THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 53 || 54 || 55|| 56

PHYSIENTS:Episode 53
{unknown visit }
They peacefully rode into the city one after the other as Billar quickly rushed down from the top
“my name is billar and I am the head of the night watch, welcome to our city.. I shall lead you to the dragon king ” he said in a horse tone
“am Lord bujaja, the Lord of the matu-matu kingdom of the savages.. I have a present for my king ” he said as he walked down to the chariot.

He pulled the door opened and queen tinuade stepped out of it.
“here we go ” lord bujaja announced while he make way for tinuade as she stepped out of the chariot
“my lady!! ” billar quickly rushed to her.
“billar! ” she was actually surprised to see billar the palace savant on armour suit.
“follow me, I will take you to my king “he announced as he lead the way

As They walk pass some myriad of building billar show them different kind of beautiful and luxurious things until they got to the largest and tallest one.
“that’s the king’s building, your son stays here” billar said with smile as he propelled the two giant door opened .
When they walked in, ajadi was sitting on the throne with his men when he spot them coming towards him.

“mother!!! ” he jumped up from his throne and he rushed towards them and he gave her a warm hug .
“lord billar what’s going on? How did you get my mother out of Loki’s hand without a stress? ” ajadi asked In a bit cold tone
“my lord! I worth not the gratitude, but those men standing beside me… I think they will explain better “billar said pointing to Lord bujaja

“this face looks familiar… Do I know you? ” ajadi asked facing bujaja.
“yes my lord!.. Yes you do. I am the man you saved from the hands of the night wolf… Am bujaja ” he explained
“yes! Yes!! Yes!!!.. So tell me how it all happened ”
Lord bujaja explained everything to him and he thanked him for his kindness.

Immediately ajadi ordered the arrest of the three men .
“you all came in the right hour, I am about to take my breakfast.. So if you won’t mind.. You all can join me” he said as he walked down to his dinning table
” I don’t know how to thank you for this you have done. But I promised, call on me anytime you need my help and I will surely grant it.. Prepare them a room, they will spend the night here with us” he assured as he tossed them a wine

“thank you my king. Thank you very much. But what are you going to do with the three traitors? “bujaja asked with mouth full of wine
“if they prove to be useful, I will let them live, but if they don’t. I will let the dragon decide their fates ” he replied with a sinister smile



Episode 54
(kiss of the dragon)

The cold wind blew across the street from the top of the tower to the main entrance of the city, ajadi and the three illars appeared to the scene with a burning wood in their hands and a black cloth on their head. Empty can and plastic rumbled behind them as they began to pick their way down to the city prison yard.

After some few walk they finally meet themselves standing before a huge looking entrance of a yard filled with three men, Who fold themselves across different angle of the room. Billar waste no time as he drive the key into the door hole and wide it was driven open .

The clattering of their boots and the heat of the firewood on their hands brought the three men back from the land of the nods .
“take them, we don’t have much time “ajadi ordered while the two soldiers among them quickly arrest them.
They walked back to a cave where the sound of water drop filled the whole atmosphere.

The breathing of the dragon scared the three men as they tremble in front of the black cave. Ajadi step forward and he rise his firewood.
“No you can’t do this to me, am a son of the ganicus family (one of the chiefs in ayetoro) my linage is against this ” heldon cried.
“f--k your linage, dragon are not human ,you can’t tame a dragon with your lame linage story” jillar replied
The Fear within them grow more stronger when the dragon breath out some mili meter of fire

“please don’t do this to us” Leonard begged
“now I want you three to decide your fate by yourselves or we invite the dragon in.. You three has committed a great death befitting crime ,but I will give just two of you the chance to live only if you will pick out the one to die among you.. . You have just few minutes to decide before the dragon does ” ajadi said in a bit harsh tone while the dragon step forward in a slow motion.

