THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 17 , 18 , 19 & 20

PHYSIENTS:Episode 17
 (fire on the mountain) ‎ (city of light)
 It was never truly dark in zico’s chambers. Three tallow candles burned upon him windowsill to keep the terrors of the night at bay. Four more flickered beside his bed, two to either side. In the hearth a fire was kept burning day and night. The first lesson those who would serve her had to learn was that the fire must never, ever be allowed to go out. The black wizard closed his eyes and said a chant , then opened them once more to face the hearthfire. One more time. he had to be certain. Many a wizard and witch before him had been brought down by false visions, by seeing what they wished to see instead of what the Lord of the dark had sent. Ajadi was marching south into peril, the king who carried the fate of the world upon his shoulders. he saw the red eye dragon spitting fire right behind him, he saw a many people falling and rumbling with fire, and he saw ajadi sitting on the big dragon as it flew across the palace of ayetoro.. Immediately he stopped and turned back to loki. ” we must get the boy before it’s too late. I saw him sitting on a huge dragon which flew with fire, if care is not taking he will come for you soon ” “So how do we get him ” asked loki “Send your soldiers to the south, let them head to the mountains side ,he is there.. ‘ zico replied Immediately loki rushed out the chamber and head straight to the palace, he summoned ogidan .. “Get your men and head to the south, bring me the egg and kill the boy if possible, make sure you get the egg” loki ordered.. ogidan quickly rushed out of the palace and he took five of his men, the journey from ayetoro to the mountains will take them five hours so they have to be on their way as quickly as possible.. (night at the mountain) The moon was fat and full. Stars wheeled across a black sky. Rain fell and froze, and tree limbs snapped from the weight of the ice As He sat alone in the wind listening to the message filled air passing across the sky,he opened his mind and gave the blowing breeze the access to his mind. Few minutes later he started hearing and feeling the voice of wind.. his mind crumble as he felt a warm touch on his left shoulder, immediately he jumped up . “Relax, don’t be scared it’s Lazar ” he announced! “Come! follow me, I have something to tell you “Lazar ordered , ajadi quickly followed him as he walked down the wooden cave, he got to a point ,he stop walking and he turned facing ajadi.. “Do you know it’s only a fire that can bring a dragon back to life?.. ” he said in a soft voice that ajadi have to move closer before he could understand what he was trying to say.. “Yes! A fire. One has to be brave, you have to be bold and kill the fear in you if truly you want to bring back the dragon to life.. (he paused and proceed) for years the world have been waiting for the choosing one to fulfill the prophecy, but no one actually did.. and that’s why you are here, the world is waiting for you to save them, please don’t keep them waiting ” he begged He looked straight into ajadi’s eyes as he stood up and walked back into his cave. Few minutes later ajadi was standing beside a bowl of fire in his room, he placed the egg in it and watched until he heard horses sound edging closer to the cave, he deeped his hand into the fire and pulled out the egg, he wrapped it with a cloth but the cloth got melt immediately, before he could drop the egg he heard some footsteps approaching where he was, before he could make a move, ogidan and his men were already in his room…

