馃尮馃尮FANTASY 馃尮馃尮
Episode 1
(the party 馃拝馃拋馃憲)
Kikina pov
Am kikina a 23 year old with huge dreams currently am the 10 richest female but that not enough my main target is to be the first ,well if u are asking what my occupation is am a model and a fashion nova ,i own different company that produce clothes ,my parent were very rich until one day i heard the most shocking news of my life that my parent were ambushed and killed,the police did their investigation but nothing came out then the case was closed but trust me am not giving up,i made a vow to my parent to revenge who ever was behind their death and am not going to stop till i achieve it .
Knock knock
That must be my make up artist
Come in
Lena:Morning ma
Kiki:thanks lena,how was your night?
Lena:fine ma,Yours?
Kiki:good ,i need a nude make am going to the party
She opend her make up kit and began doing the makeup
i picked a clothe from one of my collection a red high waist palazo and crop top with singlet hand and a necklace from tiffany jewellery after some hours of dressing i went out with my gaurds ,the door was opened i entered and they drove to the party with my gaurds following behind it other cars ,it was a thirty minutes drive the door was opened
for me i stepped out with cameras flashing ,fans screaming,and reporters asking questions
馃摲is this one of your latest design
馃摲 are u a lesbian
馃摲why are u not in a relationship
馃摲what do have to say about you being the 10th richest female
We love u kiki
you look beautiful kiki
The guards has to cover me up and cleared the way for me into the hall
the party was going on i made the toast ,and everbody was having fun except me because a boring guy was beside me talking about his achievement and wealth ,excuse me can i use the bathroom i said ,yes sure that way he pointed to a passage at the left side of the hall i was washing my hands when a lady with blonde hair came in,Hi am Anna she said am kikina
Nice to me you she said as we
exchanged an handshake she sliped a paper in my hands and walked out i was suprised i opened the note it says "MEET ME IN THAT ADDRESS TOMORROW IF U WANT TO KNOW WHO ARE BEHIND THE DEATH OF YOUR PARENT "I was in deep thought as i walked out of the ladies room and bumped into a waiter who spilled the drink he was carrying all over me ,OMG am sorry ma,please forgive me ma i raised my hand to slap him when i was the most handsome guy ever dark and curly hair,smooth face and brown eyes he was already crying and pleading and cameras were already flicking ,crowd was wisphering into each other ears waiting for my reaction ma sorry we are getting him arrested immediately
One of my guard said,no let him be i replied an walked out of the hall with my guards following i entered the car and told my driver to take me to my usual spot it is a place were i go clear out my head anytime am confused and bothered about something ,i walked out of the car and the fresh breeze welcomed me i sat down in my favourite spot thinking about Anna and how she knew i was looking for who killed my parent ,i made up my mind that i was going to see her the following day my mind drifted to the handsome waiter at the party what would such an handsome guy be doing as a waiter well maybe some of us are not lucky i stood up and left my mind was still on the cute waiter guy ,will i ever meet him again ,wait what am i even thinking i screamed at my innerself as i slept off