Queen Meerah

PHYSIENTS Present Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 19|20|21

(Season 2).
Episode 19.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
Both Faruk and Queen Dorah were shocked at Cindy's reaction. They might have being studying her for the past months when she arrived in the palace with Majid and she seemed all quiet and innocent but they never considered her to have such evil under those eye lashes. She got to her feet and cleaned her tears.
'' Getting pregnant for Majid will take a lot of time. He even rejected me yesterday when I tried to seduce him. I don't have time for that anymore. If that girl dies, then Majid will have no reason to stay here anymore ''.
'' Hmmm...that is also not a bad idea at all ''.
'' I would just end her once and for all. Period! ''.
'' I like your attitude. But have you planned on this? ''.
'' I know exactly what to do. When is your wedding day? ''. She asked and starred at Faruk.
(He got on his feet and went closer to her. Fancing her body from head to toe. She swallowed saliva in a heart beat and stepped a little away from him. Faruk gave a smirk and turned back to her).
'' In six days exactly. Lord Krishna's birthday ''.
'' Nice ''. Cindy said with an evil smile.
'' What are you planning? ''. Queen Dorah asked.
'' You see,that day is perfect. Because all the attention will be given to your son and his wife. And Majid,he will be on the preparations too I guess. That girl will somehow be alone. You know,even if she's gonna be wit the royal families, she will still end up alone at some point. And I want to lure her to the top of the balcony ''.
'' What? ''.
'' It will work Queen Dorah, I swear that it will work. I am going to plan on a beautiful speech to give to her. A sad crying speech. And pretend like am gonna gibe up in Majid for her because I was going back to London ''.
'' Hmmm...and what happens next? '' Faruk asked and winked at her. She cleared her throat and got her eyes off him.
'' Then when she and I are at the top, I will gladly, push her off the balcony and she will tear apart into pieces when she falls off the fifteen storey building of the palace, and then oops! She died ''.
'' You are so wicker ''. Queen Dorah said in laughter.
'' My kind of woman ''. Faruk whispered to himself with an evil smile.
'' And no body. Not a soul in the world will even suspect me. Then Majid,in his devastation and mourning of his beloved wife and unborn child,I will be the fallen angel who goes to him and cheer him up and convince him for us to go back to London ''.
'' Better. Then I can no longer wait for the wedding day ''. Queen Dorah said.
'' I cannot wait either ''. Cindy said,folding her arms together a frowning smile.
(Next Day=Prince Majid's chamber).
The day was bright and fair. The two live birds were both naked in bee and didn't want to get out of it. Majid had his head on Rishi's stomach and couldn't stop laughing when he refused to remove his head until he hears a kick from his babies. He had his right hand on Rishi's left breast,as if he was covering it but he was actually enjoying the sensation he was getting from that soft spot. And when he couldn't hear Amy kicking from her stomach, he raised his head and starred at her with a frown.
'' They don't like their daddy? ''.
'' I already told you that they are not human beings yet. They are just two weeks old and they have no idea of what is happening here ''.
'' Aw but I want them here now! ''.
'' Stop being a girl Majid! ''. She laughed. '' Let us go and take a bath now. You know the maids will come here soon with your food ''.
'' I want them to come see us like this. So close and so naked ''. He said and crawled to her lips side. '' I never knew how hot you were until last night ''.
'' Heeey! Stop embarrassing me ''. She said and covered her face with her hands. '' Majid? ''.
'' Yes Queen? ''.
'' So if the babies are boys,what name will you give them? ''.
'' Majid and Majid ''.
'' way! That is so embarrassing. I never want my sins to be like you ''.
'' Aw come on! I am not that bad. Okay how about... Malik and Shakher? ''.
'' Yes,that one is better. Way better. What if they are girls? ''.
'' When they are boys,I give the name. When they are girls,you give the name. I have no idea about girl's stuff ''.
'' Yeah right. The only girl stuff you know is the the underwear ''.
'' Correct ''. He did happily and kissed her,then winked at her and for Ri his feet and wore his pyjamas.
'' When they turn out to be girls, one will be Marish. Marish, a name I took out from both our names. Majid and Rishi,equals to Marish. And the other one will be... Meerah ''.
(Majid suddenly froze. His back was facing Rishi and he couldn't turn to look at her when he heard his mother's name from her. His fave turned red out of devastation and pain. Rishi realised this and felt bad for making that mistake. She forcefully got up in her feet and covered her body with the bedsheets and went in front of him. She raised her hand and touched his fave gently. He blinked and tears fell down from his eyes).
'' I am sorry love. Please, I didn't mean to...
'' It's pay baby, am just surprised, that's all ''. He said and sat in the bed. Rishi bent down and faced him.
'' I just thought, naming one of them Meerah, would make people remember your mother again. You could actually see your mother in her and it will be the best gift after all this years ''.
(He nodded painfully and they got up together).
'' Yeah,am okay with it. Don't worry. Marish and Meerah it is ''. He said and embraced her tightly. '' Tour chamber was fixed yesterday. And everything is back to normal again. Let's go and get ready....
(They both walked into the bathroom together).
(The court room).
Few members of the royal family had gathered with some elders and palace priests. This wasn't a wide range of meeting because the king wanted to know the culprits behind the murder of the maids and so he called both Queen mother and Queen Sheena. Two palace guards entered the large rooms with a brown sack cloth which waa covering something in their hands. They arrived and in front of the king,they bowed down. The knelt to the floor and unwrapped both sack clothes on the floor and there appeared to be a knife which had blood stains on them. The designs of the knives shocked the Queen mother and the king most since it looker very familiar.
