PHYSIENTS:Episode 21
 Suddenly the dragon drop-down from the sky with a great speed nearing the end of world, immediately ajadi felt himself coming back down, like returning from an out-of-body experience, yet still as frantic as ever.. the dragon landed on a tall mountain where ajadi could watch and see clearly the palace, and the beautiful city of ayetoro.. He saw soldiers and guards as they matches around the palace and the city, he stared at the palace for a while until someone walked out of the top room ,he stand within the poll of the top chamber, he looks huge and tall, he has a brawny hair, he wore a red king robe and he has a crown on his forehead.. Ajadi looked at him very well “this must be loki” he said to himself “but do you think I can conquer those tall and huge soldiers ” he asked drago while he was busy observing.. ” offcus you can. you have the dragon by your side and marvel, if you can get enough solders,you surely will “.. replied drago “But how do I get enough soldiers? ” “you look for them, you fight and conquer some villages around and their soldiers will be yours” “Must we kill before we can get enough soldiers? ” “It’s part of your quest, sometimes we sacrifice to get the best, after that you will have to prove people wrong by accepting some one-on-one duel challenge ” “Do you think I can defeat the giants and knights who will request for duel?” “Why not?, you have the power within yourself, all you need is to try them out. We have some village around who pledge their loyalty to your family, they will surely help you ” ” but how do I prove to them that am the true born of the dragon lord” “You don’t need to prove it, you already have it, the band within your wrist can only be possessed by a true dragon ” “Hmm! But will you follow me there?” “Yes I will, but I won’t follow you to the village, but I will be around watching, you can do it without me. ” ‎” ok thank you! I want to see my mother.. can we?” ajadi requested ” no not yet! Get yourself prepared and you will see your mother.. for now it’s time to go home..” replied drago Ajadi climb his back while He lift himself back up to the sky and flew back to the city of light… Few minutes later, they landed within a forest besides a village called Liles .. “What are we doing here?” ajadi asked out of confusion ” the quest for justice starts now, you have no much time left, so go ahead into the village and make them follow you… you have to be a man and be brave like your great grand father ” drago explained ” ok! But I don’t know anyone here, how to I make them believe? ” ajadi protest ” why don’t you give yourself a try and stop complaining?… this city is filled with strong people, if you can conquer it, ayetoro will bow at your feet.. ” “OK! ” he replied out of fear. “Believe me, nothing will happen to you.. and marvel will be here to guide your movement sooner.. always remember, I am around so nothing will go wrong. But am not assuring you that.. you said you want peaceful dialogue, so I better stay off it..” “No problem then, I will go on my own” “Take care of yourself and be careful ” he said as he swing his wings. “Thank you drago.. ” he threw a faint smile mixed with confusion.. ” don’t mention my lord! Am always at your service. I think I should have a rest .. ” ” so where are you heading to for now?” ” don’t worry about me.. am always around” drago replied and flew to the sky 
Episode 22 (the journey to the land of the wilds )
 The night is ranked with darkness and the cloud was filled with terrors, the sky echo the sound of rumbling clouds, while the trees dance and move in accordance to the sweet cold movement of the air . “Alone we are born and alone we die, but as you walk through this black vale ,learn how to draw strength from the clouds , from the trees and from yourself ” Those words was once told to him by Lazar, but now he finds them more useful than ever before as he made his way within the woods down to the village His jacket silks and his dark long robe swirled with every gust of wind as He wade and dive within the long trees in the dark forest. He walk for a few more miles until he could hear the bars of drumbeat ranging from distance, at first it was seven beats sounding one after the other, he keep following the trace of the sound until he saw a light filled area covered with loads of huts .. He quickly and quietly made his was pass the light of the night watch, He jumped out of the woods and he quietly tiptoed down within the huts, he walked pass some few guards and myriad of hut.. He mistakenly ran into some few guards, who were actually off work but obviously taking a secret section of smoking.. the three boys quickly jump up and get hold of their swords in preparation for battle.. “Calm down brothers, am for no violent ” ajadi quickly rise his two hand as sign of surrender. But the three men move quietly closer to him to avoid any form of attack from him. “Who are you and what are you doing here at this hour ” one of them asked.. “Am ajadi the son of the dragon ” he