Episode 18
(the fire of redemption)
 the bird flapped up to the lintel above the door to devour its prize in response to the hard wooden explosion, as the door flipped open. ogidan entered first and his men followed, they saw ajadi standing all alone with his hands wrapped over something more like a huge egg!. Ogiden move closer to him, while he jerked backward like a scared cat.. “Whats that in your hand?” asked ogidan “Nothing ” ajadi replied “Give it to me and I promised I won’t hurt you ” “No! I can’t ” ajadi protest “OK then, arrest him ” ogidan ordered. Immediately three of his soldiers step forward and tried to get hold of him, he pulled a wooden chair and threw it towards the soldiers, the three soldiers quickly dodge the attempt and they run a counter attack on him, he threw a wooden stool towards one of them and made his way towards the door. Ogidan tried to stop him but he smashed the stoney egg on his head, which made him fall on the floor as blood start dripping from his head, with much anger Ogidan stood up and ran after him,they chased him as he made his way out of the cave, he ran down the mountains. Until suddenly one soldier out of nowhere hit a wooden shield to his face, he fall immediately and roll in pain,the two soldier took him and made him kneel until ogidan and the other soldiers got to the scene . With much anger and the pain he felt from the hit ajadi gave him, he threw a rocky punch which landed successful on ajadi’s nose, ajadi fell to the ground once again as blood rushed out of his nose.. “Take this idiot and tie him to the tree” ogidan screamed Immediately! They took him and tie him to a tree within the woods.. “Get me a fire” he ordered!.. as one of his soldier came fort with a burning wood, he collect it and step closer to ajadi.. “Now I will show you what I do to kids, who try to be stubborn ” he whispered into ajadi’s ear and he dropped the fire on the gas filled area which ajadi was tied, he made his way backward as the fire consumed ajadi with full speed, they waited until every part of his body was covered by the fire before they gallop away..
 The moon ran after them as they rode Into the city from the entrance of the wall. After rodding for few more minutes they got to the palace.. ogidan quickly rushed in to inform loki about what happened.. loki was standing behind his window which pave ways for him to have an eyeful view of ayetoro city. He turned immediately he heard footsteps approaching where he was.. “Good news my lord! The boy is dead” Ogden announced.. “What about the egg?” loki replied “Here it is my lord ” ogidan stretched for a stoney egg towards him, he quickly grabbed it and head to zico’s chamber for confirmation. On getting there zico was busy starring working on something best known to him, he stopped immediately after loki and ogidan entered his room. “My lord!What brought you to my room at this hour?” asked zico. But loki replied by dropping the stoney egg on his table.. He took it and starred at it, he observed the egg for a while and he replied “This is not the real egg! It’s a fake one, how did you get this?” zico asked “we got it from the boy” replied ogidan “And where is the boy?” “His arches flies across the air of the south as we speak ” ogidan announced. “No! No! The boy is alive, he is not dead, I see him, I see him with a dragon.. he is alive ” zico screamed as he dazzle down from where he was sitting

Episode 19 (Flashback)
 Before the arrival of ogidan and his men, Lazarus was concious of what was going to happen, he knew what loki and his men can do, he knows loki won’t stop until he get what he want.. he decided to discussed them with ajadi and they both agreed to hide the real egg and present to them the fake one whenever they attack him.. The plan worked well and after ogidan and his men had left the scene.. A great wind overtook the environment, a larger set of fire shoot out of the burning flame as a huge looking black dragon flew out of the fire, carrying ajadi on his back, The fire burned only ajadi’s cloth and the rope ,but not even his hairs was burned. Lazar stood and watched as the dragon took ajadi out of the vicinity into the dark sky filled with smoke, his eyes was red, and his body was red hot like a just baked bread.. “Yes! Yes! Yes! The choosing one is here! ” Lazar screamed! (Back to the scene) “So what are we to do now?” loki asked “You must get the dragon, only the dragon could defeat the boy. If you get the dragon you will get the boy, but if you get the boy, you still have the dragon against your wall” zico announced and resume his previous position, the sign simply means he was done with the discussion.. With much anger loki turned facing ogidan.. “You blood idiot,are you that dumb to the extent of being outsmarted by a boy? “He asked angrily! “Am sorry my lord” ogidan plead “Keep the apologies to your lame self, I want you to get me the boy at all cost, else I will replace you with a better person ” Loki said and dashed out of the room . Ogidan stood there for a while, his eyes became pale and red,while he angrily exit the room .. Adigun walked out of his room, two soldiers join him as he walked down the hall.. “Take me to adejare” he ordered “Yes sir” they both replied while they lead him down to the dungeon.. after few minutes of walking they got there and he ordered the prison guards around to take them to adejare, the guards lead the way as the three men followed their lead keenly.. they keep walking until they got to the last room within the prison yard, the guard inserted the key to the room and he twisted it for some number of time till the door was wide opened.. Adigun and the three soldiers entered, but what they saw made Adigun screamed with anger.. they saw adejare laying on the floor, his back was filled with the stretch of lashes he received from the two furious guard, his body was covered with blood and his face was covered with bruises and cuts.. “who did this to him” adigun roared with anger.. “Two of our men was reported seen taking him out of the dungeon few days ago” replied the “Bring them to me and take him to the physician for treatment ” he said and walking out of the yard . Few minutes later the two men were brought to him, he look straight into their eyes without saying a word, the two men quickly bow out of fright pleading for forgiveness, but it was too late, the lowest of punishment they could get was for adigun to send them to the descipline room. Without much time wasting adigun pulled his sword from the wall and walk towards them. “Do you want my forgiveness? ” he asked as he dragged his sword on the stoney floor. The sound of the clash between the floor and the sword filled the whole room like a cloud within the sky.. “Yes my lord! Please forgive us, we promised not to try it again “one of them begged Adigun stop moving, he raised his sword and said to them “I will spare one of you , if only either of you two will volunteer to die for the order ” Before he could complete the statement, one of the two men quickly point at his friend “take him my lord, he is a junior guard ” Immediately Adigun raised his sword and chopped his head off.. “I hate cowards ” he said!… “and as for you, get yourself out of here before I change my mind” he said and walk out.. 