'' This is what we found your highness ''. One of the guards said.
'' Where exactly did you find them? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' When the whole palace went on the fasting ceremony, most if us the guards stayed back by the orders if Queen mother to protect Prince Majid and Princess Rishi ''.
'' Yes I did ''.
'' After the morning meeting, we were still doing the investigations the king has ordered. One of the guards alerted us fast to come to the garden. They were doing their work and wedding the place and found these four knives under one rose flower. We arrived there and examined it well and realised they were the same knives used to murder the two maids your highness ''.
'' Those knives! Oh my goodness. Those knives are bearing the exactly designs of the Jhansis isn't it?! ''. One elder exclaimed.
(The Queen mother and king looked at each other in despair. Suddenly,some guards leader an old man from the kingdom and a woman weeping her eyes out into the court room. Everyone's attention fell on them as the woman wept uncontrollably.Four guards entered the court behind,carrying a wooden bed with a dead body,wrapped in white cloth on it. The royal family adjusted to their seats when they realised the weeping woman was the wife of the had priest. They layed the wooden bed in the middle of the court room in front of the king and bowed down).
'' Let there be silence! ''. The spokesperson shouted.
(The weeping woman immediately ceased her cries and covered her mouth with her hands).
'' What has happened? ''. The king asked.
'' Your highness...this morning, some farmers stepped out to fo on their daily farming and came across a man had being murdered and stakes against a tree, and burnt on top ''. One of the guards said and uncovered the head's priest's face.
(The Queen mother quickly got her face away from the body,Queen Sheena gasped in shock,covering her eyes with her Hans and the king closer his eyes in horror).
'' How did this happened? ''. One elder asked. '' This is a bad omen. The head priest himself? This is outrageous. This is something to be looked into ''.
(The body was covered and all the royal families and people present at the court got out from their chairs to console the priest's wife).
'' I don't know how this happened Paridhi. But I assure you that we will get to the bottom of this. He seen alive and well yesterday and this is troubling. Please,prepare his body and let us all attend his burial tomorrow. I will take the cost of everything ''. The king said.
'' Thank you your highness. Thank you all members of the court. My family and I will be expecting you all tomorrow ''. She said and exited the court with the guards and the priest's body.
'' After the burial of the priest tomorrow, we shall all gather here to continue this meeting. You may all leave now ''. The king said and they bowed down and left,leaving Queen mother and the king alone. He seemed weak and exhausted.
'' I think you should go and lie down for a while son. Do you think you can go on like this? I hate to see you this way ''.
'' Too many problems mother! Now you see mother? You see what the Jhansi people want to cause us? Queen Dorah was right after all. They are doing this because of the embarrassment they faced up when Majid refused to marry Princess Ragah. But does that men they should take innocent lives? I will not spare Siamak after the wedding mother! ''.
'' Shakher, no calm down first...
'' There is no calming down in this! He wants a fight,that is what he will get. After the wedding, Majid and Faruk will have to start training at the royal army school. After my conversation with Siamak, he might want to start a war and take over Ujani, and we must be ready to defend what is ours. We need as much support from the other kingdoms, we being their leader,does not mean we are safe. Jhansi is second best and they are also strong. But luckily for us,Siamak has no sons and that gives us a head start ''. He said and angrily stormed out.
'' Lord,have mercy on us ''...
(Queen Sheena's chamber).
She entered in distress after everything that happened. She removed her jewelries and layed on her bed to rest but heard a quick knock on her door. Her guard entered and bowed down.
'' Your highness. Prince Majid and Princess Rishi wants to see you ''.
'' Majid? Let them in ''.
(The guard bowed down and left. Rishi and Majid entered hand in hand. Rishi was all in smiles, facing Queen Sheena but Majid had his head bowed down out of shame snake sadness. Queen Sheena got to hr feet and smiled softly and Rishi bowed down and touched her feet).
'' No no! Rishi,what are you doing? ''. She frowned. '' Don't ever do that when you are pregnant. You should even be in bed by now after everything ''.
'' I am okay mother, please ''. She laughed and turned to Majid. '' Majid? ''.
(Majid went on his knees in front of Queen Sheena. It shocked her more than anything she had seen or heard. Tears fell out his eyes and he put his hands together).
'' Forgive me mother. I never meant to disrespect you to that extent. Please forgive me mother,I don't deserve to be called tour son at all. I don't deserve any mother's love ''.
'' Oh Majid. If you ever say that again,I will slap you like I always do ''. Queen Sheena said and made him sit on her bed. She threw her hands around his shoulders and embraced him warmly while Rishi smiled. '' Come and sit here Rishi ''.
(She walked closer and sat besides Majid on the bed. Rishi held Majid's face in her hands and cleaned his tea while Queen Sheena held him tightly, showing him with love).
'' You deserve all the love in the world Majid. Because your mother left enough live in the world for all of us all ''. She said and opened her drawer then took out a small portrait of Queen Meerah's painting. And she handed it to Majid.
'' This is a cry beautiful picture of her. How old was she mother? ''.
'' Just twenty one. She was twenty one when she gave birth to Majid. But she was fifteen when she and the king got married. And she was the most happiest woman on earth when she found out she was pregnant. So Majid,even if you never met your mother, hugged her or never heard her say she loves you, she gave you all her love when you were inside of her ''.
'' You are the mother I know now. And I don't ever want to loose. Never ''.
(There was a total reconciliation and Majid embraced her).
