THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 57 || 58 || 59 || 60

PHYSIENTS:Episode 57
(Day in argorh’s room)

Wind hauled over them as they approached the cave.
“we are close to the cave “he announced
They all hooped down and tied their horses to a tree.
“now listen everyone, I believe you all know how powerful argorh is. Tonight the only way we can defeat him is team work, ” garris warned

“and one thing about argorh is, he can’t see you but he can hear you, mind your movement… Now we will form four group, group one will go for the box, group two will keep track on argorh, he is not in the cave now ”

“group three should be ready for battle if argorh appears, the last group will join them. That’s all, zillar and three men will form group two while I and jillar and two men will go for the box, billar and garris lead the two remaining group .. ” ajadi concluded

“We don’t have much time, argorh will be here any moment from now, we need to get going ” garris warned
Immediately they all split up and ajadi with his men head straight in , on getting in they saw different skeleton of both humans and animals scattered on every angle of the cave.

“dirty beast ” jillar scornfully mocked.
They walked for a few more meters them suddenly ajadi saw a shining bright light, forming a shadow over a box.
“here!.. Look what av found “he announced as they all rushed towards it.
“This must be the box of Cohen ” jillar suggested

“give me the bag! ” ajadi ordered as one of his solder stretch out a bag to him. he grabbed it and calmly covered the box with it . ..
Immediately, everywhere became dark, sound of wave and lighting took over the whole atmosphere.
“let’s get out of here ” ajadi ordered..
Episode 58
(dance with argorh)

They quickly rushed towards the cave entrance but a strong and powerful lightning strike and brakes a huge stone which blocked them from going out of the cave . As they were still trying to sort a way out of the cave, a loud and strange roar ascend to them from a close range.
“argorh! ” garris said

“it’s coming!.. ” garris screamed
But before he could complete his words, argorh grab hold of a huge tree of about 40ft tall and he threw it towards them. The tree landed on top of the cave and it splashed huge stones over them.
“discharge arrows! ” Billiar screamed .. Then different fire arrows of about fifty pieces landed on argorh.

He roared out of pain ,and he angrily ran towards them, earth and dust fly after him as he hit five of ajadi’s solders with his left hand.
They flew like a bird with full speed and they landed painfully on the ground.
Argorh lift a huge stone and he threw it towards garris and his Team .

The stone crushed and scattered all over garris and his Team and he fell helplessly on the floor lying in pool of blood. Argorh lift another huge stone And started moving closer to garris, but when billar saw this he quickly set his arrow and he shoot it at argorh. But so unfortunate for him argorh grabbed the arrow with one hand and he threw the stone towards him.

Billar quick jumped into a hole and he hide himself there. Argorh turn and change his direction facing the covered entrance, he started parking the stone out of the way.
Ajadi noticed his presence and he quickly moved back.
“everyone stay away from the door, none of you should make a move until he finally enters “he whispered
Immediately they all hide themselves behind and between some walls as argorh entered.

He took some few giant step forward and he started sniffing around, at first he got to ajadi but ajadi didn’t make a move, he continued this till he got to the last person which was lama one of ajadi’s men.
Argorh went ahead to sniff him all over, but luckily for him ajadi threw a stone towards another direction in order to distract argorh.

Immediately argorh turned and head towards the direction,
they quickly rushed down from where they are to the entrance .
Ajadi quickly raise his left hand and he signaled with two of his fingers, telling them to walk out two men by two .
The first two left, followed by the second two remaining ajadi and Lama. As they were moving towards the entrance, argorh appeared and he grabbed Lama and lift him up.
Episode 59
(dance on argorh)

Ajadi quickly threw out the box and he ordered them to leave.
“my lord! It’s too dangerous. Let’s go ” garris warned
“just go, don’t wait for me” he screamed and returned to the cave.
Billar jumped down from his horse and tried to follow him but someone grabbed him.
“no you can’t go back there.. It’s too dangerous ” garris warned

“we can’t just leave without him “billar argued
“yes but we have no choice than to leave ” before he could complete his words, billar pushed him and rushed into the cave .
The other men wait outside as they listen to sound and noise coming from inside the cave.
“are we going to stay here and watch them die in the cave? ” Leonard angrily asked
“we have no choice than to watch” garris replied

“f--k choice.. Am going in “Leonard said and run towards the cave entrance
“am going with him” one of the men standing said and he followed Leonard
Two men joined immediately. On getting inside argorh lift a huge stone and he threw it towards ajadi, but he quickly jumped out of the way,..