replied.. “Be careful, this might be a trap ” One of them whispered to others “Or likely a thief ” the third man who looks stronger among them assumed.. “What do you just call yourself? ” the chubby one asked as if he never heard what ajadi previously said. ” am ajadi, the son of the dragon ” he said again, but this time louder “Whats he saying? ” one of them whispered “I guess he is up to something strange ” the second suggest. ” don’t worry we got it covered ” the third replied in a deep voice. ” drop your sword ” one of the screamed “OK ” ajadi quietly drop his sword and take a few steps closer to them , the chubby one pulled a burning wood, he lift it up to get an eyeful of who he was, but ajadi misunderstood his attempt for an attack . He slid from the man’s cloaks as he stalked toward his sword. He pulled it from the floor and he hit the chubby man crunch with the wooden part of it which left the man grunting in pain, the strongest of them all threw some few strike towards him, but ajadi dived and gave him a strong punch on his left cheek, before he could retaliate, ajadi tore his left leg with his sword and he fell to the ground.. The least of them quickly goes on his kneel. “Please don’t hurt me ” “I won’t hurt you if you do what I want ” Ajadi took a few step closer to him not knowing the man was holding a huge wood, before he could notice ,the man threw the firewood at him but due to his immortality against fire, he grab hold of the burning point and he smashed it to the man’s head. The man fall and faint immediately.. Ajadi quickly ran out of the vicinity into a big hall his steps ringing against the floor. Immediately, A dozen dark knights and men-at-arms entered behind him.

Episode 23(unknown enemy) ‎ “What do you want? “. A huge looking man asked as he step out of the knights. his voice fill the whole room as he move closer to ajadi “Am the son of the dragon ” replied ajadi.. “Son of the dragon? ” Naharis gave a scornful laugh. “I say you are a pup. anyone can be the son of the dragon , not a mewling boy. You are no fit for such . When you lick your lips, do you still taste your mother’s milk?” ‎ “Mind your tongue, sir . You are speaking to a prince of ayetoro.” Ajadi darkened at his words. “And to his wet boy, I am thinking.” Naharis brushed his thumbs across his sword hilts and smiled dangerously. “the king will like to meet the boy” One of the knight whispered to naharis. ” hmmm! Take him to the king ” he ordered as he lead the move.. Immediately they arrest ajadi and walk him down to the king’s place.. After some few walk they got to the palace.. “bring him in ” ordered a voice from within the palace. The soldier pushed ajadi in as he staggered into the iron made palace.. he stumbled and fell to the floor kneeling before an old looking man with unkept beard.. “I heard you said you are of the blood of the dragons? ” the man quarried ‎ ” yes I am, my lord.. ” “Hmmm! Look at me boy.. land of the wilds is not a place you just dazzle into and started making up fallacy just to lure yourself out of punishment.. do you get? ” he screamed “My lord, am saying the obvious truth sir, I dare not deceive you ” ajadi begged “OK! Chief munir what do you think of this boy?” asked the king.. Munir scowled, as only he could scowl. ” to me, he doesn’t look life one of the dragons, and moreover who is your father ? ” ” am the only son of king adejare..” replied ajadi ” son of king adejare?… this boy must be a clown, king adejare never had a son, so who are you? ” munir screamed.. ” my lord I says nothing but the truth ” “This boy might truly be the son of the dragon , but I don’t see the strength of a dragon in him, he look weak and tired” Lord darent one of the chief around presumed‎ “I once heard of a story of king adejare missing pregnant queen ” said Reznak mo Reznak the kings right hand chief . “the son of the dragon are made up of strength and power , and immortality against fire ” lord darent answered him. “the son of the dragon are warriors and fifty thousand spears and swords.” lord munir seconded “Fifty thousand?, I count three ” mocked reznak ‎“Enough,” king said. ” so what do we do with him?” ” since he claimed to be of the dragon, let’s put him into trail by matching him up against our strongest warrior, let’s see if he will defeat him” reznak suggested ‎ “the family of adejare are close and friendly to me , I will not have him treated with discourtesy.” the king turned down the suggestion ” Reznak, see that this young man is given quarters suitable for a prince, and keep an eye on him, until we decided on his fate ” ‎”Take him away for now. ” he turned to the ajadi. “if truly you are of the dragon, I wish you all the best..” Immediately, two guards step forward and grabbed ajadi‎, they took him out of the palace down to the city. When they got to a junction reznak halt them and he asked the two guards to take ajadi down to the palace prison.. ajadi was shocked to hear this, but his hands were tied.. they took him back to the palace prison and they pushed him in.. 