(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Mr Blake and Max were all ready as the time Mr Raul had set to arrive was just some few minutes away. They untied Rishab and placed a fake bomb wires in his clothes so he wouldn't trick them in any way. Mr Blake aeted his end around secret places of the mansion. A big car arrived on the compound and Mr Blake stood behind the main door of the mansion with a gun in his hands. Rishab stepped out of the house with a helpless face but he couldn't do anything. Mr Raul stepped out of the car and opened his arms with a smile. Father and son embraced each other and Mr Raul's men stepped out of the car as well.
'' Oh I miss my home so much. Home sweet home ''. He said in laughter.
'' Let us get inside father ''.
'' Rishab, are you okay? You look scared and sad. What? ''.
'' I am okay. As it is, I a just distress. That is all ''.
'' I am here now. I am going to sell all the businesses. Because my next destination is London after I take Rishi. And we are never returning back to India ''.
'' I am so sorry father ''. Rishab thought to himself.
(Mr Raul threw his hands on his shoulders and they both walked closer to the door. Suddenly, there were loud gun shots everywhere in the mansion and Mr Blake's men revealed themselves, shooting away all Mr Raul's men dead. Mr Raul tried running back to the car but as soon as he turned, one big man from Mr Blake's men faced him up).
'' Who are you people? Rishab, what is going on here? ''. Mr Raul asked in a shaking voice.
(Then he suddenly heard a clap from someone behind him. Clapping his hands loudly and laughing. Mr Raul quickly turned his back and was puzzled to see his so called long time friend and business partner. He then regretted his life and every bad thing he did in life came rushing to his face. He fell on his knees and cried).
'' Hello Raul. I thought you would be happy to see your long time friend ''.
'' Steven.. Oh God! How did you even find me? Steven, look,let us talk this through please ''.
'' I have nothing to talk about Raul. In fact,I am in a hurry to leave this boring kingdom. I am not here for talking, I am here for taking. And you have what's mine. Remember? ''.
'' I can explain everything. I have being evil ''.
(Mr Blake loosed his cool and slapped Mr Raul hard).
'' I will give you anything you anything you want Steven please. Please leave my son out of this. Let him go ''.
'' I am not going to do anything to your son. I will just make him watch me take your life and that's all. But before that,come. You are going to sign everything you owe to my name right now. One of my boys is lawyer and we already made a transfer of assets documents before we arrived here. Don't try to play games with me. All your men are dead now so I call the shots now ''.
(The men separated themselves as half of them carried the dead bodies around to dispose and burn them while the other half took Mr Raul inside the mansion with Mr Blake's orders).
(In the palace=Prince Faruk's chamber).
He stood at the gate with one of his closest guard and handed him a piece of paper with written words on it. Then gave him a small sack of fold coins.
'' Do not make any mistakes Dasthan. I trust you and your skills. Shiv is so incompetent now I don't know his problem. That is the name of the hotel they are living in. Make sure not to leave any clues behind ''.
'' Diamond Hotel in Mumbai? ''.
'' Yes. And that is also twenty gold coins. I will give you more after a job well dome. Go there and finish Charu and that unborn bastard. I have being counting the months and i am sure she is close to giving birth ''.
'' Okay my Prince. I won't let you down ''. He said and bowed down.
'' Good. You better not. Take as much guards with you and finish the job once and for all ''. He said and opened the door and let him out. Then he saw Cindy passing by. '' Hey ''.
(She turned and smirked, then walked closer).
'' What? ''.
'' Why don't you one inside and know what it is? ''.
'' Why should I enter your chamber, are you not engaged? ''.
'' You are chasing a married man,so how will it make you worse? Or you don't find me as manly as Majid? ''.
'' You are his brother after all. What could probably be worse or better? ''.
(She said and he pulled her into the chamber and locked the door)....
UPDATE 25th JULY 2019
(Season 2).
Episode 20
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=Mr Raul's chamber).
He was tortured with many life threatening tools as electric wires and other machines. He was weak and at the point if death. His son sat in a chair,tied up and watching his father die slowly. Every last but of their properties had being signed to the name of Mr Blame and so Mr Raul was not a no body and a wretched man. The house had being scattered and destroyed. Mr Blake had everything he wanted and gave his phone to Max to give a call to Cindy to prepare herself so they could go back to London. He pointed a gun to Mr Raul's head with a wicked smile.
'' This is where it all ends old friend. Who could have imagined, no one in this kingdom is a friend of yours. If not,someone would have come looking for you for a visit and probably catch me and my men. But I guess you were too wicker to everyone else to even have a friend ''.
'' Please sir,don't do this. You have already taken everything you want. Our money and properties. You have billions under your name now. Why don't you just go? ''.
'' So that one day,you can bring the police after me right? ''.
'' I will never do that. I never even knew all the money my father had was stolen. I would have looked for you and given everything to you ''.
'' That is not my business. Your father is as good as dead right now. Look at him. He can't even open his eyes talk. If I spare his life,I tell you,he will die in just seconds. He is even suffering, so let me just end it all for him ''.
(The entire room was quiet and hostile. And there was a smell of blood everywhere. Mr Raul kept vomiting blood and his face were all cut and bruises).
'' Please father...forgive me. I couldn't di anything for you ''. Rishab mumbled in tears.
'' It is only fair. He poisoned me once and left me for dead. Is there any last prayers Raul? ''.
'' Fu..fuck you Steven. You so..son of a...
(Mr Blake stepped on his abdomen and pressed hard with all his strength and Mr Raul's screams didn't reach anywhere close to the windows as he was dying. Max came from the kitchen with the phone and a frown).