Episode 20 (city of light)
 (the boy with the dragon) The top of the mountain was filled with cloud and air, a huge waterfall located within the eastern part of the mountain filled the whole environment with the drop of water, the mountain was actually covered with green carpet grasses which paint the it with it’s greenish color. Ajadi stood unclad on a mountain beside a black huge dragon , smoke oozes out of his body like someone who just had an encounter with the fire, (offcus he just did) his eyes were pale and red, the dragon kneel as he move closer to the dragon, he rubbed his left hand over his head while the dragon jarked in acceptance of his touch.. Few minutes later, marvel out of the tiniest of the air appeared ,the sound of his footsteps made ajadi looked back as marvel move closer to them, he carried some clothes within his hands, he took some few steps forward and he threw them to ajadi. “Get that on “he said, he move closer to the dragon, while ajadi was busy putting on the clothes . “Welcome back my dear Drago ” marvel whispered to the dragon. “It’s been long my friend, av missed you for long ” he said again. Ajadi stood mude and watch as he talk to the dragon.. “Stop asking for the impossible, even if you speak from now till next year, I don’t think he understand what you are saying ” ajadi retorted “You speak out of assumption young man” ajadi was shocked to the bone as the dragon replied him. “Jezz! So you talk ” ajadi exclaimed! “Yes he talks ” marvel affirmed “But I have read alot about dragons, and I confirmed dragons have their own language, why is his different ? ” asked ajadi “I can’t believe I just saved a little mouthy man, This little man ask loads of questions . Moreover, is this little man known to you? ” the dragon turned and asked marvel “Watch it, you blacky big eyes dragon ” ajadi warned “And who are you to tell me that? marvellous who is this little man? ” the dragon asked. ” the great grandson of the dragon lord! He bears the mark of the return king, he is the true dragon king, he brought you back to life ” marvel replied The dragon looked at his left hand and he saw the wrists band there immediately he bowed his head “Am sorry my lord, spending hundreds of years within the stone can make one loose his memory, please forgive my temper ” begged the dragon “Apology accepted , but will you tell me about how you started talking like human, because dragons don’t talk ” “You are right, I was not born like this, I don’t speak like humans, but hundreds of years ago , your great grand father and I went on a great battle against the demons of darkness, but so unfortunately he was shot by one of the demons ,before we could get home he had almost give up the ghost, In order to save his life I sacrifice my world for him, I shared with him my heart and ever since then, he became half a dragon half a human, he became immortal against the fire.. he wasn’t the only one who experienced the change in nature, I also did . My voice changed and I started speaking like human.. that’s all” explained the dragon “That’s cool” ajadi giggled. “Do you wish to see your city,? It’s been long ” drago suggested “Hmmmm “‎ Before ajadi could say a word, the dragon jerked him to his back with his tail and flew to the sky.. his heart pound a mass of adrenaline through his veins as the dragon took him high up to a place he had never been before … a place where he was able to look down from above the sky and see the world down below his feet, he felt fremd same to bizarre … threading his way through a tunnel laden with suffocating cold … violent glittering of the stars … laired smile of the cold moon … bonded by a web of cold and permeated by the terror …

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