Immediately Cohen and festuz point at Leonard
“we choose him to die” Cohen said
“yes! Him ” Festuz added

“ok, great drago The mighty dragon..kill this two greedy men and set the boy free ” before they could utter a word , a blueish fire descend from where the dragon was standing and it landed over festuz and Cohen, they screamed out of pain until no more words came out of their lips.
“set him free, he is now part of us “ajadi ordered

“greedy people can never be part of my team.. You can’t teach an old dog a new trick.. Let’s move, we have a stronger adventure to embark tomorrow ” they all bow to him as he conclude his words
Episode 55
(the Odyssey)

They All gathered before ajadi’s palace , different men fully dressed on armour suit and robe stood Side by side as different discussion colonized the atmosphere .silence graced the room as ajadi walk in to his throne, they all stood mute waiting for his speech, but it didn’t last too long before ajadi break the silence

“selected warriors of the wilds.. Tonight we face an eyeless monster sitting on our only chance of defeating our greatest enemy.. Loki”
“yeah! ” someone roared with a deep voice from the crowd
“we need to be fully prepared and determined.. We need strong team. hard work and oneness, we need love and harmony before we can defeat this monster… ”

“I believe we are all fully prepared for the quest.”
“yeahhhh! ” everyone roared
“Tonight is going to be our night.. Together we conquer the world!! ”
“together we conquer the world “they repeat it simultaneously with a thunderous roar in acceptance of his speech and they all walk out as the journey begins

Ajadi walk straight to Lazar and marvel.
“for a very long time, you all have been with me, come hell and high water, I have no doubt in putting my kingdom in your hands.. Please take good care of my mother ” he hugged them after he concluded his speech

he look at his mother,and grab hold of her hands and whisper to her
“take care of yourself, I will be back soon ”
Her mother with eye full of tears grabbed him as he turned to walk away.
“be careful out there.. “she said. And ajadi responded with smiles
“I have to go, my people are waiting for me ”

“OK my son Go in peace.. I love you” tinuade said as she wiped her tears and walk away.
Two men rushed towards him as he walked out of his palace.
“my lord! The horses are set”one of them said in haste.
“OK get the arrows and the oil.. We need more of them”ajadi replied

“OK my lord!.. ” they both replied.
“all right everyone get set, we head east.. “billar announced while everyone immediately followed the order. And they all head towards east

Episode 56(wood and sky)

The shining morning moon ran after them as they make way out of the kingdom with high speed until the village was totally out of scene.

After few minutes of nonstop riding, they got to garris the hunter’s place Ajadi halt everyone immediately, and he asked two of his men to follow him, as he walk straight to the door. He knocked for three times but no one replied, he did that again but no one replied then he pushed the door and and it drive opened.
The three men pulled their swords and walked in gently.

The room look fully unkept as the table was filled with dirty dishes and the floor with a broken cup and wine poured on the floor .
“I think he is somewhere around here, everything here look new ..”ajadi announced
“maybe he went for hunting ” one of the two accompanied men guessed
“that’s true let’s move out ” ajadi announced as they returned their swords back to its Box.

As they walked towards the door, someone jumped down from the top of the building and hit one of the solders with a wood.
He raised the wood and tried to hit him once again but Ajadi turned and blocked it .
“my lord! ” garris said surprisingly when he saw ajadi’s face and he quickly go on his knees.

“am honoured to have received the great dragon king in my hut ” garris confessed
“you have a nice place “ajadi said as he looked around
“thank you my lord.. why did my lord graced me with a visit? ” garris asked as he returned to his feet

“I need your help, we are on a quest to get the box of corel which lies within a carve located at the eastern region of this island and our only hindrance to the box ls a beast called argorh”

“we were told that you are the only one who has survived the attack of the beast, we need you to guide us there ” he concluded
“hmm! It’s a treason to reject the king order. I have been looking for a day like this, to stood and fight beside a powerful king like you. So am in” said garris

“we don’t have much time, we should be on our way now, we should get there before the sunset, argorh never leave the cave in the night but only in morning time ” garris instruct as they start riding.
They rode for a while before garris halt everyone and He hopped down from his horse and pick some greyish leaf on the ground.

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