'' Dad. I think what you have done to the mab is enough. Please,let us just go ''.
'' Shut up Max. What did Cindy say? ''.
'' Look,that girl is obsessed with the Prince and she is not going to London with us. She says we should go without her and she will come back later with Majid ''.
'' What is she even thinking? It is obvious the guy is not interested in her! No,I cannot leave her here. She will go with us ''.
'' She said said we should give her only four days father. She said she will be in London in four days ''.
'' Well...she is my princess after all. I can do at least,this for her. So we are going to wait for that four days. In this house. And I will wait till the day come when we are about to leave,I will finish this animal and we will go back home ''..
(Mumbai city=Diamond Hotel).
It was getting dark and people in the city were closing from their daily works and the same went for the workers at Diamond Hotel. The inhabitants of the hotel had their keys with them and could arrive any time from where they had gone to. The workers packed their stuff and left. It was exactly 9pm and the hotel guards were the only ones around and security cameras. Dasthan and six guards he took with him from the palace arrived in front if the hotel across the streets with swords and bows as if they were going for war. He studied the building for a while and two guards standing in front of it and alerted the guards. They wore simple city clothes in order not to be noticed as strangers and walked in front of the hotel, hiding their weapons in their clothes. The hotel guards quickly stopped them.
'' What is the problem? ''. One hotel guard asked.
'' I live in the hotel and I brought my friends along ''. Dasthan said.
'' Is that so? What is your name and which room do you sleep in ''.
'' Dasthan Karna and my room is..urmm, room.... ''.
'' Yes? ''.
(And quickly as they could,they attacked the hotel guards and snapped their necks dead and pulled ten into the hotel. When the coast was clear,they quickly climbed the stairs. Subhrasi was walking into the room 4 when she heard footsteps coming fast towards her. She quickly entered the room and shut the door close).
'' What is it aunt? Have they all closed? ''.
'' I heard people quickly walking upstairs and I got frightened ''.
'' Oh aunt. We are safe now so never mind. I am having abdominal cramps and my entire waist is hurting ''.
'' It is your ninth month Charu. It is normal. You can go into labour any time from now ''.
(Just then,they heard violent noises and Charu slowly got ti her feet).
'' Oh goodness....what is going on out there? ''. She said and walked closer to the door and poked her head out. Only to find most of the hotel customer outside the walkway and on their knees in fright with Dasthan threatening them to show him where she was. She quickly shut the door closed and Dasthan's attention drew over there. Charu's water broke at once and she fell into labour. She layed behind the door and became breathless.
'' Oh God. What has happened? ''.
'' Das..Dath... Dasthan aunt. Aah! ''. She tried to keep her voice down and held her stomach in pain.
'' Who is Dasthan Charu? Oh God,now you are in labour...
'' Prince...Prince Faruk has sent Dasthan to..kill me. I recognised him from the palace. The phone aunt! Hurry!!! ''.
(Subhrasi quickly took the phone from the bed and handed it over to Charu. She quickly went down and sat on the floor in pain,with her back touching the door. It was quickly hit hard from the outside).
'' Open the door now dear Charumhetra. I know you are in there ''. Dasthan said in anger.
(She quickly dialled a number and placed the phone on her ears).
'' What do we do now Charu....oh God! What do we do? You can't be in labour for long ''.
'' He..Hello...Jimmy. Help me please! Help me,come to the city now please Jimmy. They are here. Prince Faruk sent them...them to kill me and the baby is...coming! Help? ''. She cried out loud and threw the phone elsewhere while she layed on the floor.
'' Boys...I think we should break the door now. She is proving stubborn. The door is strong, bring the sword so we destroy this thing and get this over with ''. Dasthan said from outside.
(Charu starred pushing while Subhrasi bent down and helped her with the delivery even though they were in trouble).
(In the kingdom=In the palace).
After the call he had from Charu,Jimmy was going insane and quickly took to his heels from his room and rushed down the stairs with one of Majid's car keys. He bumped into Majid on the stairs.
'' What's up man? Where are you off to by this time of the night? ''.
'' Majid look...this is no time for talks. I need to get to Mumbai...right fucking now! Just...I will explain later man ''. He said and bypassed Majid but he stopped him.
'' What are you going to do there man? ''.
'' Majid! You don't get it. Let me go man! It is a long story,someone needs my help now! ''.
'' I am coming with you then...
'' Yeah whatever, let's go now! Hurry! ''.
'' Can't I go and tell my wife first? ''.
'' We don't have no demn time...
'' Alright...let's go...I am driving though ''.
(They rushed to one car and entered. Majid sparked and drove speedily away).
(Royal Guest Rooms).
Cindy has packed all her clothes in her language together with Natalya and she was looking relaxed than ever.
'' I can't believe you actually slept with his brother Cindy! ''.
'' Hey...keep your voice down! It is not my fault. Majid has denied me sex for so long, what did you expect? Besides, it was just one day. It will never happened again since I am gonna kill that slut and we all gonna go back to London after the wedding ''.
'' Don't you think you are going too far with this? There are so many guys in London and the whole world ''.
'' But none like Majid. No one is an excellent lover like Majid. So rich,so handsome, so good in good in everything, and strong. He respects women and treat everyone like family. Even his brother is not half of a man as him. Do you know how hard it is to find a man like him? I am not giving him up Natalya. Not for anything in the world. I have made my plans already, four days more to execute this,and we are through ''.
'' What if it doesn't work? ''.
'' It will work. It is Faruk's wedding and he he decided to help me ''...
(Mumbai city=Diamond Hotel).