Episode 24(dinning with the illars) The irony door of the prison clashed out loud as ajadi fell into the prison room. The two guards locked the door behind him while Lord reznak step closer to the door.. ” if you had come a year ago. I would have you feed to the lions, thank your stars you came in a good time… make sure he received enough punishment down here ” he said to the guards and walk away.. Ajadi pulled the rope tied to his hands and he relaxed himself to the floor, he observed the whole room which was filled with different set of people.. One of which was lying helplessly on the floor fox-faced and his body as skinny as a stick. His chest and arms and cloak were spattered with blood. . He observed deeper until he saw those three men‎ . The same men he had a brawl with.. One of them was scrubbing his beards with him left hand while the two others are busy starring at ajadi like a picture.. this continue for a while until one of them (the strongest one) broke the silence.. ” hello young man.. you think you can hurt us and run away? hell no ” ” yeah! We have to inflict more pain on him like he did to us..” the chubby one suggested. ” let’s start with his skinny fingers ” the tall but youngest one protested.. The three men gave a nod in acceptance of the suggestion as they walk towards him with evil smile on their face.. “Please let’s not start with another fight. Let’s make peace raign .. am sorry for what I did back there on the field, I was just trying to protect myself ” ajadi begged.. “You are sorry?.. that’s late boy.. look what you did to my leg ” he grabbed hold of the injured spot. “See what you did to his head ” he pulled the younger one closer by indicating his burned spot. “See what you did to that chubby man, see the pain you have caused us, and you are here tendering a baseless apologies? ” he strongest man screamed “Am so sorry, we can be friends.. I mean a good one if you let us work together..” ajadi suggested. ” hell no, I will rather have my c--k shaved than being a friend to this mouthy boy” the chubby one protested.. ” please am sorry, let’s forget about the past ” ” but how do you want us to trust you, After you have made us suffer! ? ” asked the strongest one ” I think we should forgive him ” suggested the least of them. ” do we have to?.. I don’t think he worth it..” the chubby one protested ” it’s okay, we will give the second chance.. but before we do, you will have to tell us who you are” requested the strongest of them ” ok! Am ajadi, the son of king adejare ” “Really?.. but I don’t believe you, three of us were king adejare’s servant until loki took over, and he has been good to us.. but we only knew of his pregnant wife not you. ” said the chubby one ” calm down zillar, cant you be nice for once? Anyway, am billar the whine server, this is jillar the cook, he dragged the slim one.. and this is zillar the dish washer, we all work for king adejare your father before he was overthrown by loki” said the strongest ” so what are you doing here, and where is your mother? ” asked zillar ” I came here to seek help just to defeat loki and to set my parents free ” “So why are you here in the prison ” jillar asked “I shouldn’t be here, the king ordered for a better place but one of them threw me here instead ” replied ajadi.. ” hmm! That’s not a big deal, we know how to figure things out down here” zillar said with a wild grin on his face

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