“throw me the axe” ajadi screamed.
Billar quickly threw a long and hard axe to him, he grabbed it and he slide in between argorh’s lap.
He smashed it on argorh’s leg and argorh roared in pain, before argorh could make another move, billar stabbed him with his spare from behind , argorh turned and faced him, but before he could make a move Ajadi quickly jumped on argorh and he insert his sword into his mouth..

Blood gushed out with immediate effect and argorh fell on his knees and die.
garris waited for a while and he saw no sign of anyone coming from the cave, he hopped down from his horse and he returned back to the cave.
On getting inside he saw argorh lying in pool of blood and ajadi and the Three other men sat down with their body covered with blood.

“what!??.. I can’t just believe my eyes.. Did you guys just slayed the mighty argorh?… ” garris screamed but no one replied.
“I think I deserve an explanation ” he said scornfully
“we don’t have much time we should be on our way”
ajadi ordered and he walked out of the cave.
Episode 60
(man on black)

Lightning dance across the sky ,sending a bright flash light all over the sky as loud and sound rumble filled the whole atmosphere.. Queen tinuade stood all alone outside the top chamber of the wilds, she close her eyes and thought about her little boy who had grown so brave and wise.
A beautiful smile graced her lips as the thought of this approached her heart.

Few minutes later she turned and walked back to her room, she sat on her bed and relaxed her back on the pillow. Immediately after she closed her eyes, she heard someone walking in her room, but before she could open her eyes, someone punched her and she fainted.. Immediately he covered her face with a dark cloth and carried her out of the room..

Two night guards who stood at the entrance of tinuade’s room where busy having a night discussion. the kidnapper quietly dropped tinuade’s fainted body and he pull out his sword .. He tip toed down to where the busy guards are and he threw his sword at one of them which fell and die instantly , before the second guard could make a move, he jumped over him and chopped off his head.

He stood up and move back to pick tinuade’s body but one of the guards who went out to wee in the wee hour saw him from afar and he quietly hide himself behind a pillar and he watched as the man jerked away with tinuade’s body. He quickly rushed down to the main entrance and inform others About what he saw . Few minutes later as the kidnapper was approaching the exit of the city .

But before he could make a move, two guard appeared before him.
“what’s that you carry ” one of the guard asked
“it’s nothing.. But just some piece of clothes ” he said and he patiently dropped the body.
“oh! OK let’s have a look at it” the other guard doubtfully replied.
“comon! It’s just my clothes, believe me guys” he stepped backward leaving the bag between them.

“go take a look at what’s in there ” of the guard whispered to his mate
And he immediately followed the order . He walked calmly closer to the bag , he bend over and pull it opened ..
Then Tinuade’s bleeding head pulled out of the bag.
“my goodness! What’s this? ” he screamed and pulled out his sword immediately
“On your knees! ” he ordered.

snowflakes fell from the sky like feather as the two guards move closer to the man on black, they tiptoed quietly with their hands wrapped around the handle of their swords.
“on your f-----g knees I say” the guard said repeatedly
“comon guys we can settle this like friends ” the man on black begged
“on your knees now or I chopped off your head with my sword ” the second guard warned

“OK! If that’s what you guys want, I guess I have to give you that.. But you still have an option to change your mind before its too late ” he said
“shut up!.. What’s this you have done? you killed the queen And try to run away with her body ” one of the guards quarried
“she is not dead.. She was just knocked out and she will be up in few seconds.. Now listen, if you let me go. I will make you rich and famous.. Just let me go” he begged