There was a loud cry of a baby in the hotel. And Dasthan and his men were almost done breaking the door. Charu took her baby boy in her arms and cried as she hugged him. Subhrasi took the hotel bedsheets and cleaned the baby up. The whole floor was bloody and Subhrasi went into the bathroom and fetched some water in a bowl and cleaned the baby and Charu. They suddenly heard the siren of police car surrounding the hotel. The guards looked through the window and saw Majid and Jimmy with some policemen, rush into the hotel.
'' Prince Majid is here! ''. One guar shouted.
'' How?! ''.
(Dasthan was finally successful and break the door open. He held his sword in his hands and all the customers shouted in horror. Charu looked at him in horror and held the baby tightly. He raised the sword up and another hand grabbed his hand and pulled him out. Majid headed him in the face and hit him hard in the abdomen with his knee. He pulled Dasthan to the floor and made a fist with his hand and hit him on the mouth,making blood splash out. The other guards took to their heels but were shot dead by the policemen).
'' Please my Prince. Please spare me ''. He pleaded.
(Jimmy quickly entered the room and held Charu tightly. Majid got Dasthan up in anger. Dasthan had a small knife in his cloth. He pulled it out to stab Majid but he was fst enough to grab hold of his hand and cracked his bones. He lamented an Majid pushed him to the police. But he strongly pulled himself away and started running away and unfortunately, he was also shot at the back and fell down dead).
'' Are you okay Charu? It is all over now. You are now safe. It's okay ''.
(After having a word with the policemen, ambulance were assembled down the hotel and everything was cleared from the hotel,including the bodies. The doctors who arrived there,checked Charu and the baby and later left. Charu layed in a new room with the baby in hr arms and she couldn't stop weeping. Majid stood at the door with his hands folded on his chest and starring at the love birds. Jimmy had told him the whole truth in the car and so he wa aware that the baby belonged to Faruk).
'' Thank you so much Jimmy. For a moment, I thought today was the end of my life ''.
'' It is okay. Our baby is here now. And the doctors said he is healthy and strong. Just like his mother ''.
'' Yes ''. Charu said and starred at Majid then bowed her head. '' My Prince. May the lord give you long life and more prosperity and happiness ''.
'' Thank you man ''.
(Majid kept starring at the baby and he took a deep breath).
'' This...This is your nephew my Prince. Forgive me I...
'' It's okay. I can't believe Faruk raped you. And now wants to kill his own son? My own brother, gosh am disgusted. I should apologized to you for all pain you had to endure Charu ''.
'' Do you want to hold him? ''. Charu asked Majid,he laughed and went closer to them.
'' Sure. Why not? ''.
(He slowly took the baby in his arms and smiled. He quickly remembered Rishi).
'' What is his name now? ''.
'' Jeed. His name is Jeed ''.
'' This place is no longer safe for you. You will have to buy a new house for her Jimmy. In the country aide. Far away from here,that is where she will safe. And ifyou guys wanna get married, do it fast man. I don't know what the future holds,but I assure you Charu,you will one day come back to your kingdom and live there forever ''.
'' May your wishes come to pass my Prince ''.
'' I will provide whatever you may need for the baby,for now, I have to keep an eagle eye on Faruk. At least until I have enough evidence to incriminate him. Then we can all have peace ''..


(Season 2).
Episode 20 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the kingdom=Royal Palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She had chanted a big deal and summoned her father's soul to the chamber. She was too angry with him for abandoning her for the passed three to four days ever since Queen Meerah's soul escaped.
'' Now the priest is dead. I know Meerah killed him,who will be next? You? Why did you abandon me,are you afraid of her too? ''.
'' I never abandoned you. If you knew all the plans I was making, you would applaud me ''.
'' Look at my legs father! Two days ago on the fasting day....
'' I know exactly what happened Dorah. Now listen, I abandoned you. But rather, I went to look for help. Did you know,ancient spirits in the mountains has a way of tying up spirits for good? The priest in the mountains has being able to see ghosts all his life. That us why he was made the mountain priest because,that us where ghosts dwell and rest. In the mountains. And Hanuman has blessed him. The only problem he has is,he cannot differentiate between bad spirits and good spirits,and because of his innocence, lord Hanuman is not able to initiate him yet into the spiritual world. Hanuman wants someone who is a good soul and a fearless person at the same time to take over the mountain priest when he us no more ''.
'' How does that boils down to the fact that we want Meerah out of our way? ''.
'' Meerah's spirit is wondering around the kingdom, taking revenge. She has killed the priest,we have no idea who is next,whether your maids or us,but before she can get to this place,we must arrest her spirit in the mountains ''.
'' How do we do that? ''.
'' We can only do that on a full moon. We just get a little blood of Majid. Because Majid is her son. You get the blood and bring it Ri me,and I will take it ti the mountains and do the ritual ''.
'' I will try hard and get this blood because Meerah us just a step away from killing Faruk and I won't allow that. Father,please tell me arresting her spirit is permanent ''.
'' Arresting her soul will not be permanent. If she gets the blood of the reason why she is meant to take revenge,she would be free. When she us in the mountains, only those who has spiritual eyes would be able to see her. But only the person with that fearless spirit will no how to free her. She will not be able to talk or react. She will be like a dead body. She will be like dead,but when the blood of someone she hates falls on her feet,she will be free and come here to kill us all ''.
'' Then that will never happened because no one will even know she has being tied in the forest. And even if someone finds out,no one will be able to get Faruk or my blood. Even if Faruk has children, it will be many years later and Meerah would already be forgotten ''.
