anna said
Well what is it
I know this group who are good in tracking down people ,and find culprist but the problem is that they also do dirty work
yes kiki but am very sure they can help us find the mole and those behind the death of our parent
but what if the press find out about it
We are just going to try and make it a secret because we have no option
Alright anna make appointment with them and lets see how it goes
Minutes later
Jade pov
I started work today and its been really fun ,with my own office it feels good all thanks to kiki ,,talking about kiki i have not seen her since i just hope she is okay ,tomorrow is my birthday and i want her to go on a date with me am just going to go to her office and ask her
I walked to her office took a huge breath and knocked
come in
Kiki pov cont
i heard a knock i taught it was maddie ,come in ,,i was so engrosed in what i was done i didnt look up
Ehrm good day kiki i heard
i looked up and my eyes met my dream guy looking as charming as ever with cute smiles
gosh what am i even thinking
you can sit i said to him
well i came to ask you if you will go on a date with me he blurted out
i know you are suprised kiki but tomorrow is my birthday so am just thinking..
I Will go with you i said
Thank you thank you he said happily so, will send you the address
Okay i replied and he left happily
wow i cant just believe i agreed to go on a date with jade funny right but am so exicted about it i need to finish my work here fast
Jade pov
I am so happy she agreed to go on a date with me ,,all i need it is to go for a little shopping and get new clothes and look good for her.
Author J
Episode 7(the kiss💏)
Anna pov
Finally i have made arrangement with the Bellas and they have decided to help ,we have fixed the date ,time and venue and just so happy that after so many years we are getting somewhere and thats because of kiki she was able to tell me somethings that helped so much and shes a great friend also ,,,i just want all this to be over so that i can start my life ,go into a relationship ,get married and have kids .
Kikina pov
I woke up early very exicted you already know why but first i have to go the office there is a board meeting today and am also going to anna's house
I stood up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom ,entered the bath tub ahh i wish i could stay all day but i have alot to do today ,,,i took my bath and tied a neat towel arround my chest ,,,i feel so crazy to so i need to dress crazy also ,i went to the closet picked a crazy bum short with a pink hoddie a pop stocks and pink canvas i love pink,,after putting them on i packed my hair and laid my edges applied make up ,,,wow i looked like 18,,i took my pouch and phone and went out ,,,
the house has been so quite since nana and clarie left to their family house so i have to eat outside today ,,,i entered the car and asked the driver to take me to the resturant ,,i arrived at the restutant fans were already taking picture ,,life of a celebrity ,,,,,and having breakfast there the fans ,reporters and paparazzi were already everywhere throwing questions but am not in the mood of questions so i just ignored and left
At the company they were all looking at me and the guys were already drolling,,well thats why am a fashion freak ,,, i went to my office and sat down going through the files that were already there
Grin grin
📞Hello ma,Good morning
📞thanks maddie,how are you
📞Am fine ma,the meeting is in ten minutes
I arranged the file that i have cross checked and went to the meeting they were all there waiting for me
Good day ma they choursed
Thank all,,,They all sat down
I smiled immediately i saw jade staring at me ,,,he smiled also and my heart almost melted
All the department did their presentation and i must confess i was impressed they all had amazing ideas ,,it was jade turn,he was really good i kept staring at his lips the way they were moving as he was talking it was just amazing ,,,soon they were all done i picked the ones that were good and made some corrections am very sure that with this new outfit coming up i will be the number one richest female and so happy that my dreams are coming together
I left the company and went to annas house
Hey babe
Hi she said and we hugged
You look great
Thanks anna
She brought ice creams ,,we talked and had fun ,we to losts of pictures since there was no one in the house i wasnt in a haste to go back ,i told her about my date with jade and she was really happy for me
I left anna's place and went home to prepare for my date ,,i cant believe am already nervos ,,i already called lena my make up aritist because i want to look really good ,,i arrived at the house went up stairs and took a quick shower ,i walked to my closet picked a blue gown that stopped at my knee and black heels ,,,,,after dressing and all the makeup up ,,i really look amaxing and the gown really hug my body bringing out my shape ,,i smiled at my self feeling satisfied and walked out i gave my driver the address that jade gave me
Jade pov
wow ,,when kiki came into the board room i was really lost she looks really good and beautiful ,i couldnt stop staring at her ,,i cant wait for the date today,,,,,,, there is something fishy about kikina PA Maddie i dont trust her at all and i think shes up for no good the other day i overheard her talking to someone on the phone saying she is going to get the password to the companys account and that is for anna only ,,why will she want it,,kiki should be very careful with her and just today at the board meeting i saw her hiding a file ,,hmmm am going to make sure i find out what she is up to and expose her
Right now am on my way to the resturant i booked for kikina am sure she will love it
kikina pov con
After the long drive my driver stopped at and exqucit resturant ,and i stepped out i must say this place is really beautiful how was he able to get the place am sure he spent all his saving and the place is empty i tthink ,,,i entered and saw jade sitting down he stood up immediately he saw me ,,he was putting on a blue texcedo wow how come we wore matching outfit
He was so lost looking at me that i had to wave my hand at his face ,,he chuckled lightly and pulled out a seat for me ,,i sat down so did he before i could say a word his lips crashed on mine ,,i was shocked at first but later reciprocated to the kiss ,,,his lips were so soft that i wished the moment never end 💏💏