“come off this s--t man. Do we look like a fool to you!? ” one of the guards replied as he stretched his sword towards the man on black
“OK! Calm down guys. This is a chance for you two to become rich and I mean it.. Just let me go and I promise to make you rich ”
“shut up! You ain’t going nowhere ” the youngest among the two guards replied

“easy stannis, this could be our chance of becoming what we’ve long been dreaming of.. Why don’t we give it a try and get rich ” the older one whispered
“are you insane or what?.. Don’t tell me you believe what that piece of jerk is feeding us ” stannis replied angrily
“ofcus I do.. Now tell me what use are we to the dragon king?.. Tell me” he angrily asked

“!..for several years we’ve been here guarding and fighting for him but nothing has changed ” jack the older guard screamed
“for a very long time since I have known you, I never knew you were this stupid . Now tell me is this how stupid you are!? . How on earth will you believe in that man who you know nothing of?.. This is insane ” stannis rant
“OK! Am sorry if I made the right decision, so what should we do? ” jack asked

“we arrest him and he face the dragon king ” stannis suggested.
“OK then. “jack said and lower his sword.
Stannis stepped forward and he move closer to the man on black
“now face the floor, if you make any attempt to run, I swear I will chop off your head” stannis warned and he pull a rope from his pocket, he tied the man’s hand to his back and he picked his sword.

As he try to turn around and walk down to the queen, jack inserted his sword into his chest from behind ,blood flew out of his mouth as he fell and die instantly.

(the great companion)

His blood filled The snow on the ground and it coloured them to a deem red snow as Jack pulled his sword off stannis’s chest. He cleaned the blood on his sword and he move closer to the man on black. Jack cut off the rope on his hands and he helped him up.
“you just made the greatest decision of your life tonight.. And I assure you of a great reward from lord Loki ” he said and they both lift Tinu’s body and head out of the city

(down in the woods)

Ajadi sat alone besides a burning wood created to control the level of the cold night. He held the box of corel in his hand and he watched all over the golden box for a while until billar appeared to the scene.
“my lord! You should be sleeping ” he suggested
“and why are you awake? ”
“was watching the environment just in case if someone is spying on us” billar replied and he sat beside him

“great men never sleep at night they say. Thank you billar, ever since I have meet you and the Two others, you all have been there for me.. You’ve done alot for me that I can’t even imagine.. Thank you billar ” ajadi said with a smile on his face
“oh! Comon my Lord! You deserve more than that.. Remember you saved us from the hands of the wild lords and you transformed us from prisoner to lords. ” he stopped

” You deserve more than this my my lord .. I believe we’re going to conquer Loki together and he will surely pay for all he has done ” billar replied and he patted him on his shoulder
“my fear is, how do I use this on Loki.. What if the box of corel is just a piece of gold ” ajadi doubtfully asked
“the greatest enemy a man could have is doubt.. Like My father use to say.. A Brave man is not the one who doesn’t fear. But the one who knows how to control his fear ”

“I Believe you have the power to defeat Loki and that’s why he is afraid of you.. One thing I know for sure is that.. You have visited the underworld, you’ve seen beyond what any man have, you’ve faced what no one has and yet you survived.. Am sure the gods brought you back for a reason and the only reason I could think of is to return your people back to their real life .. Please don’t let us down.. Your people are waiting for you ” billar explained

Ajadi turned his face and he looked at him for a while, he smiled and hugged him tight
“thank you billar, you are indeed a good friend. ” he Said
“you are welcome my lord!. But what’s the next plan? ” billar asked
“we head home and get prepared to face Loki and this time there will be no next time… Let’s go to sleep Lord billar, we have a long journey to embark on tomorrow.. Good night ” he said and walk away.

The powerful snow blew all over the burning Flame as billar watched his walk away.

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