(The windows of the chamber suddenly opened wide by themselves and her father disappeared quickly without a trace. The wind blew into the chamber violently into Queen Dorah's chamber and she quickly got up in fright. Things in her chamber fell apart because of the wind and her lights went off. She quickly rushed to the window and when she was about to close the windows,a force with no one hands pushed her away from the window, making her hack hit against a wall,she fell hard on the floor and coughed out blood. She tried getting up in her weakness and as doin as she raised her head up,Queen Meerah was standing in front if the window. The wind blew her hair backwards and her fave looked pale and scary).
'' away from me! Leave me Aline! ''.
'' I will forever haunt you Dorah. Killing you will be too easy of a punishment ''.
'' I will not stand back and watch a common ghost like you scare me! ''.
(She quickly opened her drawer and took out a bottle of black powder. She opened it up and threw it all at Queen Meerah. She quickly disappeared).
'' Ha! I have dealt with you once and for all. I am a few steps away from my goals. Charu is out of the way,Cindy will kill that girl and take Majid away...and I will execute the king for Faruk to be crowned king. That is it ''.
'' No...that is not it Dorah! ''.
(She screamed in horror and turned her hack only to see Queen Meerah lying on her bed).
'' I will torture you till you confess. And after your confession, you will be thrown into the dungeon. Then I will kill Faruk,and later come into the dungeon and give you a painful death...then the rest of the family will live in peace. That is it ''. She said and was carried by the wind and disappeared.
'' Meerah is so powerful now. But wait,if she is so powerful, how come she has no idea about that my father and I have plotted against her? Or some mysteries are just unknown to vengeful spirits? I should calm until Faruk's wedding is over. And take my next actions against her ''.

(4 Days Later=The wedding day)...

(Season 2).
Episode 21.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(4 Days Later=The wedding day).
Just like every beautiful occasion in the palace, so was this one. Everything was set and ready and guests kept on entering the palace. Including the kingdom's people and the Royal families from other kingdoms. The bride was taken to the refining room to get dressed up in the readiness of a bride.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He was dresser up more like a groom,even though he was in foreign clothes. He looked hitter than chicken vindaloo. Jimmy, Lakshmi and Raj entered the chamber and greeted him. He took his phone and read a message on it and laughed then faced them.
'' It's Maxwell ''.
'' How is he doing? ''. Jimmy asked
'' He is okay. He has a new girl noe. I am glad he hot over Natalya. She doesn't deserve him ''.
'' Yes...sure thing ''.
'' How are you doing today Jimmy? ''.
'' Oh come on Majid. Why wouldn't I be better. I owe all my happiness today to you. Charu is fine and after our marriage two days ago, I have decided to give her some space to recover from her childbirth before we do anything ''.
'' You are a real man Jimmy. Thank you very much ''. Princess Lakshmi said with a smile.
'' I am right here princess ''. Raj said and cleared his throat and they all laughed.
'' Oh are my man. And you are the best for me. But are we all ready to attend, his highness Faruk's wedding? ''.
'' After everything I have learnt about him,I am ready for anything. Let us just hope he is sincere with his feelings for the princess ''.
'' Faruk is never sincere with anything Majid. He wants to kill his own son,why would he care about Princess Ragah. He only agreed to marry her to impress father. And we can't accuse him of anything yet until we have enough evidence against him. Charu does not want to put Jeed's life in danger that is why we must respect her decision not to reveal him to father and the rest of the family yet. Faruk might find out and even kill him before we know. I am sure we will soon find evidence against him for all the crimes he has committed against everyone of us ''
(Rishi entered the chamber in an extravagant appearance. She wore a long floral pink saree with shiny pearls all in front of it. She left her long hair dangling down because she knew Majid never liked it when she tied her hair up. Majid layed his eyes on her and fell on his bed playfully, making everyone laugh. She got closer, looking shy. Silence fell in the chamber and Majid got to his feet).
'' Guys...there is no need to be silence here. I have already told Rishi everything. She knows everything ''.
'' Hmm...okay. If only we can trust her to keep the secret ''. Princess Lakshmi said.
'' I kept my mouth shut over Majid's mother,I can keep quiet about this ''. Rishi said.
'' Well that is true ''. Jimmy said.
(Majid pulled her closer to himself and the others mocker them and led the room).
'' You look so hot Rishi. Why did you wear this tight dress huh? Don't you know that men from around the world will be here today? ''.
'' Aw Majid! This is the dress Queen mother gave ti me, and I couldn't say no ''.
'' Hey...after the wedding, I am going to choose what you wear from tomorrow okay? ''.
'' I thought you knew nothing about girl's stuff ''.
'' Hey,I only knew things about Rishi's stuff. And I will choose your dress tomorrow. Period. Let's go,the time has come ''.
(They both left the chamber together).
(Occasional Venue).
The door to the house was opened widely and the wedding started. Princess Ragah was brought inside by Queen mother and Queen Salma. Majid sat behind Faruk on the sacred marriage ground and kept starring and winking at Rishi in Tue crowd. Queen Sheena and the King saw the two love birds romancing from afar even in the midst of people and laughed silently. They got closer and Princess Ragah sat besides Faruk. The priests started the ceremony. Queen Dorah was absolutely alert and kept crossing her eyes and looked around to make sure that no destruction was peeping around. Majid couldn't stop teasing with his hot eyes and Rishi couldn't stop blushing and faced Kushi.
'' I will be back Rishi ''.
'' What is going on Kushi, ever since this morning you have being acting strange ''.
'' Rishi listen,it is better you don't know okay. I will be back ''.
'' The ceremony will be over soon and we are all supposed to throw flowers on the bride and groom. Just tell me where you are going ''.
'' Just to urinate. Are you satisfied now? I will be back! ''. She said and rushed out of the took,leaving Rishi very confused.
(Behind the Occasional House).
Kushi stepped outside and went behind the building where the cut roped which supported the chandelier in the room were cut and she met Shiv there. He was shocked by her beauty and the way she was dressed. She was also shocked to see him there. He looked around and when no one was passing by,he pulled her closer to a corner.
'' Hey...what was that for? ''.
'' So that no one sees us talking. What are you doing here? ''.
'' I was about ti ask you same ''.
'' I...I want to do something about the ropes. So that when Prince Faruk signals me and I remove it from the statue, the chandelier will fall elsewhere and not on Prince Majid ''.
'' Good. That is why I am also here. I want us to do something about this not to cause sadness today...please! ''.
'' Relax! I have switched the ropes. There are too many statues here. So I have pushed the one I cut to the their statue. When Prince Faruk gives me the signal,I will remove it from under the statue and the chandelier will fall elsewhere ''.
'' I hope it will not hurt anyone else. Falling somewhere might also be someone's downfall ''.
'' Which do you prefer? Prince Majid's death or an ordinary person's death? ''.
'' I don't want anyone to die...oh god! Look,I have to go now. But we shall talk after everything is over ''. She said and started leaving.
'' You look beautiful though ''. He said and cleared his throat. '' I am just are looking very pretty today ''.
(Kushi blushed really hard but kept her posture and decided to play tough).
'' When have I never looked pretty? Don't act like you have a heart. I will see you later ''. She said and saw him laughing. She smiled and left.
(Occasional Venue).
The wedding ceremony was over and the celebration were on. The bride was unhappy and kept starring at Majid who was busily making passed on Rishi. People were eating here and there and Majid walked to Rishi's side and slide his arm behind her waist.
'' It is time for the dance ''.
'' What dance? ''.
'' Dis they not tell you? They arranged a special dance or every bride and groom today. You and I are first. Even before Faruk and the come on,shall we? ''.
'' Oh Majid,everyone will stare at us ''.
'' So is that what bothers you? Look,you can hide your face on my chest. Come on...I am not taking no as an answer. Let's go! ''.
(The announcement was quickly made and just as planned, Majid and Rishi were made to stand on the dance floor,in the middle of the room under the big chandelier light hanging the roof. The crowd gathered themselves away besides the big gate while the royal family sat in their royal places at the top of the stage. Majid placed his hand behind her waist and the singers started a slow romantic traditional Indian song. Everyone watched in all smiles. Cindy and Natalya stood in the crowd, frowning and waiting for the perfect moment. Majid lowered his head to kiss Rishi but she dodged his kiss and placed her he'd on his chest,making everyone laugh because she was too shy. Kushi rolled her eyes around and looked up to see the chandelier shaking. She turned her head to the gate and Shiv entered. Then Faruk secretly raised his left hand and gave him the signal. Shiv nodded his head and went outside. Kushi's heart skipped a beat and waited to see what would happened. Shiv got out there and placed his hands on the cut ropes. In broad day light, Majid and Rishi danced the moment away in a romantic way. Queen Meerah appeared behind Faruk,starring at the chandelier and at Faruk. Queen Dorah layed her eyes on her and mouth was completely shut by Queen Meerah. Queen Meerah placed her hands on Faruk's seat and it suddenly turned too hot for him to sit on it. He quickly jumped out of it,screaming in pain and agony, he rushed to Majid and Rishi's side,panting. All eyes were on him and hr stepped a foot away from Majid. Shiv let the cut rope loose and the chandelier shook. It fell off the ceiling, coming down fast to where Faruk stood and people shouted in horror. Majid looked up and quickly pushed Faruk fast out of the way,he also held Rishi and jumped away from the floor quickly and the chandelier crushed down the ground, breaking the floor down and crushing with glasses scattered everywhere. The royal family and priests quickly got to their feet's in shock. Rishi was on the floor with Majid,holding her tightly. Faruk was also on the floor with people rushing to him. Queen Dorah got to his side and made him get to his feet. Majid helped Rishi up and she embraced him in worry).
'' Are you okay? ''.
'' What just happened? Oh goodness ''.
'' I don't know. Is everyone okay? ''.
(Everyone was in total shock. Queen Dorah pretentiously placed her hands together in tears).
'' Thank you Majid. You saved your brother's life ''.
'' is nothing. What just happened? ''.
'' Oh no! My plans just got spoilt again. That stupid Shiv,how come the chandelier came down on me instead of Majid? ''. Faruk thought himself.
'' Guards! ''. The king shouted and two of them assembled themselves and bowed down. '' Go and check on what has just happened! ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. They bowed down and left.
'' Oh goodness. Can we never have peace in this palace for once. Oh god! ''. Queen mother lamented.
'' Don't worry mother. The celebrations will still go on. We will not allow any misfortune spoil Faruk's day. Everyone is okay,and that is all that matters ''.
'' You are hurt! ''. Rishi shouted and held Majid's left hand which was cut a little at the wrist with blood on the surface.
'' It's okay. It doesn't hurt ''. Majid said,pulling his hand away.
'' No. Still we have to check on the wound. Come dear ''. Queen mother said and stretched her hands to Majid.
'' Hold this for me. Wait for me okay? ''. Majid said and handed his phone to Rishi and left with Queen mother and the royal doctor.
(The celebrations continued as if nothing had happened. Cindy placed her phone in the crowd and she faced Natalya).
'' It is time now. She is alone ''.
'' Cindy,are you sure about this? I mean...I don't feel okay about this ''.
'' You have never felt okay about anything. I have to do this. We will all benefit from it. We shall go back to our country, is that not the whole plan? I will also get Majid back and you will go fight for Maxwell ''.
'' Should I go with you? ''.
'' No...I will see you later okay? Look my back for me and make sure no one is looking at me,else after she is dead,they will know it's me ''.
'' Just go ''.
(Cindy walked slowly among the people and reached Rishi's back and tapped her shoulders and she quickly turned).
'' We need to talk ''.
'' You and I? Is this is a serious joke? Because I think I have nothing to talk to you about ''.
'' It's about Majid okay? ''.
'' There is nothing to talk about Majid. He is mine,so you just stay away! He is not going to marry you. In fact,he won't marry any woman else ''.
'' That is why we need to talk. If you really want to know what am talking about, meet me at the last fifth balcony of the palace ''.
'' What?! Why there? ''.
'' Because that is where we will both get privacy and some quiet to talk clearly. Woman to woman ''. Cindy said and walked away.
(Rishi felt unsafe and suspicious. She was totally confused and curious at the same time. She took a step forward and Kushi stood in her way).
'' And where are you going? We need to talk ''.
'' Not now Kushi. Listen, hold Majid's phone. Give it to him when he comes back...that foreigner wants to talk to me ''.
'' You can't be serious Rishi. You are just going to leave the wedding because of that woman? Where is she anyway? ''.
'' On the fifth floor of the palace. Look,I don't know what she wants okay? But I want to hear it. She sounded serious and I want to know what she wants to say about Majid ''.
'' Rishi.... Stop this! Curiosity killed the cat! ''.
'' I am not a cat. And no one is killing me. She just wants to talk. Please don't interrupt us. And when Majid comes back,just tell him ''. She said and handed the phone to Kushi. '' I want to hear what she has to say ''.
(She said and quickly walked away from the room. Queen Dorah and Faruk saw this and both starred at each other secretly).
(Fifth floor=On the highest balcony).
Cindy waited in her long white dress,facing the kingdom on the top of the building. She checked her wrist watch in a hurry and frowned and folded her arms on her chest.

'' Is she gonna come or what? Idiot! ''. She thought to herself.
(Rishi arrived quickly behind her and looked around the place as she had never gotten that high in the palace. She slowly walked towards Cindy and stood behind her).
'' Here I am. What do you want? And make it fast,I need to rest ''.
'' Yes of course. Congratulations on your pregnancy ''.
'' You heard about it? Well,thank God. You shouldn't be here then ''.
'' Well,that is exactly why I called you here today. To say my goodbye ''.
'' Goodbye... I don't....
'' I am going back to London tomorrow. I packed all my things yesterday. I am tired, I just have to go and leave Majid behind ''.
'' It's good for you. But I am not even your friend. Why would you care about saying good bye to me? And if this is what you wanted to say,couldn't you have just say it at the party? ''.
'' Oh come on. You and I both started on the wrong road. I came here with Majid, only forms to loose him to you. So it is only fair that you give me this chance to speak to you one on one. He is yours now,and there is nothing I can do about it. And it hurts, that's why you are here today ''.
'' What? ''.
(Cindy quickly grabbed hold of Rishi's hands with all her strength in anger and hate,Rishi tried resisting but Cindy made sure have her in her grip).
'' What did you think you bitch! That I brought you up here to play a good girl? Well I am done playing, today is the end of you and your baseless pregnancy! After your death,Majid will be mine! ''.
'' Let me go! Leave me alone, you won't get way with this! After my death,Majid will still love me,just like the king still loves Queen Meerah! ''.
(At the mention of her name,Queen Meerah quickly appeared behind Rishi. Cindy pulled Rishi towards the ends of the balcony, about to push her off the height when Queen Meerah possessed Rishi immediately. Majid, the royal family and some of the subjects quickly arrived at the balcony and the sight terrified him. He screamed Rishi's name, running towards both women. Rishi possessed extraordinary strength and grabbed Cindy's hand and pulled her away,pushing her away from her. Cindy who was pushed, mistakenly slipped off her feet from the balcony, screaming Majid's name and from the top of the balcony, came her falling down the ground, with her blood splashing all around. Dead. Queen Meerah disappeared from Rishi's body and Majid reached her side and held her from fainting. She was speechless and terrified. Faruk and Queen Dorah were so shocked and weak in their knees,they didn't know what to say or do. Natalya screamed Cindy's name in tears then she quickly rushed away from the balcony, back down. Majid starred at Rishi,whispering in her ears to calm down because she was still shaking in his arms. They both got to her feet and removed a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned the sweat on her face).
'' I didn't do it Majid.... Please believe me....
'' I accusing you? It's okay. I saw what happened? Are you okay? ''. He said and touched her stomach.
'' She...I can't believe this. She just tried to kill me. She tried to push me ''.
(The Queen mother called the royal doctor and her assistants and they took Rishi away to her chamber to check on her,followed by Kushi. Majid stood there for a while. His eyes filled with tears and anger. He took a deep breath and went closer to the balcony with the others and looked down at Cindy's dead body on the ground in a pool of blood. Her head was cut opened and her eyes were half opened. Majid couldn't believe his eyes. He break down in tears,and started remembering everything they both had until her death. Natalya bent down over her friend, crying out loud with some of the people surrounding her. It was all over)
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